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30 Day Relationship Challenge

Supplied By fiveHellions Development    On Jan. 31, 2013    Comments(54)

APP for iPhone 30 Day Relationship Challenge version1.75 Download

Put the spark back in your love life. Show your wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend how much you love them. The challenge’s main goal is to motivate you to do something special/romantic/sweet for your significant other every day for 30 days. In the end you should have a stronger relationship.

These suggestions are nothing new. You probably already do alot of them every once in a while. The key is however to do something daily for 30 days in a row. Most suggestions are simple and don't require alot of money or alot of planning. If there is one you can't or don't want to do you can always swap it for another activity or add your own custom activity. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it shows you care and as long as you keep it up for the whole 30 days.

If you take on this challenge and stay committed there is a good chance that you will see your relationship grow stronger and that you and your mate will feel closer to each other.

fiveHellions Development part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Jan. 31, 2013. Appstore play rating is 74.9791. Current verison is 1.75. Actual size 649.0 KB.

What's new

    version 1.75
    *fix force close for secondary users of the new multi-user feature for tablets on android 4.2
    version 1.74
    *fix a force close that is affecting a small number of users (specifically desire HD users) if you still get a force close email me at
    version 1.6
    *improved fit on small screens, activity description should not get cut off anymore, email me if it still does on your device
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Great Concept, Meaningful, but Ads... However, advertisements are too annoying/distracting. Offering an alternative to opt out of all ads ( add mob and otherwise) would place grater emphasis on your great services/information. Uninstall... Advanced thanks.

Excellent App This is literally saving my marriage. My wife and I were growing apart and really struggling. Been doing this for 7 days now and there has already been so much improvement. Wish there was a 1 year version. My wife turned and gave me the biggest hug last night after yesterdays activity. This is definitely a must for any couple.

Great app This app has given me fun and innovative ways to bring the passion back into my relationship. I am having fun completing each challenge and it has inspired me to come up with a few of my own.

Love is in the Air I LOVE this app. I wanted to do something to show my husband how much I love him. This app gave me simple yet meaningful ideas to show my love everyday in different ways. My husband was always pleasantly surprised of my love gestures and showed me love gestures in return, without even knowing about this app!!

Love it..but i have one question. Only on day two so not to sure how far it'll get us but just reading and getting ready to complete one if the suggestions I feel positive and kinda if more appreciative and grateful to have him so, so far I really like it and love him :) 1 question though what exactly are the hearts for??

Love it If you're going to do this don't just follow what it says add yourself into it as well. You're relationships doesn't have to be in trouble to do this but if it is it could help... it helped my marriage.

I like it I'm only on day 3 but he's finally smiling when i approach him now. I think that calls for a 5 star.

Pretty awesome app This app has already started to make a huge difference in my relationship if you are looking for something to help put that spark back in ur relationship this app is a must

One week still but ilove her more than my life becaese she make me happy

Good app So far so good my goofy pic made Facebook (thanks babe) note made fridge and smile note is being passed around the house

Splendid Perfect app for a perfect woman. Very creative ideas.

Be careful If it's a new relationship, Asspecially if you are girl over 20. this will most likely have an oposit effect of what you want lol And if S guy, only use it in certain relationships, you don't wanna freak the girl out, and you don't want her thinking you suddenly lost it and file for restraining order. Reason I'm living high rating is because this strategy is clearly, according to other reviews, is helpful in marriages and long relationships that need a "spark restart". (sorry dev)

Overall useful app for lovers but hard to hide for the first 30 days Positive results for most of the tasks but needs to save a log of times completed or dates completed and maybe a little leeway at night you know make the new day start after 6 or 7 am for some of the tasks that might be done at night

Adorable but not really for marriages I find it more for kids than a real actual marriage r relationship the one for marriage/is love dare its based of of the movie fireproof u can get the book anywhere n it helps get ur relationship closer to gods with its 40day challenge now that app. Will be the best

Interesting read all your ideas And see i would need to change it to fit into my relationship But anything that will give my marriage back its spark is worth a try i.m. 3 days in trying your ideas and 5 days in trying to make my husband feel important enoughh to notice me. I think my marriage needs a lot of t.l.c thank you for being hope.

Great app. I just started this 30 day challenge and it seems to be working.

Awesome I never want this to end. Pls keep making more...

Pretty cool I like most of the suggestions and can alter them slightly to suit. But it would be better if there were a list of suggestions and you pick what you want for the day. If you miss one and jump ahead it keeps you on that missed day by default. Which isn't a big issue really!

A little sappy I like it and I am on day 6 now and my wife is laping up the attention, some of the challenges are a little sappy and lack imagination .wish there was a little more cleaverness

Ironic Zoosk singles website advertising seemed to pop up. Just In case the app fails I suppose. :-P

Creative Neat ideas you can do for your partner. ...Useful info.

Great App I love this app, it's completely helped me in finding ways to tell my husband how much he means to me. It gives random topics everyday and reminds you to do them. Then you can write what you think about the activity after you do it.

Awesome Fun, loving, great for new relationships, long-distance relationships, and turning a "just talking," type of a relationship into something more serious.

My marriage Having fun with this app. My husband has no clue what I am doing but he is enjoying it.

Awesome app Really helps you to put effort back into your relationship

Really like Only on day three. But I like it alt so far

Great simple app This is a simple way to show your spouse or significant other how much you love them. It's the little things that count.

Connecting us again.. Surprisingly.. My fiance likes this app & using it. We both enjoying.. Its like puppy love all over.

Cute Helps to show him beyond just saying i love you

Always finding way to make it more wonderful then it is already

Helped me have a more pos.attitude towards him.

My husband isn't aware but he loves it.

wont install he wont go past 92!

Relationship savee This ap gives me great ideas to make my husband feel special and its helping us a lot. He doesn't even kno I'm using it but he's smiling from ear to ear. Love it!

Great Its working to improve our relationship

Not too bad. I like it so far.

Good Needs two separate apps one 30 day for her, 30 day for him. Tips are great.

Grate app my wife loves it

A1 I Love It Just By Reading It I Know It's Gonna Solve Alot!! Job Well Done!

Adorable and helpful I started doing this because I found that I was taking my husband for granted, it has inspired me in many ways

Ive been using for 3 days. My husband has enjoyed my gestures. Would like a greater variety of activities- most I looked at (i read ahead) are very physical. I'd like suggestions for other areas of relationship.

Love it..cute lil things that put a smile on my darlings face

This work's! This relay work's just fallow this and he does show you more love then ever before.

I now have A wonderful relationship because I have the app on my phone for wen I'm on the go and I have the love dare book when I'm at home. The book helped me for when my fiancé were just dating. And is now helping through our engagement and into our marriage. We refresh together.

Thank you These suggestions are amazing and have helped me show my affection, being a person th as t finds it hard. Just wish it would notify me every day so i dont forget! Great job, love that i can come up with my own if need be too!

Awesome!!!! It really helps if u have the want and desire to truly show your wife how much you really do love her

Really enjoying it! It is fun, imaginative and easy. The littlest things make the biggest impact. Seems this can be good to just want to add a little something to your relationship, or remind yourself to not be so routine.

Great app I like this app... The activities are easy and simple to do. But my spouse really enjoys what i been doing. Somtimes its the small things that count when done with love.

I am now a Fabio ;) Before using this app I was really frustrated by how hard it is for me to be romantic (wifey loves romance). Now not only is she way happier but I'm actually kind of addicted to it! Great app to get started :D

Helped us I'm half way through and my fiance and i have gone from fighting every day over petty stuff to holding hands and laughing with one another. He calls to see how my day is going several times a day. I also made a point to let him voice his opinion without yelling in defense, and that has helped too. This app is changing our lives. Thanks!

Not great Spelling, grammar, & punctuation errors...many immature "challenges" in my opinion...most require that you live with or at least see your significant other every day...seems like there wasn't much effort put into this app

New memories Helps you to find new ways and ideas to keep the spark in your relationship

Its a pretty neat app just wish it had more interaction with the other partner or a way to get him more interested

Great Gives me stuff to suprise my wife of 10 years