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Math Flash Cards (Free)

Supplied By November31    On April 27, 2016    Comments(113)

APP for iPhone Math Flash Cards (Free) version3.1 Download

Math Flash Cards (Free):

Children can build and improve essential math skills in: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Features include:
• NEW: option to allow cards in order (for quicker memorization) or random
• NEW: option to show correct answer if wrong
• option to select addition & subtraction or multiplication & division together
• friendly and encouraging voice
• adjustable countdown timer for test-like conditions
• top and bottom number ranges can be edited
• number ranges: 0 to 50 for addition and subtraction
• number ranges: 0 to 20 for multiplication and division
• option to allow three tries
• option to repeated missed cards for review at the end
• scores list to review improvement

This app is free but is support by ads.
A paid ad-free version is also available.

Bugs or suggestions? Please let us know through Email.

November31 part of our Education and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update April 27, 2016. Appstore play rating is 77.6128. Current verison is 3.1. Actual size 3.7 MB.

What's new

    v3.1 added number range line to number range screen
    * New: increase number range, add & subtract goes up to 50, multiply & divide up to 20
    * New: option to set cards in order or random
    * New: option to shows correct answer if wrong
    * New: Scores shows %
    * improved how the number ranges are displayed in Top/Bottom Set
    * added 'rate app' link in Scores
    * added localized ES
Download math-flash-cards-free-1.apk 3.7 MB


Perfect Simple, right to the point. This app is great for brain training for both child and adult alike. I do a few rounds when I have a free moment, it keeps me on my toes at work, and is improving my overall skills so I can begin my journey to a degree. The customization is great for setting your own challenge or preventing unnecessary stress. The quick faces are cute and provide just the right amount of indication.

Best I've Seen In terms of apps like this one, I've seen much worse. I haven't found one that is better. The customizability is the best. The vocal encouragement is great. After several rounds of this over the weekend, the 3-times table has been pretty much mastered.

Great Great app. Straight to the point, user friendly.

Awesome! Can't believe this app is free! You can modify it to fit your kid's needs. My kid has been using it for a couple of weeks now and it has helped him significantly improve his multiplication abilities.

After 20 years I've come back to get my degree And boy how fast we forget. This has helped me get faster!

Great! My 8 yr old is competing with me. Great motivation for her!

Math Flash Cards (Free) It's helping me with my math

Match flash cards amezing one .. i like its great app

Excellent App Drills addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You can customise the range from 0-12 as well. The design is clean and well made. A good addition would be to include the date in the Scores page. Right now it only tell day of the week and time of day.

Awesome More than excellent...I can modify it to fit my son's needs. All parents and teachers must use it....

Difficulty by grade? This app would be excellent if there was a grade-level setting. Some cards are too hard for my kid, which is a turn-off...

Math flash cards It's helping me with my math

Love it It is so cool and it really helps you with your math

Like it but... Unable to changed number settings. I select 0-10 then select begin it continues to use 0-20 . I'd really appreciate a solution if possible. Thanks

This APP does not recognize our answer 80% of the time.

Try it AWSOME YEAH I love it guy now I know my time tables

Awesome It's helping me get my grades up and it's a good way to learn ?☺?

Awsome helped me

Flcard wow .... awesome game

I so loved it It was fun

Great learning tool

Sucks It sucks

Totally fantastic app. Very well done. Simple smooth and easy to use. Lots of basic options to customize learning. I enjoy teaching my homeschooled kids with this tool than the traditional flash cards. Thanks for the app.

this app and starting learning or teaching math today! The app is great! It's the best one out there! I love how it has several different settings from easy to difficult

Flexible, fast, stats I like that you can only work on your 4's or 8's, etc. Keeps track of time and how many you got wrong. Also, the animations don't slow you down. Very nice!!!

Gamer Love this app,now I can learn my multiplication facts and past the tests at school that they give us.

Excellent My kids love it. Very customizable and has a timer. Great foe drilling basic math facts!

Math Flash Cards (Free): Children can build and improve essential math skills in: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Perfect I loved it best one and didn't even finish installing I just love because all the reviews and my heart is telling me this game is perfect for learning kisses

I love it I'm a math lover I am 6 years old only. Thanks to the developer

math flash cards awesome app chidren can build and improve math skills...

Great app It's customizable. You can get rid of the easy math facts.

"Excellant"! she says This is the best math flash card app I've seen. It's easy and clear to set up. It's simple flash cards, so there isn't a lot of distractions like other apps. The voice is great. Just like her tests in school, you can set the count down timer. It even has a "scores" so we can see when she last practiced.

Math Flash Cards this app is very useful, I like this app. Thanks

Loving it!!! This is a cool math game to keep you on your toes mathematically. I love it.

Math Flash Cards (Free) wow ... this app is very useful, I like this app. Thanks

Nice app Good for beginners

Math flashcard (free)) I need this app it will be way better if you practice on an phone but you can still practice on paper or from real flashcards an app would better you Can have something to play with why your mother or father helping you with your math home work I really do need this so I can practice over the summer I'm about to be in the 7th grade and I need to know math so I can get good grades when I go to jr high because I won't be with my mom this summer and I want to make my mom proud if I get good grade next year...

Math Flash Cards (Free) amezing one .. i like its great app

Needs 21 updates If my tablet turns off and I'm on the app I have to restart.???

Rry easy to do and gets great reactions

Great App Nice flashcard app for those learning math. Very encouraging. Pretty straight to the point. Fast and easy.

Nice I would suggest making the app a little more "user friendly". Particularly, in the settings, those buttons on and off made it confusing and took some unnecessary time wasted just to figure it out, once I did it was fine. Also, please add a "skip" button or function rather than having to answer a question and getting it wrong. However, I really enjoy the review of the wrong answers afterwards. I would've given a 5 out of 5, but for those reasons above, I had to give a 4.

Cool Boring but it helps

Good This was so good for my kids!

Awesome This app is awesome it helps me alot

Flash cards Love it but I get trouble geting on

What is this? Out of 20 cards i got 2 correct answers. If i'm that stupid how can 1+1 is not equal to 2? The answer is 2 right? Correct me if i'm wrong. That is not the only question i got it wrong. 2+3=5 and i got it wrong too. WHAT IS THIS? are u playing with me developer? Is this app suppose to make me more stupid? And i can't see the answer which i'm typing...duhh~~

Cool I liked it I did 50 problems in 5 min and got them all correct its cool download it

Works well. Does what i need it to do. However it would be nice if it took more than one tap on the back button to send you back to the menu.

Omg good The best app ever even though i dont need this easy multiplication i still need to practice alot so i wont for get and like for all of yall who said that this app does not work u are chumps cause no u just dont like to work but this is still the best app alive

Half to do it evry day In the sumer to but atlest it makes me better at math right?

Beware of version with ads The program worked fine, but I am glad I helped my child set it up as an inappropriate sexual ad came up for a meeting app. I removed this program and will gladly pay for the ad-free version to protect my child from trash.

After 20 years I've come back to get my degree And boy how fast we forget. This has helped me get faster!

Awesome This app helped me practice math every night for school.

Good It's a good app its just i wish it could give answers to questions that you get wrong.

Good 1+1=2 I know I am in 3rd grade and I know that

2×2=4 right I'm not stupid I wasn't born yesterday I know what 2×2 is if people want to make apps they better check them before that make them to make sure it works

Excellent app for kids..only 1 issue Would have given 5 stars if there is more configurability. For ex: I shud be able to mention the range of top and bottom operands for the operations. Ex: I want my kid to test herself on multiplication where top operand is between 16 and 19 and bottom operand between 2 and 9

The best! I love that you can adjust which numbers you are working on! Makes studying with my daughter fun.

great math thing I love it although the voice is creepy I love it

and your child master the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts that are the building blocks of your child's math education.

You have to fix this problem, if not,NO LIKES AT AII!

Its fun math How ever they could mix it up a little more

Great for kids You can set all options to get a kid to concentrate on the area they need to improve.

Great for kids! Love giving this to my 7 year olds to let them feel like they are "playing a game" when they're really just practicing their math skills!

Hoo cars Now this is a kid telling you this so why would I rete school 5 str

So far so good It was easy to use and will help my kid with keeping up this summer.

Great app This app has got me pretty sharp with my times tables. Love the flash card colors. Reminds me of grade school

Me Its so stupid

Perfect-broken a little over developed, disorganized and slow ui. Ads slow ap and leads to typos and avoidable mistakes.

It helps my daughter to move accent she was kind of at a lower level but now she's back up

Its great Its a good game my kids are smart from it

Great Great just wish it wouldn't reset if the screen turns off.

Very iseful Kids are getting faster and faster using this app

Tried many apps but this is the best. Highly customizable to tweak settings for areas and number range to focus on. Best app to master 4 basic math operations. No idea why anyone would rate it below 5 stars.

Helped my child's confidence She didn't think she could finish multiplication facts 0-12 in 5 minutes. She did and her best time was 2 mins and 15 secs. Love this app.

It is great This helps me learn for when I go into 4th grade next year

GREAT! I'm in 5th grade and this is perfect help for my multiplication tests! It can also by customized in almost any way! ?????

Learning a lot My brother goes to third grade3 and he needs them and they were helpful

To many ads I hate ads because they are a distraction to me. :(

Like this app This is a quick and easy app that my children can run through basic math facts. I like that it has a timer so they can work on getting faster!!

Just what I needed Perfect to pass time. Will also prepare me for school. All i need is to know to tables

Choose the math facts. 100 at a time! This is what I have been looking for.

Great for all three of my kids! Customizable for ever age.

Awesome Great for me I got 74% on my first try on multiple cation and it was in 5 minutes

Perfect Simple, customizable, no intrusive permissions. Wish all apps were this easy!

Good but need less ifunny ads

Love! You can learn so much when you are behind. smart game

it helped my kids a lot

Best app I have found with lots of downloads and deletes of others.

This is a great app for my 2 boys in school learning the basic multiplication table!!!!

Good It's a great app

Well done Easy to use and highly customizable. Excellent tool. Thanks

Best app for math out there I can find

Awesome!!!!!! It's so good for my daughter,and son,and maybe me ; )

this is nice this is nice learning app we will answer the quiton

Love it!!!!???? It helps me in math!!!!!!????

Helpful It really helps me with math

Great app, really works

Fantastic This app is fantastic

Loved it I realy love it

Great for sold with our to much extra flash. I like that it is just the equations, no games. Also that I can set a time limit. My daughter has gone from 20+ minutes for her set down to 13 minutes in a little over a week. I will keep lowering the limit to encourage faster recall.

Overall very good I like that you can customize but wish you could choose the sum limit, like only show cards with sums up to 12 like they do at his school. There also seems to be a glitch when the phone screen times out the game goes back to the menu. My son needs the practice so we'll continue to use it

Tutor Best of 9 Math Facts apps I have reviewed! Loved setting #'s to not have 0 or 1; getting 3 tries; remembering misses...

Great app for kid's. You can customize to the area that they need. My kids learned their multiplications and you can time them.

Its ok It doesn't work for my son it said 2 plus 1= he put tree it did a frown

Math flash cards It teaches you and it is fun at the same time p.s. I am a pro now

Math for kid This is simply woesome for practising multiplication and table. V good

If you come out by miss take they say time is up when you have 1:00???????????

It's amazing My kids love it.They always ask me for my phone and they only play this game.

Hored Enter only works if I bend the screen

Teacher approved Love to use this with my students.