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FREE Spyware & Malware Remover

Supplied By Incognito Incorporated    On Sept. 6, 2016    Comments(110)

APP for iPhone FREE Spyware & Malware Remover version1.0.5.37 Download

We can really help you

* We are a team of ex government security professionals with over 50 years combined experience in the spy world.

* We have seen how easy it is to spy on anyone at anytime and we have decided to stop this. People deserve their privacy and we will not stop until we have wiped out all commercial spyware.

* Incognito is the only Anti Spyware application that protects you against real spyware that can be installed on your device by anyone with a credit card.

* You can trust us. We are the real deal. We provide real protection. Read our reviews.

* Product updates and customer support are free forever. We have you back from now on.

* Incognito is not like other Anti Virus products in that it only targets real threats from real spy technologies.

* A virus is different to spyware and most Anti Virus products do not register many spyware tools as threats.


Recent Review from AndroidTapp

“If you feel your device may have been compromised Incognito Anti Spy and Anti Surveillance is a good solution to help detect unwarranted spyware apps.”

Incognito is an AntiSpy App that detects and removes malicious Spyware, Malware & Trojan software.

Are you being spied on by your husband, wife, partner, ex, employer etc? Are you sure?

Have they purchased and installed spyware on your phone or tablet? How do you know?

The Incognito AntiSpy scanner will:

✓ Protect you from commercial spyware tools.
✓ Stop people from spying on you.
✓ Return your privacy.

All you have to do is install Incognito and press Start Scanning to eliminate commercial spying android software. If any of the spy tools that Incognito targets are on your device they will be removed.

It is very EASY

The companies that make and sell these spy tools ( Commercial Virus, Trojan, Spyware and Malware) have millions of customers around the world. For as little as $7/month your husband, wife, partner, ex, employer, employee, etc. can be a spy. They need no technical skills and no training to use these spy tools.

They will get access to all information on your device including:

✓ Listen to all of your calls in realtime.
✓ Who have you called and who has called you.
✓ Who are you messaging.
✓ Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat etc .
✓ Where you are right now and where have you been.
✓ See and hear you in real time.
✓ Every photo and video on your device.

You will never know that they are spying on you. Until Now

Our mission is to make you safe from these spy tools.

* We purchase these spy tools every week. 
* We analyze how they work.
* We STOP them.

Incognito can currently find and remove the following commercial Virus, Trojan, Spyware and Malware tools. We are adding to this list all the time and updates will always be free of charge:

mSpy, HighsterMobile, HelloSpy, SMS Tracker, mCouple, Cell Phone Tracker, Family Mobile Tracker, MobiStealth, MobileSpy, StealthGenie, PhoneSheriff, SpyBubble, ZealSpy, iCamSpy, LittleSpy.

Protect yourself now with a simple Security Scan

Important Note about Anti Virus products
Incognito is not a replacement to Anti Virus. Incognito is not designed to be the same as these other tools. Incognito targets and removes spyware and only spyware. Anti Virus has its place and Incognito does what it cannot do. We recommend that you continue to use your Anti Virus tool of choice and run Incognito at the same time.

Incognito Incorporated part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 6, 2016. Appstore play rating is 87.8276. Current verison is Actual size 1.5 MB.

What's new

    Incognito is now free for everyone. Updates and customer support are also free forever. Get in contact and let us know what we can do to help you. We will never stop protecting you. Thanks!
Download anti-spy-surveillance.apk 1.5 MB


So so good So far it's not detected any spy software on my phone

Great App... An excellent app and the support is amazing.......Thanks Incognito

Got the problem corrected thanks

Awesome app They really do care about helping you

Excellent & Trusworthy App & Team!!! This is a much needed app, that scans your whole device quickly! And the support is way above and beyond the call of duty, even working straight thru, until they resolved an issue with one of its scans! I dealt with "Max", who was awesome! :-) Great app! Great team! Well worth the price for real security, in today's "no more privacy" world! And these guys are truly devoted to the cause and use the funds to further development!

Not doing its job at all I payed and downloaded this app because I know for certain I am being spied on and monitored! I scanned it keeps saying there r none listed ..I found traces of a so called parent child app on my phone and I do believe the jerks got into my operating system! They have access to all I do on my devise my emails my text they read and write permissions! And on this app I go to settings and there aren't any..it takes me to send the developers a message! Wow

Amazing Service I was concerned I may have had spyware installed on my phone, but the app did not detect any. I emailed them with my concerns, they responded quickly. They listened to what I had to say and sent me detailed responses to my many paranoid questions, explaining to me in language easily understood by a simpleton as myself. They helped lead me in the right direction to fix the issues I have, despite not being related to what they offer to fix. Great experience provided by professional and courteous people.

Awesome It's great. I love how there is a response to every review people give. It shows they really care about the people who get this app. I do have one question.. will this detect or prevent government spy programs that the nsa and other administrations have employed?

As of now nothing detected. I presume it's a good app. I hope they keep on updating their arsenal . Good app. Very basic. Should allow for scheduling of scans

Just purchased app.... As with previous reviews , just a couple questions concerning future updates...will there be an option for continually running in the background and possibly an icon for the notification tray ?? Does this app detect embedded code within sms / mms both on the device and sd card as well ??

A worthwhile investment/addition to the security arsenal... Have installed on both smartphone and tablet

5star 5star Hopefully add setting timetable for scan .

Five Stars :) Really impressed. Incognito Team are also really helpful, thanks guys. Bravo!

New device is Clean! Yay!! My hubby is a disabled vet, and we dont have alot of $ to live off of.. We just lost our last cell to these types of hacks recently.. It started a year and a half ago tho.. And what u say is very true.. Our mic camera etc was recording us and its a very ugly and unnerving round of emotions to feel when these hacks spy and actually take over your device. We lost our laptop when this all started.. And really relied upon our cell for web. I just wished we would have found this app back when this all began!TY!

So easy to use and a team that actually answers any questions .. thanks

Freezes Freezes at the remove now screen.

Great little app.. Great little app with support from the team. Was shocked! Then releaved to have the app find, isolate, and then remove spyware apps from my device. I felt something amiss! (as in a sense, someone is watching you in the woods, kind of thing..) Hense, my downloading the app, in the first place.. Highly re-commend. Thank you again ?

Timely and professional I've had the application in use for less than a twenty four hour period. And within that short window of time, this application has found what three other like minded services had failed to do under countless attempts. When I did need to report a concern, I was promptly contacted and my need was efficiently addressed to my understanding. I will promote the services rendered by this app to all who listen.

Want to give good rating but app detected nothing unusual.

Great App Does what It's supposed to.

Amazing app and support team too!! When I first installed the app I had an issue with it giving a false reading. I emailed support and the very same day they found the bug and had up and running!

Goggle app user Love it. Picked up mspy which other apps did not. Highly recommended.

Ease of mind Does it work against stingray hardware?

Samsung Galaxy Note I like this app.

CloneWare? Only now installed this app, the reason being that my phone is an Android Clone Gt-i9600 that is made under license without any security guarantee. I have one question ~ will this app detect and allow removal of pre-installed Chinese stuff that I have no way of finding anything out about because to open them installs them immediately, or I find self-installs occasionally without permission? Thanks

Great app. Support is great with answering all question. Definitely the best app out there!

Great app Very simple and easy to use. Good peace of mind

I'm slightly disappointed since during the scan it only shows what it's scanning for, not where it is scanning so there is no way of knowing whether every file on the phone and external storage are being scanned or if it is simply scanning for certain signatures or traces of spyware apps. Having been a victim of spyware personally, i know spyware can be installed on more than just the phone. It can be installed in the SIM card as well as the external SD. Increase the scan to include these locations/changes.

First class app At last a app that does what it says it does best buy I brought to keep my phone safe

Settings Would rate more stars if I could see set up and schedule daily run

LOVE THIS APP! A+++ Don't hesitate, it works and does everything it claims! A+! I've installed on all my devices!!

reliability close to the top. This app always keep me sleep good,

Incognito Havn't found any spyware yet

well... after the last update it crashes during scan. useless. edit: restarted device and the scan finished successfully.

Want to give good rating but app detected nothing unusual.

It pulls off known spyware that users can install.. I was kinda hoping for something that could pull off the stuff consumers don't know about.. Didnt read up on this enough before I spent the 6 bucks.

Good job friendly support awesome firmware, effective and proven to work as its said. Very happy with my purchase.

You couldn't ask for better!! I am glad I purchased this app. At first I was skeptical whether it detected anything, but after a couple E-mails from Max, I felt safe and secure. He was both thorough and extremely pleasant. Thanks Max and Incognito for restoring a bit of privacy in this world!!

Clear and clean Works good now. Haven't had an incident up to now. Thanks for keeping it updated!

Does what it does Spy on this*#@$%

Amazing product and service. On the face of it you may think it's just a button and offers no protection but you'd be very wrong to judge it so quickly. After i contacted the support team, because i wanted to feel safe knowing that my privacy and devices was safe. Not only did the gentleman take the time to put my mind at rest but gave me full reassurance of ways to completely bolster my privacy at home. Something that was above and beyond his duties. I am so very grateful of this purchase that lasts, thank you so much again.

My girlfriend was able to hack into my text including deleted ones.will this stop her???

Been spied on for the last 6 months Incognito worked the first time. I've been spied on illegally for the last 6 months by a "friend" with a spyware program that tracked everything: calls, texts, browsing, location and much more. I'm enraged at the violation of my privacy, and angry how vulnerable I let myself be. I'll be deciding how to best deal with this situation now that I have proof. Thanks guys for your program, and for replying to my emails.

All It does is scan with a button push. And it didn't even find what was able to be seen in running apps and files. I wish it had more options once it scanned I know my phone was messed with and has spy app on it I found a few things that made me decide to get that as a 2nd opinion that was all and it didn't find them. And so I still don't know the main file that it came from. But I r3cerch3d the running files that at once started up after I left my phone alone with someone and screenshots and audio and video were being remotely sent I stop apped them and now can't find them. I thought this would lead me to the spy app. It didn't even find as much as I did myse

A must have app. I recommend it to everyone concerned about their privacy.

It always says no spyware but does it stop over the air spyware or online spyware? If it only detects installed spyware then it useless for me because I use all phone security and never leave phone laying around

Edit. Nice to see you answer the majority of comments. Most app developers don't seem to care or respond after they get your money. 5*+ app!

At the push of a button I can find out most spy attempts it would be nicer have an auto app that encrypts my phone calls, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, much thanks and you will see some support from me ~ B

It advised I had I cam spy on my phone, which I put on to monitor my P.C camera when away from home. So, is icam spy malware then? It's £5.99 from the playstore so I hope not.

Love this app, Still doing an excellent job protecting me from nosey so and so's ?

Seems great Seems to be a great app. Like the comment before i guess you wont know till whoever is spying on you confronts you or not. Will post another comment in a month or two

It seems good I just don't know for sure.would like to see some other features .and check for remote access through apps

This App Is Fantastic! I am very happy to have this hacker watch for my smartphone. Worth paying the onetime fee. Please download: very important in today's times: to protect against terrorist surveillance.

Skeptical This app sounds and seems really promising however I have my doubts about its abilities or maybe I am confused on how it is suppose to function is there any way to have it run 24-7 in the background it out having to activate or initiate it manually.

Easy Fast easy black sleek and stylish. ... like it a lot

Great apps to check on spyware Thaks for the great work. Money spent is well worth it.....

Has been useful Once already on a previous phone it detected spyware. Stay away from third party app stores guys.

Very Appreciative I downloaded some time ago & for some reason didn't scan phone. Thk U So Much for the Service you help provide. I try so hard 2keep phone safe & with your help a get a complete piece of mind.

Easy to use Cleaned my phone with loaded spyware.

good does it also protect you from government surveillance?

So far-so good Intelligent app. Guess you will never know if it really works until it identifies the threat...seems legit.

Jaime r. Is a good app i think it work is cause i trust this app to mak me feel protected and giving me a peace of mind

Seems to work paid for it I hope they keep up with updates and changes as Spyware advances

Brilliant Another must have for rooted phones

May be decent Worth the time

Good app to have Works great as far as I can see!

Gives me a lot of confidence. But more regular updates would add to that feeling. This is not bloatware like most antivirus packages. It seems to come from a truly dedicated dev team. I've tried most of the others and this is unobtrusive, light, uses no battery. I bought it and do not regret the purchase.

Great Finds spy ware other apps can't find

BEWARE! Don't wasit your money! I scanned my Note 4 with AVG AntiVirus and it indicated that your application has HIDDEN adware, so I uninstall it. I would appreciate a refund of my money. Thank you in advance.The following is a message from AVG AntiVirus:(BEWARE OF ADWARE! No potential malware has been detected for this android app for the last 7 days. However, active adware was detected. (updated Mar 02, 2016 GMT) software that automatically displays or downloads advertising material (often unwanted) when a user is online. SPYING.

S Johnson After seeing video after video on youtube on different spyware i searched for something and found this so far I believe it works and love the support

Spys Not enough settings never found anything but battery sucks

The best! Great at what they do!

Does what it says.

MALWARE My AVG anti virus says this malware when I had only your app a virus attacked my phone

Change of heart I scanned my Note 4 with AVG PRO AntiVirus and Norton. They DIDN'T detect this app as SPY ware anymore. Thank you very much for repairing this misunderstanding with the anti virus companies you have gain my full trust. Great product!

Perfect I wanted to see if this App could do as claimed. Well it did do as claimed. I am going to leave it on my phone. It's nice knowing that their is good apps left that you can use without being worried about some one watching or listening to you.

Not helpfull at all!!!

Not happy Husband put 3 dif spywares and none were detected with this app

Suspicious!!! All I see, it scans and scans! And no commercial Spyware found! And I went through all the comments, no body says that this app found a Spyware and killed it! Well, may be this app itself a big time SPYWARE and sharing all the info about us with people who asked to create this app from incognito titled hackers! Back in country where ever I from, we use to have places that you can go complain about government and etg! Go there and complain about, next day you end up in...

Why I read all the garbage you say about It/Security Professionals. That's where I have problems. WHY, Before you can do a scan there is a dialog box to rate your app. WHY, I only just installed it. The big picture is you want people's MONEY, see the bottom of the screen. It even says do not uninstall this app. DO NOT INSTALL, It's not worth what ever they are going to sell you.

I feel Safe Again! After dealing with a 3X aggravated Stalker for years, Incognito gave me peace of mind. I emailed a thank you and they responded with several things I can do to stay safe. Better than the 6 week internet security course I took! I can't say enough praise. I tried several apps and love this one. I don't know exactly what it did.. But my phone was a mess and now it works again! Try IT!!

Seems to scan the main Spyware! I would recommend this app for everyone. I believe it does everything it is supposed to do. I have tried other Spyware and recording detectors and they are FULL of false alarms, so I uninstalled that particular one and only use Incognito now!!! ??

I know u can help! Please Facebook take me off peoples follow me too much even at home babysmama even in jail im not safe

Hey incognito I just recently heard of a spyware that is undeletable called onespy and they claim to be the first "undeletable" spysoftware in the world from india and even said that after several factory reset and anti spyware app its still undeletable and undetectable, I wanna know if this is true? And if your app may be able to detect this spyware, they even said that since 2012 its already there, I just want confirmation with this if you dont mind.. thanks and have a nice day

Thank you fellow thought criminals The first scan was clean.i will use it and see if i can find any bugs. I'm shocked i do not have anything on this device considering some of the topics i read. Now to block that huge waste of tax payer money that sits in utah and violates your 4th amendment rites in real time. Maybe if enough people dump keywords at the same time they can make it burn out again. Who needs a yodabyte hdd anyhow? Unless your planning to log everybody's everything in some twisted tecnotronic authoritarian totalitarian scheme..

Good app It's either I don't have a virus or this app dosent work. But I read the reviews and everyone seems to love it! Even the creators of this app are active! Keep it up lads!!

Free and effective I'm very happy to have this app installed in my phone. Never had an issue with it. Lightweight and unobtrusive, I'm grateful for it and thank the developers team for it. I personally trust that the intended purpose of this app is honourable. Cheers.

GARBAGE! in a nutshell, it don't do a thing except be an app that doesn't even exist...probably made by a government employee so they can keep tabs on anyone who wants they're privacy. maybe offer the app in the middle East? my phone does strange things that keeps me up at night. you get what you pay for and that'swhy it's free

Nothing found Glad to use this as a test, but my boyfriend is concerned there may be spyware on his phone. Is this available for iPhone 4?

Great so far Seems to work so far... But how does this differ from an anti virus app?

New I start download this...can fix tablet with sexy virus..?

Great App This is the best anti-spyware app that i have tried, and i have tried alot of them. Thanks Incognito! Great work

Incognito is Oh so neato!!! Awesome This is not too good to be true, this is true! For me, for us, for them, for you!!!

Incognito spyware It is simple to use and works well.

did exactly what it was suppose to do thank you for that!!

Awesome people Your app works well thank you very much keep up the good work at incognito

Brie S6 This app is great...I haven't experienced any issues whatsoever

No Adds Does what it says should be paid for.

Good app...you need to try it

Love It Works great and seems to catch malware, etc, that the others don't catch.

Just installed completed first scan nothing suspicious found.

EXCELLENT Great Anti-spyware does exactly what it states with ease Loving it.☆☆☆☆☆☆ Six Stars from me.

Greatest app Thanks for a easy way to see who is keeping track of you.

thanks! the besttt!

Nice Could u help me get software updates

Stress free phone use Gave me piece of mind

Best app on here. If you don't have it get it.

Very nice app A must have

Great product Works well thanks.

Have too,you know,wants to live