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Cops Vs Robber Survival Gun 3D

Supplied By Crazy Commando Games    On Jan. 18, 2016    Comments(127)

APP for iPhone Cops Vs Robber Survival Gun 3D versionD1 Download

A law enforcement robot, programmed to re-activate after a number of centuries by a prophetic scientist who predicted the fall of mankind and civilization. It doesn't know what has transpired in the wake of the fall or why the world has become so rowdy and violent, all it knows is it hasn't made an arrest in 1230 years and it's got some catching up to do. As it takes in the sheer number of people rioting the earth, the copbot's cloning activates and as he travels beyond the borders of his rebirth, his clones spawn and reign their strict laws over the town. As one of the world's last remaining superheroes, working a desk job at the local precinct, when a mob of copbots storm the district, taking out citizens left and right, he knows he must take a stand and classes from this menace.

Cops Vs Robbers - Survival Craft is a thrilling first person shooter adventure where you can enjoy real time battle with friends and foes from all over the globe. With over 40 weapons to create, equip and use including guns, rockets, grenades, bows, swords and gems, you'll be ready to blow past enemies with stunning finesse. Take out enemies creating or utilizing a plethora of unique strategies or even shoot through walls when you see oncoming enemies approaching on the areal entity map. Collect your daily reward by viewing short video ads, then select your difficulty level and begin fighting. In this initial map, you will be fighting against the clock in order to earn a powerful permanent weapon to carry with you throughout the game. The level will instruct you in the number of enemies you'll need to defeat and the time you'll be given to perform this feat. If you don't succeed the first time, you'll be offered another chance, or you can move on to the next level without this bonus weapon. When you reach level six you will unlock the multiplayer option. Happy shooting!

Top Game Features:
>>>Loading Screen Tips
>>>Lock and Load Aim
>>>Daily Rewards
>>>Game timers
>>>Cool pixel graphics

Game Levels:
Level 1: Prison
Level 2: City Street
Level 3: Forest Arena
Level 4: Deserted Town
Level 5: Futuristic city
Level 6: Nuclear-reactor facility

Crazy Commando Games part of our Adventure and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Jan. 18, 2016. Appstore play rating is 69.5615. Current verison is D1. Actual size 48.0 MB.

What's new

    Exchanged Daily rewards for Power ups
    Improved player and enemies starting position
    Fixed known bugs: having to repeat missions, enemies getting stuck, Rate us screen disappearing.
    Improved gameplay
Download cop-vs-robber-survival-gun-3d.apk 48.0 MB


How to How do I change my skin and name i keep on changing name but it says prisoner something please fix I will give 5 stars

Hate it. I just got it and the dang thing won't even let me play! U better fix this bug fast!

Haha u wish I keep it but nooooo I can't play it won't let me u guys really need ta fix this its worse than actauly going ta jail I bet

Horrible Hate it. Everybody that shoots me it doesn't do any damage me

Omg Guys dont download. It looks cool in preview but it wont let people die whats a gun game if you cant kill one person??? Like i shoot and i shoot and i shoot no damage! The only way to die is to fall out of the world!

What the helll? I cant even change my guns my name and even no survival!?! I just cant have this game anymore

Love it I like game plus shooting three walls all you haters go to he'll this is the best game ever

Thats why I rate one star It doesnt work

It's OK but needs better speed They just don't know when to stop making games like this

HATE HATE HATE It is so slow and it won,t let me play

Cool I great i need more games like this o and whatch you language walker

Sucks If you want a suggestion maybe you should make a game that works

Liked it Kinda has a lag but not so much

Wow I like when they shot I Dodge all of them

Game won't start You really need to fix that

What are you going to do with diamonds I can't find a shop for guns what do I do

It is amaning You can be a cop or you can be a robby

_@£¥×¶~= Add time build you can't build after 2 minutes that and at the bigning you can't $10.000 diamonds

To all you ppl You guys are mean saying this is horrible you know what you are horrible JK?????

Awesome! Just add custom skins and this game will be in second place on my favorite game list. P.S. my favorite game right now is pixel gun 3d :P

It wont let me play

Poop Takes for ever to down load

Kill you Puto if you don't fix it it crashed too much or I will kill you!.

Rudish This game is rudish I cant get in one game thix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When u shoot a block it disappears, it takes forever to download

Cool It is very cool

Worst game in existance Whoever created this game IM GOING 2 KIC His STUPID BALLS. Seriously i did leteraly kik his balls

Hate it Keeps saying unfortunately cops and robbers hase stoped

Its not bad

Does not load

Good! Very good! I am happy!

What is this? OK I really love minecraft but this is just bad and really it's hard to control and it doesn't even look like minecraft don't download

I won't even load I hate if I could give it zero stars I would I am sick of people trying to make nock off's of mincemeat they all suck

Boring The controls are really hard to use, the game is glitchy, and it's a really boring game.

I love it How do you get a new gun

This stinks I really like minecraft but this is just suck it is super hard to control and every time went i wanted to shot than is just frost when you upgreate it and its good i will give you a 5 star

LOVE THIS GAME THIS game is my life download it

Guys say to game Guys why you say suck it cool and you phone samsung galaxy all versions are suck sometime it boom like c4

A police killed me The police kill me I took the police costume this game is so bad

Love it Problem it's slow and I have so many Internet fix this pleas

Not 1 star It us sooooooooooo bad not a 1 star

Love it So much fun this is the great game I ever have♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

It keep saying it stoped

Rubbish Piece of sh**

Hate it I can even start it and it freezes

I hate this game it is the worst game ever

I am downloading What is it going to be like.Please please please tell me.Reply

Alexi How do we turn to creative

Wat It just stay their on screen what u need fix now

Does not work

It ses create epic bildings

Wow I actually can't believe that someone actually made this! YOU CAN'T EVEN JUMP AND I CAN'T KILL PPL THIS SUCKS

I keep getting stuck at the menu it won't let me play

I love it ? This game is amazing you guys are doing great. Keep working on it to make it better. It's awesome thank you.

False advertise again You can't build jack **** grrrrrrrr fix it then I'll rate it 5 stars and I might just comment.?

Seems cool I want to play with my sis and kill her lol hope she does not be angry lol

Awesome! Great game! One thing that I don't like. Hard to control and don't know how to pick up guns.So 2 thingsB-)

Fun It has a lot of guns and there's more levels

Dose not let u go in to multiplayer God dont waste ur time on this

WTF!!!!!! Who would be the guy or girl woul'nt like this AWESOME GAMES..??

Its cool but i cant even play the multyplayer Why i cant go to the multyplayer?i doesn`t make any sense but i like this game

It's cool , fun for all ages Not for babies though

Awsome It was so cool I killed my best friend lol

Best game ever Lots of fun

Cool This game is very awesome and I love it!

Errr... I can't do multiplay please fix

Cool I like the sword rhe best

Bug me out of the map It was weird and the enemy's threw me out of the map

Amazing! I love this game so much but can you make it so we can be a robber.

Can't focus gun There is too much lag so u can't even hit anything

Cool I liked it

Multiplayer ¡!!¡!! I like the game except I just unlocked Multiplayer and it says like a connection error but I have awesome internet

Awesome I brought all skins

Awsome You can shoot peaple

Shooting U can through walls

Fun game You have guns

I Love it because you can shoot through walls so cool

It is great I shot somebody's head off with shotgun with a shotgun.

Loved it It is so cool! rate it 5 stars!

Omg Omg the best game evetr

Omg so cool lolololololol Lol I love it is a great game

The best game ever

So asome Make more

Because it is a awesome games

Loved it It is awesome I am playing with my brother and we are a great team!

Awesome game!!!! Freaking awesome game!

Awesome It's so cool you can run all you want others you have to wait to run agian but you can't kill the robots with a gun fix it plz

Nah Scence the new update came in its nit that good like wtf you need to go get lvl 6 to play online what the f***

Hey guys are having trouble with any questions about your experience with a few years ago and have been the same time as well as other day Ok 2nd. the other hand is not an intended for

Cool game This game is so fun you guys should play this game.☺

Awesome This is very good to compare any other cops and robbers

Ýyyyyyyaaaaaa I love you and your family and friends of making this game

Good game but can you make the player able to play mulyiplayer on level 1?

I love it but can u fix the jumping thingi every time I get close to a wall it jumps

Good but... When i try to play multiplayer i click it and the screen turns white and i cant play only singleplayer works but not multiplayer please fix this promblem and ill rate five stars.

Riley cool game but it is the most easiest game ever ?

Last version very good I hate this version ,I like the old version.pls get back the old version

I love guns and that's what this game has

Sucks!! It is so depressing, takes 30 seconds to pick up a gun and there's a time limit??!!

TERRIBLE Too slow. Couldn't even load the app. Is 0 a option?

Man Is cool game play it is fun

It is the best games I am loving it

Very goodah;) Its pretty cool and its not bad,and what i love in this game,you can choose what you want,offline or online game (multiplayer or single player)

It's okay The grains are amazing

Should be played by all.That's how awesome it is

Good but I'd finished the single player and then I played multiplayer the screen just goed white

It's shooting Why don't you snip I have a tip hide with the robbers if you are a robber and they will help you

It s ok Yeah it s OK I guess but not that good but yeah good shooting s fun very fun

I love it but Why isn't it the multiplayer already unlocked?!:(

Can't play When I reach to lvl 6 and I click multiplayer and its always appear a white screen I waited for 1 hour its still white pls fix it

Cops Vs Robber Survival Gun 3D This one of the greatest games I've ever play in my entire life!?????This game is for 12 year olds or older but I'm actually 9! Shocked isn't it?

BEST GAME EVER This is one of my best games do get this its the best because you can even play whith freinds at level6 i could play this all day long and not get bored

It sucks It succks because the multiplayer doesnt work

I love this game Because it won't let you be a cop and robber

Best game ever If you level up it give you golden gun

? How do you get blocks and build? Also, The controls are different. It won't let me crouch or change weapons unless i go to the in game menu.

Control is hard Its kind of hard but ?

HARD It's to hard how when you kill them you don't get there guns

Fun game just hard to control

False advertise again You can't build jack **** grrrrrrrr fix it then I'll rate it 5 stars and I might just comment.?

Cops vs robbers This game is so awesome I can't help my self I got a lot of guns cops rule????

Great game This is one of the best games I've ever played!? It's better then pixel gun. You should play it

New things I like that you run without having to to press a button and better guns

Love it I love it because it's like minecraft but with guns , I don't have minecraft but this is like a gun mod for minecraft and you can play on the mod

I was wrong Turns out it was hard and once I got hit for the first time and I got killed

Great but It was kinda weird controls cause it's hard to focus on a target while walkin