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HTC Service Pack

Supplied By HTC Corporation    On Oct. 12, 2016    Comments(174)

APP for iPhone HTC Service Pack versionVaries with device Download

The HTC Service Pack is a support service update that combines previously released updates and helps make your HTC experience more reliable. Service packs are provided free of charge. Make sure you install the latest service pack to help keep your HTC experiences up to date.

HTC, the HTC logo and other HTC product and service names referenced in the Application are the trademarks or registered trademarks of HTC Corporation in the United States and other countries. Any other company names, product names, service names and logos referenced in connection with the Application may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

HTC Corporation part of our Libraries & Demo and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Oct. 12, 2016. Appstore play rating is 79.8782. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

What's new

    - Now compatible with Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Download htc-service-pack.apk 0 bytes


No issues No issues after installing this. I waited a week after updating to test before posting this review. Stock headphones and Bluetooth in my car work without issue as well. Stock HTC M8 on Sprint. Those having issues should backup data and perform a factory reset.

Great HTC is the best....but my HTC one mini got many issues after 4.4 updates. Indicate LED is not working for miscalls, mails, unreadable messages and also when the battery reaches to 34-30 phone shows battery empty and turn off suddenly.(I have to seeing Extremely power server mode not working).PLEASE FIX THIS MAJOR ISSUES. BEFORE THROW HTC PRODUCT TO BIN.PLEASE.

HTC One M8 Very happy with the update, seems to have fixed most of the bugs (will amend of necessary) and glitches I had in the software. Multitasking screen a lot better and not having a black background when returning home when several apps are open. Good job HTC!!!

It's ok but Please release HTC sence 7.0,Why the navigation buttons are same after the update of android lollipop 5.0.2, And the phone lags more than before after the update of Android lollipop 5.0.2, Please fix such small bugs and improve the speed of the phone. Leaving this there is no issues. It's is awesome..............?

Bluetooth connection issues Used to be able to connect to my car without issue. Now it won't autoconnect or even allow the phone to pair once Bluetooth is turned off and back on again.

Errors In my htc desire after lollipop update, there is missing smart unlock feature, and keyboard doesn't appear, so always i have to restart the phone, and battery drain faster than before. can you fix this?

Latest update broke Smart Lock Since purchasing my m9 I have been enjoying the use of smart lock to unlock my phone whenever my Pebble is near by. Since downloading the HTC update last night, smart lock no longer works. Please fix.

Recently updated and now phone has issues Of all my recently updated apps, this is the only one I can think has caused others to force close, switch to random other apps that immediately force close, and freeze all of my apps randomly.

What are "performance enhancements"? Please start listing the actual files or stupid that are getting updated. It seems like after I installed this last time, it started force closing a bunch of apps.

What happened to you HTC??? I'm using HTC One M8 UK Version since 6 months. Since I upgraded to lollipop, I'm facing lots of problems like phone getting slow several times, lots of bugs, and the major problem is home buttons are not responding. This is a huge problem. Please fix that immediately.

Please fix the headphone issue. I'm not the only one with this problem! My m8 won't recognise its own headphones out of the blues..they work on my laptop and the phone recognises other headphones so it's a software issue. I also can use them by forcing the sound into the headphone with the soundabout app but that's just silly since this is still a premium smartphone. Looking forward to a quick service pack update to fix it.

Improved Improved system performance phone is now likable, the only issue is the last two updates messed up my sound quality from speaker's

Phone Storage When I look into the Phone Memory to clean unwanted space, There is an Option, 'Other' that occupies 3.98 GB from day 1, can you please help me clear this. Is the backup so big ? because we can't move some Apps to SD CARD

My phone is definitely not the same after updating... Keyboard was no up to par, then my power button stopped working along with my volume down button. Then my phone would not charge is ridiculous...then a few days ago the battery died then it finally charged to I finally turned it on with it telling me to reboot, recovery, smart sd, factory reset along with couple of other things too but still couldn't do any until I finally held the power and volume up button to reboot it..then when I finally get into my phone all of my apps are gone my phone

Heating issues Latest update causing One Max to run hotter. Phone normally idles at 27°C, currently at 39°C with just the Play store open. EDIT: Seems to have settled down after a few reboots, currently at 28°C for the past hour

Stop ignoring t be faithful! Wtf! WTF HTC!?!? You get a zero star. There have been at least 4 dozen people I have turned on to Samsung because of your failures. I've also, unabashedly sang my sorrows more often then not. I loved my 3 different gems of HTC's, but you guys have failed so heavy... That the new buyers get free placements?!?!?!. We get a logical type extension piece but not an actual correction? I don't get it. You're correcting texting yet failing at voice service? Start doing with what you were decent at.... Making phones

Please fix! I had to go to a Verizon store at The Mall of America. They had to reset my phone, which is a very good way to make anyone upset. I had apps force closing that where up to date. This even affected a banking app which not only affected my phone, but this model of phone HTC M1 8. I have appreciated having this phone until now. Avoiding this update until notified there is a fix.

Htc e8 I really njoy my phone but there is one issue earphones that i got with the phone dont work nemore with the phone it works fine ne computer or any other phone but not just on dis phone. I saw dere was anotherguy facing same issue.seems some software issue. One more thing m gonna have lolipop update.ur website it wud getting update around march or april but still no news of it

Lollipop 5.0 on Htc One m7 Need update to 5.1 soon because it does not work very well. Recent update causes problems reconnecting to WiFi with hidden ssid . Only redoo WiFi connections or reboot fixes temporay

Broke Keyboard on SMS When using any SMS tool using the board starts the app over. I can not complete a message or send one.

Phone Storage When I look into the Phone Memory to clean unwanted space, There is an Option, 'Other' that occupies 3.98 GB from day 1, can you please help me clear this. Is the backup so big ? because we can't move some Apps to SD CARD.

Unable to use apps After the latest update nearly half the apps I normally use will not function at all fix soon or I will be switching phone's to Samsung since I never had this problem with them

Edit: Motion launch gestures fixed HTC One m8. Motion launch swipe and double tap broken after this update. It vibrates on double tap but the screen does not turn on. Edit: fixed with lock screen update! Also fixed the screen auto rotate. Thank you!!!

Broke my phone Apps force close when opening, and my messanger app won't let me respond to texts, It won't let me type.

KEEPS GETTING WORSE AND UGLIER I guess its time to go back to Samsung. No matter how many times HTC updates the software it just keeps getting worse. Last year they turned everything an ugly shade of green and it has continued getting uglier ever since. Camera sucks. Lame software that tries to improve it keeps getting worse and news app gets uglier plus it won't save the settings. I told it what news I like but it keeps giving me stuff I don't care about. Too bad because its a great phone. HTC how about making hardware and leaving softw

Problems since update Problem has occurred with my texting function after getting the latest service pack. Gone very slow and extremely annoying

Disappointed Ever since lollipop update, my phone has multiple ongoing issues! Even after doing suggested factory reset. Keyboard keeps disappearing. Phone is laggy and freezes. Sometimes locks up completely!. Camera crashes in QuickBooks. Text messages Sometimes dont go out. Apps crashes.....absolutely no help from HTC customer service from India! AT&T no help. I'm stuck with this constant malfunctioning M8 for another seven months! Thanks HTC! I said never again HTC about 3 years ago but did it anyway....really done!!

Bad Have issue with video recording for stock cam app .... Recording doesn't start even with enough free space and class 10 card but works with google cam app... Tried hard reset n all kind of reset fix this device is HTC one E8 dual sim

Lollipop bugged Since update from Kit Kat 4.4.4 does not work properly with Motorola Roadster hands-free Bluetooth correctly. Will not call out from Roadster. Re-paired it reboot no luck. Copy select all and paste are now icons. The worst thing in my opinion is on going with the call log. The time of the call disappears after the current day completes in the call log. The Bluetooth not working right with hands-free needs fixed. Everything about the HTC ONE M8 phone feels like it was everything else but a phone first.

Update? More like downdate It seems like the most recent update did everything but improve the phone. The NUMEROUS issues that resulted from the update rendered the HTC phones near unusable. My apps are crashing, messages aren't sending or appearing, every time I download music onto my phone it is wiped out as soon as I go to find them, or moved to an sd card I don't even have. I had to reboot and even restore my phone a number of times and the problems are not correct. And it's your responsibility to correct these issues.

Thanks! For resetting all my lock screen and home screen settings, thereby throwing Nova into paroxysms of confusion. It's bad enough that the Themer thinger provides no graceful uninstall option, but this? FAIL.

Fixed the occasional freeze.. HTC one 802D This update seems to have fixed the occasional freezing of my phone. Please bring the lollipop update soon.

notification problem my phone keeps vibrating every 10 seconds whenever I get a notification until I view it!! this never happened before!

Maybe I'm stupid(I'm not) but I can't turn off WiFi on my htc one m8 5.0.

I want my alarm back to normal I don't know if it's this or lollipop but one of these removed the ability to change vibration feedback for anything other than calls. It's always on for everything else. I hate vibrating phones so it has essentially made the phone garbage to me. I can't even hear the alarm tones over the jolty vibe that scares me awake. I won't buy an HTC again unless I can completely disable vibe. Give me back my settings.

Alright. I like how the updates come through this app but as I am wondering as well with others is, what is "Other" in storage as mine is 10.40gb! Idk I just feel like we should be able to enter each subject (Apps, Music, Photos & Videos, etc.) to see what's taking up space! But if thats too much to ask, good job with the updates!

Headphones? I have a problem with stock headphones, i see im not the only one who has this problem. They just dont work when i need it. Sometimes when i fiddle around like plugging in and out few dozen times they seem to pick up signal but the button is not working then. Oh well. Also those headphones work fine with other devices. And my phone works fine with other 3-pole or 4-pole jacks. So what the flying duck. M8 here


Had to reset phone Lot is issue after installing I finally rest the phone to factory defaults. Also Screen size increases by itself, hope it work this time.

Wth! I've been trying to figure out what's wrong with my phone, and had to end up doing a factory reset. Everything is working fine, until this app updates! I start reading other reviews and realize I'm having same probs they're mentioning. HTC one M8. Please fix asap.

20 minutes later.... It say's it is, but it's not downloading and now my phone is stuck on the screen saying I have to update it.

Phone just had a while new update. It didn't take long but now there's a definite lag/delay

Bugs? Some improvements noticed, but now HTC Dialer randomly stops functioning properly. Hit end call but it just goes to background, so I reopen and end seems to work but I can't place a new call now without restarting the phone... HTC Desire 816 on Virgin USA, 5.0.2 not rooted.

Interrupting Data Usage It starts auto updating while I am roaming, even though I have selected auto updates on WiFi only. The update process doesn't complete and obstruct other applications to run. I stopped the updates many times but it restarts again immediately. I am going to uninstall it.

Just trash around... I know that there's is lots of people who think theirs so smart placing things and making money without moving a finger nail and this is the deception I have found on HTC sensation after purchasing one of, guys: Koreans: do not unite to no app developer and place things that the world are not gonna like it.

Lollipop sucks HTC ruined a good well oiled interface and got lollipop that's just not done. Fix all the bugs please WiFi issue and phone has become so slow and lags now on top of that your rubbish service center personnel. Highly dissatisfied

This is a fuk Wen i tried to call this update suddenly pops up "unless u update cant able to use the phone" i dont have internet and i cant able to use the phone. Or else they could use the option later update .fuk their update logic

Touch screen Since updating to 5.0, I've had issues with the keyboard putting its own input and this update hasn't helped at all

Where is the DO Not Disturb option? The update for the HTC One M8 got rid of the Do Not Disturb option in settings. I used this especially when streaming movies. Now every text or phone call, (usually telemarketers) interrupt the video stream. And it takes 5 min to get back into the video stream. And if you have someone who will not shut up on texts your screwed. HATE this up date put the DO Not Disturb option back.

Bugs on 2yr old M7 Never had issues with overheating or battery life before this update, now randomly I get issues about twice per week. Troubleshooting apps for the last month since install leads me to this update being responsible. Also my HTC messaging app now lags during these hot spells and messages send and receive out of sequence, and triple send if they send at all. When the bug hits I can also not gain a charge even if the phone is off. I've tried reinstalls, reboots, and still this knocks my phone out when hits

What's happened to "Do Not Disturb"? It was a function I used regularly but since last update, it's nowhere to be found! I also have a problem with service updates as well. Spoken with service providers - they can't explain it. I never had problems prior to last update, now whenever I get a service update, I select it & it disappears, but if I switch fone off then back on, low & behold the service update notifications are back! Carried out factory reset n fault cleared but came back few days later!

Too many unwanted changes The new update did away with so many features that I liked. Calculator in lock screen is gone now, vibrations when I text is back and I can't turn them off, needing my permission before updating is gone, I can't block people's texts, lame screen notifications, and so on. Can I please go back to the previous OS?

Recent updates cause messages to crash Not sure what happened, but every since the recent update on 1/8, my messages app keeps crashing.

Love my M9 Never really had a problem w/ HTC, other than before my contract ends it glitches, but all my smart phones do. No problems w/ the M9. Lots of updates for "bug fixes", but I've never had any noticeable bugs. Thank you for getting rid of the beats audio.

HTC Phones Suck HTC downloads and installs apps like Uber that I don't. They advertise on the phone like spam. They think they own the phone that I paid for. I will never buy another HTC phone.

Update made it worse My stand-by time was bad but now its completely worse, after two hours of the phone being off, approximately 30% drains every time.....please fix with a proper update please

Htc work fine with my case I own HTC phone since 2007 and never disappointed, no adds, good battery, good user experience

DON'T know what app to pick, to many to choose from and it makes it worse to choose from and it could be something else that is better . Forgot which one i picked. TO much to read and time consuming , I'm to slow to get started , sorry.

Mail not working......while replying getting error mail stopped unexpectedly. Please send error report

After update it won't read my SD CARD Same sd card not removed and after I updated this phone like usual for my wife's phone I am commenting with right now. For no reason this phone will not accept the card and wants me to FORMAT IT. NOT COOL!!!!

Keyboard Sometimes the keyboard won't pop up, system wide. A reboot temporarily fixes the problem. I'm not sure what causes it but it's been a bug for a long time -- since the last Android release.

Battery goes to fast All these adverts on my phone is so la la la. Keyboard blocking mama Mia, I might leave Htc for my old Nokia phone, 3210

I hate my HTC M8 I had the HTC One when it first came out and loved it so. I upgraded when I ruined the camera after dropping it in a toilet. (It still totally worked, mind you) My M8 was good when I first got it. Now it is so glitchy I can't even type a text without it going nuts. I was hoping the update would make things better, but it's more of the same. I just ordered a Samsung S6 because I can't take it anymore. I want a phone that works.

It won't actually update. I've been waiting for an hour and a half. I can't do anything on my phone because it says I have to update my service pack. I just bought this phone 2 hours ago, and if I wanted to spend $300 dollars on a phone that didn't work, I would have just kept my old one.

Desire 610 front camera force closing I just did a factory reset and still no error report was sent off the other day but why isn't this app picking up on this? Please shine a light ...

HTC suck..... I have had a HTC phone for the last 4 years, so has my partner. Neither myself or her will be getting another at the next upgrade time, they are good to begin with but then the updates come and kill the phone without and reason or acceptance by HTC....... I'm done with them....

Awful battery draining waste of technology. I'm glad my HTC M8 is due for an upgrade in February 2016. IPhone 6S here I come. 9 hours of battery life if lucky, no matter what you do, since all these updates. HTC have not responded to any contact I or other users have made. HTC you need to listen to your customers or we leave. Service is king. This is my fifth HTC and I love them, but enough is enough.

Htc desire 820 Just crap phone ever i used.. why 2 gb ram totaly disapointed. When i am turn on mobile data or wifi that time hanging very badly.. i dont use htc mobile in my future.. htc totally crap mobiles provuded. Guys plz think before u buy..

Your update broke my Bluetooth Notifications don't work media doesn't play on LG tone pro Bluetooth headset. I have tried everything excepting rooting this phone maybe if I do that it will work again

Rubbish My HTC cant stay on unless it's on charge, when it hits roughly around 50% battery life it shuts off completely saying it has no battery left. This update drains the battery like crazy. I had to go and call the company and tell them, they said they can't do anything. Until this is fixed, you getting two stars

What happened? Since the update: Text Messages don't get sent or received, Text/Mailbox icon on front screen shows new messages but there aren't any, Wi-Fi keeps turning off, Battery lasts aboot 5hours on standby thus meaning alarm doesn't go off and makes me late for work!!!!! Fix it please.

Messaging problems Horrible lag on the messaging keyboard since the update, but only on SMS messages. Also crashes the App completely. This is unbearable seeing as SMS messages are my main method of communication. Please fix ASAP, then you'll get more stars.

This freaking app probly just kept me from getting a job, thanks HTC... This app has probly kept me from getting a job by I couldn't answer the phone bc I had to install this app before I could answer the phone, it's not cool at all to make

HTC ONE M8 Mail app crashes When will the HTC One M8 mail app be fixed? It will not work, if you have the current update for the Android System Webview app. You must uninstall all updates to Android System Webview, and disable auto updates to it also. This is a known issue, which seems to be ongoing.

Needs work. Seems like little things, like the battery will charge for half an hour and show no progress, then upon restart will show 70% or so. Little things like this, and the new feature that allows ads to pop up occasionally. Only 2 real complaints so far.

I love my phone dislike recent update Suddenly I'm at war with my phone trying to unlock it. I DO NOT want it to automatically lock. I want to be able to turn the lock off, disable it. It's catching my phone in a loop of swift screen changes lock screen and randomly what I'm trying to use. Screws up what I'm doing and confuses my phone. I can't stand locking my phone. I use it too often to lock. Disable my lock or give me at least the option to!!!

Junk M1 8s beautful phone and design, useless at anything else, update sense how about lag how about useless search how about use less freeze. Nice phone, shame HTC seem to have a similar mindset to nokia. Any update to the phones operating system would be appreciated. No a screensaver seems more important, HTC read nokia dead. Angry, got a fraud media device. ? P.S keyboard lag is stunning ?

Here to destroy HTC Rubbish product.... HTC One E8 dual SIM Smartphone.. HTC must be Here to Destroy your peace instead of Here to Change... Don't buy HTC product ever cheap product highly expensive worst service provider.

No problems for my Desire Eye This is for those hesitant of updating. Doesn't seem to have noticeably affected battery life for the better or worse. Standby maybe better. No crashes, messaging app or otherwise. Greatly appreciated if HTC would specify the bug fixes though. Overall good job on keeping stuff fast. HTC is super fast compared to Samsung and Lumia (at least S5 and Lumia 730, from my experience)

It's been 1 year!!! It's been 1 year since many have told them about the issue where the keyboard sometimes doesn't pop out....... It still happens to this day to me.... Very disappointed. Started off with the great HTC one M8 and now its a phone that I no longer want anymore because of all the updates and majot bugs.

Girls girls girl's Just shocked, thought I went to a site where a lioness protected a Fox from being eaten by a lion; one does not really know what one might see on the internet. All one can say is a quiet chuckle hee hee ha ha !&?

Beast app This app was Designed just to fix Bugs , how cool is that ! One thing I love is a clean phone

Goodbye HTC I have been an HTC customer for years. All my smartphones have been HTC. Unfortunately, after having the M8 for about a year, I can safely say that I will be leaving HTC. My phone has been so laggy and crashing so many different programs. My battery drains about halfway thru the day. I liked this phone when I first got it, after a year of wear and tear, it needs to be thrown in the trash. S7 here I come!

Updates make the phone worse. Bugs need fixing I love my HTC M8 but it gives me so much trouble. I'm still using the 5.0.1 since version updates in India are delayed. But since the last update the keyboard does not pop out and the device needs a reboot if I want the keyboard. If the bugs are not fixed how are customers to rely on HTC.

Crashing phone How do you put an upgrade out worse than currently I installed, I love HTC but you guys aren't helping your brand

Advertising Now I get htc advertisements in my pull down notification bar. That's bull. I even have blink feed turned off and use nova launcher. Good thing my m8 is no longer my main phone. No more htc for me. Long wait for updates and now adverts on a $649 phone at the time. Good bye htc

Weather is not descriptive It shows some combination of cloud and snowflake. But you cannot tell if this man's cold or blizzard or something else. And fit me it is important to know about blizzard and hurricanes. Accuweather gives this info and weather alerts. Why not show it? Sounds like more important then intermittent cloud from partially cloudy difference.

Several Issues Not Fixed Still having issues where Bluetooth devices do not automatically connect, some battery life issues, and more. There should be an update log so we see what's included in the updates. Perhaps a feedback app would be useful as well.

Email errors on send or reply When trying to send or reply I now get an error message "mail has stopped".Now I can receive email but not send....

Last update did more harm than good. Now my apps aren't functioning properly, not even the alarm works any more.

DO NOT INSTALL - BATTERY KILLER!! Massive battery drain- I have to charge my phone at least 3 times a day. Sort it HTC or I become a Samsung user when I'm due for an upgrade.

During incoming calls while I'm using the phone, it would be better if the call opens in a pop-up window instead of a full screen app. Please make an option for it.

Tried to update won't let me Why you ask because all 4 gigs of my HTC desire are being used by HTC bloatware apps this is by far a big poop dump and I will be going bat to Samsung :)

A 5k ordinary android is better than HTC Drastic experience with call recording. Who the hell is HTC to block its user to record calls. Better to buy a 5k android phone with much features working. Never buy the bogus HTC. Will run online campaigns to increase awareness among users against bogus htc.

Can not use fingerprint to unlock phone After i updated to Android 6.0, my phone can not use fingerprint to unlock phone if i use any screen off widget( i have try many screen off widgets) to turn off screen before. It alway ask me enter the password or pin code. If i use the power button to turn off screen, then i can use the fingerprint to unlock phone immediately. That's really silly. Pls fix or instruction to me how to fix this issue. Thanks and i will give 5 stars.

5+ Months to get one issue fixed. M8, once a great device on KitKat. Lollipop= terrible battery issues, discontinuation of awesome IR remote app, one preset reminder tone, truncated notification sounds, ads in blinkfeed. Marshmallow= HTC Service Pack has stopped, reduced flashlight performance, truncated notification sounds, blindingly white dialer, unable to set weather location, +more. ??? UPDATE: Took over 5 months... but they finally fixed "Service Pack has stopped" error. 1 down, a kajillion to go.

Vulnerabilities HTC 10 still vulnerable to CVE-2016-2504 after system and service pack update. This has been known since 6th July. Please speed up security patches.

Worst update since Windows 8.0 Since updating this pack. I'm unable to connect to my dropbox, Facebook mobile, plus many other apps with my mobile data on my Desire 820. Will have to uninstall it to gain needed functionality.

One thing I noticed My HTC 10 started exhibiting the GPS issues of the Nexus devices marshmellow. After the first update of this app it got better. The second update it fixed the issue. I'm a very happy camper now. GPS issues are now resolved. I am glad HTC implemented this app.

Update details would be helpful. Terrible update. I restarted my phone and it disconnected my google accounts from the device. It also reset some of my Themes. It basically screwed up my settings and now I have to redo them!

HTC M8 Losing settings There's an issue with HTC One M8 where by they lose all settings, preferences and permissions etc when restarted. Are you going to address this? It's a pretty major flaw and a quick search reveals countless numbers with the issue.I can not believe only HTC have a problem with the integration of Android 6

Now works as expected, as of a few weeks ago. Also, the developer responded here on Play once I made a publicly viewable comment. Things are looking up - review edited & rating increased. _-_-_ (original reivew: HTC Service Pack app pops up a "stopped unexpectedly" notification very frequently, regardless of what I'm doing or how disruptive a pop up is at that moment. Crashes always come in pairs, 5-15 seconds apart. Restarting & re-installing don't help. This has not changed with the past several all updates that have supposedly helped w/ Android 6 compatibility. Prevents access to People/contacts. Messages to the developer are ignored.)

Last update was horrible I am military living outside the US currently. Last update made my phone lag horribly! Keyboard and every app lags. Before this I loved my HTC One M9. Please restore the love HTC! Fix this please.

Interrupting Data It starts auto updating while I am roaming, even though I have selected auto updates on WiFi only. The update process doesn't complete and obstruct other applications to run. I stopped the updates many times but it restarts again immediately. I am going to uninstall it.

New update No idea what updated to make my phone almost unusable but I'm getting close to throwing the damn thing out the window, HTC car comes on whenever it wants, playing an app then my Wi-Fi turns itself on and I get backed out of the app. Needless to say I'm getting pissed

My keyboard won't work for the letter next to o. I can't press letter pee. I have to find a word auto correct will put in in portrait view ever since update. I recalibtayed the keyboard, installed a diff keyboard and nothing works. I'm pissed mistyoing all the time.

Auto Resets HTC One m8 Phone shuts down when battery falls below 20% and then u have the bad experience when u plugin ur charges, restarts the phone and the Google has stopped working, bla bla has stopped working. You don't have the opportunity to send error to htc. Please fix it

Battery Drain Terrible battery drain after update, despite use of Power saver. Putting airplane mode on only slows down drain a bit. Was considering upgrade to HTC 10... Not anymore if this isn't corrected soon.

Still cannot hide the annoying HTC Boomsound notification. We need to have a way to not display the HTC Boomsound notification whenever any audio is playing.

Wifi keep turning off AND MORE Everything was fine the first day I bought it until this update. 1- Wifi signal just goes up and down all the time. 2- Wifi turning off by itself then goes back after few seconds. 3- It goes back to homescreen the first time you click the app button to close apps. There are TOO MANY annoying errors that shouldn't be happening. I only listed the ones that are exploding my head. If these kind of problems keep happening then I'm going have to say goodbye to my 3 week old HTC. Please fix these ASAP!

Sim1 automatically disabled in htc dual sim phone i never expected such a bad update from htc. Did u people verified before releasing this update....i have updated my phone last week..before update my phone was working fine..after this update i am not sure why my phone couldnt able to detect sim1. Sim2 is working fine...later i visited service center...those idiots...i dont know how htc hired these unqualified employees at service phone was examined and outcome message was its motherboard fault..i told them clearly it is htc update fault..

Losing settings There's an issue with HTC One m8s where by they lose all settings, preferences and permissions etc when restarted. Are you going to address this? It's a pretty major flaw and a quick search reveals countless numbers with the issue.

Works on my M8 I'd hung back from updating this app due to the problems in relation to the M8. However, having had problems with, among other things, app permissions cancelling after each restart I figured it was worth a try. Happily all my problems seem to have been resolved with this update and my M8 is running like a champion. It may not be the case for everyone but I'm happy to give the update a thumbs up.

Double tap to wake + security patches Htc one m8. Double tap to wake stops working after hanging up a call, so does the proximity sensor! Only way to fix that is with a reboot! Where are the security updates htc??

My SD Card unmounted :? After latest update my SD card which wz working as internal storage is not showing & I did clear cash from recovery mode, restart phone but nothing working. Seems lost my data ?

Marshmallow and sense 7 in Htc One M8 Zoodles kid mode app cannot be update and works after update this phone. Also need more features like guest mode,navigation bar button change and charging plug in and plug out tune.

Quadrooter My HTC One m8 is facing quadrooter vulnerable .And also have some other problems like gesture doesn't work to fix it I have to restart the phone and battery draining after wiping cache partition also I just wanted u to inform the problem of HTC One m8.please fix it??

Battery problems Since updating I'm having to charge my phone whilst it is off because it won't charge when it is on. Also battery is draining quickly. Only happened after this update.

Unstable I had marshmallow updated ages ago, then updated to marshmallow??why update from 6.0to6.0 .then all apps logged out theme reset all preferences and settings reset and HTC backup only backed up from month's ago even tho it was set to automatic backup, please fix apps have become unstable and phone keeps randomly restarting/crashing/freezing I'm grateful for updates HTC but things like this are a serious pain to deal with.

Works great! Absolutely love HTC for this! HTC Service Pack keeps my device running smoothly without waiting for the carrier updates! EDIT: HTC, please bring support for the HTC BoomBass accessory to the HTC 10.

Bad update. Since I installed it, I am having trouble to connect Wi-Fi, changed settings in my phone, etc. I do not recommend it.

M9 marshmallow My phone became slower and is draining battery faster after the update.. And I can't seem to play 1080p videos in mkv format even using other media players.. Like I could before this update. Please fix this issue for me. Or I might be forced to go back or change my phone

Bring back useful things Where are the arrow keys and the tapable screen shot activator. I need these things, what's stopping them from being available????

M9 marshmallow After installation, audio settings set alone to mute/zero level for ringtones/ notifications and video. Restoring correct levels via system settings doesn't work and you have to restart phone, but it just works for the first notification/incoming call Then it doesn't work again and a restart is required. in other words, you have to restart phone after every e-mail or call if you want to be noticed. I love this brand and my previous device (TYTN2) is still working great, but I'm very disappointed. Fix it pls

Has its moments! On my HTC 10 it sometimes just stops.... Come back later and its working again... P.s HTC I don't like your new keyboard, prefer one on my "One max" yes it's good not to have 4 apps that do same thing but don't take some of the good stuff away as well.... Wish I hadn't up graded now!?

Terrible Sense home and this worthless. This last update erased everything on my phone HORRIBLE.

My BT radio just stopped working. I try to start it and cannot. Tried to clear the cache and cannot. Who do I send the traffic violation ticket to now that I cannot pair my HTC One A9 to my car to make or receive calls? Android watch useless. BT headset useless. FitBit useless. Thanks HTC!

Latest update causing errors Apps now crashing, think it has affected the touch screen and can't use facebook and many other apps, please undo the latest update or fix the bugs

Service pack update is the only thing that has changed since last night. I remember swiping away the notification this morning. Everything seemed to be fine until a few hours later when I noticed the soft keys were not responding. So I rebooted and the phone died. The "HTC powered by android" screen flashed every 15 seconds with a soft vibration and that is all. Can be booted into bootloader screen but download and recovery mode do nothing. The HTC logo with a gradient shows up for a moment and then it goes back to cycling the other screen. Plugging in the chager starts the cycle as well, even when its off. Power down/ interupting the cycle is only possible via the bootloader screen. I cant even do a factory reset. HTC fan feeling let down after only a few weeks of owning the new model. HTC10 unlocked. If this thing runs again I will go back to no more automatic updates.

Nightmare! Nothing is working correctly. Even simple texting is a frustrating nightmare. Lost all of my settings. Remembers nothing. Slow is an understatement. This needs to be fixed!

My phone crashed last night Hope this service pack fix the issue

My E8 was updated to Marshmallow last week. Since then I cannot send or receive MMS messages. Have tried all the troubleshooting tips and reset etc.. to no avail. I know other people are having the same problem. It is very frustrating. Are we going to get a fix anytime soon?

Htc one m9 A little slow but thanks. One question, why are the icons so small? I really see no reason for that. You should include an option of increasing the icon size. A lot of people complain about that so please look into it. Thanks

Can't send or receive MMS My E8 phone went through a series of updates and now I can't send or receive pictures or group texts. I spent 2 hours with my carrier with no solution...

Uninstalled This update was awful. I have been a loyal HTC brand follower for several years but this one bothers me. HTC you should be ashamed in this update. Owners should be able to control whether or not they share their locations with their phone or not. This is not a privacy friendly application at all now. If this is the future of HTC updates I will be looking for another brand.

HTC software department are a flock of monkeys Every other update is garbage. Last time they screwed up the camera for lots of people, now it's the weather app. That is how you chase away your customers. Just don't touch the software, it's already crappy enough (One M9)

No, you don't get my location for weather! Keeps asking for me to approve tracking by my weather app, I don't want to be tracked. Fix this invasion of privacy HTC. Don't give me your stupid auto response of accept and submit. I own this phone give me control over it or I will go elsewhere.

Absolutely rubbish This is absolutely rubbish. This is unfair,I can't get access into some of my apps. I was told to go the setting because of screen overlap detect in order to give permission but it wasn't among the app. Pls what is going on. No access to contacts, gallarey,music and so on. I can't attach any document too

Hate the phone! This by far the worst phone that I've every had to use. Battery always drains way to fast. My wife's phone (we have the same one HTC M8) with have a battery life left will just shut down. I have problems with my keyboard. I can keep going on. HTC you make one of the worst phones that is being sold to the public. Will never buy another one.

Weather app constantly asking for location permission - annoying and unnecessary. Please remove this "feature". Otherwise no complaints, I guess, used it for a few hours only. Edit: HTC Corp, I am totally okay with these apps not getting my location, why are You not okay with it? Please stop the constant barrage of pop-ups regarding this feature. I do not use all the capabilities my phone has nor do I ever plan to. Please do investigate the part where the end users can make decisions that pertain to battery life and location services. Thanks.

ANNOYING!!! Updated the app, now get constant pop up asking permission for location service to be allowed. Denied permission, now getting pop up message to change settings everytime. There is a reason I give apps NO permissions. I value my privacy. I certainly won't be getting an HTC phone ever again. Too much built in rubbish as well that I can't delete (HINT: Kids Mode and more).

Just disable the weather app.! Worked for me. I hated the constant battery drain from my location constantly being updated so I disabled it entirely. I don't need the weather on my lockscreen anyway. What I also want gone is Spotify taking over the lockscreen with cover art otherwise my home screen background ALWAYS shows instead of the lock screen background I chose. I don't want to have to disable notifications on Spotify because I still want to make use of the bar to change the songs and whatnot. Stop forcing us to use things ONE way

The only time i want you to ask permission is when I'm riding my blue unicorn that has a serious case of yelling out Cher lyrics like turrets. In which the answer would be absolutely not, no you can not go on a majestic journey on the back of Hans Gruber with me, no.

Infuriating After the recent update, as many people have stated before, my phone is now being constantly inundated with notifications and service pack requests for me to grant permission for that app to utilise my location. Not only does my notification bar get spammed, I also get messages popping up continuosly interrupting my use of the phone. Promtly making me exit whichever app I happend to be in at the time. Pathetic!

Pestering stuff I don't want location services on, but it keeps popping up a message telling me it needs more permissions, then opens the settings for the weather app. REALLY ANNOYING GUYS

Recent update is annoying This update has add a new "feature" to constantly annoy me with a pop-up about turning on location for Weather app. If I WANT to use that feature I'll give that permission, but notifying every 10 mins does not help at all, stop!

Resale value of M 8 HTC phone Harman Kardon I've noticed that the resale value of the HTC M8 Harman Kardon edition has dropped buy a lot of dollars on e-Bay I don't know if I will be able to sell this phone with all the bad reviews that I see for HTC I wish that I could get some of the value back that I spent for this phone, what a mistake.

Notification sound + I am not able to set up my own notification sound. Only default sounds available. Also each time I update any app from store installed on external sd it keeps update into internal storage. Of course lost the hope that HTC would do something about it as communication with them is very very poor. But the devices - can't say a bad word - very very good.

Just another app that invades your personal life. That's all I make of this. Seems that Google wants the public to believe all this GPS crap is to the consumers advantage. In reality who is watching my steps? Your steps? After all is Google not government owned? SHADY! I'm going Apple asap.

Service packs that require active servicing It's sad you need to be rather cunning in solving bad installs on Android in order to fix failed updates. While this pack may yield benefits, be warned... if the darn Android doesn't behave properly you may end up with several hours of uninstalling and disabling system processes before you get these kind of service packs reinstalled without issues. Sorry, but I can't imagine my parents to do this.... again, if it works it's great.... if...

Slow charging After the latest update, im experiancing a terrible error with charging my htc m9....its getting 15hr to complete the charging.pls help me.iv tried evrything. Switch off,safe moof,factory reset,,,,dsnt works anythi ng

Annoying location service Thanks but no thanks, I don't want pop ups to suit my location, my mobile phone is not going to make decisions for me, I will throw it away first!

M0ne 8 hate it! So now I am on my 10th time having to restart my phone from factory condition because HTC decides to do an update, drains the battery, and then it "can't find home" no matter what I do. Everything stops, I have multiple pop-ups and cannot even get it restarted until I press OK on the pop ups at least two hundred times to get to the reset from factory. I have had it with this phone! This is a piece of junk This is also the hardest phone out of all of them to get the battery out of. Beware before you buy!

Annoying popup dialog Stop asking me for location permissions over and over again. Whether I grant them or not is my decision, not yours. Have respect for my privacy and the settings on *my* device.

EMBARRASSINGLY SLOW TO FIX ISSUES but at least they are finally addressing some Unable to set dialer/KB color, LED blinks for notification regardless of setting, WiFi widget opens WiFi settings, reduced flashlight functionality, truncated notification sounds UPDATES: (~TIME-FIXED) 5+mos-"Service Pack has stopped"*** ~1yr-"Weather Loc Unavail"+ manual city selection"***

Weather app STOP ASKING FOR PERMISSION. All notifications have been stopped yet the poop still comes up asking for permission. Get it fixed and don't call a patch a service pack, your just embarrassing yourselves

Latest update working following uninstall/reinstall Following a multitude of problems as a result of the latest two updates of this app, as a last shake if the dice I tried uninstalling the updates via the play store and then reinstalling them. Whether it's luck or design the problems appear to now be resolved. Three successive reboots haven't caused app permissions to turn off and battery life seems to be back to where it should be.

Loved it but not fully happy. It's really awesome but one minus point is , HTC handset can't able to record any voice conversation. Through any automatic call recorder app. Even paid service also not helpful. HTC organization has to sought out this issue....!!!!!!!!!!

Settings changed with no notice A heads up would be appreciated when our settings are going to be changed. Battery saver & Wi-Fi both turned off without my knowledge. Yet to discover what else ?

Wow this is bad... Phone (M8) shuts down randomly now, especially when using camera, even though 50%+ battery left, screen stays on for no reason, Bluetooth audio device remote controls randomly stop working needing restart to fix. All worked fine before this "update"...

Rubbish phone & rubbish service. This phone is deteriorating with every update, bought three, a very big mistake, daughters phone failed, HTC One M8, sent back to HTC for repair about 4 months ago, it's now at the point she has asked Vodafone to put pressure on HTC, also asking the Ombudsman to look into the lack of service, my phone can't receive a signal at my home, yet a number of other makes can receive a good signal, battery runs down very quickly (I turn it off at home,) and the phone gets VERY HOT. Next phone Apple,

Calendar - Options for reminder function Please extend reminder function for Events, Reminder & Goals. One beep is insufficient. It needs to be similar to alarm clock function or allow for options. One beep is the same as other notifications.

HTC One M9: Latest October 2016 update caused my Google Play Services to crash upon running, leading to the disabling of all Google-related services (think Android without Google). Unable to launch Google Play Store as well (crashes upon launch). Performing a factory reset (via OS menu and via Recovery mode) surprisingly resulted in the same situation, signifying that something changed even in the recovery partition itself.

Stop! I don't know what this update does other than to annoy me with the same notification. I've declined the Weather app permission to track my location, but this app keeps prompting me to grant it. The notifications don't stop. I tried blocking notifications from this app and the Weather app, but they persist.

DO NOT BUY HTC PHONES Piss taking htc,B etc this doesn't get rid of the intrusive,wifi calling crap.. HTC were supposed to call me bk,Of course they didn't that's what a bunch of wankers HTC ARE...

Ruined my weekend. Thanks HTC. Caused my phone to boot up with the setup screen you would see when you use a phone for the very first time. This happened maybe 30 times, just an endless cycle of asking me to choose my language settings etc. and rebooting itself. Thankfully it eventually seemed to recover, after about 200 warnings that HTC Sense Home (or whatever it's called) had crashed. Unfortunately it had not recovered very well at all. Many contacts lost, most app login details lost. Gave me a migraine, ruined my weekend fk u, HTC.

Make the request for my location stop! I installed the update and ever since then it has constantly pop up asking me to allow my permission to access my location. Tired to turn the notification off without success. It is my decision whether or not to allow you access my location and stop asking me!

[UPDATE: I disabled the Weather app and, so far, no more obnoxious popups...fingers crossed!] NO, you can't have my location! I came to see what other users are saying and it's about what I expected....but I didn't expect HTC's reply to be a canned response to every single customer. The exact copy/paste reply, over and over and over and can tell they really care. NOT! And, yes, the camera is CRAP. I bought this phone needing a GREAT camera for my business and was assured it's the BEST. Actually, it's totally unusable. Horrible, awful, washed out images and I've tried everything. Too many special occasions have been documented BADLY or not photographed at all because of this sucky camera. All of the pics of my new house....GREEEEEEN and grainy!

NEVER UPDATE THIS APP Latest update constantly wants my location for the weather app despite me blocking all notifications for weather AND the service pack. I have been with htc for years and this is the absolute worst "update" for anything I've ever downloaded. FIX THIS and sort out your software. ALSO - battery has been draining faster than usual since the update. This is your latest model htc 10 and I've only had it a few months

Latest update force closes HTC Mail Since this morning's update HTC Mail through Exchange I can write any emails as they force close typing first letter. Please fix.!!!

Useless update. I was perfectly happy and content with HTC phones and blinkfeed news articles. Now blinkfeed not working and have useless blank screen where before I was able to read news feeds.

I too am getting sick of the popup asking me for intrusive permission to my contacts, phone, and location. I DO NOT WANT TO GIVE IT! How do I make this stop1?

Pop ups I don't know what this app does, but it pops up every 15 minutes and every time I exit an app using the home button just because I won't enable my location as a permission. I don't want to enable my location, I don't give permission, and I'm tired of being pestered into enabling it through obtrusive pop ups that stop up my phone.

Camera still doesnt work After the last service pack update earlier this year. The camera stopped working. With the latest update, it still doesnt work. Seriously annoyed with this. HTC is not a brand I'd recommend anymore