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Buffet Dash Plus

Supplied By Nalbam Soft    On Dec. 17, 2013    Comments(52)

APP for iPhone Buffet Dash Plus version1.0.1 Download

The expansion version of a popular time-management game the 'Buffet Dash'
is released now.

You will manage a buffet restaurant.
You may experience the reality of buffet restaurant business in this game.

For the limited time you should check your hall and kitchen.
Handle your waiter and chef to make customers feel comfortable during the meal.
Chef should cook busily not to bring about shortage of food.
Waiter has to keep guests' table clean and carry what they want.

As stages go by, more things(new facilities and interior decorations) will be added and
more complex your business will be. But your business will be more exciting.
Whenever you expand your restaurant, it will be more difficult to manage your business but you can
earn more money and finally you can accomplish the goal of your business.

There are various business skills to make your business easier.
You can upgrade your business skills through the ‘coin’.(premium coin)
You can gather the ‘coin' through evaluation of customers for the taste level of your food.
To gather as much coins as you can is very important to play this game.
To upgrade and to improve your buffet make this game more absorbing and thrilling.

-Real business situation of buffet restaurant.
-7 beautifully designed restaurants.
-lots of different customers to serve.
-various business skills.
-New Upgrade style (Just like RPG game)
Never miss this game, if you want a creative and substantial entertainment.
Easy and addictive 'Buffet Dash plus' will keep your adrenaline going.

Nalbam Soft part of our Simulation and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Dec. 17, 2013. Appstore play rating is 71.2986. Current verison is 1.0.1. Actual size 17.0 MB. Download buffet-dash-plus.apk 17.0 MB


Needs lots of improving It would be a great game if for one, you actually got to play more than 3-5 rounds a day and it's all so tiny that it gets difficult to click on close together things. It's definitely not worth paying a dollar for. The graphics aren't that good and you can't choose your upgrades. I'd rather delete it than pay a dollar to be able to play it like it's supposed to be played. Oh and it won't allow me to connect to Facebook either.

Eh.. Could be an okay game but everything is so small that you can't see what you're doing. Not to mention the huge ad in the upper left corner that blocks the beverages.

Didnt get what i paid for I bought infinite keys it charged me twice and didnt get what i paid for i want my 2 dollars back since i paid twice and recieved nothing

Decent It's a small game, but it's not bad. The play is easy to understand and it's pretty basic. The only thing that irritates me is the ad in the top left that covers the drink machine and the customer in the top right. I suggest to put the ad on the side of the screen instead of the top.

The game's cool and fun but, its still hard and confusing to play, for me. I just don't seem to understand this game, completely!

14-1-2014- support all Free Maybe made more city, tower, ice Delicious Emily's Farm..

Love it . it keeps me wanting more keys but won't let me buy any. Can someone tell me why I can't buy anything in the VIP lounge. That and I can't access posting.

Google ad in the way Can't see the top table and the bubble above the customer, part of the drink machine is covered. Move that ad!

Like the look of the game Will play and l know it will be a fantastic game.

2 small It looks like it's a good game but way 2 small 2 play

Buffet dash plus Never got to play the game because there are ads covering the game screen. If you can remove the ads so that I can see the game screen. Maybe I can play it.

Poor A big ad in the top left hand corner. Blocks off some of the game so I can't get to the beverage machines

Can't play big giant ad blocks the game.

Fun but.... It's fun but gets repetitive. Its also very confusing.. with the keys, capsules, etc.

Time game Fix blocked app in corner, more food variety, other than that it's pretty good wn ur killing time. I enjoy these type of games

Buffett dash plus I love this game so much

Werid It not good but its ok Need more work on it .

Ok game It's using all my upgrades to continue to upgrade the same items over and over again and one I got up in level the game went down to a 2 cause it added a machine but you can't fill the machine cause the ad is in the way. Can you fix these two errors please

It doesn't work..

Downloading It wouldn't even download. It looked like a good game but it refuses to download. Not worth the time

Ok ok But very poor style and soooo small

Chappy ads Just as quickly as I uploaded this, it will be as quickly for me to delete off my tablet. Can't stand apps that pull up ads.

Ok Game is good but that huge ad is in the way

Off at first But then I started getting the hang of it

Hate AD That AD is making it difficult to refill soda and service costomers in the back please fix

So fun! This game it's so fun! There are many levels so I don't get bored. PLUS, I can even play without a wifi connection.

U can get key by changing the date on ur phone and get rid of ads by turning off wifi

Graphics too small Graphics too small and the ad covers the whole page

Purchase doesn't work I've already paid for ad free and the ad is still there. Tried restarting the game and even the phone, and it's still there. It still gives me the option to "buy" the ad free version. Please fix as it's annoying and a rip off.

It's not bad But could b better

You have to pay??? You have to pay 99 cents in order to play but installment is free? Totally rip off.

I think its okay I'll try it

Ads blocks the 2nd fountain drink. 3 key a day is a 5 min playtime...

Denisse Triumphant,by HVAC h)I ok

Ads Ads are in the way on the top left corner, in the way plus annoying

Can't stop playing it Need to move that ad in the upper left counter

Ads Too many ads hard to see how to play,unstalling

Paid for keys and they're gone! So angry! I paid for infinite keys the first time I played this game, and now they're gone! I loved this game, and now am at a standstill because my infinite keys are gone. Fix this, and I will fix my rating!

People and words are too small. Cannot read clearly what they want.

Ughh! I actually like this game but I have one big problem. I cant buy the infinite keys!! The VIP lounge wont let me click on anything. I like the game enough to actually buy something and it wont even let me. Very disappointing. Waiting 24 hours for only three keys is just ridiculous. Will change rating when problem is fixed.

HELP Love the game but I need to buy keys and I cant. I would give 5 stars if I could earn or buy keys. Too me the game is fun enough to buy but I need keys and a way to play when I want. Its torture waiting for the keys!!!!!

Decent It's a small game, but it's not bad. The play is easy to understand and it's pretty basic. There is a new problem I'm having with the game. I can't select to get any of the upgrades that you pay for. It's beginning to get very irritating.

Would be OK if you could purchase keys but when you click to purchase nothing happens. Oh well your loss

The game is fun and great time killer. However, it stinks that I only get the lives per day. I tried to purchase a few items from the VIP room and they wouldn't open. This game needs a lot of improvement.

Stupid After u run out of keys it tell u to go manual and it don't do nothing u can't play till the next day u have to wait for more keys

Terrible Ads are in the way. The food is too small to make out what it is. Even on level 1 it wont work properly. Needs a LOT of work

It sucks Don't waste your time and if you do waste your time your a idiot.

Poor Rubish is not the word. It will not let me download it.

Don't download A waste of download!!!! Hard to see!!

Ad in the way The ad obscures you view

Hmm I dont understand the game..

Rubbish game Needs lots of improvement