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Masters of Mystery

Supplied By G5 Entertainment    On Jan. 10, 2014    Comments(58)

APP for iPhone Masters of Mystery version1.0.0 Download

The brutal murder of a famous designer shakes the high-stakes world of New York fashion. Join Detective Carrie Chase and use interactive forensic tools to explore crime scenes and find evidence. Follow the twists and turns in the case , crack the crime and stop a serial killer in Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion.


● 500 Objects to find with 4 unique interactive tools
● 25 Stunning locations in 3 chapters
● 6 Fascinating puzzles
● 2 Game play modes

Game available in: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

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G5 Entertainment part of our Adventure and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Jan. 10, 2014. Appstore play rating is 78.3601. Current verison is 1.0.0. Actual size 84.0 MB. Download masters-of-mystery.apk 84.0 MB


Only OK Awkward camera scroll, tiny hidden items that don't respond well to stylus touch, and a very short story. And rather expensive for its shortness. On a very positive side, the dialogue is limited to the minimum, unusual for G5! In the end it was a short, average, three star experience.

Not happy that game was so short after paying for it, what a waste of money! Generally love your games, being ripped off on this one is enough for me!!!! Would rate zero stars but won't let me!

Poorly made The plot lacks development...cheaply done like it was written in 5 minutes. Plus, more background music is needed, too many periods of silence. Overall, It was very dull. The graphics were good though. That was the only positive thing about it. The other game, 'Special Enquiry Details' is way more exciting than this game.

masters of Mystery Its a fun game, but its to short. Be alot better if there was more levels. I did like it though!! ADD MORE TO IT IF YOU CAN. NOT AS EXCITING AS I WAS HOPING! I was looking forward for this game to be available. A little disappointed.

Great It was a fun game. To short though. And it was kinda hard to read on my android but I would recommend to all my friends :)

Good can improve Nice game but not the cool type of game I serch for cool games

What!?!? I had just started to like this game n then they want u to buy it..i only got to play for like 10 mins..ridiculous!!

Galaxy s3 I would give five stars if you could only play the whole game it get you interested in it then you have to buy rest of the boards grrr and it is way to short just in the brief time you can play for free

Pretty good so far :) Download the game. Pretty good graphics... haven't had a problem... Very interesting... fun to play.

Not the full game I was very excited about the game at first, because it's exactly the kind of game I like to play, but I only got as far as the first few scenes when I was forced to buy the game. It doesn't say that it's only a demo in the description. Very disappointed.

Seems dated Okay hidden object game, some of the things are super easy to find, some impossible. The list of objects is not all on the same page, you have to use right and left arrows to see the complete list. I find myself just tapping randomly to find things. Also, many of the scenes are repetitive, which seems to me a hallmark of older hidden object games.

To short :( I love hidden object games, did the teaser and bought the full game and suddenly its complete I think the price is way to expensive for such a short game it only took me about 3 hours equivalent of 1 pound an hour lol. im not buying the sequel unless G5 drop the price a bit. Such a shame they could do so much more

Mediocre Way too short for the price. No extras. Annoying stereotypical characters. Tools - black light, fingerprint duster, flashlight, magnifying glass - are a good idea, but they get in their own way (just like every other game of this type that has a flashlight). Your finger is always right on top of what you are looking for, and if you use them while zoomed in, you end up accidentally panning the screen constantly.

Best I love fashion and mystery ((perfect mix)) this game is soooo fun but it takes up a lot of space. Would be 5 stars if it takes up less space but they have to get enough for a great app!! Bad reviews are bogus and untrue. Fictional, if u will. CHOOSE THIS APP IT IS BOMB.COM.

Search puzzles This wasn't like the regular G5 games that mix search puzzles with other challenges. Didn't' give this much time because it just kept giving one search after another. Glad I could try for free before purchase.

Great Graphix Checking it out~very impressive really easy & fun worx well w/my older phone samsung precedent~One of the best ive seen in a while 2thumbs up!!!

Good game, but I wish there were more mini games. It seemed like it kept going to hidden object screens with no real story line. It'll do if bored...

False Advertising of "Free" Apparently downloading the 'free' game means after two short dialogues, you have to pay to actually finish the game. Most reviewers have said it is also very short, and because of their reviews I will not be purchasing. They need to not advertise the game as free if they force you to pay. Uninstall.

Free App very short Finished the Free App version and don't understand why or what it is that is sooo exciting. So far I've collected a bunch of stuff I can't see or do anything with. ?????. The potential could be good or bad? And I've got no idea what to expect from the rest. If this is all that one does...then I will uninstall. To bad because it seems very promising.

Free trial of 10 minutes play is a joke. Obviously hard up for capital but I want to see something for my money. Audio file quality is less than any other games I have used. No Funny, No Money Totally uninstalling and avoiding this developer.

Too short and stupid I have bought about ten G5 games and this has been the worst. Excessively short with a nonsensical plot that is barely explained. DO NOT BUY

Game So far it's interesting, pretty much same old "find the object" but also can use some of the tools or objects you pick up so that adds to it!

Has potential... I think Excellent graphics. Poor & annoying magnifying glass movement. Erratic, frustrating selection of items with finger -- almost never select item on first finger-tap and some items never get selected. For those with physically restraining disability/issues around the hand area: this game will be nearly impossible for you to play.

Love you guys Great game as always from G5. The magnifier is strange though you have to block half of it with your finger to move it.

Masters of Mystery Put together very well. I love the story line, hidden object games with interaction added for a fun n interesting app. Thumbs up to all who gave us this great game.

Good game.... But too short, the zoom function doesn't zoom very much which makes objects hard to find.

! Enjoying the game, some hidden ibjects are close to the bar at the bottom so can't be seen clearly.

Won't download For some reason it won't download to my HTC desire s. Really liked the look of this game too :/

Altogether too short. Too repetitive and unexciting for the dough. I did notice the price decrease, which is why I upgraded. A bit disappointing for scale and playability.

Great game! I love playing this type of game. I wish when it was released it was the full ver. Coz some players like me can't buy.

Masters of mystery A awesome game. I like a game that makes u think not just finding hidden objects. Good job g5. I will look forward to your games.

Way to short! I love G5 games, have played them all, but this one was WAY TOO SHORT!! Game was just getting interesting! Like the other comment said, the game has you believing it will be long & will really get you involved, & just when you do start to get 'involved'... it all ends. I was disappointed & shocked by it. And @ almost $5...definitely feel a little ripped off :/

Masters of Mystery Love this one!!! Several good points about this game. You are able to pick your own levels. Play at your own rate. You can zoom in and out which makes finding objects easier on your phone screen. There are many more good points. Try this one, you won't be disappointed!!!!! ★★★

Frustrating. Graphics are poor and hard to see and select and as such it slows play enough that u just dont wanna play anymore. A surprise cas G5 games, for me, are normally well thought out and FUN. I'm wishing I had NOT paid money for this as not worth any amount.

I love it I love this game although it gives you a little demo and then you have to purchase it. Why does everything that is really cool has to be paid?

Good Having fun so far shame it won't last...

Wow I can't even get past the beginning of the introduction due to the fact that its so big in contexts as a rwsult of your game advertisement in the very begging. Um there is google play for that extra game from devolpers tab.

Good Could be more diverse but entertaining again proving this particular maker of games is still on good form!

Nice game I enjoy guessing the scene clues to solve the problems,great graphic and pictures

I actually like this game a lot Bought it a couple years back & it won't let me open to play it again after I installed it. I have an LG G2

Awful Wouldn't even give it a one star if I could. Big gaps in story line. Find objects bits are samey and annoying. G5 do good games just not this one.

WHAT HAPPENED? It was a good game,but I finished it in no time. They made it out to be like a long game,n I WAS VERY MISLEAD. Dont start misleading ur customers like most of these other apps n games!!

Fun Fun Fun! This is the best crime game I've played! You have to use tools to find things, it's fun fun fun!!! Then they get you! You get to play a few times and then you have to pay 1.99 which isnt bad but then themes never change,once you solve the murder you can play again but its the same crime :(

Not worth the price!!! Cool little game, but not long enough or exciting enough to be over $4. They make it seem like there are so many things to do and so much more to play but there isnt!!! Do not purchase not worth it unless ure a money waster!!!

Hard! Played this game for 30 minutes and my head hurts. It's irritating because the screen moves too much and the items you are looking for are way too small. Spent forever looking for a beer bottle when it wouldn't have mattered to the case. It is fun if you have super vision and/or superior patience. I'll continue playing because I like torturing myself.

Blurry and small The game is ok. Its hard to see objects and I'm playing on a 7" tablet. The game is blurry and hard to find objects even with the magnifier. I may purchase since im getting it for $.99 today. Really needs improvement on pictures.....Well I'm trying to purchase and it wont take me past the "Purchase Now" so I cant buy it. It just stays on that page. Please fix.

Not enough There is barely any play time before you are asked to buy the game. It isnt worth buying if you cant even tell if you like it or not. Good in concept but poorly exicuted game. Uninstalling it now.

msthms love all the g5 games I've downloaded! except sometimes the hidden objects at bottom of screen are too covered by an info bar or something u cant see it's there. otherwise wonderful!

Don't bother downloading! Crap game, and it's not free. I'm not downloading anymore G5 games. Developer's are nothing but no talent hacks!

Wayne's I find the items to be found seem to go along with the story line better than some I've played but the zoom in and out device quite frankly sucks. Also items found fly off the screen so fast you have no idea what they were. Some you never even knew you were looking for because you never got to that part of "to find" list

Short game Bought it & finished within an afternoon.....not worth buying...wish I could get my money back. Would be better if it had more options, more games or a different crime to solve.

Complaint Why doesnt G5 games work on Xperia S Phones! What happend to equality

Masters of mystery Fantastic game so far. Just hope its not as short as the rest ! They need to let us play at least 2 levels to get us hooked on the game and we would be more willing to buy the full game.

Not to good It was just boring. Story was too long, objects were to small to find. It is not as good as some of the other games G5 has to offer

Great game... Love game! Bit rubbish u have to buy it, but its only £1.50 or something like that... Great game worth they buy.

ChefRhino Fun but gets a little lame same old story different scenario. For the money needs more action

Master of Mystery This could be a great game, if I didn't have to redownload it again. I will give it a better rating, if I am can get pass the second scene, without glitch in the game.

Rip off I liked the demo so I bought this game for 1.99 but it only had a few levels now the game is over I just wasted money on this. DON'T BUY..