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Mahjong Master

Supplied By GB Games    On July 21, 2015    Comments(158)

APP for iPhone Mahjong Master version1.6.2 Download

==============How To Play==============
Mahjong Master is a free mahjong game based on a classic Chinese game.(also known as Shanghai Mahjong, Taipei Mahjong, Kyodai, Mahjong Trails, or Shanghai mahjongg)
The aim of the game is to remove all the playing tiles in the fastest time, while trying to achieve the highest score. Each tile has a picture on it, there are 43 different pictures in total. Tiles must be selected and matched with other tiles of the same picture. Whenever you match two tiles, they both disappear, and when all tiles have disappeared the game is over.

- 1335 Game Levels.
- 8 backgrounds.
- 3 tile art.
- Shuffle
- Hint
- Undo
- Auto save
- Block shadow
- Auto zoom in

GB Games part of our Board and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update July 21, 2015. Appstore play rating is 88.0078. Current verison is 1.6.2. Actual size 23.0 MB.

What's new

    [Ver 1.6.0]
    Minor bug fixes.
    [Ver 1.5.9]
    Add Option : Default tile highlight enable/disable.
    [Ver 1.5.8]
    Add new 4 TileArt.
    AutoZoomIn enable/disable option.
    [Ver 1.5.3]
    Add 545 Layouts.
    Minor bug fixes.
    [Ver 1.4.0]
    Improve performance.
    [Ver 1.3.0]
    New themes have been added.
    - Vehicle 75 Levels.
    - Number 75 Levels.
    [Ver 1.2.0]
    New themes have been added.
    - Architecture 75 Levels.
    - Animal 75 Levels.
    - Letter 75 Levels.
Download mahjong-master.apk 23.0 MB


Ads After level 3 ads pop up about every 20 seconds. Otherwise it would be great.

I hate the update. Can't see the tiles

I just need more levels! I've played them all, and gotten all the stars I can....

Recent update I no longer love it. I hate it. I can't see the tiles. It will take me longer to find the matches. Change it back please. Really really bad update.

The update has killed my joy I just installed the update today 5.15.15 and I hate it. I never asked for shading and it sucks. I used to rave about how wonderful it was. Sigh.

What on earth has happened Hate the new update and ads flashing constantly Takes away all the good of what was a great game that I loved

Nice game I installed this game on a different tablet and I love it. I really enjoy the shuffle feature. It is nice to be able to finish a board with shuffle and it becomes a trophy and time game. To me it is the most entertaining of all the mahjong games out there

Colors and shades r awful I want old look. This update makes my eyes hurt.

Shame This was a great game - then it updated and the new tiles are not kind on the eye and the game I loved esp with its lack of ads dropped from a 5 to a three star

Great game... But please bring back the non-shaded tiles! Old eyes such as mine have a hard with the shaded tiles and the old style is much easier to see.

The update sucks. This update has made it harder for me to identify the tiles. Really slowing me down. I spend a lot of time at my job waiting on computers to finish what they are doing and this game is the perfect distraction.

This new update is not an improvement. No depth perception because of new shading. Bleh!

Great fun. Similar to other mahjong games but some how more engaging. They keep adding levels. I'll never finish this game.

I didn't get any new levels with the new update

What happened? I want my game back!

Updated version Whatever you do do not update the latest version!!! It's awful!!! Oh, and, it has wayyyy too many ads now!!!! And you can't use the go back but now on your phone! At least mine anyways!

Awesome lnvolvement Please change it back, themes are to dark. And dinghy, and tiles look to dirty.

Update dislike I really enjoyed this game until it was updated, shading on the cards make it hard to see properly. So I'll be uninstalling it from my phone.

Love this game by now I'm done and there doesn't seem to be anymore levels as the ads suggest. I've been able to play it over twice... I finished first go around then it give me a few more but note there are no more and I'm sad. I NEED MORE LEVELS!!

One of the best, if not THE best It takes a little while to get used to the timer, but once you do it's an amazing, challenging game. Just for a heads up, if you tap the light bulb on the menu bar, you can toggle between available tiles and top layer tiles.

Now even better Lots more layouts... addictive and one of the best games out there. I wish I could pay for it to get rid of the stupid ads that flash constantly

Needs different tile designs. Love the game alot. Only wish that it had different designs. I played one version that had addition or subtraction problems on some of the tiles and just numbers (the answers) on the other tiles. Very educational & fun for kids learning math.

Well done! Pretty graphics; relaxing music; unobtrusive ads at the bottom of the screen; it's the Mahjong I know and love, in the perfect app!

I Just Love This App! So far so good. By now I would be getting tired of a game, but this one is better than any other game of this kind. Just Up Dated So We Will See If Its Better After The Up Date!

Great Thinking Game The puzzles are very fun. Can be played on many different levels of difficulties. Very happily addictive game... I love it

Great game, loads of levels only thing missing is reset button to play again and profile option for more players

Pretty good I enjoy playing this game it challenges me but wish there were more tile categories to choose from

Visually magnificent and entertaining! Great for poor vision! Spectacular display of 3D images moving closer to you as you progress through your game. No end of variety of levels to explore!

Challenging game I've tried several Mahjong games but few compare to this one. I love the tiles and lay outs. This is good for a challenge to see how fast you can clear the board. Since I've completed all the boards I guess my next step is to beat them without shuffle and a three star rating. This is great for speed playing, but I also like the Mahjong Solitaire Epic for the strategy type game where I can take my time and try to see how the board was laid out. The flashing ads are annoying and can interfere.

Mahjong Master Love everything about this game. The challenges are pretty good. The artwork is easy on the eyes. Background music and sound effects could be a bit better but it's ok. Sound effects sometimes is distracting. Music and sound effects need to be a bit more relaxing.

Intuitive and Fun... Polished presentation. Soothing relaxing music ( sounds even better through headphones). Excellent responsive touch controls. Many puzzles and great variety. Showed a friend, allowed her to play on my cell. She played for 15 minutes straight and was nearly late for church. Immediately downloaded to her iPhone. One of the best. Uninstalled other mahjong games after experiencing this one. You may, too. Good stuff!

Love it! Awesome & Excellent I love Mahjong. This is, by far, the best game that I have ever played! The graphics are sharp and clear; no overwhelming colors or markings on the die that distract the eye; and the contrast of die to background is complimentary. Each individual game has unique formations and problems that capture my interest and retain it so much so that I am late starting my next activity every single time. I simply do not want to stop playing! I'm hooked big time!!! ;)

Ads! Great app spoilt because of full screen adverts popping up in the middle of a game!! The only way to play is OFFLINE.

Love this game, it is bright, engaging and the number of levels are great. Love the fact you can remove all the tiles on all levels. Dislike intensely the ads at the bottom, just got scammed £30 by accidently clicking on one. Please get rid of the ads!!

Always simple, always fun. This is one of those games that is easy to understand but fiendish to master and I like that combination.

Best of it's kind Smooth graphics, simple & efficient interface, and plenty of puzzles. If I could give one critique it would simply be that I would like to see some sort of reward screen or fanfare upon completion of a puzzle set, though with the continued addition of more puzzles I suppose that would prove difficult. All in all the best mah jong game I've seen on the play store.

Adam Its actually really fun! Depending on you! I had fun! I was like really mad. Sometimes you get really mad.. And you yell and scream and hit your baby.. But than when you win its all so magical

Touchy, but great game! Very touchy, if I try to pouch a tile sometimes it thinks I'm trying to select the time underneath it that I can't even see what is on it, weird. But I love this game, I'm Anaya a hive fan of Mahjong, always been one of my favorite games! :) great job!

Mahjong Master Really fun. Fabulous graphics. Can't put it down, don't want to . I was not happy when the game F R O Z E. I had to Uninstalle it then reinstal it. Then I had to start all levels over AGAIN . VERY angry about this.

Best Mahjong Available Easy to play, plenty of levels! When I ran out of levels after a year of playing, the author added even more! I hope that the author continues to keep adding levels. This is a great game app.

Fun game to play. Love this game just wish the back ground was a solid color and tiles also. Lots of busyness with these patterns

Mahjong addicted... Lol Ice played lots of versions and so far this one is at top of my list. You have so many more options,ways to play a very traditional game,,love the fact it's a New updated way to play an old favorite

Mastering Mahjong This game really has me going to where I don't know where I'm going..and that is what makes it utterly amusing.

Awesome mahjong Awesome challenging and relaxing game. Love that you can customize the tiles and background.

Love this game. I already beat all levels with 3 stars. Need more levels! I might have to Uninstall the game and then install it again just so I can play more.

My fave game My Grandpa taught me so many games, and with the help of my father, I got to learn very early mah-jong!!

At last, a great game with out all the pop ups, no "you must buy coins" to continue, or you mustbeg FB friends to help you to advance. Just a great brain, hand to eye, quick thinking game. Thank you to the creators of this game!!!

Love Always download even have a spare cell so I can play while talking to friends

Addictive Great game had to uninstall and put back on my phone because I finished all the levels.

Nice game So many choices with tile designs along with the many different game layouts. 10 stars it rates!

I was so happy to see this app. Before my great grandma died we used to play this on her old fashion computer. She was my best friend and this game is amazing. I dont know why anyone wouldn't want to play this game so yes 5 stars. I would give 100,000 if I could.

Not Player Friendly Understood rules & the game yet tiles matched would not disappear and too much time spent figuring the matching was futile. Uninstalled.

Amazing I love games like this it's fun and relaxing

The best manjong game ive played plus my phone is mostly making games

Not bad I like that the ads don't pop up in the middle of a move like other games I've seen

Actually, This game works well and many layouts. Light bulb feature is nice

Mahjong Master It is a challenging game and you have the option to go back and try again until you complete all the levels. Some are more challenging than others but if you keep with it you will be successful in the games as with everything in life. The new improvements are good. I love to try it over and over again as you never do it the same game twice; however, if it is the same you don't realize it because you've done so many levels by then. Thank you for adding additionl games to it.

LOVE THIS MAHJONG this game has an effect that make me feel relax and the background music serves as a tranquil moment .. LOVE IT !!

Good game - no rewards I played and played, hoping I would get some kind of recognition that I completed a level. Nothing. Not when I finished all games in a series, not when I mastered (3 stars level) all games in a series, not even when I mastered all games in all series. I like the game, but a little acknowledgment when you reach a new goal would be nice.

This is a great mahjong app Countless different distributions and all the basic features like undo and light the active tiles. Only thing I'd like is that it would penalize for shuffling or limit it to make it more challenging. Otherwise it's perfect.

Best Mahjong! This by far is the best version of Mahjong ever! This game is so much fun I LOVE it!

I enjoy playing this game and that this game has many varieties of tiles and many different levels!

Need to know that..... The symbols are very confusing and can't understand the aim of the game!!!! Stupid games u better improve the game and I will give you five stars...

I've been playing this for quite some time and am still enjoying it

Awesome game Can set and play for hours. Never gets old.

Great game! Like the auto zoom feature. Lots of background, tiles to choose from.

Meaning Master Just super awesome.....am totally addicted!!!!! Loooove this game!!

Loved It Like matching the tiles and the different themes for each.

I played all the mahjong games over the years i love these games

It's Addicting! One of the best games I've played. Challenging enough but not too hard while being balanced so it's not too easy. You can keep playing without getting bored!

Great Game Works great. Many levels and many features.

its the most perfect app ever! Samsung S4

I really love playing this game it keeps my brain active the whole time

Awesome game Lord of different tiles keeps ya going

New Relaxation Plan Great distraction! Love the way it scores each game & you can replay it until you reach the top.

My latest addiction Can't stop playing this game! Love replaying just to beat my former time!

Sweet game Love love love mahjong!!! No probs at with this game it awesome don't change a thing!!

I have played this game for ages Its easy ,its has good game play ,many levels,its great.

Hate the flashy adverts Have been really enjoying this game, but the latest update has put in adverts which flash away while I'm trying to concentrate on the game. This makes me not want to play it anymore. Provide an option to remove the ads (happy to pay) and I'll play again

Love this game I am addicted to this game i got 3 stars on all levels. finished the game and wish there was more. Like a number 2 or something. My husband told me maybe i need to delete it off my phone. I have my 7 and 6 year old loving this game as well. Its awesome brain challenger

Why do the tiles move toward the end? Would like to know how many matches are left without being shone. Has been intestine so far, will take a little while to get use to new drawings.

Stopped looking after finding this version The others either had time limits or didn't have hints, and one of them, as far as I know, didn't even tell you when you were out of moves. This one I like.

Mahjong Master I really enjoy the zodiac sign,alphabet, and dragon designed tiles. Something different to match up. I Wish that it would tell you how many more matches you have left is my only real complaint. Mahjong puzzles are my favorite games to play and this one ranks at #2 on my all time favorite list.

Awesome Challenging, but not overly challenging! I've loved playing Mahjongg for decades but hadn't really found a good one for the phone until now! Thanks! ?

Love it I love this addictive game. I have played thru all the levels and enjoyed every one. I have finished all levels a couple of times and clear it out and start it all over again. I dont think i will ever get tired of it. Nice backgroubds and choice of tilesets.. the best free version out there

Classic Great, not ruined by too many ads or in app purchase great boredom buster, selection of different symbols and backgrounds. No reasons not to have it.

Mahjong Master Please fix the fact that I am kicked out of a game because you cannot keep up. The "zulily" ads are a distraction; AND, keep sending me to my home screen. This did not happen in the last version. Thank you

Take note, all other developers! It IS possible to make a great FREE game, and not have ridiculous ads popping up every few moves, or hanging at the bottom of the screen just waiting for me to inadvertently graze it so I'm immediately taken to some link I don't want to go to! Keep an eye on these guys!

Limited games I finished all the levels and want more. Why do you only have x amt of levels? Plz add more. That would be an update. Saw nothing when I did last update. Plz add more. 7/29/15 Still waiting for more levels to be added! Right now I just keep starting over and trying to beat my times. Please add more!

Mahjong Master This is the best Mahjong game. I have been playing them for years. Challenging and addictive. Also wanted to add it would be nice if when a game comes up you told what the picture is.

Mahjong Master This game is the most addicted mahjong game I have ever played. I will play this great game until the end!!!?!

Already addicted on day 1!! The best way to pass time. I like the different layout and tile styles. Not to many ads and always after a game not popping up in the middle of playing. Definitely 5 stars!!

Addictive, indeed! What a well-crafted game. Beautiful backgrounds, lots of style options to choose from. Love the soothing clicking sound effects from the tiles. :)

Majong Master An Amazing variation of a challenging Chinese Game that has been around for many generations. I love it and was very sad when I finished all of the levels. I found a trick though . Just reload game and you'll have new levels once again.

Like it v4r Genesis 24:25-27 KJV She said moreover unto him, We have both straw and provender enough, and room to lodge in. [26] And the man bowed down his head, and worshipped the Lord . [27] And he said, Blessed be the Lord God of my master Abraham, who hath not left destitute my master of his mercy and his truth: I being in the way, the Lord led me to the house of my master's brethren.

Satisfied & happy. It's has nice background colors, and tile designs. Music is relaxing, sound isn't to annoying. I like how the game expands when the tiles become less.

Review Love the game. But I HATE the ad that keeps popping up. Some with half dressed people,hate it.

In the Top 5 of my fave Mahjong games! I've played a lot of Mahjong games and I can say that this is an Ahsum game w many levels in which one can get pleasure each time she/he plays...

Addictive, Fun, Free!! I'm a MAH-JONG addict, this app is great! Minimal ads, customizable back grounds & tile selection keep it more fun! First app to 100% impress me, GREAT JOB!

Great graphics and features Easy to use. Casual fun. Hubby and I play rounds together and our rapid play meets with rapid response. Fun!

Fun and bug free BUT no account I love the game and love this app... it's the second phone I download it on. The only thing I would love is if I could have an account set up to store my progress in the game. I will have to start all over now I got a new phone, it would be nice if I could start where I left on the other phone

Addictions I've been told that I have to meny!! And Now I have another one ~?~ ~Thank's to Mahjong Master!! I Love ? this app. Being able to choose the backgrounds an tiles are Bonuses ln my book! !! Very relaxing, ,no excess noises poppin', bangin'.... Bestival 》nopopups《 or loosin my credits so far. SFSG. Thanks

Mahjong Master Great game, since I completed it I am miserable trying to find a game as interesting

Addictive Love this game, can't help trying to get full stars on every level and once you start playing its hard to put it down. Would be good to know how many pairs are left, but at the same time its nice to not be looking at a number to work towards. I also like that so far I've not had to sit through video ads between games, just photo ads.

Addictive Wish there were more levels. Have played all levels 4 times. Have uninstalled & reinstalled several times no other versions are like this one.

Addicting Great way to wait in line!!! Could deserve 5 stars but the scoring is too low and regardless of how fast I match I can barely make it to three stars. I watch the banner as I match and the bar never moves. THAT TAKES THE FUN OUT OF THE WHAT COULD BE THE BEST GAME EVER. Don't be afraid to let your customers excel caus it just keeps us coming back and wanting more. Yet all n all it's a great game. I'd like to connect 2 others who play ths game; Tht wld mk it a bit mor interestin.

Beautiful design /Easy to use Lovely background design choices. Tiles are very easy to read. The flow feels effortless.

Serves it's purpose well Great for killing a few minutes when you have to wait around for whatever. Works well on droid turbo. No crashing or issues and minimal advertisements.

I don't like each kind of tile I prefer the ordinary tile draw! Someone of this game are very rare! I can't see it!

Great way to pass time I have always loved this game. The problem I usually have is its too hard to see the difference between the tiles. This app allows you to choose which style of tiles is best for you. The tiles get bigger the fewer there are. Each game is winnable. There are a lot of tile layouts from numbers and letters to vehicles.

FIVE STARS PLUS FIVE MORE I love this game. I make a challenge out of it to see how fast I can match each tile up. LOVE IT!LOVE IT! LOVE IT! ???????

This game is addicting! I play it every night once I get off work to help me wind down. Absolutely love this game

Average The overall concept of the game is relatively the same even when you change the tile lay out several times throughout playing the levels of the sections. There are a number of different tile layouts to choose from as well as different shapes the tiles make for the game and even the background changes. You're not timed but there is a clock going and you're also awarded stars for how swiftly you get through the match. Highest ranking is 3 stars.

Best Mahjong game! No other game gives you as many levels as this one. The graphics are also the best. Nothing left to say except if you like Mahjong this is the game for you. Also, I don't know why anyone would complain about not enough levels. You get almost 1500 puzzles and for free.

Good game Good graphics, smooth and detailed. Good example of its type.

May be a 5* Great so far. However, I don't understand the scoring and also, which moves lowers the status (stars) bar. Please explain the scoring. Sometimes a reshuffle lowers the bar and sometimes it doesn't. Graphics are outstanding. I have yet to try all the options (lots)! 4*s for now until I understand the scoring. However, I have to say this is one of the best Mahjong apps I've played (and I play a lot of them).

Too many tiles spread out, making it difficult to see some of them. This, of course, makes it difficult to match tiles. Having a set of grid sizes would be helpful, or an option of larger tiles. It is indeed challenging and I am hoping that the longer I play the easier it becomes to discern the patterns and symbols.

It's great! It keeps me occupied for hours. When you're stuck in bed alot, it helps my mind stay active.

Great mind exercise... ...but as of 5/22/16 ads cover the bottom of the playing area. I can't see what my status is! There were no ads before this. The game's no fun if I can't see how I'm doing! There has to be a way for players to turn them off. Right now, they're turning ME off... and as soon as I added that complaint to my comment the ads disappeared from the playing area.

Fun version. I have this same version of Mahjong Master on both my cellphone and tablet. :-) :-) :- Advise buying the no-ads version if your budget allows. Remember to clear caché: System Setting> General> Apps > Mahjong Masters > Storage. Clear caché, but not Clear Data. and save to SD Card. The "Clear Data" whipes out saved scores. Good traditional game with shuffle and no silly gimmicks.

Mahjong master Nice graphics, love the levels, just too many ads! Besides that, it's a great app!

Timer Game itself is awesome but the timer is unrealistic I can never get more than just 1 star... IDK Mayne it's just me but other than that love the game!

Mike G I love this app especially the music and the color's are extremely vibrant not to mention the icons are ease to access. ... thanks I like to buy this one!!!!!

Addictive & Great Fun! I think it would be a great added feature if there was an option to reset the system, once you have finished playing all the the themes! Otherwise, completed themes still have stars & don't reset. So, it's difficult to tell where you are if you keep playing. Simple to challenging tiles. I enjoy trying to beat my old score. Very entertaining & the ads aren't too bothersome. I just click the back button & the game resumes without delay. :)

Best ever! I've tried other games like this an just wasn't impressed. But this one is tons of hours of fun. Love the graphics (so vibrant). And love all the different level challenges. Cause even if you think you've done a pattern before don't be fooled, solving it changes every time. And with the different tile choses the game is either easier or harder too. Love this app.!

One Of The Better Mahjongg Games I like this, it's one of the best Android Mahjongg games that I've found. The animations are great and smooth, the backgrounds are good and not distracting, it is quite challenging, and there is a great choice of tiles. Just one thing: I wish that I could just turn off the timer and just play a chill game (hence 4 stars). Maybe the next version.....

Addictive Some of puzzles are easy but some can be hard. I like how it challenges you to find the right order to find how one combinattion unlocks the pieces below. Plus there different schemes on the pieces rather than just traditional Asian art. The only con is that if you reset your device, you'll loose all accomplishments and have to start over.

Fantastic I am so hooked on this game. From the time I downloaded the app,I've been addicted to it. Time flies when you're having fun. I open the game,thinking I'm going to just play a couple rounds,next thing I know,2 hours have gone by :) I agree with other users about how cool it is that you can change tile designs and shuffle the way the tiles get laid out. It's really cool.

Mahjong Master I have played Mahjong since the first computer game came out. Of the many versions I have tried, this is my favorite one. It is different each time (unless I replay). It has different levels and different themes. I had a very small stroke (TIA) about a year ago. Mahjong helps with visual focus, concentration and memory. All-in-all a very good game.

Absolutely love this game! I have been playing it for a couple years. I was happy when they added more levels a year or 2 ago, but I think it's time to add again. Once I've completed every level, I go back & try to beat my time. Once I've completed all the levels again, I just uninstall then reinstall & start over ;-) it is overall a great game!

Love this game. Love that it has so many levels. It keeps the mind working. The only thing I don't like is when you change from one tablet to another or computer, you have to start completely over! That is NOT right. All the other games let you keep all of your progress!

Oh my! Yes its good. Loads and loads of levels and configurations. It will take you awhile to finish this one! I've done the new version now, and it is every bit as good! One thing I like about the updates is there used to be some that were just too hard to finish in the 3-star time, and they have been modified so I can do them.

Love it! I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this game! I changed my old tablet to a new one i hand 3 stars on almost everything and the game wasnt linked to the google account and yet it doesnt even bother me! I will gladly do it all over again because its awesome :D

Amazing game U hv got to keep ur eyes open & match the titles while the clock is ticking. I like it tt u can still earn 3 stars if the matches r done within a short time from the previous match. Overall, there r nt a lot of ads.

The Mahjong You've Been After!! A free version that doesn't make you feel cheap for playing!! Been playing obsessively for about two days and have only seen a few other game suggestions and no adds! Pretty boards...with nice options! Challenging, but satisfying. Straight forward with some perks! Thank you creators!

By far the best one I played 5 different mah-jong apps Reliable, It doesn't get stuck all the time, the animation is bareable, the beginning level is good. the only thing I wish would stop is the zoom in when I'm about to finish a board; It just gives you a headache, consider Making it an option? Tnx

Addicting! This game is so addicting. I like to change up the characters and background too. I'm now getting perfect scores. Only negative is when you've finished all the levels, you can't go back to zero and start over. You must uninstall then install it again.

Best Mahjong game I've played I have been a Mahjong fan for many year's and had this app in my old phone, but I wasn't able to find it again until recently... I was very happy to start playing this version again!! I think it's awesome to have more tiles to choose from too ?

Weo Good game. Great mix of skill levels and the ads are few and far betweeen. Very addictive, to the point I lose track of time sometimes. Have a long plane ride to vegas coming soon and I hope the makers come out with more mahjong games before then.

So far, I LOVE it! I love the colors and the graphics. It's bright and energetic. It makes me dislike the original Mah-jong app I downloaded. Enjoy the tile pictures so much, I want some of these as tattoos. Really enjoy the speed I can achieve it level. Pretty addictive too. Feeling satisfied... finally. Thx.

Fun diversion for a busy life In the options menu, if you turn sound off, the music still plays if you start a game. This is embarrassing if you are in a meeting and decide to sneak a quick game. Beautiful colors in the backgrounds and nice selection of tiles. Fun and easy game to play. With many levels so you can play for a long time if you have time.

Hours of addictive fun! Really like this but would give it 5 stars if there was a way to tell which levels I have replayed. If I finish all of the levels and start again, playing different tiles or trying to beat old scores, when I have to stop, I have no idea where to start again. So I uninstall and reinstall and go again.

Addictions I've been told that I have to meny!! And Now I have another one ~?~ ~Thank's to Mahjong Master!! I Love ? this app. Being able to choose the backgrounds an tiles are Bonuses ln my book! !! Very relaxing, ,no excess noises poppin', bangin'.... Bestival 》nopopups《 or loosin my credits so far. SFSG. Thanks

Challenging & FuN! Enjoy this game as the Asian Alphabet challenges my eye for detail. Only improvement I would make if possible is to give a flash translation when the match is made before they disappear so I can get duo benefit by learning the language. Also, it should be expressed what language this is. Otherwise, Great Game !

Masterful! Love this game! Played every game on every level until I scored 3 stars and all levels were completed. Then, I changed the background and the tile symbols and started over. I'm amazed at how challenging it has become with the new tiles! This really extends the action and enjoyment of this game. Without a doubt, this is my all-time favorite game!

Enjoyed this game very much. Only one thing Annoys me about the game and that is near the end when tiles draw near to you. I Love how it shuffles the tiles for you when there are no more matches. Some mahjong games Don't do that for you. Also this is 1 of the Best Mahjong Games I have played! I used to play The Real Mahjong Game in Real Life. My Family owns a Set and I one day would like to own my own set. Ty for this game!

Not a give minuter Awesome mahjong version! No complaints- not even annoyed with the one ad in between. I was searching for a better version that lasts more than a few mins of thinking to solve. The other mahjong game has already been deleted!

About getting the achievement stars After playing a game how are you supposed to get the achievement stars? Do you have to beat the game in a certain time limit or do you have to get a certain score? A little confusing, on a couple of them I got one star and then some I have none at all. Over all its a good game and graphics and the selection on tiles and background.

Amazing Mahjong Game! Awesome, Thanks for all the changes!! Things keep getting better and better! With each change that is being made, I get to choose what settings I want and it is enabling more fun while playing. This has, right from when I downloaded, been my No.1 Mahjong app =) =)

Adverts killing game One of the best versions available. Very responsive and just challenging enough to keep my interest. Could do with a better way to exit rather than having to reverse every step to the intro menu to exit. Please just allow us to quit. The other concern is the adverts. Please provide a means of turning them off. They are extremely annoying. I'd gladly pay a small price for an advert free version.

So far so good. No hang ups no snags, no freezes I've been playing about 4 hours straight since downloading. I don't know if you can play off line some games you can't. Off line is a plus in my book. I'm not always around WiFi

Mahjong Master Wow! Kudos to the devs! This is the 3rd time I have came back to this game! I played this game so many times and now you have added so much more since last year! I love all the new options as well as levels! Thanks for making this game so fun! Not to mention free! ?

Great game...love it! I've played all the games...twice! About to reinstall it again. No ads!! Makes me love it even more. Thanx for a fun & entertaining game. Just to add...this is my 3rd time replaying this game. Can't do without it!--thanx for adding more levels...really appreciate it! 4th time!...well, here I'm about to reinstall again but now the ads are there. Oh well, they aren't too bad yet. When & if the ads get bothersome, I'll uninstall for good.

Always love mahjong The best since Moraff's version back in the 90s. Easy to play. The only issue is when I recently changed phones the game resetted. So now the ones I already completed I have to do again. Is there a way so my scores are saved?

Love this game! This game is awesome! I love the options, the tile sets, and the layouts. The only issue I have is not being able to swap the song manually. And... Maybe there should be more songs? Anyway, I am very much enjoying myself here!

OK, I guess I just have to deal with the music stopping after 40 sec. If I could find one half as good as this one, I would uninstall This game and majong master are the only ones with track problem, guess yup all don't care about me or my complaint. Un-installing for good. By good - by update. Still no misic. ?

Doctors orders After a head injury my doctor had me play a lot of games like this to help with memory. It was a great help and as I don't need this like I did I still play it to see if I can beat old scores and also to stay sharp. I have this game on 3 items. I love it

Mahjong Fanatic Im a big mahjong player. I play mahjong games all the time. If I get a new phone or device I always download a mahjong app. This one has been my favorite one for a few months now because it has so many levels. It challenges me and the time limit makes it fun. I strive for 3 stars for each stage. This app. is my favorite so far. Must try at least for a few days.