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Call of Atlantis by Playrix

Supplied By Playrix Games    On Feb. 10, 2015    Comments(113)

APP for iPhone Call of Atlantis by Playrix version1.9.1 Download

"A solid game with good gaming mechanics," - AndroidTapp.com
"A fantastic app for everyone who loves puzzles and adventures," - AskYourAndroid.com
"A polished gem-matcher that combines match-3 gameplay with a little bit of story and adventure," - TUAW.com
"The replay value of this game is pretty amazing," - SmartPhoneApps.com
"Exceptionally polished and professional," - AppSafari.com

Atlantis is calling out to a true hero to save it from deadly peril! Set out on an exciting new quest in this spectacular mix of Match-3 and Adventure. Embark on a fascinating tile-swapping journey around the ancient lands of Rome, Greece, Troy, Phoenicia, Babylon, Egypt and Carthage to acquire seven mysterious crystals of power. Once collected and put together, they are able to restore the Altar of Poseidon and save the fabled sunken continent.

Fully optimized for the touch screen, the game sets new quality standards for Android puzzle games with fantastic graphics and superb sound effects.

Heed the call and return peace and prosperity to the legendary continent!

- Unique mix of Match-3 and Adventure
- 54 addictive levels with endless replay value
- 7 ancient lands to explore
- Fun facts about fascinating places to learn
- Spectacular cut-scenes furthering the storyline
- Impressive quality of graphics
- Superb visual and sound effects
- Elegant voice-overs
- Heed the call of Atlantis!

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Playrix Games part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Feb. 10, 2015. Appstore play rating is 88.6951. Current verison is 1.9.1. Actual size 60.0 MB.

What's new

    Bug fixes
Download call-of-atlantis-by-playrix.apk 60.0 MB


Great Game 5 Stars I love this game. I purchased the full game for $4.99 . The game has way too many levels. I like to finish what I start , but this goes on for hours and hours and hours. That's the only thing I have found that I don't,care for.

Call of Atlantis Best game. Love games like these I just love them. Ppl gotta try monster busters best game. You'll love it if you love games like these like I do

Call of Atlantis Had to buy the game because I was enjoying it too much to stop after the free part finished.

Fun Game Paid for it and tried to download it to my new phone and I can't get it to play without repaying for it .Totally SUCKS

Call of Atlantalis Loved this game on the computer but now loving it even more cause now I have it on my phone

Used to play this all the time on Shockwave Games. I still enjoy it, even on my Sam. S3.

Great game The game is great to play I just wish I didn't have to buy it to play the rest because I don't have the budget too even $.99 or even$.10 is to much!!!!!!!

Call Of Atlantis This has basically the same principles as Jewel Quest, match 3 or more jewels to complete the board, the difference in this game is definitely the graphics which are amazing, the amount of detail which has been put into a simple Jewel game is brilliant, can't begin to imagine what the Developers could do if they turned their hand to a decent Action game, it also has quite a good storyline involving all the old Great Civilisations.

Good game at least it dont freeze like so many other games thank you

Call of Atlantis Awesome game l like the challenge and history on the Greek God's of Ancient.

Love it! Great game...just wish I could continue to play with out having to purchase!

Paying? I do not like how after only a few rounds you have to buy it to continue. There should be 1/2 star. It sucks because once you get into it... you have to buy it..

annamaria28390 I love it so much l even play it my computer.

Would give 5 stars if you got more free levels

I love call of antlantis but I would like to play it with out buying it

Love this companies games ,purchased all for PC and glad to have set for tablet. Please make more :)

Bit boring and after only a few levels, you have to pay to carry on

Acer liquid gallant duo Thanks for the crashing bug fixed! Love this game. The best game music I've ever heard.

Great game Great way to spend your down time

I love this game can't wait too see how far I can go or all the different levels :-)

Wish I could play more!! Should make more free stages!

Boring Maybe wish 99ct for just a match 3 game, not as much as it's charging

Great game to play on a rainy day.

Miss Laura Morelli I love all the games. Especially around the world in 80 days so I will love the Atlantis one as well. Thanks from laura Morelli.

This game is good and gets more challenging as it goes on

Call of Atlantis Would like this game if I didn't have to buy more levels

Found & Lost! Found this great City of Atlantis... Lost time in it's wonderful journey... But finally reached destination!!!

Love this game I give this game 5 stars because it is so addictive. I like this game so much that I bought the full version. And I loooove the music also!

Great Game This game is very addictive!

I don't like it,as we have to buy.keep it free

Just like any other match three game.

I played this game several a few years ago on my iTouch. I decided to look for it on Google Play and was happy to find it. This game is fun and addicting and I haven't had any trouble with it at all. :)

Cool Can't stop playing..but will if I have to buy

Call of atlantis Good game and very intertaining

RootinTootin I would give it five stars if the getjar app worked . Then you could get the the other half of the game for free , like you are supposed to be able to. The game itself is so cool. I guess i will just pay for the rest because i like it so much. If you want the last star, please help and get it fixed. Again very cool game. Try some of the other atlantis games also. Worth a look.

Fun game Provides hours of entertainment.

Versatile game. Nice and challenging to play.

.. Call Of Atlantis .. .. I Really Like and Love This Cute Game ..

Lies The game lures you in then when you start enjoying the game it stops play unless you sign up for the news letter to get a few more levels then the only way to keep playing is to buy the game you are lyers and will not get a dime of my money

Call of Atlantis by playrix I like this game because when i get in to my anger ishooe i feel happy when i am playing call of Atlantis all the time it is a great game

Ancient Rome is Alive!!!!! Unique nothing compares to this gameu. D FCC. Ui 8

Great game! Love all the different lands, crystals and puzzles.

Great game I love the game but wish the full version was free

Call of atlantis I play this game on my computer and I love it.

Call of Atlantis If you get the free game, be prepared to pay for the full game.

Grrrrrreat Love this game, different things to do,find things, get as many points and collect parts keeps you occupied for hours, if you don't believe install it today and see for yourself

Call of Atlantis Good and original match game. However, matching more than three tiles doesn't grant special tiles or abilities. Kind of disappointing.

Waste of time I love the game but forcing me to buy levels is nothing more than a total scam when i can play the full version on my laptop .... am removing the app

Call of atlantis It does okay to reach greece than it stops and wants you to buy it. If it wanted to buy it I wouldn't have downloaded the free game.

Interesting and fun Edit: Drop to 2 stars from 5. Bought this game 2 years ago for 4.99. Went to reinstall it on same tablet I used to buy it. Playrix wants me to buy it again! No Restore purchase option. I see they also added unneccsary excessive permissions on the Free Edition. Its not worth the money. ..2013.. Had enough levels to keep you entertained without getting bored. The Atlantis theme takes you through the seven regions which is fun.

Finally!! A game that's different and challenging and then you want me to buy the full version!! How rude!! Gave it one star due to that and not the game itself! Y'all are mean!!

Brilliant game! I love these match three type games that also have a quest adventure to complete through different, more difficult levels. This one is one of the best, with clear, easy to see gems & graphics, extra bonus items & straightforward, easy to understand instructions at each new stage. Great game, well designed! I would recommend it to any fans of games of this type!!

Invaluable ancients The game is really lovely. Beautiful graphics, astounding visuals with beautiful landscapes, and ancient buildings. Shows great artistry and explores heartwarming ancient traditions in great ancient cities. I love it cause it's not just another tile game, it makes me happy watching all those cities come to life through the stories of their history and their beliefs even if partly modified, particularly since I love reading

Call of Atlantis A very fantastic most wonderful, and addictive game that I have played Great job u guy's and women who had anything to do with the making of this game! !!!! Keep up the good work!!!!This Game is so good I can't stop talking about it, Wish I had the money to buy the full version so I could keep playing it. I am going to try another Playtrix game. Keep up the good work!!!!!

Rip off!! Sure, the game is cool but then after playing a few levels in tells me in order to get more EXCITING levels I need to purchase the game. I was charged $4.99 and it only went through less than 10 more levrls. Once you finish it starts OVER again!!! SUCKS!!

A Match 3 Treasure! This beautiful ly crafted game has beautiful graphics, appealing music and an interesting story. Play is easily grasped and the difficulty rises with appropriate speed. An altogether excellent port of a superior match 3 classic.

Won't open Just loaded this and it shuts down before it opens. Too bad, it sounded like fun.

Awesome Game Fun , entertaining, however it is over shadowed by very annoying music. challenging

Great graphics Addictive action packed mind and time consuming

NOT FREE Down loaded the game because it said it was free played about ten levels and wanted me to buy it or sign up for their news letter to play free for a few more levels uninstalled it if it says free it should be free through all levels this game is a ripp off

Like it! I like it has different games in one. I don't like timed gamed. But at least so far, I get enough time. I'll let you know later and may give 5 star!

Call of Alantis This is a really good game one of the best in Match games.... The negative is it keeps bothering you always having to ask you to do something after the first few times in playing it forces you to buy it and then asking you to rate it after each game played. My big issue is I had already owned it and could ask about this . I really think it is doing BAD business when you are being backed into the corner bullied into buying something, anything /everything is wrong about this being aloud by anyone who sells products.!

Cool game until half way thru 2nd level and asks you to buy it.

Brilliant! As good as Rise of Atlantis which I have bought. Match 3 enthusiasts will love this. Try it. 5 stars guys - well done.

Wtf??? Super fun game but a few levels into it you have to buy the game for 4.99 to continue playing!!! I'm not spending 5 bucks for a game on my phone!! It sucks!!!!

It a good game but if get to far you have to pay, when it said free. It should pay with a free trail. It shouldn't be in the free section

Very addictive game! I don't usually buy games, because there's too many free one's, & especially games that only let you play so far, & you either buy it, or play the same levels over & over. Very sneaky & not cool, but I gave in on this one. I hope it's worth it or I will be asking for a refund!

Free You say the game is free & then, after a few levels, you're informed that to play on, You gotta buy the game to play more! How is that free?

So much fun. I am so happy Playrix is making the old games I played for years on mobile now . Just excellent games that are honest good clean fun. Great job everyone!!!

Can play COMPLETELY FREE on my PC! Unbelievable! I can play Playrix games COMPLETELY FREE on my PC but... Can NOT play for free ON ANDROID. I WAS excited to see Playrix's games on Android but VERY disappointed when I found out I have to SIGN UP for newsletter to play more levels & ultimately have to "BUY"/Pay for game...IF I want to continue to play THIS game. Uninstalling THIS game & maybe ALL Playrix games.

I loved playing the game but unfortunately it was only six levels unless I purchased the game. I look for free games for a reason.

This is most certainly not free. Being able to play a few levels then having to purchase the rest of the levels does not mean a game is free.

It's going good so far i do hope i don't have to buy anything like Rise of the Atlantis

Seriously? I have to buy more levels to keep playing? I was going to rate 5 stars for the graphics and game play. Not anymore

Love it I would give 5 for the whole game. I would buy It but I have no credit card. None.

Fantastic on my laptop but not on my phone. It says free but after a few levels i must buy so i've deleated it from my phone.

Call of Atlantis Crap game because they try to force you to buy it and won,t let you progress further if you don't don't don't buy it serve them right whentheycant sell them SHAME

This game is so challenging! If you have to charge why so much? Too bad, you're not getting my money!!

Call of Atlantis Waste of money. There's no need to make it so difficult to get through so many levels. Helpful tools are offered few and far between. By the time you really need the help, there's no option to even win it. Made me so angry that now I don't even want to continue playing it. Thought it was going to be fun. Oh well, I won't be buying anymore games from them. I made it through to the end of Zombies, because I actually felt like I had a chance, even when I was getting my butt kicked.

Only a few levels of this average game available then you have to buy it to play further levels. NO WAY!! There are better free games out there!

Addictively good fun! Very addictive, love the challenges!

Call of atlantis This is a very addictive game come and play it I can't stop playing it

Best game ever! I love this game, I play it over and over. Very relaxing and music is wonderful. Never want it to end.

Call of Atlantis: I have enjoyed this game a lot, and continues to do so, I get a lot of fun out of the best game. The simplicity of the game, the fantastic graphics and animation are awesome.!!!!!!! I will recommend that people try it, they won't regret it, my only hope is that it's got more games and or levels to be played. Cheers.!!!!!!!#####

Relaxing, but then not I liked it and found the music did not have the usual 'nails on chalkboard' effect that most games do- so that was nice. The graphics were clear and colorful. After playing for a while along came the "You're running out of time" message. I don't find timed games relaxing, so I'll be uninstalling. It's a nice game, though- at least worth trying out.

A great why to while away the hours Rise of Atlantis is a worthy successor to the original. I now stand at 2 million points and 62 lives. So obviously I have enjoyed this game. I like that it requires minimal permissions, and there are no in game purchases. However the game does suffer from the same major failing of the original, namely there is no big pay off for finishing, just some glowing crystals. All in all worth the price.

Great game but Great game loved it. But I am only giving 2 stars for the simple fact that your offering a free game but your forced to buy the game just as you really get into. I am very unhappy. Don't advertise it as free if it's not free. People go to the free page because they can't afford the paid games so therefore you should nit be allowed to put this game on the free page.

Super kewl game ... best match 3 with great music too. On CARTHAGE level,it helps if you turn off sound and music effects and slow down your play to avoid constant "resume" on your game play. Looking forward to your other game apps. Well worth my money to play your games.

The game is fun but NOT WORTH $4.99 I downloaded it as a "FREE" app. When it's advertised as "FREE", I expected it to be FREE, not FREE for just a few games before I have to pay $4.99 for more levels. But that's another scam because there are no NEW levels. It's the SAME LEVELS over and over and over with a few minute changes like more rock obstacles and less time. YOU PLAY THE SAME LEVELS OVER AND OVER!!! I emailed the developer TWICE with questions and never heard back so that just further infuriates me. NOT WORTH THE $4.99!!!!

It's a shame that you need to pay for a game when it says free so early in the game. Really like the game. Need to find better ways to earn more plays of any games. I've been robbed of money for buying things of other games and never received my money back or anything.

Very entertaining the music is Pleasant to hear easy to do with a little bit of a challenge a month later the longer you play the tougher it gets. Never got higher than a 36 level. Sets you up to fail. To many blockers.

Love This Game! I have been playing a couple weeks now and enjoy the themed levels and tasks. Not too easy and challenging enough. If you like Match 3 puzzles, you will enjoy it.

Fun game It only allows you to play for free for a few levels. Once they think they have you addicted to it, they want you to buy the full version for $5.... hahahahaha, not gonna happen.

Call of Atlantis Love ? this game, but, the free play is too short. WildTangent games are not like they were the games on the tablet is not like they were at one time ⌚ on the Computer ?, and the games on the Computer ? is not the same any more, I would like to find some games as they once were, too short, not as interesting as they once were.

Got conned Normally I do not pay for any game!!! However I did pay for the game because I enjoyed playing this game so much. The game designers made it so that we would want to continue playing grrr otherwise it would be a 5* for sure!

Fun game but ...it should be totally free. After a few levels they want u to pay. Isnt worth paying for but wouldnt be a bad game to have to kill boredom...if it were free.

False advertisement. NOT FREE I would give 5 stars if this game was actually free and not a demo. Free means just that. Trying to force payment for a game is not cool when you advertise it as being free. I actually liked the game. Shame

Additive So far, I'm loving it. I've played many match 3 games, but gotten bored of them fairly quickly. These colors are vibrant, and the story line is interesting. I think I've finally found a keeper. ?

Great game Fell in love in first 5 minutes and purchased full version straight away. So worth the small cost. Graphics are excellent and works perfect on my Nexus 7.

Waste of time Started good but need to pay cash to play past level 6. Wasted my time

Very disappointed. Get addicted to this game it stop right when you are getting really into it and to go further you have to buy. I will uninstall now. Too bad.

Great fun Holds your interest. Doesn't get boring after a while like many of the games. It's the one I keep going back to play.

good game The problem is they only let you play a couple of times then they want you to buy the full game, is that fair? I don't think so.

Loved this game on PC, very happy to play it on my tablet. And so far no anoying ads popping up. Worth downloading if you like match 3 games, a no stress game.

Don't download U get one free level then they try to make u buy it and you can't continue.... Plus it's the lame.....

Like it a lot I found that the instructions are not as helpful as they should be. I've been in Greece on one level 5 through 4 lifetimes all becsuse there is no way yo determine how to get one of the needed pieces out of a locked space. Otherwise it's fun. But I don't want to get frustrated with it.

Greedy garbage I was enjoying it, until around the 8th level. Then they make you buy the full game. You win the "GREEDY DOUCHE CANOE UNINSTALL AWARD!"

Free trial Should remain free game and offer in app purchase and bonus challenges instead of stopping someone as they progress. Might lose players if they can't buy the game when they fall in love with the game. I almost uninstalled if I couldn't continue levels. Just sayin

Good, and adicting Only problem is that this version is fee only up to like 1 level in, then it makes you go pay and download the actual full version. I don't want to pay, so I will be uninstalling it and won't be buying it either.

I really like it, but you have to buy it to continue on. Not worth my money and I was really getting into it. What a shame

Confusion It would be a lot more fun if the tutorial were more concise. It is very limited in the information it gives. I had to use lives to figure out how to do a lot other things not in the tutorial. A bit rough draft feeling for me. Much improvement needed here, technology has come so much further than this game is.

Loved the game, says it's free but they never mentioned that once you reach a certain level, you have to pay to continue. Unfair with saying it's free! Un installed !

Pay to play? Garbage! You must spend money just to play. It is not worth the cost. There are too many free games online that are free.