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3D Maze (The Labyrinth)

Supplied By RAM Games    On April 25, 2016    Comments(142)

APP for iPhone 3D Maze (The Labyrinth) version0.3 Download

**** New - 3D Maze 2 is now available.****
Follow the link below to download from Google Play Store.
*** The game has a level that randomly generates a new maze every time you play (i.e. unlimited mazes). look for the maze under the name "Random Maze" ***
*** New -- Multiplayer****
You can now play online with your family, friends or other players around the world.
Amazing 3D maze game is now a available for FREE for android devices and is suitable for everyone.

Enjoy unlimited fun with a self generated 3D maze. Every time you play, you will have a unique 3D maze that has not been created before. You will enjoy a new challenge every time you play.

3D Maze features beautiful graphics and a lot of challenge.

How to play:
* Easy controls: walk, right, and left buttons
* To jump tap in the middle of the screen
* If you get stuck, use the hint button (left top corner of the screen). The jump function also helps (tap in the middle of the screen to jump)

- Google Play Leaderboards was added to share your score and compete with others

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Music By Kevin MacLeod (

RAM Games part of our Adventure and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update April 25, 2016. Appstore play rating is 76.5128. Current verison is 0.3. Actual size 42.0 MB. Download 3d-maze-the-labyrinth.apk 42.0 MB


Luv it having a grt time with it Once I get started can't stop playing since I want to do the next one :-)

Needs work The puzzles were ok I guess, but there's just nowhere to go for anything different. If you want to install and go thru a few mazes and your done, this game is for you ! I like a little more in a game. Sorry :/ Thanks for letting me play. :)

nice n easy game im new try at this game a easy the best! :D

It is n amzaing game

Great maze tho Maze 3 got me dizzy hahaha. But i finished it. Took me 4 minutes tho. :/ it made me kinda dizzy to the point of the feeling of puking >.<

Good But I beat the game under 5 min

Love this game, so addictive!!!

To easy Good effort tho

Love it! Sweet N cuteee!! Wish there were more games like this! This game is short but sweeeeet and cuteeee! Love love love this game!! The music in the game is really so sweet and melodious!! I almost lost myself in the game... The one who told this game is for children, is totally wrong!!! Both adults and children can play it. There are numerous levels and one can also compete with other players online... The game's so sweet,graphics and music are excellent!I have a request to the developer, always keep going and please make more sweet and cute games like this!

Ok, but. It is a good game for smaller children 7-10 yrs old. It only has 5 mazes. I completed to first in 2 min. The rest in under 1 min 10 sec. After 5 mazes, that's it. Uninstalling to save room on my phone.

Love love love - this game is really additive and challenging

Short and sweet I really wish this had more levels because it's a very enjoyable little game

Great! No permissions and runs great. Love it!

Great Hard easy and amazing

Great game. Relaxing. Some puzzle / maze games can be mind numbing. This one allows you to just let it flow. The music for me is soothing...

Great I play the game a lot, visual looks good, great mazes are generated well. And then the controls. If you are going through the maze easy, it's great, but if you're rushing and trying to make a best time, controls are really annoying and very miserable. Improve controls, and it would be great.

Wonderful I just love puzzle games and this one was great...just one thing is wrong.....IT NEEDS MORE LEVELS....I could never get bored with this. More please.

Can't even get started, it won't let me leave to get into the maze, help before I delete it pleeeeaaassssee. Okay I have now worked it out and I am really enjoying it xxxx

Great game For all of you that are making all if those unhelpull and just mean comments about the game or to the company stop . At least they tried and personally I think .ir is great you don't like it don't post rude comments they don't work all day just to get told the game is bad so please stop they work hard for this and don't need your to sense. As for you workers at the company keep up the good work

I just love it...but just one think I need that jumping buttin.player couldn't. jump to see where is the way to out.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 5 minutes of my life that was spent on this game.

Well made little game Only small complaint is the limited number of levels (4) but I suppose the upside is that the application is surprisingly small, so good for devices with limited space.

This should make it better I love this game but I hope this will make it better and I don't know if u are going to add this in I just was thinking 1 more mazes 2 more characters eg aliens or pigs 3 a open to land where if anyone one in your house has this game and so do u,u can open it it to land and they can join u 4 a online game where u can make a server eg a survival one where there is one zombie and the rest are humans and they have sticks and if the zombie touches them they turn into one

Mostly Fun? I like it a lot but.... I think it needs more mazes

Love it The levels are complicated enough to confuse you but not so long that they bore you. The only thing is that there's not enough of them.

This game is not ver tough but i like it

Disappointing I absolutely love this game but I beat it within a matter of 6 minutes. You need many more levels with increasing difficulty. Do this and I will definitely go up to 5 stars.

The controls though Got my problem with the controls hard for me but yeah good. Jump and see the way where u need to go that's my cheat for me

I love that there is a new maze generated each time... It is a great relaxer for me on my breaks at work..,

Pretty good Great game but the only problem is they only made 4 levels. I beat them all I 1day.

3D maze I really like this game I really with they would add a map other then that I like it

Ads Its good but the ads make it dull not saying u need to remove them all but don't put them before and after every maze

Great Make it were u can play against your friends in like a race dynamic.

Great Game Really enjoyed this game. Would have liked to give a 4.5 rating as I feel the controls might be able to be improved on a bit. Though it is only a issue when rasing through the maze for best time. Keep up the good work guys. Hope te see more levels soon :)

Fun but The adds are the most annoying things in games. But wareas with this one when you finish a maze it comes up with an add about 3 times. So annoyng?Anyone else get that! Please reply in the comments below

Liked it The game was okay but It was hard for me, that is just me though! I'm rubbish at these things, plus, I'm also only 10! It's a good game to sit and just work at, but it might get a bit boring after a bit. I played it for precisely 8 minutes and 38 seconds then got bored of trying after a while. You might like it though, so give it a go! Sophs ? P.S: Follow me please!! ?✌??

Ads prohibit game from playing Uninstalling. My grandbaby love these types of games... But it won't run on Galaxy Note II

Ok but hard to control Better if you make it without button and just let it be controlled like minecraft

It is a nice game but it does suck that you can't see the top and that you can't have the hint box as much as you want.

Crap Loading it up but can't get past the adverts. You press x after the 5 seconds has gone past and it just reloads to the start and again another advert

Horrible controls and terrible game play. Adds pop up all the time. Overall terrible app. Not worth your time

Nice But just so yo know if you always stick to one wall you'll win.

Help my brain concentrate more It's good for the kids because it help

Shortest game ever End the game in 1.50 min....make some big collection good luck

Love a game that is challenging enough to make you think, but not so tough that I cannot play with my 9yo daughter.

Loved it Finished all maps in less than 10 minuts , more complicated maps would make it even better

Easy. Could do with some more levels and view angles.

I hope the developer reads this I understand your need to monetize your hours and hours of development time but I tried to play this game and the constant ads before AND after every single game killed it for me. Uninstalling now.

Challenging game!!! I still suck at this game, however it is fun and addictive and each level teaches something new! Lots of fun

Gooood Great game but only 4 lvls

Excellent game A very good game Very good to have to play.

It tool me 45 seconds to do the last level

thanks ! this app is very smart, I like it .

Cool i was watching my sister play and i thought that it was pretty neat!! Love this game!

I like it but he some more levels

3d maze It's ok but needs more than 4 levels

I can't even get through the first Level and I'm 21 years old

Maze I like mazes so i probably will like this game

Pretty good so far If you like mazes, this one seems well done so far.

I saw a crossy road ckicken walk past me when I was playing?

I think it is a fun and cool game and sort of chalenging

Amazing it was really good. I love it.

Super easy!! I love the labyrinth and of course this game... IT'S SO EASY!!!!!

Nice game I really love it

Love it its awsome and its kinda hard but its perfect for a whole summer

Dizzy game Dizzy on level 2...

Loved it! Need more... I loved playing the game. It was fun. Just wish there was more mazes to do.

Fun Wish there was more

Easy if you have a brain Its simple to control. Could do with being harder don't know why people said was so difficult clearly not a puzzle fanatic if you find it hard.

Different! I like it would be better if you could guide by dragging tho.

I truly enjoy this game. When I first started, I was confused with controls, but messing with the movement buttons allowed me to figure it out. I didn't understand the try purpose if the vantage point when I started, either, but after I realized it (which occurred in the middle of the first maze), I think it is really awesome. I like the ability to jump to catch a view of the maze around me, so if I made a mistake, I can find the correct path. The linear movements of the first and last maze is hard to get used to immediately, but I don't hate it. Also, the mazes are not difficult. Not really at all. Anyone that claims them to be too difficult is impatient and did not capitalize on the vantage point at start. Having a tutorial maze first would be great, though. Just a small, very simple one where you direct the player to perform all of the different techniques. Or maybe a very large and confusing one, so the player is more likely to use all of the tools at hand, especially the maze solution icon. I am saddened by the lack of extreme diversity of the mazes. There are only four main mazes, and then the randomly generated one. I think having a larger collection of main mazes, at least ten, would be awesome, and to have the random maze be of the different types of mazes found in the main ones would be nice. I really like this game and continue to play.

I'll rate better if I like it I played another 3d maze but it wasn't fun it only had so many I love maze games like crazy so this will get a different rating hopeful

Must try Though it lags.. The game is flawlessly awesome... Reminds me of percy jackson labyrinth

Simple and Fun Good mazes so far, really enjoy the look of the game. Only complaint is the controls could do with some tweaking to get them a little bit more responsive. Aside from that though its a great game.

I love it Its a good game try it out listen to me its awesome

All I'm going to say is this. Make sure you know the path before you start. When I started too early it took me over twice as long.

Slow and no one is ever online to play multiplayer It has too many ads whick makes the games slow and sometimes it closes the maze we are playing in. And nobody is ever online. That means I can't play multiplayer

Amazing game Love it would have been better if it had stuff like zombies a night stuff like that

SUX Why so ez yet so herd at same time? And monsters wuld b col.

Fun Love playing this way too many adds though

Disappointed Read comments about how easy this was, but I don't find it so. Don't understand the maze in the top left corner. Doesn't correspond or help me complete to the maze I'm doing. Don't like the FULL PAGE ADS between anything you do. * Graphics are great & made me look forward to playing, but that doesn't take away from all the negatives of the game. Uninstalled!

Do not install There's literally 4 mazes... complete waste of time and data.

Pretty good but Please add an easier way to control your player like a cursor/touch pad? Also maybe more skins?

I don't know why I got it

Great game Easy to control once I figured out I was in a tower and had to get down before I could enter the maze. I love this game! Would like more mazes added.

It's cool It OK some of them look like the maze that I use to do in middle school

Fun y cause I created the game

Good but needs lots more mazes

It's okau The mazes are to easy

Fun It is a fun game and works your brain a lot.☺

Fun Enjoy playing. Wish there were more landscapes and maybe a shifting wall's element.

Brain Free I know how to solve a maze:-)

Absolute shite Dosnt even work. Just says loading then an ad pops up then app restarts

Nice loved it Awesome

Was a good game until... Twice I accidently hit the arrow back button on my phone. Had to start maze all over again except the second time it locked my phone up had to restart. Is okay the controll definetly need imprivement.

Bad its a scam It changed all the time and there was no way to get out

Boring! Don't get this!!¡?

It was kind of... Way to simple...But ok if you are a half noob... I still say get it though.

Horrible controls The placement of the controls are odd and I find the unable to adapt to.

Note3 Awesome!!

Its really hard

Wow. Just Wow. An epic masterpiece that soars with fantastic visuals and mind-bending puzzles. Not only does it provide a great time waster for all ages, it also proves to be the best game of the century. My fellow critic Orlando Edgar Saco recommended me this masterpiece and I look forward to hearing more recommendations from him. My life has been changed for the better and I would continue to keep on living solely to play these amazing games.

Okay Having a great time with this game. Controls remind me of the tomb raider game.

So fun It is zoo hard on the third level

A-maze-ing!!!!!!! Download it if you like using your brain

Great maze game Makes you think on where to go. Simple but great game.

Not bad. Mazes do pose a challenge and easy to Maneuver. Need more options on Mazes added but not a bad str last at all.

Leveling up So once you do the first four mazes is that it for levels? So do you only get to do random mazes? Was looking forward to doing heaps of different levels. Still pretty cool game to play and definitely gets ya thinking. Just don't understand about levels. Some explanation please.

Greatly done, but rather boring. Would be nicer if you didn't see above the walls, but could put some markers wherever you like. Plus some challenges on the way would make it more appealing - like collecting some keys or finding secrets. Anyway, well done.

Great fun Great for killing time and puts a different perspective on mazes.

Horrible Its not walking and its only went on round to round dont get this game

Woah A great game I am having a blast playing it

I love it so Mitch I could not take my eyes of it

Just a great game. Had me hooked from level

Gracy Akbari It's awesome and amazing

⭐⭐⭐⭐4 stars, only cuz... It definitely needs some more mazes. 4 different mazes, not enough, I did it on the first time.

This game is so amazing. It is so realistic and really fun and it is artistic.

Fantastic multiplayer But it needs more of a personalized character

Not bad Decent and fun

It's toooooooo hard to play.

Nice but toooo many ads.

Cant see I hate how you can see the maze from sky level and how every time you start to run the screen goes down but when you stop the screen goes up

It was a very fast 4 puzzle challenge took about 3 minutes each for the end ones. Then it repeated the old puzzles. The ads we way too many and came 3 at a time sometimes before you could even start a damn game WTF?? Jacob HG must be the DV because he's awfully overly gay anout this disappointing app ending at 4 puzzles. I think someone got lazy.

Beat this game way too fast. Only takes one or two minutes per maze, and only 4 mazes...

It good It took me only twenty minutes to beet the levels but it is fun to watch my friends play

This app very very good I feel so good to do installed this app It is a very good app I told every my friend and I say that you install this app thank you so much

Chloe 30/9/16 This is a good game but I can give you this hint right into the maze and left hand out for all maze's so do that and you'll finish all the levels and do multiplayer

Like it but I want real challenge It has its coy approach but lacks persistent illusion

Best mind game I love it every team I complete one lvl the puzzle changes plz download the game

Worst Game Ever It was tough + horrible

Very very very very very hard game can't play boring do not install I am telling this for the sake of you, do not install

Minotaur Put some Greek monsters in there

Hi I'm SUBHAJIT !!!!! This game is well fine, you should download it. Your brain will be more sharper.

It's very nice The games is so nice but the this game is best game

Boring game It is so hard to control

It's enjoyable, can't believe I still remember where to go and where not to go next

Great Game The graphics are great and I love the challenge.

Not bad Not very bad but I don't like it very much.

B-B-B-BORING!!! 4 mazes and a multiplayer!! Borning

So excited to get out of the maze.