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Supplied By Education Management Corporation    On Dec. 3, 2014    Comments(63)

APP for iPhone Art Institutes version1.1 Download

The Art Institutes mobile app keeps you connected with your faculty, fellow students and coursework. Read and respond to classroom discussions, keep up to date with assignments and deadlines, check out the latest news and announcements, contact your advisors, and much more!

The app is available at no charge to AI students and faculty. Download the app now and stay connected with the Art Institutes!


* Secure PIN based login (No username or password required)
* Connect to your coursework, faculty and classmates
* View your assignment due dates and add to your calendar
* Read discussion board threads and reply to your classmates’ posts
* Keep track of your grades and view instructor feedback
* Easily contact key university support staff
* Keep up-to-date with campus news and announcements
* View past grades and details for future courses

Education Management Corporation part of our Education and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Dec. 3, 2014. Appstore play rating is 69.1803. Current verison is 1.1. Actual size 2.8 MB. Download art-institutes.apk 2.8 MB


Can't get past pin entry It will open but won't let me enter my pin, then I get a black screen, then the app stopped notification. Only got to use it once. Like the idea and try to use it all the time,but to no avail!

Unfinished Yeah don't even try it. You can't log in. I hit enter and the app restarts itself. It just needs work.

This needs so much work. This app needs a major overhaul. Modernize the app more so that it looks like it's meant for a smartphone and add deeper functionality for tablets. Also needs to have more in depth functionality when it comes to interacting with assignments and content. Build in flash player functionality for when teachers have videos to show. Half the time things won't load or will crash. I do like the function that gives you access to the full site but I find that's lazy to have to rely on this more than the actual app.

Invest in design for an app for art students or naw? Thats the question with this app, but lucky for you, you don't have to wait long for an answer. Its NAW. Looks like they decided to say f*** it and s**t out the same old s**t they've been serving on firefox circa before time its self! I wish they had some sort of access to a designer, or maybe thousands of designers. Too bad I guess. UPDATE: Clicked on the submitted by link and turns out Ai didn't even do this app. They paid someone else to put out a white label product. Theres your tuition money at work. Providing mediocre service to students paying up to $100k for school.

I can't even log in to check my email. I'm a student, I need to stay contacted at all times. Whenever I click the app, it says the site they use is unavailable or it permanently moved...if use the laptop it will probably say the same thing.

Sucks Won't let me actually log in,every time I open it, it crashes shortly after. Finally got it for android and it doesn't even work.

It sucks. After signing up, it crashes. After entering my pin to sign in, it crashes. After starting the app, it crashes. I'm not at home very much so the idea of this app was good to me, but it's just another piece of crud that makes me hate this school even more. If you're supposed to be an innovative online ART school, you should f***ing act like it.

Pretty unimpressive Gotta say with so many talented students it's amazing how ugly this app is. How about changing the interface to make it more intuitive, and drop the dark gray theme ffs

It would really be amazing if we could reach our student email through here. Gmail won't let us log into it because it's run through Ai, so it sends us to the website. Then you log in, and it sends you to the mobile site, which looks exactly like the app, which doesn't have the option to get to your student email. Maybe you all should figure that out.

Alright Eh, Same as the mobile app. I'm upset because it says I haven't completed any classes? Update this thing, I have 1 more year left for my BA.

Needs a upgrade NOW The only reason why I have this app is to keep up with my grades and upcoming assignments because I take my phone everywhere with me is helpful "on the go" but this app is horrible

YES! Finally! I'm sooo glad, the mobile site never worked for me. I'm looking over it right now and I can already say, I'm MUCH more pleased with this.

Utterly useless Two log in screens, impossible to navigate, and no pertinent information on the app itself. Also access to the full site though the app only gives you limited options. Avoid at all cost

It's ok This is the same interface as the mobile site. They could've added more features to this app to make it slightly better than the mobile site.

John This did not work after the first instalation and still does not work.

All it does it crash Every time I try to log in, the app tries to establish a pin. While creating said pin, the app instantly crashes.

Ok. It is nice that I don't have to try to use the Web site but man this app is ugly. I mean we are at a design school! Practice what you preach. I mean I am hugely disappointed by the simple iOS port. I would give 5 stars if it would look better. It should give us the course name as well as the course ID.

I'm so frustrated with this site, I'd rather the mobile site back. The app doesn't recognize that things have updated in my online class. It crashes all the time. I continuously have to re-sign up as if I am using the app for the first time. A couple times I've had to reinstall the app. I cannot respond to threads in my classes despite there being a respond button. I can type my responses just fine, but then I hit respond and my work just disappears. As a tool for online classes this is completely useless.

Teachers need to use it The idea of the app is wonderful, but teachers need to learn how to use e-companion so it corisponds with the app so we know when the next thing is due or what our grades are. It might be just the app itself and it's just not working. I also agree that it could look a hell of a lot better. The Idea is great and I hope Ai updates it and teachers utilize it soon!

Hasn't Worked for Months I deeply relied on this app to quickly check grades and respond to posts. A few weeks after downloading it started crashing so I uninstalled and downloaded it again. Still nothing. Thank God I didn't pay for this useless app.

Doesn't work All I get is a white screen with a red bar at the bottom (even after uninstalling/reinstalling). Doesn't seem to render on latest version of Android.

You can get past the crashing... When you log in, it asks for your pin. If you try to enter the pin, it'll crash. I got past this by pressing cancel instead of putting in a pin. Doing this makes the app workable, you just have to type your login each time. If it wasn't for this pin issue, I have no other problems with it so far.

Doesn't work Doesn't get pass the key code

It doesn't do anything except open the school website on my phone. I open the app and it continues to prompt me to download the app. Kind of defeats the point.

Awesome Works like a charm without having to go through the Web browser on my phone. This is an early review, but upon first glance, this app rocks. It's a much needed app to keep up with assignments and grades. I love the pin access too.

A shame... As a student of AiO, it's disappointing in seeing such a lackluster app... It is a direct port of the website. Hope to see major improvements soon

Very helpful when you spend a lot of time on the go.

goggle play A very awesome app to have!

PIN Still locked up. Even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. About to start classes tomorrow. Please fix ASAP. Thank You

Its okay I like the fact that there is an app now instead of having to go threw the browser! A few bugs like it pops up for me to put in my pin 3 times in a row. I don't like the dark gray theme, I think a white would be better(:

Terrible Doesn't register when classes have changed days. I have a class that changed to a Tuesday instead of a Monday but this app still says 8 have the class on monday. The only thing I like is that it tells you what time the class starts and in what class room the class is being held in. Other then that it's a pretty crappy app.

Terrible. I can't do anything. Without a doubt the single worst app I've ever used.

Ridiculous Never was able to use it because when it told me to create a pin it would always freeze....cant give ONE star when i couldnt even test the quality..and we are an art school....

Doesn't help me what so ever. Can't get any of the resources I need.

Can't get past pin number creation I'd give it more stars if I could actually use it.

Good but idk I like how I can check what's up on the go, but it is way to boring. I expected a lot but it did not deliver.

Student Glad that I finally got this on my phone.

A waste at this point. This app only shows the current semester and the one previous. It has no GPA calculation. The backend definitely need some work it is not displaying any current information as in grades.

Ehh When ever I respond to something, it doesn't post.

telling me to install Why do I need to reinstall where it is already on my phone?

Glitchy After a month it stopped working all together. Won't even login

Can't post anything I was excited to see this app. I thought to myself "I can finally post whether I'm traveling or just in line at Kroger. But to my dismay... I can't post diddly squat. I've tried 10 times... And right before midnight when I had an assignment due. Thank God my teacher is cool and understanding. But as for this app... You can flush it!!!

Trying to submit assignment responses to discussions when I done have computer access and it never posts them. Made my grade drop points because my prof thought I didn't respond. Please fix. It's stupid to have this app when it doesn't even work.

Not a true app. Only Web pages. It's very slow.

Need so much work! Difficulties: 1. getting to email. 2. Returning to home screen. 3. Viewing emails. 4. Using the applications. Add on/adjustment: 1. Email contact book should come with certain emails like admissions rep., activities advisors, and teacher of program class, ect. 2. Make the app. less cluttered. 3. Easy to go back and forth from one thing to another.

? Ya know, for being one of the top rated institutes for programming and gaming, you'd think that this app would be epic. If all i can do is respond here and there, struggle with home screen, or just wait for it to figure out how to load anything, I'll uninstall it before i break my phone! Step it up guys...

I can't even check my grades! I used to be able to check my grades with the app, but now it just takes me to my student Email.

Poor design Such a letdown from a supposed art school. Poor visual design and horrendous interface. Does not meet expectations. Does not show comprehension of concepts. Students & faculty deserve better.

Almost there This app is up and running and has been a huge help for my online classes. Only thing I'd like to see "fixed" is many times teachers link images, videos, or websites but they aren't compatible with the app and you cannot view them without going on a computer. Adding that function will turn my 4/5 rating to 5/5

The app is great when it is working The app stops working when you least expect it. Its not convent when you are out and about and can not login from your phone. You should be able to respond to discussion post but unfortunately you can not.

Please fix your mobile app It needs lots of adjustments. I cant access some of the links, it keeps saying "not available" when im trying to view certain areas and logging on has to be done several times. Id love to use my mobile app to do and access stuff for school but this site makes it hard.

Log in So after messing with the log in, I found that when opening the app, it sends you straight to the pin, but if you push the back button, it takes you to the regular login of username and password. Then when you're done with that it takes you back it to pin and THEN it allows you to go into your stuff. I think this is an EXTREMELY inefficient way of doing things. You should really change this! It's not quick at all and just infuriating!

the full website access just redirects you to the online login page which is why i had to try the app. if my school's online version isn't currently accessible and the app's full version is just redirecting me it isn't much help :(

Its just not very user friendly. It doesn't give you any benefits from the "mobile website" to the"app" so there are really no improvements

Ughhhh It takes forever to load everything.sometimes it just loads forever.I just want to see when the next assignment is due!

I mean it's functional. It's nice for a hint of my ecompanion, but I can't see attachments in discussions, the discussion list is ordered by last posted, not the original order of sections. I can't see Doc Sharing or Drop Box. It really seems like a taunt or a mockery more than anything. I may as well use my mobile browser.

I deeply relied on this app to quickly check grades and respond to posts. A few weeks after downloading it started crashing so I uninstalled and downloaded it again. Still nothing. I wouldn't recommend this horrible school to anyone... why would their app be any better?

Its decent needs work grade book doesn't always show up. I wish i could post online class comments on it it has a section for that but doesn't work Very crud

Such a shame coming from an art school I can't view my grades on the app which is the main reason why I downloaded this. I'm sure some students would make a better app..

Was working now crashes Was a 5 star won't let me log in crashes. Please update thanks :(

Awesome Sauce! Very easy to navigate! I am able to quickly respond to peers in the discussion area, as well as keep up with grades & due dates. Love it.

Major fail During orientation they made us all take out our phones and get the app. Too bad it's severely broken. Not a help to students whatsoever. Expected more from the company that runs most of EDMCs websites.

Needs to be fixed. Putting my pin is a pain. After getting on to the full website it's hard to go back to the mobile app setting.