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Supplied By Google Inc.    On Jan. 6, 2016    Comments(142)

APP for iPhone Androidify versionVaries with device Download

Androidify yourself!
Create, accessorize and share Android characters that look like you, your best friend, your Uncle Sal—anyone, really.

Create and share your animated Android characters as emoticons, animated GIFs and pictures over texts, posts or chats.

Be sure to submit your creations online, where you can share to the Gallery to hang with Android characters from around the world.

Google Inc. part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Jan. 6, 2016. Appstore play rating is 84.7488. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

What's new

    -Requests from the suggestion box including phones & devices, sports gear, new outfits and more!
    -Bug fixes and optimizations
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Thanks again, I think it was a great time to do with the latest version of the most popular games The other thing I can get the most of my favourite things that you have any queries about your experience of working with the latest version of the most popular games

Like it but I like it but can you make it so we upload it from the app not the website and see the gallery from the app. It would be better if we can look after it or sum thing like that

Android creator very cool This is just basically another cool thing for androids to use when your bored! Super app I liked it.

Very Cool This is a very fun app. Lots of choices for lots of different personalities. Just make sure to come out with new outfits and clothes or it will get boring. Otherwise, it made me laugh :)

Fun and creative I love making all my friends into androids. Cool to see such a big developer like google create fun little apps like this

THIS IS AWESOME!! I love it because it's not so exciting but it's a cool game to play when you're bored. I wish we could have capes to make superman or superheroes

Love the game! I really really like the game. I like to make wacky androids and it's a lot of fun! I do have a couple suggestions: I think it would be fun to add more skin colours. Colours like pink and blue and red. I also think it would be fun if people could change their android's eyes to create different facial expressions. Those were just some suggestions, it's still a fun game as it is. Keep up the good work!

It's a good app Good but seems a little pointless. However E she's with speed performance or the application in itself

Awesome This fun character creator is very nice with very cool effects and a clean interface. I very much recommend this for someone who is looking for fun!

Good game Pretty fun especialy on the road, but you can get a head ache. Since you are in a device though, so get this app!

Good but... This app is good and better than before. But I have some problem, the interface is too large and didn't responsive enough, some parts are outside of my screen (samsung GT1550/samsung galaxy chat). Pls fix it

GREAT APP! This app is great. I got it on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and nothing was wrong. It's very fun, too making android characters I LOVE it.

Fun it's fun but... you could make it like a personal assistant or something. Give a little more meaning like being there on your screen or lock screen, helping with stuff, make it compatible with google now and being better. Anyway it's good but you can make it better.

Noise even when the phone is in silent mode I download and opened this app while my phone was in silent mode but it started making noise... strange... there is no setting to keep it mute. Used samsung grand2.

Great I love the look on my friends faces when they see what I've created , they go into uncontrollable laughter, I think it will be better if you added football kits from english teams please I would appreciate it

Androidably Awesome Fun*Cute*Adorable*$illy*Total waste of time and storage space but FUN! So just create your little guy or gal, save the pic or the little dancing droid, and then delete app from phone

Good doesn't describe.. . The word that describes this is AMAZING!!! Its very fun to just mess around and dress up androids I love it a lot!!☺☺????

This is a blast. It appears there's new life here, getting updates more frequently. Customize a droid for contact pictures, share with friends, compete, just like making a mii. It's loads of fun, great to keep kids busy, for a laugh, or to waste time. Motions are fun and new clothing choices are great, NBA uniforms are fun. But I miss some of the older clothing and accessories and ability to have stuff in each hand. We need more accessories and bring back the parrot.

Dude... Out of all football teams, YOU LEFT OUT THE PATRIOTS??!! Fix that, and I will change it to 5 ?.

Cool, but limited. It's a nice app, with some nice features. But there is one problem that, like thousands of other people, bugs me: the inability to create custom wear for your avatar. Why choose something from the inventory to make a stock character when I could just make wear of my own? I would love to base my character off of my Minecraft skin. Can I make wear to do that? There is one unanimous answer to all of these questions: no. You can't make that. You have to pick from the inventory. It's a feature that thousands of people want. I'm joining that bandwagon. I would love to use my hoodie on that avatar, customize my glasses, my shoes, and make anything I want. If you are a developer, this is already possible for you. But most of us aren't developers. Don't get me wrong, I love this app. But pass until they add customization features, for those of you who love that. Google will hopefully update this. I have faith in them. I suggested this feature already. Hopefully it will be taken care of. Also, it's not available for iOS, and I want it for my iPad. Hopefully that will be addressed too. Until next time, keep calm and code on! 'Till all are one!

Kool. But i have an idea to make it better! Awesome! Looks Great. Easy to use. No crap to Unlock by "Buying the full version!" Which would make it terrible btw. It would be AWESOME! If there was a way to put all the androids we make in a picture. And change the background and adjust how the Droids stand and where. And they can do there groovy moves together!! Either way 5 starts for creativity! And for those saying it's a little pointless... yeah. So are all the other games you have on your phone just to pass the time. Great Job Google!

Silly but fun I have enjoyed this app much more then I thought I would. The only suggestion I have is adding videogame character costumes. PLEASE! I want to dress an android up as Link.

This is just so much fun! Its amazingly entertaining. You can play with it for hours and hours spending all your free time being silly.

It's neat. I think it is fun and funny to make up Droid people & dress 'em up. Have fun. Enjoy. Save them to your computer & show 'em to everyone. Kids love this!

Hope we can save them as pictures. Cool, I wish you'll add new clothes soon and maybe categorize them so it'll be easier to find the clothes we like. It's kinda hard to choose clothes especially when men & womens clothes are mixed up. Casual, formal, sports etc. clothing are all mixed up. And the body resizing is kinda annoying cause I can accidentally swipe my finger on the screen then all of a sudden a body part becomes too big or too small and I have to resize it again. Add more colors and objects and maybe backgrounds.

Androidify Yourself This app is amazing. Could you guys add all the nhl hockey team jerseys for the next update? Thanks. I'm a huge hockey fan and that's why I would like to have all the nhl hockey teams on this app. Thanks

It's a cool App #NewAppOF2015 Its cool app to have I thought the android guy was going to continue to move when I post to Facebook kept work on it I have ideas if interested

Great game! This is a very fun game. In the next update they should add dc and marvel costumes.. and maybe some more sport stuff.

Awesome isn't the way to describe it... It's absolutelly amazing!! I love the dances you can make them do and the corresponding clothes are amazing too! The only thing I would change is th a I wish I was able to put 2 or 3 of my androids together to make a big picture.. I also like that you can make a pig and a dog with the pig and dog faces.

READ HERE TO FIX CRASH ;) Enable "developer options" in Android (Google for instructions) and disable gpu rendering. It worked for me at least.

It is AWESOME get the app. You can even get ur little android on TV. Design yourself or just random people. It is really fun. Then ur person gets put on the Androidify website in the gallery!!!!!! Best app! ( }-:

Great app This is definitely fun to play with, but it's just hard to navigate. It would be easier if each section had subsections (if hair say had two categories, boy and girl, and if you went into girl there would be other sections to categorize them) so it wasn't so daunting.

Androidify Cute, strange, but kinda cool, I guess. I mean, gotta love the Android logo and all. Right? Not so sure about the avatar thing I guess. New updates included NBA jerseys. Okay, wow. Sorry Google, you might think this is cute marketing, but I feel you could focus on something more important. Android Wear perhaps. Glass? Cars? Dunno. Can't knock the little Android robot bug (Andy?) Lucas-like Droidy logo thingy too much. I did say it was cute, right?

Ideas plz read This game is amazing but i wanna give some ideas if thats alright. You should have like you take care of your android e.g feeding cleaning and playing with other andriods and that they have relationships getting married and etc plz try these ideas out

Great app to pass the time! I've been downloading something on my ps3, and as soon as I got done creating an Android the download was finished.

Still one of the best creative apps. I do ths when it first came out. Back then it was still fun, but now wth mor character opts it's even bettr. Hope it stays ths th same and not messed up wth crapy updates.

Hi Hi I really like it but, I would like to ask if you can update it so you can do 2 androids together and decorate them please reply Google

Really funny It is very cool and you can make loads of different features for your sprites. Very fun and entertaining.

Cool not Crazy It,s a good game and all but it needs to have more crazyer stuff like a which hat maybe a android figure or whatever it,s called I'll rate rice stars then.

Super fun, awesome app, but there's one problem. This is a great app, but there is one small problem: whenever you make an avatar, if it is thin then the clothes are not full sized, and this is very annoying. If the problem is fixed, I will rate 5 stars.

Cool app. It's fun to play with but not something that I would keep on my phone. It gets a tad boring after a while.

More!! Such silly fun. Love the different combinations but now I want my android to be able to interact with other androids! Like a game or something....

ITS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE AND IT IS REALLY FRICKIN COOL but I would suggest some interactive stuff like maybe you have a house type area with all your androids and you could make them wave at each other? Idk just thinkin

Love it I love this game i think it should be one of the best games ever i think you should download it because there is no problems with this game at all on my ipad so just download and have fun playing the game ☺????☺?

Bad It was pretty cool until the added they pro-gay anti-Christian garbage to. Disappointed in all the anti-Christian rethoric everyone is pushing.

Great app. but , Please add some Football stuff like movements and costumes etc.

Amazing I think it was awesome It was fun but not as cool as I thought it would be I didn't like the part with the hair a different color would be cool keep it going Android that game was kind of fun actually really fun

Crash on ghost I use a Custom ROM, AICP 9.0 and i get everytime force close when opening the app. It can't be the ROM because it happened on other roms too...

I never thought that that my life time I would experience app that brings my fammily such joy.

Amazing! This is the funniest app in the world! I love creating random androids... I NEVER skip the adverts on my TV, YouTube or anything.

Instant FC App Very simple app that just pops up and instantly FCs, have endless fun watching FC after FC at the touch of a button...

Love the app I really do. One little gripe I have thought. Why does the not back up your droids to Google drive? Twice now I've lost them due to it being completely local storage. And there should be an easier way to set a droid as your profile picture.

Awesome Awesome . awesome . amazing !

Super fun silliness. Good stress relieving time passer.

Awsome A must download. I can make this really funny. I absoloutley love it. Not much more you could want!

Awesome App I can create the android mascot that looks like me. I can also create the android mascot that looks like the characters I like. Infinitely awesome app.

Great It's great but they need to add avengers outfit's

So goood Awesome Google but please can you add avengers outfit????

Pretty freakin awesome It's rlly cool except the hair is a bit crazy... That's it

Crashes Doesn't open, I'd like this resolved asap.

Almost Please stop deleting my savea every update !

OMG sooo great!! ?? ?? omg so cool! I made all my bffs and family. ?? they all look amazing and I think you know, graphic and choice of looks wise, it looks great. ???????????????? new update super, keep it up Android ?

Insta-crash I do indeed hate to be so critical, but.. This app crashes immediately during launch.

You should get it. Because it is amazing and you can do really things and it is lots of fun.

cute!! Love it! Totally digging the rainbow type side hairstyle for Android PRIDE. Keep up the good work!

FC at launch App crashed immediately when I launch it, device running Lollipop 5.1.1_r4

... Uninstalled. Toy app for kids turns vehicle for NBA and gay pride?

Won't even open on my phone. Force closes every time even after uninstalling and reinstalling.

Parade Get ready everybody the parade is coming

5 stars Awesome! Thanks for app!

Love this app I'm a type of person who loves games with customization and this is the place to go plus you can make yourself an ANDROID

Clothes Sometimes they shrink the weight. Can you fix that it also happens on my cousin phone.The rest is great. This app is cool

I think it was pretty good! Not bad and I enjoyed the dances.?

Cute and Creative I love how it's so cute . It's creative to make your little android . I love the app

One Complaint I wish the live wallpaper would actually show your androids. It has never worked for me on multiple devices. It just shows random androids.

cool, but need mp4 for instagram i can save it as gif on gallery but cannot upload as gif on instagram.realized i had to use another app to convert to mp4. "pick a movement" is amazing hut it'll be useless if you cannot share the movements

This is awesome,,very good.But I think that you should add some mini games like beat the android,etc and should add a free roam world 3d.In which we have to complete some missions and acquire powers like flying,web swing,etc.I would rate you a 1000000000000000000000000 stars if u can fulfill my wish.I am a big fan of free roaming games.Thanks

Love it Its great I love sending it to my buds good for small amounts at a time but why can't you send pics unless your 13+ I mean give one reason I'm just saying even though its a good app needs some more updates

So much fun! I absolutely love this! There are a ton of cool features and lotsbof customization for a massive variety of tastes and styles! I made one of myself and adore it! Also love the goofy little moves they can do! I highly recommend this to anyone. Lots of fun. Easy 5 stars!!

It is a great app, awesome for when I'm home sick and bored, I can just make Androids! I would *really* like it if you could fix the live wallpaper- right now it is just half shots of randoms androids. I believe the ability to customize and edit the wallpaper with specific actions of our own custom Androids.

Cute and simple It's a simple app that lets you create an cute Android based character with plenty of options to personalize it and even animate as a GIF it if you wish. Perfect to share with family and friends. Some options are hysterical. I wish some sets where complete eg. Cyclist and that you could change the background color. FYI, its not a game. Also some apps like WhatsApp don't support GIFs, so in this case it's best to share to the Androidify gallery and then share both image and link so people can see it.

Blank I downloaded it and all it came up with is arms and eyes not even the body. So if its just me then I should probably trash it.

Graphics not working on galaxy tab 3 When I opened the app nothing is coming only text is displayed , but in earlier versions it was working fine. Please resolve his issue soon.

Why the change? This app used to be a live background for your home screen. I used to be able to customize my wallpaper with effects and tweaks like no gravity and changing the size and amount of my Android characters. Now it's just a robot that moves? What's the fun of that. Plus the way you change the size of the guy glitches every time I try. Change the app back to what it used to be. Or at least and the features back.

I really love it I used to play it in my galaxy i want to play it in my grand prime but it won't work. Please fix really means a lot to me...

Good but... Plz reaply !!! Idk how to save this to my mobile devices Gallery!!!!!The only way for me to save this is to send this to my friend that has Hangouts and then l click on it and there is one option that says " Save media" so l click on that and it goes to my mobile devices Gallery!!!!

Its great. Would be better if it could be save in our gallery and use them for profile pics or soo. Overall.... ?

Will rate it when app gets fixed. I opened the app and the only thing visible is the arms.

I like it Suggestions. 1. Please add wallpaper chooser on the back 2. Can we make custom made items please, thanks.

Good but... I liked the app but I wish there was a way to choose the colors that I want for all the clothes and it would be cool if we could take a picture of someone and the app would make the Android for us

add superhero costume please I really like this app it would be so cool if you add superhero costumes

Lots of fun! I just wish the clothing choices included a raincoat and umbrella. It would also be nice if I could choose multiple accessories, but still lots of fun. Kudos to the dev(s) for making me smile.

Androdify I downloaded this for fun when my battery was on only 1%, played it, for a minute or so, and then my battery died. But when I had charged it to 100% I was playing on it ALL day creating my classmates. You can even make them move and save them on your camera roll as videos! Five stars from me!☺

Nice, i make all my contact pic with this app.. Oh, and those beards dont lie!

Androidify I love making my family in android form. It a great way to put a smile on their faces. It makes them ask how did you do that. I need some. I could get a lot of people to use this app. If we had more to choose from. Come on guys give us something to choose from!!!!!

This definitely a cute little app to pass the time! It works great! The animations make things a lot more interesting when customizing your character. The next step would be to allow Google users to add their customized animated character to their Google profiles as a "photo"!

I like this all but I wish you could select your characters and flip through them, as you would in a photo gallery. I also wish there was more outfits that fitted more body shapes. (If you know what I mean) thx :)

YEAH!!!! I am soooo happy i have got and android phone and not and Ios (Iphone)

Totally love it. But here's a suggestion for Google. In the next update.. You can try to include animals.. As you must be knowing that there are many dog lovers and cart lovers and people like to be very accurate with their droids. Trying bringing animals and types of animals. For example a German Shepherd or a labrador. Try to bring more variety.

Very easy to use and fun This app has simple gesture controls for resizing body. It also has some unique accessories to add to characters.

Amazing! It used to crash before but now it works just real good!

It won't open on Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Well when I open it it says "Unfortunately,Androidify has Stopped."

Usually love it. This is a great fun app I'm peeved it will not even run on Asus PadFone S lollipop 5.0, force close every time. Please fix.

Any other hair colors? It's lots of procrastinating fun, when you notice what going on it has been a while!! Can't see blond hair anywhere. It there a way to change hair colors?

So cool! This is so me. I look like Andy. I use it everywhere online.

Two gay androids?? Seriously? You guys bring homosexuality into an android maker? Pretty pathetic uninstalled.

Such a cute app install it i <3 android sooo cool ??

Cool! Makes my default profile pic! Constantly updated and with LOTS of customization choices!

Picture quality The picture should be saved in better quality. I downloaded this to make myself a new wallpaper but on the FullHD display, the picture has too low resolution.

So funny This app is so funny to see what you would look like as an Android. 5 Stars

Missing textures bug... All I can see is eyes and arms and half of a GUI. No textures for anything else. :(

Easy and fun. Love it, its simple and creative. I just have one wish; that they would add a farting animation like the one Terrance and Phillip use.

SUPER FUN!!!!!!!!!! This app contains LOADS of fun, fun, fun!!! Even when you think there can be no more fun left to offer, it gets even more FUN!!! The app is uncontrollably FUN!!! The fun is contagious, enjoy!

Finally I FINALLY FOUND IT. i have been looking for this app for a long time and i finally foumd it!!! I love this app so very much

Really cool? U should really add more phones for ur android characters tho ?

Amazing I really love this app, but more crop tops please!

WTF Used to work. Now xant open it. Uninstalled reinstalled now uninstalled for good

WHAT INSANE GUYS THIS HAS QUINTILLION SUGGESTIONS IF U GO TO ABOUT U CANTS SEE QUINTILLION!!!OMG some that dont thing quintillion is a number look online also IT'S SO MUCH IT'S AFTER A TRILLION OMG.I'D RATE THIS A QUINTILLION STARS IT'S ALSO A FREAKING AWESOME GAME I LOVE THE ANIMATIONS.Also no glitches awesome even though some might get some but I never do!Also add some more than just making androids and like a free roam game.IM A FREAKING FAN OF FREE ROAM GAMES OR MINI GAMES

Awesome:)But Getting only bug fixes in the given new updates in not the main deal here. You have to take some action towards the demands of users of this app. Like I said get some outfits of the superheroes and others. That's what new has to be brought.

Good game if you want to kill some time The only thing annoying about it is the controls to shape the body are hard to use so it takes me a long time to get it the right size and length. Please fix this and I will rate 5 stars.

Hah I LOVE this game but I give it a four because it wouldn't let you save. Actually let me change that four to a three. .. give me a sec. ... ah there were are. FLASH WARNING- THIS GAME IS NOT THAT GOOD. THANK YOU HAVE A NICE DAY.

BLAME CANADA The app is fine I'm sure and love android but this is the turn myself into a Canadian from SOUTH PARK BUDDY App. Lol Awesome. Also throw a denim tuxedo in there and u got it.

Read!!! U need to make ice skating boots for shoes!!! U have hockey boots and rollerskating boots to but u need ICESKATING OR FIGURESKATING BOOTS(THERE THE SAME THING) PLS PLEASE!! Other than that I love the app. Thankyou.

Love it! Me n my frnds love this and have a fun time trying to replicate each other with this app. I only have one request could you plz add superhero/supervillain costumes?

Three hundred stars! People say this is boring and pointless because: •It doesn't have chat •You can't shop in it •They might be jealous| Great game! Love it.

Jay Lee Cooper This game is so cool and easy i thought it would be a lag but its definatley not because it works perfectly i absolubtley love it and i even didi video's of me making amdroids on my youtube JallyWally! ! !

This app is crap You would think this app is nice and it is... Till it crashes each and every time you try to make your second person.

Easy to use. I'm in love with the Live wallpaper that this app offers. I don't know if it drains my battery faster or not but I hope there will be an update what will reduce the battery drainage of the live wallpaper.

Can't share created Droids between devices on the same amount. Live wallpaper has two options: one to display random Droids and one to show your own. Both settings just show random Droids.

Help! I have had this app since it first arrived on the Playstore. My daughter and I absolutely loved it and had so much fun using it! We never had any problems with it at all... That is until recently. We went a couple of months without playing it while she was in school. Now, every time I try to launch it, it force closes immediately. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, but it still closes. What can I do to get it working again?!? If not for this issue, I'd gladly give 5 stars!

Must Haves... I think this is a really cool app and its fun to use, but I suggest you add jackets as an option. I would be very appreciative if you did so. And I know I'm not the only person who feels this way. (&) PLZ. ADD. UMBRELLAS. UPDATE. TODAY.

Good Concept I only wish that you could mute the sound. It's nice to be able to listen to music while you play it but the sound effects ruin it. Add a mute button and I'll give it 5 stars. Also some superhero costumes would be nice.

Kawaii ^-^ Omg, I just can't. THIS APP IS SO CUTE!! There are sooo many options. No possible way I can become bored!!

Good but But because there's so many options and combinations, the uni selection becomes tedious.

I love this app, plz add more options This was the first app I installed on my Android phone (galaxy s2) back when I first got it. However, please re-enable the option to wear two accessories (ex: phone+watch) at the same time. Also,would love to be able to have multiple color choices for certain types of clothes (ex: head scarfs). Much love~♡

Waste Nothing use in it.. can't even download our creation

Oops! We forgot to give the wallpaper settings menu a material overhaul. Who cares? Nobody uses this app anyway, right?

Review: Androidify A neat little app that easy to use to create cute or funny avatars for your boring online profiles. Wwhatever good ideas comes to mind, the app will help to make it.

Amusing and Entertaining It works great!! The only problems are that it takes forever to share and all the clothes aren't full sized.

Very good I haven't found anything wrong with it yet, a fun game for most ages. I like the unicorn hair, at the back of hair. Just make it so you can change the colours of shoes. Best app for world smiles day!!!

5 minutes of fun. Rather pointless app. Not really a game, but after making your droid, the app sits redundant until you get bored and change something 6-12 months later.

Hilarious and iconic! I like the AWESOME updates for personalization! Huge amount of fun to be had experimenting with each character's wardrobe(esp. mixing it up with big hair and imaginary tattoos etc.)! A totally rockin' app with tons of potential???