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Our Budget Book

Supplied By Mavi Software    On Sept. 20, 2016    Comments(128)

APP for iPhone Our Budget Book version5.6 Download

Easy income and spending management for your family with "Our Budget Book": Keep an eye on your money in self-created categories. Create monthly bookings. Use the report page to see a graphical overview of your finances. Synchronize several installations of the app on different devices via Google Drive.

If you want to help with translation into your language, you can do it here:

All features:
• Plan your personal finances and keep track of your spending
• Free categories for income and expenses
• Material design for Android 2.3 and higher
• Synchronization across multiple devices with Google Drive
• Various color themes
• Report page with several diagrams
• Optional Pin protection
• Optimized for use on tablets

How to use Google Drive Sync:
When you hit the synchronize button the first time, the app creates the file "BBSync.bin" in your Google Drive. The file will be used for further synchronizations. You can move the file to another folder on your Google Drive and share the file with your family members so they can edit it and use it for synchronization too.

The permissions are needed for the ads and the synchronization.

Mavi Software part of our Finance and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 20, 2016. Appstore play rating is 86.3171. Current verison is 5.6. Actual size 7.3 MB.

What's new

    New in version 5.6
    * Fingerprint unlock
    New in version 5.5
    * Improved plus button
    * Bug fixes and minor improvements
    New in version 5.4
    * You can now add images from the gallery
    * Bug fixes and minor improvements
Download our-budget-book.apk 7.3 MB


Transfer you need to create transfer between acconts.

Great app. I downloaded several budget apps and this by far is the most user friendly and a great way to plan your spending and track what you've spent .

Good but needs a little extra I'd really like this app, but don't like the limitation of setting the budget on a monthly basis only. Would be nice to create annual budgets for some categories as you may incur expenses only on a quarterly or annual basis.

GoBi It's mostly same as what rest in the do, we can't we edit category after entering, could be better.

Almost perfect. It is so close to perfect it hurts. It only has one thing wrong for me but its an important one. There is no option for recurring weekly/fortnightly or x amount of weeks. Being able to specify a certain day of a week would mean there is no way to improve this app in my eyes. Please do this. I have tried other apps but keep coming back. I will even pay for pro for these options.

Love it Yep this is great and easy to use. The graph and stuff makes me know better how i spend my money

Great app I am enjoying this app and it is useful to keep track of your budget and expenses. I would like it if you could also see a yearly report of income versus expenses.

Just what I need Perfect for every day use

Cant open app. I loved the app up til the last update. Now I cant even get it to open.

Try to add In terms of ₹ rupees

5 stars A great app helps me manage more then my budget it helps my manage my ease of mind and a busy schedule.

Useful Great design combined with functionality.

I like it but I use aus $ not £ I can't believe there isn't an option to change currency symbol, it's not much but it will drive the OCD side of me nuts - look changing to American English is all well and good for Americans but I'm Australian and that the spell checker getting all my words wrong will annoy me more than the pounds symbol in your app

Offset So far, this is really good. Would like to offset a month start to +25 though.

Good app. I really liked this app. For now this is what i needed, except one issue - currency. - I live in country (Israel) that use different currency (Shekel) than the language i use in my phone settings (American English). - When i'm going abroad, there are different currencies in other countries, and its imposible immediately to convert amount to my local currency. I don't expect this app to do this - but at least be able to log the currency

I like so far but need more time.. To finish rating

Exactly what I was looking for

Crashed on Galaxy S4 Just crashes when I am trying to add any category. Gave benefit to the doubt and cleared app data and tried again but got the same thing. Attempted to uninstall and reinstall and got the same issue.

Perfect, what I needed

review You should be able to select whether you want to drag budget to the next month or not, I find that rather disturbing and it doesn't help at all - no one has the exactly same expenses or income each month.

Super But If i prefer my phone to be in english, when i live in for example Denmark, speaking danish. I would love an option to choose currency if u live in one country with its currency, but speak another language.

Only one currency.

DooMerxX Brilliant, more can be done with this app to make it better, but since there is nothing like it in the play store it deserved a 5 stars

Wish you could make it your own like make it every one week or every two weeks instead of just a month

I love it too much.this app too good app.awsome app.Try it out

PERFECT IF... 1.can edit my first day in a first day in a month is at day 7. 2.can edit my budget in every month,because my salary is not my monthly budget also not fix. 3.this is very best apps actually and i love using it.:).sorry for the bad english.and i hope you fix this. thanks.

The best I have tested all the budget apps on the store and this is by far the best out there. Awesome user interface and simply does what it's meant to do.

Works well Simple, clean, and easy to use!

Excellent synchronization feature I have used many budgeting apps, but none with the ability to sync between devices. Thank you!

Tutorial Is there a tutorial for this? Would certainly make things a bit easier.

Wrong calculation when you spend more than your income Wrong computation! when you over expend. Eg your income is 10k but you spend 11k your remaining balance should be negative 1k right? Instead it will show wrong computation fix this and will definitely give a 5 star

Change the currency Don't you have the option to change the currency???

Just nothing Oh this is nothing, just giving 5stars to apps that makes me happy

I like it well enough. But I wish I could track my credit card separately like if I'm trying to pay off the balance. And the same thing for a savings account with tracking how much is there. That would be a great feature to add.

Very good But I need to find out what already booked means

Amazing app! Very easy to use and straight forward!! Helps me keep tract of everything!!!

Super helpful Ever since using this App we haven't over drafted once. This has saved us so much time.

Love it. Love that it syncs with Google drive. I share the sync file with my wife and we're able to stay on the same page budget wise. I wish that changing a category value for a month wouldn't also change the previous month because it makes it impossible to see what was budgeted in the past (to see trends, etc.) But overall it works very well. Price is right too.

Where do I see total budget? Also, there's no way to be able to set a monthly budget. All it does is sum all the categories budget. I don't have a categories budget. I have a total monthly budget according to which I distribute my expenses

Like it but just synchronized to tablet and it changed everything to the demo and i had to redo everything on my phone all over again.

Alok Desai A good app to track your finances

Mixed feelings I'm not sure if I can trust this app anymore. I took money out of my bank account and when I added that withdrawal to the app, my balance went up instead of down. Why? That is NOT how subtraction works.

This is a really awesome app. I would like to see something that tells you how much you have remaining in total expenses vs. Already booked budget, but overall very happy with this app.

Best, simple, easy app I've found for accurately keeping track of expenses.

Add photo Should have search from gallery

Like it but wish I can share it with husband I really like the practical set up of the app and easy to use. .. but I can't share this app with my husband. PLEASE MAKE IT SHARABLE FOR GROUPS!

Zenpad C Thank you for the answer. Now i can use the indonesian currency. Love this app. Nice UI. Keep up the good work dev!

Best budget app Not complicated. Love being able to take a pic of receipts. Very custom friendly, able to add/edit categories while recording expenses. Needs split expense and custom month range.

Excellent, this is what I was looking for

Unable to set different budget amount I think this is a serious issue. I'm unable to set different budget amount for different months having same category. Even if I change it updates budget amount for all the months.

This is a really great app I love it :-)

Great app. Very usefull

Looking 4 this

Good not great Really useful but the ads get annoying and it could just use a little more work. Like the the functions in the app itself seem like they could be better organized.

Great app I've used it for over a month now and I love it. Its simple interface, and ease of use as well as its diverse presentation of information and the ability to sync and export this info make it especially useful. It is a great tool that's helping me to stay involved w my finances and regain control of my financial future. I am loving it.

Superb but This is great app... Best app with cute UI but Please add daily wages to store the daily spending money.. Thanks in advance

Just what I was looking for I use this app overseas and this app has everything I need to organize a group financial management. The only thing is confusing: when I take a photo of a receipt and then press save, it doubles the entry. So after taking photo I just have to press "back" and it saves. Other than that I love it! Thank you very much!!!!!

Really useful I would like there to be an option for inputting yearly expenditures that are then spread over each month.

Pretty nice so far. Until i learn more about it. This app gives me a sense of budgetary responsibility

Still missing I just got this app so I am not sure if I might not have found it yet but I am missing an overview of how much money is currently booked on each account not the total sum of all accounts. Without this I don't want this app.

Just installed Looks very promising and seems to have cool creatures like budget sharing and ability to personalise accounts.

This is the one for me Tried various personal accounting apps and have settled on this one. Clear interface, works on a tablet, very stable so far. A great app all in all - am going to buy the full version.

I love it! I'll give it 5 stars once it has also subcategories, and probably buy the pro version

For me, the ads aren't annoying. At least that the interface is better with Material than Holo on v2.8.

Neat and useful All my incomes and expenses in one view. New entries are fast made, because app remembers words often used and you can clone entries you use more frequent or just enter them as regularly recurring expenses. Currently, I do not miss central features. However, the adds really suck, so you really will want to buy the pro-version. But nice, that you can actually try it for free.

Im waiting for saving category between expense & income. Nice ui

Great app Would have given it 5 if it had a little walkthrough. But its not that difficult to get the hang of. Once you know how to use it its pretty easy and really great to keep tabs on every cent spent

It's really nice to used. It's easy to organize?

It's very good application. Please add option of backup data.

Budget book Easy to use and a big help in budgeting

amazing!! I'm glad I found this app! I'm a college student that is trying to save money and I think this app is going to help me with my monthly budget. I highly recommend this app if u need something fast and easy. i am happy with it :)

Great App Love this app, but it'd be much more functional, if I could change category budgets, singularly. I noticed when I change on budget, for one month... it changes the budget for all months. Thanks x

Team work This app is great for new couples to work together to bring unity in finances.

Editing possibilities are top! Overview is really helpfull

Very flexible app and easy to use.

Deleted category issues The app deleted a category I wanted deleted from future budgets only from the past as well. Not good. I needed the past entry to stay put.

Easy to use Application is easy to use, more customizable than other available apps. It would be more better if it remind for payments, like EMI payment.

A very nicely built app offering almost all personal finance features in free version

Bills? Would be awesome to add recurring bills in addition to the transactions. Then maybe the ability to mark a bill reminder entry as paid, which switches it to a normal transaction entry?

I deleted a category, and all the entries related to it have been deleted as well :S I thought they would still be there and now all my overviews are wrong. I can't recover the previous data either. Is there any way to fix this?

I changed it to two stars from four because even though i unchecked the daily reminder it still bugs me everyday. Really, stoppit.

I can keep track of all my wedding expenses and love that it is color coded

Love the app Having the reminder to put in my payments for each day forces me to track my money and keep aware of what is being spent. Only reason I don't give a 5 is I would love my wife to be able to have this on her iPhone and sync to mine so she can put her own receipts and pay check in vs hand them to me. Create and it's app that will sync and I will give it a 5 only.

5/7 Exactly what I was looking for. Simple yet feature-rich material design budget tracker. Me likey very much.

Easy to use, useful charts,... Good job

Good app Name field should not be there in the create entries form, only notes will be fine, coz category is there to filter the records.

Easy and helpful Helpful to track your expenses

Grate app Good application for expence tracking. Simple and user friendly.

Useful and easy

Its aite I hate the ads though, all of them especially those with sound, I'm tired of clicking off ads, please do something about it! But overall it a kool app with nice easy budgeting features.

Ads with sound - unacceptable I'm a receptionist and this advert unexpectedly popped up playing rock music or something. It was awful. You're going to get me fired you stupid app!

Most effective yet Although there are heaps of these apps which ultimately function the same way, the display and usability of this one makes it the most effective for me. I've already started saving much better and I'm much more cautious of how, when and where im spending money.

Good I installed it and I started to use it but I couldn't understand it in the beginning but now I find it easy and convenient thank you so much for sharing such app...

I like it and it took me 2 days to pick one the only thing I wish it did was deduct what you have spent from each category instead of just the total but I'm happy and probably not using it properly yet.

Great For Tracking My Money So far the best app I have tried in monitoring my finances. Highly recommended!

Easy to maintain expenses only 1 bad thing that u cant change the expenses title in next month budget.

Very good app this is the very best I downloaded so far and I've downloaded quite a bit.and uninstalled them all this one I will be keeping..thank u

So far So far it's a good app because of the way the categories are easy to ready and color coding is great.

Great App! Perfect for managing personal expenses and for planning special events! And to top it all off, it's very easy to use and organize!

So what's the difference Between your free version and your pro version I flip thru the photos of your pro version and I didn't see any difference

Perfect Low space needed to dowbload it, very simple very usefull and free

Ads with audio on which I have no control! No way!

Good app Able to sync, handle basic needs.

Great app Best app for tracking your money balance

Excellent! Very useful application.

Must have. Organization made easier.

Love it It's easy to use!!!

Not able to install I am not able to install it in my lava iris x8 with android 5.0. Earlier versions of android I was using it. Could u pls find a solution for the error code 504?

This is a powerful app but painfully i don't have daily report option. And no daily sorting. Please if you can make a section where we can reports for daily income and expenses with total will be great. Thanks.

Helpful so far! I like this app because it's simple and easy to use. You can customize it to fit your personal expenses. And it doesn't ask for personal information like a lot of other budget apps. No complaints so far!! ?

Easy to use This is the closest app I could find that is like the old wallet method. I like that I can see each category and the remaining balance on one screen.

Great I love the app. Just wish I didn't have to pay to not have ads. Otherwise the app is absolutely fantastic

Very nice tool and easy to use

Simple to use Does the job

Great budget app The app has a great amount of options and customization. I like that you can choose whether one month's balance will carry over to the next month or not. The widget is very effective and the reports are clear and easy to read. Daily reminders are nice. An easy way to delete past entries in bulk is missing and would be a plus. Big con: too many ads. Full screen ads are annoying and appear way too often.

Everything you're looking for in a budget app. Husband and I were looking for a decent app for a while, and this one offers everything we need. We are more aware of our expenses and it has definitely helped us to cut costs on things that got by us daily without notice. We have been using this app since January and it's really great.

Best for me So far I've downloaded at least 5 apps for this. All aggravated me in some way, even this one has a few minor issues. But it is the easiest to work with and has all the features I was looking for. The ads can be annoying, but the paid version fixes that and the developer has to get something for their work. Probably upgrade to paid after I've put it through the ringer a month. I highly recommend you at least give it a try because it's the best I've used so far for my needs. Thanks dev.

Very nice and useful Sometime it makes duplicate entries when I try to update pic in existing entry. 1 entry with pic and 1 without pic. Except little issue its great app..

As I said before Good app but you need to show how to make balances in both checking and in app become like a twin just example a tutorial would be helpful to those who never used your app before and it would be easy for those who want to refresh their memories of how to use the app ...something to think about in next update for your app

Very good app, but for 5 stars; Please add an option to get rid of ads (in-app purchase with a reasonable price - between $0.99 to $3.00) AND add a category (like Expenses and Income) for Savings. :)

Best budget app I have found This app includes some key features that have been missing in other apps I have tried. Specifically, the ability to change all future repeating expenses, clone expenses. The ui is also very intuitive.

Good app Nice layout easy to understand and helpful. Ads are annoying but easily ignorable.

It's much quicker to pick a date from the full view monthly calendar than the swivel type calendar, which my other budget app has.

Very good Easy to use and i like that my husband and me can use it together

Arup It's all time help me

This is amazing The option to show how much is remaining is amazing

Very easy to use financial planning app. Recommended.