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Ninja Adventure Time:Dark Path

Supplied By MKhaled    On July 29, 2014    Comments(53)

APP for iPhone Ninja Adventure Time:Dark Path version4 Download

Destroy the Leader of the Darkness and Evil in this lost city! You are the hero with the justice sword and special forces, and your mission is simple : kill the boss!
- Full HD Graphics
- Amazing sound effects
- Virtual Joystick
- Collect Coins to buy the game assets
- Full Free, You will not pay a penny inside the game
- New Levels are coming very soon!

MKhaled part of our Adventure and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update July 29, 2014. Appstore play rating is 77.834. Current verison is 4. Actual size 76.0 MB.

What's new

    new fixes added.
Download ninja-adventure-time-dark-path.apk 76.0 MB


Wat even Is laggy, ads pop up everywhere I had two before I could move, I had three skills that instantly killed everything and had no idea what to do and no direction telling we what to do. Combat was likewise pathetic and barely worked or had any finesse. I don't recommend this oversized game to anyone

Let's talk about the problem 1 by 1. 1st= (lag) It's not the developer's fault, your device not optimized, too much background app running and use a lot of memory. And remember that Quad core processor can handle multiple applications on the background. And Dual core, depending on how big the cache and core speed. 2nd: (crash) most high graphic game, require free ram about 300mb and above RAM (Random Access Memory). High end device don't face this problem, it's probably you have low end device. 3rd about ADS? I have ads blocker. Google it

Ads, and more ads. Controls are very unresponsive. You will get frustrated trying to attack and your dude just stand there getting hit repeatedly while waiting for the attack button to work again. Sorry but uninstalling

Slug Adventure: The Unresponsive time! WTF! Congrats! For the first time a strolling ninja! THIS GAME SUUUCKS! It looks nice, But you forgot to add the FUUUN! the ninja walks, The controls don't respond, and by now I guess I should stop expecting any story from an android game! F- That's your grade "DEAL WITH IT!!!" Now who the hell gave this game 5 stars!?

Has.......... Potential It is a great idea. Seems like the developers had an idea then just got over worked, or strung out, home life effecting them. Who knows. The ads are horrendous. Pop up even during game play. I have to go with the fact theyre heavy drug users to put so many ads in a single un finished game. Finish programming the good idea and the money will come. Just a waste right now. Come one guys wheres your drive to live and be great. SMH

Cool you fixed the lag But there should be some checkpoint or save slot or save for me to rate it 5.awesome graphics and sword animation this is the game that i want...

What the.. 4 ads before the game even started. Once it did I stood there waiting for some sort of story line or a tutorial but nothing. I ran around for and quickly realized the combat was atrocious. The main attack only works every 15th time you press the button and the best way to kill enemies is to run around in circles for 7 seconds waiting for your lightning move, an insta-kill for everything on screen, to recharge. I fought a boss and killed it and a msg popped up saying you won! Want to play again? Uh no...

Good but 1 copied They just copy the music in LoL (League of legends)..you will here it when u are picking hero in LoL..but nc game

Too laggy. Careful buddy dont want get sued on the league of legends song and sounds. You took their stuff. Also game lags at some parts and there are no instructions or anything.

Unbearable Game ultimately is not playable. Not enough material to hold any interest. Multiple bugs that impedes any fun that might have been had. I want my two minutes back!

Needs work Combat is not fluid and ads interfere with immersion. For an action game combat should be more fluid and not hit wait hit hit wait and do heavily reliant on powers.

Jhayril I justa installed this game a few minutes ago . I thought it was a good game but why i cnt open it .. my phone is huwaei y22o1 . Please help , i want to play this kind of game

Wtf 30 seconds in stuck won't move in any direction. Lame lame lame lame lame

Cool This is Supr awesome I think it cool and stuff

Ninja adventure game It came up error when I first try installing it and then let me install in pl fix it pl

Giving 5 star's for the graphics Needs work moves to stiff just a tweak or two but very nice :-)

Very poor concept, no tutorials, no save point, no inventory, lack of items, life gauge of enemy is missing, story lines,,, plenty of things to work on,,, hays in one word,, your game sucks!

Needs update We need to save our game and we also need some checkpoints,hope the next update won't destroy the game. All in all a very great game!

Don't bother Pop ups every 10 seconds and very glitchy with alot of lag, probably be a great game if they fix the problems

copyright© sounds from league of legends... r u legal? and basic atacks do nothing...

Advert spam First of all there was no intro, story, or tutorial. An ad covered the entire top of the screen and popup ads started while I had the app open at the main menu AND randomly while I ran aimlessly through generic dungeons. The monsters never hit me until a boss three hit me. You can't make money if you scare off ftp users within the first 10 minutes.

Stoked fro. Assasinns creed They stoled the character pic from ac do it one more timime and I will report you guys and it sucks

Would be more stars but having to restart every time i want to play is incredibly infuriating

Good idea but... Controls are laggy, no tutorial, enemies don't have hp/mp counter. Good idea, but lacking. Update and it would be a good game.

Controls! !!!! Controls don't seem to work , very slow or just don't work .plus to many pop up ads. Also in game writing to small to read. Sorry guys

Never got 2 play Every single time I try to play it crashes at the title screen THIS GAMES SUCKS UNINSTALL 1 STAR

Meh 3 adds in the first 20 secs then stupid add at top of screen seems very slow sluggish to and I no its not my phone

Ninja Advertising Time: Dark Ads I literally opened the game for the first time, and before I could even read the menus, BOOM! Full screen ad. So I pressed play and it begins to load...less than 9% loaded, boom! Another full screen ad. No tutorials, no apperent story. Just run around and discover ads. Have fun in this 76mb Advertising adventure.

ok good looking game but way too many adverts and very crap controls has plenty of potential but sort it out if you want this to be a great game

Lag op Didn't even play the game yet but the league of legends music nice

WORST GAME EVER Ouch. How can they even put this out?

Needs work Way to many ads and controls are very unresponsive. Uninstalling.

The character moves too slow, and fights too slow. Plus the screen is too crowded.

Garbage Full screen ads appear in gameplay, pronounced control latency and game lag on a Galaxy S5. A game with these average visuals should not be running at 10fps on a Galaxy S5. Do not waste your time.

Good game Its a good game but short, i beat the boss, then it asked me to play again. Same stage. Are there anymore stages or just this one?

May be a good game...???? Cant tell if its any good because nobody can play it do to more overly aggressive adds, it may be a fun game...the world will never know.

COOL!! I like this app.. It's almost similar than D.O.T.A game!!

Worst advwnture ever Slow attack & general movement and no good tactile feed. And be prepared to click unwanted adds 2-3 times after eachother. Don't download.

sucks this game sucks too many commercials and the character only hits once before it get stuck no recommended it sucks too bad i cant give it minus stars

Annoying Too much hard,the character is too weak....

What on Earth I thought this was supposed to be a ninja, ninjas jump and hide the shadows, why does he walk he's supposed to be quick and stealthy what's happened to an introduction, a starting point maybe, a choice of weapons would of been an improvement. Right I have given it one star because in a completely honest opinion this guy is missing every concept and idea of a ninja, there is a lag between you issuing the command and your character acting on that command, I'm sorry but that's the truth to it

Eh Kinda fun but not enough to keep you playing (3/5)

Worst game ever It doesn't even open I tryed 10 times lameeeeee

I still Enjoy 2.5 star for grafic And game play... dont know what story this game..

I regret downloading the game. 1. No story or tutorial at start. 2. He's supposed to be a ninja and yet he is slow as hell and those attack combo are just lame. 3. Is he running or walking I can't differentiate. 4. Game is just slow. 5. Ads block gameplay. 5. The hero is just a fat dude with no speed.

Garbage!! Don't even bother downloading!!!

Ridiculous There's several things wrong with this game, for starters no one wants to see an ad of another sitting there on the screen when they are trying to play, it's distracting. Two the attack button is way to slow it doesn't actually attack when you hit it. Three you're moving way to slow, ninjas are quick and silent, this guy is slow and way to loud. I'm Uninstalling this app

Cool game Some complain because of there old brand phone. Not the game

Ugh I had to fight off a million ads before I could even play the game.

Defeat boss one Hey you guys are you guys know how to defeat first boss? I lose and dead so I want you guys to tell me how to defeat the boss

Ads Too much lag and the ads....sooo many. Any save points?

Its about the problem more ads Hey this game is so SUCK LIKE A CRAP deletable gamez like this

Read it Download this game don't listen other if u want a good game download it