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Absolute RC Simulator

Supplied By Happy Bytes LLC    On Oct. 22, 2016    Comments(122)

APP for iPhone Absolute RC Simulator version3.12 Download

Advanced RC simulator for planes, helicopters, cars and boats.

Great for experienced modelers, and even greater for kids or someone who is just starting in this exciting hobby. In addition to the excellent simulation of rc planes and helicopters, this is the only rc flight simulator that provides boats and cars simulation.

The program includes 4 free models (plane, helicopter, boat and a car). 2 landscapes and 3 interactive object sets that can be loaded on any flying field when flying helicopters. The interactive objects can be used to learn landing and precise model control. For advanced RC fliers, we include more than 50 defferent types RC models and flying fields as IAP.

In addition to the fixed point camera that represents the RC pilot point of view, we have included follow up camera that follows the model. That is useful when you learn flying, so the model never gets far away.


1. This is not a game. You are controlling flying rc models that reacts like real flying models. It takes some time to learn, and again, do not expect "arcade" style controls.
2. We have included 4 free models that will help you learn flying RC models. All other models and landscapes are available as in app purchases (IAP).
3. The onscreen control sticks are just indicators! They are made small so they do not obscure the screen.

*** You do not need to keep your fingers on them ***

Sliding your finger any where on the right screen half affects the right control stick , the same for the left screen part - sliding finger there moves the left control stick.

We suggest to select beginner settings at first few days before you can comfortably progress further.

Happy Bytes LLC part of our Racing and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Oct. 22, 2016. Appstore play rating is 77.125. Current verison is 3.12. Actual size 46.0 MB.

What's new

    Must have update! Replay and share your flights! Added Auto Pilot for planes and helicopters. Great help to any pilot, from beginner to expert.
Download absolute-rc-simulator.apk 46.0 MB


Cant get a refund I payed for a plane and now i cant get a refund

Fun in oly Fly fly fly

Great SIM Can you add a F14 Tomcat? I saw a video of one it was awsome!!! I'll give 5 stars.

Rccracker2013 I'm so glad I downloaded this app a couple years ago this is the best app you will get for a Android this simulator taught me how to fly. .. then I just went from there and eventually got a real simulator now I fly everything. From air boats to collective pitch heli,s

Impressed Realistic and fun simulator for flying r/c model aircraft. Detailed very well and smooth graphics.

Be more fun if it would load... Won't load and run on my Samsung Tab S 10.5. Wish it would.

I love it I have been playing this game for 3 years and i still play it all the time

The game is very good,but the thing is that you have to buy planes,helis,boats and cars for real money.so please make us buy rc vehicles without real money and if you do that,i'm very sure that your game will be an awesome rc game there is,i think because of re-volt,but it didn't work in the phone,so that's why i chose your game! I'm a huge fan of these game,but if you fix the money problem,everything in the game gonna be awesome!

Galaxy S V I've been using this Simulator for awhile now. Nothing else comes close to this one!

More speed I want faster planes and cars

I love it!!! It's propbably the best game anyone can have ; D

Rocks This app rocks

It's cool but it takes practice

It works well

Why, now, do several of my planes crash during takeoff, when barely reaching minimum takeoff speed? Then, IF they get off the ground, landing them is near impossible for the same reason. It's like the ground is suddenly made of large gravel that breaks the plane at ground speed over 18-20mph. Also, I want to be able to tap the gear and flap buttons without taking BOTH thumbs off the screen first. Left thumb touching screen shouldn't affect right side inputs.

All my payed for vehicles are gone after reset. Give them back! So can I have my money back?

Awful Complete waste of time

The best simulator!very good job

Awesome Thanks for this game! ☺?☺?

Bad performance on the new 3d field. Sometimes the purchased planes don't work when not connected to the Internet.

Working on Android 5 again. Working again on Lollipop.. Bit annoyed that developer swore blind that there was a problem with my device, when all along the problem was with the app, as I always suspected and said to developer. However, it's working again and it's a good RC Simulator if that's what you're looking for.

I was just getting started in rc and this sim helped me letarn to fly

Good app for anyone who's getting started to fly Helis... This app is number one in my book

Good stuff!!! How about a big scale model??

Ye ha Awesome......:-) .:-) .:-) .:-) .:-) ..:-) .:-) .:-) .

my money I was cheated out on my money I bought a spit fire , a passenger jet a coast guard heli and a airport field and it's all gone :-( I want my money back or my stuff plz

Glad to find it It sucks I had to download this other version but I am glad I did because the one with the trainer plane as the pic got ruined after an update and would not even load.

Please combine purchased vehicles I would give 5 stars, but can't restore purchases I bought from the individual apps before the all in 1 came out. I love using it while waiting in line, at the Dr. office... Been in r/c since '92, good orientation trainer, and has the best simulator physics of all the other apps.

It do not works

Absolute R/C Flight Sim Great app. Models have different characteristics and fly well in most cases. Scenery good. Wind direction varies even when set but I find that a challenge not a fault. Recommended.

Absolute rc simulator Really good sim but l would like to have had some trim as all the planes turn left on there own also the small screen is off putting ,but a great sim when you cannot get to the field + good for stick time

Liked it but... Could have made it better if you would add tournament's and win coin's to get other helis,planes,boats you know the source

Absolute RC Simulator I love it so much.

Great but.... Wayyy too expensive to buy other planea

So much new planes! The game is cool but it will be much better if you will add new cars and boats

After I dowloaded it it date force close

Excellent beginner's sim Very good graphics give excellent perspectives from fixed point view. Set up options allow you to get the feel of the controls and develop skills to aerobatic levels. My only gripe is with the "following camera" mode, which has a limited field of view and awful pixelation of ground view.

Excellent Sim but... Restore purchase option not restoring previous purchases.

Restore purchases doesn't seem to work I have attempted to restore access to all planes and helicopters but to no avail. Why do I have to do this?

It's cool but I really like it but I think that it should have more planes for people who did not purchase any but I like it anyway

( : This is a super game!!!!

Purchases not restoring Please help, my purchases are not restoring after reinstalling

Steve Woldanski Will not restore past purchases. Every time they update, flight characteristics change on models. Ones I could fly before now are uncontrollable.

Awesome Many rc models and awesome graphics

Would be a good game if you didn't have to buy every single car plane and heli instead of buying them all for like $5.00 you have to buy them one by one making buying them all cost like $199.99

I hated it because you only got one plane to start off with then you had to buy the planes with real money not the games

Every update seems to make the app slower and add more bugs. Great when I first downloaded it, but doesn't work well anymore. Sometimes I can't select different planes/helis, and the sim has gotten a lot more laggy in general.

Rip off of Leo's sim Good graphics but like 3 vehicles.... wtf. Im going back to Leo's flight simulator. Glitchy and LQ but still way better.

Fail Updated and now get told my hardware will no longer run it. No warning. No choice. Now a useless app. Same with your flight sim. Great.

Omg It was the best game I had until I lost all my stuff

Don't force people to buy! Been cheated! All the good planes are need to be purchased.

Flying, driving Pretty cool. Try the boat on lake with balloons and wind.

My purchases How do I get them back... Tried but no success

That's very bad why do we get only one plane in starting

This is so realistic Much better than crashes to the real ones

Quads just didnt work Planes just work, not very realistic though

Ok You only start with 1 plane and haveto buy the rest

Restore purchases It won't restore my purchases.

I don't like this game I keep on crathing

It very good I like it that so good t you

Boring Should have just been pay to play

Good game. But the cost is very high. Please make it free, I will give you 5 stars

Won't restore purchased vehicles New phone, but the game won't restore my purchased planes. 1 star until I get my planes back.

Great game Anyone that Flys in real life knows this is close to the real thing I have Ben flying for over 3 years and this game is super close to the real thing in my opinion

It suck dick

Only one everything

BORING It is so boring

Good. Try it. Realistic. Costs money for more aircraft. You get one of each type of rc veichle they have free at the beginning. And two landscapes. Otherwise great. Best out there for android. Even has rc cars/boats.

It's good but bland after a while I loooove this game don't get me wrong but it gets old

£1.80 to get another model to fly?! Hahaha no chance.

It's ok I agree it's very over priced

I admit this game is awsome i actually baught me an airplane for Christmas and it crashed but luckily it was an electronic plane not a gas

App is INSANELY overpriced!!

Great App Guys This is by far my favorite app. I do have one complaint tho. I installed this game on all of my stuff so i would have it anywhere and i cant access all the airplanes on my phone but i can on my tablet. I would really apreciate it if you guys could help me get the planes and helicopters i love this app very much and want it on my phone too. And i did the restore purchases button repetedly for a while and no luck so please help me and i will be truely greatful.

Great game1 Adiccting for some and great for others! An those who had trouble with buying planes it works now

Hey neighbor I can't believe it, I used to live on Santa Maria by the high school. We probably know each other. Anyway Love the idea. and the app itself is really cool "when it works..."I bought one of the paved landing strips, but every time I click on it to use it force closes. Can you do anything to fix this ?

Planes I'd really like to have all the planes I have bought on my old phone!!

Love it Please can you make all the planes and stuff with the game for free

Lost my plane! I really love this simulator however on the most recent update i have lost my second plane (sky surfer). I did request a purchase restore but it is still yet to happen. Please restore my sky surfer.

Deceived I downloaded this to fly the A-10 not the Cessna

It's really hood It's so much fun

I kind of love it but needs more update I love the game but needs more update :D

Improvements Make it so we earn money to unlock planes. Make the maps look beter and make it so we have to dodge objects like trees and people and birds

Getting better and better... 4.5 stars (rounding up to 5) All you folks calling it a "boring GAME" don't seem to understand that it's not supposed to be a game. It's a SIMULATOR. It's not supposed to have points or missions, and you don't PLAY it. You practice with it. And it's pretty damned realistic as far as flight physics go for RC models. That being said, I still want to be able to tap the gear and flap buttons without taking BOTH thumbs off the screen first. Left thumb touching screen shouldn't prevent those buttons on the right from being used. Please fix.

Restore purchases It won't restore my purchases.

I like it But you only one plane ad you have to buy it with real money

??!! How Did you Unlocked All Planes?

RickCerbito I loveplaying

Stupid Understand making money but only one plane the rest u have to buy. The graphics are crap. Waste of time

Request Planes Restore I reinstalled the app in my new tablet and lost all my planes. I requested the planes to be restored but I still dont have them.

Please put idle up and thr hold on channels so that my taranis can control them Fine apart from that which is very annoying.

Fun game . great graphics, hey I got an idea! If you want free planes, develop your own game!

Incomplete!!!!!!!! The creators need to add lots of functions to this like more fields more camera angles and more.

Wish I could use the planes i bought I love the game but spent alot if money on planes but didn't get the last few purchases and tried reinstalling it and lost planes I did have and yes it's the same google account!

If you make all planes free, I would rate 5 stars

Restore purchase More than once I have had to ask multiple times to restore previous purchased after an update. Starting to think I will be asking for a refund next.

This game sucks You have to buy basically everything it's bull shivik!

Love it Good graphics it's also cool that it can turn to night

Good sim. Great sim, purchased haven't restored though.

Pretty realistic All the controls are realistic I just wish you could by the planes and stuff with points or something instead of money

Will add more stars.. I really like this app, I bought the package deal for planes/helis . BUT, I just did the latest update and it's very choppy/jittery on my Samsung Note 4. It was fine before the update. Fix it and I'll add more stars. Adding another star. It's working great, especially with my new LG G5. The updated features are nice to have. This app gives my previous Real flight Simulator a run for the money. Well worth getting. Will there be an update to use a Bluetooth controller with it?

Wtf Apparently you only rent airplanes/helis...etc on this sim. Unistalled and reinstalled. It may not be much but it's still stealing when you lose the models you bought. And don't tell me some bs developers. You have all the info from all of the app permissions. Restore purchases jerk offs

Great app for learning to fly rc I downloaded this app about 3 years ago to learn how to fly. i have now been flying proper rc planes for 3 years thanks to this app. If you can fly sucessfully on the app then you can fly a proper rc plane, i am proof of this. In my opinion this is the best app to learn with.

Way overpriced The in app purchases are extremely overpriced don't bother, only 2 areas and 4 vehicles, anything more and they're $2.99 a piece... For a freaking digital plane.

Hated it I can't believe that they made this game and we don't know how to drive

No planes Started up and one plane you buy the rest and the thumb nail shows a a 10 but you have yo buy it lame

My Story It was a dark and spooky night,when i decided to by a game...for FREE ! I said this looks cool :)! But no i was wrong EVERYTHING COSTED MONEY

This game sucks by far....the graphics are so poor...Needs a total makeover

Absolute RC Simulator Awesome graphics but please make everything free and when I played it with the car it never showed any of the rod or scenes could you please fix that!!!

Great App Great RC Simulator! Love this app!

This is the best game It is also a good way to drive a plane

I really want the other planes

Purchases are gone,! I've made in app purchases and now they are gone!!! Help!!

Good game Its a good game I love it

Pre dobra Mora the he instalirati

Like the game Was amazing

I love it I very love it

Love it Try it

Pretty good Can you make the first five planes & heli's free in the next update please? More people would like it. No disrespect. I appreciate your hard work.

Rip-off Other simulators let you use tons of models for free, this one is strictly pay to play

Very bad What do we have to do just time consuming

Do they have a camera view for the drones? creator please reply!