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Hairy Face Salon Monster Shave

Supplied By TabTale    On April 12, 2016    Comments(87)

APP for iPhone Hairy Face Salon Monster Shave version1.0.3 Download

Welcome back to the Hairy Face Salon! The most fashionable and fun monster salon on the Google app store! These adorable monsters need a scary cool makeover for their first day of high school! Can you help style them?! Run your own salon! Shave, tweeze, wax and pick lice from your monsters’ hair!

After the smashing success of Hairy Face Salon, we are excited to bring you Hairy Face Salon 2 -- Monster Shave Makeover! Help these fabulous and fun monsters get ready for their first day of high school! Choose from 4 scary cute monsters and let the style fun begin. Tweeze, wax, shave and more! Use facial tools to pop pimples and remove warts. Make fresh mouthwash and don’t forget to brush the monsters‘ teeth! Some of your monsters will even have lice and need your help to pick the tiny creatures out of their hair! So much fun!

Get ready for high school with your favorite monsters! Style the monsters and give them drop dead gorgeous makeovers at the Hairy Face Salon!

> Shave facial hair with electric shavers.
> Shape and style eyebrows with professional tweezers.
> Wax beards with freaky wax strips.
> Tap the lice comb to get rid of itchy lice.
> Pop zits with special gloves and a magnifying glass!
> Treat irritated zits with creepy bandages.
> Remove warts with the wart remover.
> Brush teeth and make your own mouthwash!
> Use face cream, q-tips, eye-drops & more to style your monsters for high school!
> Snap a picture to show off your monster’s new look!

What's inside:
4 scary cute monsters
14 makeover treatment tools
16 creepy bandages
9 freaky fun wax strips
Make Your Own Mouthwash mini game
Pick the Lice mini game

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TabTale part of our Casual and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update April 12, 2016. Appstore play rating is 62.4973. Current verison is 1.0.3. Actual size 28.0 MB.

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Download hairy-face-salon-monster-shave.apk 28.0 MB


Its so LOL I tried the first one on my aunt Tiffany's iPad and it was amazing. so today I want to try this one... wish me luck

I would give 5 star but.... When you hve got all the first set done you hve to pay for the next set an that's jus eww?

Well I did have to buy I had to buy stuff but loved it its just like monster high

Hated it To much money for things like that case of things but I love your other game.

Dont like to have to pay I cant pay on here uhgggggg

Not so much in app purchases Like really i want to play the game and not have to buy everything for it because i just want a couple days of fun using it then uninstalling it why cant you guys get that!!

I like this game so much but I'm glad I got my own stuff???

This game doesn't deserve more stars because I have to buy some stuff.

One thing I hate about this app is that u have to pay to unlock the pink case

MY daughter Loves the game but i want To know is it worth buying IT ?? If someone has please let me know thanks

Galaxy trend plus Doent even want to open

Want to try this one en wish me luck guys

It's OK but You have to by stuff

This app is so funny! Every one needs to play this.:)

Fy geek use and as by guestbook d fro fn contagious chin j Invented

Qwaome Cool just don't know how to unlock the second part with the cutips and stuff

WTF They are harry beast and my sister puked

A:-) Soo cool but u have to pay

This game is terrible. Because you. Have. To pay.

Eh its kind of okay I need a lot of people don't like it but I kinda like it

Hairy face salion Love this game so good

Lol yay Omg it is so amazing

Half a game ... seriously Honestly I don't want to play only half the game. Wouldn't recommend this game at all

Loved it It best game of my life in history and Angels

Is this game good

It is so stupid

Monster shave salon Very discusting but good

Good butttt You have to buy stuff just to finsh a monster

It sucks???? It logs me out right when I click on it work on it people ?????

Wow.. You have to pay for the tools to fix the monster up... ?

But... This I'm soooo sad that you have to pay for the next one????????????

Buying Why do we have to waste money on the set

I hated it Took to long to download!!!!!!!?Had to BUYYY!!!;!!! STUFF

DO THIS Do this delete it!!!!!!!:-( ;-(

Why? Why do u have to pay for all the other things? Its like that on all of your games tab tale. When u r finished and u dont have the other tools, the monsters teeth are still yellow PLEASE make the other tools free. UNINSTALL IMMEDIATELY

Stupid Why do we have too pay it is supposed to be free fix it now plz & thanks

Ridiculous Paid for the rest of the features and it didn't unlock much and wasn't worth $5 the game is short and expensive for what is paid for. All the monsters have the same things to fix and there is only 4. Want a refund!!! Waste of money!

Why d I we have to pay If free if u new we just had to pay I wouldn't download it or they should at least but have to pay for the rest

well fan bilissa your stupid and im not so shut your big fat loude mouth of yours

It is the worst game ever It is like food battle the movie but it is a video game!

Zero stars Free is not really free when you have to buy stuff on this stupid game free is not free when you have to buy something

Whats the point of playing the game. You have have to buy half the stuff. And it's just plain stupid.

You might as buy the game You have to buy almost every thing why not buy the game it's a good game but who wants to buy most of the things

Why pay Why do I have for stuff I mean everybody is complaining about it even me c'mon

Stupid games éver It does not let you play the rest offre the games??

Free is not free I don't like how to not play the game without paying in its making me really angry

Stupid game My child wanted me to install it so I did but it is stupid

Dont bother playing Half of game is locked unless you spend money

Listen!! Tab tale just wants your money!!?

My kids My kids love this game even though you have to buy things they still love it

WHAT Why do you have to pay for the game

Its OK but I wish we didn't have to pay for the rest

U cant even do anything cuz the game is locked! I uninstalled it.

Why Why does it take so long to load

Dumb Why do we have to pay the game is free

Maddison shut up because if its free we shouldn't have to pay

Whyyyyy? Instead of calling it tab tale you should call it pay tale or tab pay the land where you have too pay for somthing in every game

Twilight It because it is about vampires Angela

You have to pay for the rest of the game

It won't let me do anything Most boring game ever do not download

WORST Why must you pay with real money

Hairy salon It's such a lovely game but the only thing that sucks Is that you have to pay.I would give u a rating of 5 but because of the payments we need to do for the tools I would give u a rating of 1.ITS A FREE GAME GUYZ..?

?? Almost all the tools are locked

? You can do better popping a pimple really you can't even pop it

This game is so stupid

Stiupd You have to buy half of the things

Not buying the game

I hate this game This game sucks one side all the stuff are not unlocked and the other side all the stuff are all unlocked they should fix this game?

Worst game ever I would not like to rate it as 1 star also

This is the worst game ever made This game is terrible and you monster looked terrible because you have to buy all 11 of the other products that u need to finish her look this is the worst game ever it doesn't even deserve one star

It's best ever I like it because I love the vampire and all the other monsters TNX for making it.

HATE IT Jou must buy every thing

Wow Never in my life have a played such a rip offed game. Doesn't deserve a star

Wont let me get the pro kit .TABTALE fix your games please

This is the worst game ever!? and it costs 4 bucks to buy the stupid pro kit!???????

I hate it .It is stupid

I would rate 0!! This sucks!!! You need to buy everything that finishes the look...she ends up looking still ugly!! I'm 10 years old and for some random reason I like these games ... I'm tired of buying games and having to uninstall it because I have to pay....I suggest you make everything free! People will really wanna play it then

Poor poor monster I can only 1/2 way fix her or him because there are locked idioms. And that poor monster has to go home a little better, but still nasty

It stupid Hate it??so much first I was exciting then it's LOCKED?????

This is the worst ever because it costs a fortune I am gonna install it know!!!!!??? This game sucks who would ever download this pease of junk!!!!!

Hate it You have to buy alot of stuff

Love Looks cool I do not know because I did not play it yet and it is bad

Fun but not fare Don't get this game it's not far,they won't let you get the other kit,unless you pay

Hairy salon It's such a lovely game but the only thing that sucks Is that you have to pay.I would give u a rating of 5 but because of the payments we need to do for the tools I would give u a rating of 1.ITS A FREE GAME GUYZ..?

Stupid games éver It does not let you play the rest offre the games??