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EXO - Growl for dodol pop

Supplied By Camp Mobile for dodol theme    On Jan. 8, 2014    Comments(49)

APP for iPhone EXO - Growl for dodol pop version1.0.2 Download

@@@ To use dodol pop package, 'dodol pop' needs to be installed on your phone.

Here EXO has come back with a new song Growl.
Meet their special video ringtone/alarm on dodol pop.
EXO gives you a sweet and lovely experience everyday.

* items included in the package
- 3 video ringtones
- 20 audio ringtones
- 7 sound clip for setting notification sound

※ To use dodol pop package, dodol pop needs to be installed on your phone.
From fun ringtone, notification & alarm sound to Kakao Talk & SMS notification sound and video ring / alarm!!
Pimp up your phone with fun sound and video that dodol pop provides.

★★ How to use dodol pop Package ★★
▶ If dodol pop is uninstalled, search for “dodol pop” in Google Play to install the latest version of dodol pop.
▶ Launch dodop pop and select “Package” menu, or touch the icon of downloaded package app and set video ringtone & SMS/ notification sound!
▶ Search for “dodol pop Package” on Google Play to experience more varied sound package.
▶ Please email us at for your inquiry/comment on creating new package.

Camp Mobile for dodol theme part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Jan. 8, 2014. Appstore play rating is 92.3322. Current verison is 1.0.2. Actual size 39.0 MB.

What's new

    - Support QVGA(240X320) resolution phones like Galaxy Young, Galaxy Star, Galaxy
    Pocket, Optimus L3 etc.
Download exo-growl-for-dodol-pop.apk 39.0 MB


Love it. This app really was so good, I feel like my phone is really fun. EXO IN MA PHONE I WAS LIKE, YES? :3 overall I love this app!

As soon as your own vid appears..the sound comes off! And also with the package, the vid is a bit delayed when the phone rings. Poor app needs reviewing

What the hell!! Insufficient Storage!! I have a 5+ gb space in sd card .. Some times its error encoding number. PLEASE FIX IT!! Im EXO's fan.... FIX IT!!!!!!

Awesome I love exo so much and this app <3 my phone got more cute after I had it in my cute phone!!

EXO HWAITING THIS apps makes me happy bcs can always hear exo's sound even in early morning

Fixfixfix!!! I hate this!it says insufficient storage. But I have more storage than it needs!!!!!!!pinagloloko ni.yo ba ako? I can't download the app it always says there is an error,.

대박~ This is the best.. make B1A4 version pls~ I think theres so many kpop lovers want this version^^

Best Can you fix this app? I hope there will be apink ,bts and b.a.p.. i reallt want to use their ringtone in my phone.. please fix it.... jeball...

Excellent I really love EXO my phone is more cuter tnx to you guys khamsambida Saranghae EXO fighting &lt;3

Why its too long? It takes me about an hour to install it...but still I'm here,what do you think that is?pls fix this,I'll give 100(if you do not requaire to have 100 star,you may just stop doing this fun and crazy app)star...OMG D.O.♥♥♥♥

Cannot use it on my Nexus 7! I'm using Google Nexus 7 and it says that my device isn't compatible with this version. Why? I wanna use it so bad!! :(

I Love It! But why the applikasi lost ?:'( why? I am like that but the applikasi is lost :'( i hope you can fix it :(

So irritated.....! I can't download it .. Always says that insufficient storage but my storage is more than it needs.. Please fix it.

Exo hwaiting I love you guys even knowing your flaws. Painful makes us stronger. Exo always be my hope. Exo ui saranghaja!

EXO Love it,I have all EXO's dodols,but for EXO 's quiz please translate in into ENG,please.I Love everyone un EXO!♡ ♡ ♡

I really love this because i just like talking to my bias♡

Lovexo They are so amazing and very talented, i do not know what to do without exo. Lovexo so much!! They're hot, handsome, sexy,buff and even more. They are so special to me and to all of their fans.

Insuffucient memory Please make it able to save to sd card to thosr who has low storage on their phone!

에수 I love this app but i wish this app will have the latest song of exo

I can't install the app its says insufficient storage but I had 6gb memory capacity can you fix it? I really love EXO

I loved it but i only have ringtones and notification how can i get alarms too ??

Love it talaga lahat ng case ng cp picture at theme at ringtone lahat lhat na !!

Great Why I didn't get the video? Can anybody tell me?

&lt;3 I love this app.. OMG.. Exo&lt;3 theres a lot change in my phone

More Wallpapers Add more wallpapers about Exo please. The app is good though but so much better if more pics of them are added ;) EXO is harthart! :**

Excelent But can you add the words "YEHET" "OHORAT" and "KKAEB SONG" to the notification sound please???:)

Ahgfkfkdndjdn to the G!! I really Like thos App!~ This is too perfect for us EXO-L! I really Liked it from the moment that I saw it! It's sooo Cute~♡♡♡☆

... I seriuosly veru love d.o from exo . I don't why fall in love with him.

Awesome! As an EXO fan, I really love this.

Kris is my ♥ I really really reallllllllyyyyyyy love this app. Kris saranghae

LIKE IT! my big sister really likes my big sister downloaded this. and she loves it thanks :) and i wish the mb is smaller so i could download :((

Good its is great but can you make dodol app theme for bap 1004(angle)???

Make it lower Its great but the capacity of the MB is too high

I love it Everyday can hear my oppa singing! !

More please More EXO songs please please please. I will give it 5 stars then :) thanks.

Hello.I am exo l and i fun exo.I like exo band.♡♥ Thank you very much.

Why?????????????? Why in dosen't work? It says 'item not found' plase help me. Let me use this! Please!^=^

Well, I'm using my grandpa's acc. Lol. Girls' Generation please? I'm dying to have one right now. Thanks. BTW, nice application! :)

Feel it work good but, I'm a sri lankan girl. This app dose not work in our country yet. Will you please make possible to use this app here quickly!!

Like it, I can hear exo voice everytime I want. It would be nice if Dodolpop can launch exo 2nd mini album from overdose

IT'S ALWAYS SAYS THAT "CANT ACCESS ERROR" I HATE IT GFIX THIS PLS!! I hate it theres always an error..

Pls fixed it. Not able to download EXO Chanyeol Video Alarm. Pls fixed it! Other than that, it is an awesome app~ Love it♥

don't work why when people call me the exo video didn't come out only the voice come out

Y this apps is already invalid ? What the ?! Ive been using this for a year . Pls immediately fixed it !

WHat When i it set the growl video (korean) them if someone is calling the video is not appering please help me

I HATE THIS! Ano 'to joke ?! This app always say it has an error &gt;&lt;

Update the new song Update the new song pls (Overdose) and i'll give u 5star✨

Fix thid the video is not working~ but all in all.. its very great!

Fixfixfix!!! I it was not working......I told that my tab is not working, but the truly my tab hank because of this