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Last Stand Lite

Supplied By Outline Games    On June 26, 2012    Comments(53)

APP for iPhone Last Stand Lite version1.2.9.6 Download

Last stand is a Zombie survival game for one or two players locally or online!

You're pinned down, with only a few wooden barricades, elite carpentry skills and a military surplus store protecting you from evisceration.

Last Stand has action packed round based gameplay combining the skill of action with the strategy of tower defence. Earn cash by fighting off the horde and repairing your barricades, then blow it on shiny new weapons for the next wave!

Choose from a formidable array of zombie shredding weapons including pistols, shotguns, sentry drones, rifles, automatics, rocket launchers and explosives!

Please let us know what you think of the game, good or bad, by rating it.

Furthermore, send us your ideas on twitter @ballatergames

Note to Nexus One users - use the trackball to shoot. Otherwise you may find yourself running straight at your target, on occasion.

Supports App2SD

Outline Games part of our Arcade and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update June 26, 2012. Appstore play rating is 82.5096. Current verison is Actual size 6.9 MB.

What's new Links to the sequel to Last Stand - the Clones of Corpus!
    - Plus fixes a rare stability problem. Brings the Pontiflex Advertising network to users in the UK, Argentina and South Korea. Players in these countries may sign up to the network to unlock more equipment from the full game! Fixes a few bugs.
Download last-stand-lite.apk 6.9 MB


I <3 it was a bit difficult @ 1 but then i got the hang of it and always buy springfield at first not the m1911 (spring f. 1 shot kill, M1911 3 shot)

It's was a let down I liked it for the first few mins got to round 5 an saved it an then started again an lost all weapons an turrets I had positioned weapons are to weak

Boring This game was ok until I found Dead Trigger by Madfinger Games, now i cant bring myself to waste time on this boring and low quality game. And im def not spending money on this

Terrible It is the worst game ive ever played i mean like who pays .99¢ for to just to play some game that can not work or cant save memory insted they should make the full version free for that they cant get one complement or more for to say how much they hate it

Good but why??... Yes this is an awesome game i have just 1 problem which i really hate why does when i hit coop and go online it says matching and then an error shows up... Why does this happen??? This happens everytime i try online please fix this thanks if u did and you'll get 5 stars

Could of been waaay better... No melee, I can't see my health, and its so easy to get cornered... This could of been more fun, not bad though I guess

zombie problem i was great but i think their were to much zobies per round & on the 3-4 round they were coming in to fast and i got corned in a matter of time. ..

Samsung transfix I'm a fanactics when it comes to zombie shooters survival. This game plays fairly well beside the sloppy trigger control, so I'm going to give a 4 star till the issues is fix

Sick Love the art style and the fact that you have to stop and shoot. Makes me feel like im playing an old school zombie game like resident evil 1

Great game It is a great game but if more weapons could be unlocked for people who can't bye the full version

Okay I dont like having to stand in place to shoot. Its more fun running and shooting.

Ok Try to do better nd its starting from 1st round give continue button

Can't get past round 2 WTF Uninstalling can't get past round 2 without a weapon aint worth downloading bc u have to buy the full version so not worth it

Not impressed Played the game for about an hour. Controls are awkward and the game play is repetitive and not stimulating. I uninstalled it.

Cool The game is fun and all and addicting but I can only get a cuple of guns I can get the revover, rpg, graneds, sentryguns, asault rifle, and the jackhammer,and anti mine,

Meh... Okay game. What I hate is that when you die, you don't get a 2 chance.

Good I like this game because I remember my fav. game "deadfrontier"

Kind of like black ops zombies just make a 3d version of the game

Unfortunately Can't u fix unfortunately last stand has stopped.This my problem when I purchase on the full version.Can u fix it I'm really love this game.If u fix it and I will give u 5 star.

Not bad This game is ok but very limited unless you pay for it.

Fun It kinda addictive like when u play it u die then a minute later u play agaian

Cool Cool game but does anyone play online.Also multiplayer says Matching.. then Error multiplayer SUKS!

Sucks I like this game but it is malware. Email the developers to fix it because they abandoned this game.

Fix it! Every time, EVERY TIME. Get to level 9 or 10, the shooter freezes up and either refuses to shoot or refuses to move. Its on your end, FIX IT!

Great Great game only should be for free to play online and add some new weapons!!!!

Cool game I really want the full game with no ads but it says my system is not compatible

Nice I've played it on my laptop on line 5 star game

Really good Beast!!! But be grateful that they have a free version

Cannot control well but it's SUPER AWESOME

Love it this is good good good shooting zombie game. Can you made another one for free ?

awseome The best game I've ever player

Hey I know co-op is in beta but I cant find a match it loads too long

It's the best game on the market period and it's free.

Good but want multipler for free There should be a free version intead of paid that u could go play multipler because not that much people get the paid version because i rather get SAS zombie assult 3

Cool But the character can't run that's why i gave u above average

Last stant Fun game cool..but can you guys make some of the gun free on the last stand lite thanks

No You can't move and shoot at the same time

Great Really good game! Co Op mode won't match me with anyone... Five stars if fixed. :)

Translation into Russian is stupid machinery. Better keep English

It's OK.. Its cool but really slow and wish it had the paid version stuff

:-( the worst ever and froze my cricket for 2HOUERS!!!!:O

Awful at is best Strategy is some barricades that last a second. Static controls suck, that's the best way to describe it. The game goes about sitting still while trying (trying, for the controls are quite small and you keep missing them, the controls and the zombies) to aim and shoot. You call that strategy? Try copying controls from Minigore 2 where you can move AND shoot, amazing technology from the next millennium. The best part are the graphics, that suck but not as much as the entire game .

Rely fun I like this game probably the best zombie game I ever played on the android I am greatful that u made a free install but I can't get coop do people still play or not cause my wifi is rely good please help and I wish there were more weapons free and a campain that's free

Malware AVG antivirus alerted this as malware. Good job

Nice app But too many problems

Good game but ... Good but how if online with 3G/H..that more fun.. Because hard to find wifi.. I want play with other player.. And add more weapon..

Easy Game! No thrill Its same on other games concept..

Gay This is fucken gay who ever made this should go to hell

This game sucks it keeps saying can't connet to device

Buh Not that good, bored afer 4min

No fun Didn't enjoyed this one

Great Awesome - cud be much more exciting if there a maze or roam free environment . much wider I mean

Awful It's hideous and mediocre