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Goodbudget: Budget & Finance

Supplied By Dayspring Technologies    On Sept. 15, 2016    Comments(148)

APP for iPhone Goodbudget: Budget & Finance version2.5.1 Download

Goodbudget (formerly EEBA, the Easy Envelope Budget Aid) is a money manager and expense tracker that’s great for home budget planning. This personal finance manager is a virtual update on your grandma’s envelope system--a proactive budget planner that helps you stay on top of your bills and finances. Built for easy, real-time tracking. And, sync across devices to share your budget with your budgeting partners. Keep everyone on the same page with household finances!

The best income and expense tracking tool. Ever. Yup.

Not yet convinced?

Recommended by Experts. Google. The New York Times. Forbes. LifetimeTV. Boston Globe. About.com, Lifehacker, the Register, Verizon Wireless, Leave Debt Behind, yada yada yada.
Top quality. Ranked #3 in App Quality across ALL finance apps in both major app stores. [1]
Downloaded over 3,000,000 times

And loved by users everywhere
...which, after all, is what matters most…


Automagically syncs across devices and web
Stay on the same page about finances with loved ones
Data is automatically and securely backed up to Goodbudget’s website

Expense tracking optimized for speed!
Check Envelope & Account balances
Save for the future with Goal and Annual Envelopes
Split expense transactions
Save time with smart payee and category suggestions
Easily transfer funds between Envelopes and Accounts
Search for transactions
Add income
Choose budget period to match real-life
Location-based widget! Enter common transactions in exactly 3 touches. Control in Settings. (Note: widget will not be available if you move app to SD due to Android limitation)
Edit budget as needed!

Analyze spending with Spending by Envelope Report
Monitor cashflow with Income vs. Spending Report

Download transactions to CSV
Bank account statement import in QFX (Quicken) and OFX (Microsoft Money) formats with auto-matching to manually entered transactions
Clear/reconcile transactions
Even more reports!
Scheduled transactions and Envelope fills

No physical envelopes...only virtual ones!
Roll unused funds over to the new month to reward your amazing self-control!
Plan finances ahead of time to keep budget on track
Live within your means
A darn cute envelope mascot

Ad-free, Free Forever version includes 10 regular envelopes & 10 annual envelopes. Use envelope budgeting to plan your spending, not just track it!


Unlimited Envelopes AND Accounts
Sync up to 5 devices
5 years of transaction history
Personal and friendly email support

Looking for a finance manager, money tracker, checkbook ledger, or household budget planner? Try us out!

Goodbudget: Budget well. Live life. Do good.

Features, bugs? Please email us at support@goodbudget.com! We're happy to help!

[1] http://arc.applause.com/2015/11/10/best-and-worst-personal-finance-apps/

Dayspring Technologies part of our Finance and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 15, 2016. Appstore play rating is 86.8549. Current verison is 2.5.1. Actual size 5.0 MB.

What's new

    - Schedule your transactions
    - See upcoming transactions
    - Record pending transactions now
    - Fixed: crash on viewing some pending fills
Download goodbudget-expense-budget.apk 5.0 MB


Very good This app has helped me stay on top of my finances. But a great addition would be to allow me to schedule payments. I have payments that are every six months, and three, and that's hard to manage with this app. You have to enter every payment manually. Very difficult to manage. Implement auto payments and I'll be very happy!

Love the app, wish it was flat buy $ I love the app, but I use the free version because I would rather pay once than the subscription method used. It's killing it for me, and I am actively looking for a replacement although the app is everything I really want.

Faithful user for years The wife and I have been using it for several years. Works well, not complicated, and it's easy to input transactions on the go. I suggest starting with the free version and not as many envelopes, then upgrading and adding categories for better spending insights.

Great App, Full Functionality Virtually the same functionality as available on the website. Well written, easy to use. Really helps with budgeting and tracking expenditures.

Great App Really practical and easy to use. Not perfect as refilling envelopes can lead to an unexpected surplus but that doesn't stop the app being a highly effective budgeting tool.

Not totally free Only 10 envelopes I have way more monthly payments than 10. Will not pay 5 dollars a month seems like wasted money!

No recurring transactions? I'd like to see recurring transactions, so I don't have to put one by hand in every time I pay for my Netflix etc. I like the ability to sync between 2 people, but I don't think the "envelope method" is for me. Setting a budget per tag, yes, but having to manually fill the envelopes with money is just unnecessary.

Best thing ever! What a life saver! My husband and I tried using a cash envelope system but with being on opposite work schedules it didn't work out. We never saw each other to get the cash when we needed it. Now we use these electronic envelopes and it works wonderfully for our situation.

Helps It does so much more online but app is good for a snap shot. The sync between the both is immediate! So cool.

Enveloped without the mess of envelooes Love that I can share my envelope with my household and we all have access on our phone. probably not as good as using cash as you can still go over but we are much more aware of what we are sending.

Simple, does its job, and occasionally buggy It's easy to master and use, and it's been helping me keep a close eye on my budget (I'm on a grad student budget) for two years now. Occasionally it does mess something up, but overall, it's a solid app. Just remember to record everything! It's a good habit to get into.

Great idea but my month never started new on the 1st even though it was set to it. I have had the app for 2 months and it still says I am in month 1 (so basically saying I am over budget). It's a little confusing.

Get error "can't connect to internet cloud", says it will try later, the app stops working and force closes

Great app! its really helping me to figure out where my money is going an to stay on top of my bills. The only thing I cant figure out is that I get paid every 2 weeks an where I am supposed to put my check amounts. How i am supposed to make all this in line with my checking account also wondering if each month my envelopes start over automatically or how I refill them.

Filling envelopes tricky Would like to fill envelopes manually but not working well. Makes me identify total income and I don't want to. Just trying to track certain spending.

Finally a budget app that works! I am not the best with budgeting, but after 6 months with this app I am proud to say I am not only caught up with my bills, I have savings!

Great budgeting app I did a trial run with this app this month to see how well it would work, and I really like it. I was concerned about monthly envelopes that I put money in every two weeks, but other than the little envelope frowning at me it wasn't an issue at all. :-)

Good app but rarely updated I have enjoyed using goodbudget, but there is still much room for incremental improvement. And unfortunately, they don't seem to have much development going on. Their roadmap hasn't changed in 6 months and only a few minor fixes. Why pay for an app that doesn't have much invested to stay competitive?

Great budget software! What you get in the free version is is good enough to do any normal household budget. I use it every day! The only thing I can suggest to add is something to organize things charged to different credit cards and some place to mark off when the transaction posts. Thank you for a great app!

Goodbudget rocks!! Best app ever! Helping keep our marriage intact. A lot fewer fights about money. A superb budgeting/ envelope tool for Dave Ramsey Financial Peace plan when we didn't want to carry cash but instead wanted to use only debit card purchases.

Great work! Best budget app I've used, and I have tested a lot. Satisfied with the paid version, haven't disappointed me yet. Easy to use and navigate. Awesome!

Great app, but too expensive to be effective... I love this app, but the cost to get more than 10 envelopes is ridiculous, thus making the app's practicality, useless. As others have said, this should be a one time fee. Add in ads to the free version if you need to, but don't ask for a reoccurring $5 a month fee. That's kinda contradictive for a budgeting app... As I'd have to make a "Goodbudget" envelope.

Simply beautiful. It doesn't have a lot of features but what it has, it does best. Simple, fast and reliable!

Great but awkward: needs background sync Interface is awesome, but there's no background sync. I don't like manually opening the app to get it to sync. I want to record transactions in stores without reception, but then I forget to open the app when I get back home which means my wife doesn't get the latest transaction. Auto background sync = 5 stars

So far, so GREAT! I'll admit, it did take a while to get the hang of it, and I did put it down for a couple of months out of discouragement. BUT, I just recently gave it another go, and I am now loving it. I think this will be just what we need to get our spending back under control. I have tried a few other apps, but I think this is going to be the best. I'm considering whether or not to upgrade. Right now I am just using the free envelopes to track my problem areas.

Love it With this app, I am now actually able to save! Knowing exactly where my money is going to (down to the last cent) is the best thing ever! Thank you, DaySpring Technology! ???

Great! Update: they worked with me until my issue was resolved. Wonderful app with a wonderful development team!!!! Original comment: The only thing I don't like is that I have to go on the website to delete a transaction. Otherwise, it is wonderful and had definitely helped my hubby and I be getter stewards of God's money.

Best budgeting app for free or pay Using this was so straightforward! My husband and I tried so many other apps including some that were a part of an expensive desktop program. This has been the most flexible, we can budget weekly, biweekly and so on.

Best Budgeting App! I love this app! Its the best budgeting app I've came across. I like how it doesn't connect to your bank accounts. Those tend to be so complicated and glitchy, giving you false information, which enables you to spend what money you don't have, but are told you do have. This app took me a little getting used to, but I was good after a week or so. I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!

Love the app Love the app for the most part. Wish more of the web functionality were available in the app. I despise subscription based services that limit what you can do on the app, as if modern phones can't do or as if they can't afford to implement them. Still a useful tool, however.

Completely helped our financial situation Made a huge transformation of our household budget. We were unable to get on the same page with spending and when we implemented this app we are quickly getting out of debt. I love the multiple devise syncing. Manual entry helps keep track better. If they could add a tab for tracking debts similar to a debt snowball that would be amazing! Keep it up.

the only budgeting system I use If it wasn't for the manual entry of this app, I would overspend. This app keeps me very disciplined. I have an extremely low income but I was able to pay off my student debt, move out, pay a downtown rent, AND at the same time go out and enjoy the pricey, unique restaurants. I've used this app since it was called EEBA back in 2012. This isn't for everyone because it's very, very manual and tedious -which is the reason I LOVE it. This app or Excel. GREAT APP FOR BUDGET TRAVELLERS. Thank you so much for maki

Great for household budgets My wife and I have tried a couple dozen different apps and systems and this is by far the most flexible and easy to understand. Great for families who want to keep on track together. Concepts are easy to understand, sync works really well, reports are helpful, the data is open so it's easy to import, export and backup your data and best (and most importantly) of all, the dev team is very active, always engaging their users and adding new and exciting features, fixing bugs, and generally being awesome!

Good Definitely an awesome budgeting app. Simple and easy to use. Easy to sinc across devices and works seamlessly. I'd be more than willing to support this app by getting the full version, but the cost is ridiculous! A monthly fee for almost no extra features, I'll use the perfectly good trial version thanks.

Great app Great budget app for people who hate budgeting. As simple or as detailed as you wanna make it

Love it! As long as I track, it helps me big time. Great for making a plan and sticking to it.

Simple and useful A great upgrade from paper envelopes that only one person can have with them at a time. This has really helped us to keep track of things and feel hopeful about paying off debt.

Works well for me and the hubs This being a free app, I was really hesitant to see if it would be something that I/we could use and stick with. It has been a lifesaver! The sync feature with another device is great too! Keeping up with our spending has never been eaiser. I am not a "techy" person and this is perfect for me. Thanks Goodbudget!

Great software Just started using it last month and it has helped me to save alot!

Good. But... Great app. Just what I need. But I'm getting quite frustrated that I can't set envelopes to fill properly each week. It seems more complex than it needs to be :(

So helpful! Such a great app. It helps me stay totally on top of all my income and expenses. I know where every cent is being spent/saved. It allows me to keep on top of my financial situation and plan for the future. It's simple and easy to use.

Goodbudget This is a great little app. We use a simple but effective envelope budget. This app let's us keep track of our budget online and on our cell phones with just a glance. Very convenient and easy to keep track of our expenses versus our budget.

I love this ap. It has changed the way I budget and I finally have control over those "variable" categories (like food and miscellaneous). I LOVE the addition of goal envelopes, that was the one feature that was missing for good budgeting!

Useful for keeping a budget Good Budget has helped me track my expenses, allowing me to fine tune them.

Finally keeping track of my money! I've been using Goodbudget for over a year now, and it's been so helpful for keeping track of my money. By seeing my spending patterns with the reports, I've been able to notice trends in unnecessary spending and cut back to save for things like vacation. With the new goal envelopes and annuals with due dates, it's even easier to plan and save. The plus subscription is totally worth it to have unlimited accounts and envelopes, because I really need help organizing everything.

UI revamp nice. Material design would be best Great budgeting application! Good job guys! Material design update anytime soon?

I love this app, but I wish the app would allow the same things as the website, such as between envelope transfers.

Bored with it Budgets are dull and painful to start with it. This didn't help.

Simple, very effective

Good Very helpful

Money by the pound. Initial set up was a peice of cake. Later though, I had to make adjustments to my budget and found that to be tricky. Made a new envelope with -$70 in it. I left it that way and just focused on the rest. I have not mastered moving into next week with leftover cash. Ads in the free part are not excessive. Once I get the transaction and adding mid week down I'll think of this app as a 5 star, but because the adding and transition is not clear...4.

Worked great then deleted all info I loved this app! It works really well, easy to use and assign envelopes and transactions. ....but LOVED. Not LOVE. It refuses to sync to server even with a constant full signal. So they advise to log out and log back in again. WHICH DELETED ALL PREVIOUS DATA. Needs a bug fix urgently!!

Pretty good Does what I need it to do. I just wish we could have monthly envelopes and weekly envelopes at the same time. Considering eventually getting the Plus plan, but that 5 year history maximum has me worried

LUV IT - EVERY $ BUDGETED It was a little tricky at first getting the unallocated worked out but I got it now and am track to reach my goals. DEBT FREE in 2016

Goals achieved! I need an app for everything and I'm not even proud of it but I need to leave this review how this helped me achieve my goals to save up after just 2 months of using it.

Saved my (financial) life It feels like I got a raise because my money doesn't disappear by itself. I track everything and I found I have more at the end of the month.

Used it for years I consistently use good budget and it has helped me track my finances and keep a good budget for some time now. I would get the paid version since I use it so much but it is just too expensive. I'm sorry but I'm not budgeting my budget ap. I've learned to use the limited envelopes with the free version. It's fairly simple to use and gets easier the more you use it. The only thing I really wish it had was a way to reconcile

I love this app! So easy to put all your different bills as envelopes. You can see money going in and out. It holds you accountable. Plus since it's on your phone it's so easy to add transactions, especially the ones you do with your card that are so easy to forget and go over budget with.

Great for tracking my spending Easy to add in my receipts as I shop, lets me know how much I have left right then. I always had a hard time entering it on the computer when I got home. Then the receipts would pile up,and I would over spend each month. Thanks for the app

Great app Love this app. Never used a budget app before but this one's great. Only reason there's not a 5th star is because filling the envelopes every two weeks with the budget for the month makes it a little tricky to see what you've put in each envelope so far.

Takes the stress out of budgeting! What an excellent application. This would be further enhanced by being able to group envelopes in the mobile app. As the web based version does a great job of this. Being able to sort envelopes alphabetically on both the web and mobile platforms would be very useful. Controlling the sync time on the mobile app would also come in handy.

Really like this app. I like the visual that the envelopes give. A bit challenging to learn how to use it well, but getting the hang of things. I have NO IDEA why they would charge a monthly fee to use this though. I can see a one time cost to unlock more features (more envelopes) but it's silly to charge users monthly to keep features unlocked.

Perfect family finance app This is an easy to use, great finance app. Perfect for tracking your expenses and keeping your finance in check. I love how it is sync'd between multiple devices

Best money I've spent to stay on top of my money I've tried way too many budgeting and expense tracking apps (YNAB, Spendee, etc., etc.), Goodbudget stands out for its ease of use but you can also get pretty precise and in-depth on your finances if you wanted to, too. Best of all? They have the best support for any app I've ever bought here. To get the most out of it, you gotta buy into it but it is so worth it.

Saves me so much money! And I am able to go without any cash since the app allows me to track exactly what I have in the bank! I have made serious changes to my spending habits due to the report "spending by payee" I was spending almost 20% of my paycheck at a local gas station and had no idea! Instantly after seeing that the very next paycheck reported 2%. THANKS GOODBUDGET!

I'm a bad budgeter I am terrible when it comes to saving and spending. One day I look in my account and wonder where all the money went. So, I looked up some help and found this awesome app. Pretty much the old school envelope system, but mobile. You don't have to hook up any credit card numbers or personal information. Its hooked up on their website, just in case app crashes or phone is messed up! You treat it like your bank and you'll know what you have in your account and what you can and can't touch. It's simple to use.

Missing payee management App is pretty good. However, life would be easier if payees could be managed better. I would like an option to view my entire list of payees and be able to edit them. For example, if I ended up with two payees Mcdonalds and Mcdonald's, I would like to open a payee list, edit one (to make them merge) and the change to be applied to all transactions under that payee. Editing payees is painful since you have to edit ebery transaction in your history for the payee to make the change stick. Ridiculous.

Bad ethics and UnChristlike dishonesty I was excited to use this app until I discovered you can only have 10 items. It would be more honest and Christian to be up front and charge for the app instead of stringing people along. Who only has 10 items?

I was looking for an app that was simple and could sync across devices, as I need my wife to use it too. Goodbudget is incredibly simple yet powerful: the envelope system is very solid and understandable, the reports, while basic, answer all needs except the most refined, the transactions recording is clear and quick. I recommend it warmly to anyone who's struggling with their finances or wants to get in control of their money. My only concern is with the price: 5$ a month seems to be on the expensive side of things, if you are really on a budget. I might want to contribute some money in the future (I just started using it) and get the premium version. But for 5$ a month I'm afraid I'll be a free user forever, which is a pity somehow.

Artificial Intelligence Personnafied If you want to budget your income and expenses this is the PERFECT app, hands down. There is a very short learning period but with their comprehensive, organized and easy to access help data you can easily plow through any minor confusion. Once past the learning curve, I am amazed at how intuitive the app can be. It works perfectly. It is personable. It makes boring budgeting fun. Every time I say to myself, if only they did this task this way, it pops up, as though there is some form of AI on board.??

Works great for couples We use this all the time. It updates live across all of our devices so we know exactly how much we have at all times.

I love the app but a little confused in one area. Very easy to use when compared to my other app. I am confused because I went and edited the envelopes when I realized I made a mistake and now both the old and new budget is showing, but the app is tracking based off the old budget. If this was better explained then i would be happy to give it 4 stars!!!

Intuitive Don't spend money you don't have. That's my number one rule to honor God, but its so hard to see where it is and keep track. Free version has everything I need to do it though. I've tried Mint app, but this is the easiest while still making me be conscious of my spending. Physical envelopes just aren't realistic for me. This is the way to go.

I have money left now! For the first time in my life, I now know EXACTLY where my money's going - and more importantly, how much I have left to spend. This is a really powerful app that takes a little bit of setting at the start - but once that's done, it's very simple to record new transactions, etc. The app is backed up by the website, which replicates the functionality and allows you to manage your account. Continually under improvement, EEBA is one of my essential apps.

A little clunky but useful It's got some quirks to it; like it won't reliably give you additional envelopes when you are trying to split a transaction between more than 2 envelopes, forcing you to go to the computer. But it does exactly what we want and presents it in a useful way. We were so pleased with it that we bought a subscription. But I'm downgrading to 3 stars because the envelope problem is infuriating and it's been a problem long enough that they should have fixed it by now!

Excellent app When it comes to saving money i am bad. But with this app I have saved money and stayed on budget. Its a excellent app. Using the full version now and its excellent.

Great envelope based budgeting app. Syncs online and across multiple devices. My wife and I can always check our spending to make sure we're on-budget.

Great except the widget wastes space I think the app is great and is pretty user friendly. I've been using it for years and it definitely helps us stay on budget. My only complaint is that the widget is less then 3 icons wide but it is a 4 x 1 widget.

Simple and Effective (Free Version) Love the app lots and lots. I use the free version because $45 a year is a bit more than I am willing to pay for an app designed to help you be good with money. I wish it had an "auto deduct" feature. I have several bills that are automatically pulled from my banking account and sometimes forget to note it on the app. Absolutely no big bugs or complaints!!

Using it for years I have used this for years, it is great to see the history and changes between high school and now. It helps keep my wife and I on track with our spending as we are now saving for a house

Love its simplicity I love the simplicity of this app, one thing that would make it better though is if you could take a picture of your receipt instead of manually entering numbers and information after every purchase.

Best app ever Easy tracking, easy use, love that we can both use it and it updates instantly!

Great! It's really an amazing way to use the envelope budgeting system without having to take money out of your acct and carry around cash.... It's helped me get myself out of debt and easier to see if I have the money to do so or not. Would recommend this app to anyone who needs help budgeting and keeping their head above water.

This app has made a huge difference in my finances. I highly recommend it every chance I get. However, I do wish they'd do an update so I could add income, fill envelopes selectively, and make adjustments to my bank totals through the app. With that addition, I'd give five stars. :::EDIT::: Thanks for the info! I didn't realize I could add my income that way, since I'm used to doing it as a transaction on the computer, which doesn't work the same way on the app. I should have been more clear about my issue with filling envelopes from the app: I can't seem to fill without sweeping my remaining unallocated income somewhere. That isn't ideal for me, but it's a pretty minor complaint and if that's the one thing I have to access a computer for I can live with it.

Simple, effective, and MOTIVATING! We decided how much we needed in the envelopes to take care of our needs and allow us to pay a certain amount extra toward debt. When you can see everyday how much you have to spend in your different categories like groceries and entertainment, you stay motivated and in control of your dollars.

Please add passcode option Love this app but id like a 4 digit pass code option when opening. Just to keep our details and $$$ private. Cheers

Envelope-style budgeting This app works great and perfectly fits my family's budgeting style (based on an envelope system) and supports our financial planning philosophy. Very easy to use and understand. Some improvement s could be made, but I see the developers continuously providing support and taking (and acting on) suggestions from users. Great app, great developers.

great and free! so easy to use, especially if you get paid biweekly. also great to not have to enter in sensitive account info. also ca force you to get in the habit of checking your budget and staying involved. great learning tool

Saved us tons. My wife and I pay for the subscription -- I really think the unlimited envelopes are a necessity to use this system effectively -- and it's worth every penny for what we've saved in the first month alone. This app has legitimately helped us "trim the fat." Wrapping your mind around the envelope concept initially can be a slight challenge, but the app itself is well designed, intuitive, and reliable. Sync is great--my wife uses iPhone and I'm on Android, and we see each other's transactions instantaneously.

Great app This app has really helped my husband and I take control of our finances. We no longer have arguments about money because we can see how much we have left in our budget and where all our money went with a touch of a few buttons. The app itself works great, never crashes and is intuitive.

Excellent Exactly what I was looking for in a budget tracker: custom start date, split transactions, spent & balance on each category. Thanks!

Nice interface. Though I am pretty satisfied with the current app, CashBase, with new updates coming soon, maybe I will give this a try.

Very useful Use the app for managing and tracking all my finances. Helps me out so much i decided to subscribe after using it consistently over 3 months, would highly recommend to anyone looking for an effective paperless way to budget

Love it Great for keeping up with what money your spending and what your saving. Help my family realize our money problem and helped organize it. ????

Its really nice but.. I just feel sometimes that a few things are not that straight forward as they're supposed to be.. Being a geek I hardly could run with it, but a lot of people wouldn't I believe

Simple and Elegant Lovely to use, simple, clear, effective. Excellent!

Hugely beneficial Great app, easy to use once set up and has allowed me to balance life, mortgages, and salary changes easily. Know how you are spending every last dollar with ease.

An Invaluable Financial Solution! My wife and I have always been very neglectful concerning designing and consistently following a budget. Our family has suffered as a result. This app is the practical answer that we have needed. We are now consistently budgeting and looking forward to better financial days ahead. I cannot sufficiently state how thankful I am for this app and its accompanying website. I want to express my profound appreciation to its designers. I consider this app to be the most valuable app on my smartphone.

New update The new update is fantastic. A little harder to use than the first one but the report is a great feature and it was about time you added that bit. Well done on an excellent app

Amazing I'm so pathetic at maths and any kind of accounting. Totally number phobic so this app is a godsend! Took a few days to figure out from the help section but totally worth it

Simple and easy to use I love this app. It makes it so easy to keep track of family spending. I've used a few budgeting apps in the past but this is the only one I've ever really stuck with. It's easy to use and has a simple concept. Some folks want a lot of bells and whistles, but in my experience, that just makes keeping track of everything much more confusing.

love it. I've never budgeted before and this makes it so easy. only problem is I wish there was an easier way to reset envelopes to budget amount from paycheck each month. maybe I'm just doing it wrong.

Don't like app I don't like it bc it refuses to fix my budget amount, it always reverts back to the one they started me with :(

Nice enough A little cumbersome to use and understand- maybe a tutorial would work nicely. However it's still nice to have a picture of what's going on in my finances

Difficult start but intuitive after Really hard to understand initially but once u get it it is really comprehensive!

So easy to use, it has saved our budget I love how this app allows you to create easy to use envelopes for your budget. My family used cash envelopes in the past, but they were never easy to refill. With this system we can easily fill the digital envelopes and keep track of how much money is left in each category. I love the convenience and the fact it can sync so quickly with the rest of my family members.

Add transaction terrible The envelope system is good, but the add transaction interface is terrible. I shouldn't have to explain to you. Just go try some other apps.

Excellent Updating my review. I've had this app for two years now and still use it everyday. There are other good apps for budgeting, I have tried a few of them and still do try new ones but this is still the best well done keep up the good work.

Excellent This is exactly what I was looking for in a budget app, bi-weekly budgeting especially. The only 2 things I need now is the same level of account editing as the web version and a protection pin for the phone. Then it'll be perfect. Thanks again for your hard work.

Useful app Easy to use, and the form for each transaction is super quick to fill out. I would recommend it to others. 4 stars instead of 5 because it was a bit tricky to get started, annual budget amounts are presented a bit awkwardly, and the transfer/fill envelope process could benefit from being a bit more visual and clear.

Great app! Super helpful and the little envelopes make funny faces if you spend too much or too little, which makes budgeting ever so slightly exciting. What sets it apart from other apps for me is how flexible it is. It lets me input things manually, which takes some getting used to, but ultimately helped a lot. I actually felt like I was spending money, which never happened when I would just swipe my card. Makes it feel more real when I have to input it here.

Great software Just started using it last month and it has helped me to save alot!

Simple, great for vacation budgeting Exactly what I needed to track how I was doing on vacation. Love being able to see individual transactions and see how much is left in food vs souvenirs envelopes. Really helped my family make good choices and return from vacation happy. No big bill waiting for us due to overspending!

Excellent app When it comes to saving money i am bad. But with this app I have saved money and stayed on budget. Its a excellent app. Using the full version now and its excellent.

Simple, good Been looking for a simple app to use for a while now, this is great. Some improvements: 1. Dark theme should be less stark 2. Target indicator for annual budgets (now only monthly) 3. Calculator should have a blinking typing indicator

Finally keeping track of my money! I've been using Goodbudget for a couple years now, and it's been so helpful for keeping track of my money. I've been able to notice trends in unnecessary spending and cut back to save for things like vacation and fun. With the new scheduled transactions feature, it's even easier to use because Goodbudget takes care of my regular payments and fills so I don't have to. The plus subscription is totally worth it to have unlimited accounts and envelopes, because I really need help organizing everything.

Best for me It is easy to use and it has the features that i like. i think it is best if a feature like BUDGETING SUGGESTION based on your expense history will be generated by the app like "spend less 10 on snack to cope up with the budget within 30 days"

Not enough envrlopes The app is simple yo usr but I have more bills than it aklows me to put in, without payong for the service currently five dollars a month.

Missing payee management App is pretty good. However, life would be easier if payees could be managed better. I would like an option to view my entire list of payees and be able to edit them. For example, if I ended up with two payees Mcdonalds and Mcdonald's, I would like to open a payee list, edit one (to make them merge) and the change to be applied to all transactions under that payee. Editing payees is painful since you have to edit every transaction in your history for the payee to make the change stick. Ridiculous.

Only the Best This is a phenomenal app. I've recommended it to everyone I know. The best way to really keep track of expenses and financial goals. Plus there's a mobile app, and it doesn't have to be directly tied to bank accounts, so there's security. Love it!

Beats pen & paper Simple. I know I'm not using it to its full potential. But so far I'm loving having my spendings tracked without always looking at my bank account or losing track/interest of using pen and paper

Keeps us honest This app lets us see exactly where the money goes. We use it for everything we consciously spend money on. It is useful for everyone for something - kids, adults, couples, young and old.

Nice and Easy to Use Simple and easy to use; also good for synchronizing between my phone and the web. EDIT 9/4/2016 - just noticed that I can finally view scheduled future transactions on the app; this helps a lot!

Best budgeting app! UPDATE: I can see all of my upcoming transactions! Awesome! I absolutely love this app! It's the only budgeting software that I've ever been able to keep. It's great that I can manually add my expenses as I make them - so I know my budget is up to date. Plus, the update has great report capabilities, so I can more easily manage my budget when I'm on the go!

Uninstalled it. Crashed twice in a row on my phone after adding a couple envelopes. Opened it on my tablet and my envelopes were gone. Tried to add an income account and it said I had reached my limit. Considered the Pro version but reconsidered when I saw that it was $5.00 a month. If the envelope method was that hard Grandma never would've used it.

Works great Simple app that doesn't require me to link my banking info. Syncs up to 2 devices for this free version

Really nice I like the fact that it doesn't carry a dollar sign and its js nice

Best family budget app Paid version with every penny to keep accounts and budgets synced up.

very useful for households easy, simple, and very helpful. enhancements needed: rotate display, "sync" option while in all tabs, automated sync, archive envelopes, more reports, all web features.

Good App Generally good. Sometimes when using the split into multiple envelopes feature, the balance computation wasn't done or system hang.

Great and functional The free version is usable with two devices and the new graphs is a good step in the right direction to add functionality to the app

Great app... Using free version and although could do with a few more envelopes it works really well for me.

Using it for a year essential part of my budgeting strategy... I love this app! simple to use and easy to access

User friendly This app works well with how I like to organize and overall it's pretty user friendly .

Best I've used Would be good if upcoming transactions could show in the envelope total...

Great app Easier than most other budgeting apps. Exactly what we were looking for.

Great App Never had a budgeting issue since we installed.

Good app I can keep track of everything and it is very accurate

Great for envelope budgeting Ties in with the web site really well.

Excellent Best way to budget and track your money

Loving this, used for a year now!

Awesome app! Very helpful. Thanks! :)

Super User Friendly I have the paid version and this makes it so easy to use, as long as you commit to it! It doesn't have the bells and whistles of syncing up with your bank account, but the envelope method is a great way of virtually splitting your money and planning! Unfortunately it makes me see how much money I DON'T have, but that means it's doing its job right?!

Easy to use, even my husband is a fan! Very easy to set up and use. My husband and I have tried several other ways to budget, but this is super easy and convenient because you can quickly enter in spendings and check how much money you have left to spend on the go. I would like it if the reports could be broken down by week as well as by month, so you can track how you're going in the short term.

Buggy but the simplest to use Whatever prediction algorithm they use, it doesn't work. Account always ends up a few dollars off by the end of the pay period. Interface is simple and straightforward, though I would prefer if they had a real two week budgeting system, and customizable options for the start of your pay cycle.

Great app Thank you for developing this app. This is giving me a great start for saving. I don't need above 10 envelopes yet, however will definitely purchase it for more in the future. The app is very easy to use and organized. I've encountered a bug while entering regular income, where it duplicated lines byitself when I pressed save. It was fixed by pressing back button instead of save though. Hope this app will get even better, I see myself using this for a looong time.

Artificial Intelligence Personnafied If you want to budget your income and expenses this is the PERFECT app, hands down. There is a very short learning period but with their comprehensive, organized and easy to access help data you can easily plow through any minor confusion. Once past the learning curve, I am amazed at how intuitive the app can be. It works perfectly. It is personable. It makes boring budgeting fun. Every time I say to myself, if only they did this task this way, it pops up, as though there is some form of AI on board.??