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iSwing™ - Golf Swing Analyzer

Supplied By Jumpmodo    On Jan. 12, 2011    Comments(64)

APP for iPhone iSwing™ - Golf Swing Analyzer version1.0 Download

Improve your game with Golf Swing Analysis.
Available for Android, iPhone & iPod Touch.

Requires Android 2.2 or Higher.

iSwing™ allows you to self-diagnose your golf swing through frame-by-frame video analysis. It is equipped with easy and effective tools to spot your swing plane, tempo, head position and club alignment. With slow-motion replay & side-by-side comparison to PGA TOUR Pros, you'll see first hand why millions of users around the world turn to video swing analysis. Whether you're at the golf range or on the course, iSwing™ will be the 15th must-have for your bag.

"A lot of guys will be all over this..."
- Ricky Fowler / PGA

"Quite possibly the best invention for mobile golfers..."
- Golf Magazine Publications

"Great product. This will revolutionize the way we play golf."
- Jake Montogue / PGA Professional

• Recording length = 4.0 seconds
• INSTANT Playback
• Timer with 8, 12 & 14 seconds
• 30 FPS Capture
• Email Video (.mov)

• Play, Back and Forward Buttons
• Scrubber for enhanced playback
• Slow motion speeds
• Touch screen line drawing tools
• Motion Echo
• Loop/Repeat Playback
• Flip & Enlarge Video
• Move/Pan Tool

• Side-by-side mode
• Tandem Playback Mode

• Saved according to Date & Time
• Send video via E-mail
• Create titles for your swing

===== REQUIREMENTs ======
- Requires 2.1 Operating System and Higher.

===== HELPFUL TIPS ======
- Best if used in natural & bright sunlight.
- When recording, maintain steady hands
- Use the recording timer when recording solo or with partner
- For optimal viewing, be sure set your Android brightness settings at 100%

For more information about iSwing™ visit: http://www.iswingapp.com

Jumpmodo part of our Sports and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Jan. 12, 2011. Appstore play rating is 52.5. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 2.5 MB. Download iswing-tm-golf-swing-analyzer.apk 2.5 MB


Great Analytical App Have been trying to understand why I was fading or slicing the ball and this app gas helped a lot to understand what I was doing wrong.

Constantly crashes on Nexus Galaxy Loved iSwing on my iPhone, but... (as most apps on Android) crap on my Google Nexus Galaxy, constantly crashes on Stock Android 4.0.4. AND.... on the iPhone version you can draw lines etc. on Android NOTHING :-(

App never updates. Abandoned? Playback problem with higher resolution. Tried on Galaxy Nexus and Tab 10.1, playback became extreme slow motion, this seems to happen with higher resolution devices, please fix.

Great app Fantastic app worth every penny customer service is brilliant answers questions honestly and fast A+++++

Works good. This app works good. Only fix that I would ask for is that the slow motion swing analysis is too blurry, it would be great if it was clear so you could see your hands and club clearly at impact.

Sgs2 fix Just FYI. I turned on Force 2g rendering and don't keep activities under developer options... and the iSwing started to work. No crashes. Running 4.0.4, rooted.

Nice app but crashes to much!! Well the app is a great app when it works. I just paid for and installed it and used it for about 6 recordings and it crashed all 6 times. Reviews i have read have indicated that the support isnt very supportive! Hope they change that and fix it. If they do that, it would be a 5 star app!!!!!!!!!

Not working on Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread I updated my phone to the new Android Gingerbread and your App. won't install back. It's saying it's incompatible. I purchased this App. Do you have a version for Gingerbread that can replace this one or are you going to make this one work?

Great app that crashes ALL THE TIME Running this on a verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 with 4.1.2. Even paid for the pro videos, so it costed me a total of $9. The app keeps crashing, record a video, hit the back button, it crashes. Play a video, hit the back button, it crashes. Load a pro video, hit the back button, it crashes. Play a video and edit options, hit the back button it crashes. The concept for this app is great. Might even buy it for my iPad, but with this kind of quality control, you might want to think twice about purchasing

Works, but crashes all the time The app is good. Also got the Adam Scott extension which is great. But on my Samsung Galaxy S2 with Ice Cream. Sandwich it crashes all the time. If I want to switch from viewing my videos, and either record a new video or watch the Adam Scott videos, it crashes 100% of the time. Just exiting the app after viewing a video results in a crash almost every time. Phone just goes black, and after 5 seconds being unusable I get the message that iswing has crashed. I have sent 10+ crash reports and hopefully i

Bad app/no support This app didn't work right from the start. The video process stopped half way through the recording and the screen goes blank. Tried the uninstall\reinstall several times with no success. Since I obviously wasted more than 15 minutes trying to get it to work, I forfeited my 15 minute refund option. Could be a great app with a few fixes and support.

Great app - slow on tablet I love the app. I got it for my tablet first and it took a while to process videos. Tried it on my HTC inspire and it worked like a charm smooth and quick. Problem is, I need it to work like that on my asus transformer eee pad. It's too slow to be really effective for me.

iswing not working I purchased and downloaded to my HTC Magic and attempted to use Iswing. It didnt work and the 15 minutes you get to cancel the order wasn't enough to cancel the order so Ive paid for something that doesn't work. be careful

Great concept, yet unreliable While I am pleased with the quality of the app, and can faithfully say it has shaved a few stores from my game, it is lacking in reliability. Previously, I had a droid Razr Maxx and had little to no issue. Now with my HTC One (M7) the issue of crashing persists. I am able to open the app, but video recording is again unreliable. If you looking for a cheap second set of eyes on your swing, look no further. Yet be prepared for some frustration.

Poor on Samsung Captivate OS2.3.5 Menus do not work properly on my ATT Samsung i897 Captivate with Gingerbread OS. I have lots of memory and other videoapps work great. The problem with this is not with the video or the storage. I can record a video, I can save it and delete it. But I cannot get the tools or setup to work reliably. Most of the time when I press the tools or setup buttons (at the top of the screen), nothing happens except that the icon changes to a minus sign (-). It took more than 15 minutes to get to the point that I realized that this app with brain damaged ... so no refund. Without the graphics editting (lines, circles, play back speed control), this app is useless, not as good a using the built-in video. So if you have a similar Samsung Galaxy and have updated to OS2.3.5 Gingerbread, be prepared to test quickly enough (less then 15 min.) so that you can get your refund. It would be a great app, IF IT WORKED.

Used to be good. This app used to be great. Ever since I got the RAZR MAXX it will not record videos. It has been almost a year and this is still not fixed. Awesome tool when it was working, for now its useless.

Need more updates The developer needs to update the app to have a longer duration to record, and slower playback. Currently pressing back button after a video crashes the app. Developers please look into this, please make us feel the app was worth the money.

Great! But needs a few things fixed Great if it wouldn't freeze every time I press the back button on my Note. Need more pro videos too. Tiger woods or some other big names would be nice!

No support or updates Had this app about a year now. Worked on android 2.2. But since upgrade to android 4.0 doesn't work. Never gets any updates and hasn't responded to any of my 10+ emails. Took the money and ran I guess.

Always crash! I love the app so much but it just not stable n serious bugs on Android. Can you guys make the update version please?

Crashes every time The concept is great but needs work to overcome the glitches, very frustrating when it crashes every time you use it

Great idea poor execution This app sounds fantastic and looks even better in the video I watched, but in reality it's a waste of time as the video recording function is really poor for two reasons: it's really jerky and missed alot of my swing, infact most of my swing; secondly it only seems to record for a very short time so there is just enough time to record a swing. If you don't start your swing as soon as the recording starts you'll you get half your swing. Unfortunately I would not recommend this app.

Good App / Poor Support The design of this app is great. Elegant functionality. Everything you want....unless you want support. The self-timer function emits an audible tone to alert you that the video is starting so you know when to swing. The tone stopped functioning. I have emailed 5 times over 3 weeks and have gotten no response.

Great app for practice My golf instructor recommended this app, not sure why, now that I can just use iswing to analyze my own swing. Great app take it to the range every time.

Used to be good before ICS I loved using this app but since the ICS update it no longer works. It's been quite a while since it worked last...more than enough time for them to fix it!! I even posted a question on their FB page asking when it would be fixed as that normally gets a response but it only got removed. I would have thought if they were worried about their reputation the best solution would be to fix the app. Oh well.....until they fix the issues don't bother!!

Not Bad. I have an issue on my ASUS Transformer Pad TF301 every time I hit the back button it pops up a window saying that the application had to shutdown and I have to restart the application. The app in general is average. I wish there was an angle tool that you could use to measure the angle based on the base of the triangle instead all the measurements which basically there is only one is relative to the application. So when you draw straight north that is 90 degrees. So if you are not square to the application your measurement swill be off. That is why it would be handy to have measurements that are relative to a base line. Also you only get 4 seconds of recording. Instead of always starting a timer the camera continues to record and then I can select where I want to start and end a recording and disregard the rest. If I was at the range I might want to look at 3-4 swings in a row with out have to re-arm the timer. A cool feature could be bluetooth. If you have a bluetooth headset you can have the output of timer from audio but if there are play pause buttons you can restart recording remotely. But for a quick app for $2.99 my God how can you complain.

Good app but there's an issue with the tools and options not showing up unless I press play and pause. Nexus s 4g

Poor application This application cuts out while recording every time. It looks cool but just doesn't work on my razr maxx.

Crashes all the time. I have a note 2 and it crashes every time I try to use it. Total waste of money. I now have the note 3, it crashes just the same. They seem to have made no effort to rectify the problem. Clearly states this app compatible with all of your devices. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE GET V1

Very misleading. The only way you can do side by side comparison is if you send another 4 bucks after your first purchase.

Great app! Very easy to use and a great tool to help visually understand swing faults. The ability to compare two videos is really helpful.

Even though I could get my app to work on my samsung acclaim droid i got a full refund andv was told i can use for free if a future update fixes!

This app only records your swing at 30 fps, which isn't enough for swing analysis. You can't see any details. The fps needs to be upgraded!

fix it Ok Great potential but the app crashes every time you view a video therefore its useless until they fix it.

Worst paid app ever Crashes almost every time when used. I even bought.the pro video which crashes as well. How to get a refund on this? This app should be banned from the App store.

Doesn't work on Ice Cream Sandwich Worked great before my Razr updated on ICS. Now it's junk. No response from support. They have abandoned the product. Don't buy!

Crap No import function and short timer no good for self filming. Also need to pay for model vids, get V1 Golf instead, far better

rip off beware will not play with htc wildfire. Nobody talks to you. Beware!!!

Awesome app! If you understand the mechanics of a proper golf swing, this will definitely help you determine any faults in your swing...great value!

Only good to see on the back swing Unfortunately, the application works well for being able to preview and replay on your backswing but there is not enough clarity for coming down on the downswing. Just too fast to be able to see if you actually have your hands in the right position and if your club face is square . I tried this on my Samsung Note 2 and actually found using the video feature on the Samsung Note 2 for video playback is better.

I love the App, However on my Moto G 2nd gen, the app loads fine, and seems to record fine. However I can't analyse as the app crashes, and I can't enter the menus icon (the 3 little dots in the bottom right) because that just freezes. And my Vodafone smart ultra 6, recording just stops 1/3 of easy through. so now it's worthless

Not working This is not working keeps saying unfortunately stopped. Have contacted ye before by email and no reply. Why won't it work please respond

Waste of money with this app Can't even import videos. Have to record new swing with terrible camera app inbuilt... Useless app and a conjob since it's a paid app.

Will never play back a video. Take video. Crash. Take a video. Crash... If you need an app to learn how to deal with frustration well this is your app! It never plays a video back. It used to work on my older Android phone but not anymore. Golfers have enough frustration.

Good and bad... It works on my S3, but not on my tablet (which is the device I use at the range). Line drawing is better than V1. Would be nice if it gave you the angle between two drawn lines instead of doing the math. The 4 second video time limit is a bit of a fail as well. I understand a swing only takes a few seconds, but if you're not ready to pull the trigger right when the recording starts your swing gets cut off. V1 allows unlimited recording then trim. Overall it's okay, but needs improvements.

Was a good app This app worked faultlessly and was extremely useful before the ice cream sandwich update. Now it does not work at all on my Galaxy S2, despite clearing out the data. Don't buy it until the bug is fixed. Support does not reply - not worth emailing them.

Only records for 16 seconds!!!??? I want to be able to prop my phone up and have a range session not interrupt someone every time I want to video my swing. Very poor design. Don't waist your money

From PGA Pro Wow. Great and useful golf app, and this is coming from a teaching pro of fifteen years.never knew something like this ever existed until my partner pointed it out. But I will certainly be making use of it every day for sure. Great job to the developers.

Its crashing This app was working fine earlier... But now it crashes every time. 8 can record the swing but when playing the recorded video it crashes.

Dreadful Can't import video, can't use front cam, only takes 4 secs of video. Complete waste of money. V1 golf is miles better and free

not used this for months as recording was choppy. reinstalled but sadly it seems even worse. capturing a whole swing is nigh impossible. absolute crap

Used to like no longer records or plays Spent money to see Adam Scott. Cannot get videos to download, the exit crashes. Cannot use record. It just wedges the app, trying to exit crashed. Basically stole $4 from me. S6 edge+. Also try to clear data and cache, no help. Uninstall reinstall, all no help and now if I try to play Adam Scott it wants me to purchase again.

Used to be better For a while I really liked it, but after recent update I can no longer draw lines and they don't respond to emails. Not good for a pay app.

Good for the $$$ I downloaded this app in the morning, recorded my swing in the afternoon. Then showed it to a golf friend that night and he made a suggestion. We recorded my swing with his suggestion and used the compare feature. I quickly saw the improvement and that the top of my swing looked the way it should. I can't wait to apply it to a round of golf soon. Sure it crashes a lot but for a few bucks who cares because when it works well the app is awesome. It beats spending hundreds more for elaborate software.

Top ap It does quit unexpectedly on me but still the best ap ever. Knocked at east 6 off handicap.

Good concept, bad application The app does what it says buy crashes after nearly every video. So I can take the video, app crashes, open the app and watch it. Then if I try and go back to change the video or take another, app crashes.

Found a way to make it work! If you try to use the tools while replaying a video and they don't work. Try tapping the forward arrow once and your tools should appear.

Good but lacking features Its a good app and works well, but lacks the ability to import existing videos to analyze or export video clips . Adding these would make it 5 stars

Good app and would work well, but cannot save to SD card on HTC desire. This means download/record one video and no room for any more. Needs fixing

Record to SD card! OK app, but records to phone memory. I ran out of space in 2 mins. Without save to SdCard its worthless to me.

Horrible My buddy downloaded this app five minutes before me. His works perfect but mine freezes everytime, doesnt record a video or save. Needs fixing.

S2 Great idea. Crashes after I watch a video though, useless

No Customer Service or Support The app did not work properly on my phone and numerous emails with no response. Buy at your own risk because they don't return emails.

Side by Side Rocks! Everytime I use this, I see more to fix. It's better than having a scratch golfer friend help you (which I do) because you can slow it down and see just where you can improve. In 2 days I've worked on correcting problems that my friend couldn't explain to me, but once I saw myself doing it, it made perfect sense. Can't wait to show him my latest recording!