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Supplied By Fox Broadcasting Company    On Oct. 7, 2016    Comments(210)

APP for iPhone FOX NOW versionVaries with device Download

Watch full episodes of your favorite FOX shows LIVE or ON DEMAND!

Catch new primetime shows such as Lethal Weapon, Pitch, The Exorcist, Lethal Weapon and Son of Zorn LIVE! Or stream returning hits like Empire, Gotham, Scream Queens, The Simpsons and more!

Enjoy the FOX primetime lineup LIVE or ON DEMAND the day after broadcast by signing in with your cable provider. Don’t see you cable provider? Don’t worry! The latest 5 episodes of our new shows are always unlocked and new episodes of our returning shows unlock 8 days after airing on TV!

If you are having trouble using the app, please visit our help pages or contact FOX support at

Access to all available full episodes on FOX NOW is part of your pay TV subscription service. We support many more than 70 providers including Xfinity, DirecTV, Dish, Time Warner Cable, AT&T U-Verse and Verizon FiOS. Visit to check the devices your provider supports.

For questions regarding content, signing in with your TV provider or technical issues please visit or tweet us @FOXNOW.

We may work with mobile advertising companies and other similar entities that help deliver advertisements tailored to your interests. For more information about such advertising practices, and to opt-out in mobile apps, see You may also download the App Choices app at

This app features Nielsen¹s proprietary measurement software which will measure your viewing for market research purposes, like Nielsen¹s TV Ratings. Please see for more information.

Fox Broadcasting Company part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update Oct. 7, 2016. Appstore play rating is 77.8442. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

What's new

    We update the app often to provide a better streaming experience. This release lets you skip standard ads after interacting with engagement ads for select shows. Enjoy watching all our new and returning shows!
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Wow fox-really? I'm a business minded individual, I get having ads as a part of your app - really, I get it. But the sheer number of commercials on this app are nothing short of perverse and obscene. Took over 90 mins to watch a 44 min episode of your programming. Its not like you are an upcoming and poor network. I am thoroughly disappointed. *EDIT* added Chromecast support and was surprised to find a reply to my original comment. Nice to see they are read by the developers. Still not a fan of the amount of commercials

Love the app!! Well designed well executed! So easy to watch my fav shows.

Huh? Have to have a pay TV provider? No one sees this as wrong? Especially s ince I can pick this broadcast network on an Antenna? I don't waste money on Cable, and I am certainly not buying a channel full of commercials!

Used to suck, now its great Before the new update it sucked, but now of has a great, modern design that you can actually enjoy whatching your favorite shows

Chromecast support now here but no DISH! Please add right now Thanks for adding Chromecast but Dish Network is not available for Fox now app, only on desktop, please add DISH.

Great It's Really good to use especially when I miss an episode .

Chromecast? Edit It's 2015. Video apps should all include chromecast support. Edit. 5 stars now.

Now that's how you do an app like that all you other TV apps take a good look and follow hmmm.

Fox Love catching up on stuff i miss while at school #goaxecop

Still problems Try to open app and click to log in and app closed. Using galaxy 3 LTE

Love being able to watch my favorite shows from my tablet!

Beyond Lame! My service provider is not listed, even when I do the search. I was hoping to catch up on my shows while I'm in Europe, but even with a cable subscription in the states I can't view with this app. Totally lame!!

Totes love This app is the bee's knees.

Ads work Then nothing plays. I'll change my rating if I try again and it works.

I like it But where is Married With Children's?

Great job with commercials Plays commercials and nothing else...

Please add CenturyLink Prism as a provider. Chromecast support added but I cannot log in with CenturyLink Prism.

Rarely make bad reviews. This app freezes after every ad. Upon resuming play of episode I have to watch the same ad again just for it to freeze after that. Nexus 6 & 7

Fox Sucks All episodes locked unless you pay? I'll just record it OTA. So much for finding another way.

Power hog Even with notifications disabled and never running it, this app consumed 30% of my battery as reported by Android. I instantly deleted this bloatware/snoopware and all is back to normal.

Love the improvements

Added Chromecast support

Just dumb Video/episode play back doesn't work at all now. The app layout is awful; menus so small that you never select the right option. And no Chromecast support. The amount of ads is ridiculous too. All I want to do is watch Empire, and this app makes it impossible.

Great App one of the best love it

WTF!!! FOX CANCEL'S IDOL!! Idol is cancelled after next season because FOX Channel SUCKS! Should be on or ABC especially when seacreast rockin eve is on Disney ABC!!!

To many ads After the update it's been great.

Ads keep interrupting About every 30secs-1min ads interrupt; can't even watch anything, plus a lot of glitching. Please fix or I am deleting!

No wonder Idol's cancelled Missed the final Idol round last night and FOX doesn't even make this episode available for those like me. No need to vote when I have no clue what happened. Can not understand this, as I watched other episodes the next morning.

Fox Now I'm in the country with no cable, and Fox doesn't come in. I wanted to catch up on Hell's Kitchen but app wants my provider info. There isn't one. I could view other Fox shows that I've never watched. Why are those so available and Hell's Kitchen is not? Besides, isn't Fox a basic (free) channel? What's the deal?

Not even worth having. Freezes up every few seconds on my private high speed internet connection. I tried it on both a phone and a tablet and had the same problem with both. Other networks have apps that play just fine on both.

Horrible Waaaaaay too many ads. Went to resume watching a show ant it literally played 3 mins of ads every 3 secs of show. Im not kidding. Didnt even finish a sentence in the show and I stopped. Fix it and I might redownload.

Perfect app if you want to flawlessly watch ads! They can flawlessly stream up to 2 minutes of ads for you, then show you a glitchy few minutes of the show you want to watch! Then, if you have to exit the app and come back to your show, you'll be greeted by- surprise! More ads! Then an error message. Good thing they give you the option to resume your programming, but not until you watch more ads!!! Seriously, apps like this are what keep the act of torrenting alive.

The good news is the commercials load quickly and play without buffering issues. I am so glad i can watch commercial without interruption (sarcasm). The shows on the other hand are glitchy at best. Come on Fox spend a couple bucks and get this fixed. Get with the times Fox.

Fixed No more problems here. Looks great.

Ads makes me sad Use to only have a few ads. Now there's way too many. Even more than regular TV. Streaming works fine for me and it's clear, but I'm going back to other options. This app sucks now. Changing the apps name to "Fox Ads Now" would be more appropriate.

If I had cable.... If I had cable I would stream my shows. What ever happened to just making people watch ads? Totally a waste of my time downloading.

Empire Show was great

What a bunch of crap I tried watching a 43 minute video and got through barely 28 minutes in 2 and a half hours. I was ready to smash something. Connected through both WiFi and cell data plan and consistently bad no matter the connection. Will not be using this app ever again.

Keep your phone clean i have a Galaxy 5 no problem with data u need a good app cleaner & gets all the junk files off & viruses.

Buy more bandwidth? If you are going to make a service free, make it useable. The ads always load just fine. Then the show (actual content I use the app to access ) doesn't. I thought I was having network issues, but Netflix, SlingTV, and my other video streaming apps all are working fine. Good idea, bad implementation. Hard to get me hooked on a show like Wayward Pines if I can't watch it easily.

Terrible App Tried on two different devices and same outcome on both, initial HTC ad loads fine, but none of the actual shows will load.

Uninstall Can't get past the first set of commercials, without the show restarting; have tried numerious times. I have even watched the ads over and over. I dont have time for all the frustration ...uninstalling!

Trash app Doesn't play at all now since I've updated app ... before update was freezing every few seconds NOW nothing "waste of time "was trying to watch Wayward Pines plays

Drained my mobile data usage in the background I did not know that by default this app was updating or running in my background when I have not accessed it for over 4 months ... once I received my data limit usage message for the month I checked the list and was surprise to see this app using about 700 mb ...

All episodes Had all current season episodes of my favorite shows with my cable subscription great but didn't work without WiFi.

Terrible App!!! Been trying to watch So you think you can Dance for 3 days now. It won't play anything except the first commercial!! I have no trouble with any of my other apps, and I have tried with wifi, and with my Sprint Network. This app is garbage now. Used to have it a couple years back and it was better. Now it's terrible!! Please fix!

Good app I was able to watch wayward pines from the beginning on my phone but not on my kindle fire hdx. I am able to watch the previous episodes.

Thought it was my internet but all my other TV apps work fine. Ready to just uninstall it.

Background data Used 200+MB of background data in a month. I haven't even opened the app in a week or so. Now restricting background data for it.

Decent app BUT Can't get Chromecast to work. No problem with other apps.

Love love it. Thank you for this app. I don't miss any of my favorite shows.

Unwatchable As almost everyone else has said way to many comercials, especially since the show will not play all the way through. They go till the first set of comercials and the the show starts over. I'm glad fox has its priorities strait, let's make sure the comercials work....

Piece of Crap... Signed in sucessfully with my provider (Dish). Then it says that MasterChef is not available in my area. What? I live in Tulsa Oklahoma. I can watch it on tv through Dish but want to see back episodes. This app is junk. On a side note, Fox blocks chromecasting from my chromebook. Simply absurd.

Mostly enjoyable I have had some of the same issues as others, but I refresh, move the timeline where I think I left off, and it works perfectly fine. I think the initial commercials do something to affect you watching the show. Fast forward...

why is empire the only full series? everything else just has the latest five episodes.

!!!What A Pain!!! The only reason I installed was to watch SYTYCD. The ads are bad enough but whatever I'll deal with that. What I won't deal with is the show restarting after the first ad; looping me to watch the same ads over and over again with Mr. Downey Jr attempting to convince me to purchase a HTC One. "I'm perfectly fine with my Samsung products thank you very much" Don't waste your storage space. If FOX don't care enough to put out quality products why should I care to support them? Uninstalling!!!

Poor Want to watch your favorite Fox shows with twice as many commercials and nearly endless buffering issues? Then this app is for you! Ads stream perfectly though.

Why do you need a service provider to watch certain shows when Fox is free OTA. Just Dumb! Get your heads out of your bung-holes Fox.

Used to be worthless I had no problems before the new design change. Since it changed it's been nothing but a headache. Can't even sign in with my xfinity login anymore. No point in having it since I can watch the shows on other apps. Whoever is being paid to develop this app should be fired. It gets worse and worse.

Only works if you pay for cable Can't use this app without a cable sign in, ago makes it pointless.

Issues Can't watch the series gone...I can watch other series fine please fix...

Empire Lots of emotions, action and family business. Great show

Enjoy this app a great deal Watch fav comedies each week right on my phone.

Loved it Love the network love some shows keep it up fox

Ads play with no problem... The shows buffer perpetually.

Not Working. Trying to watch Wayward Pines and after first starting commercial it doesn't play.

I love love this app it lets me cach up on all my shows

I'm having a lot of trouble. It ask a lot of time to sign in with my TV peovider.

Never used it, but it already used 900mb of data

I finally get to watch and catch up on season shows.... Thanks :-)

Fox now review I love the shows on it. But how cheap is fox, that they have so many ads for just one show it is ridiculous and outrageous I shouldn't have to watch 20 ads through a thirty minute TV show. Other than that it a really great app and I would give it five stars. But for me the ads are just way too much

**Changed to 5 stars** /Only 3 stars for now *Update-Cleared cache files and restarted app and looks to be working just fine now :) Was working good while I had a free preview but every time I try to sign into my provider after that I see the black screen with providers on it for a split second then I get taken to a blank white screen that doesn't load up anything at all :\ I will change to 5 star once I can actually use the app again.

To much freezing and way too many ads! This app drags and buffers thru out the whole show. Even thru the horrified amount of ads! (4 every 5 minutes) Thank goodness I didn't pay anything for this app!

Its free! It was nice that Fox didn't make it as much of a hassle as other apps do for the TV provider/login. They need to cut down on background data usage, and improve the video player... then 5 stars

Boo ? This app literally sucks. I downloaded it so I can stream the full episodes of The X Files and it has yet to play. It's freezing and buffering even with a strong WiFi connection. I recommend not wasting your time. Unless you have 3 hours to throw away on a 45 minute episode

Too many ads and buffers The app is great but it have too many ads and it constantly buffers throughout watching it. It also freezes for a few after the ads and plays catch up later.

Fox shows The fans drive the economic potential of your shows. I wish you would give, at least, 24 hours to catch missed episode before making a signin necessary. Then fam playing perpetual catchup. You can still run ads on online viewings, so you lose nothing and gain much

Fox now app Wonderful just hate when they say I have to sign into my service provider to watch something what if I don't have a service provider that part sucks that's what makes me give 4 stars

Empire Fan I only installed because I don't have cable at the moment. The last couple minutes of the episode it stopped playing and asked me for my TV provider?! Wth?! Uninstalling this crap. I'd rather wait it out. ?✌

It could be better This app is buggy. It's always freezing or turning completely green when I'm watch bob burger. I don't have cable so I downloaded this app for that reason alone and I can't even watch a full episode without something going wrong. Smh please fix asap

Bug fixes? ?? That's a joke. I updated the app because it said there'd be less issues and right off the bat, I'm trying to sign in with my cable provider and it just spins and spins and spins. I can't even get to the sign in page. Wtf Fox?!?

Horrible App Not sure why they need to play so many ads. Is FOX under a budget crisis? 2nd, too often the stream will freeze or sometimes lag. I understand technology is not always reliable. But funny how the ads play flawlessly. 3rd and far worst, just now I wanted to watch a show and it only gave me 5 minute window to preview my show unless I signed in with my tv provider. Wth??? Don't have cable nor satellite cuz I'm never home. Have dsl for my xbox one and Netflix. So now I can't watch my show! Thanks FOX...

Updated review. Since dish network was added this app is fully functional and is awesome for binge watching episodes. Works great with chrome cast as well. So it went from useless 1 star to a perfect 5 stars. Thank you fox!

Rarely works This app has ongoing issues validating the TV provider account. I can be logged in and it tells me I'm not allowed access to shows, which I am, I will clear my cache and log back in, then it shows I'm logged in but tells me I have to log in to access shows. I can't find a fix, it has always been horribly glitchy! Then when I can get shows to play the quality is horrible, video freezing while audio continues, that kind of garbage. I can watch the same shows through my cable provider's app and those play fine

Lies in the description The only reason I downloaded this app is because I'm trying to catch up on the show "New Girl". And in the description of this app it clearly states that 8 days after an episode airs the episode will be unlocked. Apparently that isn't the case with "New Girl". The first eight episodes are all locked. Very disappointed with Fox.

My favorite shows couldn't watch!? My favorite shows I couldn't watch... because of way too many commercials and the stream or feed was going in and out constantly... I tried my galaxy S2 & S5 & then I, even tried my newer galaxy Tab 4??? But, still... glitchy and slow.. But, tormenting ads came burstin through entire show like 3 to 5 at a time interruptin my shows delaying & caused double and tripled the viewing or real time of shows, guess they ALL' want you to buy on cable or satellite.. So, I had to uninstall. Sad T.

Useless. Uninstalled. Constant playback issues, freezing and pixelating, sound and picture out of sync. Odd that there's no quality controls in the app settings. Though not sure how bigger blobs would be better... On the plus side I love that you can set your favorite shows, 15 sec rewind, and listing the shows in the slide menu is key as extra steps are cumbersome on a phone. It's a shame that the actual content is unwatchable, this app has some smart choices.

Ive been deceived..... I am an American Idol fan I don't have "cable" per say however i do have my internet through Time Warner. I was excited that i found an app that i could watch the final farewell BAM.... I got denied. Even though I am with Time Warner, i have to have a cable/tv package with them in order to watch ALL the episodes. So, i feel very deceived that i can't watch the final three episodes of the final farewell of American Idol. SUCKS!!!! I already know who won because of Facebook, but it would have been nice to watch it. Oh and then they offer snip its of the season finale like that is supposed to make it better...really. I'll just YouTube it. I am sure someone recorded it and posted it. OH... and not to mention as others have the app freezes and the picture gets garbled... So i too am uninstalling this app. Bait and switch... deception.

Constant buffering Just downloaded a few days ago and it's the most frustrating app ever. Nothing worse than watching a show and having it continually stop and start. Netflix is so much smoother. Ugh!

No over the air option. It's an over the air network. Why do I need a cable or satellite TV provider to watch? Uninstalled.

Hell to the yes This has been helping me catch up on a lot of things I've been missing

Refreshing Think a multi billion dollar corp. Would have an app that didn't have to refresh every 15 seconds

I was able too watch the passion live last month on this app.but not American idol.this app totAlly sucks it will not be downloaded again ,I don't have a username or password for my provider and i wanted too see it .

This app is great for watching shows that I miss cause I work night shift but it freeze up alot.fix it and it would wonderful

Love it! Love that I can watch all my shows on my break at work that I missed the night before because my kids keep me busy in the afternoons.

OK . I downloaded this app to watch certain shows because sometimes my hulu doesn't work . It wants you to sign in with your cable provider and won't let you watch any episodes unless you have cable . Now, if I had cable - why would I need this app ? It doesn't make sense . I use these apps because I don't have cable so it's just not good for me

Love FOX shows but... This app is great if you just missed an episode of lucifer or cooper or sometimes empire but the shows have way too many ads and even after 8 days of waiting for the episodes it still asks for your TV provider! It is OK as every so often the quality becomes pixels and it freezes too. Wish we did not have to sign in for new episodes. :(

I hate that you download this app but cant watch none of the showes until a week later.... once you download the app you should be able to watch what ever you want when you want.... im thinking of taking it off my phone

Can't log in Every time I try to log in with my PlayStation Vue account it just keeps taking me right back to the locked shows please fix this and I will give this app a better rate

Buffers often and long on both very fast LTE and WIFIi/home internet. Many shows are un-watchable. Ads buffer even longer. Now episodes won't even load.

New updates please!! Great for watching tv episodes but it's annoying with all these ads. ?

I like it so far I have been using this app for short time but it seems to stream better than some of the others (Watch ABC).

Fun I like this app very much and I'm not mad about the adds because when they come on i just get snacks and drinks everything that is needed before it comes on again

Fox rules Love the fact that I can watch new episodes of my shows before they're released on any other provider.

Crap It was good then i got a S7 Edge and now the shows just lag the whole time. The commercials play just fine of course.

Literally had it for 5 minutes. Videos kept freezing up using a very strong WiFi........ New... Tried to use it again on my Galaxy s7 edge and still no go for me. Video freezes up even when I switch to my WiFi that gets 150mbs download and 75mbs upload. I watch many episodes on Fox, so this would be useful if it actually worked for me. Whatever flash player you updated to, still freezes up on samsung galaxy s7 edge. I am Uninstalling for the 2nd time :-(

Not very good. This app used to work, now the app crashes on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 all the time. It won't open at all.

It was good at first ( except all the ads) No matter what I try to watch, I only get about 30 seconds before it freezes! I uninstalled and reinstalled the app but no change!

Uninstalled it Used to be a great app till they started asking for tv provider. Have no use for it now!

I tried to watch empire and it said something about its locked, and not only that it said pick a provider, I couldn't find my provider. I just don't understand how I watched the very same show, at the same time last week and now I can't watch it. I'm beyond upset because I'm missing my favorite show. This app sucks

Filled with so many ads that are EXACTLY the SAME thing over and over. At least TV commercials they change it up so you're not constantly watching the same thing at each commercial break. This app has 4 breaks during a 20 minute episode. Each break is about a minute and a half or more and it's the same thing at each break. It's gets annoying watching the same over and over again. Make the material in each break different and at least lower the amount of breaks per episode I don't mind if you make the breaks a little longer but having 4 commercial breaks per 20 min episode is way too overkill. Get rid of the break when you first start the episode and the one at the very end right before the final scene and credits

First time ever rating anything Got most of the shows, some you have to pay for, but for the homeless people who don't have a t.v it's great most shows are free can't complain however fox now, after a couple of weeks the ones we "need" or "have" to pay for put them on for free for us homeless we will also appreciate that as well. The ones that's freshly new to the screen tho ok pay for them popular ones. Ty Fox Now keep coming up with them great ideas y'all piece✌ Oh and remember to all, ads is the same as a commercial like house t.v

Has used 115 MB of cellular data this month when I haven't used it on wifi, let alone used it without wifi.

Unsatisfied Im with Charter and im unable to watch any of the shows. Its telling me to contact my provider when, i have watched shows before on Fox. I have uninstalled and installed back and its doing the same thing! Unhappy!!!

Live tv So far the episodes are great streams ok but some lags. But would love live tv to be added. Yes i would love to try the beta but i deleted the message can you please send it again. Thank you.

As advertised I love being able to keep up to date with my shows via my smartphone ?

Freeze an cut off all the can't even watch a show

Shows I love an no buffer problems

Love the app

Great App Easy to use

Fox I am my TV provider. You are a broadcast channel. I will not pay to watch any channels that show commercials. It is a matter of greed.

Please bring Armstrong as one of the providers supported. If this happens, I will definitely give it 4 to 5 stars!

This app comes in handy I use it for keeping up with the show I miss on tv

Fix weird bug please After I put my TV provider information, the show never starts. It just shows me an ad and boots me out. Please fix.

Impressed! My 1 star review has been addressed and I can now watch the app on my phone. Thanks for following up on my issue. The app works great and I am pleased.

Lags, skips and glitches As soon as I'm done watching gotham I'm uninstaling this app. Fox should have just used hulu as the free host it would have been more convenient and stable.

Enjoying this app... I can get caught up on all my shows especially when on the treadmill.

Keeping up I am ble to keep up with my shows with less commercials.

Love it So quick and easy to use. Loving it

I thought it comes on after 8 days of airing on regular TV????? Why do u have to have a Tv provider for free tv??????????????

Nice update Seems to have smoothed things out, still testing to see exactly what it did and didn't fix, will update if there is still any abnormalities

Incredibly buggy, always crashing. Always buffering regardless of a strong internet connection.

awesome! love being able to watch new simpsons episodes in the app shortly after they air on tv ?

It's simple the best app

does it go on the bill

Worse apt ever This apt is not worth even downloading. Commercials every 2 minutes and constantly freezes. To watch a 30 min show will take up 50 mins of your life. Save yourself a headache and skip past this apt. Tried again after like a year and this app is actually worse then ever. Still tons of ads,still freezes and a bonus you actually lose the picture. Its like trying to watch something on a scrambled satellite station from back in the day

This app could be good I could at least get through a whole show. First I wanted to start at the beginning of the season but I couldn't get the shows to play until the 4th show of the season. Then it froze up so bad I couldn't even watch the entire 30 minute show in an hour. Very disappointed

Had an issue... It's been fixed! The app wouldn't let me watch a locked episode, gave it one star, FoxNow support team responded immediately and it worked! Changed from 1 to 5 stars!

Full Episode I wish it would have all seasons like other networks out there. I was an episode and fall in love with the show. But it's hard to continue when you don't know the story line of how everything started. I'd probably watch more of fox if they released all episodes of a show(s).

Great responsiveness to a complaint I had complained that I could not sign in as I use an air antenna for my tv. In less than 24 hours, Fox customer service responded to me and explained that after eight days had passed from the airing of a show, I could most likely view the full episode despite not having a cable provider. Awesome customer service!!!! :-)

Thought fox was an over the air network? This app will only let you watch for an hour unless you log in with your cable TV provider??? Sorry I have fox free over the air on digital antenna. Deleted this wasted app.

Deleting for the 2nd time. Gave this app a second chance. It still sucks. Unable to get my show to play. Does not work with Xfinity. I figured it wouldn't since Xfinity ALWAYS has issues. Don't waste your time.

Cannot make it through an episode Terrible on Chromecast: The actual show streams okay, but the commercials that they make you watch are choppy and constantly freeze. Plan on an hour episode taking 1.5 hour because of the freezes in commercials. I avoid this app as much as possible.

To much freezing The Ads run perfectly but, the show I actually want to watch freezes every 2 minutes sometimes less then that. Kind of a waste of time

Fox I am my TV provider. You are a broadcast channel. I will not pay to watch any channels that show commercials. It is a matter of greed.

These shows are free right? Why do you require a satelite subscription for a channel that air free on public tv? What if you have never watched the series and need to start from the beginning? Believe it or not there are still people who do not pay for tv....

Sign in just adds problems It would be nice not to have wasted resources on the"login" function. But the interface is pretty good.

paying for ads they'll make you sign in with a cable subscription, and when you do, they'll show five minutes of ads. just obnoxious.

It's an OK app I need live TV on this app. I miss show due to the lack of a live feed as well as concast (xfinity) rarely update leaving me on four week old episodes #tisktisk

Same episodes On many of the shows, there's no rotation of episodes. Makes for a very boring app.

Too many adds 5 ads per 4 minutes??? That seems excessive does it not?

Worthless Doesnt ever work, just a blank screen.

Sub-zero Gives me nothing useful

My show is on here Turn up for empire

Misleading Requires you to have a provider

Needs easier access I don't have a cable provider, so I can't watch a lot of the episodes

Best Thank you now I can finish watching empire I wish I can give 100 stars

Empire I love this app it works and I can catch up on anything that I missed

Perfect to use I love it. I have been watching Bordertown and Hell's Kitchen on it.

Good to know its other was to see what you love on the go on the mobile.

FoxNow TV to Watch

Full episodes ! Works Great ! I Love This App !!! ?

Keeps crashing

Empire very good picture

Better playback But it stopped 4 times (I reported it each time) during one episode of Sleepy Hollow. And why not all the eps from the latest season? You took all but the last off Slings Fox on Demand. I didn't get to see 11-13.

WTF! Stupid Update App won't load or open still last update. Why did you all have to change it?

Why is free Broadcast TV charging for App? Why would I PAY to watch a FREE network TV online?? App is a spam scam! Don't download to watch free TV (football games)

So Annoying Continuously crashes so I uninstall and re-install. After re-installing, the app refuses to open. I click the app and the screen goes black then it says "this app has stopped."

This has been a great app but for some reason over the last 3 days it will not load I have tried all the tips for fixing it on the online Solutions and have sent Fox the particulars of the problem a few days ago still no response app will still not load help so I can give this better rating

No Dish support Apparently Fox and Dish do not play well together :/ however, having to provide a cable affiliation for OTA programming seems like gouging to me. Uninstalled ,useless, disappointed

Broken I have a pretty high tolerance for apps taking forever and crashing. With that being said of all of the streaming apps i have this is by far the least reliable of them all. Performace bogged down with broken adds that crash the app and a seemingly unavoidable stutter to the stream when it decides to work. Until that is fixed this app is borderline not usable.

decent but problematic... This app does what it's suppose to do but lacks polish. Rewinding, fast forwarding, and play continuation is clunky and hard to do. The app doesn't play from the last spot I viewed. People complain about the commercials. The commercials are jarring... I don't program streaming apps but I would imagine there would be simple if statement that inserts a 3 second pause before and between commercials... Consider it...

I So LOVE THIS APP "BUT"?? I love watching these shows from my phone however I wish you just make it available without having to sign in with a provider which I don't have one! That's the only thing I hate about the app. Everyone isn't with a provider but why do we have to wait for 8 days for it to unlock. Why can't Fox be it's own provider??? Gheesh it's gotta be a better way to do this! Otherwise I love the app!??

8 DAYS LATER??!!!!???!!!! I do not pay for repetitive cable programs. I watch Lucifer via antenna. I missed last week and wanted to see it before this weeks show aired........ But that WOULDN'T be 8 days now WOULD it?!!!!! It's ridiculous that I have to wait 8 days.....and since "you" are unable to come up with a better response than to go to your blah blah blah no provider web page bull.......don't bother with a response.........NOTE TO ALL!!!!! THIS APP IS CRAP!!!

Too many adds but it plays the shows Despite the fact this has a lot of ads, I am really impressed with the app. You don't have to pay to watch full episodes and no need to sign in with a TV provider. For those who are skeptical about these sorts of things, don't worry about it. This app out does every other TV app around

Freezes too much I am really glad that I can catch up on my favorite shows. BUT it's very frustrating. The picture is constantly freezing. I got half way through a show last night and gave up cause I couldn't take it anymore.

Stupid app All I wanted was to watch Fox live TV (a college football game). But, nooooo, this stupid app doesn't let you watch live TV. It doesn't even tell you there is a different fox app you have to download.... Just stupid!!!!

Wtf I love being able to watch my shows anywhere but it's a coin toss as far as worth it because the Ads are put in the most inconvenient places.. like you couldn't even put them were the commercials would be instead you cut in weird places... annoying

Piece of shit Every time I click on a show to watch it plays a quick commercial then loads for 10 seconds before going back to the home page. Won't play anything. EVERY TIME!

8 day wait! You now have to wait 8 days to watch an episode if you don't have a tv provider. Not a great way to keep people interested. Shows still have commercials so I can't even imagine why they did this. I am not happy with the change.

Nice improvement Its great to not have to sit through the commercials twice just to continue watching the part of the show you left off at, that is wonderful. Nice update, much more enjoyable now, my rating went up.

Forced into TV Subscription Sadly, Fox has decided I need a TV Subscription. I am offered a few choices but the "free to watch" after a week is gone on this app. Love Rosewood and Bones but I'll be missing it this year.

Constant updates now ruin use!Phone doesn't have memory to update weekly! Notifications Never Work! No expiration date indicated! Used to be great app over a year ago, with minimal updates, when it had more than 2 shows worth watching. Now Forced to update to even use again, so app is USELESS! WTF So much for catching up, only 5 eps avail. Didn't need update bc live tv not in my area. Every forced update ruins use. Uninstall reinstall, still crap. Why is FXNow so good yet Fox is so flawed?

Garbage For a major television and entertainment company this app is poor. Locks, freezes, black screen is why I'm uninstalling. If you're reading this, don't waste your time on this app.

Would be 5 star but... So im trying to get caught up on my shows but now because I can't afford cable I'll never be able to. This is stupid guess I just won't watch fox because I won't know what's going on. Good thing the CW app understands the low income working class

Worst app ever Keep logging off. Username and password field enter random characters and new episodes don't show up

Great I love this because I can watch Gotham anytime the day after release. But I signed into my cable provider and yet I still get ads. Other then that problem good. Not suppose to get ads when logged into cable provider info.

This is a good app for watching your favorites t.v. shows. Also you can watch your t.v. show when you are going on a trip, on this app. So you can take it anywhere you go. You can even binge watch your faves t.v. shows. All in all this app is pretty great for keeping up with your favorite t.v. shows.

paying for ads they'll make you sign in with a cable subscription, and when you do, they'll show five minutes of ads. just obnoxious. wish I could give zero stars.

Works great but Freezes at the beginning of the show and after each commercial. But audio still plays. Rewinding fixes the problem. On Android TV

TOO MANY ADS This app has MORE ads than watching the actual channel. Ads take too long to load, very repetitive (same 4 or 5 ads every time) and they just pop up whenever, even at the climax of a scene or right in the middle of the action, wich is very frustrating.... Too bad that even if we have to log in with our mayor cable company log on, we still have to had a ridiculous amount of ads....

This app is terrible Don't download and waste your time like I did

Not bad Buut it makes me sign into a t.v provider and i dont have cable!! I hate this

The good: I was able to watch the one episode of the one TV show I was looking for, that I missed on "real" TV. The bad: Literally everything else. I have an older tablet that's running a custom ROM, so I expect some glitches, but I was unable to sign in at all to my TV provider to unlock all content (luckily, I didn't need to this time). The sign in function just didn't do anything at all. The app is slow to respond, and it took forever for shows and commercials to buffer. While picture and sound quality were very good, the app hammered the CPU and the picture was very jerky at times. CPU use hovered around 75% for the duration of the show I watched. With other streaming apps on my tablet (ABC, Crunchyroll, Netflix, Amazon, etc) CPU use is usually 5-10%. And the picture quality on most of those apps is not any worse than this. I'm going to stick to the Fox Now app for my Roku, it "just works".

Allow change of video quality Due to greedy corporations, I now have to watch my data. Please allow us to change streaming quality so I can watch more on my cell.

Used to be ok Didn't mind waiting the 8 days to watch new episodes of 2 shows I watch on Fox, with out a provider. Now it says having difficulty accessing episodes. Now there is nothing to watch at all. This has been happening for over a month now. Useless app.

Misleading. Cannot cast to tv I have no problems casting with YouTube and Netflix but can't with this app.

Sucks Must "sign in with your tv provider" to watch most shows. I watch fox on an antenna so this app is worthless. I want to watch it next day, not 8 days later

Uses way too much data. 1 hour long episode uses up a little over 1.5GB, streaming same episode through another platform (hulu) only uses 455-500MB

Fox I am my TV provider. You are a broadcast channel. I will not pay to watch any channels that show commercials. It is a matter of greed.

2 many ads Great app but its not on tv so why so many interrupting ads i mean it doesnt even finish a scene completely b4 it jumps 2 5 ads in 1 sequence

Kinda disappointed Lucifer is a great series but being unable to watch the new episodes is kind of a downer. It says sign in with your T.V provider but that just isn't working

I love using this app. Even though I have to wait to watch shows. I dont have tv right now and I still get to see my favorite shows. Clarity is great!

Solid app But the sign in buttons to sign in with your TV provider don't do anything. You have to wait until you try to access something that prompts you to sign in

Updated review For some reason my comments on my original review did not get overwritten when I updated my review yesterday; thank you Fox for adding Chromecast ability... You are now with the program :)

Update: Apparently a false positive. Dear developer: Thank you for your prompt response! I appreciate it!! Apparently my antivirus was showing a false positive.

Good App But... I can't watch the new episode of Empire I misses last night. Why is the wait so long?

It does not work I have a tablet and none of the shows will play it only plays the ads

Waste of time! If you don't pay for cable you can't use this app for anything but previews

Foxie Everything good except for the fact that we can't just sign up to get all the episodes. We have to choose our tv provider and the password