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BET NOW - Watch Shows

Supplied By BET Networks    On June 17, 2016    Comments(166)

APP for iPhone BET NOW - Watch Shows version3.0.1 Download

Watch new episodes of your favorite BET shows anytime on your Android device – now with a new and improved design!

Use the BET NOW app to watch exclusive content and livestream BET shows. Catch the latest episodes of your favorite TV series, like Being Mary Jane, Real Husbands of Hollywood, F in Fabulous, Music Moguls and watch BET News specials. Get Notifications for new episodes and other updates on the go.

BET NOW's livestream feature lets you watch BET live anytime, anywhere, right on your Android phone or tablet! Just tap LIVE TV in the menu to stream BET shows as they air.

Sign in with your TV provider to watch recent episodes of your favorite classic and current BET shows. Access is included with your TV subscription to participating providers. If your provider isn’t listed, don’t panic -- we are working hard to get all TV providers to participate!

• F in Fabulous
• Music Moguls
• BET Awards
• BET Experience
• All About The Business
• Chasing Destiny
• Inside The Label
• Hip Hop Awards
• Real Husbands of Hollywood
• Sunday Best
• Bobby Jones Gospel
• Celebration of Gospel 
• It's a Mann's World
• Being Mary Jane

• American Gangster
• 106 & Park
• The Game
• Born to Dance: Laurieann Gibson
• Comic View
• Second Generation Wayan
• Tiny and Toya
• Keyshia & Daniel: Family First
And more to come!

• Favorites: Organize and view your favorite shows in your ‘Favorites’ tab - the BET Android app will alert you when there are new episodes of your favorites!
• Continue Screen: Pick up your shows right where you left off!
• Closed Captioning: Don’t miss a single line, even with the sound off!
• Chromecast Support - Cast your favorite shows to your TV.

What's New in Version 3.0
• A fresh, new design!
• Continuously play BET clips and full episodes
• Browse for other shows while you watch
• An improved playback experience
• Auto-complete search

BET Networks part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update June 17, 2016. Appstore play rating is 76.5004. Current verison is 3.0.1. Actual size 22.0 MB.

What's new

    Fixes the issue with cable provider sign in
Download bet-now-watch-shows.apk 22.0 MB


I would give it a ZERO rating if I could. This app is horrible. It doesn't working properly for longer than 5 minutes and needs to be fixed immediately. I wonder if your company bothers to read the user comments at all? It appears that this app hasn't worked properly since the very beginning of the year. Similar apps for all the other cable networks stations perform just fine. Perhaps, you may want to figure out what they are doing and follow suit.

Great app but.. It needs movies, more past seasons and episodes of the shows so that we can catch up. Today, i cannot watch any shows... Just the loading symbol and a dark screen, says it crashed... Thanx love BET

It Was Fine Just The Way It Was!!!! Sooooooo after I sign-in with my tv provider info the app is still not allowing me to see my shows. It "appears" to be signing me in and then all I get after that is a blank screen that says SIGN IN! Ugh!!! Fix it!

UK tv providers not listed.. Can't sign in as no UK tv provider is listed..and the so called 'free' shows you get even when not signed in isn't a show, just 2-3mins of interviews and stuff i'm not interested in..was really expecting much more from this..guess i'll just delete and check back when they seem to get it right.

No Xfinity So, I had this app for months and had no problem signing in with Xfinity, and now it's not on there anymore. Also, I tried logging in with my sister's Uverse and it keeps saying "signing in" and won't connect. This makes me upset because I use my phone a lot with being on the road a lot smh. Once this is fixed, it will be 5 stars...

No Comcast plus bugs Before it would stop in middle of episode and difficult to go back to where I missed. Now it's asking for cable provider and doesn't list Comcast/Xfinity. Ready to uninstall.

Sometimey When it works it's great. But more times than not I can't stream my shows.

What happened to my tv provider? I can no longer find Comcast/Xfinity on the app since it updated!!!! What's going on? I really enjoyed it until now!

Can't Watch A Thing! I've tried several times to connect to the app and it will stay involved in and as soon as I go to watch one of my favorite shows it will not allow me to therefore this app received a one far until the problem is fixed and I am able to login with my cable provider!!

Shows don't load! Since the update My shows do not load. Very frustrating. What's the point of this app. If you can't watch any of your shows. AND yes, I'm logged with my service provider!

Can't watch an entire episode!!! Keep trying to watch BMJ.. I get 10 minutes and it freezes. BET... This app needs major improvements!

From 1 star to 5 stars. I love it. Thanks for fixing it. Now I can watch live streaming of what ever is on BET as well as episodes that I missed.

I have to sign in I cant I don't know what they are talking about

Live tv I really don't have a complaint about the app… I wish they would incorporate live streaming in it though... Edit: with the ability to stream live I have to up it to 5 stars good job

Fix the bugs please It was working great when I first installed it now it will start a show and then get stuck if the circle stops spinning at all. It does nothing ???

Needs updating Please update this app so I can caste my favorite shows using my google Chromecast device!

Sucks When I log in,the sign in screen freezes up. I can't even sign in to watch anything.

Worst App Ever It won't let me get past the first 5 or 10 minutes of the show and the needle doesn't move it keeps going back to the beginning. This app it horrible!!

Don't bother no Xfinity I emailed & never got a response. NOTHING CHANGED...I have BET with my cable provider. I should be able have access to full episodes. It ONLY shows u clips u can EASILY access on YOUTUBE.

can watch on sky but not on tablet they need to say not availble for uk users. Not impressed

Need show episodes not just clips.

Xfinity is missing Xfinity is listed as a provider for the iOS version of this app, but not the Android version. Please fix.

No Comcast Xfinity My provider Xfinity is not listed

BET Know its convenient!!! When traveling

Absolutely horrible!!!! Every time I click "sign in" after entering my credentials to unlock full episodes, it goes to a blank screen and will not sign me in!!! This seriously needs to be fixed ASAP. I'm missing out on my favorite shows.

Gr8 app Great job, waiting for chromecast support, will give 5 stars after that....

This app isn't good. The shows don't play and the live stream seems to be broken.

Upset No more comcast or xfinity

Uninstalling!!!!!!! Very bad quality plus it no longer works with update

Can't watch shows anymore It had my Internet provider saved on my device, now it can't log in and all content is locked!!!! What happened since April.... Fix it please

Why? So the app has been updated and now I can't watch my shows. Since on the provider list you don't have Comcast/Xfinity. Yall now suck untill this change has been made.

Needs to add Comcast

Needs improvement Unable to watch an entire show without the app freezing or losing the visual but the sound is still playing in the background.

Badd appp This app crashes every 5 minutes and after it does it doesn't save my spot which means I have to watch more commercials.

Uninstalled!!! I downloaded this app hoping to catch up on episodes of The Game before the new season starts and the video playback doesn't work...not on WIFI or mobile network! Dear app creator: YOU HAD ONE JOB!!! This is why BET is slowly becoming irrelevant! Get it together...we only have so many channels dedicated to depicting the African American experience! SMH!

All the shows freeze Its really annoying to be able to see only a few min of each show. It freezes and you can only hear the voices but cant see anything. And i want to watch being mary jane but the season is gone except for the reunion show. Very upset!

I used to enjoy this app but now all I get is sound with a black screen. Commercials play fine though. I want to watch the tv show not listen to it. Seriously considering uninstalling

Mattee I haven't seen anything, this app might be messed up.

Being Mary Jane The drama is great,and sometimes funny

It wont Connect to live tv :( we don't get b.e.t. where I live and was hoping to watch the fight tonight

No chromecast Say no more, uninstalled immediately.

This app doesn't even deserve 1 star The app is always freezing. Then when it starts to play all you get is sound with no picture. I really would love if this company could fix these problems .

Bet tv Fandemonium Fix app fandemonium want work.

Does not work will not pet me see video

I cant watch some of the seasons and episode in this app because UK tv is not listed.

Being Mary Jane The final show Being Mary Jane

THIS APP SUCKS SO MUCH WORDS CAN'T DESCRIBE!!! I'd give it a rating of zero if it would allow me to do so and comment. So, I have BET with my cable provider (ATT U-verse) but aren't authorized to watch shows on the app. THAT'S SOME STRAIGHT UP BULL

No Comcast Option?? Please explain to me why Comcast/Xfinity isn't a cable provider option. Can't even watch Criminals at Work smh.

Wth I downloaded this app to watch my shows on the go and they don't even have the episodes available... BET imma need you to step it up

Sucksssss ASSSSSS doesn't let you watch one thing at all freezes too much and nobody seems to care therefore im deleting!

This app sucks booooo bet Can't watch anything shows commercials but screen goes black afterwards this app blows big time don't even have my cable provider

Fire your app creator! For top rated cable network channel, you shouldnt have app that freezes in the middle of a show. Had to restarted like 10 times. #thumpsDown

This app sucks This app sucks, first you can't watch shows unless you download the app and then you cant watch shows unless you sign in with cable provider on the app eventhough they dont have all cable providers listed. About a week late on my favorite show and I'm highly upset about it.

So horrible This app is the worst and aperently no one seems to Carr on making the changes needed. Always freezes doesn't let you watch any thing hat it put back full episodes on the website and stop recommending people to download this horrible app.. so bad it does not deserve any star

Doesn't work Purple screen after logging in. Thought I would be able to watch the BET awards live. .guess not. Why black folk stuff can't work like others??

Terrible Loads all commercials but not the shows ....sad...The app shows a black screen while playing and when it does show the freezes constantly. .nope, I'm good

Black screen Can't watch a thing!!! Pitch black screen....BET please pay attention to your is useless!!!! Almost half of your reviews are long before you resolve your issues BET. #notagoodlook

App is awesome but it doesn't work The layout is perfect, all your favorite shows and media but when you try to watch videos it freezes after commercials and ads and never loads the rest of the video. I'm using the Galaxy S6 edge plus

All the shows disappeared I just downloaded this app yesterday and was watchin season 4 of college hill all the way up until this morning. Now every show i click on only has clips and no full episodes. Waste of space on my phone unless this is fixed.

TRASH So many people complaining about the same thing and nothing is being done about. Can't even get through half of my first episode without it freezing or just showing a black screen no matter how many times I tried. Tried on two different devices and I got the same junk.

THIS APP IS CRAP! It freezes during any and all playback or plays the audio without a picture. Useless whether you're watching clips or full episodes. Don't waste your time.

Too many problems When i finally can get logged in the app freezes and screen gets stuck on black screen after better BET!

Horrible I rather have the old version back. This updated version doesn't allow you to watch anything. It doesn't download, if it does download it goes at SNAIL speed and the shows freeze or stop. Pop ups tells me to turn on WIFI and it already be on. #suck

Ok I'm done with this app Thanks for adding the shows on here but when I play it the shows work but in a few minutes the screen freezes and goes black and the noise still goes on, really Bet I'll just watch my shows on some other app then.

Needs a ZERO This app is horrible and a waste of time. By the looks of it the company doesn't even care because ALL the reviews are BAD. I haven't been able to watch a single thing on here, as a matter of fact I haven't even been able to sign into my cable provider. There is no option for me to do that anywhere. PERIOD. THIS doesn't even deserve a zero. It deserves a -1. Worst app ever.

The Worst App Ever For this to be black own this is the worst app ever you don't get full episodes and when the show do play it only plays for 2 minutes then it goes black you only have sound no picture. I will be deleting this app ASAP!!!!!!

This app is just horrible. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 here... essentially the best phone out. Especially made for watching videos & movies. My internet speed is excellent. EVERYTIME, I try to watch something or play catch-up on a show I missed, the video goes completely black, lags, or completely freezes. E-VE-RY-TIME. This is not convenient at all. I don't understand the use of the app at all. Would not recommend downloading.

8/3/15 - This app doesn't work well at all! The episodes freeze up ALL the time. 8/5/15 - I have removed the app and installed today and I still can not watch last Sundays episode! ! Smh

Sucks. Cant even watch full episodes unless you put in tv provider information Its hate it because I don't know that particular information because my parents pay cable not me

The App is okay but everytime I want to catch up on an episode I missed the screen goes completely blank,freezes when the dialogue is still going. And it's very annoying and my cable provider is not even listed. Please fix !

HATE IT!!! This app is so freaking bad... Please fix all the problems then allow people to download it! It does nothing! After signing in it just went to a black blank screen and did nothing! FIX THE PROBLEM.. OH AND I WOULD GIVE IT ZERO BUT IT WOULDN'T LET ME! Installing the terrible app asap!

Black screen I can't watch the show online so I need an app that I can't watch the show on anyway because the screen is black? This is exactly why I dont watch bet anymore. I wait for being mary jane to come to netflix. Get it right bet

Lagging shows, scattered noise, ALWAYS freezing This app seriously needs an update! I've linked my carrier so I am able to watch shows, BUT cannot watch because there's always a problem. Lagging shows, freezes instead of going to next segment, therefore I have to change to the next segment manually over and over in order to just get back to where I left off and when I do the same annoying car commercial comes on (which plays perfect, by the way) only to take me back to the scattered noise from the show I was watching. Please. Fix!

Works Great! This is a nice app; although, they do not provide any "Being Mary Jane" episodes right now which is the reason why I downloaded this app I think either at the end of June or the start of July. I missed some episodes and wanted to catch up over the summer. They only have one minute clips of the show. Also the Job Corp commercial that comes on before any video you play is annoying. I emailed the company....if they fix those issues I will give it 5 stars. I use Verizon Cable & Internet on a Samsung tablet and the video quality is great! I checked back on 8/20/15 and still no 'Being Mary Jane' episodes so I will be uninstalling this app for I have no real interest in the other shows. Bummer!!

Glitchy Freezes after segments where commercials would be and doesn't keep your progress. Doesn't load smoothly... Very frustrating... needs a lot of work

Do NOT create an app NEEDING cable service log ins Am truly disappointed in ALL OF these apps that REQUIRE you to "log in" with your cable provider in order to watch a show. Television IS an on demand thing, if you want people to TUNE IN, STOP creating these horrible apps. It's insulting AND a waste of time!

What is the point?! I downloaded this app to catch up on last season & current episodes I missed but all that are available are behind the scenes clips. Waste of space on my phone is what this app is!

Terrible Keeps going to a black screen or it freezes all together, Horrible, Terrible, trash

Doesn't work Shows don't play, just goes to a black screen, with cellular data and wifi :(

Won't sign in I got it to sign in once and then it just signs out and screen goes black on the sign in page after I select a TV provider. Doesn't play throughout the episodes and I have to continuously skip to each section.. SO FRUSTRATING!

Needs some fixing but worth the download Freezes everytime i watch something which is annoying cuz then i have to watch all the commercials again which brings me to my 2nd complaint. .... wayyy too many commercials. Need to omit some or at least cut the length of them in half. Its annoying.

Need to be better The app does not run well, you hear sound and no picture, or a green page and no sound, but thats when its not buffering. Please fix this problem so you app will run past the introduction of ad's.

Pathetic I wish i had read the reviews before installing, but I was excited about catching up on Being Mary Jane. BET is already a disappointing cable network much of the time and having a common technology tool for audiences such as an app, malfunction as frequently as it does is embarrassing. What's even worse is that none of the complaints have addressed or resolve. Is someone's cousin pretending to work on this from grandma's basement? Support works both ways, just sayin'. Uninstalling... like anyone cares.

Where's the chrome Add the shinny stuff called Google Chrome and I promise I will light up all the stars for you in my rating.

After this update the app Does not work at all....galaxy note 10.1

Can't find Can't find shows i would like to view

Schedule Where is the schedule so you know what's going on or missed? Was on the old app.

Irritated It stop working the first few minutes of watching the shows especially live tv.

It's 2016 Wheres the cast button???

I like the shows, but I CAN'T GET THEM AS QUICKLY AS I WANT.

Much Better! I can finally watch full episodes that I've missed without the video completely stopping 10 min into the show. Now if you add Chrome cast capabilities I'll be straight!!

BET NOW Awesome Sauce

Very important I love it

Loved the westbrooks

Love the show

Loved it Loved it

LOVE Watching on my phone

Very need full

Father Yahweh ?

I would like to watch all full episodes of your current tv shows when I'm unable to catch them at their original airtime. I thought that this is what the app was for 2?

HORRIBLE This Is So Horrible!!!! This app has variety of videos you can look at!!! It is annoying me so badly. And to anyone who wants to download this please don't!!! And God bless and happy easter


BET, Black Entertainment Television!!! BET Is First A Program for African Americans Then It Breaks Down All Barriers And Cross(s) All Cultures For All People To Love And Enjoy!!!!

Horrible Thought it was cool but it keeps freezing on a show while watching, ads play great but shows no. Am unintelligible & gonna see if it works better on my tablet. BTW I have a Samsung S6 so my fone is still pretty up2date.

Bet now app Man I love this app I get to watch all my favorites bet shows without having cable winning lol

You can't actually watch what you want to watch unless you already have a cable/internet provider which then you wouldn't even need this app. I just wanted to watch Chasing Destiny ? Not worth the download. Uninstalling right after this comment!

Do not download When someone says do not download, do not download honestly, its a waist of your storage and time and the app is horrible

Great app. Can cast all shows to my chrome cast too, even better!

Bet Hi haters bye haters u see me god got this we are kings and queens that on the real

Doesn't work well Always a problem getting the show then it continues to freeze or u can't hear it.

More TV providers Where's xfinity come on bet I'll give 5 stars when I see it

Sucked Couldn't find any of the movies I wanted of shows

Sucks I doesn't make sense to not allow access to full episodes if your cable provider is not listed. One reason people look from a phone is to gain access to things they wouldn't normally have so it really defeats the purpose to have the app if a person cant use it fully!!!

I never write reviews bet is really slacking with this app. you barely have any shows on television. the app freezes after the first episode. this is the only app that has the #thewestbrooks and being mary jane. Update: the app is working good, no freezing issues but you guys should def add a cast button then I will change my review to 5

Great! Allows me to catch up on all of my shows that I miss while I'm at work!

Shows do not play Some shows will play others will not , you can't not watch a show consistently because some episodes may not play. This happens on several shows on the site

This app won't open! I have installed the update and tried to delete and reinstall. Still won't open! I have this station on my TV what gives? Enough tired of fighting with this!

It doesn't work Once I clicked on the app it took me to a black screen and it still won't work.

Providers It was working fine. What happened to Comcast/Xfinity being a provider? It's one of the most popular cable providers in the country and it's no longer on the provider list? So confused....

This is useless. ? This doesn't show any Mary Jane season 3 episodes. ?

PURE CRAP. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME Barely have any shows. Ur most popular show (real husbands of Hollywood) isn't even avail, that's reason why I downloaded it. App freezes a lot. Pure crap!

The worst Technical issues every time I try to watch a video.

Where are the full episodes? The shows finally work but where are the full episodes. All I see is clips that's it.

You can't watch movies, like this app made you think!!!!

Chasing Destiny Wouldn't go past ep 4

Can't find Can't find shows that I want to view

Hi love this app Very good and u know im bad "who's" "bad"

Can't watch shows because the app doesn't have my tv provider so there's no point in having the app

Casting Button needed new update needs a casting button so i can connect it to my tv.

It works Good so far. Hopefully i can get some more shows

Rastman Bet all the way.

Luv that I have a station I see myself on ??

Disappointed At first it was working properly until they decided you had to have a tv provider, but mines is not showing.

Misthe muvie Mother fays

If Loving You Is Wrong

Empire A struggling family. Turning millionaires.

the newest version is trash i have activated it at least 20 times and it still will not let me watch shows, or live tv, even on the internet same thing. It does tell me on the app that I successfully activated it and press continue to watch the shows, which I have done but all it does it filter back to the same congratulations screen. I hate this latest version it is truly terrible.

Cant get any shows Whats the purpose of the app if everytime i try to watch something it says "not available at this time" Being Mary Jane is your most popular show but yet has not one episode!!!

Terrible Every time live goes on a commercial, it get stuck and says "we stepped away be right back." I've restarted my phone and uninstalled the app and same problem occurs

Ok There was a grey light at first, you just had to wait but its ok i guess the videos played on my phone so idk what happened to you guys

This app is not working I downloaded this and couldn't even watch live. Idk what it is but the app had a real delay and I'll never download it again

Comcast/Xfinity It is a waste of time. I've waited patently for them to put comcast for over a year. ?

DONT even bother downloading if u have COMCAST XFINITY Ur app is BULLSHIT comcast is one of the most popular tv providers

Horrible can't watch anything damn what's the purpose.... I have even emailed them and won't do anything

I. BET App never allowed me to see a show. Android.

TERRIBLE!!!!! We use to be able to watch the BET awards.. Now its not an option.

Sucks Doesn't work. Just a grey screen

Bet I love this app so much because black people have the own television network black people have done alot and white people haven't did anything but kill black people cause they want to like is black people power to black people✊

It's crazy Xfinity isn't listed. Waste of time.


Myshawn It's lame it won't let u watch tv

Love it? I get to enjoy everything I miss at home!

I love the app I hate that when u watching live t.v it get stuck on the instgram and twitter brake please fix other then the app is great live t.v Is great

Make black shows more avelibale ok I rate the network a five star

Trying to watch the b.e.t. awards 2016 It's goes to the website

Disappointed Would not open

Doesnt show anything that i search for

Don't have any shows on here

Clips! Clips! Clips! Why is everything in clips!? This app sucks!

No Xfinity?? Xfinity is one of the major cable providers and you dont even have it.

Just like everything about bet

Lil baby The beat

Sucks Where is dish??

Johnson Help others

Loved it I recommend this to everyone in the world