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Basketball Stats Keeper

Supplied By Scoutlit    On June 23, 2016    Comments(69)

APP for iPhone Basketball Stats Keeper version3.1.16 Download

This free basketball stats tracker program enables scorekeepers and parents to record player stats and view or share them online at Scoutlit.com. Its simple and fast interface is designed for even non-technical users to record stats as quickly and easily as they could on a paper basketball stats book. Here are some of the highlights:

* Record game stats once and view them anywhere on Scoutlit.com
* Family and fans can watch the game stats live on a shot chart while you record them
* Fast two-tap recording mechanism with ability to edit stats later
* No limitations, no ads, and no cost for the scorekeeper
* Record games offline and then sync later when you have internet connectivity

Scoutlit part of our Sports and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update June 23, 2016. Appstore play rating is 78.9799. Current verison is 3.1.16. Actual size 14.0 MB.

What's new

    Minor bug fixes.
Download basketball-stats-keeper.apk 14.0 MB


Very helpful most of the time Hopefully the new update will resolve the issue of slow response to updates during the game. I use it as a radio broadcaster who has no other help during the game. I Wish the in game display would show complete names better and that it would only list the categories on the live page that you are actually using. Would help!! Overall solid but still a few steps short of being the best tool for me to use in a live broadcast situation.

Greatness This app is like THE one you should use for any team

Simple to Use This is the easiest, most reliable app I've used for keeping score/stats. Only negative is can't delete games so be careful.

Overall great app. I love the time feature to keep track of how long everyone has played. I wish the app would also include averages as well as a click drag to bring people into the line up

Used it on 4 games this weekend and it crashed twice. Like overall set up but I completely lost first half of a game and had to start a new game twice out of 4 games. I think you would be safer to record game on film at put in Stat after game is over so you have time to wait for lagging to catch up

Great Stat Tracking App I only use it to keep track of my younger brother's stats during his rec league games, but I could easily see myself using it to track a whole game if I wanted to.

Horrible Just spent 40 minutes setting up my team and games for a tournament. Loged out. Couldn't get back in. Spent another 15 minutes trying to get back in. Finally I succeeded but then all my information that I loaded was gone. Thanks for wasting my time.

This app rocks Does what it says and makes it easy

Excellent tool! I use it to break down everything from player efficiency to shooting percentage!

For my aau team Great app very easy to use

Awesome This app is great, I use it to break down the film from games and share the statistics with all who need them. Good Job!

Smart Great way to work it mmmm

Thank you for this!

Does not save Pressed finish and save for later at half time, but no way to return to game. Can not edit player names during game, so be sure to get them right before hand.

Great when it works but lots of bugs. Latest is when I start to record a game the active players dissappear. Sometimes when you tap on home team both teams active players show up. Have to scroll through all 10 players to enter data. Minor but time consuming in a fast paced game. Right now it won't sync my last 3 games. After posting this review many of the problems were fixed. Developers even emailed and called me to discuss the problems I had experienced in an attempt to correct.

UPDATE: Much better, smooth, fast Update from some very specific feedback that I provided a month ago has improved the ease of use drastically. I have tested now on two test games and it has worked flawlessly with out lagging, screen to screen. Thanks Dave!

Nice and Clean, Easy To Use I use this to keep track of my two sons' stats. They are both on the JV basketball team at their high school and keeping track of just their stats is easy with this app. I can't speak to how good it is for doing the entire game for one or both teams, but tracking just two players is a piece of cake.

Awesome I use this app to track my sister's score

Best stat app ever!! This is hands down the best of all the apps out there!! Anything and everything you need!!

Excellent This was everything i was looking for. Amazing app so far.

Easy. Clean. Awesome! The developers at Scoutlit have created an app for Basketball stats that is super easy to use and completely eliminates the paperwork hassle. Best of all the team is EXTREMELY responsive to any glitches and/or enhancements. Just keeps getting better and better. Paul K - Asst. Traveling Coach.

Horrendous app. Won't save stats and copies games. Don't waste your time with this garbage.

This happens to be a great app i was having trouble with retrieving season cumulative stats emailed the developers and they walked me through the process step by step. Once I had gotten to the page i wanted i was blown away by the level of detail it goes into. Personally I felt like I have an N.B.A. team as apposed to a high school varsity one. I would definitely recommend this product to all my fellow coaches. Thanks again Scoutlit.

First time used for preseason games..... now ready for regular season. Need to figure out a few things to get the stats i want.

Great Everything was perfect

Great App This app is simply amazing. If there is a problem the creators grt back to you asap. Great service. I recommend getting this app.

Keeps freezing, missing plays I am using this app on an Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Today, the app kept freezing during the game which caused me to miss plays and have incorrect stats. When I touched the buttons to add stats, the button would react, but nothing would happen. It seems to have gotten worse with the latest update. Everything else is great, especially for a free app. But, I will have to use pencil and paper until some of the bugs are worked out. The developers are really good at responding to e-mails and comments!! The update makes it harder when multiple subs enter the game. It was easier when you could check the button to add multiple players at one time.

Samsung Very upset i couldn't view stats live so i had no idea what was current, delay after i try to input. On tablet could only see shot chart when game was finished. Never recorded our score but had the opp. On computer can view everything but shot chart. Am i missing something? I had high hopes but i guess its back to the old school of pen and paper.

Galaxy5 Games not syncing

Solid App for Team Stats This new version is much easier to use. I used to do the old paper scorebook, but this way better! Still a few quirks on the associated website. But the developers seem dedicated to fixing problems and improving the system. Give this app a try for one game; I think you'll stick with it.

Buggy I like the new shot tracking feature, but the app is now unstable. I regularly get 5 second delays after selecting a player which is impossible to recover from. Hopefully this can be fixed, but I have to keep a paper copy ready as a backup plan.

Great app Great app just wish it wouldn't have lost my stats on the update. That kinda sucked.

Can't log in Great app until the update. Now, it won't let me log in. Tried changing password, but it won't send me an e-mail to allow me to do so.

How do you keep track of timeouts. I choose timeouts in the additional options before the game started. I just can't find in during the game.

ahhh cant sign up to use app just keeps saying loading

Won't log in! Downloaded app to only find out it won't log in!

Logging in Still says logging in after about 35 minutes

Got stuck at the log in screen on two different devices I tried to create a new user ID and register but the app got stuck with a login screen. So I tried on my tablet and had the same result 3 times in a row. Might be a great app....if I could actually use it

Great basketball app Started using it to track my son's stats and because it was so easy I started tracking the entire team. Can't beat this free app! ?

Scoutlit b ball stat keeper This is perfect! A tad slow but i think thats my phone. Still good when i use it for my rec team

Easy to use but very buggy Classic case of a well designed app that is poorly coded. Unpredictable behavior at times. In other words... Very buggy. I want to love this app but can't. The interface for the actual keeping of stats is good - easy to find the button you need in a fast paced game like basketball. But adding players on the opponents team in real time has a laggy effect. Also a few times added players end up on the wrong team mysteriously. This app could be great. I hope they make it so.

Lost season Son plays on 3 or 4 teams. Worked great keeping stats for about 10 to 15 games. Went to tournament this weekend and recorded games. Coach asks me to send him stats and all of a sudden can't log on, can't forward, can't even reset password . What a shame. A lot of info lost. Find something else to record stats if you want to review them later. This apps too unreliable.

Buggy Very useful app for keep track of all players stats. However the app has been erasing data, not syncing any of my games. To where now lost seasons of stats etc. Has been very glitchy. Has not been fixed yet. If problem gets solved it is a great app.

Very good app. Needs a few fixes. Need to have score summary to match detail after using undo. . Also need to be able to manually update player times for forgetting to start and stop game time.

The games have stopped syncing. Therefore I can't review game stats.

Spectacular Great speed for keeping track of players. Works great!

This app took my nephews minor league to another level. The kids love it. Great app!

I can't log in. what is wrong with the app. I have not been able to use it at all

Love this app. Best that I've found for keeping team stats. Love being able to share team stats with other parents.

Excellent This was everything i was looking for. Amazing app so far. After the update I'm having problems syncing with the website. Please fix

My team keeps getting erased too I entered my team information and recorded a couple of games. It was easy. Went back into the app later, team was gone and the games were gone. Went on to the website and the games were there on the website under my login. Now the app will not sync with the website so I have no teams on my app currently to record more games. It's forcing me to create a new team which I do not want to do. Customer service is trying to help but I've got no solution for the last 2 weeks.

Doesn't sync I like it's function, but doesn't sync from phone to website. I'll update this if it gets fixed. Motorola droid.

Stats don't load online App was working great last season, now if I try n share stats they just show loading online and never load

Usually can't login Why do I need to login. What if I just want to keep the data on my phone?

My team keeps getting erased

It is still down,and aggravating that i cannot log in. Id be happy to change my,rating after this is fixed

Error when trying to create account Should be worth a look, it has good promise but as of today I can not log in or create an account. I will update if I can get it to work.

Web page is down, app won't let me login. Please fix this, I will gladly change my rate to 5 since I like the app when I can actually use it. Edit: All fixed now, 5 stars!

Perfect Hopefully it can get me averages of all the stats on the next update.

Excellent!!!!! User friendly, very easy to use

Can't set up account. Can't be too good of I can't even get it started.

Still has bugs The timer malfunctions while recording games. Once a game begins it runs and will not stop until the game is over

Brilliant! Perfect app to record the statistics of your teams!

Horrible service Would give 0 stars if I could. Worst customer service ever. Cannot log in there reset password service is horrible. And no one responds to email. So aggravated!! Crashed never worked again.

Best app for keeping basketball stats! No Glitches or bugs and quick response from support team for questions! Must download!

Great Just perfect

Great app I am using the app as a coach and it really is a huge improvement for the way we used to record stats. Great work guys

Great basketball app Started using it to track my son's stats and because it was so easy I started tracking the entire team. Can't beat this free app! ?