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Gallery Refresh

Supplied By TriStarApps    On Nov. 30, 2011    Comments(57)

APP for iPhone Gallery Refresh version1.1 Download

This app refreshes thumbnails in gallery and other media applications for pictures, movies, music and other media files.
Please check youtube URL for this app:

Gallery will then pickup new images, videos etc., this also removes any stale thumbnails.

With this app you can refresh the media any time you want with the click of a button.
Simple handy tool to keep thumbnails in sync with what is there on the sdcard.

It refreshes
Images, pictures of any supported format png, jpg, gif etc.,
Videos mp4, mov etc.,
Music mp3 and other supported formats

Force refresh gallerry thumbnails any time and rescan the media.

TriStarApps part of our Tools and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Nov. 30, 2011. Appstore play rating is 64.8826. Current verison is 1.1. Actual size 81.0 KB.

What's new

    Initial version
Download gallery-refresh.apk 81.0 KB


Doesn't do anything for Xperia U i have a few videos received from whatsapp.. i deleted the video from the internal memory via computer.. the video thumbnails are stuck in the gallery, cannot delete.. tried all cache clearing techniques.. this was the last resort.. i've given up on this sh*T..

Does not work on KitKat Used to work well on stock 4.3 but after move to 4.4 no longer works. Error report sent. Will increase star rating when this is fixed

Mike / NJ AFTER 3/22/15. All the app does is force itself closed I uninstalled it and reinstalled it again and still same problem persist and occurs please correct and notify me the app worked great before the 22nd of March. Please investigate and correct an update and notify me on what to do.

Didn't work At least, not for me. Also, it needs to be a widget, for obvious reasons. I would say this app was released prematurely. That said, I don't like giving it one star, but as a total bust, how can I give more?

Does what it says. Great app. Exactly as title says. Would love to see a widget implemented with this. Just a lil tedious to open the app icon when it just has one function. Why else would I open it, other than refresh the gallery? Still very useful though. Add a widget, then will be worth 5 stars. Thanks

Does nothing This doesn't do anything at all! When I download a picture from the Internet it doesn't show up in the download folder so I installed this app. It doesn't do anything!

Thank You !! you saved me... thank you 1000 times. I couldn't see videos in gallery and music player. Working on Galaxy S2 . you deserve 5 stars

Does not remove stale and wrong thumbnails My phone's thumbnails are wrong (to correct it I have to delete the thumbnails and have the system generate new ones. Restarting the phone alone does not help) and I was hoping that this app will correct it but it did not.

Nothing but crashes Didn't work once... And yes I restarted.

Instead of power off/on Finally, I can see mp3 tags - in files freshly copied to the external SD - without switching power off and then on.

it didn't work for me .. But then, maybe I had a different kind of issue. I don't have where pictures were showing that werent there, I had to where thumbnails displayed were for different videos and pictures then they really were. Thankfully I had a backed up cause, simce as far as I know, there was no other app out there that would get the job done.. I had to delete them all out from within the gallery and reinstall the manual back in the phone. This definitely indicates either, this need to fix or there has to be a better ap

Needed app Trust me guys its really a needed app for sony Xperia smartphones. Really it took a long time for me to restart my device. Now its good. Thanks guys... Adding a widget will do more.

Does not work on JellyBean 4.4 (Nexus7) It was working fine on JellyBean 4.3... please fix it, thx!!

Works well on any version before 4.4.4 KitKat The program does what it is supposed to! (on version 4.4.3 and below) But with the new 4.4.4 KitKat, the program has been rendered useless! Dear Google, why do you have to screw up SD card access? And thus breaking this app and its functions! You really think people don't like to backup their files, or have a safe way to move their files from device to device? By changing the way the OS works with SDcard / internal-memory, it renders this app useless, and also more than 30 other apps on my phone!

Works when others wouldn't Works on Nexus S. Other media scanners I tried didn't work.

Good app This app help me refresh my photos, videos on my samsung devices

Doesn't work Whenever I tap on refresh, it fc.

The goggles, they do nothing! This app, it does nothing also! Baleeted! (Galaxy S4)

Crashes on KitKat This app crashes when I try to use it on KitKat on my Nexus 10. It worked perfectly on all previous versions of Android 4.

Crashes on KK 4.4.4 Crash on tapping "Refresh" button on KK 4.4.4 (Cyanogenmod 11 M9 on Asus TF700)

Doesn't work for me at all HTC desire x user here. Tapping refresh gallery and media does nothing

Doesn't work Installed on S3, app wouldn't even start.

Very good Once I dowload any picture from Facebook or any other site , I can't see the image in gallery for 20 or more minutes. .by this application I can see the image in seconds after refresh the gallery. .....excellent application. ...

Doesn't work on 4.4 Worked great on 4.3, no longer on 4.4

Anas karbonn A18 When ever i download new pic and video it wont automatically comes to gallery i want to restart my phone now I am happy with this app just one click it refresh

Good but... This app is working so nicely but when it's done it doesn't show me notification. .so I give it 4

Didnt work I am still getting old thumbails even for the images being newly shot

Doesn't do anything... Motorola ATRIX 4G running gingerbread. This app doesn't actually do anything. Clicked the button, saw the onscreen notification that the background update has begun, then nothing. The app terminates when I back out and no services are spawned.

Doesn't work on sony tablet

Everyone needs this Pretty much every android user will have seen something they couldn't explain and ignored it that could be solved by this app. I suppose a 1x1 widget would make the app better. but it's good nonetheless.

Great, but not for 4.4 Simple and does the job on 4.3. Here's hoping they update it soon for 4.4.

Does wat it is suppose to It is a basic app big enuf to get the job done.

SIMPLY perfect AN anwser to my gallery load prob. :)

doesn't work on galaxy S4

Unfortunately gallery refresh has stopped Useless app on galaxy s4 kit Kat

Crashes May be malware, but at least doesn't do anything.

Does what the name states. I was looking for a simple, straightforward way to refresh the Gallery on my Xperia Active. This app did it with flying colors.

Doesn't work anymore Worked fine but not on 4.4.4

Does not work S4 4.3 Used to work before Sprint S4 4.3

Would have liked it to work This app would have been wonderful had it done anything, but the blacks in my gallery remain black and the thumbnails for no-longer-existing pics remain too. So, basically it's a 'page showing advertisements', nothing more. On an Asus Transformer Pad.

Thx fo this app. My problem was solved!!!

Does nothing but crash Unfortunately Gallery Refresh has stopped... Again! As it does every single time you hit the refresh button!

Perfect! Thank you! Every time I restart my phone or use the sd storage on USB, my phone won't load the pictures to the gallery, but when I run the refresh everything works perfectly.

Crashes on both my phones When I click refresh, it just says the App has stopped working. Same on both my old and new phones.

"Unfortunately Gallery Refresh has stopped" It never started after clicking the button. Useless.

crashes on my samsung galaxy s3 crashes every single time. I even uninstalled it and reinstalled it through the Google Play Store and it consistently crashes every single time. Not one single time was it successful!

Save me trouble With this app I don't have to reboot my phone to update the gallery anymore. Highly recommended

Please add a widget ? Great app, would be 5 stars if you add a widget and maybe a % completion status bar so we know when or if our file refresh has been completed. Works great on my Samsung Galaxy S III running Android v4.3.... handy app! ;-)

Worked perfectly Erased my photo thumbnails. Gallery wouldn't regenerate. This program did. Now gallery works again. Thanks!

Doesn't do anything at all My old external SD card had 1000+ photos on it. When I changed my SD card with a new (with no photos on it), The gallery thumbnails were still showing 1000+ photos even if they were long gone. I thought giving this app a shot would erase the unrelevant thumbnails but it didn't. So this app is pretty much useless for me and, as it appears, for countless other users. Phone : Samsung Galaxy S2X (SGH-T989D) Android Version: 4.0.4

It's useless At first it's doing fine. Now it does nothing.

Sucks Does nothing, deleted a few files, the gallery still thought they were there, tried this app to fix it, nothing. Useless.

Useless piece of s--t Literally the only thing this app does is crash upon opening it. Repeatedly.

Very good app Very very good, now i don't have to restart my Xperia U to update the thumbnails. Excellent app deserve *****

does nothing at all ever on three different phones garbage waste of time

Doesn't work on galaxy tab 3 Just crashes without doing anything

Didnt work here either I eventually solved the problem by clearing the the gallery data and restarting.