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Supplied By Sharp Americas HQ    On June 13, 2012    Comments(40)

APP for iPhone AQUOS RemoteEN version1.0 Download

AQUOS RemoteEN is aTV Remote application which allows you to control your AQUOS RemoteEN Interactive TV by using your Android Phone. Your Android Phone identifies the TV automatically and allows you to control the TV, just like a remote control.

The application offers following screen functions:

Remote: Android phone will work just like a regular remote control of your AQUOS RemoteEN Interactive TV.

Touch: This function allows you use your AQUOS RemoteEN Interactive TV with ‘Touch’ finger gestures.

Keyboard: Use this function for key input responses for your AQUOS RemoteEN Interactive TV applications.

Sharp Americas HQ part of our Media & Video and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update June 13, 2012. Appstore play rating is 47.673. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 879.0 KB.

What's new

    Version 1.0: Remote, Touch & Keyboard functionality added.
    Turn your Android Phone into a remote control with AQUOS RemoteEN app!
Download aquos-remoteen.apk 879.0 KB


Wow, not even a n alpha ... No setup instructions, you need to enable remote control on the tv! The app doesn't tell you this. The screen doesn't rearrange properly and is only sized for a phone. All buttons do work, but are barley visible because of layering. 1280x800 screen.

Didn't work I have a Sharp Aquos LC-60LE832U and turned on IP Control Setup on TV and RemoteEN could not find my TV on the network. Tried Changing settings and no luck. TV can get on the internet so it is working fine on the network. I have the HTC EVO Shift and the app looks like it is running fine and no crashes. I am on the wifi with the phone.

Aquos Remote Lite on 80LE642LU The features work but the interface is clownish. A great addition for internet search would be the ability to move the mouse cursor around on the TV Screen by touching tge phone screen. Using Samsung Note3 Android.

Not reliable or functional enough to be of any use Sometimes works with LC-60LE745U, but most of the time just doesn't find it on the network. Text input doesn't work with search fields in TV apps (such as YouTube). No updates at all despite some assurances of imminent update back in August of 2012. Their Japanese app (AQUOSコネクト) gets regular updates. ___________How to activate in the TV: 1. In TV settings, go into Initial Setup menu; 2. Scroll down to Internet Setup; 3. Activate "AQUOS Remote Control"; 4. Start up the AQUOS RemoteEN app and select yo

:( Just got sharp 70". Got my app loaded on galaxy s3 but app keeps crashing. Please fix this issue.

Stops responding on RAZR this is a great idea, and I am glad that sharp is working on it but it definitely does not work at all right now. as soon as I open it, it stops responding and I have to close it. I downloaded the app that toshiba has for my blu ray player and it works flawlessly. I hope that they can get this up and running.

Samsung Galaxy tab 7 Crashes, does not even display, just exits and pop-up reads "unfortunately aquos remote has stopped" :( uninstalled, reinstalled, no luck.

The only Sharp Remote app that works It works. I was surprised since no other Sharp TV app has worked. Strangely I only found this app by the link from Sharps web site. I never saw this app when searching the Play Store. It has basic functions that work. A qwerty keyboard would be nice and a page to control USB and other media would be great. This is a good application for handling basic controls of your TV. But it has no customization options and really doesn't make anything easier than the standard remote.

Wi-Fi connection ? This app works great until it suddenly doesn't. It will be working great and then when I open it to do something again it will say that it's failed because it cannot connect to Wi-Fi which my phone obviously does. I've tried to uninstall then redownload, disconnect my phone from Wi-Fi then try again and nothing works. Then I try at a random time later and it will start to work again.

Wow I even called sharp using my aquos advantage membership, and they don't even know why this won't work. Other apps that you can punch info into manually work better. bad form sharp -- I've even gone as far as changing the connection type from WiFi to a Wired connection and still no luck. If you want any type of control at all (even if a little buggy at times) Try Remote Control Sharp Aquos TV by PavTomSoft

Not working yet I'm unable to get the app to work with a LC-52LE640U. I've setup IP Control, no logon or pass and port is set to 10001. Unfortunately the app does not detect my television. I've deviated from the default port, would this be causing the issue? Oddly enough third party apps do work with my television. It would be greatly appreciated if a rep from Sharp could update the app description to include steps on how to setup the television and application.

Wow, is Sharp incapable of writing software that works? Absolute garbage. Doesn't even launch, just crashes. Just as bad as Beamitz.

piece of crap useless piece of crap. common, nice tv but can't design a useful keyboard to go with it?

works Only remote I could find to work with my sharps AQUOS Smart TV. my baby put the remote that came with the TV in the water so only a few buttons work. So I had to find an app that would work, and this is the only one that would connect to my TV .

UI failures, clunky... Worked on my note 2. Note 4 is an entirely different story. UI is completely compressed, with everything to the top left. Buttons at the bottom are misaligned due to the odd resizing going on. Was able to get the login credentials to take, but with the entire GUI being in such a poor state, this app is useless. Application is quite sluggish as well. Would not recommend to anyone until sharp takes the time to revamp this android application.

Works for me Too I have the LE844U and a Samsung Note 2 an it works fine. Interface could use some polishing but it works that all I care about. You have to enable the remote app on TV first. Thanks

Works great Got it figured out. Be sure to enable Aquos remote control in internet set up on your TV. Also TV and phone must be on the same wifi network.

Works, but..... Does not scale correctly on the Samsung S4 or tab 3 leaving the buttons bunched up... kind of a careless mistake on the part of the app builder...

Broken Installed app on a nexus 7 and it fails to run. After some searching it looks like sharp has abandoned android app development for the lc TV series. The iOS version of this app works fine

Does not work This app refuses to find my tv. I've enabled ip control on the tv, set up port forwarding on my router, restarted everything several times... Nothing works

Cool app So my dog ate my remote and this is my back up it works fine. But I must be blind or retarded because I can't seem to find the 3D button

No good Does not find tv my network and somehow turned on sound for every touch I would make on the screen. Uninstalled

I hv the 2014 80". This app Needs a LOOOOOT of work. UI is not even lined up. Not only does it look half-baked but it looks like a child designed it. Trying to get the input menu on the screen to select screen mirroring or bluetooth is completely non-intuitive, as a matter of fact the entire app is not intuitive. They should have hired me.

Fantastic! This phone contols my 60 inch 3d set flawlessly. It does require a wifi connection in your home

No longer works. Used to be great app. Lost remote this is the only app with netflix access and it will not find tv now. Uninstalled.

Works for me I have the LC70C840 and after enabling the aquos remote in the TV menu it worked no problem. However, if the TV is off the app can't find it on the network and shuts down. So you must first turn it on with the regular remote before using this app. A feature I would like to see is the channel number or the active input displayed on the phone.

Not for the S5 Have the IR blaster but it won't use it, can't get TV to login to Wi-Fi without alpha numeric because this app requires both to be on Wi-Fi, not to mention the graphics don't look very well thought out

Won't launch on a tablet Sorry Sharp, your better off not releasing an app than releasing a poor one.

Worked but then . . . It was good. Then an update arrived and now fc every time

Useless Just bought the tv and tried to use the app but it can't find the tv on my network. Please fix this

This sucks This App works fine on my phone but dosent even open on my tablet.

App doesn't work with the 4.3 Android update! Keeps searching for the TV and restarting. On galaxy s3

Doesn't Work Downloaded it for the first time it found my TV than I closed the app tried to pair again & keeps force closes every time Droid Maxx

Awesome. All the other apps didn't connect to my tv. This one worked

Works, but can be annoying the app works, but there are things about it that are annoying. it is really annoying that the sounds turn on when you touch buttons but don't turn off when you close the app

Doesnt work It just crashes and also it requires to see your you contacts and call log I mean its a remote why would it need that, is it a spy?

Ok but cumbersome First it needs a feature to be able to move the mouse by touching your phone like a trackpad on a laptop rather than clicking the damb arrows. Second, it can't turn on the tv but it can turn it off lol. Third, Integrate programming guide rather than having me use a different app for that. More work is necessary but sharp seems too busy to care.

Doesn't work on an Samsung Galaxy S3+LC80LE632U Presumably the more expensive 650U might have better results, since it's amazon review makes promises about an Android app (presumably this one?). It's possible this model of smart tv simply doesn't support the app. Sharp's own documentation doesn't really say which TV's this works with. Amusingly, the newer app (SmartCentral) rectifies this and enumerates which models it supports. I am unsure if its reviews are any better.

Works fine. Connected fairly easy. Controls my TV fine. I'm sure after a few updates out will be fine.

Piece of crap Stupid. You guys are morons to put out this worthless app! Does not work. Do all the bad reviews mean nothing? This app frustrated me so much I will never buy another sharp product again!