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Permission Manager Pro

Supplied By Appaholics    On Nov. 8, 2013    Comments(47)

APP for iPhone Permission Manager Pro version2.0 Download

Android 4.3 ONLY | NO ROOT

Permission Manager allows you to quickly open the hidden App Ops permission screen in Android 4.3 and manage INDIVIDUAL permissions for app.

-> Open the hidden screen in Android 4.3 to manage permissions
-> Get a list of the most dangerous apps on your phone
-> Single Icon Mode to allow only shortcut
-> Icon choice for shortcut

-> Detailed analysis of the most dangerous apps

Now you can safely stop Facebook from accessing your location, or Angry Birds from accessing the Internet!

Appaholics part of our Personalization and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update Nov. 8, 2013. Appstore play rating is 52.6549. Current verison is 2.0. Actual size 578.0 KB. Download permission-manager-pro.apk 578.0 KB


Does what it says but... This app does not give me the ability to turn off all of the permissions. One app in particular, I don't want it to be able to see my phone status/information. There's no way to turn that off.

No data permission The only permission I would like to control is data and its not letting me control which app access the internet. Sort that out and get a 5 star

Not always working with gapps? I don't think the app is working with Google apps. I tested it with google+. I set camera and contacts to always ask. It never asked to use the camera but it did ask about contacts however when I clicked deny it still loaded all the contacts. Then I set both camera and contacts to deny and they both still worked fine. I also tested with Facebook and it did in fact work and block camera access

Bad Bad application, felt cheated and disappointed after buying the pro version. Pro just provide a long app list but when you get in to manage permission app there again you have to find that app.... and surprisingly before you were seeing 30 dangerous permissions but in other app you will only 5 permission visible to you and surprisingly that dangerous permission is not at all visible here... not worth buying.

Works well. Does what it says. It works! Sure, some will tell you that these functions are already in Android, but you gotta really dig for them...this brings them right to the forefront in an easy to get to/easy to use interface. I had uninstalled CNN because it wants to access your camera without your permission or knowledge (WTF?!), with this app, I was able to re-install CNN.

A must have app How I hate apps that grab permissions like snapchat and then don't let you back out and change your mind. This app is great - yes I know it's only exposing a feature that the developers haven't released yet but I'll pay to have this ability.

Disappointed... Love the concept, but this app simply refuses to work. It crashes as soon as I start to try and manage permissions... Please fix...

Total loss of mony This app is total loss of mony ....I have made a big mistake by installing it. It is crashing every time will just show u list of your apps but when you will try to manage permission for the would got crashed .....hat it hat it.......the developers and publishers of this app must be jailed for cheating peoples .....hate it..worst app ever I have seen....

I'm happy this app exist I was always frustrated because some apps force you to give them permission you don't want. For example, I don't want to give Facebook my location data. Period. With this app this is finally possible.

Worked great till the 4.4.2 update. Now app just force closes. Can't do anything.

Poor Flipboard wants to read all my accounts info on the phone and permission manager has no options for it to turn it off or any app that reads my accounts!

App Didn't Work! I bought the app, it was supposed to control what an app could access, nothing changed when the app was installed. Do not buy this app. If I could, I would give the app no stars.

Doesn't work after updating to 4.4 Was pretty decent in 4.3, then I upgraded my nexus 4 to 4.4, now the app is no longer compatible.

HTC one: stops Attempting to manage any selection give "unfortunately permission manager has stopped. Pro too.

Very good, but ! Waiting to work with android 4.4

Does not function Every time I try to use the "manage" function the app stops.

App crashes It crashes as soon as I click on the app. Waste of money. DON'T BUY IT!

Doesn't work with Android 4.4. Thus, useless.

Any chance this will get an update to 4.4?

Same as App Ops It doesn't give any more control over permissions than App Ops. All it does is point to it, which can be accomplished easily with free tools.

Crashes If I try to change a permission (facebook) the app crashes. I am on a galaxy note4.

Waste of time and money. This app is a rip-off. Just get Quick Shortcut Maker and use it to create a shortcut to App Ops. Hint: It's in the Settings App.

Since android 4.4 crashes all the time

A good tool for the fight. Simple enough.

Crashes all the time. Completely useless. Save your 99p :(

problems After switching off several settings 1. unknowingly deleted my contacts 2. S view cover stopped working 3. wi-fi failed to connect

WTF I just brought this why it's already broken.

Great if it worked... Crashes immediately on Android 4.4.4 on Samsung Galaxy S4

Crashes everytime I use it!..., it used to be a five star app the kit Kat update makes it crash

Sucks. Waste of money.

Errors Errors opening manager

A simple app to access an important ability Does exactly as advertised. No adware or mysterious permissions. True, just exposing something built in to android 4.3, but Google isn't exposing it yet. And it's a valuable capability - don't want Facebook or some random app to track your location or upload all your contacts? Turn it off. It's worth a $1.

SCAM!!!! SCAM!!! There is no need to pay for a "Short Cut" to a temporarily hidden settings menu. This app was released as a free short cut then the dev updated it 3 times in 3 days taking functionality away from the original version then released this paid version. !!!DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! This app does nothing but link to an intentionally hidden settings menu. If you want access to that menu search "App Ops" or "Permission Manger" for alternative short cut launchers for Googles App Ops menu.

This is the most important apps to have on an Android device. No more passing over interesting applcations because they require permissions not relevant to the published purpose of the app.

Seems to do what it says. It would be nice if all permissions for an app were shown under a single reference to the app. It would also be nice if the app reference showed in some fashion those permissions had been changed from the default.

Excellent job I like this app. It does what it says.

Awesome Works as advertised. I have noticed that some apps don't show any permission switches. Is this a mistake or by design?

Don't work Don't work on Nexus 7 with Android 4.4 kit-kat. FC.

Don't work Don't work on Android 4.4 - Nexus 4. It's a great pity :(

No data permission The only permission I would like to control is data and its not letting me control which app access the internet. Sort that out and get a 5 star

App should be removed from store Description says 4.3 only. But store says "requires 4.3 and up". Anything higher then 4.3 and the app crashes. Press a button, it crashes, look at it wrong, it crashes. I should have taken the $1 and given it to a homeless person, I'd feel better.

Waste of time This app doesn't even work!! Bad app..wasted $1. It should be removed from the store. Every time I clicked on manage, a message pops up and says " unfortunately this app has stopped working." it does nothing but crash..horrible!!!

Lots of problems I chose to switch off several settings in many Apps. The result was (1) deleted my contacts list (2) S View stopped working (3) wi-fi failed to connect. The only way to fix all the issues was to re-install Android OS again and then re-set all the features the way it was. Took hours. The developer did not respond to my email.

Very good, but ! Waiting to work with android 4.4

Doesn't work as advertised Each time I try to "manage" an app's permissions, it just crashes. Could be that Samsung has done something to break it or it could just be a crappy application.

Crashes Crashes as soon as the "Manage" button is pressed. If the issue can be fixed, I will adjust the review accordingly.

This causes my s5 phone app to crash. It's worthless., unless I don't care about using my phone, which I do.