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Supplied By PGA TOUR    On Oct. 3, 2016    Comments(150)

APP for iPhone PGA TOUR version2016.4 Download

Experience the PGA TOUR like never before on your Android device with the official PGA TOUR App. Redesigned from the ground up with great new features and functionality and available for free from the PGA TOUR.

Features Include:
- Real-time leaderboard with player shelf allowing quick access to player scorecards, profile, and video
- Live player scorecards now featuring SHOT TRAILS, PLAY BY PLAY, and LIVE STATS
- Groupings view with TEE TIMES and LOCATION information
- Access to LIVE Video for every PGA TOUR event (requires OS 4.0+)
- VOD including tournament highlights, round recaps, player features, and more
- Course detail with hole layouts, descriptions, and live stats for each hole
- Schedule for the entire season
- All the latest news from
- Alert notifications for following your favorite Tour and players
- Champions Tour, Tour, PGA TOUR Latinoamerica, PGA TOUR Canada, and PGA TOUR China Coverage

PGA TOUR part of our Sports and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Oct. 3, 2016. Appstore play rating is 79.8428. Current verison is 2016.4. Actual size 16.0 MB.

What's new

    -Audio section redesigned, now featuring podcasts
    -Support for PGA TOUR Champions Playoffs
    -Bug fixes and performance improvements
    Feedback welcomed at
Download pga-tour.apk 16.0 MB


Handy and practical I use this app quite often and have never experienced any significant issues. Always up to date with practical and relevant information, as well as detailed statistics for those who want to know everything. Like ability to denote my favorites and keep them at the top, and get

Updates have ruined this app! This app was one of the cleanest, most user friendly sports apps before the forced update of a couple of weeks ago. Now, instead of directly going to the leaderboard for a quick check on the current status of a tournament, the app forces you to a browser and pops up a full page ad. Not worth the trouble.

Hate this updated app. It was so much better with the old one. Wish we could have the old one back

This app went from being one of the best apps ever to one of the worst, it's all due to the "updates". Update what? There was nothing wrong with it in the first place. Now it takes longer and one has to jump through hoops to get information. You guys really screwed up a good thing.

Nice, thorough app App is well organized and thorough. A joy to use.

uninstalling this app! Constant alerts and notifications and can't turn them off. App itself is POS!

Gets the job done. The app is great! It gives great info, offers live coverage when I'm on the go, and makes it easy to do just about anything. Keep it up.

Scorecard issue Selecting Round # on the scoercard produces unpredictable results. Otherwise, love the app.

Stop the points popups It keeps giving me points popups every time I log in.

New update New Update has ruined this app does not work for me anymore will look for alternative app now

PGA Loved the old app. Update totally sucks!

Currently Unavailable You know what might make this app worth it? Video that WAS currently available....

Loved it. Then, What? I download the app, navigate, familiarize, love it, and now I have to open in browser?? Whats the app for then. Really?... curse words.

Nice app but data hog Many nice features you would have to wait for on the scrolling banner. Allows you to watch your favorite players. Recommended for wifi or unlimited data plans.

WGC Error Gives me an error when trying to view WGC Match Play leaderboard

Points? What the hell are you guys doing? I just want up to date points and hoopla!!!!!!!

No tournament is available Since the last update the app is unable to connect with the current tournament info. Hope this bug is corrected before the next major or I'll be forced to use the ugly golf channel app.

Golfman1700 Love the app and all it offers.

Good but lacking No Chromecast support and does not support its own fantasy golf. Get it together pga

Great site Last update is the pits!

Love that MPoints is now on my favorite app! very up to date considering it is an app not live tv!

Seems ok Good match play audio.

Streaming video The video on this app is horrendous. It freezes up and keeps saying the video is not available even though it was streaming prior too. The rest of the app is great, just the streaming stinks.

Apple version is much better

Golf Really good

Change it back. Impossible to get updates easily.

Good app but updates cause instability

Daddyjoe Brilliant

Great Great app for anyone on the road most of the time

Aggravation I change notifications to none and then every update it gets changed back to all. Aggravation. I'm uninstalling

Mpoints Popups are annoying Went from 5 stars to 2 stars due to annoying new Points Popups.

Just Perfect! I can follow groups in real time while at my favorite tournaments...

President Barry Merovitch copier and fax dist.

Nice Does exactly what I need it to do

Great app ! Lots of information

Advertisements prevent enjoyment! I love this app except for the ads that run before each video clip. I am fine with an occasional ad while looking at content. When I am watching videos the ads are longer than the clips themselves and often repetitive.

Great app but when i have favourited a player in a tournament it continues on to the next tourney, v.annoying please fix.

Awesome Coverage Only thing I wish was better was getting the tee times in the morning quicker. Everything else is spot on!

Great to check on progress when you cannot watch TV. Monday needs to have money results.

Steve carrico It's the best golf app out there I love it.

Poor Was happy with the app at first. Now it seems like I keep loosing more and more. my favorite players are gone and doesn't has info on all of the tournaments that I would like to see.

Good but! How about a tablet app When are you going to make a tablet happy! there a probably a lot of people out there with tablet looking at this app

Great app, it keeps me up to date on what's going on with the tour. TV is not always available.

Being a GOLFER myself I am loving PGA.

Not very good Randomly turns on notifications. Has a 15-30min delay from live. Is generally pretty slow

Pga Brilliant

Pga Tour Exceptional punctuality and insightful information.

Great I particularly love the picture of Charlie Hoffman.....

Love it!! Awesome app!!

Who is in charge What happened. No shot detail and updates took a half hour or better. This department fell flat on there face and some changes are needed

Good app Recent updates have not been good. 1. Leaderboard does not update. I can only see last weeks leaderboard until this weeks tourney is over. Quick glance at current leaderboard is all I want from this app. It is very difficult to get to that information now. 2. Ads!!! any is too many. Get rid of the popups and Points crap. Nexus 6, Android 5.1

Pga tour Won't update. Reinstalled it and still won't work.

Newspapers are more up to date Can you explain why the app is typically 5 - 30 minutes behind live results? Absurd and incompetent.

Updates have destroyed this app!!! Its constantly draining my battery. Use to work fine.

Worked great until last update It worked very well. The update made it a hit and miss app. Lots of error messages.

Great app Most of the time, fantastic app.. but sometimes shot details are not available. Please sort out, we use this app every week. Many thanks

Never updates on time Very slow for updating the scores. I have to go to other sites to check the live scoring.

Leader board erratic Several times when checking the leader board it loads the previous weeks leader board instead of the current tournament. Very frustrating

Still a big disappointment It amazes me how little, if any, this app improves over time. Play by play shot results often don't match the scorecard results for a given hole. Clicking on previous rounds often loads the wrong card. Still real clunky and erratic.

The App Display is Portrait View only... ...on my Pixel C w/ Android Marshmallow 6.0.1. App not usable when tablet is attached to Pixel C keyboard which allows landscape orientation only. Would like to see a fix soonest. Thx.

Good but keeps crashing when playing PGA Radio The app itself is fine but, when listening to the live PGA Tour Radio through the app, every few minutes the app shuts itself off.

Problems w/ Galaxy S4 ***Update*** Finally fixed font problem - 8/15/13. While we're young! You all were put on the clock and apparently didnt give a crap. Players names and scores, when viewing the leaderboard, are so small they're unreadable. I've tried uninstalling & re-installing. App has remained like this since initial install in early May. And yes, I have tried the HUGE font setting for the phone. The app still works fine on my old S2.

I still use this app fairly frequently to keep up with the tournaments when I don't have time to watch on TV or if TV coverage isn't live, but I used to be able to watch live featured groups directly from this app for no charge, and now it just redirects you to order a paid subscription to another app.. some improvements noticed, but disappointed that they've done away with the free video

Dell matchplay Not sure if it is cuz it is a different structure to playing, but almost until usable.. freaks out and when trying to scroll up slides pages and tries to reload..

Some things have improved greatly However it still sends push notifications even though they are all turned off.

Turn off unwanted push notifications All app notification settings have been turned off, but push notifications are still coming through. Annoying!!

Fantasy section does not work for my samsung

Type over. Player profile info earnings and some other stuff jumbled together. Too many characters not enough space.

Completely worthless for playoff Waste Management Open playoff. Did not show proper playoff hole, could not follow shots, very late on scores. Expect better from PGA.

Love my PGA app Helps me keep track of my boys on the course. Great profiles on each golfer & let's me know how each of them are doing at the tournament, the year or their career & so much more. Thanks!

Alerts are ANNOYING! This app is worse than telemarketing. Turning all notifications off only slows it down.

This app has gone way downhill. Every time you watch a video, it plays an Ad. Doesn't matter how many videos you watch in a row, it plays either a 15-30 second Ad which you can not skip. Also you can not watch Live videos anymore. It tells you to download the pga live app and once you do that, you have to pay a subscription in order to watch any live video. Very disappointed in this app. It used to be much much better.

Outdated and Seems Glitchy Expect a little more from the app from the official PGA Tour. I go to the home screen, and all you see is a leaderboard from last year.

Still sending alerts All alerts off - still getting them. Fix please.

Enjoying the live coverage of the Masters on my phone!!!

PGA Better decision on #17 by fowler

I was enjoying this app then all of a sudden my player notifications stopped working.

Live maps no longer functions

ALL ALERTS OFF BUT GETTING THEM ANYWAY Please fix this and you'll get 5 stars Review update. Still getting notifications with every notification turned off. Demoted to 2 stars.

Change Player notifications not working at all. Poor poor showing

Mr kennethrobertsonfacebook Love this game

Love the latest on Tiger I miss the greatest player. Great to get the latest version of Tiger's game

Can't play live footage. I would have given this 5 stars before I subscribed to premium content. Now I've just been scammed a months cost. Tried clicking on live content but constantly takes me back to subscription page. When I click to subscribe again it states that I've already subscribed. No shyt! Why can't I watch it then?

Disappointed updates of play should be quicker.

WiFi not working After an email and app updates, my issue is still not resolved. I wrote the following months ago... My phone (MotoX) recently updated to 5.1 and as soon as it did WiFi stopped working. After troubleshooting, I found this app to be the culprit. I uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times. Each time, WiFi started working again after uninstalling. Then after I reinstalled it and opened the app, it stopped working again. I sent an email, here is to hoping it gets fixed.

I hate updates Updated this app and wish I hadn't. Can't get it to open from my screen. Have to go to the store and open it from there. Even un installed and installed again. Turned phone off and back on. Nothing helps. Don't see how this was a friendly update at all!!

It's a good app but PLEASE - if I turn off all of your notifications, don't send me any. This problem has come and gone with various versions, and it seems to be back.

Argh! I have all notifications turned off and I still get notifications. Can't you fix this? It has always been an issue.

Great app Love this app, keeps me up to date on all my favorite players when I'm not close to my TV. Works perfect for me. Samsung note 4

Good but..... Needs to add the ability to alter tee times to the user's timezone. It's annoying to have to keep looking up the time difference for every tournament.

Update sucks! After the update app crashes and it doesn't give u details of play-by-play shots! Old version had shot tracers and details of the shots hit, let's get that back

Ad free version please Can you please develop an ad free version? It can be a paid version but no ads

Fantastic app Functions well, and it's great being able to follow your favorite players at the top of the leaderboard! One thing I'd like: to make universal changes (or universal defaults) to favorite player notifications, rather than having to turn on or off (for example) the "Sunday Mover" alert individually on each favorite player...

Can't believe you dropped mpoints Stinks.....will go back to golf channel app

Great, a few bugs Leaderboard updates slowly and PGA Radio closes after ~30 seconds of listening no matter what I do. Otherwise great. Galaxy S6 on marshmallow

Can't turn off notifications I keep getting notifications for the Latin-American tour when I have all of them turned off.

The app doesn't play well with WiFi connection If you're having WiFi connection issues, it's this app. You have been warned.

No more mPoints...... I'm done with it. It was great while it lasted. Thanks

$$$ Eliminated features which remain free on Golf channel app. $40 per year? Disappointing.

Very well done app. What happened to mpoints?

No chromecast It needs Chromecast, or available on the amazon fire

Get rid of ads at bottom Annoying ads. Charge us a buck or something else. Silly to have PGA do this.

Removed mplus points program Thanks for ruining it!

Totally bummed that you dropped mPoints. Totally disappointed.

APP WON'T OPEN Will not open, used to but it stopped tonight. WTH!

Will be uninstalling. I only used it for the mpoints no matter how attractive Ms. Balionis is...:)

Removed mPoints!! First you made us start having to pay for some features that used to be free. Now you've removed mPoints! Between these changes and a few others, this app rapidly went from good to bad to worst. I guess they don't want to encourage golf fans or recruit new fans. Greed will get you nowhere!

Nike must be proud of how much this app sucks! Rarely opens!

Turning on notifications Do not. I repeat do not turn on notifications that I have set to off in every update you send out! This is ridiculous that I have to keep turning them off! I will delete this app next time. Thank you. Otherwise it's a great app to keep up with golf from any PGA tour. You people suck goodbye

Good, could be better All in all, this is a really good app that I have come to rely on. Love the app that the USGA has for the Open this year. If you rotate your phone to landscape, you get a round by round view with enhanced info. This app would be improved with that added function.

Too intrusive Why do you need access to my photos and other files on my phone? Way too intrusive for me. I will get my info someplace else

Needs improvement Leaderboard does not update in real time. I see a player make birdie or bogey and the score on the app doesn't change even after refreshing the page.

Why? Why do you need to know our location...more invasion of our privacy!

How to f up a perfectly good app Have uninstalled it at least 5 times cannot open pity was a great app

No ShotTracker for U.S. Open That's as poor as it gets. Uninstalling the app simply on principle.

Constantly sending notifications Need toggle to turn off all notifications. Too time consuming to drill down into each tour to turn off. Not for the casual golf enthusiast. May have to uninstall if notifications persist even if turned off.

Shot tracker is great when it's working. Not 100 percent dependable, but when it's up, it's great.

Current updates of the US. Open?! Can't be that difficult

All the info

Great App Great App to easily follow the PGA Tour every week. One thing I would like updated is to have tee times be able to be displayed in my local time zone.

Play By Play Really Hit & Miss Great in theory, shot details seem to drop off for a whole hole then just update which can be really annoying

Leaderboard Am I the only who thinks the leaderboard is confusing...what is the leader's actual score?

U not allways have the map on but u say u do

It takes way to long to update

Great Really good game

My go to golf app Great app! Love that you can access old tournament information by pressing on the different events in the schedule section. Keep up the good work!

PGA APP Too many notifications. . Even though I have turned them OFF in the settings, they still keep coming. .ps. I don't care about the Mexican tour...

Retired electrician Need less commentary and more golf want to see the golfers and not the announcers

PGA News up to date in real time!!! PGA app that keeps you inform in real time...

Love It The new version is simply the Best.

Updated app The shot tracker with blue on green is too hard to see. At first, I thought it wasn't working. The red, before the update, was enough contrast to at least see where shots ended up. Don't mind useful updates, but whoever went with the blue tracking needs to be fired. Update to review...Nothing is synced. The play-by-play is not wit the shottracker, and neither match the scorecard, which is out of sync with the leaderboard. Could maybe just two be together? Wow, oh, wow. Good thing is a free app!

Worse and uninstalled 30sec add for 14sec video . have you noticed most big apps scores are getting lower

Notification Spam Keeps spamming me with notifications even though all are turned off in the app.

Bought the annual subscription and after a while it doesn't work anymore. I'm logged in but it's asking me again to subscribe.

Push notification All notifications are disabled, yet you still think I care to know that Tiger is playing soon. Uninstalled.

Great app Only way to get the best and latest news.

Love golf, this app helps Very accurate, up to date.

Always updated Easily track your favorites players

Excellent Very good.

Very good

Awful ads It was OK before the ads. The ads are very intrusive and keep flashing messages about viruses and space. Let me pay to remove the blasted things. Or better still, as the PGA isn't exactly poor, just remove the ads.

Was great. Have been using this for a while now but the ads are a real pain on the butt. A 30 second ad precedes a 9 second video clip. Ridiculous to the stage I don't watch the videos and interviews any more.

I tried to like it I tried hard. But then I decided that had it been any other app bombarding me with crapware constant flashing ads and full screen popups I would have immediately binned it. So I did. This is an organisation with more money than a horse can shite, pushing malware ads. I despair.

Champions Tour Update Great app other than the weekly update of the Charles Schwab money list on the Champions Tour. I've turned off all notifications and now triple checked that they are turned off. I do not want to be updates on this. Please fix this bug

Stats Where are the stats? Am I missing something? Downgrade to 2 stars from 4.

Breaks Bluetooth and WiFi WiFi and Bluetooth cannot work at the same time when this app is installed. This app should not be allowed on play store.

PGA Championship Over 2 years after my first review .... still 20/30 mins behind live scores!

The subscription only gets you a limited number of holes. The app doesn't show the entire live coverage even with the subscription. Doesn't make sense

PGA tour app #cant turn it off