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My Xbox LIVE

Supplied By Microsoft Corporation    On March 12, 2013    Comments(49)

APP for iPhone My Xbox LIVE versionVaries with device Download

Take your Xbox LIVE experience wherever you go with the My Xbox LIVE app. Track and compare your achievements, connect with your Xbox LIVE friends, and change up your 3D Avatar. Review all the recent great games you and your friends love to play and compare achievements with them. Access Xbox Spotlight feeds, get breaking news from Xbox LIVE, game tips and tricks, gamer spotlight and much more.

This app will allow you to…
• Track and compare your achievements with your LIVE friends
• Change up your 3D avatar
• Message your Xbox LIVE friends
• Edit your LIVE Profile

This app requires an Xbox LIVE account to sign in. Available for most Android 2.2+ smartphones, with WGVA screen resolution or higher.

Microsoft Corporation part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update March 12, 2013. Appstore play rating is 75.334. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes. Download my-xbox-live.apk 0 bytes


Not supported? The app now says my device isn't supported. It was apparently supported at some point because the app is installed. Is it because I'm running a custom ROM? All my other apps work!

Whats the point?! You dont support samsung devices.... arguebly the most popular android device brand.... then you really arent supporting anything.

No longer supported I have the Galaxy Note2. This app was supported while we were on jellybean. Now that Galaxy upgraded to KitKat, this app is no longer supported. It has been over a year since the update, and this app still hasn't updated to include kitkat. No need holding on to this app hoping. If it hasn't happened by now, it's not. Uninstall...

Device not supported.. I don't know why but my device isn't supported. My expectations are not met, sorry but two stars now. Could you specify those "most devices" mentioned in the description? Uninstalled eventually – the decision reasonable for now..

keyboard issue? At the sign in screen I have trouble back spacing or using auto complete. Can only enter letters one at a time.

Umm, MSFT fail. Please keep up with Android release support. No reason whatsoever for device incompatibility on such a simple app, the only reason is you aren't keeping up with Android updates. Kindly catch up-quickly.

GT3 This is false advertisement should not show up in App Store if its not supported your behind on this not like this is anything new get it together peeples

Samsung Galaxy mega Phone not supported? Really? Its not a bottom of the barrel phone though it's not the s5 but come on Microsoft do something for the consumer for once I seem to see the pattern about every other review same thing not supported

Does not work and 2 issues The first issue is the app does not work for my galaxy s3 says it does not support this device. Second issue on my galaxy tab pro 8.4 it says your device isn't compatible with this version but both devices are running 4.4.2 kitkat please fix the app than I will rate 5 stars if it works on both of my device.

Poor Execution So, this app is designed to crack your security. I've got two-step login enabled and can't switch to my authenticator because every time I leave the app it prompts me for my user name and password again. I'm not going to pick a shorter password or disable two-step just to use this app.

Where is the update ? Not able to listen to my messages with this app. No update still has the same old games displayed on start up.

Signing in every time I open app Could you please allow a 'remember me' option because I am sick to death of signing in every time I open this app.

Okay but Some of the pants for my avatar bug out makes my avatar look buggy like fizzy and junk overall good app but please fix bugs thank you

Doesn't Update Galaxy s3 It's nice for sending and replying to messages and for viewing my gaming achievements, but the spotlight section doesn't update to current games and videos. Its still showing behind the scenes look at Resident Evil 6 and Assassin's Creed 3. Fix this to show recent games and I'll give this app a five star rating.

pretty good I have used this app for some time but keep experiencing problems. also would be nice if the app had some form of update. Old games on the main page and issues which should have been sorted out by now

Stopped working! It supported my phone for almost to years and now it say it doesn't! How does that make sense!? Do they only support Windows phones now?

Not supported Say my phone isn't supported. It used to work just fine and now... Don't download this unless you want to instantly uninstall it. It will not work.

WHY The reson i give it 3 star is because it won't work for some reason so it said not able to support your device

Pretty useless for me Dunnu if its just me but I added some friends and they accepted my request and some of them are shown as online but others are still pending. On the actual xbox we are friends and they are shown as such. Online and not pending

S3 not supported! Samsung has to be the most used android device in the world and not supported. There is no reason (or you will not tell us) why Samsung is not supported.

Not supported I would rate this 5 stars but this app doesn't support my phone and I have an android. Just say it supports smartphones.

Great app Its great. I love using it but please fix the screen rotation. I hate sitting down nd when I'm typing something nd then it rotates. I don't even use the screen rotation.

Waste my time Well yet again have brought another android device and can not use any xbox apps smart glass or my xbox live please update your apps so more devices can use them I feel sorry for the poor people who can only afford a low priced smart device as they are being left out and so I say get your act together.

Needs a serius update quick starting to go on ps Needs updated i dont wonna go on ps but theres seems better

Unexpected lack of support After installation, when attempting to run the app, an error is displayed saying that only a few smartphones are supported. The app description on the other hand, says most smartphones with WVGA or higher resolution are supported. I'm trying this on an Xperia L, which has an FWVGA display. What's wrong???

SUPPORT THE APP! This app is not being supported, I mean it was last updated 2 years ago! Come on microsoft, we need this app and there are many problems with it! 1)The app keeps signing you out of your xbox live, would be nice if YOU COULD STAY SIGNED IN! 2)You cant receive notifications for this app for when you get like a friend request or something.

Can't sign in Using Motorola Atrix HD. Correct email and password. Keep receiving error message can't sign in. Try again later. Uninstalled and reinstall. Same messages. Tried to put incorrect password and it recognized it as incorrect so I believe password filter works right. Put in correct information again and said Try Again Later. Not sure what causes this. Will try again later tonight before removing for good.

My HTC One X+ not supported Reading alot of these reviews, even IF you manage to find a phone that this app does support, the app probably won't work properly anyway. Looks like no updates have been released for a long time too.

I'm sorry This was absolutely an amazing app I used it for quite some time but I have to admit, smart glass had me switch for that silly little control thing But this app worked when I needed it Never crashed Always loaded fast Couldn't find one thing wrong with it

Not updating content Just re-downloaded after getting an Xbox One, and the only videos it's showing are from 2013. My recent games are also all old; nothing I've been playing recently has shown up in the app, even though everything shows up online fine. Edit: Verizon MotoX(2013), Android 4.4.2.

It's good, but... ... The 'Spotlight'page seems to be out of date? It's got Resident Evil 6, NBA 2k13, Fifa 13 etc advertised on there.. And it has shown those for over a year on my App and never updates itself. I've even deleted and redownloaded the App and it has made no difference??

Jenny Black So let me get this straight, my S4 Mini is compatible with this app but not my S4. That makes no sense. Wish I could install this app to give it a real review... I had to install this app on one of my old devices just to write this review because of how badly this has annoyed me. That's pretty bad microsoft.

Not supported for HTC desire 500 This app does not work on the HTC desire 500. It does work for HTC desire 310 though for those who might not know. I will rate 5* when you make this app supportable.

Time waster Sorry we don't support tablets go waste some money on a phone.

Doesn't support the Nexus 7 2013 - but lets me install it and then tells me that. MS FAIL.

Not supported.... REALLY? Why was it supported at one point and now all of a sudden it's not? What a joke. Fix it you billion dollar company.

Nice app Works great lets me know when friends are on and also passes me in titanfall lol. Would be nice if u could go into party chat on the go too.

Doesn't work When ever I try to login to my account it doesn't let me sign in and the same thing happens with Xbox smartglass as well fix it and I will rate 5 stars

Almost Useless Customize profile and avatar is good. Checking messages that's okay too. What would be better is account management, the ability to make Xbox live purchases, and list of all owned games and DLC.

Out of date much? Sure, I can change my avatar from my phone. And that's all well and good. However, the friends list isn't all that user friendly, the app doesn't show how I got my gamerscore... Not to mention the ads from 2013! That's 2 years ago! Get it together Microsoft!

Not Supported ?! Before I even got to use this app, it says that my device is not supported. How am I supposed to enjoy it if I can't even use it. I have Android Jellybean for crying out loud. Please fix this problem. Please.

Msgs fall short I don't know of any mobile device that doesn't have speakers, why can't we listen to voice messages? Or am I just supposed to use my ear buds to hear them and nothing says that? Messages from my cell phone is what I use this app for the most!

Works great on my LG stylus does great with avatar customization and other fuctions. Only problem I'm having is that it only shows me records and info from my Xbox 360. Can we get an update for it to show the Xbox One.

Ehhhh It looks cool and all but, it saids my phone is not supported...I'm just guessing I will have to use XBOX 360 SmartGlass now...It is the only thing that works for me. I really hope you guys fix it soon. Cause if you don't this app won't have more than a million downloads, ever. This is not a threat. It is just the truth.

NEDS AN UPDATE NOW!!!!! Doesn't show all my friends and the Trailers are from 2013?!!!!!! Fix it and ill give you 5 stars pleaseee.

Xbox live Not very good ,I think Xbox smartglass is better .You can do the same stuff but much easier to use and you can do more stuff.

Move on! If y'all are really having so many issues with this app then just go use either Xbox 360 Smartglass or Xbox One Smartglass, it's that simple. Those work fine and will do everything that the Xbox Live app will provide.

Better rating when my device is supported My LG is not supported soo let's jump on getting this up and going I believe in you guys go get em!!!

For mimecraft tablet users Realms came out and we cant login without xbox live. make it compatible with tablets. I imstalled it on my tab and it said its only available for smartphones. Do somethin about it