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Supplied By Jeff Boody    On Feb. 27, 2015    Comments(26)

APP for iPhone Gears version7 Download

Gears for Android is a heavily modified port of the famous "gears" demo to Android.

The Gears demo is an open source project intended to help developers learn how to create OpenGL ES programs on Android. The Gears demo was originally written by Brian Paul as part of the Mesa3D project. My implementation includes variations for Java/OpenGL ES 1.x, Java/C/OpenGL ES 1.x and Java/C/OpenGL ES 2.0. I have also added several features not found in the original implementation including touch screen support, VBOs and an on-screen FPS counter.

The FPS (frames-per-second) counter is often used as a benchmark metric for graphics programs. On Android the frame rate is limited by v-sync (typically 60 FPS) which is the fastest rate that a display can refresh the screen. Since Gears is capable of rendering much faster than v-sync on most devices it provides limited benchmarking value.

Jeff Boody part of our Libraries & Demo and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Feb. 27, 2015. Appstore play rating is 86.2997. Current verison is 7. Actual size 99.0 KB.

What's new

    * Fixed IllegalArgumentException for multitouch
    * Fixed Java signing issue
    * Fixed memory corruption
    * Added quaternions for natural rotations and rolling
    * Miscelaneous cleanup
    * Added ports for SDL and LOAX environments
    * For Android 2.0 (eclair)
    * Fix lighting bug observed when zooming
    * Replaced simclist library
    * Compile in thumb mode
    * Simplified a3d GL wrapper
    * Updated Gears icon (again)
    * Uploaded source to github
Download gears-2.apk 99.0 KB


Gears Useless unless one really enjoys watching three gears turn. Glad it was free.

I am Geared :)

I'm using. Android 2.1. My Sony Walkman getting almost 84fps. So Good & Nice!

:-) Would make a nice live wallpaper

Lif you have a 1 GHz processor or faster and gpu not much point. Xperia arc s gets 60fps vsync constant. Even when rotating gears like a mad man. Lol

53fps EVO4G wow my phone has just as much power as my computer did 13 years ago

GLXgears! Gotta love Linux. Stock HTC Amaze gets 61 fps VERY steady, including while zooming and rotating like a madman.

Stock non-rooted G2X getting constant 116 fps up to 117

Constant 82 GPS on LG optimistic one

Optimus Gives 65-67 fps lg optimus one running cm7.1 android

Solid 66fps on stock rom Gt540

800mhz Samsung galaxy ace I got 89-90 GPS on my Samsung galaxy ace yet on my nexus 7 and galaxy s I get only 60?

Awesome Great idea for a port. More Android sample code is always a good thing.

100000 fps on my G1

Steady 95 on rooted galaxy ace

6o fps...defy froyo root overclock

Cool 60fps on DROIDX 2.3.3

61 FP/s typical--stock DROID X. Aplication toggles too slowly when CPU recovers from demand (500ms typical). Range: 54-65 FP/s. Otherwise, good app.

Simple way to check framerate but useless otherwise. Peaked at 65fps on lg vortex. Fps is frames per second for those who dont know.

You should update the models, as even mid range devices are able to max out at 60. Great idea though.

Wow Found on F-Droid, installed gplay edition (and tryed), this is the most useful, helpful, beautiful and squared app I've got on my phone. Thank you! :)

??? How to play this game. I didn't know???

Just gears the end

Only wish it would go above 60fps