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Dns Changer (NO ROOT)

Supplied By Emre KOÇ    On Aug. 25, 2016    Comments(98)

APP for iPhone Dns Changer (NO ROOT) version2.4.0.1 Download

Easy way to change Dns

Just select one dns from list and your dns will be changed :)

You should also add new dns which is not exists in the list as you wish

You can reset your dns settings easily

Emre KOÇ part of our Tools and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Aug. 25, 2016. Appstore play rating is 80.8263. Current verison is Actual size 3.1 MB.

What's new

    Lollipop support added.
    Bugs fixed.
    Dns names added.
Download dns-changer-2.apk 3.1 MB


Works Good (Waiting for network status hang fixed in v2.0.2. Thanks.) Allows for setting both primary and secondary servers in one step. But, misleading "Add Dns" (plus sign) changes the primary server only in your DNS settings - it does not add a DNS to the apps' default list, tho that list is OK. It would be nice if one could enter in user choice DNS IPs and names. Five stars if that's added - and I'd pay for that feature.

WiFi only Limitations not reported in description; very invasive ads

Worked great for me! An excellent app, simple and worked. Than you for this app!

What ? This just for WiFi only ?

No 3g support Is it so hard to write that in the description?

Crashed. Did nothing.

Works as advertised, a bit confusing tho I appreciate the effort to keep it simple but the icons (little bomb, plus sign and the i) are a bit unclear. Took me a couple minutes to figure it all out. Works great though.

Does not support 3g data

Very cool Your application is very good, i like it. But i will perfect if this app can swicth dns in data connection (not wifi like DNSet app) Thanks

Works well Any chance to add functionality for user to edit DNS entries? Right now I have to manually enter the DNS I want to use each time.

Simple yet effective It was laggy at first but after loading all the available dns ips and choosing one, browsing and loading of pages went back to normal :) tnx great stuff!

Awesome Wow your app very nice than other app ... Thanks very much.. I had try many dns set/ changer, but they all so useless app.. your app very successful.. now I can search anything I want... =)

Breaks internet settings It works when downloaded first time. However after a while , when I try to connect internet, I can not connect the internet, the internet had just gone away. I had to reset factory settings then I again downloaded the same app and it causes the same problem again. So I needed to again load the factory settings . Thus , my suggestion is that dont download the app, or, your internet connection gone away, you know.

Extreme intrusive ad usage Ad usage is so extreme that you cant even click on the box to enter a dns number, there will be like 5-6 adds in the way. Those ads aren't placed on the bottom or top or somewhere fixed anyway, they bounce around the screen, probably author hopes to get them clicked by accident that way. There many other apps that do the same without getting on users nerves, pick one of those instead.

I'll give a five star if it's work...if it doesnt..uninstall..still observe for couple of day..

Works like a charm!! I've been looking for DNS changer for awhile. Non of them really works for me. But this, this is really working. Thanks for writing this piece of apps. Definitely recommend!!

Awesome App ... I had used many other dns changing apps for Google open dns but they weren't working .. finally this one does !!!

Can't change dns on 3g. process not automated. The other dns changer app with lower rating is actually better

It works w/out root but WiFi only User interface could be better. Would be nicer if alt-DNS setting could be set. But seems like most other similar apps don't work without root access. Big ads are a bother, but the "back" button seems to clear them away (but still have small ads at the bottom.) This does not have option to go back to the original setting - would be better if it did.

Worked First Time! I have it working with KitKat 4.4.2 and OpenDNS on my Note Pro. Many thanks for a great app. The only one that does it for me. Works every time!

how to change my DNS back to default? hi, ive changed my DNS to one from the list. after that, i can no longer connect to the wifi i've been using. can you tell me how to solve this?

Doesn't work for 3G I only wanted it for 3G with root, but it can't set 3G DNS so not much use.

3G missing Effective and a simple app to use, works well and also has tons of DNS lists. All good but why would you not make it for not only Wi-Fi but also 3G? That's why I gave this 3 stars, but when 3G support gets added, I'll edit this review and make it 5.

Doesn't work Besides the big ads... it doesn't let me add a new DNS.

It does work It is really working on not rooted kitkat. NICE..

Finally i got the best. First class . Thanks superb and perfect tools.

Model requirement My samsung note 3 work well with this but not for my galaxy y. Why is that so?

Awesome I recommended use this tool.Easy way to changes dns

Nexus 5 I love it. Its work

How to change Dns back to its original state?

Cannot change on 3g? Well this is not what I'm looking for then

Do install this app This app will damage your device. My kindle WiFi connection stop working after I ran this app.

3g support needed Wifi dns can be changed manually without app! Useless

Thank you! Helped work around DNS problem. Would be nice if user could permanently add servers to list (e.g. my ISP's servers.)

Okay thanks. Now all works flawlessly.

Love it Very easy to use! Thanks!

No adds or bs....Thank you Love it, great app! Needed Google DNS and now I have it!

Uhmmm Can not change DNS of 3G connection, please use WiFi. Erm, I am on WiFi. Even BT or USB tether... Brilliantly useless.

Absolute life saver Could not use any Internet browser on any device. Downloaded this app and changed reset it and now my connection is working perfectly

Yes! Download now ! I could've used something like this year's ago to make life easier.! :D Glad I found it.

Great ! and some tips All of you that use this apps , use and by google . Its all access and for wifi only !

Did not work Easy to install and set up however it did not solve my wifi issue for my galaxy s6 edge phone. There was very minimal increase in the wifi speed.

Works very well! I have been having intermittent WiFi DNS issues on multiple networks over the last several months on my Note 4. Usually I would need to restart my phone or switch to Cell Data to browse. This app let me change the DNS settings easily to restore Internet access. Real easy to use, but only works over WiFi. If you try to use it on Cell Data it'll give you an error message saying you must use WiFi.

Didn't work on marshmallow Make it support for marshmallow , pls

Not working Used to work. Now it just will not run and lags the Internet if using wifi.

It is not as easy as selecting one. My droid dna makes me choose 2 but it has to be the correct 2. I don't understand.

Superb Helped me change DNS where other apps could not.

Fixed my DNS issue. Now I can see images.

The best but... When you add a dns, you can't add a second one. If they can change this I will 5 star.

When adding our own DNS we cannot specify a ., only numbers, so cannot add for e.g, can only add 20254118

Doesn't fit in this game. Just wondering way do you say that I can fit in any dns address when you do not have dot on the keyboard layout. :).

The Best DNS changer!! My local network bans certain websites, making them inaccessible but thanks to this easy to use app, I am able to access all websites now. I highly recommend this!!

No cellular support Only changes WiFi DNS

grEat u resolve my prob. thankew developer :)

Not working It always qhen i try to hack or change dns (WIFI STOPS)CONNECTION STOPS IT DONT WORK

it doesn't work on Android 5.1

Thanks Works good, fixed my problem. Finally getting my push notifications for hangouts, after changing DNS.

Marshmallow support please. It worked like a charm until the marshmallow update.

rubbish Custom additions not appearing. Cannot delete presets.

There's something wrong I don't have the dot, then I can't write the dns

Working. I can watch youtube video which previously blocked from country to watch.

running on my canvas a1 ( marshmallow)

Nope Not working thru mifi, android device is 4.2.2

Not working on Android 6 DNS is not changing on Android 6.0, Nexus 9

Worked seamlessly when other apps failed I downloaded this app (reluctantly) after having gotten nowhere with a number of other "DNS Changer" apps. To my surprise, this app exceeded my expectations. Fantastic!!!

Life saver For some websites which are blocked in your country.

Easy to use . Simple Will this be updated to support Marshmallow?

Cant tell Cannot tell what im gonna to say..too good.

The best Dont go looking 4 others. This app is great by itself. Use the and by Google

Bug Add dns is not working

Great app But to much ads

Fullof ads, does not stop crashing, total garbage.

Cool app my speed is boosted up know

Best app ever Keep up the good work!

Not working for Marshmallow.. Before this its working fine in lollipop after I changed with my new phone Samsung S7E its never working..

Useless I want it to change the DNS while using 3G/4G. Changing for WiFi is is too easy without this and is controlled by my router!

Works like a Charm Can't browse on any device. Installed this, change DNS, viola, I can watch pron. Lol

Bad app I hate it you kinds made my phone wifi not work i hate it

updated but not working, hahaha!

Loved the old version

Hate it This app disconnected me from WiFi and now my service it working anymore

I'm pretty sure the authors of this app are using it to collect public DNS address and attempting to do dns amplification attacks.

The thing is People can hack with it

Works only for WiFi = useless

Worst Been using it for ages, but not working animoar after Update..

Works alright, nothing but ads Too many ads. This app has encouraged me to spend money on a DNS changer that doesn't have ads

Doesn't work Bad update, doesn't work anymore

Doesn't work anymore Not working anymore

Poor It does not work

Improvement needed Not working after the update

Who knows Its a ok free app

Seems helpful It helped me get some apps I counted download

Good Help me deal with slow connection

Where thr old version

It works as perfactly.

Great App Works well

Too many ads

Easy to use