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DigiClock Widget

Supplied By David Goemans    On Jan. 22, 2013    Comments(68)

APP for iPhone DigiClock Widget version3.0c Download

Themed Digital Clock widget.

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Don't like 3.0? Email me with details why and i can provide a 2.6 build. Thanks!

Need help installing? Run DigiClock settings from your app drawer and check out help!

Other Problems? Help on dev site! Didn't help? EMAIL ME, i'll fix it!


Cyanogen Mod may kill it aggressively. But shouldn't anymore ;)


Please support dev by buying the Donate version!

David Goemans part of our Productivity and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Jan. 22, 2013. Appstore play rating is 87.9068. Current verison is 3.0c. Actual size 766.0 KB.

What's new

    Fixed widget for Android 1.5
    Fixed bug with 24h mode on large widget
    Changed update notification to be less annoying
    Fixes crash caused by 3.0a fix
    Adds 2 new fonts
    Memory use bug fix
    Fixed scaling on lower res devices
    Setting 24/12 hour mode is in the Text Settings menu
    When you add the widget, you can now choose a Large version
    All themes now support custom fonts and transparency
    New Fonts
    Faster theme downloading
    Prettier interface
    News Screen
Download digiclock-widget.apk 766.0 KB


I really like it. But sometimes it's slow to open up my apps I've hidden then other times won't open at all. Droid 2.

*ADORE* this! Better & better with every single update! Thank you for all the fun themes... Great app, great dev-- my favorite app! A+++ MotoDroid2

Excellent I have nothing but good comments about this app. The themes are great but I'd love to have some military related themes (USMC, USAF, USN, USA). Will definitely be donating.

The best clock widget ever!!! I love this app! I have tried so many different clock widgets/apps. Some were hard to see or read. This has text shadows, which helps tremendously. Lots of options, simple to use. I was just about to create my own and found this one. Its exactly as I would have created! Awesome job!

Like the customization options, but the date line is crammed too close to the line above, making it less readable. Google N1; on 2.3

Great, customizable clock Great clock app. Does what you'd want it too, and I really appreciate the degree of customization it offers.

One of the best free digital clocks. Lots of nice, simple skins and a nice amount of customizable features. Motorola Defy.

Cool widget I just wish it could be made wider, as the sides don't allow for much expansion to the left or right for bigger fonts. I can resize the widget with go launcher but still is limited in terms of font growth as edges get cut off with too big of a font size. (for use as a 5x1 widget on a 5x5 grid)

Finally, a decent working clock widget, thx so muck David will start looking for your name Wen I need something

Love the customization options, but there's no reason this app has to use 15 mb of memory. Will search on...

Love it!! Please create a Calendar Widget to coordinate with this design, with an option to sync with Google Calendar. (EVO)

Awesome app! (It would kinda help if you could apply the font style to its name in the selection list.)

Has a lot of potential. Dev, can you create a cookie to remember where the screen was where you last set a theme? It can only help this awesome app.

Freezes Looks awesome, but time freezes all the time !!! Then you need to tap it to show correct time, or if that doesn't work, remove it from homescreen and put it back again ... Gonna look for a clock that actually works !!!

awesome app. so customizable, no probs, just a simple time and date app thats great 4 people with vision probs like myself. love it! voda 845

Good app, but... It's a tough choice between this and ClockQ - need to be able to add different fonts and have more shadow control. Happy to donate & give it 5 stars then. Looks nice on (rooted) Galaxy S2.

Love the themes!!! I love the great selection of themes including the Puerto Rican flag!!! Included are a good selection of fonts as well to decide what you want your clock to look like. Great app overall. After you add widget open app on Market to change your selections. Don't give bad comments if you can't figure it out by yourself! Will definitely donate!

This is a great app, it works great on my Droid incredible. I love the tap launch feature.

A great contribution I have tried many digital clocks in my Samsung galaxy phone. This one is my final choice

Send To work reliably, which makes it head and shoulders above most, including Sense, which I think hurt other apps & didn't work.

Very good! All thats missing is a numbered energy bar in space next to am/pm. Smng: fascinate 2.2

Great widget 24 hours time setting doesn't work on my phone and return to am/pm mode when reboot my phone

Awesome. Finally a gud customizable free clock. Pls add n option 2 click n directly go 2 alarms. Also if you cud display alarm time, it wud b perfect

Was good... Then updated Epic to 2.2... Tap no longer pulls up alarm. Just clicks and nothing happens. Reinstalled, didn't help.

The widget+shortcuts rocks! Glad it's working well w/ cyanogen now! thanks David! The added options are nice too

Galaxy S2 I love this app but at the same time I hate it. I have my clock set to military time. But it keep switching back to regular time automatically. Please fix

I have been looking for this for so long...I purchased Fancy Widgets, Beautiful Widgets, and W&T... Wish I found this 1st. Thanks!

Great Widget I've used this widget front and center on all my home screens since Cupcake. Touch to launch apps is super convenient and the theming options means it never looks out of place, no matter how crazy I go. If you want more than the tiny clock in the corner, look no further.

great changed phones over the years, but this app remains to be my main date and time displayer for all my phones.

Freeze Stop working.... Asking report but won't let me either. I'm done with this app. Uninstalled

For a free widget, this rocks! Amazing customization. The beta date format works perfect. Only needs more font options. Rooted Epic 4g

No need to look at others this one was done right. Had it since I had a slowwww hero, and was a no brainer to put on my new one. Evo3d

Digiclock widget Good but should have a battery % display and a rainbow background choice.

It works. I added my fave apps & can access them by touching the clock. Cool! Lots of clock styles to. Different widget sizes. Love it!

Works well, but after setting the size and font once, even if I remove the widget and put a new one on, I can't customize it --update-I figured it out

Best digital clock widget I have tried, love the bold font. The only thing to make it perfect would be separate font colour for the date.

Was using this until last update, and now app launcher freezing and not working properly on Samsung Galexy. So using alternative for now.

Preview It lacks a preview setting to see how exactly the clock widget will look.

App is simple and works. Graphics not quite as crisp as I hoped but time is always accurate unlike other clock widgets. Droidx2

The update and themes are VERY ugly. For example, ghost theme. Version 2.6d is much much better.

This is the best digital clock widget I've seen so far. The only problem is that the initial settings screen was only displayed once at the initial in

I loved it... until it stopped updating time. Now won't update time at all. Added this to task killer, and nothing. Uninstalled. HTC Eris

had to go on the net to find out how to change the settings would love a sample of the fonts to choose from other then that I love it

Noticed that when I return to the home page the minutes is briefly off but quickly corrects itself.

sgs2...... The best free clock app yet! Thank you dev. adds!

More fonts please! The "tap launches" feature makes this the most useful clock i can find, great app but it would be nice to have more selection of fonts....

Love it! Just did the "donate", and I really don't know what took me so long. My phone just had to have a hard-reset (you know, erase everything), but I put digiclock to exactly the same settings as before (I wrote them down before the wipe). You don't mess with perfection! This is only one of two programs that I restored to exactly the way they were before the reset. Thanks for a great product.

1 Click Access to Open Apps! Was an amazing Clock, and I love that I can open almost ANY and Every App from clicking the Widget. Not attractive. I don't use the 4x2 up sizes:UGLY

Customizable Clock I like being able to change color & font so I can see the digits easier than the standard system clock which is always white & difficult to see on some backgrounds. It also acts like a folder so it makes it convenient to link certain apps for quick access & to see so many at once on the phone screen because they display as a list rather than icons. I've used this on S2, S5, and Note 10.1 w/no problems.

Best free clock widget This is def the best free clock widget on the Android market! I've tried a few others - and sometimes they don't update the correct time. I've been using this for about a week now and I've had no issues.

Love how I can customize so much! I can get my clock to match every wallpaper :-) doesn't slow down fone or anything either. It's a Must have.

This is IT! It seems that all the clock widgets out there are just too busy, and instead of complimenting the image on my phone, they detract. All I wanted was a nice clean clock without and borders or artsy touches, and David Goeman delivers!! The search is over!

Epic. This is the first time I have ever reviewed anything on here and I just HAD to. Cool clocks I can customize and shortcuts to whatever apps I want when I touch it? So much more than I expected. (:

The time will not show, only the background image shows up. Retarded.

Love it! But when I use the small size widget, it changes shape whenever I open an app, and won't go back to normal unless I remove it and re-open it.

Finally a great clock Tried quite a few apps before finding this one. All I wanted was for it to keep time, be big enough to see, date centered with time, and have a good font with a clear background. Beautiful job! I can't believe how hard it was to find one that does the basics well.

I don't know how you managed to automatically open the application after an update, but I don't appreciate it... I hate apps stealing focus.

Awesome clock widget Highly customizable clock appearance, without having too much "other" stuff going on. Flag themes and changeable fonts are great. I love to be able to change appearance each week! Samsung Epic, Galaxy S. Kudos, dev!

I can't get the font as big as it shows. It just cuts off at each end. Love the app launch feature.

Have had no issues! Keeps correct time all the time even when phone is "asleep"! That's where others failed.

Its great. It gets the job done and frees up alot of space on the home screen. Hopefully they add the weather in upcomming updates as an added feature

Inacurate Have had this app for a couple years was great but now it doesnt keep accurate time have to keep tappin the widget to do so please fix...note 2

Settings don't stick I set it to 24 hour time & have to reset it at least 3 times a day because it changes back to 12 hour time on its own.

What is going on I have used this app forever but now the widget keeps being way behind sometimes up to half a hour!

Thumbs up! Beats the heck out if the leader(whose doesn't keep correct time ) . GREAT APP! Works well on my Galaxy S4.

:( Clock keeps stopping. When I click on it, it starts up again. Wth? Too bad...I liked it.

Great app. Switched from DigitalClock to DigiClock. Only complaint is with Tap settings; names truncated until selected. Then normal. MotoDroid 1.

Old one developed a fault. Downloaded new one and now won't go onto homescreen. Useless