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Contract Killer Hide The Fart

Supplied By It Works! Apps    On Jan. 19, 2015    Comments(38)

APP for iPhone Contract Killer Hide The Fart version1.0.0 Download

Contract Killer Hide The Fart is a game where you're supposed to hide your fart sounds with cars racing by, otherwise the creepy Jeff the Killer will notice it, smell it and will be really angry. So you better be quick and quiet if you want to live.

We all know this common situation – you, alone in the darkness, standing at the bus stop and waiting for the bus or taxi, and then comes SOMEBODY. You're too afraid to turn around and look and the only ways you can guess, is he (or it?) safe, is to stay quiet and make no movements. It's like the game with angry hungry wild bears – if you see one, play dead and you will survive.

But what if your stomach is filled with gas from all that burgers, pizza or cupcakes from a local restaurant? And the pressure is so high you can't handle it anymore, you NEED to fart? Well, the road traffic is here to help you. Cars are very loud – so you can fart a little when one races by. Be as exact and careful as possible – creepypasta monsters are very dangerous, and you know Jeff, he's the second scariest killer after slenderman.

Contract Killer Hide The Fart – eternal war between life and death in your colon.

It Works! Apps part of our Arcade and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Jan. 19, 2015. Appstore play rating is 54.4604. Current verison is 1.0.0. Actual size 22.0 MB. Download contract-killer-hide-the-fart.apk 22.0 MB


Wow.... Not really the app I thought it was and it was really easy! I got to a million and up points in one shot! Its kinda dumb to if that was a killer then he would have killed the guy first sight. Wow but good job for making the app....? its kinda dissapointing.

Stupid It's really dumb when the guy with the knife kills you all it shows is his face and you can't hide the fart it just keeps farting

Lol!! Is it wrong I find this unbelievably funny?? Oh, and to those who need help, you click on the screen and the man farts.

too easy first off the jeff the killer is just a gimmick and this is a version of an already well known game. kind of like how they make a bunch of tetris versions. its also too easy as none of his farts set off Jeff

Contract killer hide the fart Is the stupidest game I ever played there are way too many ads but one thing I don't get is why put ads in a game if you want people to play it

Ha ha So easy good job give yourself a pat on the back XD :) :D ; D

Fart glitch If u hold finger on screen when bar on green u won't lose

Good but... Why is Jeff waiting for a bus it makes no sense.

SO STUPID not even one star good advice delete this game

Funny and easy It has Jeffrey woods a.k.a Jeff the killer

What are u suspected to do All u do is fart and then when the bar finishes u fail

Great It works great keep up the good work....:-) :-) :-)

Awesome I loved it it was simple and that's why I like it but I'm uninstalling it because I need an actual scary game

Wtf ?? It's such a dumb game with no point....THAT'S AMAZING ?????"OOOOH"

E and Z Very easy and hilarious!

I don't git it This is wionnd

Probably like a neverending game XD

can't get past I am stuck on level 2

Its a domd game Its the domdist game

I loved it Actually' jeff the killer my best charcter

I really loved it! it was easy

WHAT okay how do u even play this stupid game worst flipping game ever

Horrible What's the point to this game it's crap

what is the controll

Lost what

Worst game ever wish it never existed AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hate it hate it hate it Worst game ever why do people wanna play this game it is so stupid and lame I literally played the game for 1 minute and then I automatically went right back to the app store and uninstalled it it was horrible and I think anybody should never ever play the game it sucks and I don't even care if anybody makes the game never exist because that game should die and be gone because it is horrible wrong and all totally messed up yeah not lying never in your whole entire life should you install this if I could and if it was possible I would throw it in the garbage trust me it sucks

So easy I thought it was a better game?but when I realized what you were supposed to do I was like "this is lame" make it harder, please!?

0 STARS How are you supposed to not make him fart he just keeps farting?

This game is pointless... This game is pointless...I don't even have to put my finger on the screen and I still win ... if their was not a hole bunch of cars then it would be harder but no there are to many cars in the way...I'm trying to loose :(

Creepasta This is a good game but dosnt have the right creppypasta facts

Totally liked it It was so good that I did not even need to get the game!

So funny omg love it Pls make more like this game pls

Smelly...... Jeff is with slender-man and how come he is with you?

This stupid game is really worth downloading! This is probably the most pointless game on my tablet, but it's also the most adicting. It's stupidly funny and over 9,000!

Weird and stupid The controls are hard to figure out how to use. To sum it up for you...........it sucks balls

What I do not get thes

Lol Wow u think I will say lol! No be cuz such a dumb dumb game

I'm sorry but this sucked. And I wouldn't even touch the screen and the dued still farted and I would instantly lose. And what's the point of the game?