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Lynda - Online Training Videos

Supplied By LinkedIn    On Oct. 12, 2016    Comments(172)

APP for iPhone Lynda - Online Training Videos version4.8.2 Download

Lynda.com makes it easy to learn skills on-demand with unlimited access to expert led courses in our subscription library.

Learn technology, creative and business skills, on the go, with the Lynda.com Android app.
Get the training you need to succeed in your current job or start a new career by watching expert taught courses.

Whether you want to learn leadership skills, build a mobile app, or how to use software, Lynda.com has something for you. Take photography lessons, learn graphic design, get business training, take web and interactive design courses, take 3D animation classes, watch audio tutorials, and much more.

Sharpen your skills and get the most of your Lynda.com membership with the redesigned app, now with enhanced navigation and faster loading.
• Access all courses from the subscription library
• Get personalized course recommendations
• Download courses for offline viewing and learn anytime, anywhere
• Stream course videos to your TV with Chromecast
• View your personalized dashboard to stay on track with your training
• Auto-play courses or watch individual videos
• Share courses across social network apps
• View and edit playlists to create your own training plan
• Sync course history and pick up where you left off for a continuous learning experience across all devices
• Video tutorials include closed captioning, adjustable playback speed, and more

Not a lynda.com member yet? Browse our free courses and videos, and start learning from our world-class experts today.

Popular training courses
• Learn how to code, create, and build web applications or mobile apps
• How to design and create a website
• Develop business skills, learn leadership, get management training, watch marketing tutorials, and more
• Brush up on Excel skills, QuickBooks, and other tools
• Design logos, create ebooks, and more with in-depth tutorials on Illustrator, InDesign, Muse, and other software
• Learn photography and photo editing techniques, how to use a camera, Photoshop, Lightroom, and more
• How to record and learn music production
• Learn videography and motion graphics with tutorials taught by experts
• Get 3D modeling and animation skills

• “Lynda.com excels at helping busy professionals keep their software skills razor sharp.” -Jill Duffy, PCMag.com
• “I have learned so much, and, thanks to you, I have just released my first app for iPhone.” -Stephanie J.
• “All these film-making tutorials on lynda are seriously addicting. Never stop learning as my grandfather would always say!” -Ava V.
• “Really have to admit that lynda courses are incredibly good.” -James F.
• “This site is amazing. I started a new job at the beginning of March and I have been impressing my new boss because of your courses.” -Kate L.

LinkedIn part of our Education and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Oct. 12, 2016. Appstore play rating is 86.3239. Current verison is 4.8.2. Actual size 18.0 MB.

What's new

    Bug fixes
Download lynda-com.apk 18.0 MB


Issues with casting I lowered my rating because I've had an issue with casting content to my Nexus Player. It starts the video on TV but after several seconds restarts and continues to do so over and over. I sent a email to support but never heard from them. This is happening on all of my devices and doesn't happen with any other casting app.

Great content, but keeps freezing. I'm a big fan of the website, but this app is utterly unusable. I literally can't watch 3 minutes of video without it freezing. Only reason I gave two stars is that the content will be great whenever it is made accessible. - HTC One M8

Offline videos quit working I liked this app until the offline videos feature quit working. I have an annual premium account and this feature used to work but suddenly has stopped. It won't work on my android or ios devices. I can still watch the videos but this is really frustrating when I'm traveling and want to watch some training. It's the only reason i payed for the premium package! Please fix this issue.

Offline viewing not possible As a couple of other reviewers have pointed out, there's a problem with using the offline viewing function. I travel abroad quite frequently and chose the premium membership because of this perk, so I find the issue very unfortunate. If I didn't need the offline functionality, I would happily give it five stars, primarily due to the excellent content. I would greatly appreciate an update addressing the problems with watching the content when offline.

The Content is Good... UPDATE - 3/30-Recent OTA uofatr made problem worse. The content is top notch, 5 stars. The app, well...quirky at best. Locks up my phone, audio only sometimes...pretty much everything has happened to me from what you read in other reviews; I've only had the app installed for a few days! Been a long time on again/off again Lynda user, love the content and the web experience, but now I remember why I stopped using Lynda a year or two ago, the mobile apps are mediocre and quirky for both iOS and Android.

Currently not working Gtab 4 pro 8.4 The app does not show anything atm. It just says it cant load data. Connected to wifi 100mbps tested. If app is fixed I will switch to 5 stars. Great content crap app.

Keeps crashing Really glad we can finally download courses, but the app crashes constantly and often requires an Internet connection to log back in so offline content is not available which is the whole point of a premium subscription.

Missing external card support Need to add support to be able to download offline videos to external SD card. Also, don't see an option of closed caption under the App which is available under the website.

Lynda is great....but I am a basic subscriber and I want to Chromecast my videos but the icon never shoes up to cast.

Great content, buggy app You guys are awsome, app is currently a bit broken however. Eventually the video player wigs out and starts buffering every second. Audio is unaffected.

Please have feature to save to SD I'm low in internal memory, would be very helpful if I can save it to my SD card

can't change download location for offline viewing Offline videos use up all memory on my tablet. Moving the app to SD card doesn't change install location of the downloaded files either. Also can't change the video playback speed. Love the app otherwise, but the memory issue is a big inconvenience for me.

Videos won't play Videos always get to the same point and then stop working....content is great if you can get it to work

Good but not Great I would give the app 5 stars if it were capable of actually being stored on the sd card instead of internal memory. I moved the app to the sd card via app manager then I started to download a video. The video stored to local memory instead of my sd card. There is also no option within the app to store on sd which would be preferable.

Can't save videos to SD card, would rate 5 otherwise, please fix this for your paying customers. I received premium membership from my university, but if I paid for it, I would demand a refund. Very disappointing. Samsung S4 settings say the videos are on SD card, but they simply aren't, as my internal storage keeps filling up when I download videos. Would rate 5 and reccomend this if this were fixed. Your customers are paying good money for this. Come on.

Does not work It does not matter how I write the url of my college, it doesnt work!

Really helpfull It's synced right with my profile and seemless.

Video and audio not in sync Video starts in sync, then while audio is still playing the video stops with the loading animation going. Once the video comes back it is out of sync with the audio.

Bugs like getting offline and it dosn's start from the last video

Almost works The videos mainly play fine. a few sections refuse to play any video at all. The audio is there, no video. Works in another device though. The note4 I have just upgraded to jellybean. It could be that.

Love the site And the concept; dislike that I've paid for premium but can't download video or practice files. When I try, I'm prompted to upgrade.

Great app but stop working. I have been using this app more than 1 week now and suddenly stop working. It says error occured during video playback. I tried to reboot my phone and also uninstall install it again but still not working. Pls help. My phone xperia z

No video since the update No video since the update! This is terrible!

Black Screen There is only audio playing in the video.

Freezing a lot since update Used to work great, but the latest update freezes all the time. Will change rating when fixed.

great the very best

No Public Library Log-In If you're a public library user, you're much better off just logging in through the Google Chrome mobile browser and skipping the app. Logging in is a basic function and it's not possible? Come on!

"Buffering" on downloaded videos I had this issue since I installed the app (Note 4 ). I emailed lynda through the store for support. It took a few days but they responded and we're helpful. The downloaded videos would "buffer" during playback. I think it is because the app is trying to sync with their Web servers to keep track of my progress in the course. They gave me two options. One is ridiculous (airplane mode) and the other does not work (kill apps). I get maybe through 2 videos before they are unwatchable.

Good to use when away from the desk Using it on a Nexus7 only (v4.4.3 / KitKat). Currently updated to v2.2, and using app since v1.0.2. Things to know: Requires paid account; uses landscape and portrait mode; now has offline content (save on streaming); can see playlists & move/add/change them; and, captioning/subtitles are available. Caution: No interactive transcripts (yet). Very viable alternative to desktop when on-the-go. App has been very stable thus far (yea!). Has an option use, or not, cell network (handy to ave on data costs).

Can't log in though college I can't log in though my college portal?? - plus now it's even more broke every time I type in the username and go to type in the password the username field goes empty.

Won't Permit Log-In Regularly; Lynda Blames Library The app provides a means for library subscribers to log in, and I was able to log in successfully when I first installed the app. Subsequently, I have not been able to log in. Lynda tech support says they can do nothing, because "the Library's authentication type does not support the mobile app." Inasmuch as I was able to log in earlier, "the library's authentication type" obviously can support the mobile app. Very disappointing that a company that makes tech tutorials falls back on blaming the client when asked to provide tech support.

Every day's a school day I rate this 5 stars for the course materials and everything about the App but there's still room for improvement. I'm an annual premium member but I need option to download to SD card since my phone memory is usually at its brim. Otherwise keep up the good work.

Doesn't recognize I upgraded my account Won't let me download courses, even though I upgraded. Still keeps asking me to upgrade to download.

useless app will not work with my library account. based on the message I got from lynda, there are no plans to change this. uninstalling.

Great app This is a great app, but it doesn't play nice with Nexus Player. When casting the video constantly restarts

Does not work. Unfortunately the app does not work at all on Android lollipop. I am connected to the internet, but for some reason I always get a message saying "Could not load data. Please check your network connection."...

Works fine except that no video speed control is available As for me lack of speeding up function means no use at all for the app. I start to distract as tutors are doing there classes in that monotonous way so there courses are equally appropriate for experienced users and... Other users. So I switch back to my laptop or tablet with browser to speed up.I Would appreciate if you could add this feature. Love LYNDA - thank you for your work.

Perfect aside from some bugs Please fix skipping playlist and closed caption. I cannot play videos handsfree because the video skips past next video on autoplay. Besides that, it is a very well designed app. Has all the features I love about Lynda.

doesnt work i believe that app is rather cool as per lynda is cool website, however i cannot watch any video, get an error : "an error occured during video playback"

Please support External SD card Any plan to support external SD card? udemy app supports external SD card nicely. Why can't Lynda?

New interface stinks. Used to love the old interface. It was so easy to find stuff. Linkedin has messed it up in its own special way. Things are so difficult to find now.

Great! Love this app now that has material design. Please add chromecast support

Love it Enjoyed every update for years

Great learning but.... Updated for the new version still not working. No data check your connection. Samsung tab 4. 8.0

It's decent, but the lack of sport for external SD card needs to be fixed.

Great app Use it a couple times to assist me on project a.

Offline freezes and needs an internet connection! Great site. Brilliant content. But I watch mostly on my train commute with intermittent 3/4G. When watching downloaded content I still need to login and to keep a connection which defeats the object of downloading. Also the app often freezes when progressing to next video - audio continues but everything else locks requiring a force stop and restart. Frustrating and it really detracts from what could be a great experience. 5 stars otherwise.

Great content Lynda has great training, I have only had it for a week but the courses I have completed was done very professionally. The app has its issues though. When running on mobile networks, even LTE, the videos has a lot of buffering. I think this may be because the videos were for the website and not the app. Maybe something can be done to down scale the data requirements so they play more smoothly.

The content is great, but only if we could access it The app is, to say the least, irritating. Crashes every few minutes and when it does work, the videos refuse to load properly. This app still needs work.

Great app, freezes a lot Love the content on this site and app.. however every 3 videos or so the video freezes (audio continues until I force close). Fix this and it's 5star.

The app allows me to view my coursework videos but it glitches whenever it goes to the next video. I have to restart after every video.

Error loading data I could not connect or browse. I was connected to the Internet with full signal. Is there any special setting?

Tutorials Are Great but not the app Lynda's tutorials are definitely worth the money and the system works great on my computer. The app however isn't that great. It freezes up almost every time a new segment of the tutorial starts. Considering that some segments are only 3 or 5 minutes long, this app freezes the most out of all the apps installed on my phone.

Edu ftw Want to get smart. Or just better at painting fx. Then this is for you. Or smarter at all. Use it or loose it. Thx to Rhett & link & Linus for the headsup on this amazing side and app.

Awesome content but still crashes Still not able to view entire content when streaming in 4G. Content is not much good if I can't watch it.

Nice It's good real good but too expensive for students. Especially in creative side.

Fab app to up your skills in all things IT - Learning junkies beware!

Pitiful android app. The app constantly looses "permissions" to play the right videos. To fix that I have to log out and log in. It constantly log outs with absolutely no reason. It will play the same video both on my phone and on the chromecast device so the sound is coming from two locations. Downloads of videos are constantly being corrupted and I have to wipe the apps cache and start from scratch. I have no clue how this app is at 4.4 star rating but it is insanely buggy.

Update. I cancelled and came back 6 months later thinking they must have fixed the problem. But l tried to watch a video today and it tells me to upgrade??? I'm a paid premium subscriber! --------- I'm a premium subscriber, but it regularly fails to recognise this. So I can't watch the videos I downloaded when travelling. Sometimes tells me I'm offline when I'm online. I'm going to request a refund from Linda which is a Shame because the material is top notch.

Works very well This app afapts to changing cell reception very well and uses minimal data . Better than most video apps

Great concept. Poor execution. I was expecting performance for this app on par with the Audible app, which is very good and performs a similar function. For Lynda, the design and search are somewhat lacking and the player occasionally has a serious "doubling" audio bug, but the most important problem is the constant issue of getting booted out from the login screen. (mentioned by other users). The offline viewing option is also buggy...for some reason it needs internet access in order to proceed!!! Obviously this somewhat defeats the point if you are underground in a subway train. With solid performance in these categories, the service would be worth paying for. As is, it's a bit of a toss up, and I will probably take a closer look at the competition.

This app is powerful, and very packed with information. Love the topics, and subjects, as well as the content of course. Great!

Does not work well with 2nd generation Google Chromecast. Lower half of screen is highly distorted.

No library access Had this through my school and could login fine. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be the case with library access. May not be that bad since you can't speed up the videos in the app.

Among the rising computer technology and development find this is the best.

Poor app Keeps hanging. Occasionally shows previously downloaded content as locked even though I have a premium account. Extremely frustrating waste of time...

Great app and site! I'm so happy we have Chromecast support. Would love to see bookmarks available on mobile.

Simply love it Discover what you can learn. Really large number of courses are available here to learn. This is the best online video tutorial place ever. Premium membership fees are a little bit high, but it deserves.

Brilliant advice Learn more - education costs nothing but can earn you a better paid job for your efforts

Buggy I like the app BUT it constantly loses my place in the video. Lately the incredibly annoying problem is the when I pause a video, the audio keeps playing, then when I unpause the video, 2 sound tracks are playing out of sync. I just updated yesterday too.

Wonderful A one stop shop for all you need to know about media, this is boss definitely worth the money!!!

How do I adjust playback speed ?

What does invalid permissions mean? You want me to try the app, but you won't let me log in? Good luck with that.

This app is a mess. Video playback works just fine. No issues there. But the NAVIGATION is so bad... First of all, the home screen is full of SUGGESTIONS... Why..? Just show me links to "continue watching" and my playlists and MY STUFF that I have already told you that I'm interested in! Exactly like you do on the website! Second, the browser for finding new content is a joke. I can't use the filters that are available on the website, so finding new content, even when I kind of already know what I want, is really inconvenient.

No Library Access? Cannot use if cannot log in. Will use the Web sign on for time being. I don't HATE this app. I just rated it 1/5 because no access.

Fantastic! Works great. To all organization people having problems logging in pay attention to the login prompts! use the Organization tab put in your domain and login thru the portal as you would on a PC. Works perfect.

Best tool for many years and keeps going strong I've used these videos for years, every time I need to learn something new. They've only gotten better with time.

Invalid permissions I installed this app thinking that it will be very useful to acquire new skills while travelling to office everyday, but got disappointed when opened app and tried to login... Tried multiple times and failed again. Request Lynda team to get it sorted asap or many users will get disappointed and uninstall this app...

Loved it! Loved it! Would be better if more cost effective options were available for lifetime learning.

Useless if ur org account doesn't pay more just for this app

Refuses library access If you have an account through a library it won't accept your sign-in.

Great This is a great app and can also help you in your studies. I got A* because of this app. Thanks so much.

Does not let me sign in Every time I try to sign in with my LinkedIn account ir says Invalid Permissions

Non responsive After agreeing the policy terms and going to the free trial it's not activating, My free learning done!!!

Missing many features from the web version.

Amazing! Great collection of resources. Worth every penny.

Meow Meow meow meow.

Login failure / Website down When trying to login to the app I am prompted with popup of " Log in not valid". Then I go thru the process of trying to change my login and the link they sent states " Website is temporarily down". Then I tried another help link....nope. More of the same crap. So I tried to log in with my PC. No, troubles at all. Nothing was changed.. Please fix this app for some that will still try to use it. Myself, I feel that if the effort isn't made to have a descent help function how can you help me at all.

Needs work Thr idea is very useful, especially to professionals who are looking to improve their learning curve. The topics are very helpfully explained but lack variety in list. Also the video playback of the tutorials end abruptly while buffering. I would recommend a different video player and increasing the pool of topics to keep the good work going.

I'm WNS global services employee and recently i came to know that WNS employee can access this app. However I'm unable to login. Not sure what is the issue either.

Nearly every time I turn on my tablet the Lynda login splash screen is showing!! Also "an error occurred during video playback" is the error I'm now getting having being trouble free for the last week. This renders the app unusable hence the rating. I have tried clearing data and cache for the app to no avail. Other video playing apps work fine.

Offline viewing Error when trying to play course in offline mode... Apparently offline mode works only when you're offline. If you have your network data on, it's not going to work.

Buggy Video skips whenever a new notification comes in, or whenever it needs to buffer... very annoying.

Buggy Here's my problem with the app. I just updated again with all the fixes and still if I leave the app for whatever reason and then come back to it even a minute later my place in the video is gone and it restarts from the beginning. If I fast forward to where I was in the video it freaks out, and starts playing two audio tracks ( of the same video )and if I stop the app because of the two audio tracks one of them keep playing even though the app is closed. Omg. You're Killin me Smalls, can someone address?

Double audio even out of the app Whenever I move the playhead to the position (it never remembers the position of my last session) forward, it starts play the second audio which is off sync and it keeps playing even when I'm out of app. This is really killing me. Btw why I can't make a notes like at the browser version?

Finally - variable playback speed!!! Thanks for finally giving us variable playback speed! The great Lynda presenters speak slowly & clearly, which I'm sure is ideal for an international audience of potentially non-native English speakers. However, I prefer 2x+ for content like this. The app was unbearable to use fixed at normal speed..until now, that is! Now I can really enjoy working through the courses anywhere. 1.5x is nice, but I'm still withholding a star in hopes of eventually getting max playback of at least 2x like the web/desktop :-)

Day 1 already have issues Day 1 already have issues. Starting to regret my subscription. The app keeps telling me I am offline and becomes completely useless. I am definitely online on wifi. 50mbs up 50mbs down. What gives? After trying like 30 times got it to work.. But now I've encountered a bunch of other bugs, way to many to list here. Worst one is video playback jumping all over the place

Can't login with my linkedIn account. Keep getting a popup "An error occurred". and why the hell it doesn't open linkedIn app (which I already have on my phone) for authorization rather than opening a browser and having to fill in my details again!

Charged for the desktop version! I was charged extra for the desktop app of this without even being informed about it!!! Shame, do you not make enough money? Good job my bank had the decency to inform me! Thanks for nothing!

Can't Login Changed my password for LinkedIn now i cant login using this app.

Finally! Variable speed was long time ago developed on iPad. No I can sell iPad. ?

Variable playback speed added Glad to have this feature. Thanks.

New way to grow It isso good it is helping me in all lind of ways love.

Great courses, poor app The teachers and courses are great, but the mobile app doesn't save where you left off in a video. Also, the video progress should be synced to the web app.

Can't log in with my northtec account through the app

Incomplete, buggy Missing many features from the web version; Buggy.

Good learning Resource I have used this over the last year to learn more about photography and graphics design. The interface is easy to use and the videos are good quality

Doesnt open Selected company portal, opens a blank page and nothing happens...

Very professional Love the app!

How do I adjust playback speed ?

So much better than Coursera.

Buggy Playback can be somewhat buggy when pausing, resuming and changing the playback pointer to a different time. It ends up playing two audio tracks at once. Its nice to have the mobile app, pity about the bugs.

Bug An Error occured everytime trying to login with LinkedIn account.

Geared toward young professionals

Can't login with LinkedIn

Can't log in with LinkedIn

Bug with the full screen mode When i switch to full screen video mode it collapses back to the potrant mode

Learned version control and DNS infrastructure

Unable to watch videos

Can not login with LinkedIn Account. Selecting the "Sign in with LinkedIn" button causes a browser to launch and immediately close with an error message of "An error occurred. Try Again".

Too costly to use

2 playbacks same times There is big bug in the app reasoning to play 2 videos at the same time, 2 sound for coming concurrently. Which really annoying, even when you leave video sometimes it doesn't go away you need close the app and rerun it. That is very annoying and make you scared of pausing video. But service in itself is great.

Lynda is the best I have done over 35 hours worth of courses on this platform. I have managed to get a brand new job created for me at work becuase of the skills I've learnt on here. I am starting my own business too and these courses have taught me so much. Next I am going to learn how to draw and make films! Lynda is my Netflix. The app is a bit buggy. But I mainly watch on my computer or TV.

Just Say NO to Subscriptions This service requires a $350/yr or $40/mo subscription to keep using. Even with a free trial, that is definitely not something I'm interested in getting involved with. What guarantee do I have that this money buys me something considered valuable on a resume or application? Regardless of that, however, I'd rather pay for the courses I'm interested in as I find them. Also, according to them, it supposedly takes "a few weeks" for e-mails from LinkedIn to stop coming after closing the account; be careful.

Will you EVER get this app right?!? Android 5.1.1 Kernal 3.10.49. Any interruption to the app and it just can't handle it. Never saves my place, if you interrupt to send a text or take a call, video starts over. Pause it, and the audio track keeps playing, unpause and now you have 2 audio tracks. Close the app after that and an audio track keeps playing. Wth is going on with app? I primarily study with my phone and I love your content, but if it doesnt work... *Update 7/21 now when I pause a video, audio continues, but from different video.

Audio does not stop Every time I click on Play button, if I want to pause or stop the tutorial , it is not possible! The Audio keeps running, even after I close the whole app it still running! Or some time 2 random audio at the same time running. Really annoying . I have Moto G 3th generation, and I have had this problem for a while now, and it looks like it gets worst and worst. I can not really use the app any more! So disappointed :-(

Continues to be buggy If I'm watching one video & pause it, a different tutorials audio will play. If I exit the first tutorial & go to the second, it shows as paused. This has happened a couple times. I just paused a video, went to another app, and the audio from the previous video started to play. Another time I had two different audio clips playing at once. Had to kill the app to get it to stop OR if I go into the Recent Apps screen & swipe it off the page, the audio THEN stops playing. Bug fixes but no deets?!?

Video flickers during playback (on and black) or sticks. Sometimes the video sticks and the audio keeps playing even though the app is minimised. Sometimes audio for two different videos plays at the same time. It's a bit of a struggle to use the app.

Quiz interface needs a rethink The service itself is fine, and as a companion app this is mostly good. Being able to download videos so you can watch them on your commute is a big plus. What I don't like at all is the quiz interface. The idea is that you use your finger to scroll through the answers and then drag the correct answer onto the question. Seems simple enough, but more often than not when I try to scroll through the answers it tries to drag them which gets infuriating after a few failed attempts.

Audio from other videos play Convenient but broken. Most of the time while playing videos, an audio plays from the background from a separate video while watching a video and still plays when not in the app. I always need to fully close the app and open it again to fix it. Commenting now because im getting really annoyed.

What??? I just recently signed up for for Lynda and the app seems to not work properly. I can't just login fine with my desktop/phones browser. But when I try logging in with this app it tells me my I.P address does not belong to an active Lynda account ;(.

Wasted $70 Never trust a company that requires your credit card for the free trial period. They just want to rip off the people that fail to successfully navigate the cancel subscription process.

Download is just Down So far I'm not having a great time with this App. I downloaded a course to watch offline, only to find out I didn't :-( It's like the download function is a what if. On top of that, each chapter change causes it stall, then it starts at the end of the next chapter when you get it going again. I'm sure you guys are working on these but please hurry

Captions Disappointed there's no captions for app. Lot of other apps have them. I know Lynda have captions for web. Please have CC for app.

Absolute rubbish! Spent lots of money on premium subscription, now upon downloading a course, I cannot play it back! And it's there same issue for a long time.

Subscription is very steep $35/month is very expensive for what you're getting. $10 is the most I'm willing to go for what are essentially tutorials that you can find on YouTube.

Great courses, poor app The teachers and courses are great, but the mobile app has several issues listed by other users here that make me want to switch to another platform, in order to get a useful mobile experience.

Buggy Great service. Dreadful app. Constantly locks up, video stalls while the audio continues.

I am not able to login with my account. I don't want to be charged for free subscription as I given all my details with lynda. Not able to unsubscribe. Do the needful.

Bugs bugs bugs update. Is it me or is this app not as good as you think it should be. Videos don't run smoothly to the next one, keeps saying connection problem. Playlist shows 23 but click on it and it's empty apparently. Not enjoying this app experience at the moment. Update: app is definitely better, so gone up a star, now it just seems to suffer alot with 'you're offline, you need an active Internet connection' doesn't seem to detect I'm using 4G???

Rubbish If you pause a video, sometimes the audio keeps going and then, when you start it again, you end up with two out of sync audios at the same time. I also have a playlist with 178 videos and, every time I try to access it, the application crashes.

Like the concept but... Concept is great but $35/month is too rich for my blood. The free vids work just fine, but I don't like the idea of being tied down by a subscription so... Later, Lynda!

Outstanding resource I learned how to use Photoshop, and illustrator, design a logo for my new website, develops a brand, learn how to use my camera properly. Improve how I communicate through public speaking, and I'm now totally organised with the help of personnel organisation videos. All that in 3 months. Great value, fantastic tutors you feel like are with you in the room with you.

LinkedIn online learning and videos give you a professional insight and education into the business industry and all the knowledge, skills and no how's you require, policies, procedures, document production, communication, time management, human resources, technology, leadership, integrity, management, change, meeting planning and running, paper trails, inventory , marketing, event management, PowerPoint presentations, knowledge, teamwork, goals, direction, keeping up-to date and changing constantly, productivity, client satisfaction, you name it if it involves business this education tool can teach you the skills required!!!

really buggy i have an annual weebly subscription. I can watch videos online using this app but the offline videos dont work at all. When you pause an offline video, everything messes up. Its not usable.

Cannot play already downloaded videos My internal storage was getting full, so I moved all the folders inside 'files' to the same named folder on the SD card under lynda. Now, the videos won't play. It gives me a playback error.

Problems with logging in Most of the times I cannot even log in with my LinkedIn profile!

Not working with note 5 on Android 6.0.1 I cannot login using the organization login. It freeze at the login web page and cannot come back to the app. Not sure why. But I can login through normal web.

It says account no longer active even when I pay $40 every month and can access it on desktop n laptop...the app needs serious fix

I can now use my local library subscription to log into this app. Much appreciated update.

Bug An Error occured everytime trying to login with LinkedIn account.

Cannot access from LinkedIn Weeks now, after uninstall and reinstall, cannot get access on phone or tablet. Five days of emails between LinkedIn and Lynda CS, still not working.

It's better if they put an option (Pause membership). It doesn't have pause membership.

Cannot login It says unknown error or username is already taken when i try to sign in with linked in ir with email...

Disappointed I am trying to login via organization URL but every time it crashed and started again.

Video quality It would be great to be able to control video playback quality. The adaptive playback is just annoying.

The video playback isn't smooth The video playback stucks every time only the audio keeps on playing .. Please look into the issue soon

far from web version plays videos great but pisses me off because u cant post ur certificates on fb/linkedin, and u also dont have the "playlists" made by lynda staff. they refer to those as career paths or something. i am currently following one and every time i finish a course i have to log on the web version to see and start the next course. also mobile version of the website has no "log in with linkedin/fb", not sure bout the app cuz its on auto but it might lack too. great content, but is nobody administering the platform?

App crash issue App crashes when tried to launch though organization web url. Please fix.

Needs subscription Don't bother downloading unless subscribed. Waste of my time

Love the app, but can't cast to tv Where did the "cast to tv" option go? I used to have it.

Concept is great, but needs work Very functional app, however some very annoying bugs constantly appear: when you change speed of pause and start again the audio track doubles and I hear two tracks (one is shifted ). That makes watching and listening impossible. Please fix it.

Doest not work anymore I used to be able able to log in with my organisation but can't any more. Works fine on website but app goes through login process then opens browser and freezes no message or information. Quite a shame.

The phone app is terrible The app on my phone is headache. It keeps getting stuck and repeating the same part again. Sometimes when I try to come out and log in again then two copies are played at the same time. If I want to forward or backwards, it is usually stuck again.

Can't login through organization Takes me to the browser login page... Once I enter the login info, I'm stuck on the Web page.

Okay, but flawed Everytime i open the app, the course starts back from the beginning, so progress isn't saved. Also, when i try to skip to another video, i get duplicate audio playing, and have to shut down app.

App don't work for any of my phones but the Website works great

Not working properly, full of bugs

Can't download..... How download videos to my memory card? Please help me.......

Fail They apparently fixed the problem with my account not being reflected correctly in the app. However, after playing with the updated version i have found a lot of the same problems as other users where the audio will be playing but a video is not or a video is paying and there is the audio of the current video and the previously played video. In addition, I could have sworn one of the added features within the last year was the ability to play a video, lock the screen, and continue to listen to the audio.

This app breaks SD cards! I have never had this much of a problem with an application regardless of what device I use it on!

Junk for me I thought when i was searching for the courses that free trail would be free for 1 month but then i checked it then i realized that i wouldnt be able to pay the money bcoz in india its cost is too high due to dollars so its not beneficial for me