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1010! Puzzle

Supplied By Gram Games    On Nov. 18, 2015    Comments(151)

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1010! is a brain training thinking game with simple, yet challenging puzzle gameplay. Challenge your brain with this mentally stimulating and addictive matching puzzle game that will exercise your mind for hours.

Train your brain and develop your logic skills with a skill game that lets you combine blocks, build and destroy structures by creating lines and test your mental skills with your friends by playing a series of addicting logic games. Enjoy strengthening your brain with 1010!

Gram Games part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Nov. 18, 2015. Appstore play rating is 85.7166. Current verison is 37. Actual size 24.0 MB.

What's new

    Performance and battery consumption optimizations.
Download 1010-puzzle.apk 24.0 MB


I can't put it down so fun As I said in the title I can't put it down it's so fun and my mother is addicted to this as well which is so funny as she has never been one to play games

Obsessed So I'm kinda obsessed and competing with my friends in college for the best high score xD Hate how much battery it uses though

I can't stop It's an addicting and super fun game. My 5 yr old loves it and it helps with cognitive thinking. Well done.

Great game!!! One of the very few games I haven't gotten bored of within days of playing! It's definitely addictive because you challange yourself each time

A consuming game that's fills you up but never let's your down. I love the kind of puzzle games that I can play to kill time but doesn't get old. I have found such a game with 1010.

(: Absolutely love it, love how I don't need data to play it! Put my phone on airplane mode and turn off the data at school and it saves so much power + super obsessed with it

I love this game because I am always on my phone or someone's phone playing this game

Tooooo many ads! Love the game but there are waaay too many ads.

Fun game but battery consumption is terrible My cleaning app always tells me that this game uses up a lot of RAM, with as much as 25%. I think the game is really fun but the are lots of battery consumption problems with this.

Battery usage Its a great game just needs to use less battery!

Great game Addictive, 5 stars. Only problem, my phone seems to get hot when playing. I haven't noticed this with any other game.

Great stuff! Addictive, yet stimulating!

Addicting I'm so hooked, I play it in my dreams.

1010 Awesome game keeps brain active

1010 Amazing - I'm super addicted but I wish it didn't use so much battery...

1010 Addictive. Good exercise for the mind. Encourages strategy planning

1010 I like it but it just annoys me when I'm in the middle of playing a game it just stops the game and starts playing an ad. Meanwhile I haven't finished yet!!

This is probably my favorite game Would be 5 stars but it kills my battery and the ads are awful

Uninstalled. Why do you need my device ID and call information? I value my privacy more than a game. Uninstalled.

Love it! For someone who is a Tetris fan, the idea of a reverse Tetris is great!

Amazing It is sooo addictive and fun. And anyine can play it. I shiwed it to my friends and eaven my parents and they all loved it. It os frustrating at times but so fun.

Tetris remake Annoyingly addictive

good to fun //

Very Addictive

Okay Too hard to beat your high score

battery still poor battery down 10% in 10 minutes. what the hell is this app doing? I get better mileage with asphalt 8 and that's a heavy load.

Great game Idk what everyone's talking about with the battery. I just played for 15 minutes and the battery only went down 4%

Fun! I love this game a lot! It can get pretty addicting. The only thing I don't like is how much it drains the battery. Like each game I play the battery dropped like 10%.

Fantastic ! But.... Please further improve performance issues. For such a (what should be) low resource consumer, this app drains 10% battery in 10 minutes and cpu heat raises front and back of phone to over 40°C... and thats on my new Note 4.

found possible bug when finished placing one set of 3 objects on the board, 3 new objects get loaded to play with. the problem is that the new objects get loaded one at a time until there are 3 objects to place. since the objects load in this way, if you are unable to place the first object that is loaded, or unable to use the first 2 objects, you lose the game before the new objects finish loading when it may have been possible to place the 2nd or 3rd object.

Annoying The game is fun, but there is no way to turn off the notifications that spam you every night!! I am uninstalling this game because this is just annoying

Stops the game when I still have moves that I can do It doesn't let me finish games when I still have moves left. That has happened a few times. If you fix it I might give it it 5stars

DIY tetris I'm so addicted to this game already! Better battery life helped, because I used to play my device to death so quickly. ......

Error in downloading Couldn't download this game on my new phone. No explanation just an error number.

Awesome I love this game. It really challenges me to think a lot harder. It is addicting too. You get a new high score and then try to get a higher number.

Nice game ... but ... The last update wants access to my call list, contacts etc? Why? I'm suspicious of what runs in the background, so now its being deleted. Shame, liked playing it.

This game is fun but I seriously dislike the menu UI. There is a button with a picture of a folder with an X on the corner. What does this mean? Turns out it means "pay $2 to remove ads?" Well, I don't want to pay to remove ads. Too bad, my only options are a button with a house on it and a button with a check mark. What the hell does house mean? How do I even cancel this flow without accidentally buying this? It's like they intentionally want to confuse me so I spend money on their game. The game is fun and I would have supported it if it wasn't trying to take my money so underhandedly.

Fun turned bummer Enjoyed playing this a few times but after I get notifications about playing more that bummed me out. I'll play when I feel, not when you might need more commercial revenue. Uninstalled.

Extremely annoying ads! The game itself is awesome and addicting. But eats up battery like crazy. And the ads... good grief, these freaking ads! Most of the ones that are displayed are extremely annoying: The game is essentially unplayable when there's a strobe light burning my retinas! Get rid of the annoying flashing, blinking ads, finally fix the battery issue, and this would be a 5 star game.

Great game, poorly implemented Game is poorly implemented. Its cool to play only a few minutes but if you are aiming to score high the game can take a while and if you kill the APP to play later, or Android removes it while on the background, game state is not saved and it restarts the game, pretty Annoying. Also, it seems like it is crashing at the end of a game when you dont have an internet connection, is it always trying to fetch ads despite of having connecivity or not? Other than that, im addicted.

Love it Very addicting doesn't need WiFi helps me concentrate amazing love it 5 stars is was it deserved

Simple and addicting. Tetris without the time crunch or restrictions. Fill out the rows to clear them and build your score. I've easily wasted 5+ hours on this since I downloaded it a week ago. A few more puzzle shapes would be nice, so many times I've needed a + shape or the little stair shaped one.. does add to the challenge though.

Awesome sauce !!!!??? I love puzzles and I think it is a good game for people who love puzzles it can go day or night in the background the blocks are colorful o and u can be created and make stairs and a?smiley face get the app and u will love it lol

Addicting I can't find anything wrong with this game, only that I can't stop playing it.

Best Time Wasting Game I love this game, I can't stop playing it while watching TV, watching my dog, cooking, etc. I've practically started seeing the pieces when I close my eyes. Good logic puzzle. ☺

Spyware I loved this game until the latest update wanted me to allow it to see my phone number and the phone numbers of anyone I call. I have nothing to hide, but that doesn't mean I want a game spying on me.

So cool to play with. Addiction drives me crazy over this gane. Boring at first but got used to it so fun

Crash crash crash This is the stupidest thing in the world. The game itself is absolutely addicted, but it keeps crashing whenever I press the replay button. I'm never installing ever again

Hmmm I find it odd that the players holding first, second and third place in the leader boards all have the exact same score. Why is this?

Fin and addicting game, but it drains my battery so quickly! I played for about 30 minutes this morning, and in an area with good service with wifi and data off and my screen as dim as possible it still drained my battery to 60% from 100%!

Addictive Ads are annoying when the game ends but brilliant way to pass the time and hard to put down when playing

Challenging but fun Difficult, but I always want to go back to try and beat my personal best. Keeps me entertained

Great and really addictive! I love this game as it is fun and never gets boring. It always works and has never crashed

Love it So addictive, keep saying "Just one more quick game" - next thing I know I've missed my bedtime! Lol

Makes my phone a hand warmer This game is great for winter! Play it for 10 minutes and your phone heats up until your battery doesn't charge. Only app on my new phone to do this.

The latest update of the app actually kills you quicker, it is programmed to give you shapes you cannot play instead of having it at random. Quicker loses = more advertisements = more revenue.

I would recommend this! Indeed a better version of tetris. Really enjoyed this game. Although after a while it does get a bit repeditive. However definitely worth a play!!

Addictive I love this! I challenge my family! Great for your mind too. You have to think through every thing

So addicting! I love this game! It is like a free form Tetris but without the pressure of time. Easy to play, but difficult to master.

Fun It's challenging, trying to beat your high score so many ways that you can think of

Love it! I play for hours sometimes! But also a great game to pick up and leave during short breaks of time.

Battery issues I love this game but it can kill a full battery in 30 min. I the update but it seems to die faster

Flashing Ads I am addicted to this game; however, the flashing ads are extremely annoying and are sickening especially at night! Please fix! ! There's no need to have them constantly flashing. Other than that, I love this game. It's like tetris, but with a twist! Thanks.

Its addicting I find this game very addictive however, i cannot last an hour with it before my phone dies. Battery consumption and overheating is a major issue. Fixing that would give it a 5 star rating from me!

On 3 of our devices My husband and i have this game on our phones and then the kids have it on their tablet. .. its crazy addictive!

So addictive Such a simple game yet so fun, addictive and time consuming love it!!

Love it My family always plays this game if they have there phone they are probably playing 1010

Great game Very addictive game passes time very well. Similar to Tetris but with its own twist.

Crazy Fun & Addicting Crazy fun and addicting free form Tetris style game. Can't wait for further iterations on this idea.

Great game, expensive ads God forbid you accidently click on one of the ads, it subscribed me to a gaming service called VIPGAMING. Costed me in total nearly £5 just to unsubscribe with all the texts and silly 08.... numbers.

Very entertaining and highly addictive. Simple to play, difficult to stop.

No directions I dont understand the game. No directions on the app, only here and it tells you to fill lines. Ok, so I do, the cubes disappear but the lines stay, so i fill it again? How do you move on? I dont know if im on a new square or just keep doing the same square over again.

Cool! It's the one I play the most. Nothing speeding me along, saves the game when I bail suddenly, don't take much thinking but always fun to try to go further

Sooooooo cool I've been looking all over the app store just to find this game it was on my dad's phone and I saw it for the first time and I went to my phone and got it right away

Love it I really really like this game just I think instead of starting from 0 when u make a mistake maybe clear 10 spaces and take away 10 from ur score, that would maybe work better, because ur not having to start all over again and its still fair coz u will loose some points

Great game, addictive, excellent animations. However, the gameboard does not fully cover the phone screen, thus the pieces to move are very small on small screens (Acer Z130). Hard to move. Please use the extra white surface to fully expand the gameboard. If not, this game may look better on tablets (large screens), than smartphones.

Good solid gameplay Great game but tedious after you clock some thing 14000 then make a mistake and have to start from 0 again.

Highly Addictive My whole family is addicted, trying to beat each other's high scores. I'm on top of cause lol

Take me away!!! This occupies my busy brain and let's me take a "break." Great challenge and wonderful well-needed distraction. Thank you guys!

Expensive... ??? Seriously?!?! 11.70 ILS for a board?! The different coloured ones like purple and black that cost 3.90 ILS are better priced but still very expensive! Lower the prices! I want to buy the season themed boards but they are WAY too expensive to be worth it... Make each one like 5 or 4 ILS and maybe I'll consider buying them...


Loud ads Ads blast the volume even when playing muted. I'm ok with ads but not with blasting sound at the end of a silent game.

Almost a 5 Had a few problems in the past but have done well to fix them. I like the feature to change background colour to make it easier in the eyes when playing at night. Good app, addicting game. Would give 5 if weren't for flashing ads after each game on loud volume.

The game use 500 mg of internet monthly I have no idea what this game is doing in the background but it is killing my battery and use a lot of monthly Internet package.

Fun, addictive, but... The only problem I have with this game is the fact that the pieces you are given are 100% random. That's not entirely a bad thing, however I've lost many games because once I place down a piece, the next 3 pieces that I'm given are impossible to play, and I loose. I wish that every piece you get is playable, but is still random. Please fix this!

STOP THE FLASHING ADVERTISEMENTS DO NOT DOWNLOAD IF YOU ARE EPILEPTIC. This game used to be my favorite. However after the last update I began to recieve many flashing seizure inducing advertisements during game play. I've reported as many as I can in hopes that it will go away, but then the app blocked me from reporting them further. I refuse to pay to have the ads removed from the app if their method of a sales pitch is a stab to a persons physical health. I would rate 0/5 if i could. Repeat: DO NOT UPLOAD THIS GAME IF YOU ARE EPILEPTIC.

Deadly nice Really fun to play when you wmant to prove your smart to yourself. I play the all the time to prove that,to make myself think I'm smartest!

Excellent way to pass time Great for long bus rides! Please consider fixing an occasional lag that sometimes costs me my game, and would appreciate no video ads whilst using mobile data. Thanks!

It's ok The game by it's self is fine, but thing that doesn't make it 4 stars is that every time a game ends, there's like a 30 or 40 second ad. Change that, and it's 4 stars. And I don't need to say this, but my dad is an EXPERT! He got the game on his phone and his high score is 2000 or something. And on my tablet (acer) it's 2064 or something like that. The point is he's an expert at a really fun but challenging game. I recommend this game to people

Fun but the ads just randomly pops up. In summary, the game is definitely fun and all. However, the ads randomly pops up and I would sometimes just click it. Plus, when an ad comes out, it just lags and it is pretty frustrating. Firstly, I hope you can give a count down from 2 before the ad just launches and lags my whole phone. I would highly recommend this games to others but please try and take the advice and make something like what I recommend. Thank you.

Ads The game is fun and addicting but the ads make up for whatever the game lacks. I can tell they got greedy and made a great product thats shifting into a bad one. Remove the aggressive ads and it'll all be good.

Great game! I could play this games for hours trying to beat my high score. Just wish it had a "undo" feature. Just one or two in a game. Sometimes I mistakenly move a block to a spot I wasn't trying to get to, so it'd come in handy.

Amazing. I love this game. It's so fun. ♡ And very addictive. When I'm having an anxiety attack, playing this helps my mind get off of it. It's fabulous.

A great twist on Tetris! I love how it takes away the time component of Tetris but ads a spatial dimension in a way. The ads are fairly reasonable, but I think ads between games would suffice; putting a banner ad at the top during gameplay is distracting and ruins the smooth simple aesthetic.

Good Game But Some of the ads could honestly cause seizures and that scares me. I don't mind a static ad constantly on my screen as long as it's not flashing. Please screen some of the ads in your app. Thank you

Deleting, was kinda fun, the adds don't bother me, but what REALLY ticks me off it the daily unremovable notifications "You have blocks!" or whatever that crap is. I'll watch your ads, I understand that is the trade-off with a free game. But I am not an idiot and I will not be psychomanipulated into playing your game more(thereby giving you ad revenue) with these stupid reminders. Notifications are to inform me of new, pertinent information, not to give you ad revenue.

Great time waster Must be good. Would be nice to have an undo button as have sometimes placed it in the wrong spot (big thumbs )

Great time killer I really like that you can change the colour scheme. The soft one is gental on my eyes and it doesn't trigger my headaches. It would be good if there was an undo button, I havr shakey hands and I've put some blocks in the wrong spot because of that.

Addictive This game is amazing. My sister said it was super fun but I didn't believe her so I downloaded it and its amazing

Please stop using the brightly lite flashing ads It's a fun game for my kids to play. However, I've had to stop letting my son play due to the fast flashing ads as he is prone to seizures. Prior to those flashing ads on top of the screen during play he played this game a lot. Ads are fine but please think about the health of the user.

Great game but I would give 5 stars if there is an undo button. My finger slipped a few times and I lost because of it. It would also help if I could save because losing at 7000 points and starting over again is annoying. Also, sometimes when I place a piece down the next 3 that appear are impossible to play (no combination of the pieces clear away enough lines to fit all 3 pieces or 3rd piece can't fit because no lines can be cleared even after placing 1 or 2 of them.) I hope you can fix that problem.

Fun game Enjoy the game.. Didn't enjoy the video ads (particularly on a limited data plan).. Ended up buying to remove ads. A leader board would be nice to see global scores (ie daily weekly and all time)

Fun but... I play this game all the time, I love it. I don't have any problems with the ads (they come with free games. That's literally why they're free. Like why do people complain about the ads I don't get it. If you don't want ads, buy a game) but my problem is that there is no way to calibrate it. I'll click and hold a box and it'll float above where I'm holding, and sometimes when I let go, it doesn't end up where I placed it, but in the section next to it.

Headache inducing facebook ad I love this game and it really deserves 5 stars but a new Facebook ad now includes rapid flashing and really hurts my head and makes the game irritating to play. I am fine with ads, I don't feel the need to pay for them to go away, but this particular ad needs to go away before I will be able to play again

So addicted I love how you can change the colors and look of the pieces. Its so simple and yet complicated at the same time. When I first downloaded the game it was for credits on another site and honestly I thought I would be deleting it soon but actually I love this game and it has become my favorite. Its also a great way to pass the time. And in the words of moms everywhere "just try'll like it" lol

Loved it Fantastic game. I only found this out through a friend and I realised that her WHOLE family played it. Once I downloaded the app I realised why. It's so addictive and you don't have a certain limit or time to carry on to beat your high score. You can have a break we never you feel like it.

Ruining this app I remember when this was just a puzzle that played well now I get to 20k and an ad stops the game and resets my score, 3x this has happened. REMOVE THE ADS

Amazing game! This game is addicting and really kills my boredom most of the time. There are ads, but on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and on the Lenovo A328, it's cool because it doesn't flash ads with blasting volumes and the graphics are clear and overall; FUN! ??

Love it Soooo fun and I would definitely recommend! There are hardly any adds so I don't know what others are talking about even if there was adds I wouldn't care because the game is awsome

Addictive Loved it from the moment my friend said "Here. Try this. " What would make it better is if there were achievements that would eventually unlock new color schemes or new shapes. An undo option would be nice. I know it's not necessary but there were times I was placing blocks and my cays bumped me and I put it in the wrong spot. Having maybe 2 redos power game would be kinda fun.

Love it??? Im addicted to it it is so much fun to play the only bad thing is the ads popping up when you finish the game but its still very fun to play.???

Great but... I noticed they added a finishing move. Never had those in the older version of the game. Before I could go up to 40,000, now I can barely make it to 1000.

One of the best games until it started resetting It was one of my favourite games buy now while I'm playing it restarts my score while continuing the game. Ruined my high score twice

Love it This game is sooo nice .. A suggestion, can u 1) add more shapes, 2) features that allow the user to choose the next shapes or to delete a shape from the board and 3) a pop up shape that will disappear if the user didnt use it in 5 seconds

Super Fun! I've been playing it non stop and it's super fun and addictive! I love this app and it's a time killer too.

Great game Was kicking this games a** and from out of nowhere comes this full screen ad and it didn't pause the game so i have to start all over. Bull S.

I love this game BUT Ok so i love this game. It's got me through hours and hours and hours in hospital and so on. The only thing is the flashing ads at the top, the colours and the flashing give me migranes. Just thought you might be able to take that into consideration. Thankyou!

Was amazing before the update I played this a billion times, paid for it because it was totally worth it, killed my battery playing it, charged it and started playing again. Just upgraded it, and lost all responsiveness. It takes about 3 attempts to pick up a piece now. I play at a fast pace that the app no longer allows after the update. They claim "better performance and battery life" after the update, but they lost far more. I'll definitely not be losing much battery life because I won't be playing this again until the next update.

LOVE IT. Brilliantly simple. Hey developers you really hit a home run with this one. Instant classic. I have a question: are the blocks distributed %100 random, or is there some kind of rolling quota system going here? Does it get harder over time? Some folks claim it does, but I'm just seeing random, except that 3 of a kind is quite rare, possibly prohibited. May we have a little insight into this? Thanks! GREAT game!!

Great solo game This game is a great way to pass the time, and I love that there are no time limits or max tries on game play... whenever you feel like playing, you can, and you can pause a game and come back to it whenever you want, whether it be 3 hours or 3 weeks. I don't understand the "compete" option though, as nothing happens when I click on a friend's profile... I'm not sure if I'm only supposed to see their high score or if it's supposed to start a challenge of some sort with that friend.

Super Game! I love this game! Just scored 21,296 ... my highest, so far! ? I really like that there's no timer on the game, and that I can close it and picked it up later, right where I left off. It's a great distraction, and I find it even more fun than Tetris! Sorry to hear all the complaining about ads. A buck 99 is an easy way to get rid of them, and you guys deserve to be paid by the users for the great app you created. Thanks!

Love This Lil Game the reason i love 1010 is probably because im really good at it. and its like tetris if tetris didnt move and you could play it over the course of many days very zen. ads only pop up when you lose and since im so good i dont care. but one of the banner ads is terrible and distracting but still 5/5 ☆

Simple but fun except adverts Adverts constantly updating while playing, a battery killer but much much worse is the slots adverts at the end of each game. The advert comes on with sound at max even though sound has been turned off, go to close advert and it takes you to Google play

Great for train rides I actually use this game a lot for both fun and to help my mental state.. I find myself playing this game when I need to fill my head with things other than my own stupid thoughts.. it keeps my mind off of things and keeps it busy.. I just want to beat my own high score and when I do it's like I have achieved a new goal xD such a deep description.. but it's a great game and I'm hooked..

Ok but HUGE battery drain The game is simple. You place random shapes anywhere on the grid to clean lines horizontally or vertically. That's it. No other game modes. I have no problem with that as a matter of fact, a pretty good time waster. However, for such a simple game, it drains battery like crazy. 10% dropped in 10 mins! I am using a Note 4 and I keep a good eye on the battery usage. This is not acceptable for such a simple game. Until fixed, uninstalled.

Love it I love this game so much that I told my mom all about 1010 and she got the game on her phone! I really love this game!!!!!! The only thing is that you put a block some where and your device puts the block in another spot where you didn't mean to put the block. It gets hard after a while witch is awesome . If you want a good challenge you should get this game!

Well My kids are starving, dogs are hungry, I lost my job, my house and my car cause this game is like tetris with some crack added. Actually it is more like crack with tetris. I'm not a tetris fan but this game… Rome will be falling around you and you will just be in your own world of 1010 playing for that next highest score. I highly recommend for the bathroom gamer or for waiting on installation of programs to finish.

The magic is in the simplicity. It's fun. Requires thinking, but doesn't wear your brain out. The objective is simple, the design is simple, yet easily addictive. The perfect end-of-day game to wind down with. The issue of ads everyone else is having, I have not seen. Then again, my phone is not technically in service at the moment, so that could be why. Happy playing!

I love it but... The game lags for me every time i open it up and when i lose therecis a bu that beings me ro my home page for a couple o seconds and than back to the game. I love the game and i just wanted to brin these things to your attention. Thank you for your woek on this fantastic game

Longevity? Not a bad little puzzle game, but I wonder if I will be playing it after more than a couple of weeks? What is going to keep me coming back to this instead of any other puzzle game? Also, I downloaded this because of App of The Day, yet it still has pop up ads!

About to uninstall I'm on the verge of uninstalling this App because of the Ad violations. The Ads at end of game are obnoxious. They take 100% of the processor and turn volume to high, even from vibe. If I can't control the noise my phone makes, then the App goes.

Amazing game! This game is addicting and really kills my boredom most of the time. There are ads, but on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and on the Lenovo A328, it's cool because it doesn't flash ads with blasting volumes and the graphics are clear and overall; FUN! ??

Addictive and annoying I'm totally addicted but swiftly getting more annoyed. The game ends so abruptly and the menu covers your play area so you can't see what you messed up. The loud ads are annoying too. Update...yippee they fixed it so I can see my oops moves!

This a great game! kinda like tetris only no pressure, tho it is challenging. Its cool that you can play it for a minute and put it down until you get another free minute and resume where you left off. Just go ahead from the start and pay the Developer $1.99 to hide the ads. Its 2 bucks people, you are playing on a $600 smart phone and are worried about $2? I dont have a problem paying someone for their time to entertain me.

1010 Great game pop ups ruin it..screw up my game and I have moves. I see a lot of requests to remove them and your not. I enjoy playing and would deal with a few. I see the requests are not being met. I see you are working on it but....they are still interfering with the game. And you say...?...

Great Game! It is a very simple game but it takes a while to really get good at it. Even with the free version, I don't have any problem with ads. I have had a few pop up but they never affected my game play. If you like puzzles, I highly suggest this game.

Great game, hate noisy and flashing ads Great game, addictive, simple but challenging, cute, easy to pick up for a minute, great for all ages & abilities. One problem only, has noisy adds that play loudly even when phone is muted, and now even worse has banner adds that flash which takes a universally playable game, and makes it unsuitable for anyone predisposed to epilepsy. Banner adds are fine, but not flashing ones. I expect adds in a free game but please consider how greatly them impact playability of your otherwise excellent game.

Started off good...... I started out loving this game...very addictive. There were pop-up adds at the end of every game but that is expected. I just X out and carry on. But NOW it highjacks my phone with full 10 second videos that I can't stop unless shutting down the game....deleted!!!!

All good Great game. Doesn't heat up phone or eat battery, re-starts you where you left off if you're interrupted, needs no extra permissions. Only complaints are, it needs Facebook login to access...well, I dunno what, cos I can't stand fb, and its a time thief haha ?

Good time killer I dled it because i read its ruined peoples lives. Must be good then right? Meh. Its good but i dunno about ruin your life good. Its great to play while dropping a deuce or waiting in a long line at the bank. Get it. Youll have fun.

Great game but I would give 5 stars if there is an undo button. My finger slipped a few times and I lost because of it. It would also help if I could save because losing at 7000 points and starting over again is annoying. Also, sometimes when I place a piece down the next 3 that appear are impossible to play (no combination of the pieces clear away enough lines to fit all 3 pieces or 3rd piece can't fit because no lines can be cleared even after placing 1 or 2 of them.) I hope you can fix that problem. It is getting really annoying and putting me off the game.

This is difficult This game is so challenging, but thats why its fun. The only problem with it is that after I put down a final piece it gives me something big and I automatically lose. If the creaters can put like a scroll or something like that that would make the game 10 times better. :)

Fun and addictive but... Can't you see that everyone is reporting on the adds that disturb the game? People want to enjoy this game with no interruptions. Please take away the adds or we might not play it anymore. Who agrees with me. Put a ? if you agree with me.

Simple and fun, however There is some serious lag that shouldn't exist for such a basic game. This is because of the ads. I suspect a programming problem because more complex games that also have ads, do not cause lag issues anywhere near as frustrating as this app.

Best game ever! This is the best f**king game ever! I play it every day for hours, it is really simple and addictive, that's what makes it so fun. But one thing. PLS MAKE A BACK BUTTON, for when I make a mistake, that I didn't wanna do. BTW MY RECORD IS 4850, BEAT THAT B***HES!

Fun and interesting Its very fun and interesting. I recommend getting it because its a good time killer and really relaxing! Its fun and always wants you too beat your high score.Get it! The only thing i recommend to watch out for is the ads. To me they dont pop up during the game just when i have no more moves. But still amazing game!?

Was 5 * but dropped to 1 Since i have been requested to add a gaming profile each time i log on and since doing so the game won't work unless i press pause or go to log out and it then reboots. I have dropped my 5 star rating to 1. PLEASE FIX THIS. It is very annoying

I am disappointed. I am disappointed in this game. It gave me no actual advice on how to work this software. There was no 'Help Menu'. Yet if so, was not clearly visible. In the end I found myself with a face of confusion and clueless; putting down colourful boxes into the grid.

FLASHING Ads are DISTRACTING Fun, challenging game BUT relentless, flashing ads are a nightmare! Used to be a relaxing way to pass the time. I don't mind ads, but the strobe-like flashes are nerve racking and annoying. Couldn't tell you what they're for, I just "x" out if them. But THEY NEVER STOP. Ridiculous.

Addictive This app is very fun and time consuming! Great for extra time! It is challenging and a great brain exercise! The adds are not bad, and if you want to get rid of them, just turn off your Wi-Fi. It is very addictive, I would definitely recommend!

Was 4/5 but these ads are just too much The ads after you lose are incredibly annoying. I don't mind ads and I think the ad that gets displayed while you play is reasonable, but instantly throwing out a fullscreen ad when you lose is causing many accidental clicks. Find a better way to handle this and I'll change this to 5 stars because the game itself is really fun.