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Fashion Girl Power

Supplied By Cyber-mind    On Feb. 4, 2016    Comments(125)

APP for iPhone Fashion Girl Power version1.1.1 Download

Work as a virtual singer, dancer, sports celebrity and model in the pursuit of fame! The road to stardom requires fabulous stilettos, high end designer clothes, snazzy accessories, and glamorous hair! Now with special winter clothes and frozen ice cream and become the next beauty snow queen!

Hone your skills at various activities, including singing, ballet dancing, and tennis! Perform well and you will be catapulted to celebrity status. Let it go and become a rising famous star or princess, so hang out with your fellow celebs and meet with the best folks in town. Don’t forget to take a snapshots of your posh lifestyle, and share them on Facebook and Twitter!

A life of glamour, luxury, and style is yours! Shine as the ultimate superstar and make friends with the likes of Diana, Grace, Elsa, Anna and Elizabeth!

- Shop til you drop! Mix and match a selection of over 400 hottest fashion pieces and accessories in 3D!
- Flirt, date, and receive fabulous gifts from your dream boyfriend
- Choose your career: singer, ballet dancer, or tennis player!
- Play exciting mini games to win prizes!
- Over 100 quests to complete
- Become a model! Pose for the cover of various magazines
- Strike a pose and take photos with other celebrities or your virtual boyfriend
- Add friends to your social circle by getting their ID numbers or connecting with them through Facebook/Twitter/Google+!

** Please note that while the app is free, please be aware that it contains paid content for real money that can be purchased upon users' wish to enhance their gaming experience.You may control in-app purchases made within this app using password protection which can be enabled from the setting page of the Google Play Store app. **

Cyber-mind part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update Feb. 4, 2016. Appstore play rating is 80.6421. Current verison is 1.1.1. Actual size 42.0 MB.

What's new

    Improved Game Performance
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Addicted I really love this game but can you please lower the prices? I can't even spend exactly 214 gems on a pair of high tops. And the prices for outfits are toooooooo high for say a pair of shorts I want are 3800$ and I can't afford it.

Fashion Girl Power Super fun game the only issue is the price of clothing and accessories its literally like a bazillion coins for a stinking sock but when you have the 16-24 hour job its really fun aside from all that it is my favorite game. Oh I forgot if you don't like fashion DO NOT DOWNLOAD this game!!! If you do like fashion DOWNLOAD this ga!e

Awesome I love it y'all made a nice game! Y'all prices are to high! And sometimes you can't see your friends on it. Everytime I go outside , the same stinky lady is outside.I don't know if she's homeless or na!!

Dumb I dont know whats wrong with it but,they need to fix wont even try to load,and keeps taking me out of the game.FIX NOW!!!!!I would like to play It because i looks and sounds fun.

Awesome, It cool but sometime it can get boring so don't play it all the time.

Unenjoyable The game does not work that good and crashes it also goes blank for no reason when I'm doing the tasks it says I have not done it as soon as you get this message please write back I was nervous first time i've ever rated anything

Pretty fun game. Need help with a glitch. I'm on level 29 now. I like this game, but it just got a glitch. It won't open up the (quest) task box in the top right corner. And it freezes the game screen until you hit the back button once. Also glitches when I exit out of the game. How can I fix this?

Cool game Really. Cool game. There is one issue though. The prices are way to high, I can't even afford to pay for a pair of jeans!☆

Loved this game I have played this game on my iPad and It was best game so much fun. This was like the best game I have played.i am in love with this game ever❤

Addicted I can't believe how nice it is . But the prices! Plz. Lower them. "THIS IS TOO MUCH !" I really love it...

Cool but a problem Nice game but my problem is that it says cool fashion pieces in 3D but how to take in 3D. And only 2 mini games please increase it.

Cooooool Very cool and I get to log out easily

Good but... It crashes a lot especially in the fashion Minny game and really bad lag that you tap the right item but nothing happens or it gives you the next one witch is the wrong one and you lose please fix this

Awesome love it so so so much ???? I did love it but it just shut down on me now i hate it only get two stars ?? BTW this is my moms account

Cooool I loved dis game its cool

Best! It's really a very nice game.... I loved it... Really nice!! .... But no friends.. Can anyone tell their's code so I could add them as friends...?

Love it no problem no problems , it so very great but add some explore and make the clothes easy to buy and easily to give gems ...if u add it , it is now more exiting but thats not my problem .. i dont have problem . its very good ! if the game in yours has problem or problem is loading or whatever problem is .. just wait and be patient of course in loading dont do anything so ure problem dont be bigger and bigger :))

Gotta try this one This is a higher end game. It's in 3D. It downloaded easy onto my phone without any problems. It's a pretty cool game, the better one of it's kind that i've tried. I mean character looks great and real, clothes look great, she even seams a little, seductive, at times, actually, hmm but anyway game has depth and im an adult and I enjoy it.

Awesome Amazing got me addicted I love the games and how you can win prizes easily also I love that you don't have to have a certain number of boyfriends and you go to different games, the games are amazing I love love love love love love love love love love love love love lobe love this games I highly recommend this game for girls or boys who love fashion this game will be your top game I just know it it is my top game definitely!

Fashion girl power In my opinion I loved it it lets u do so, so,so much!It is great for my 10 year old Haley! The only thing that I hate about this game is it costs u money for a boyfriend and they arent evan worth it. I think it isnt worth it because them boys are either gay or boring . So the only one that is so, so handsome is dressed fancy witch is ridiculous. Anywho its fun if u only like shopping thats one of the only thing you do!!!!! -Haley Williams

Omg I love this game and also better I enjoyed playing it but we have a lot of money which is very good thank you for doing this game

Fashion girl power It is a nice game but when you have a boyfriend I want lots of gifts not just 3 its not enough for me

This game is soo fun I love games like this it is just like Star girl even better except no fashion competitions but still I loved it Excellent game Nice work I am soo addicted except the prices of the stuff is a little over the bar, fix that then everything will be good

Could be better Fun but it messes up on the mini games and everything cost so much. Takes too long to earn enough money to buy anything good. I played star girl and it was much better and the mini games were more fun

REALLY!?! Can't really rate it cause the d**m thing would never load, tried several times and let it try to load for at least 5 min and it never opened. So good job, great game! ?

Awesome This game is great, you can make your avatar look like anything you want and you can play cool mini games. Also you can get a boyfriend and best friend, they also give you presents

Fashion girl power I have always wanted a 3d fashion game like this! Thank you sooo much to you guyzzz for making such an amazing game! I can't stop playing this game! Impressive! ????❤❤❤

Love it much I love this game its so fun even I'm old enough to play this. Still I can't resist of it. That's why I give u 5 star

It's a great game the only problem is the price and stuff also I don't know his to get friends

Stolen ? This is the same as superstar fashion girl, which is a good game but please credit the makers of superstar fashion girl because this is copyright infringement, only difference is the clothes are more pricey and it takes forever to load ???

Bad prices ? great game ? The prices are too high please fix that but overall its a pretty neat game. Also you can shop for what a normal girl shops for. EXAMPLE; bra's, handbags, & shoes.???

Shopping I love this game a lotttttttt but,the cost is to high.I don't think that you also will buy clothes and accessories which are very costly. But leave the negative points and this is the best game in my life.

Awsome fun game It is a really fun game. I am 11 and I love fashion. I love the outfits, the shoes everything. Just that some of the clothing are too expensive. Super star runaway is fun.I just want to know how to enter the fashion contest. Please someone tell me!

Nice game Actually, I am not Charan but his daughter. This game is a wow but the prices r toooooooooooooooooooooooooo high

Pricey It is fun but the outfits r to expensive and it says I have to download outfits and it won't download please fix! !!

Im so obssesed I really luv this game..i downladed lots of girls games but i just deleted it..i think this one's the best !! Love it..try this one guyz,youll never regret !!

This game is fun but.... Its prices are way toooo high i couldnt get some shorts with out paying $123 or something like that so i agree with the other writers and plus i dont like that the girl is in the way..... it kind of bothers me to not see where I'm going and she walks in front of everything I need to see.

You can not say its bad Nothing is cooler than this game. A game is 3D is cool. Nobody can say not cool too a crazy fun game download this amazing game!!!

Ugh a rip off This app is just a rip off of star girl! Star girl has the same exact features of this one and I hate star girl so I downloaded this, thinking that it was fun but its just a peice of s*** I'm soooo uninstalling ????????????

Sweet I love the game, but the prices are way too high and the amount of dimonds it takes to buy some things is crazy!!!! Also when I click on the app it takes 2 minutes to load then the screen goes black for 28 seconds. Yet overall it is a great game.

Can't play My daughter can't play this game. She downloaded it and then she logged off she tried it again and again but she coudn't play please fix

Cool This is fun but one bad point is all the loading:-p fix than i give*****

Addicted for 24hrs Well i like it but omg every time i see such. A cute dress it costs like kazillion dollars i mean what the world but the only issue is it takes a very long tome to get you gems and energy plus u also have to take time to get your boyfriend something then u end up with a crazy gift!!!;)♥♡♥♡♥♡?

I HATE this game! When I was on lvl 5 (Cuz I just started). I shut down my phone. Then, I got back to it and BAM! I went back to lvl 1. Please fix this and I will give this game 5 stars!

Not for the 7 and 8 year old range I looked up games specifically for 7 to 8 year old girls. I thought this was just a fun fashion dress up game. But it uses the word sexy to describe how you dress the avatar. That word should not be used for a game for 7 year old girls. It also has the avatar work to get dates and presents from a fake guy. Not appropriate. As soon as I saw this I immediately uninstalled the game.

Cool but not all the time I love the game but there is a few problems like 70 lively to get a boy friend!! I think it should be like 40 level to get a boy friend.

Love it!! I just love it is is amazing I just have one complaint that u should lessen the price of dresses and I mean the minimum price is 8900 and I don't have enough money p's don't expire the jobs that we do that is unfair the rest of the game is awesome! Just one thing there should be more shops ?☺

Very good but This game I just started and its amazing ; its flaw though is I've saved up diamonds for a shirt that is 149 diamonds and the prices are too high and there are not many things to do after you have done everything

Nice but..... It's got very nice clothes and the game is stylish but clothes that you can't try on you're gonna waste money by buying them. There is a big bug in the game and I am not being able to wear a huge number of clothes. So please, improve that.

Cant dress other dress When i download new content the other dresses i cant wear please fix this a good app but fix this or i will uninstall

Fashion girl power I love it u can do anything or any style u what u could go to frinds u could have a boyfriend anything

Loves it But it like a superstar and top celebrity and i knew because i see on top pictures the superstar and top celebrity is the same.

Love love love this game,I need more friends tho my id is TZR9MW

Do not Download warning do no it doesn't download or work and it mess up your storage

Not so good Why we have to wait so much longer huh?

Pain in ........... When I go to fashion show mini game half of what I need isn't there. One or more don't show up. Im guessing to make a matches . Quiet a few times there was no clothing on the model when she went out. The model goes out in her bra and panties even through I have made my choices.

Awesome! I would rate 2727373791919919million stars if I could

Nice You have to at least have the app for 5 days to get 20 diamonds

Fashion girl power Fashion earn your way by doing certain tasks to purchase items

Loved it It's like a social mea adieu or something

Nice app Many get some more mini games

Like but somethings are not good in the game Some cloths cannot try on and some occations in the game are not working. It disturbs for continuous fun in the game

Love it It just gives u what game and app u want

Needs to be updated It laggs, most of the time my avi isn't wearing they clothes.

Love it I didn't play it but I know I will like the game

Nice game Boring mini games.must developed more please....

It's a very nice game, but when I opened it for the 3rd time, it went to the bigining. I had bought like 6 cloths with diamonds from 100-150 diamonds . I really got disappointed. I hope you can give them back to me

ohhh my god i love this game

It is very,very,very good game

I couldnt see some of the clothes on my character.....

Loved it You should download it

Love it I like this game

Awesome I love the dresses,put a name, make up,jewelry and different hair. I loved it.

I love it just slow to down load

Love it You should download this game its amazing!

Love It i love this game

I hate it It is the worst game ever i ket it sit and try to load for 30 minutes and nothing ever happened

It was fun at first but having to wait all the time for energy and only get 5 gems at a time is ridiculous. The clothes are way to high priced, and the jobs should not expire. I lost alot of time and effort to get the high dollar jobs just for all 3 to expire before I got back to them! Some people can't sit on a game and just wait for hours.

Yeah, it's ok but you can read my description :) So, i think it's ok, the clothes, the hair, the makeup...everything was perfect. But..the thing is when i filrt with my boyfriend and it's just stopped working. That's the first. And the second was when i tried a new clothes/accecories in the stores, it not gonna show the new clothes on. I just hate it so much :( and please don't having so much new content to download! It's just wasting my time! Hate that! :(

One problem When I click on any type of clothing in a shop,the clothes(or anything else) aren't visible,only some are visible. What's the point of the game then if the clothes(or anything else)aren't visible. If this problem is fixed it this game will be awesome.

cant open ???????? yes i am with emma dutta.cant open only showing carpet picture. please fix it. you are not responsing why. i am daughter of narendra modi sister. i complain about this game

I used to loveed this game when I was little! It just loved this game when I was sooo little, When I first started, I was like..4 years old ^_^ I still lovee the game! 5 stars!

Fashion girl power but... I love this game but the thing is that some clothes are there that we cannot wear or try but we can buy them and thats just a money wasting thing. Amd whenever i go to the train station and choose a boy to date,it always shows to download the new content and turn back from train station and if i have downloaded the new content 100 times then also it shows to download it again and the same problem at he train station again. PLEASE IMPROVE THAT.

Like it love fashion games.....but now I don't like it..... When I tap on a dress it gets invisible, I mean even in the stores when I try on the dress it's i nvisible and I can't buy so many dresses becuz of that.... And even when I visit a friend's house the lips or eyes changes its shape.... And it happens all the time....plz fix it.....

love it I love the game and my family love it to good style I love it???

BEST GIRL GAME EVER!! I was downloading the game then played it for a bit I thought it was lame then I loved it the clothes the shoes everything download the game it's so awesome.

Fashion girl power I lov fashion games on this game is just like me

Deepa sharma I'm giving it 5 stars because it's fun to do a makeovers

Wow seriously play this game its so amazing, you might say its bad, but i think its amazing

Its OK but AFTER I have downloaded the new content , it will not open ????????????.what a waste of time but it's nice

Love the game!! I love this game it is so fun and I love how everyone gets to play it and it is free

Fashion girl power I love it forever in my entire life!

I just love it so much man Wow wow

One prob One problem i dident play it for a while and it unistalled on me please fix this,u cant uninstall it.

I love this game because we get to get boy friends and friends

Hate it Too slow. And almost everything requires diamond. .

Doesn't show some clothes,shoes and jewelries...please fix it

Addicted It is a good game for when you are bored it really is just amazing

Few dresses I love this game,it's very addictive and i can't stop playing but It doesn't have enough dresses

Hated it This is the worst game I've ever played when I open the game it's nothing but just a picture of a car it doesn't even work I would give it five stars if it could get fixed or no stars

Its pretty good to play when you are bored. This app is quite nice however it is quite slow for me at times.

I love it It is fun and I love this game. It has edgy styles and cute clothes

This app is amazing can you please add a little stuff... But.. I love this game so much

AWSOME!!! If I could, I would give it a 4768392991938744 billion stars! But 5 will have to do.☺???? PS: my ID is tyrlxt. PPS: the reason the clothes are not showing up is because you need to install the last game content in the game.

Not both not wow If they update this game they should make it much better

Super powers girl Omg I'm love this game in my life super and style

Must download I like it u must download it but it your choice because everyone has different taste

Like it but When I start this game it was showing carpet and a big car only......... stupid game ??

cool game but there's a bug, that is - in this game there are many clothes which i can't try like the "pink and blue tennis skirt". so plz fix it unless this game is super cool. it deservess 5stars. i hope you will fix this bug.

Loveeeeeeeeee it. Amazing!!!! i just wanna say that the gifts that gives it our bf they are'nt lively or sexy and that thing make me feel angry .... so olease make this game more exited ❤❤

Great game Plz keep up the good games thx

It is amazing This game is amazing for girls we can change her dress and her shoos and tops hair etc we can change the colour also we can date with boys. so many gift also we will get install :-)

liked it but...... there are many clothes in the content that we can not wear but we can buy, it's just a money wasting, and in the train station whenever i choose a guy, it shows download content and it go back to home, and i have downloaded also many a times, but when the downloading is over, it says restart game, i do, then it again comes to download, it's just the wasting of time, Please improve all this, and reply me

Main thing is wrong I can't dress up. The game disturb much . The mini game super fashion star disturb. It don't change clothes while playing. Please correct it. Or no one would like to play it.

It is very nice I love the game, first I hated it but later l started to understand it and now i loveeeee it so much and I also get to collect gift from friends and boyfriends

HATE IT I was trying to play it and it didn't even work. This game is stupid! DON'T GET IT KNOW MATTER WHAT YOU THINK OR WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY. IT'S A VERY DUMP GAME!

Please fix Most of the outfits don't show up and there's barely anything nice to buy. Please fix the bugs and make all clothes visible? Other than that I give this game 4 stars. Please fix soon!

Nice I love the game but when it says invite to home on boyfriend part it always dresses I tried t like 15 times it did the same thing over and over

Like it but.... I like it but something is wrong with the way to dress up... and its not so good and not so bad..

When i try to play one of the mini games it wont work. Now uninstalling because of all the issues with the game, and constantly downloading new content

So awesome I so so so love this game and it doesn't even require an internet connection best game ever, so many fabulous outfits

game is not that much fun got a few problems but I can't enjoy it

Really fun This game is really fun and you are able to express yourself in the clothing your pick. It is really cool