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Supplied By Bitstrips    On April 27, 2015    Comments(89)

APP for iPhone Bitstrips version1.8.142 Download

• Turn yourself into an expressive cartoon character
• Instantly share comics starring you and your friends - including jokes, greeting cards and status updates
• Choose from thousands of customizable scenes, plus new ones daily
• Add photo backgrounds to your comics and make the possibilities truly endless

Join millions around the world using Bitstrips as a fun and visual way to communicate with friends.

Bitstrips part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update April 27, 2015. Appstore play rating is 83.579. Current verison is 1.8.142. Actual size 45.0 MB.

What's new

    Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Download bitstrips.apk 45.0 MB


Bitstrips 28.4.25 again another update but still no way of using the app beacuse you have to use facebook please update to allow everyone the chance to use this app not just the small minority of people who use facebook. Thanks again for yet another update but it still can only be used with facebook I have been waiting since this app came out to use it with an email account as I do not use Facebook so please update this app so that everyone can use it not just the small minority of facebook users.

Latest version sucks Just got a new phone and downloaded the app to it. I no longer have the avatars I created for friends that do not use the app or FB. Creating scenes is no longer fun!

Need more details when editting character and never louds anything You cant change your avatars as much on the app as you could on the facebook game and it wont loud comics changes or anything

Missing persons report... Update just deleted all my friends Avatars I made for them and it doesn't allow me the option to make new ones...not too thrilled about this f*ckery...

Excellent way to waste time Bistrips are fun! Would like to see drag capability in the future so you don't have to re enter the recipients name.

Used to be great, before the update Bitstrips is a really cute, fun way to interact with your friends, whether just through the app, or on social media. EDIT: The update fouled up more than it fixed, including dumping a few of my friend's avatars that I created - most notably my significant other. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, and while I show up in his friends section, he doesn't show up in mine. Rather disappointing, and makes the app practically useless to me. Fix it, and Bitstrips will earn back those stars.

Some of these are spot-on for certain situations. NOT for people who have no sense of humor. :-)

Very enjoyable game Only wish that the conversation bubble didn't cover the face when filled in, but a very entertaining game all round. Well done to the developers!!!!

I love making comics I have almost 6000 comics made by me but didn't like the update! After the update, I lost all my friends avatar, what happened? plus we need more details on the Mobil version as the desktop and more fashion style's. Please add it on! Thank you!

Awesome Really like this app, it's super easy to use when I'm in a rush and just want to convey an emotion or situation to my adoring the premade comic strip concepts as well as the avatar features.

What happened to my avatars?? DISAPPOINTED! I created avatars for my husband and some friends who don't use bitstrip and all of a sudden they're gone! I loved poking fun at my husband....he was my favorite co star. This makes me mad. The only avatars that show up are people who use this app...which out of my friends list it's hardly anyone! BOO!

The update took away my ability to change the talking bubble and other options that I had before if I knew it was going to limit my options instead of increase I would've never updated it and now all the avatars I had are gone from my friend list not happy

Hate the update I lost all of the avatar's I had created for my family... it's really annoying as my husband is in hospital and loved it when I put him in a strip. We then created his own avatar via his Facebook page but it's like he's alone as it says he has no friends. ... I know for a fact that many of his friends have bitstrips... I also can not find his new avatar via my feed ... heavily dissatisfied

It used to be better than this You use to put in friends without their own avatars, come on bitstrips, you're better than this, change this and ill change my 3 star to a 5 star and ill change this quite negative comment to a positive one

Amusing Most of the time the punchlines are mediocre, but the freedom to customize is Fezzes. Worth enduring the beta version because I've not had any issues with this version. Samsung Galaxy

Would like to see some instructions I would rate this higher if I knew better how to use it! It seems that I am using trial and error to muddle my way through! I don't have kids or grandkids, so I am technology handicapped. New: I would like to see more clothing options, as there are few that I would actually wear from what's currently available. This is a fun app! I love that you are further developing it.

Husband can't costar with me anymore. I can create a Facebook account for him, and make a brand new avatar, if that's what it takes. Disappointed. Btw, Rate also includes a description, so opinions ARE welcome on the app and its updates.

Umm don't work now After the latest update I can no longer post anything ummm dissapointed now

Would Probably Be The Top App If It Worked I'm sure they are fixing the bugs and we just have the servers overloaded

Love it! Funny, creative, and fun! I get new comics in the day, but the notifications at night. I wish I had the ability to adjust character angles like was available at one point, which offered more personal creativity, but it's still a very good, fun, and clean app.

Too much fun Im behind the times. This is very cute app and easy to use. Love it. Works fine on Samsung SE3.

what happened to all the avatars I created for my friends that didn't have one they are gone after your last update? That was a lot of work gone.... not happy with that loss.

This was at first a six star app out of five. Now, with what happened to the friends avatars, it does not deserve one star. Completely ruined it. Even friends with Bitstrip won't show up. Disaster. Not worth having now.

Fun App! Love playing with comic Avatar. It's a fun way to share thoughts and feelings on Facebook. Wish I could include friends in my comics that are not on Facebook...

After 1yr.+ I Still LOVITT!!! It's very simple to use(1),and it's loads of fun and very entertaining(2),and it's an superb 'social interaction' tool,in animation(3)'nuff said.

I used this app a lot before ... I created a lot of avatars for friends and family who don't use it and they really loved the comics with them included in scenes... now with the new version I can't find their avatars so it's kinda useless and I guess all that time I spent creating avatars for them was wasted . Thanks Obama

Fun app! Thanks for a great app! However, you guys need to leave off the LGBT crap, or I will have to uninstall this app! That truly offends me!!!

A comment to others So many of you complain about your issues. I suggest that you read the updares! You will find that we can no longer make changes to others avatars. It wasn't Bits trips choice. Facebook won't allow it. I could explain for hours but why? RRAD THE UPDATES PEOPLE AND QUIT COMPLAINING SO MUCH !! It's probably your phone that has issues too .... P.S. They're working on the hat thing. ...... read !

Needs bugs fixed One star for ease of use. One star because I'm nice. Could be a lot better with bugs worked out. For example, friend can use my cartoon, I can't access or use hers. When trying to share via text, old one keeps popping in instead of freshly made one. Will give more stars is their tech support ever responds to my request and if they fix it so I can access all my friends, not just some.

Love it! ***Can no longer sign in Totally addictive. However it is glitchy and I can not sign on to it at least once a day sometimes all day. **********Useless now

This has its limitations...and it glitches I wish i could do more to customize my avatar and the scenes. Until then, it gets three stars. Very basic.... New update, now its glitching so bad i cant use it... Going to un install and re install to see what happens...

Fun to use app Great, I've created some neat characters. I just wish it had more options on accessories. It would get 5 stars but it occasionally crashes:(

SUCKS!!!! Unable to bitstrip my spouse. List his avatar. No more thought bubble. I stop making them because of the things I just mentioned. Will uninstall app

A fun, creative, and user friendly app I have enjoyed creating my avatar and seeing myself cast in a comic style role, as well as discovering the wacky situations I'm put in with friends. I especially appreciate the ability to alter those scenes, both with the expressions, and caption. Excellent app for the creator in us all.

Missing friends I'll give you your stars when you fix the problem with me not having access to my husband's comic but him still having access to mine.

Hate it...Now!!! Don't know what you did, but the app sucks now!!! All avatars I created ate gone, no point in creating a Valentine's pic W/O MY WIFE!!! I am uninstalling the app now!!!

App is good But I can't make more avatars to make comic there is no one who is also using this so I can't make comic if you add this feature I will make it 5 stars or uninstall it and review 1 star

Uhhggg!!!! I'm going to give you four stars instead of the five I previously had because I'm getting frustrated every time I go to put a picture from my gallery it won't allow me too. It just starts all over again. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn't. Aggravating!!! :-(

I use to love it until you took all my avatars away. You only get 1 star until that's fixed. Please don't update to just take things away.

I really enjoy the app but it will not let me see any of my friends who joined after me, which I do not like.

Doesn't work:( I can't create comics. When I choose one of the scenes, it starts to load and doesn't finish.

A bug found! Whenever i want to customize a scene the screen is black but i can share but cant customize please help i have LG- e410i

in general it's OK, but i can't my own avatar cause can't find hairstyle, eyes, mouse which suits to me. please add more avatar options

Est problema Kto nibud' znaet kak pomenyat avatar druqa? Pomoqite. Please help

Love it !!

Ok It would be better if it showed my other half as my friend... I show up on his but he is not in mine. No matter how many strips he makes.

What is going on? It goes to sign into my Facebook then goes back to the screen that asks if I want to sign in using Facebook it just keeps doing that and yes I've tried uninstalling many times but no difference...fix please..

Pointless No point any more, my boyfriend is gone...what's the point. Facebook privacy nonsense has knocked all the fun out.

Bitstrips app Used to work great now I only have half of my friends that use it on my friends list in bitstrips... ( 1 being my wife ) so back to solo bitstriping.. if you can handle just doing strip on you. This is a fun app, til they figure out what's all going on not gonna enjoy it as much.. May just end up Uninstalling it. ( other wise I used to think this app was 5 star )

It's OK Features could be enhanced by adding some Christian comics like reading Bible or praying sincerely... Otherwise it makes no sense to me without it.... Jesus bless u

It WOULD be 5 stars, but for that I can't see any new friend who creates an avatar after I did! And apparently my friend slots - - which were arbitrarily chosen - - are all full and I can't delete anyone to make room for new friends. Either give me control of the slots I have, or make EVERYONE available for me to see. I feel like this is a very, very common thing that needs addressing ASAP. Please and thank you!!

Love the comics but find aspects difficult Had a great cartoon but couldn't move the balloon in such a way that it didn't cover an important part of cartoon; Flexible balloon shape would solve that. Also, haven't figured out how to create avatars for my friends; only see avatars already created by friends who discovered bitstrips and are in Facebook

Therapeutic! I like to make Bitstrip me say things I'm usually not bold enough to say or that can't be said with a straight face in public without dire consequences!Great for comedic relief and instant gratification!!!

Entertaining I like the app as you can make the avatar as life-like as possible.. And it puts you in hilarious situations..

Like app hate glitches So no problems viewing or using the app, but I don't think I need 3 icons to use the app. In fact, I know that I don't. However, when I try to delete the extras 2 icons remain and the app won't load. Wth?

I'm cool as a cartoon Having fun with this tool. Making my peeps laugh is always a good thing.

EMAIL PLEASEEEEEE it needs to have something for emails it kept on saying it will install something for emails when I had this for a year nothing came back

I really like the app erased some of my friends avatars How can I get them back?

What happened My avatars was removed from my wife's FB which sucked but I read about why it happened.. it's BS. So many other ways they could have changed permissions to allow. Now I've created one from my FB acct and no friends show up and my friends can't pull me up. What a waste of time. They've had weeks to fix this now. It's almost worthless without friends.

So far it is great, fun app! I'm amending this opinion! It used to be good, now it blows! For no apparent reason, two thirds of my friends and family avatars have suddenly disappeared and I can't see any way to get them back so what good is it? ***(original post follows new opinion) During the creation of the avatar, there are enough options to actually make an avatar close to what you look like!

Limited I used to like being able to send this to people in texts because you could individualized it, but it stopped allowing me to do that. I rarely use it anymore and Bitmoji has limited options so it's not the same.

It would let me design my person but it would never let me make my comic. I could get to a certain point then it would go to the home screen.

Great app but recent updates killed it I love this app with a passion but the new updates have killed it. Can no longer alter or change bubbles to position them properly without covering up faces. Also I made an avatar for my dad who doesn't have the app a while ago and was going to use it today given it's Father's Day and it was gone. App is now useless to me because of those things. Yet another case of a great app ruined by an unnecessary update..... Uninstalling....

Update horrible. newest update is horrible. All my friends avatars that I have created are gone and on Facebook especially it says to give facebook permission to show and then the button doesn't you can't do anything on facebook! ugh!!! bring back the old way please.

Love it Its a lot of fun :) wish you could customise the avatar a little better! Need better outfits! The ones in stock completely suck, its just laziness. Also Needs accessories!!!! Over all I love it.

A great fun way of making little comic strips starring you and your friends. This is the most fun app I've seen in ages! And the photo comic option is a nice touch! Howvever, I'd like to see an expansion on the clothing for the characters, and bring back the flexibility of the word balloons and character posing. Otherwise, it's a nifty app! :) However, in recent times, it's too dependant on Facebook and has a tendency to crash on tablets. I hope the developers address these issues

Sharing is buggy My friend can see my avatar but I cannot see hers (although i can see others'). Therefore I cannot include that friend in any comics I create. Can't seem to find any privacy settings that may be interfering with this. Please help or fix this.

Great for a good laugh. This is a pretty simple and kinda cheesy app. I enjoyed it thoroughly at the beginning, but (with out sharing anything) I pretty much just open it up now and then for a laugh.

Fun Fun Funny I love this app. So many choices for so many moods and situations. The funnier side in a light-hearted way to get your point across without being taken too seriously.

Love it Its some much fun and very funny stuff thank to friend show me this cute thing and now i use it all the time thanks cant wait to see more cool storie lines

Fun & plenty rooms for creativity Though I wish they hadn't taken a way the function of designing fb friends' Avatar (though they ain't have bitstrip account). Back then, it was through my designing of fb friends bitstrip Avatar & inputting them into my comic that got my friends to sign up an acct hence now I had less fun because of the lack of this function :( Please bring back the Function of designing our fb friend's avatar!!

Bitstrips THIS APP SUCKS!!! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!!! I cant even open it. When i try to my screen goes black then comes the error message.. "Bitstrips has unexpectedly stopped"..."forceclose" or "report". Ive done both & no changes to the app as of yet.

Rating It's hard to maneuver... it needs more information on how to get to changing you're self such as hair color or style ect. without changing everything and the update needs to take effect right away so when you share pics it's the new look instead of the old one... but I like some of the skits & share a few of them.

Bitstrip cool The coolest. Let's you customize avatar to look just like you or however you want it to look. Change shape of face, color and shape of eyes, and even your clothes and body shape.

Best app on my phone. Well, second best, only to BITMOJI! Love love love.... still can't get my unbistrip peeps. Hate that.

Love it,but.. I love it but here is what needs to be fixed log in with email, more then 2 people in a bitstrip,I want to be able to make more avatars with 1 account, and there should be more sharing options I believe. It is hard trying to save your photos to your memo.....Once all these complications are fixed you will get your 5 stars earned! - Nicole Arias

Only have had it a few days, but so far....LOTS OF FUN! STRESS RELIEF! LOL. Who said adults cant still have fun?

A bitstrip for every occasion Love this I can always find a pick for what I want to say from happy birthday to to I'm feeling sad or sorry or well done. They always make me smile

Update sux Wtheck more than half my friends are gone. How can I do bistrips with them? Can y'all answer me this? Bring rest of friends back and I MIGHT give you 5stars

Nope I loved this app until this last upsate. I had created avatar for me and my boyfriend and my daughter and their avatars are gone and can't find option to re-add them. Not liking this app much anymore. Please fix and I may like again. To think, I just gave this a good rating and had to take it back. I am uninstalling this app, it is no longer fun for me since you deleted my avatars of my friends that I created. So long bitstrips.....

Not as original Back in 13 when bitstrips was a hit, character customization was awesome. Now, none of the outfits or hairstyles it used to have exist. Truly disappointed.

Lacks customizability I remember the original version on the computer was fully customizable in terms of character placement, bodily position, and facial expressions but now you can only select from a series of pre-made expressions and positions which really inhibits the level of creativity that I used to be able to put into it.

Great app that Keeps getting better Was a good app, even on my old phone that was getting to not work so well. Put a little newer version on my tablet and it is really cool. Finally upgraded to new phone (Galaxy S6) and put this app on it and love it on this phone!

Won't let me log in still using Facebook. Please fix immediately.Send me a message on my phone thru Facebook n I use Facebook on my phone. Still won't let me sign in using my email. Sooo upset

Help... getting nowhere, not fun anymore Please bring back the option to create an avatar for friends who don't have smartphone. We've tried on the pc version but after the 3rd try to create avatar it wouldn't load. Even if it did load I don't see an option to select him from phone app. You've NO CONTACT info on the pc site & I see here you don't respond to your user complaints. There's a running theme here and you guys are really falling short and not in a funny bitstrip kind of way!

Hope this changes I love love love this app. I just noticed something that i didnt notice before. When i share a bitstrip on facebook it loads likes and comments from past bitstrips i shared. Example: i just posted a new bitstrip today oct 25,2015 and it has likes and comments from March & June. The comments came from old bitstrips I posted. This makes friends look rediculous because their comment doesnt fit the new bitstrip. . Can you change that?

I can't even install the app on my phone. Keep getting error code 505, but nothing is wrong with my phone.

Only 2 stars cause.. I loved this app and used it all the time but now im only giving it 2 stars anymore cause it has been no fun for the last 6 months.. being im pregnant u cant change your avitars tummy to a pregnant one and there is no scenes for pregnant woman! So i cant really use it anymore till after pregnancy even then lets see how many "baby" scenes there are after the baby comes in Nov.... been sad not to get to play anymore cause I loved this!!!!!

Rated 5 Like the game and it's entertaining. Also keep using it a part of my brain due to brain aneurysm. Good exercises. Would recommen to all.