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Fashion Empire - Boutique Sim

Supplied By Frenzoo    On Oct. 7, 2016    Comments(152)

APP for iPhone Fashion Empire - Boutique Sim version2.36.2 Download

Express yourself and become a style maven in the #1 boutique simulation game!

You can play Fashion Empire even while offline and best of all, it’s free to play. The game is simple to learn with plenty of fabulous, creative gameplay:

- HOT FASHIONS to sell and grow your fortune
- DECORATE your boutiques with thousands of gorgeous decorations
- DESIGN thousands of unique items ranging from elegant to edgy
- STYLE and makeover yourself and your trendy staff
- COLLECT and covet special designer, elite and signature items
- ADVENTURE to the top with hundreds of quests across 5 cities
- WIN big in online daily fashion challenges
- JOIN a vibrant fashion loving community

The game is free to play and in-app purchases are available for additional content and premium currency.

Questions or requests? Email us at

Frenzoo part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Oct. 7, 2016. Appstore play rating is 84.9205. Current verison is 2.36.2. Actual size 46.0 MB.

What's new

    Hold tight ladies!
    - 100s of new items
    - New mix & match system (more flexible eg- leggings + shorts..)
    - Challenge tips
    - Stack furni on tables
    - Use space next to wall pics
    - Final voting round
    - New special deals & quests
    - First LA staff
    - More videos
    - Portfolio shortcut
    - Fixes - lose club/profile/settings/records, stuck loading, fb disconnects, quests missing, less memory used etc..
    We’d love to hear from you. Seriously.
Download fashion-empire-boutique-sim.apk 46.0 MB


Keeps on appearing """Downloading level 4. Please exit and re-open app.if no progress in 5mins. Im loving this game.but won't let me unlock anything.just the sad.. Im on level 6.

It's really good game.....but......... Only for the graphics and loading the game is not the best ........

Not too bad.....but, At first I loved this game...but, you need gems to unlock stuff and complete quests...sorry but $10.00 is my limit and that wasn't enough gems. You earn 1 & 2, per quest but they don't add up fast enough. I could overlook that part, but... I had made it to L36 when it reset completely. I've had to start from L1!! I'm not buying anything this time, so we'll see if I can over it or go back to loving this game.

This is an AWSOME game but it desperately needs a confimation dialogue before spending gems. One accidental touch and I lost 135 gems.. Other then that I LOVE it, it is very addictive, beautiful graphics and lots of awsome decors. I like the challenges too! All the Frenzoo games are very nice! Later edit: they added the confirmation dialogue before spending gems : THANK YOU! 5 *****

Great graphics /animations Awesome game .?but disapointed the awards prices were increases to 50 gems from 10!!! While i was saving up to buy bracelets. there should be a tutorial on how to do th online challenges and voting. Also, it would be good if you could sell the store items.. Also, the gems are really expensive and you need a real lot of them and I accidentally used up all my gems on one dress without even realizing it. Other than that, really really good if you like this sort of thing downloaded you'll be happy.

Game reset after update I have been playing the game for over a month. There was an issue concerning the challenges which wouldn't allow me to enter. I contact customer service 2 days ago and they tell me it's a bug and their engineers are working on it. The game gets updated today and having just gotten to level 13 yesterday I am now at level 1! The game has reset and I have lost all my progress! I have uninstalled the game and will not be playing again. Thanks for the help.....not.

Love it love it love it Love it love it love it

Love the game but... It crashed everytime i play with it... Pls.,pls. Fix it.. I love this game.

New level I'm so angry why i cant reach to new level. I had been trying so many times refresh this game but it still said dowloading new level. Then ask me to re-open again in 5 minutes. It makes me annoying when want to play it.

Nice game but... It is a very nice game. Now a days not many game like this but per cloth selling price is too low that I cant even get enough to buy other thing after restock. All the selling price are the same 15dollar per shirt its not even enough. And some clothing quantity is too little. Please let us choose how many do we want to buy and change the selling price. some should be higher because we bought we higher price. Profit is too little to buy other thing after restock.

what a joke was fun for the first 5 minutes, but then I ended up with no money and I'm spending more to stock my racks than I am actually making to sell them. finally got back up to $4000 and I closed the game, when I came back all my money was gone! wtf! uninstalling!

Love it..Thank you I love this game..I am sick and at home all the time so this a great way to pass the time thank you

Loved the game but.. I just lost my whole play when i updated this game! Now this is disgusting. I was on level 38? n vegas,miami n los angeles boutique was also unlocked?

Fashion empire On the screen it just CNT load it stop at "cheaking 20%".Do something on this I love this game i want to play plz

I love this game but when I reached level 4 my clothes didn't show up pls pls pls fix this??

Nice game BUT... It's a bit loggy. Experience points is way too low. You have to wait for 2hrs for a dress then you only get 4xp. Why is that? So unfair! ;(

It's the best It still works even after you close the game for the day and is ready to continue from where you left off the next morning.

Addictive and fun Hate that it crashed and restarted back to level one after many achievements. I started to delete. If it crashes again and starts me over. That will be it for me. I almost spent money its that addictive

Great time waster I like it so far. I just started playing about 10 min ago.

What's the problem? I haven't even started playing cause the load screen keeps showing "checking 20%...."

Really looking forward to playing it. Every time I would click on the icon to play it it go to the game just fine but does take a lest five minutes. Anyway after I get the game loaded after one to two minuets I shuts off and goes to my home screen. I don't even touch any buttons. Can you guys please fix this.

Love I downloaded it thinking u wouldn't like it but it's actually very addicting. Glad I did

Just started playing literally like 5 minutes ago and already getting asked to rate. Ask me later like in a week after I've had a chance to figure it out, I may upgrade my star rating!

Nice game It's a nice game. But its more better if we can design our own dress.

Update failure! Having got to level 20+ game required update and wiped the lot down to level 1. Not worth the time if its going to reset you!

Fun with fashion This game is pretty cool. I love fashion, it's like a dream come true. Need to find a cool way to earn diamonds but you collect diamonds as you hit a new level. You can fix up your own Boutique and sell clothes. No complaints here.

Fashion Empire It's pretty fun for now I just hope you don't get bored with it.

Love this little store! Would have rated 5 stars, its just takes a little longer then most downloads I've done but it's so worth it, you can play the game without spending real money, its just takes alittle longer to gain gems, so worth the wait!! Graphics are very, very well done. This is such a cute game! Go for it... Download

Still laggy and now keeps force closing :( i dont spend real money on games so i cant progress as everything is too expensive to just play!

Fashion empire This game is really really fun and helps me on my fashion for when I start my business one day

I love it It is awsome extra awsome like extra awsome like tots awsome it might not be for you but try it you got nothing to lose

PLS READ THIS !! I loved this game! But it always just log out. It always stopped and go to my home screen. Pls fix it then I'll give it 5* . Thank you!

Loving and addicting but I still love it? I love this game it really inspired me. I hope u guys like it ! Now I want to open my own store! Well when I grow up ! Thank u people that put all there hard work o this game!☺☺????? I really encourage other people to get this game. Love this game and I hope u dounload and enjoy this game yourself

Like it :) Seems to be a fun game. It's keeping me interested so far. Hope it stays this way. Thanks

Good game but there's an issue There's an issue or bug. The colorful rope barrier, can't move or save it in the inventory. That's the only item i can't move. Pls fix the issue but this is very good game. Will rate it 5 star once it fixed.

I love this game but you have to buy diamonds to finish the quests some times

It wont give me the money when i sell clothes to the point where i cant even play it

So tired of timed role playing games! I will not play this much longer if I have to wait hours to stock items. What's the point of playing a game when it mimics real life. Game designers please make these games better if you want my money. The digital people in the game have huge feet.

Please do something I love this game..very addictive indeed. But the thing is, level 4 takes time at level 9 now. i already had some of it when my phone accidentally shut down.. when i opened it..its gone. The first top,.the short and i tried closing and re opening it again while online but still downloading.. how can i move on with this game if level 4 won't download. I know for sure my internet connection is working cause of cloud back up. Please do something about it. I love this game.

Be better if times weren't so slow I like this game however it would be better if the times for clothes to be made wasn't so long! I like fast pace games. This is pretty slow go the further you get into it. Then it becomes boring. Gonna lose interest soon and probably end up deleting it. I'm not putting my own real money into it.

Challenges I am really enjoying this game the only things I have problems with is how it takes so long for clothes to get made and that I cant seem to enter challenges. A task is to enter a challenge but when I look at a challenge it says I entered. Then when the challenge ends it just disappears.

Update Issue Since the update, I cannot see how much money I have when in the order screen - so I don't know what I can afford to order unless I memorize the amount first. Also, challenge prize isn't showing in inventory...

Love the game Addictive, once you played its hard to stop. Very enjoyable, lessen my boredom.

So fun!, Love this game so entertaining and great graphics. Good way to pass time

I ? this game THIS GAME is so fun and addictive! And i can't help myself from stop Playing

Like the game but it should ask us to confirm before spending gems or money. I saved up to 169gems jus to accidently spend it on a slot.

I have had several problems where the challenge result pops up, it days I win a prize item, and the item does not go into my Award inventory. I have emailed three times with no response. I have spent lots of money in game and I am appalled by the lack of caring .

Time killer I love this game, ill stay up all night playing....

But We need free gems for us increase the little one we have pls all the gems sales is costly pls

at first it was really good, but why everytime i open the app i had to repeat from level 1 again? please fix it.

Like it a while but it suddenly stop and can't open again..?

Costs a lit to just open another slot to order It's fun

Addictive Love this game!! The graphics rock.. Wish I had more slots to order starting off though...

ADDICTING AND FUN I simply love this game it works so well and very addictive and fun

Great! But just one thing I don't get why you have to pay so much money just to add racks. Besides that the game is amazing but just that one thing that makes me not want to play the game as much. But still it is very addicting

I found that, i am not getting the prizes i win in challenges last time win but i couldn't find the award in my inventory. That's not fair. :( solve plz and add notifications, and sorting(by profit margin). It would be very helpful.

More gems please I wish there were ways to earn gems faster. We hardly get to earn gems and most of the quests involve spending gems which we don't have. Otherwise love the game!

WARNING - Big Error with new Android Phones!!! I have a new s7 phone and can't enter challenges! The known issues section of the game says to allow all permissions, but that doesn't work. I read a few responses from you where you are aware of this error yet your response is always to 'allow all permissions' knowing it doesn't fix the problem! You have also stated that it's a bug??!! I didn't think bugs were issues that NEVER worked because the game was never adapted for the new phones. Disable challenges for all until fixed.

Stuck at Level 4 Does not load content. Says to come back after 5 minutes and start app again. Still doesn't show any content and can't complete quests.

Hmm.....okay!! Hey, what's the matter ??? I just can't get it....HOW to apply those tiles???????? Fix this if u want 5 stars.... I'M NOT JOKING.

Good, but requires too much time It really does

After last update im unable to go to my las vegas showroom.after each update it creats problem.and the most important thing without doing anything i lost my 127 gems after the latest update

Big PROBLEM! It's not calculating income correctly! Can one of your development team please fix this issue.

Love it hut it would be better if we could reset it.

Great game.... but Games boots me out Ever time I start it up

Ughh It says warning this game is addictive it is just boring and stupidly slow plz fix it

Started this game just last night. Hoping its good at all aspects. More updates to come.

Okay so I can play again and that's awesome, but now the game keeps saying I'm entered in a challenge automatically? That part isn't cool

Downloading level 4 issue Hey, I updated the app yesterday but there's till an issue with the clothes. It's just saying "Downloading level 4... bla bla" and my clothes were gone. And i tried to open the app again but it's still the same. It happens everytime i update the app. Kindly fix this.. I reallt love this game! ❤

Love it This game is so good. I started playing in the morning and kept playing it till evening..

Love it Its awesome and you get all you want at the store specially its yours

Addictive I just want to complete all the challenges!

this game is so fun but i dont like the update. I hate the fact that i cant see how much money i have when trying to order inventory. Bring the old version back!

Problem Stuck on level 4. Many items are not shown. Pls reply fast.

This Game Is Amazingly Addictive and Also A Good Stress-Reliever?

Addictive like crazy It's really addictive, as usual to get the good stuff you have to pay. That and not enough places to pick and put clothing while you wait to put out in your store. Still I rate it a 5 star game, that and they way the creators help in a timely fashion if you should run into a problem, they are really helpful. Very happy with this game and creators.

Cool.? It's a nice game! My only concern is that, it's so hard to collect gems but so many quests are required to design or buy the signature ones w/c make it hard for me to finish all the quests w/c needs to use more gems but only collects w/ a minimum of 1.Can't you add more gems atleast after finishing some quests?Just asking,but hopefully.. :)

Awesome fashion game I love this game it is soooo addicting. Ever since I downloaded it I fell in love. I love how I can sell clothes by hanging up different dresses, shirts, skirts, shoes, accessories, and shorts that my customers can buy. You can even dress up your workers and recruit people. I would reccomend to any girl that love fashion games.

Asks u too rate it & it will give u free upgrades Thats cool. I love this game anyway, its cool awsm and very easy

Expected Everytime i level up the items or decoration did not load up,.. ive waited for 5 minutes and re open the game but still loading... i reallu love the game ,i really wish to play games offline like this..please fix the issue... thank u

Connection error. I really love this game, so i download it on my tab. But when it says connecting 20%, its always error and didnt responding. Please fix it asap?

a joke it's addicting when you first download it but the further you get into the game the harder it is to keep money. everything is ridiculously priced and it cost more to design it than what you would profit off it. losing interest in this game.

Good game Been playing on my tablet so I downloaded app on my phone, have connected to Google play on both devices in the game and I cannot continue my progress on my phone, it goes right back to the start of the game

Getting better! The game is improving I appreciate the staff response ? thank you guys for taking the time to get back to me. That let's us know you care! I hope they keep improving the price of everything is still too expensive and growing your boutique is still difficult but Rome wasn't built in a day!

Loved it Its really a nice, or a wonderful game. If somone says that its worst....... only he is worst okay.

Cool It is cool with creating your own store

Addictive and fun game but requires a lot of gems/money to be used to complete tasks which only pays back few gems/money

The best fashion app EVER! :) Soooo cute and fun and addictive! :) Eva and Stella are so cool! :) (Also I thought it was sweet when I got an appreciation request from the developers). :) Thankyou, I love this game!!! :D

Liking but not loving it So, I have a few suggestions. 1st, you should add the option of selling stuff we had to buy bcs of the quests. There many things I bought that I don't like or will never use. 2nd, plenty of ppl accidentally spent gems like I did. Couldn't you set the 'advanced' options to be ON when installed? 3rd, I agree with my 'playmates', gem stuff should be a tad cheaper. 4th, qualifying for certain challenges is not possible, bcs they require a much higher level than I am, but don't say so. Have more, but no room

Fantastic game! Everything about this game is fantastic no other way to explain it! You always get feedback, they fix problems immediately and make them much better. Updates are ALWAYS FANTASTIC!

Level 4 I really love this game but it keeps telling me. "Downloading level 4. Please exit this and re-open, if no progress in 5 minutes" but it wont download. Can you help me? I really love this game.

AWESOME The game is inspiring and addicting so amazing I love it

This game is amazing! It is really an addictive and brilliant game just one problems that arises to me is that I don't get challenges on time. Challenges comes in my game very late. Want it to get it fixed :)

Nice games with faults But it takes so much time to download and boutique is also slow too so many levels are crossed but the game is slow

Love this can be better. 1. Add notifications whn order's ready or new challenge arrives. 2. Add an option of sorting d products by profit margin. 3. Fix the reward optin asap coz even if we win d challenge, we r not getting the awarded item. 4. Though it's mentioned on d challenge tht we hav 2 use a particular fashion item or pic or wallpaper or tile, we r unable to find it coz thr is no such info on d particular product. Hence label the products. 5.plz let us view d dress on the model body so we cud decide whthr 2 buy or not.

Good Addicting but the other products are expensive thou. I cant make profit easily. Well, nevermind. Its okay! ?

I would give it 5☆ but It shutoff now and then while am still playing and that's annoying but it's a good game.

Opening issue ASUS ZenFone 2 Since the last update the game is not opening!! I tried re installing it, restarting my phone, cache cleaning, app permission , everything but still not opening. Bug fix plz.

So adicting I love this game,it is so adicting and fun.I loved it so much.I give two thumbs up and I hope u download this game!

Deadly addictive!! I can't keep eyes off this game! It's real time-killed game. This is the only game that I pay REAL money for. Dangerous!!!!

Addictive, but But I wish I had more freedom to do different thingsss

Not so good I loved this game so i downloaded it but when i completed level 4 it didnt unlocked the items of tht level also didnt allowed me to play quests.....

My favourite game by far! But... why does it cost so much to add a space for a rack? Totally ruins my fun! I make enough money and play for long enough to fill atleast 15 racks at a time! But I only have 7 because every time I buy a rack the price goes UP. Also (Definately NOT my internet) the app constantly closes itself. Sometimes I can play for half an hour before it closes but most times I only get 1 or 2 mins before it randomly closes. May be a bug, please fix! I love this game!

Awsome It's like I can have my very own boutique

It's nice Its a really nice game but as soon as I got to stage 4 it wasn't working anymore. Updated it and now its not even loading at all keeps asking for space even when I have enough space... So I give this game 3 stars

Its pretty addictive I will say that But I'm forever going broke in this game haha. *Sad face*

Great game, but game keep shutting off. I like how you were able to speed up your orders but they took that away

Addictive I wish you didn't have to buy stuff with gems I still like to play it though ?

Cool It is cool and awsome

DON'T MESS UP Buy everything with cash, don't use your jewels or else you'll get stuck on the same level. Also, only buy what's necessary. Once you start, you can't restart "fresh" your game comes back as you left it no matter if you uninstall or erase everything from your phone. Good game overall though.

Really enjoying it Seems more grown up than other fashion games

Fun Really fun and addictive,love it and the game is great for all ages. One of the best games ever,thanks so much for making it. And P.S. love the free gem perks?!

Loved it Really enjoying awsome but some time its hard to buy gems fashionable clothes

Love the game, but it would be nice to be able to earn gems by downloading other games or doing surveys or different things like the ones I mentioned .

It is addictive It is really fun I am addicted to this game?☺

New Update won't load So I have to change my 5 star to a 2. After the update, it reloaded and once it got to 20% the app failed and quit working. I hope this issue gets resolved, or I'll have to uninstall it.

Not too bad.....but, This new download is at 10hrs!!!! Seriously? And I don't have Wi-Fi rt now....I'm losing faith in this game bc the last massive update started me at L1, from L36. 10hrs is too long bc I'm losing money at this point. #MakeItGrtAgain ;)

Love this game! Super addictive, lots to do and the challenges are awesome. But...I'm on level 45 and still don't have any staff in LA. is this a glitch? There haven't been any quests to unlock new staff.

Awesome Am already addicted.... The cash I make kinda reduces every time I come back to it. Do something, after updating it, I can't access it now... I really miss this game

Good game It's a good game. But I find unlocking items are very pricey. And to finish certain quests you need a lot of gems to get an item which means spending real money. But all in all good game

Like this game, but... Hii, I really like this game. But when I opened a new boutique in Las Vegas, I feel disadvantaged. When I close the game for a few hours, and back again, I just get money out of existing cashiers at the boutique in San Francisco, but no money in cashiers of Las Vegas boutique. How can it be like that? And also, this app only last for 15m in my android, because it will crashed, closed suddenly after that. So, I can not give you 5 stars.

I love playing this game Its fun and isnt too demanding of my time. However the new update download is crashing my phone! I cant play today!

Poor Game Maintenance Updates are not consistent. It always lag almost every week. Please fix. This is a nice game but not well maintained. Players who purchased stuffs for this doesn't deserve it.

Really addicting game ??????????????? Loved this game. Really addicting. BEST fashion game ever! AND if u ever uninstall this app by mistakenly, u still won't lose ur data! so u can install it again and continue playing from ur level!!!?????? THANKS FRENZOO!!!!!

Good but Lag I'm enjoying the game! But i have one problem about it though it's super lag hope you fix that bug so i can give 5 star :)

Stuck after update Since I update it demands more space. I deleted every app but still the required space is not reached or decreased

It's a good ish game It's a good game but takes way to long to level up and the tasks cost more in money then they give back so what's the point ??

Inspiring but problem So the problem is it keeps on going out of the screen and this game goes to the home screen and loading takes too long

I LOVE THIS GAME If you need help just email them. Please can you make it no internet needed again though :-):-)

A useless but fun game I downloaded this game twice and whenever it gets to level four it stops I don't know why

The game is soo cool , I will love if we can buy clothes and design our own clothes and sell , I will wvwn like it of we can play it in laptops , Chromebooks and make it virtual world of fashion EMPIRE like peoples who is online can come to shop and buy and stuffs we could make our shop like that by selling creations or ordering same clothes for playing and making home and stuffs

The game is awesome..... but after its update the game is not opening please fix this...I'm missing my game

Totally addicting, but the quest rewards aren't high enough to make it worth it for the amount you have to spend to complete them. Everything's very pricey

WHAT Why is it not loading? I've been loading for 4 hours and I'm starting to lose hope please fix it i really want to play this game again

Superb I'm happy because my game start working. But in this update there are some issues

Im addicted to the game but please add a confirmation button for discarding an item :") lots of money lost ?

backup please my old mobile went dead i had to start the game again it's pretty irritating to start from level one, the backup is not available even when i added my fb account and gmail account . super disappointed.

Fun times It's really fun building your own boutique! I wish there was more freedom in designing your own clothes using your own creativity, other than that the game is fun!

Time limited quests Everytime in the time limited quests.after completing the first quests,the time limited quests are disappearing.

Amazing!!! I love the dresses that you can design and display for the simulated customers. You can make your dress shop look beautiful to make the dresses shine. I love this app and will continue to play it.

Owsum Really such a wonderful game. I m addicted to this game.

OMG love it This such fun, download this for sure and never put one star. I am not kidding.??????????

Nice game but its bull u cant even go out of shop and meet other sims pls upgrade

Shorcut I can't create the game's shortcut. Everytime I have to open Google play store to play the game.

Loving it! This game is super fun I just wish that the wait times on the dresses were less.

Just started and it's really fun Great game so far. Can't wait to play it some more.

Just updated..still crashes

This game is not working after 3rd level new products are not downloaded

Fashion empire. Get this game!!!!!!!!!! It is so fun!you get to get dresses, tops, and even you get to change colors of: bird- cage,vases and dressing rooms!So get this game!

So addicting It is a really great app! It's exactly like you own the store! So fun and addicting!

It's ok It's nice game I don't like it but why my sister like it I don't understand.

I love this game ! I love this game because it will give me dicision and dision which the customer like