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Block Microphone (Anti Spy)

Supplied By skibapps    On Nov. 20, 2015    Comments(42)

APP for iPhone Block Microphone (Anti Spy) version2.1 Download

Are you worried that someone may be listening in on you?

Then you should install “Block Microphone”.
It will protect you from being spied on – and it’s FREE.

And Extremely easy to use.

Make sure that the NSA is not listening in on you!
(Or your partner, boss, spouse or some other family member).

Your Device has several Apps that have permission to use the Microphone, and to make Audio Recordings. Some of them also have permission to connect to the Internet. These Apps can make Sound Recordings from what is going on around your Device, and send them to an unknown receiver. Without your knowledge or consent!

Some Spy Apps may even secretly set up automatic hidden and silent Phone Calls to or from your Phone, to listen to you. And you may know nothing about it.

This App - “Block Microphone” - will protect you from being spied on in this way, by enabling you to BLOCK THE MICROPHONE on your device at any time you choose. Before you want to make a Recording yourself, simply touch a button to UNBLOCK the Microphone.

The Microphone is automatically UnBlocked before you start a normal Outgoing or Incoming Phone Call, and Blocked again after the Call is finished. (Due to technical issues on most Android Phones, it is not possible to mute the Microphone during Phone Calls.)

If you are afraid that someone should be making automatic secret and silent Phone Calls to/from your Phone (which is technically possible), you can enable an Option that will give you a warning each time a Phone Call is initiated. When you hear/see that warning - and it is not you that are making the Call, you know that someone is spying on you!

Nothing could be simpler.
A Status Notification always shows if the Microphone is Blocked or not.

An optional feature makes it possible to check that the Microphone is Blocked at regular Intervals (from once a minute to once per day). If it is detected that someone has UN-Blocked the Microphone, it will immediately be Blocked again.
You may verify that it is working, by enabling a Text Notification each time the Microphone is checked.

If you select a short Checking Period, Battery consumption may increase slightly.


- Block or Unblock the Microphone
- Also Blocks Mic for WiFi- and VoIP- Calls, such as Skype, etc
- Notification of Mic Blocking Status
- Optional regular checking that the Mic is still being Blocked
- Optional Visible and/or Audible Warning about Incoming and Outgoing Phone Calls
- Also works (in background) when the Screen is closed
- Starts Automatically at Power-On

Using selected Options of this App, it will be extremely hard to Listen in on you.

Possible Issue:

According to some of the reports we receive, this App may not work on all devices. If it does NOT work on yours, please send us an email, telling us what Phone/Tablet you are using, and its Android version.


Q: When I have blocked the Mic using this app, I can still run an audio recording app.
Shouldn't this app Block audio spying apps?

A: No. This app will NOT stop Audio Recording Apps - or any other Spy Apps - from running.
This App will BLOCK the MIC (by Muting it), however, so that those apps cannot record any sound. All which will be recorded and heard - is SILENCE. So that they can NOT LISTEN in on you.

Q: When I have blocked the Mic using this app and make a video recording, there is no sound.

A: That is right. Before you start a Video Recording, you should UnBlock the Mic.

Q: The mic is not blocked during phone calls. Why?

A: Due to technical issues on most Android devices, that is impossible to do.
The main purpose of this app is to block the Mic so that no one can make recordings of your surroundings (and send the recorded file to some unknown receiver.)

If you like this App, PLEASE give it a Rating. If you have a problem, send an email to skibapps@gmail.com before you consider posting a low Rating. Many problems seem to be caused by simple misunderstandings.

skibapps part of our Tools and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Nov. 20, 2015. Appstore play rating is 74.1818. Current verison is 2.1. Actual size 1.5 MB.

What's new

    Please note that the AntiVirus App "Lookout" is currently INCORRECTLY listing this App as a Threat. It claims that this App will Record Audio and send to a Third Party, and that it is being remotely controlled by Text Messages. Even though this App does NEITHER have permissions to Make Recordings, NOR to Read Text Messages!
    Dear Lookout; Please fix this Mistake ASAP!
    If this App does not work on your Phone, please send an email to skibapps@gmail.com. Include your Model Type & Number.
Download block-microphone-anti-spy.apk 1.5 MB


Does not seem to work The app reports the mic is blocked yet speaking into Google apps works just fine. Does Google bypass the app or does the app not work?

Wonderful 95% of the time This app is useful and I appreciate that the permissions requested aren't excessive. However, the microphone doesn't always come back on when a call comes in. The "mic unblocked" notification pops up, but the people on the other line can't hear anything and I have to hang up and manually enable the mic before calling them back. It only happens once in a while, but often enough to be annoying.

Love it! Just need to remember that you have to disable this feature during phone calls! I know because I learned the hard way! But this is a truly excellent app for a sence of security when it comes to your privacy!

Doesn't work at all. Downloaded an audio app, when the record button was pushed it picked up everything I said, however, I had not deactivated the Block Microphone app yet. Not a good app at all.

Nice when it works properly... I've had mixed results using this app on moto e xt1528 Android 5.1 Sometimes it will not block the mic when it should, other times it keeps it blocked even after toggling block on/off when recording video, running apps, and during phone calls. Used primarily when not expecting any phone calls as almost every app these days requests record mic permissions.

Driverx67 Solid !!! It actually works! I recommend it for sure. I don't know why I can't get the reports yet...just started using it. I would also recommend possibly letting the user set their own notification/warning tone...I thought I had an incoming call first 2 or 3 times. But...it works!

Doesnt work I dont think it works. When i used shazam it didnt say the mic was unblocked and it still heard the song. Please fix this, thanks

Almost perfect! I have tried other block mic apps and this is far superior BUT my phone calls are still being recorded. However, the app has silenced the previous intruders in my environment and for that I am very grateful! Let's work on those phone calls guys!! Good job!!

I'm a boring bugger still I hate snoops Meta data is personal Our Gov. Are Snoops I was told its illegal and rude to eavesdrop Perhaps they weren't . phone taps should be with a warrant I tried tap on Google and OK Google Couldn't be heard thanks

Rubbish I installed a voice recorder app onto my phone. I blocked my mic supposedly with this phone app. I was able to record my voice with this mic block app installed and turned on, and was able to replay the whole conversation back. Uninstalling

I like it - Big Bro hacks it! It's a great app. Big Bro hacks it like this.. On the 2 people they want to monitor my Mike is muted even when I turn this program off. I have to reboot my phone for them to hear me. I also have a blue boarder when program is being exploited.

THIS NEW KID ON THE "BLOCK" IS AWESOME !!! Does what it says , and my analysis app made no fuss about it !!! Tried other apps and am staying with this one , with gratitude...!!!! Annnd , "LOOKOUT"(R)* was uninstalled last year after it's trial run and it's flaws discovered by my analysis app...!!!! SHAME ON GOOGLE FOR RUNNING IT'S PLAY STORE LIKE A USED CAR LOT , ON COMMISSION .

Not for me I want an app that will mute sound recording when shooting video. This is not it. Was not obvious in the write up. Have since uninstalled the app. They did not follow up on their offer to solve problem. Too bad.

I have it working on other phones However on Android 5.1.1 it does not work. Makes me sad. Just emailed support.

Awesome Blocks mic just like promised. Tested it on multiple occasions. Unlocking automatically during phone calls is a stroke of genius and puts this app ahead of the others I have tried

IT WORKS I tried this with programs that link directly through the Mike, it does block. Google search is always listening. Enabling OK GOOGLE will have you under 24/7 sound monitoring including listening for music if it does not hear talking. It does block Voice Search.

Does what it says Interface is simple and straightforward, and the app does it what claims as far as I can tell. That's all I ask for.

Great scott Watson!! This actually works!! Thanks..?

Awesome now I need to know who the person's are. No freedom welcome to the future

Doesn't work for my galaxy s5 Ok Google still hears me as well as every other microphone using app on my phone. Just doesn't work.. nice idea though

Great app.. I did not know people could spy on you through your mic. I do now.

OK Google Why does "OK Google" still work if my mic is actually being blocked??! Appears to be a fake program to me.

Works It does what it says blocks the Mic

Help This app worked for two days then was rewritten or replaced with an app that tells you what you want to hear.

Good not great Get rid of the constant notification.

Seems to work great. Keeps the bad guys out of my business.

Waste of time Totally crap.

Works super on my tablet! You seem to be genuinely interested in pleasing your "customers". Best of luck with the bug fixes /surprise glitches.

The best I've tried I'm surprised and very glad I found this, thanks

This review hasn't even been read. What the point of having an app like this if it's going to not even work and your comments are ignored I have two phones S4 on lollipop and Samsung grand prime lollipop. I'm not sure if your app is doing what's intended. There r periodic checks on the mic but when I use OK Google I'm not actually unblocking the mic myself and my voice to text speech synthesis when I'm talking out a message still works simultaneously even tho the blocker is on. I appreciate your hard efforts in creating the app but please could there be an update to insure mic block is always on. But it's cool and very valued. Great job guys

Nice app Does what it says it does!

Minor inconvenience for major security & piece of mind The periodical check notifications often remain on the screen regardless of the interval settings. Even disabling the app doesn't remove the pop up and it impedes some touch screen functions. Works wonderfully otherwise.

Does not work Still records on android 6, what I am curious about is do your other apps have the same issue ~ time will tell.

Useless I need to mute the microphone for video recording it doesn't work at all and absolute waste of time.

Mic Blocker I love this app! It works perfectly! Especially with my wiretapping detection app. :)

Good but Desperately needs a widget and . or the ability to click the notification to turn it on and off

Block Mic This app works very nicely for me on my Motorola Moto G, Model XT1028 cell phone running Android 5.1 (Lollipop). I followed the testing recommendation in the FAQ instructions by installing the (Sony) audio recorder and testing it both with the Mic blocked and unblocked. When blocked, only silence is heard. When unblocked, the recording is heard. I recommend reading the FAQ's carefully to set your settings as desired. I'm giving it 5 stars. I like to run it together with their Wiretap Removal app.

Bummed It didn't function correctly on my phone. After my first review, the developer pointed out that the app info does state it may not work on all phones--yep, that's true. But I am very impressed with the developer's quick reply to my original review. It's always nice to know that somebody heard and replied to what was actually posted. Seems like a great app. Definitely great developer response.

Dont work Mic still picks up sound even when mic blocker says mic is blocked

Was working Now it says its not compatible and it uninstalls itself

Great scott Watson!! This actually works!! Thanks..?

Doesn't work on android 5.1