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Deseret 1st CU Mobile Banking

Supplied By Deseret First Credit Union    On Aug. 29, 2016    Comments(54)

APP for iPhone Deseret 1st CU Mobile Banking version2016.04.812 Download

DFCU Mobile Banking by Deseret First Credit Union allows convenient access 24/7 on your mobile device to:

• Check account balances

• Transfer funds between accounts

• Make loan payments

• Deposit checks

You must be a registered user of online banking to use this app. After registering and downloading the app, you will use the same username, password and security questions as online banking to access your accounts.

Federally Insured by NCUA.

Deseret First Credit Union part of our Finance and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Aug. 29, 2016. Appstore play rating is 73.9759. Current verison is 2016.04.812. Actual size 4.6 MB.

What's new

    - Misc bug fixes and performance improvements
Download deseret-1st-cu-mobile-banking.apk 4.6 MB


Hit and miss Sometimes it takes many times to deposit a check or it won't deposit the check. Now today new update won't allow me to transfer for payment. Always something. Also doesn't accept my password a lot on first try. So I usually type incorrect password first then type correct password second and it works.

Handy app for mobile deposit ***Edit: glitches when I deposit checks on a regular basis. Often takes me 2-3 tries to complete deposit. *** I am a student abroad and this app allows me to access my account and deposit checks without paying exorbitant fees at other institutions.

Transfers Great up but since my phone updated I can no longer make transfers. It's like the transfer button is grey and won't register when I click it.

Works every once in a while. The last five times I've tried depositing a check it didn't work.

Love it when it works. After latest update they changed the keyboard format in the mobile deposit amount entry to a ten key, but didn't add a decimal to the ten key. I can't deposit my checks with mobile deposit now due to not being able to enter the correct check amount.

Mostly good I like it, but when I try to transfer from one account to another, the screen goes blank. It didn't do this up until about two weeks ago.

Yah I had the same problem. Today it won't start up.

Transfers suck Ever since the update transfers are impossible. Fix this bug!

Worked fine until the update Latest update made account transfers impossible on Mobile

No transfer! Ever since the last update, I can't make a transfer! I have to go to the website in order to do anything.

Won't let me deposit checks anymore because of bug There is a bug where if the check has cents like 535.89 cents it won't let you enter the 89 cents anymore! So you can only enter dollars not cents! Please fix.

Shows that I have a lot more in my account then I actually should. There is a transaction showing us passing the bill but the total still reflects the previous balance. Very disappointed I need the correct balance and it will not work.

Glitchy When I first open the app it send me a message that it is going to crash, and close but then goes to the username screen. It takes a while to login once a password is entered. When you actually go into to look at the accounts it glitches again, and the names and numbers in the transaction and balances (pending, and available) will overlap each other making words and numbers illegible. This needs alot of work. The website is easier to use but not much better than the app.

Works great for me I know that this being a new app it's bound to have a few glitches. I like that my banking information isn't saved, yes it take a few seconds more to enter in my account name and password, but I'd rather spend the time to log in again and know my information is safe. That being said, it is a little annoying to sign in again if you are using this app and look quickly at something else and DFCU logs you out. I like the mobile deposit, my work is still in the process of seting up direct deposit.

Dougc App totally fails on Samsung Galaxy S Blaze. I see the opening logo, then a rainbow of static garbage, then black. I've never seen anything more than that whether using wifi or 4G. I love mobile banking, but please DFCU: Fix the Android app! Thanks.

Needs work. Should have put more work into this app before releasing it. It's easier just to use their website to log in.

Just as buggy as their new site Frequent lockups, "cache misses", and stuck error states make using this app feel like walking on egg shells. Most recent? Error 0 trying to upload a check and I can't do anything about it. Even tried clearing all of the app's data store to no avail. Maybe someday....

Can't deposit a check Anytime I try to review the image to deposit a check it is just a blank screen. That is the main reason I downloaded the app.

Needs work. Too many clicks to log on. Needs to remember username account # then ask for password. Mobile deposit involves a lot of touches as well. Looking forward to updates.

App is constantly shutting down. Very slow. Love the mobile deposit option, but often takes several attempts before it works.

Needs more works but so far so good The deposit works greatly as well as checking balance. It is a bit buggy to log out but it should be an easy fix.

Freeze! A lot of the time the app will freeze my phone and than I have to restart it. sometimes it freezes on startup and it most always freezes when I try to do mobile deposit.

Mobile Check Deposits are a pain The app hangs and I have to relog for nearly every check I scan. Also it's very finicky about the pictures and sometimes I have to retake the pics 7 or 8 times before it works.

Very helpful I like the app. Very good! Never had any problems with it!

Terrible! The app wouldn't even open. I was super excited about this app, and it has been a huge disappointment. Hopefully they fix it soon..

Easy to use, much better than using the browser on my phone This is a welcome add-on to the DFCU site-- thank you! Started using it on my Samsung Galaxy S4, and it works beautifully.

Need To Fix The Bugs This doesnt like to work on my T-MOBILE Prism, even though my android browser is a 2.3. Would be much happier without the rainbow colored screen when trying to log in. >> and the issue still hasnt been resolved on my phone.

Very Buggy. I hardly ever can get mobile deposit to work.

Mobile banking Took a few tries to log in. Would like to see a tablet version with same functionality as the new website.

Doesn't work The app won't open on my Samsung galaxy s 2.

No go on Galaxy S2 Splash screen comes up, but nothing after that -- just a black screen. Touching in various places causes the busy cursor to show up, so it acts like stuff is going on, but you can't see any of it.

You need to be behind the times to think this app isn't simple to bank on. Really functional, it's easy to make quick transfers on and to check your balance when you're away from the computer or after business hours. There are some bugs to fix but I'm happy with it so far.

The app itself works fine, but it no longer makes DFCU compatible with Mint. Hopefully this is fixed in an update soon...

I have a galaxy note 3. This app locks it up. Runs for the first use and then fails. Only app on the device that chronically fails.

Doesn't Work Doesn't work on HTC.

GREAT!!! Thanks for doing a Android app I was sure you would leave us out. The is good, we'll designed and easy to use.

Love it It's so nice to have an app and I think it's fabulous!!! Thanks for getting this app out to us.

Works as well as the website Very usable. Let's you do anything you would do on the website, plus mobile check deposits. Awesome!

Works on Samsung galaxy s2 So nice that dfcu got an app. I signed in on the website first. Afterwards, the app works fine.

Exciting Love everything about this app. So many things to do and now you can do it right from your phone! Thanks Deseret First!

I downloaded the app in order to deposit checks. I go to "Mobile Deposit" and it just takes me to the Disclosure, there is no place for me to accept the disclosure or to move past it, I can only go back. This app isn't much use to me without the mobile deposit. If that worked it'd probably get 4 or 5 stars, depending on the other features.

Good...could be better My only complaint is that you can't do bill pay through the app. It's nit a deal breaker, but it would be nice. Everything else has worked fine for me.

Love it when it works. After latest update they changed the keyboard format in the mobile deposit amount entry to a ten key, but didn't add a decimal to the ten key. I can't deposit my checks with mobile deposit now due to not being able to enter the correct check amount. Update. The bugs from the last update have been fixed and the graphical interface and user interface has been tweaked. The interface tweaks are an improvement and the app is the very stable.

Great tool This is a very helpful app! I love the mobile deposit and how quick a transfer can be made. Sometimes the mobile deposit doesn't read the dollar amount correctly. Other than that it is a great tool that makes banking so much easier.

Love the convenience! This app is so handy when I need to check my accounts or transfer funds. Love it!

Transfers suck Ever since the update transfers are impossible. Fix this bug! The app takes forever to load and it crashes every time it tries to go show me my accounts. Fix the app! Go back to how it was before!

A few bugs but works pretty good Sometimes transfers happen twice after getting a confirmation but otherwise its pretty good

Upside down camera image I am using the new nexus 5x and the camera image is upside down when I am scanning checks. From what I have read this can happen if you use the old camera API. Just wanted to make sure you knew. Other than that, the app is great!

Mobile deposit How hard is it to make an app that will actually focus on the check as I'm trying to take a picture of it? This has been going on for months now. I just tried probably 20 times to get a picture of a check that was actually focused. I'll happily give this app 5 stars when that is fixed.

Transfers suck, the whole app sucks Ever since the update transfers are impossible. Fix this bug! The app takes forever to load and it crashes every time it tries to go show me my accounts. Fix the app! Go back to how it was before!

Never shows correct balance This thing never shows the correct balance... always different than what you see online.

Broken for days Just trying to let you know-I have a Samsung S3 and this app hasn't worked for days. Every time I log in it tells me there has been an error. Then the drop down menu is blank. You can't do mobile deposits, you can't even log out. The only thing you can do is see your balances.

App stuck on DFCU logo screen When I tap on the app icon I am greeted by the DFCU logo and then nothing else happens.

Not too bad Great to use when not near a computer. One recommendation would be to utilize biometric logins to alleviate having to type in a twenty alpha numeric character password each time. Half the time I enter it incorrectly and get locked out of my account.