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Golf GPS Rangefinder & Scoring

Supplied By Swing by Swing Golf GPS    On Oct. 12, 2016    Comments(208)

APP for iPhone Golf GPS Rangefinder & Scoring version4.5.33 Download

Swing by Swing is the top-performing, free golf GPS rangefinder & scorecard app in the world, with nearly 3.5 million users worldwide.

This is not a "trial" version with "limited functionality." It is extremely accurate, reliable, and battery-efficient; and it rivals any other golf GPS app or $200+ golf GPS handheld or watch device on the market.

With your FREE DOWNLOAD you get:

* A FREE GPS rangefinder with distance to center of green and every obstacle on the course as well as a digital SCORECARD. This app is FREE for life, and it works on 33,000+ courses around the world.

* Your SwingBySwing.com account is free. You can enter your past scores, view current scores, your path around the course, stats, graphs, uploaded pictures, and more.

* Leverage our sophisticated graphs and advanced stat tracking so you can discover ways to take strokes off your game.

* Visit our website to review your rounds in detail, see pictures you took, review your scores and stats, and share with friends.

* FREE Apple, Pebble, Samsung Gear, and Android Wear watch integrations! Beam distances from the app to your wrist. Keep score and track shots, too!

* Subscription to our daily golf entertainment e-newsletter and golf deals network.


* It’s not just FREE, it’s the best golf GPS and scorecard app in the world.

* We are known for reliability and constant improvement. We are 100% dedicated to this app, and only this app. We will constantly release updates, new functionality, and new technology.

* We are committed to your satisfaction. We provide quick and reliable customer support via email or our website.


* Our GPS rangefinder is FREE FOR LIFE.

* Works on 33,000+ courses around the world! If your course is not in the system, or not mapped for play, you can use our simple online interface to add it yourself.

* View satellite photos of each hole you play. Zoom in and touch anywhere to get distances from you to that point. Zoom in on the green and see distance to front/middle/back.

* Our premium Looper subscribers can receive real-time wind speed, elevation, and “plays like” distance. Loopers can use the club tracker to measure distance for every club in their bag as well as get club recommendations during the round.


* Easy to use - one tap and you're playing. The scorecard automatically advances from hole-to-hole. Keep score for your entire foursome quicker and easier than a pencil and paper (and no math).

* Free scorecard for 33,000+ courses around the world. Store your rounds free-for-life in our database, and watch your game improve with our graphs and stats.

* Stroke play and skins gaming are free. If you're a premium Looper subscriber, you can play handicap-adjusted games and matches such as Stableford, Match Play, Nassau, and Syndicates.


* You can view your stats and handicap in the app or on the Swing by Swing website, plus everybody gets a free handicap after posting 3 rounds.

* View your stats, graphs, and high-resolution satellite photos…watch your exact path traveled around the course, and manage the clubs in your bag from the app or website.

Swing by Swing Golf GPS part of our Sports and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Oct. 12, 2016. Appstore play rating is 91.5317. Current verison is 4.5.33. Actual size 11.0 MB.

What's new

    Spring cleaning time for Swing by Swing Golf GPS. Lots of bug fixes and quality of use improvements. Thanks for your patience, and as always, email us at support@swingbyswing.com with questions or suggestions.
    (4.5.19 - Continue the bug fixes)
    (4.5.21 - Continue the bug fixes)
    (4.5.22 - Still fixing bugs - thanks for sending in reports!)
    (4.5.24 - Bug fixing continues!)
    (4.5.28 - Addresses freezing issues some are reporting)
    (4.5.31 - Minor permissions changes)
    (4.5.33 - Address 4.4 freezing)
Download golf-gps-scorecard-1.apk 11.0 MB


I like the app BUT... My Gear Fit which connects just fine to my Note 4 DOES NOT WORK. It will not connect... on the Note 4, I turn the gear 2 / gear fit on and save... go onto the gear fit and "app connect".. click swing by swing and absolutely nothing happens.. Swing by swing support seems to be non existant... I have seen video of this combination a week ago before I bought the fit, but cant find it now.. Come on Swing by swing.. check your emails!!!

Statistics bug There's a bug in the statistics for average score on par 4 and 5's. I've contacted the developers a couple times now and they've either ignored me or blamed me saying I haven't played enough rounds (12 rounds). So if you dont want accurate stats for your first dozen rounds (maybe more) then this app is for you. If you want a reliable and statistically accurate app I would suggest looking elsewhere. (Update) emailed again and this time it was sent to a "developer." Still haven't heard back though.

Much improved thanks for listening. Initially had a few issues and I reviewed it giving it 3 stars. Now two updates later the developers seemed to have got it bang on with easy to access read and understand stats great live play. I use this app most practise rounds now and having recommended it to friends they love it too.

Best golf tracker out there Intuitive, easy to use, accurate distances and has every course imaginable. Easy to update your course if you think it's wrong too, and will track handicap, distances and a wide variety of scoring methods. Works best if you all playing have it. Unsure if it has been or not but live scores with paired devices would be a big bonus, one thing I'd do to improve it

gps not connecting I love this app and use it everytime I play. Or at least I had been. For some reason I am not getting a lock on my gps anymore. I have restarted a ton of times and all my other apps are getting the gps signal so I am fairly certain its a problem with the app. I like to see my distances but I am going to have to use something else if it will not grab a gps signal, at this point it's just a glorified score card. Hope you guys can get it to grab. I will come back with 5 stars if either I or developers can figure out whats up.

I waited a long time to rate this app Since I first installed it, I have loved the functionality of this app. But it used to crash all the time. Since I liked it so much, I didn't want to give it the rating that the crashes deserved. The last couple updates, it has crashed markedly less, and I just finished a round where it did not crash once. Now that they got the crashing problem solved, I unwaveringly give this app a 5 star rating

Totally awesome. This app is a must have on the golf course. Helps me keep track of my club distances. Gives you yardages. Instantly knows what course you're on.

Works great Use it every chance I get. Keeps track of your stats n has every course I've needed thus far

It's a great app and it's working again! After the latest Swing by Swing upgrade in conjunction with the latest Android System WebView it's working great! I played 9 holes yesterday and it didn't crash once!! I love this app...one small enhancement that I would like to see is a way to indicate in advance how many holes you're playing so that it doesn't assume that I'm playing 18 for a skins game. We started on the back 9 yesterday for a 9 hole skins game and the first hole was shown to be worth 10 skins...

Try it, you'll keep using it. Just updated so i can't wait to play a round and try it out again.

Will not work with Samsung Gear Fit After following the instructions in app the application will still not work with my gear fit watch.

Great app Love the app. Has been super helpful for me to shave strokes off my game. One feature that would be awesome is the ability to just play the back nine of a course???

First time using app Just finished a round using this app, found it very easy to use, the gps location part made club selections easier and i just played the best round ive ever had at my local course, a must have, only drawback is high battery use

Need for constant data The app is good and full featured. But the need for an almost constant data connection makes it useless on remote courses.

Excellent I am using this app for every golf game and is helping me a lot!

For free performs well Very good app for detailing scoring. Map and yardage can be clunky.

Great golf GPS app Swing by Swing is easy to use and very accurate. Even without upgrading to the "Looper" level, the app is extremely useful. I no longer have to buy yardage books or rely on the limited information shown at the tee boxes (and many courses do not even have anything).

Finally. Took a while but finally got the looper upgrade. Very happy with the product.

Simple to use Easy to use. No issues of real concern. Very accurate course maps

I was having problems with the app shutting down several times a round but I did a factory reset and that seem to do the trick.

Totally awesome Trying it for the first time. No flaws so far.

Very good app This is a great free app but it does crash sometimes.

Good app Needs to have settings for 9 hole play

Great Excellent. Give a yard or two either way but pretty nice.

Battery drain Total battery drain, so have to turn off location settings, freezes a lot, and really doesn't do anything special any other scorecard app does (at least with location settings off)

Worked great on the fly New to golf apps, I downloaded it and fired it up right at the course. Didn't get into the features, but what a great way to keep score and track your play. I think it really helped my play being more in tune with yardages and club lengths as a bogey golfer who doesn't play very regularly.

Easy to use . good visuals of course.a little hard to see sometimes in sun

Really helps my game Love it works great & everyone i show it to wants it.

Love having this available when I golf. Easy to use and dependable!

Great app Works Extremely well with my samsung 5s. Compared distances to other devices. Its right on. Fairways and greens are a little dark but the AP's distances is perfect.

Great app Does the job well.

Still does not work Installed update on 13 May 2015 on Gear Fit. Watch will trigger the app to work on phone. However, distance data will not show in watch... Why did I update in the beginning?

Great free app!!! Great free app!! I had a few GPS functionality issues but it's all good now. Thinking about upgrading if I keep playing often.

Worked great...I broke my skycaddie and downloaded this as a temp solution.

Works great I use the app every round and absolutely love it. It gives me accurate distances and has helped me many times.

Great App Slows down a little with Looper but still awesome app

Fantastic App Really useful app. Not had any issues yet.

Great golfers app Keep up the good work.

I like the app BUT... My Gear Fit which connects just fine to my Note 4 DOES NOT WORK. It will not connect... on the Note 4, I turn the gear 2 / gear fit on and save... go onto the gear fit and "app connect".. click swing by swing and absolutely nothing happens.. Swing by swing support seems to be non existant... I have seen video of this combination a week ago before I bought the fit, but cant find it now.. Come on Swing by swing.. check your emails!!!.... Update... Contacted after 5 days and say the hardware is not supported.

Best Ever I love having this app while I play. It is a real help with wind and play. Not to mention it makes the tricky process of figuring your handicap a breeze

May 2014 update Now unable to save my round (tried at the course and home, the latter via wifi) in addition to not being able to view all my previous stats. App has got a lot worse for me since last update. Sorry

Mike App is great on my Motorola although it seems to drain the battery rather quickly. Today ran out of juice on 15th hole. Originally synced quite well with my Pebble watch but recently has failed

Love it but.... Love the app but for whatever reason, they keep changing the course scorecard and ratings and slope are not based on the latest information available. I provided the information on my home course and they corrected it but now it is incorrect again.

I love this app, I use an HTC one and this app performs as I expect it to. Easily saves all my shoes and gives feedback on stats and handicap. I do need a full charge to complete a full eighteen though but I keep a solar charging battery in case I start with less than full charge. Highly recommend this app.

Absolutly an awesome app. The only thing is that the course I play 99% of the time. It isent quite accurate on the yardage. Great app must have

Best Golf GPS App Out There I've used this app for over 3 years and it has only gotten better with time. I've compared it with friends' expensive rangefinders and GPSs and it's 100% equal to those devices that cost $$$ I would recommend this to any serious golfer.

Undependable Freezes at least once a round; three times today, and right when I needed it. Also, the tracking data disappears or resets before I get to my ball when trying to measure a shot's distance. I'm now questioning it's yardage accuracy because of my many missed greens and the variance from the course markings. Finally, the images are hard to see in the sun; I'm using Galaxy S3. ***Updated 9/27/2014*** Today was the last straw. Beautiful clear weather in the mid 70s and this app would not work. I rebooted, cleared cache, etc. and I could not get passed the splash page. Also, I payed for Looper because of the calculated distance that accounts for wind and elevation but that feature ended up causing me to fly over greens too many times. I'm done with this app! ***I'm now using the Droid Maxx and my Looper is now expired, so today is now my last day with this app. I had a 75 yard elevated approach shot and flew the green by 20 yards. It was a great high shot and flew about 75 yards. The next hole the app displayed 145 yards but I was actually out 173 yards. Good thing one of my playing partners pointed out the Yucca plant which was the 150 yard marker ahead of us.***5/23/15.

Awesome ap. I have used many free range apps but this is by far the best. I have friends that have expensive Garmins and this is almost always more accurate. Standing on a marked sprinkler and its right on versus friends Farm ok ns that are off by up to 5 yards

Good app, no more crashes Like title says, app is good. Yardages are accurate and stats are interesting. Scorekeeping is simple, and keeping putting data is great. When I first got the app it continuously crashed but that problem is gone. I have gone two straight rounds without a glitch, where I used to have a crash every hole. Great app. 5 stars without a doubt. I also enjoy the stat comparison between rounds.

This app is great. The UI is easy to use and easy to navigate. The app has everything you need. Distance, wind, elevation. Once you start using the app enough, club recommendations and shot tracker becomes very handy. A little slow sometimes, sometimes lags and freezes when i want to input scores of my friends and I but technology will never be as good as the human brain. Sort out the little lapses and I would rate 5 star. Pay for 'Looper' and any golf fan will not regret it. I even turned a couple of my iPhone friends to getting this app.

Amazing Love that they do relevant updates frequently. I love getting an email about my round after I play and forwarding it to my friends to show off a good round or keeping a bad round only to myself

Only minor glitches Love this app! Very useful tool, however i find im not always getting an accurate yardage. Once i get to my ball, sometime i need to wait a minute or so and keep hitting reset for yardage to zero in on correct distance. Can sometimes be up to 7-8 yards of until reset. Otherwise very happy with this product considering its a free DL.

Best golf app For free you will never find a better app. You don't need anything more.

Great tool for epic golfing! Honestly it took me couple of courses to understand the app better but once I synced it to my samsung gear 2, I was good to go. It's a cool app and I would recommend it to friends.

zero support! I downloaded it as it's #1 on list in play. I had an issue registering. I sent an email. Got automated reply no help. I launched app. I was asked to register. Choose from Google + or Facebook or email. I chose Facebook. I was taken to the permissions page & accepted it. Then an error msg saying invalid email address. Huh? I didn't give my email? Form letter replies. No help. Finally got it working with google +. App is good.

My distance accuracy has improved Between the App and the course markings I have a good idea of my distance to my eventual double bogey. Can't blame the app for my inaccurate shot placement, but the distance is nailed down no matter what tree line my ball is hiding in.

Pebble gets lost too often Using this app with a pebble watch and when it works it is great. But I have to pull the phone out at least 3 times a round at my home course because it won't switch holes correctly.

Great app Very helpful on the course. Would be nice if it automatically snapped to my location and showed distance to the flag.

Please Include Update For Gear S Great app but I've been waiting for the Gear S update so I can receive data from my watch and keep the phone In the Cart

Has worked well for me. Going on about 3 years now. I love having the score card to keep track of all the stats. I should upgrade to looper for the extras.

Good app Yardages off periodically or takes GPS some time to catch up. Overall, I use it almost every time I play.

Solid App I have been using this app for almost 2 seasons after being a golf logix user forever. This is the best free gps app. The ability to see different levels in the green makes approach shot club selection much better. My only issue is with a majority of courses they have each 9 separate. Rather than being able to transition to the 10th hole, you have to "End Round" and then load information for next 9. But overall its fantastic! For GALAXY GEAR USERS - download Golf Navi +

Perf The best part is that you can input your score and it immediately goes to the next hole so you dont have to keep looking at previous scores and you can play the course swing by.... Swing oh my god I get it now.

Best one out there This app worked perfect, easy and quick way to keep score and check distance of each shot. Played a full round and only used 25% of my battery too. Highly Recommend this app!!!

Accurate powerful and simple I love this app. Best in my book for sure. All the options with minimal power consumption. But doesn't have to be complex if you just want a simple GPS.

Can't play without it. I have been using this app for a couple of years and it is great to add it in with your game.

Great App Easy to use. Accurate. Love all the stats.

Good app Hate pulling out phone on most shot... This app would be perfect on smart watch with voice recognition

If it stopped crashing... It'd be a 6 out of 5. On a positive note, when it does crash, it reopens where you left off. But its frustrating waiting for a yardage when it does all this. Would give it 4.5 as it is if I could.

Like gear integration NFC on my moto X doesn't work too well, since the phone has to be unlocked for it to work. My Android wear works ok, but a persistent display of yardage would be better.

Awesome app Makes tracking stats easy without holding up play. This app replaced my very expensive Bushnell for yardage. Bushnell doesn't figure wind or front center and back of green. Highly recommend this app.

Awesome Such a good app, not only just easier but also improved my game. Pay for the upgrade it is well worth it, like having a caddy in your pocket!

Great golf app (even for mid to low range golfers I'm not a regular golfer, but use it every time I play (It finds all the courses I have played in Australia without a problem). It has taught me a lot about how far I hit various irons so I can choose the right club approaching the green. Not so good for driving off the tee as it shows distance to the green (I'm actually not sure if it shows from the tee as I have always been concentrating on my next shot and distance to the green).

Misleading description, lies about Gear Fit usability I bought this app because it said it works with the Gear Fit. The only thing the Gear Fit does is open the SBS app on my phone. Their 'help' page just says it works, but it's a lie. I have not gotten any response from SBS about this. DO NOT BUY THIS APP!! Go buy GolfLogix or Golfshot. They seem to actually care about their customers. Update: I just got an email from Ron Birchard. He says that "Due to the softward configuration of the Gearfit we are not able to offer integration and support for the Gear Fit." But, they have not updated their website or Google Play listing to reflect this. I regret purchasing this app.

Exactly What I Wanted Has every course I've played & allows you to see distance to hazards & layups as well as the green.

Totally helpful Keeping scores for everyone is super useful and the distance tracking is almost awesome. I'd ask for some changes if you guys can: - for shot tracking, use the names of the clubs instead of just the club numbers. I use 2 different sets at different locations with slightly different set ups, I have no idea which "6i" is from which set. - perhaps an estimate of first putt distance (in *individual* paces or yardage, whichever) to help locate accuracy to pin and maybe which club used to reach the green.

Great app, but! Accurate distances, most of the courses around Edinburgh are available, however, quite a few holes are not correct pars. Would help if players could make changes. Would recommend though.

I like the app, it seems well designed and GPS rangefinding is good on my Samsung Galaxy S5 - but it does not link usefully to Gear Fit other than as a launcher for the phone app.

Pretty good app I like the maps and scoring. GPS could better, but that may be problem with BlackBerry. Overall good app.

Good job I like the satellite images, since I get to play lots of places I'm not familiar with

Descent app It works really well for distances. Not a fan of the constant wanting to pay more money for green info. All I want is the distance to the actual flag which always isn't in the right place.

Almost perfect Let down by NFC implementation. Need screen unlocked and in pocket, but if you accidentally move off the main screen (easily done with screen on and phone in pocket) the NFC tags refuse to start / end shot. The app is also unable to keep the screen on as Google maps and waze demonstrate is possible.Also lacking ability to edit shots online after a round. It's a shame, it's almost a serious contender to game Golf, but at the moment only manages to demonstrate the short comings of NFC for shot tracking.

Disappointed So dark cannot be seen in normal sunlight. The app closes for no reason. The app hangs. One cannot insert one's handicap. The app assumes everyone is a beginner so starts everyone at 36.6! This messes with Stableford scoring!

It works. Works ok on the course but too many extra additions. Only wanted a gps range finder. Chews up data though.

Great app but... Great app. I use it twice a week and it never has failed me through a round of golf. However, you read that the Samsung Gear Fit is compatible with the SBS app. The app description says it's compatible, places online say it is, and there are some YouTube videos saying and showing it working. I on the other hand have yet to be able to get the app to work with my gear fit which was extremely disappointing. Especially since that was one of the main reasons for buying that watch. Would love to hear back SBS.

Feature Packed! This app provides a bundle of useful features and data! I have been golfing about 3 months, and I find this app to be extremely helpful. I rated it4 stars instead of 5 because the range finding is not 100% timely, and the emails I receive are loaded with ads and other distractions. But for all of the functionality, I am grateful!

Awesome Love this app. Love the stat ability wish they would add a few more details with that but it's the best I found at a good price

Great, when it works! Every single time I've played over the past few months (and I play at least once a week) it has crashed on me... at least once! So very frustrating. Thought it might have been a GPS issue so I boosted the GPS accuracy and I'm now using a 4G router, independent of the phone... still the crashing persists. Other than that it's pretty good I'd have to say. I've not got any real basis for comparison at the moment and my view is limited to how well it works for me, using it quite simply to keep score and check distance on holes etc. I'm now going to explore what alternatives there are since I can't deal with the constant crashing any more.

Nice tracking, easy to use The GPS works great and tracks quickly. Easy to score a round and add players. So far, I love it!

Horrific interface and cripplingly slow One plus one connected to gigabit connected Wi-Fi. And this app is incredibly slow. It's a pity because the feature set is great. It's also incredibly frustrating to use, Ux is simply not thought out, pig slop.

This app and the vendor have impressed me with the features and support (free) and the extras for slightly more than a dollar a month. The GPS with course hole photos and yardages to any point/hazard are impressive enough, but in my group of players we spend a lot of time manually calculating hole winners in skin or match player with variable tees (red white blue) and handicaps for each player. At the end of the round we then verify results which don’t always match up. The app takes care of this with just the entry of the gross score and has options to give penalties for 3 and 4 putts, double bogies or extra points for sand saves, greens in regulation etc. If your course has changed its hole handicaps, you can edit them on the vendors web page and obtain approval within 24 hours. The best app of this type I have tried.

Absolutely Love It Waaay better than my Garmin. Love the auto tracking and stats. Also, it doesn't drain the battery on my Note 4! Sometimes I would forget my gps. But I never leave my phone. I'll be using this until something better comes along.

Excellent App Love this app..very happy I upgraded to Looper, it's great to be able track your clubs. The stat's after your round are excellent. Highly recommended.

Better than Most As opposed to a lot out there, this golf app offers, club tracking, tons of stats, and in fairway distance. Not many if any offer the club tracking which I find handy and useful.

Great product The free version gives you everything you need and the pro version even better. I have been using this for years and refuse to use anything else. I have converted friends and family from other products to this and they feel the same way.

My last review was: "Close to perfection." But sadly I now have to lower my review to barely acceptable because it keeps crashing several times a round using a stock Nexus 5 that worked fine before. And the worse thing is that the company is in limbo so there's no more development and fixing being done so feels like a dead end. Too bad because I'd rather not go to the alternatives.

Does the job nicely I didn't expect too much from this app but I have been very impressed. I think that as I play more golf this will become more of a useful tool.

Great app This is the best app you can purchase for only $15 you can get sand traps, layup, pin location. You get it all including courses that are new. If you play a lot of courses this is the best app for you

Works very well and is very accurate. A lot of features are free that you have to pay for on others such as seeing distances to hazards. Updating my review, I'm a little bit disappointed that there is no support for Samsungs gear s2 watch. Just got the watch thinking I could use it with swing by swing but it looks like another app will be needed until support is added. Bummer

I installed the app specifically to use with my Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch. I can navigate to the settings and turn the status to "ON". Problem is that I open the gear manager to open install the swing by swing Gear S2 app and it does not show up on list of apps when I search for "Swing by Swing" or "Golf GPS & Scorecard". Based on this, I had to uninstall and went to the other app I was using on my smartphone that I liked better. I'm hoping they fix this soon!

3rd year of use, highly recommend This is my 3rd year of using SbS (2 with basic looper) and I feel lost on the course without it. The distances are accurate and the wind/elevation comes in handy when choosing a club. The club tracker is also a nice feature to help get an accurate reading on your club distances although that does take some dedication to get many readings recorded. I have also helped edit a few courses that were due for an update and the person that assisted me in the process was great. I highly recommend.

Reliable Such an easy and reliable app, never feel the GPS lets me down, just my differences in strike! Unfortunately the app can't help with that.

Thanks Well like champs, you got me back on track. All I gotta do now is make putts. The more I use it the better it gets.

Used for past 3 yrs, getting a screen. locks on LG v10 this spring, everything else on phone works, Android 6.0 android spatch 2/1/16. I've paid for Looper as well but maybe moving to another app, when it works it's great / installed update and will test in next few days and return to five stars if all ok

Great app but no support for Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch. Hope it happens soon other apps lack what this program has.

Course search not so good The course search map never loads, and search algorithm is pretty bad, searched for "air force maryland" and it listed 44 courses most of which were not in Maryland, and since there is no map, it's hard to locate the course you are searching for

Bentwater Should have been 5 stars but last 2 holes were other course.

Works great only had a few update issues I've used this app off and on for a long time and this year bought the upgrade and it works great only had a few glitches along the way that another update would fix good job

It would be 5 stars if the app was updated to be compatible with Samsung Gear S2......

Great except you can't track more than a group of 4

Free version is nice...every bit worth $15 yearly Fantastic app. Even on full battery mode (GPS always on) it doesn't drain much battery on a newer phone

Good Works with gear 2, but takes awhile to reconnect. Would be nice if you could chart drives and whether you hit fairway or number of shots in sand

Mostly accurate Not as good as the laser range finders, but very helpful.

Excellent graphics. Best golf app I have tried.

Good support They listen to feature requests, and they fix bugs quickly. Best golfing app you will find!

Definitely the best Been using for a few years now....zero issues. Love it!

Best App Not just the best golf app, but possibly the best app I've used.

Works Since new patch, seems to be like it used to.

Great caddie Pretty darn good.

Perfect app. I'm improved greatly

Westlake GC, Winnebago, IL.

Great app Used it twice... Two different courses, loaded without issues, worked well. Lots of cool features.

Easiest to use I always come back to this app

Awesome app. Works very well.

Wat a app Only thing is very dark compared to others I have used

Great Golf aid Accurate and it's nice to be able to check distances to hazards!

On Point Accurate GPS, Great trending analysis. Found all courses.

Great when u get the hang of it

Golf tool for dummies Excellent app. With all the bells and whistles.

Great App Very easy to use, better than a paper scorecard and range finder

Great app Nice details on each hole was accurate descriptions.

Love this app Best use of GPS since Google Maps!

Better than the expensive apps that don't do as much!

Awesome. Easy to use!

Great golf GPS app - Where do I find the Gear 2 add on? Love this app. I've been using it for years. I just got a new Gear 2 watch but can't see how to download the app that's supposed to be available for that.

I got my handicap down to scratch from 4 and killing those unwanted bogeys Top quality, gives exact distance, btw I'm just 13

Easy to use Worked great all of 2015, lately has been freezing a lot though which is frustrating because I have to keep closing all my apps and restarting it in the middle of the hole

Very useful tool I can't give it five stars because this latest version of the app freezes and you need to restart sometimes while you are still finishing a hole.

Best Ever Love this app, have added looper but was well worth it. Easy to figure out. Gives you the ability to keep your courses up to date . Has helped in tracking shots so I make better club selections now. It really does help lower your score.

Excellent App Was using GolfLogix forbthe last 5 yrs but with their last update decided to change and a friend of mine was using this one. Love it and would recommend it. It would be nice if the app allowed u track chip and pitch counts but for now it is more than sufficient

This app doesn't let you search for courses. I have tried several times. No luck. For example, Riverdale Dunes in Brighton, CO. The map shows southeast Asia! Why?

Keeps locking up... ...when trying to enter the score for a hole. Ended up using Google Keep to save score while on the course, then tried to transfer to SXS after I got back home. Had to keep closing and reopening the app to get 7 out of 9 holes entered. Will be looking for another app.

Great integration with Google Wear To be able to get yardage and keep score without pulling my phone out of my pocket is a great feature.

Very Cool Great features. Softens the blow of being a terrible golfer.

Thumbs up Does everything you could possibly want . Perfect for my 7 handicap

Swing by Swing Golf GPS and Scorecard

Very Good! Matched this app against another and this more accurate

Awesome Easy to use an excellent GPS!

Loved it Very accurate and easy to score.

Easy to use and the best The best golf app....

Accurate and Simple My experience was good overall. Did exactly what I expected and more including GPS yardage and scorecard. I used it with a Huawei watch which kept the yardage on my wrist. Very nice. Almost as good as having a dedicated device like a Garmin or Bushnell watch. The only reason I dropped off a star was because on a few holes, the watch app would ask for the score on the fairways instead of giving yardage. It cleared up later in the round. Will definitely continue using it, wish I had known about it sooner!

New Scorecard Please go back to the traditional scorecard. I want to be able to view all players' scores at the same time. At least make it an option. This is by far the best gps app out there. The only real complaint is that it's hard to see the screen when the sun is out.

Not sure what the point is? At least in free mode this seems a bit pointless, little upgrade over pencil and scorecard. I hit the button to track every shot which it completely ignores and just asks for my shots at the end of each hole. Range finder is nice but honestly every course I play is pretty well marked anyway. Will try the other one next round! It certainly claims more features!

If this doesn't change I'm going to a different app! I like the features of the app but your handicap is based off of 18 holes. I don't always play 18 so it's not giving me a good number. I'm trying to play a match against someone else and my handicap is skewed. Needs to be updated or I'll have to try some other app.

Very hit or miss Sometimes works great. Others... can't even enter a score. I want to like this app, but am getting frustrated

Really good app A neat scorecard, range finder and stat collector. I've bought into looper for a few pounds a year for the additional features.

Amazingly accurate The golf course localization is very impressive. The satelite distance helper got my handicap to drop down a considerable amount! I recommend it.

Immediate game improvement Best app for golf so far. Well put together, and scorecard is the easiest one I have used so far. I love the 'hole plays like' feature. As soon as I started trusting it, I took shots off my game. I will not play around without it! Great job!

Getting more user friendly with every swing At first I would use the features that didn't slow down play. I am getting to the point where I get to enjoy the club distance and GPS tracking as well...

Great app My only question is, what do the people who spent the one time member fee get above the standard free users.

Dark screen Would give it 5 stars if the screen was brighter. Hard to see the hole map. Other than that, it's a very good program.

Very useful This is my and my friends' default scoring app for every round of golf. GPS provides fairly accurate yardage and green distance to help your game. The app relquires you to always have cell /Internet coverage and in some areas where there is none, it will not work and load. For plain scoring without map assistance, I wish there was an offline mode for that purpose alone.

Love this app! Have used several golf apps before, but I found this one to be the very best. It's even worth the subscription price. Love having the opportunity to compare my scores at home on the computer.

Brand new to app I have only played two rounds on the app, but so far I really like it. Scoring makes my life so much easier when playing alone and range finder has been great, when I don't think I am smarter than the GPS.

Ball, club, mind... Great application to visualize the path of travel. Simulates having a personal caddy, just like the golf pro's.

Divotd This is a great app to use for distance and 4 hole design and for obstructions and Hazards. I always use it. And it's easy to use too.

Free and easy (unlike my swing) Easy to use, accurate, and free! Perfect amount of utility without too much extraneous junk in the way.

Good app Would like a few more options for recording stats but very good for a free app.

Good App Used the app over 4 years and rarely had any trouble. Does exactly what I need it to. Had some dealing with customer services and was happy there too.

Great app I like the ability to leppard score and get my yardage accurately. Definitely the best golf app i have used. The newsletter is great as well.

Great features I've used the app for 2 years now. Quick and easy to use on the course, uses little battery power. The hole view simplifies judging the distance to the flag. Recommended!

Very useful Great for distance, have some trouble with the app freezing on my galaxy s7

Fantastic, Love the Pebble watch support. Worked like a charm on the course. Sometimes, there was a little delay at times but it's workable.

Absolutely fantastic, Developers Respond Love the app. Developers solved the spam issue. Would recommend it to everybody. Would love some kind of Excel/CSV export too. One complaint is that without internet the app is totally junk as you can't review your round stats. I think this used to be built in, but now I'm told I get sent to a website.

This app is a golfers dream. I've been a skycaddie customer for a long time. Tried this app out before my renewal. Bye bye skycaddie and the $50 annual fee. I'm hooked. I added looper which really steps up functionality. Green view distance bands, wind speed and direction, plays like and club tracking are all valuable tools to help anyone improve their skills. Electronic scoring and wagering are nice added features. Post round analysis is very helpful, especially shot by shot replay by hole . Looper costs $15 bucks per year to add in but it's worth the investment. The website provides nice FAQ info and tips to help manage data usage. I've compared GPS accuracy to my garmin vivoactive HR and its dead on accurate. You can trial or use without looper just to kick the tires. Think you'll really like what you find.

Handy If you're bothered about knowing the distance to the hole and how his will affect your shot/club choice, it's well worth it. One thing that could improve the app is having the total score visible on the satellite image screen. Aside from that, a great app!

Great app. Simple to use I really like this app. Keeps track for all my rounds, figures handicap, etc. Only takes a few seconds after each hole or you can enter later. Doesn't drain my battery. I highly recommend.

Not good I just downloaded it keeps cutting me of and i thought i was getting a decent golf app sorry will be uninstaling as i think there a better one i was using and it give 's me all the details i want for free

Great easy to use This app is the best I have found for all facets of a golf GPS. THE method of scoring for 4 players is great. I left GolfLogix because they changed the app and scoring is terrible.

Great app I have tried a few other GPS golf apps. When I used this one I didn't need any other. The yardage is pretty spot on. I like that it keeps your score and it does your handicap.

Great app UI could use a little work, feels like a lot of back and forth between views

On my older galaxy s2 it was a bit slow and temperamental. Now with the galaxy note 3 and it's better and more usable.

Great! Simple, easy to use, tracks my scores .. love it!! On Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge, finding it to be very accurate and it's so useful knowing yardage when I don't have a range finder

Thanks very much for this great app, I find it very accurate and helpful both when playing and reviewing my rounds at home later. I've yet to use the whole package of facilities available but by next spring I'm sure it will be getting fully used! Recommended!!

It actually works! Had to believe it with my own eyes but it works! I played with the guy with the $300 range finder and he said "oh well that doesn't get you where the pin is, it's just to the center of the green." And I said yeah but it's free!

Love this app Very good app. I would suggest buying the Looper. I ended up buying it twice this year because when I changed phones it lost my looper status.

Fairly simple to use and accurate. Probably best to try it and see how you get on. A bit of a faff to get out your phone and boot it up for a yardage.

Just keeps saying no image found when I'm on my course

Fantastic free golf app! Everything I need distance, scorecard, and history. Would like spot to spot distance (to see how long my drive was), but whaddya want for nothin'!

It seems to have outpaced my Galaxy S3. Where is my update? Overall I like the app. I'll rate the app higher if my course update ever shows up, including the practice range.

Great for any course! I use this every time I play anywhere I play. I actually upgraded to the looper app for the extras. I am able to know more about my golf game as well as the courses that I am playing. I love this app!

Works well with Android Wear Was looking for an AW capable golf app. This one works well for me (and free!).

Fantastic app This app has great features and is the best out there I could find. Thanks guys for making such an app available...

Easy to use Used this app for tracking shot distances, yardage to green and scores. Really easy to use. No issues as yet.

A must have tool for all golfers Excellent information at your fingertips to help you with every shot.

Nice and easy Score card could be a little easier to read...more like a score card. Super easy and smart. Luv it. Z

Good app! I really like this app! Gives me distance and an overhead view plus keeps my score

It's simply and you can keep a record of rounds and puts also gives you f,m,b,of green

Great golf ap I use it whenever I play!

Very Helpful The scorecard is handy and the GPS is great. Not always dead on but its free.

Swing by Swing Brilliant, saves u lots of shots and gr8 when you're playing a new course

The best Great app I love the way you keep my scores for the year

Great App Easy to use scorecards. Had access to local course pars and course layout. Thanks.

Intuitive and great info Enjoying using it and learning more about my game from this app.

Works great. Take a little time to learn but works as advertised

Great app Been using this app all season, it's been great!

Perfect Golf App Works great, accurate and ready to use.

Working well Last several updates have improved this app.