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Supplied By Google Inc.    On Nov. 3, 2016    Comments(220)

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Stay in touch with friends and family. Messenger from Google is a communications app that helps you send and receive SMS and MMS messages to any phone. You can also send group texts as well as your favorite pictures, videos and even audio messages to your contacts.

Key features:

Faster sharing: Select or take pictures and videos directly from the app and share easily. You can even send audio messages to your contacts.
Easy search: Search through contacts and conversation threads to find exactly what you are looking for.
Purposeful design: New, fluid, material design that is intuitive and delightful.
More control: Ability to block SMS senders. No interruptions when you don’t want them!
More features: audio messages, emoji support ?, stickers, location sharing, colored text threads, message archiving and more.

Messenger is supported on devices running Android™ 4.1, Jelly Bean, and above.

Google Inc. part of our Communication and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Nov. 3, 2016. Appstore play rating is 83.4668. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

What's new

    Messenger has been completely redesigned to make conversations easier, faster, and more fun.
    Here are a few of the new features:
    • Simple design, quick photo sharing, and top contacts one tap away
    • Enhanced features that let you send messages over Wi-Fi or your data network, see when friends are typing, and more (some carriers only)
    • Unread messages indicator on your Messenger’s home screen icon (some Android phones only)
    • Android N compatibility
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Bug This app converts group sms of even 2 characters automatically to mms and there is no switching back.... I tried using stock messing app and hangouts this does not happen in them ...i checked all the settings no option to stop this ... Even deleted my mms settings from network connections but does not work Nexus 4 android 5.1

Sucks at mms Can't receive or send mms, so I have to switch back and forth between oem and messenger. It's especially worse when trying to converse with Apple. Will rate higher once this is fixed

Broken MMS Noticing its a little slow when conversations have a lot of messages stored. Can there be a limit before they are automatically deleted?

Add Unicode character striping My phone Bill doesn't like this app. Please add non-unicode character striping. And spare us all some coins. Thank you.

Does NOT play nice with iPhone. Not sure if it's carrier related, but I have a helluva time receiving messages from people with iPhones. I won't get anything for two days, and then I'll get like 20 replies randomly at once and all mixed up. Thanks...

Can't select multiple messages I was hoping that this app would give me the option to select multiple messages for deletion. I'll just have to delete them one by one

Its a good app but doesn't work with iPhone users Wonderful app but whenever a friend with an iPhone messages me I never get their message until days later. I first thought it was my carrier or phone until I uninstalled this app and received texts from the past couple days. Google please fix this!

Fix MMS Since the upgrade when I receive an MMS they come as group messages, they don't come in the normal thread for the user. Also the MMS messages come out sideways. Also please add batch mode delete. After all this will be 5 stars. MMS is a major issue!!

Rotated pictures Why the hell does Google screw this up. Attaching a pic to messaging has all pics in the wrong orientation. Sends okay as far as I can tell. Also the share function from gallery doesn't work with this app. I'm seriously going back to iPhone. My phone is the Galaxy S6 Edge

Good but Just add a material style quick reply (integrated within heads up would be the best) and fix the MMS problems (custom APNs)

Excellent, except no backups allowed This messaging app is clean, polished and very easy to use. Deducted a star since it's the only app I have that disallows app data backup. I use Helium to perform backups. Please allow access to data so it can be backed up. Thank you.

Missing some important features Has no option to change the emoji icon to return button. No customizations for floating notifications. Led colors can't be customized .

Gets the job done I really like the quick reply feature on this app. It runs pretty smooth with very few hiccups. Wish it had more customizable options though. Like a wake screen option, vibration duration, and also having custom conversation bubbles.

Good, but not as good as it could be The new quick messaging feature is definitely a welcome improvement! however, it needs to have the previous message, or even the current conversation, listed with the reply bubble. otherwise this feature is often rendered useless because I don't know how to respond to a message I can't even see!

So far so good! Liking the new quick reply feature!

Works well One weird bug, the widget that pops out when you reply from the notification shade automatically types in caps lock.

iPhone communication problems here too I will back the reviewer who has issues receiving messages from iPhones. I don't believe it is carrier-related - because I had a friend IM me on my laptop and ask if I got the texts and pics he'd been sending me for the past 2 days - they were not displaying in Messenger, but when I launched the stock messaging app, know what? There they were! This is quite a shame as I really like the simplicity of this app otherwise. However, I have too many friends and co-workers with iPhones to keep using it until this issue is resolved.

Love the app But anyone notice very laggy on one m8 ... Also with latest update, won't send pictures... Itll load then just send forever. Other apps send just fine, but I love the new attach feature and would like to use it.

Nice I like the material design!

A really simply and clean msging app My only complaint is that you don't have the option to have the notification LED light up for when you get a msg. Please add this

Good but missing features It's actually pretty good but it's lacking in some areas. You can't see the number of missing messages in the icon on the homescreen. When you go from your contacts to the messenger and hit the back button it doesn't return to the contacts which is the default behavior of any messenger.

Google messenger would be 5 star ? if I could have a signature Almost the perfect app needs to have at least the features of the standard messages app + the new features. But when you give us a great New features at the loss of some liked features of the original message app then you really are taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back

Great but Please add the option to lock messages. Archiving all in that thread makes no sense when just saving certain ones from deletion is possible. Would make this app my fault text app with this feature. As of now I keep going back to other messengers just got this feature. ...

Love this app! One issue... I love the clean layout of this app. Much better looking than Hangouts. I have only one issue. Sometimes I'll receive an MMS message that didn't download on the first try. The app won't always show the message in these instances, but I know it's there because my Nova indicator shows a new message. On the stock messing app, I'll get the notification with a "download failed" message showing in the list which I can then click to retry the download.

Google, take some notes please Google, just download Textra, look at it, and make your app do that. Please. There is no excuse here anymore. The ability to schedule sending of texts, attach location, attach contacts, change the LED light for individual contacts, all missing. Plus other things. And how about the fact that if I close the app before the message is sent, it doesn't send the message, and I have to "Tap to Retry"? What if I'm on the go? I check my phone a half hour later and see the message never sent. That is inexcusable!

Quick Reply A+ Was already a very simple, good looking, responsive and well animated SMS app, but the new quick reply from notification bar feature makes it the cleanest and most functional I've tried as well. Good job, go team, would buy for free again.

Fairly smooth except when I get duplicate messages sometimes, and when I resend something that supposedly wasn't sent, it actually sent 2... Not sure if that's a carrier issue, but it didn't happen when using the built-in texting app

Loving the interface...BUT-- It's much more laggy than Hangouts. I gotta say that the heavy influence from Material Design makes it visually stunning. My biggest win is the auto-resizing of videos.

Can't see group settings in my device (nexus 5). I can't send group sms, it's always send group mms and fail. What's happened? Still not fix

Nah Too much space between text bubbles. No options for customized colors or text bubbles or screen background. Boooo. I use Hello SMS now.

I've been a dedicated user of Google Messenger for as long as it has been available, but it simply doesn't work reliably. The majority of my friends have iPhones and they either do not receive my initial message, or my responses to their group threads. Similarly, I don't receive their responses to my group messages consistently. There are 3 primary functions of a smartphone: 1) Send texts (SMS, etc) 2) Make phone calls 3) Utilize apps Messenger does not reliably perform the most highly utilized function of a smartphone. Moto X w/ 4.4 KitKat.

Love it! Great interface and I love fb messenger so its a lot like it with gmail and drive appearance and feel. Very fast. Does need personalization options. Like for colors and bubbles. Choices for notification icon. If this gets fixed I will raise rating to 5 stars. Love the group SMS settings. Very smart. Needs better pop out SMS options instead of quick replying from pull down. Just do like a chat head. Come on google, step your game up.

Multi # MMS Issues on T-Mobile Issues with multi-recipient MMS continue. Gotta have that for work. Back to Textra for now. When will this be fixed?

Decent app, lacking options The app looks great, but it would be great if I could mute the text sending sound, or change the text size, etc.

What happened to speech texting? Several days avo the mic disappeared from the keyboard and it no longer auto-corrects. Rated 5 stars before.

It's OK - needs more customization and settings Solid little app, but needs more settings and customization for color/theme contact appearance, message layout, and most importantly - a way to choose if emoji or enter/return line appears by default. I use return/enter much more than emoji

Quick reply It's about time we get some form of quick reply. Basically every flagship has a feature like this except HTC and Google, and apple if I'm not mistaken. Although I don't know about the M9. Anyways, while it's nice to finally have the quick reply option, it's still very limited in comparison to the quick reply on say the G3. It's getting there though.

Was doing great till Android 5.1 happened Am unable to send a group sms after android 5.1 installation. Every time i try to send one, it automatically converts to mms. Going back to hangouts. Please bring back the group messaging.

Good but not great...Yet Finally a quick reply function! Over all with this new added feature, the app works great, it would just be nice if the most recent text received from the person I am replying to, would be displayed. Other than that the app is great!

Minor flaw: poor quality of resized contact photos in conversations.

Please, make swype right/left delete/backup

Nice UI. Could use some features like maximum conversations. Long conversations slows the app. And there's a bug when you change a contact's color. The conversation bubbles remains and only the Icon changes.

Nice stock experience, but add more featured I really need the option to send someone my current location, until then, I'm sticking with my touchwiz messages app

S'aight I don't know why, but the app adds boxes with X's through them next to certain kinds of emoji. Hangouts never did that. Otherwise, it's perfect.

I like it. Clean, simple, and colorful. I wish you could control how long a pop up stays on the screen. I've installed SMS popup to compensate. It would also be nice id the phone number showed up in the texting window. I have friends that have more than one phone and I have to open the settings on a specific user to know which phone number I'm texting.

Needs a few extras. One thing I wish this app has is the option of scheduling messages. Other than that, it doesn't seem to have any problems.

Not sure why but it has a problem sending messages and at times will send me duplicates of the same message over and over again. Not an issue with default messaging app or other messaging apps I've used. Disappointing because I really like the design and ease of use.

No mms since latest update I use this as my proprietary messaging app and ALL my messages come back as not sent now. Losing track of conversations and probably missing messages and it's not my carrier same issue on both phones. UNROOTED S6Edge

Auto Reply & Camera Attachment App works great. I disabled my Samsung Note 3 default messenger app and applied this as default. The one thing that is missing is the ability to set an auto reply, if you're busy and will get back as soon as possible notification or custom. Also, when trying to attach say a photo using the camera option to take picture, I dislike the functionality of this. Please fix where it brings up actual camera view to take pictures. It's very complex in current state. Lastly, fix attaching vCard from address book.

Has a long way to go... Finally Google has created a dedicated SMS client but is it because Hangouts failed so miserably as a viable SMS alternative? With all the recent updates I finally feel this app deserves 5 stars.

Awesome but I would love to have now customizations, like changing background, bubble designs and colors. Like always I know you guys will come up with something like that since your always making your products better

Little Slow Great app. Very clean and nicely laid out. But, it takes a while to send and receive messages. Not sure if my connection or just the app in general. Would hope this gets fixed. Other than that it is a great app.

I love it overall, but it isn't always accurate. I'll send a text message to someone and it will keep giving me delivery failure notifications. Okay, I figure I just have bad signal. So I'll open up my stock messaging and it says the message has sent the first time, which gets annoying to the sender because they're getting a bunch of the same text.

MMS Issues Doesn't auto retrieve mms messages like it says. If it did this, it would be 5 stars. You end up missing messages from people bc of this issue.

Multi Select There should be a feature to select multiple messages for delete. Currently I can only delete one message at a time. Very basic feature that's missing.

I like the app design and features, particularly swipe to archive and the color coding of messages. I do get some repeat messages in group MMS conversations though. Occasionally I see errors with retrieving group MMS which don't seem to happen if I switch back to Hangouts. With some bug fixes this could be truly great! Here's hoping Google patches it up

Only problem I see is when you archive a conversation any changes to that person's profile gets set back to original settings. I either need to keep conversation active or go back and add in the custom notification again

Does not work on LG G3 This app is incapable of sending mms messages on LG G3. Needs more control over apn settings like textra to be able to work, other than that a really nice app.

I get the MMS bug Great app aesthetically but whenever I try to SMS more than one person it converts to MMS. This is bugged somewhere along the line for me (possibly with carrier) so that recipients can't download them regardless of their data collection. Option to turn this off would be great so that it just sent multiple SMS instead.

MMS PROBLEM I have a OnePlus One recently updated to cm12. Ever since I downloaded the update of my phone os and the newest version of messenger, I can't send or receive MMS from this app. For this reason I've ceased using the app and have to use hangouts, even though I much prefer messenger. I've been waiting for an update for weeks, hoping the problem is resolved, but haven't seen anything yet. Hope this review may help to bring about a resolution.

Good app, one suggestion. Change the quick reply screen so that you can see the whole text message before replying. Right now, the popup notification won't show the whole message if it's longer than one line, so it would be nice to see the whole message before you reply.

Adding users to group messages is broken When creating a group message, while adding recipients it will randomly go to creating the message text. Once there you can't add more recipients even if you haven't sent a thing. You have to start over and hope it works next time. This is basic UI/UX stuff Google; do you even test or are we all your giant alpha pool? Seems that is the case so you should listen to your users' (*ahem* revenue stream) feedback.

MMS doesn't work on wifi with my phone I can't download any picture or group messages while connected to wifi on my moto x pure. They work while on regular mobile data. It's too bad because I really like app otherwise. If that's not fixed soon I'll have to get something else.

Everything is big There is so much spacing between texts compared to hangouts. The text size feels too large and there is no way to change it. Sticking with hangouts for now

Lacks important options ... ... other apps have. Needs option to adjust text size, choose different font styles, and the color of the font. Needs option to select multiple messages to delete. Needs option to be able to delete conversations while not deleting saved messages.

Smooth Scrolling. Why can't it have smooth scrolling like Hangouts or AOSP messenger? The OnePlus 2 (810 Qualcomm Snapdragon) lags. Please Fix It Devs.

I'd like to love it. But pics often gets stuck at 'sending', video gets stuck at 'resizing', even just text is often stuck. Deleting old messages isn't always a fix.

Nothing really fancy about it compared to the built in messenger on my phone. This may or may not be a problem with Google Messenger, but the biggest problem I found is that it does not support service messages. (Amber alerts, weather warnings, etc) I have to disable service messages in the default app otherwise it continues to alert without being able to dismiss the message. Very annoying and possible dangerous if you rely on your phone for weather updates. Also the font size needs to be adjustable. Message text is too big.

Not very good It does the job, but it's pretty average. Hardly any settings to adjust anything. Needs a big upgrade

Great but Whenever I'm playing music and I text at the same time there are issues. When I press send it pauses, the song for about three seconds which can become very irritating when you are having a chat with someone. If you could fix it I'd give the app a 5. Thanks

Could be great but... Can't send MMS when Wi-Fi calling is connected. Goes right through if I turn Wi-Fi calling off. LG G4 on Sprint.

Great layout of app,very useful,but.. The App works great but the only thing Im missing is how to archive or save text I have tried several different approaches to doing this w/o success maybe I'm missing something, if so PLEASE let me know! If not, would you please find the time to add this feature as this (I believe to be an absolute necessity)... Update!! My ZTE came stock with this app but I downloaded (not updated app) so I have 2 logos in my app drawer ,I find that strange but the feature is in app and I'm happy !!! 5stars!! Root will fix

Nah Too much space between text bubbles. No options for customized colors or text bubbles or screen background. Boooo. I use Hello SMS now.

Too bad Now compresses images so much they always seem blurry... images with text, like screenshots, are unreadable. I loved this app before this change.

Doesn't work with mms The app keeps trying to send my MMS over wifi. I use the Motorola stock app for sending and receiving MMS and I don't have a problem.

WTF are you doing, Google??? Seriously... Now you're trying to phase out Hangouts? I finally started using this app after the Hangouts kept pestering me after every reboot; annoying. Now I'm using it and it won't use my Google Voice number nor give me the option??? Booooo! Hangouts was simple and virtually bug-free, why are you trying to change/fix something that isn't broken??? 2/5 until my Google Voice number can be used.

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Dislike. 2 stars for the design. No option to send contact information for which I usually use my SMS service.

Not very customizable - No way to control whether message appears on display of phone unless notifications are flat-out turned off altogether, cannot change or control colors for display or for specific contacts, including the inability to change phone LED display notification color for specific contacts. Also, no MMS over Wifi, so if you rely on Wifi to help keep your phone's data low without going over you can't do that with this app. I'm still looking for another program to use, as this one isn't doing it for me. It's good if you need a bold colored, basic messaging app to replace your phone's stock app.

Fantastic Started using Google hangouts about a week before this came out. Drove me crazy that I couldn't send multiple pictures through my phone. Don't have that problem with this. Don't have any problems so far, works perfectly.

Group MMS error I can send group messages (MMS) buy I can't receive them. All I get is "message failed to download" from each recipient.

Changed my mind I downloaded messenger 4 times and every time sending pictures took 3-4 minutes. I used it for just text and sometime during the day it "fixed" itsself. Now photos are sent almost instantly.

Loved it but Loved it but since the most recent upgrade if i leave a text message in the inbox it bugs out and changes to the contact the message is connected too. Strange and very dangerous bug

Best! Currently using for default SMS on Nexus 5X with Fi. UI is beautiful. I'm never going back to Hangouts again...I was ALL for unified messaging until the GV merger. That destroyed Hangouts. So now I use Messenger for SMS via Fi and Hangouts exclusively for IM chat

Ok let me make some recommend changes. So the app itself works nice. Have not had any issues with it as far as MMS. But there is problems. First off please make better support for long messages. I send very large messages and when you get so far it slows down the typing. Another thing is when scrolling up the keyboard disappears. Give me an option to turn that off. Make the animations and the app in general faster. You change this stuff. Make it more long message friendly somehow. Then I'll give a 5 star. Listen to your users!

Disgusting Google wtf !!! This thing is super glitchy and damn slow. My normal lollipop messenger is way better than this. Give us a new bug free app. Take an update.

I prefer it over my pre-installed messaging app, but... ... I would like the character limit to be shown at all times, I would like to have the enter key WORK, not the improvised emojis, and I would also like to be able to remove the archive option. That is fine for emails, but not text messages. Please try to fix these things and maybe I will reconsider my rating.

Widget color options or auto-reply? Getting tired of the same holo blue bar for everything, can color options be a possibility for the main color theme and widget?

Great! But... It's a great app, sleek design, and great if your native sms messenger is broken. However, pictures and group messages are tedious to send and receive, because it attempts to send and receive them over WiFi. It's a pain to have to turn WiFi off every time, but hopefully that'll be fixed

Was amazing Loved this app and used it exclusively until it started addressing up MMS. No messages would go through either way with MMS. It's a shame because it's a light, fast app. But without full functionality it's useless.

Great app! Better than Hangouts. Love this app. Works great with my smart watch.

Simple but... It's simple and loads quicker than my stock messenger app (slow to the point of freezing up my phone) but, where is the search function at? On my S6 (Sprint) running Marshmallow there's no magnifying glass icon so search though texts with.

1st time This is my 1st time trying out Google messenger & from wht I see, it's an awesome messaging app. But would luv to have delayed sending in the future & number of emails received on icon, also a darker theme.Thanks Google, great app

Meh Hangouts doing both SMS and gtalk is originally what made me go android... So I don't get the point of this... It nagged me to install it.

This last update ruined the messenger app on Android wear and also doesn't allow you to reply when using a Pebble Time smartwatch.

Great! One problem. Great app overall. Smooth, clean design, feels like the app flows really well and is a great app. The ability to customize the color of each person and their text bubbles adds personalization to it. My only criticism is the odd thing the app does where, when I'm replying in a group message, it not only sends the message in the group (as it should) but it duplicates the message and sends it to everyone in the group individual person. Online research has failed and there is no setting to correct this.

Pretty but Laggy Messenger is simple, easy to use, pretty (especially because of the colors you can apply to each contact). The biggest con, however, is that it is laggy. It lags when you scroll through threads. It lags when you scroll through messages within a thread. The animation when sending a message lags. I've seen it lag on all Android devices.

Great Exactly what I was hoping for to upgrade from the chunky galaxy stock messages app. Been using it for a while now. My only complaint is that SENDING messages disrupts music playing, even when I have my phone on vibrate. And I don't mean it just plays over it, I mean it literally turns the music volume to 0 for a couple seconds. Why does it play as a notification, or through the Media volume channel, or whatever it's doing? At least give us the option to turn it off. Other than that the app is near-perfect.

ugly, hardly any options Usually I love Google apps. Inbox is amazing, Google Now has become an astonishingly helpful, if creepy, tool, but this app is nothing like those. Each message thread is enormous (seriously, I have never seen such atrociously large objects in a text-focused app) and uses annoyingly bold colors, and since there are almost no options in the app, you're stuck with it. I had it open for all of ten seconds before posting this review. It looks as if it's designed for toddlers.

Can we talk about screen real estate? Great app, best functionality of an sms app in my opinion, but the whitespace still runs rampant. It would be nice to see more screen width devoted to text. The message bubble could be closer to the edges of the screen, and the drafting space doesn't need such a big emoji keyboard icon. But that's pretty much it. Great product.

Simple design, easy to use, works great Haven't had any issues with this on a V10. Works perfectly and I like how you're able to change color schemes for each contact. I would like to see a little more "eye candy" in the layout such as templates and style. But that's not a deal breaker. Does exactly as it's supposed to and without clutching or massive memory requirements.

Ruined by a few TERRIBLE design choices/oversights I love this app for the most part. It's a much quicker, less cluttered messenger than the stock one from Samsung. There are a few things that make no sense about it, and ultimately ruin it for me. First, there is no enter key anymore. Instead it's replaced with a smiley face. Now my texts look like giant run-on sentences, because there is literally no way for me to make paragraphs. I also can't copy individual text from messages. It's either the whole message, or none. Why?

No message counter? Sms/mms changer? No number displays in the lower corner of the icon for new messages? What year is this? How can that not be there? Also is too hard to change between group sms and mms (menu, setting, advanced, group meaning) old Samsung had a check box that popped up as soon as you had multiple recipients to choose between mms or sms.

Set Texting Limits! The messages take so long to send and takes so long to load because they don't set a limit on how many messages there are; per person so no old messages don't get purged. Please implement this into the app, it would save a lot of trouble.

Like to see a new look for the bubbles Too much space between text bubbles. No options for customized contact colors, bubbles or background. No customizable notifications like Textra

Doesn't work with AT&T HTC One M8 It would never display group texts correctly. Some would be in a group, some would be sent individually, and some wouldn't show up at all. The rest of the app was nothing special.

Confused Why would you put out a messenger app when you have Google Voice? Then again, why can't Google Voice have the capacity to send and receive pictures? The Messenger app can't incorporate the Google Voice number. I love my Google Voice number and I use it with everything. I don't understand the conflict that you've created with both apps.

Disappointed after reading reviews Got new S7, so time to see if there is a better messager. Looking for text productivity. After looking at several, Google Messenger is in last place. Text entry box is too narrow--occupied by attachment, emoji, and voice icons. Very, very easy to accidently invoke emoji keyboard. I'm uninstalling after this review.

Wish I could create groups from my contacts then send one message to the group rather than always having to select recipients each time. That, and having it split up messages into segments to send as multiple messages, are my only gripes.

Eh Look is blocky and not very appealing in my personal opinion, but besides that, I'm going to get more into technical. The fact that when you change from MMS to SMS and the SMS setting sends your message to each person in a group chat individually, is really stupid. Textra is SMS and sends messages to each person IN THE ACTUAL CHAT. Despite having the bug that textra sends your messages 30 times, I'd love to find an SMS app like textra in the mean time, until they fix their bug.

Multi delete option missing plus very slow to load on cm13 Runs extremely slow on cm13. No option to delete multiple messages in a single thread. Can't resize text in messages using pinch to zoom like other sms apps. The thread list need to use smaller icons

Notification It doesn't do any good to give a specific person their own ringtone and then when you delete their messages it deletes their assigned ringtone

Unable to download group messages I received a message thats supposed to go to a group message but instead it goes to the one on one message from the person who sent it and it tells me that download of message failed. From there I try to download it again but it failed Everytime. Then I go to default messenger for Samsung and it downloads it easily and puts it in group chat. FIX THIS!!!

Group Convo to MMS [Fixed] Automatically converts group of even 2 people into MMS. This should not happen with a texting app. At least there should be an option to switch. Please fix this ASAP. Edit: Fixed now thanks Google?

Changing my review since I can't test this issue currently. Seems to work okay now but I haven't gotten an unknown text from GV again. --Previous review-- Is this still in beta? I'm legitimately asking because there's no way to add a new/unknown GVoice number to an existing contact. REALLY?! That seems like a huge oversight in functionality. No, I don't want add a new contract and then join them together. That's completely asinine. C'mon Google, get it together. This is embarrassing. No really, I'm actually embarrassed for you. Sort yourself out.

MMS bugs Since upgrading to Marshmallow, MMS (pictures and group texting) has really been hit or miss. Often, MMS just fails with this app. The ugly stock Moto text messaging app works fine with MMS. It's kind of embarrassing that Google can't seem to get their own text messaging app to work with their own operating system, but third parties managed to figure it out!

Until it's AMOLED friendly, I won't even give the app a chance! Just because one changes UI guidelines doesn't mean ignore what users want & allot of phones need! I mean really does Google sell batteries & AMOLED screens now, making it an incentive to burn my eyes, battery & screen out? Just like my eyes, my screen & battery have a finite lifetime! If I wanted a iTard device, I would buy one! Sadly even Metro looks better than Material design! Everything cheap, cheesy, excessively bright & 8bit is cool all of the sudden? Not in my book! Google has had @least 2yrs to fix this "design", makes me want to puke! Honestly I can't even recall a Samsung device(s) that doesn't have a AMOLED based Screen! Sadly that is the only thing keeping me from getting a Sony Mobile! Furthermore what's up with Google letting everyone have a app called Messenger? That is truly screwed up! I being a knowledgeable person am confused by this, can you imagine a iTard convert? They would go running back to Apple! If no one believes me search for Messenger within Play Store!

So far the best SMS app for me. I liked how smooth it ran on my Infinix X510. The best part is that it supported dual sim. I don't understand why Google refuses to give the app dual sim support by default... So I'm forced to used slightly inferior apps like GO SMS and ZERO SMS. Please give Google Messenger dual sim capabilities on all dual sim phones.

Messenger I love it messenger I rather use this one text messaging app service then the original just plain texting text messaging messages app on ur basic play with most used android good luck and enjoy: 333:))) I also think I love,like enjoy hangouts for using as most used preferred free offered usage for opinion of choices of most favorited preferred choice of text messages texting messages app good luck and enjoy;)))!!!!

Needs to be able to send message to a GROUP What's the point in creating Groups in Google Contacts if you can't utilize them for group messaging?

Works on Republic Wireless network Positive attributes: I like the talk balloons format and ability to attach video msgs and GPS position. Initially, it didn't work with Lollipop. Sending an e-mail through the app's helpdesk and feedback channel resolved my bug complaints.

What happened? I am unable to send pics....just shows 'sending ' until I receive the error message.

Works well but... I keep getting on my galaxy s7 edge message not sent even though it definitely sent because I've got replies.. Can you fix this? Didn't happen on my s4

Broken update The ability to add a new conversation broke in the latest up. Completely not usable.

Great but flawed I love the app but for some reason I am no longer able to select the Google Photos stored in the cloud. It only allows me to pick the ones stored in my phone. The icon clearly shows Google Photos but the ones displayed are only the ones on the phone. I am missing around 10,000 photos...what happened?????

The quick reply still bad, new send animation doesn't work with all contacts The quick reply is obviously a bad design. The new messaging animation is very nice, however does not always work, and reverts back to the previous style of animation. Keep the updates coming!

Dual sim option and wake up screen when new msg I love the interface especially the quick reply option, however i wish if its possible to view all contents of msg in quick reply instead of going to msngr to view all of it. But it would be great if it has a feature to choose where to send between two simcards and waking up the screen when new message arrives. As well as lock screen functions or maybe it would be better if you can reply a message directly when screen is locked. :) Looking forward for next update and more features! ^^

DUal sim problem Im dual sim so idontknow how to send my 2nd simcard.fix please,thanks .... hey! Update this!

MMS photos are over-compressed This app finally retrieves and sends photos on at&t, but photo compression is horrible compared to stock app. And no badge count on the app icon when I get new messages?! And message bubbles should stretch wider across the screen so we can see more messages on screen at the same time.

Two SIM functionality App doesn't have clear two SIM functionality. Please add this feature

Needed Features: • Auto Delete old messages (clean up) and ability to set text message & MMS message limits • Add ability to delete multiple messages within individual converstations. • Dark theme

It's ok. A lil room to improve: + more room for SMS so messages don't arrive all chopped up & confusing. + ability to reply to all. + work with Bitmoji. Other than that, pretty cool.

Hella buggy ??? Will freeze and contacts and phone will not open. Receive messages but no notification. Contacts don't load up properly. Notification remains after I open message. Get it together Google!!

My go to Messaging app, however there is one bug that has been present for a number of months, on a number of devices. When using the back button to exit the app and then going back into it using the recent apps list I get a "Messenger could not start error". However if you use the home button then recent apps list it works fine. Fix this issue and I will bump the review up to four stars. Edit: I received the new update, the bug has finally been resolved! Must be well over a year. Thanks!

group messages you took away the ability to send group messages from a group in phone contacts. now I have to enter each name separately. please fix

It's great and all, but... please add an enter key to the keyboard, rather than an extra smiley key. It is a major inconvenience. I will gladly give a 5 star rating when this is fixed.

Very bad. App is Continue crashed. Notification never works. Please make stable app

Disable call button on Contacts I would like the option to disable the call button on the chat windows for each contact. Too easy to pocket dial someone.

Missing feature Enable selecting multiple messages in a single conversation or thread to -at least- delete them!!!

primary messaging app great messaging app but need add feature at notification tray. You can "mark as read" and forward the message through notification bar just like reply.

It's ok Would be great if it showed number on home screen of inbox messages. Never looks like I have new messages

Love it, except... The app works flawlessly except for when it comes to multimedia messages. If I use the app that came with my phone it works fine. Otherwise this app will not allow them to download. Obviously Google does not look into these issues because I have had this problem for several months now with no resolve. If you plan on using MMS extensively I recommend finding another app.

Good, but quiet notifications... I use this on a stock Nexus 6, and the SMS message tones all seem really quiet on full volume compared to other media on the device. I've tried multiple times from stock android to ones that I have downloaded from Zedge, however still no luck, would be 5 stars other than this issue.

Not good, not user friendly We need the folder creation to save the messages which we can separate the messages & also we need the draft, sent messages folders, app needs to improve according to the user request. Please add the features what I have suggested.

Design Overall, I think this app is the best out there for SMS/MMS. But a suggestion; an option to ditch contact photos in chat. I know who I'm talking to, and don't really need a pic of their face (and mine, since I know it's me) in the convo.

Good designs no lag but... I have to download messages from someone who doesn't have a smart phone. I like the simplicity but a little customization is needed. The app has a lot of potential now google needs to use it.

Ignoring our reviews. 1- Insert button to send contacts and better to add contacts as text Message. 2- Taping the attachment show every picture. Needs privacy 3- Message Typing area must be expanded for reviewing typed long messages. 4- multiple messages delete option in single conversation.

Major Problem I can't use emojis .. I click on the emoji keyboard and a pop up that says "Messenger is not responding" shows up

Won't send Constantly stuck at sending after most recent update. Have to constantly reboot to get it to work!!!!

Sucks on Moto 4G Plus Have never been able to send MMS with this app. Textra has no problem sending MMS on same Phone with same settings

I'm not using it yet cuz my new phone is still off til the one I use now goes off but I gotta LG that's off and the new phone came with this app

Doesn't fetch or send consistently I wish the release notes would actually disclose the improvements. For the past few months ive continuously had to switch between other apps to handle sending and receiving MMS and SMS messages since the app frequently stalls, then simply fails to send or receive. I'm really just ready for Allo to get here so I can dispose of this app altogether.

One request Please add a delete message button as an action in the notification. It would be of great help to delete junk or spam sms then and there. Rest everything is great!

Clean and easy to use Wish the app had the option to limit the amount of text messages saved per contact and for it to delete the oldest text message when that limit is reached

It's simple and effective Not sure why they have so many separate messaging apps though... Allo, messenger, hangouts, duo

Works I like it clean and simple! Won't use anything else. Used Go SMS for a long time and this is way better. I never have any message problems and auto receives MMS without having to turn on my data.

Eh I can't download photos that other people send me. Other than that it's a pretty good and simple messaging app. Please fix the issue.

The best Just two things. Add feature which allow contact to be added as text. And ability to select part of text message instead of whole.

Pls give read as all button n delete all buttons pls its very hectic to see every msg Provide delete buttons through which all can be deleted and provide button on clicking it shud make unread msgs as read.

What happened to the call button? I have been a messenger fan since it was first released but the recent update removed the phone icon to place calls from my text threads. Whyyyyy did it go?

3 months and emojis still broken Time to change to new SMS app. posted about this issue two months ago. Doesn't matter which keyboard is used, I can see the emoji until it is sent and then it's gone. Recipient receives a blank text.

Texts Disappear and Other Problems My texts are disappearing to and from people, and occasionally, the message pops up, but from an unknown sender. It shows the contact picture as normal, and takes me to the contact, but it is labeled under Unknown Sender.

Not enough text on screen when keyboard open I kinda wish that for even 5.0 inch phones, I could see more than two lines of a text while I have my keyboard open. Apart from that, best messaging app on the play store.

A little bit laggy as compared to other minimalistic sms apps A little bit laggy as compared to other minimalistic sms apps

Much nicer than my stock android sms messenger but irritating that now when I change contact colours it only changes the header, not the message bubbles.

Messenger I can't tell you anything because I haven't tried it

Better than stock Better than stock app, but hampered by bugs in an already crowded field of messaging apps.

Needs improvement Unable to remove multiple(not all) messages sent by particular sender.

The enter button is missing from the keyboard for long time,it is bit difficult when making sentences

Google Voice Where is Google Voice support? Especially considering the changes coming to Hangouts.

Wish it was even more customizable with colours on the main messages screen not just contact messages. Otherwise, I do prefer it over my Samsungs message centre

Not bad Since the latest update I noticed some lag while testing . It was perfect before the update Motorola g4 plus

Lacking specific features No cloud backup, no mark all, no mark all as read.

How to send contacts I'm unable to send contacts, I'm using moto g4 plus

Sim selection problem..... We cannot choose b/w the sim while sending.... (dual sim)....?????

Abdul waheed Not many more options for fonts size. & no time stamp for deliver and send sms .no suport dual sim

This app is great, but is missing one crucial feature. Please allow us to mark messages as read from the notification pane.

Basic, but good.

Message not sent, tap to retry

No longer receiving messages I am no longer receiving messages from any of my contacts. How can this be fixed?

Issue: can't retrieve messages Really wanted to love this app, but as soon as I launched it and did some testing. I noticed that it wasn't able to retrieve any messages coming from multiple phones. I was using hangouts before I used this app but I made sure to change the default app and disabled hangouts so it wouldn't interfere with Messenger. But even with that the issue still insist. Hope someone could help me troubleshoot this and get it resolved.....

Batch delete mode You people at Google can update this app to look all cool with new features but you can't add a batch delete mode to delete certain multiple messages within a conversation without having to long press each one to delete. Other messenger apps developed by others have it. Why can you guys do the same? Maybe not smart enough to get the job done?

The new update killed it This app was awesome. The new update that happened today makes it look even slicker, but has removed my ability to send pics, and anything other than text. All attachments now fail to send because "service not activated". What service. I pay for the ability to send these through my text messages. If you're app won't allow me I'll have to delete it and use something else.

Fix MMS I really love the design and feel of the app, but what always makes me go back to my stock messenger is that MMS does not work properly. It either take forever to download or it fails to do so and can not reload it to receive the image or group message. This seriously needs to get fixed as I believe it is a crucial feature on a messenger app.

Great App, but.. Amazing app with awesome interface and responsive. I just made the jump from Hangouts (I'm on a Nexus 5) to this and I love it! One improvement I'd like to see is adding a night mode or a dark mode, making the background black saving battery and eyes from blinding lights! (I came back over a year later to write the exact same review, please do something, Google.)

MMS Issue Loving the design, but running into an issue where MMS's I send in a group message are marked as unsent, even though they get sent. Config: Carrier - Verizon Wireless, using Integrated Messaging to sync messages to VZW server, have wifi calling/texting turned on, Phone: Droid Turbo 2, OS: 6.0.1

i was looking to replace hangouts for a while now with a decent app. I found messenger by chance. the overall experience was ok. but i can't send group sms as the app considers them mms which is not true... nothing wrong with my operator as i can send group sms using hangouts and textra... solve this issue fast please.Also i cant select multiple messages in a conversation. i will change my rating to 5 stars as soon as this issue is fixed. keep the good work guys.

Great Messenger App First off I would like to say I really enjoy the messaging app, but... To see what you are replying to when you press the reply button when you don't have the app currently open. When a reply box comes up at the top of the screen but it doesn't show what the other person said. To change peoples text tone in the app it's self androids version doesn't cut it. To change the individual notification LED light color. To change the individual notification vibration. Need an option to not make MMS get compressed.

Some good features, some missing I like a lot of what it does, it seems to allow for text messages to be more than 3 messages long, my stock app turned them to MMS at that length previously. Also, my stock app had the option of adding a signature to texts, that's missing here and I'd like it. Updated and still doesn't have scheduled messaging. This is pretty simple and should have been added years ago. Still improvements to be made!

2.0 version I don't care for the smaller profile and bubble style chats. Stop trying to be like Apple and Facebook, you don't need to. Top contacts is an ok feature. Still would like theme options or at least a dark theme option. It looks like the 3 other messaging apps offered by Google. Get rid of the rest and enhance this app to the next level. Not sure I'll stay with Google Messenger this time.

A wonderfully designed app, and completely bloody useless. It's good that Google has redesigned messaging for material design, bad that it's installed by default on Nexus devices when the hangouts alternative has greater functionality. I.E.: I can merge two (or more) 'conversations' to two phone numbers; If they have gTalk I can message them via WiFi. If Messenger gains the ability to combine two conversations I might actually use this. Edit: apparently with conversations now unmerged in hangouts, there is no reason not to use Messenger. ...damn.

Problems with the update. I've been using this app for a few years now and on the whole it is good. However, I use a custom theme that makes the background black and the text white. In the newest update, the message bar is locked to white, meaning that it is white text on white background, making it impossible to read. Being able to change the color of that bar would be great. If that's done I'll change this to 5 stars because it'll deserve it.

What Happened? I really liked this app and its look. The icon was just fine and I loved the message display with its rectangles and messages lined up vertically. The new rounded corners and offsetting of messages just makes it seem busy and cluttered. The new changes really make the app less pleasing to use and the icon is just plain weird. Please go back to the previous look. It was so much better!

Make up your mind This messaging app is really clean and works well. However I'm questioning why we have Allo, Duo, Hangouts, and this Messenger app. Why can't you pick one, and combine the features of all of them into it? Is that too much to ask?

Great application for messaging but The app works flawlessly. Very easy to use. Only complaint I have is that it's non-customizable. Samsung/HTC/LG default messaging applications give options to choose custom backgrounds etc. Would love if this is added to messanger

Heading in the right direction. Smooth, fast, fluid, & looks great. Now push RCS to Nexus 5X users as well; a little tired of waiting. Oh yeah, implement whisper shout and you're golden, hell I'll create an extra star to give you. Also multiple if not darker theme option as well. Now the only thing I'll need Allo for is staying in touch with my people over seas. I see your aim Google. ? Messenger=iMessage, Allo = WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Viber, etc.. I like

New Update Looks great! The new Update keeps me using this messaging app over all others. The clean look of the new Update has a fresh feeling to it. The only problem is the recent conversations tab has a slight lag to get started, leaving you accidentally pressing another contact. Other than that, great messaging app

It seems to get connected better or send the message faster than the default SMS app. What I absolutely HATE about it is that the CR key has been replaced by useless emoji combinations. I want to send messages that make sense, not a pile of words. There are emoticons plenty for getting cute. Holding the SHIFT key doesn't help, long press doesn't help, I just updated the app, and it remains the same. Zero stars would fit it better. If something doesn't change soon, I am going to remove it from my phone.

Was good, but bug!!! I like that it's simple and clean but there's a massive bug. The new feature to quick reply in the notification bar doesn't work right because after you quick reply, the notification is still there AND in the app, AND your reply shows up also as a notification. This completely defeats the purpose of a quick reply and you'd be better off to open the app. Huge oversight.

I like it, and the update seems to be pretty decent. I haven't been experiencing the issues others have been reporting. However, that said, my profile picture is no longer there in the conversations. Everything else appears to be fine, and the new design is good, but i like the smaller look, and the icon i don't care about. Just curious if my profile pic is suppose to be gone now or if it is an issue i'm having. thanks

Text messages being archived After update I see that even the important messages like OTP, bank updates etc are being sent archive folder. So they will not be in the main Message folder. Will have to go to settings and archives to retrieve the messages! This is not good at all!

Fix Bug!!, I have used this messaging app for around two years now, before the recent update I would of rated this 5 stars, as it is the best text messaging app alternative. This bug needs fixing basically I always have the number one on my home screen on the apps icon as if it's saying I have one unread text message. I have deleted all messages in all folders yet it still says I have one unread notification which I clearly do not please fix then we'll give 5 Stars.

Let us get rid of push notifications Before this update, the best part about this app compared to other messengers was that in the old version, there were no push notifications. Now, the worst part about this app is that I have checked all of my necessary messages, deleted or archived the rest, and there's still a push notification saying I have one unread message. Stressful and annoying. please fix it.

Nexus 6 Unfortunately, the newest update is not to my liking. The UI is ugly and now I'm having problems with receiving/sending messages. It's a little too basic. Having things like schedule messages is pretty common now, but this doesn't have it. I hope you get your stuff together, Google. :(

Love that the app is starting to resemble Allo But please stop fragmenting your messaging apps, and consolidate them? Love the classic functionality, and the Wi-Fi support (when possible). Reallllllly dislike the new icon, it doesn't match any of my other apps

Dates/times are pathetic after update Wow really google? Why do I get random date/time when I send a message? Today I sent many sms dated 2014 and 2013, the best one was 23rd May of 1989. Also bravo on your new design of not showing individual times next to each sms. This new fresh design is overall as fresh as a fresh cow dump can get.

Love the new Update! It looks Awesome! Loved the way the Icon look now! loved the new curved bubbles. Makes the whole thing look and feel really smooth. Nice redesign! The new changes are definitely welcome! They are subtle but just different enough for me to notice and appreciate them! Keep it up! Only problem is that I Can't send emojis. Using an LG G4.

New Update is (Mostly) Good No joke, I had to double check to see if I was using a different app. The changes aren't drastic, but they're OK...not a fan of the rounded messages. For one, I love being able to see more messages when I first open the app with more compact design and less dreaded padding. Secondly, (some) the UI refinements really work. And lastly, cool new features like sending over WiFi. Now to the negatives.....WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO THE ICON? SMH. Darker blue is fugly.

Loved the old Icon.. This is the first (and probably the last) time I rate an app on it's icon esthetics. The app is functional, but my God is the icon horrible !! Please revert it back to what we had. It looks terribly out of place and ugly. Ruins the whole appearance.

Good ? Before the update I couldn't receive pictures or links to things but I now can and for that fix I give it 5 stars. I love this messenger far more than the stock one on my phone feels smoother and nicer. Thanks for fixing the picture problem

New Design If this is the way that the UI will be from now on, then so be it. But please, please change the launcher icon back to what it used to be. It really doesn't seem like something that fits in with Material Design, or even the other Google app icons. It seems like you're trying to please new users, but forgetting about the rest of us in the process.

Works Well Like the new redesign, but would love a dark theme. The white background can be blinding when using in the dark. Would love to see Hangouts, Allo and Messenger all combined into one messaging app. But I do like keeping Duo as a separate app.

Why the design change? This new design with rounded bubbles for the messages is a step backwards for the app. The rectangles and sharp corners looked clean and spacious, but these new bubbles look crowded and claustrophobic. The app also piled on some more visual clutter by shrinking the size of each conversation as it appears when opening the app. Terrible update, and I doubt it'll go back to the way it was.

WTF DID YOU DO TO THE ICON I have never, EVER, rated an app poorly for it's aesthetic. It has always been about function. But good lord, Google. Good lord. The new icon looks like the blob from a child's crayon drawing of a smartphone. Change it back. I demand it. Change it back now or I shall darken the sky with your ashes.

Dark theme & contact list. Sending sms as mms If we could get a black background with the 'sent' bubbles in dark gray OR a dark gray background with light gray 'sent' bubbles. Contact names, in the contact list area, should be different. Either in size and/or making them bold. I find it hard to read between the message and the name at times. Instead of bolding the font when a message comes in, why not use the color of the contact as the contact list background? My SMS was changed to MMS, because it's longer then 160 char? Ridiculous. Not a good app

New update This is my rating for right now. I loved it before. Worked perfectly fine, but then I got the new update and every like 4 messages I reply to when I'm not actually in the app, it gives me the "unfortunately messenger has stopped" pop-up and I have never had any trouble with it doing that before.

Like taking a pic right in the app but not that it reduces the quality of it when sent With my font, I can't tell which msgs are unread & which aren't. The messages that aren't should be highlighted in that person's color. I would like to change the colors or select a color for the app & have the option to change the background image in the messages. A dark material option would be great.

Selection Can you explain me why there is not possible to select and copy a part of SMS? It's possible to copy only entire SMS. Then you need to paste it to another text editor and select-copy there. Very annoying! Also, there is not an option available for scheduled sending.

GALAXY S5 Freezes Receiving a text message still freezes my phone on my lockscreen. I have to reset my phone in order to get access to it again. Only happens when messenger is the app for sms text messeges. I've tested with the default app as well as Google Hangouts and they don't freeze my phone

Generally Good - needs one improvement Overall good SMS app. Please allow functionality to access Google Photos when attaching a photo in Messenger. It appears as if it would let me, but only gives options of photos/videos within Google Photos that are ALSO saved locally on phone. Also - is this the future of Google SMS or Allo/Duo??