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Pluto TV

Supplied By Pluto, Inc.    On Oct. 19, 2016    Comments(224)

APP for iPhone Pluto TV versionVaries with device Download

Watch free TV on your favorite devices.

Download now to enjoy news, sports, movies, music, TV shows, viral videos, cartoons and so much more of the entertainment you love.

Kick back with tons of exclusive TV channels like News 24/7, After School Cartoons, the CNET channel, The Surf Network, Classic Movies, IGN, and The Onion. Enjoy blockbuster movies from Paramount, TV show favorites like Inspector Gadget, news from trusted sources like NBC News, and lots more!

Download now to start watching free TV.

Entertaining the Planet. Pluto TV

Pluto, Inc. part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Oct. 19, 2016. Appstore play rating is 77.2691. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

What's new

    What’s new in 2.4.13:
    - Bug-fixes
    Thanks for continuing to use Pluto TV!
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I like it for my laptop Its not like cable or netflix but its not bad best internet tv site ive found other than hulu or netflix but its formatted like regular tv. Anyone expecting timewarner type programming is retarded. My son and i have been watching old baseball games all week. Its great for him because the games they pick are pretty exciting.

Your team and app updates are still broken! For 6 months I get no videos, even the pluto tv ad is gone! Support has never helped at all! Fire them! Support Lenovo tablets please!

I don't get it seems like all I can do is select a general category and then you show me whatever you want. Same old same old that we have seen from the serially delivered TV networks. Disappointed to see no real choice... Or did I miss something?

Amazing Coolest thing all week.

This is it Amazing audio and video quality. Great channel selections. Who needs cable TV anymore?

Good app I'm very interested in this app, but please add a sleep function. No sleep timer on the market will kill the streams, and there is no built in sleep that I can find.

Love it! Keeps getting better! Appreciate the work, keep it coming:).

Best app for chromecast! Keeps me and the family entertained for hours such an awesome app. Do yourself a favour and download it!

Login Not Available I'm unable to login to my account on my Asus ME173X

Keeps saying unfortunately pluto tv app no responding report or cancel why >_<

Wtf There is no picture, take this garbage off of here asap!!!!!!

Good Need to put the app on samsung smart tv please it would b 5 star please and also Samsung grand prime

Not compatible with HTC EVO 4g LTE

BRILLIANT I find this really good to watch. I do prefer this rather then freeview any day. I've got it on my mobile, and Amazon Fire Stick. Thanks for your brilliant work. Keep it up, :)

No video only audio

Great so far Love all the channels options! It has work great so far.

Sports Having fun

Awesome App I love the 80s music videos. Reminds me of of my highschool days. Remember MTV in the 80s?

Great App Incredible, a must have..... All I wish for is a favorite tab. "Please????"

Thank You?????????? I got a new TV player without Amazon and I tried Pluto. I LOVED IT!!! So easy!

Impressive I recently cut out my cable provider and discovered this app. I'm really enjoying the variety and choices of programming. It has so much I'm interested in. Whoever is choosing the programming/channels is doing a great job. Please keep things the way it is now, great quality.

Bad update Since updating last week, I can no longer see any picture, only the sound comes through on my 4k M8 android tv box.

Use this everyday I only pay for basic internet in order to save money. I use Netflix and Hulu to watch all my shows on my TV with my Chromecast, and I use Pluto to browse the broadcast news, music, tech news and other entertainment. Do your self a favor and download this.

Pluto was upgraded from a planet to a badass Internet channel! Maybe one of the best apps of all times. We recently cut cable and we were worried (as worried as a person can be about tv) about having a variety of programing to sink our eyes in to. Not with this baby. There are all kinds of channels with quality shows! 3 words - ALL ANIME CHANNEL - You, my friends, have won the internet.

Not working Does it not work on Android on x86? I am getting sound but no video. It works fine when I cast through Chromecast.

Not Your Dad's TV If you're expecting to find Desperate Housewives or Judge Judy here, you may be disappointed. However, if you're looking for unique programming from credible independent sources, this app is just the ticket. The streaming quality is excellent and you beat the low, low price of free!

How is this free Well I was reading some stuff on the nvidia shield console and said this app can do for 4k rdy wen I get one so I checked it out and from the looks of it thought I needed a login but this is crazy can't believe this is free thank you Pluto team will start recommending this app to everyone

Keeps closing Lauren I cant use it cause it closes immediately as soon as I open it.please help.

LG G3, T-Mobile USA, This App Pluto Tv Plays Good

Freezes up on the nexus player. Can't even back out of the program or hit home

What's on? I know the app simulates live TV, but the guide only gives the next hour? What's on tomorrow or next week? I couldn't find this online either...

Great channel selection, but often takes to long to load?/start?/buffer? new channel selection. Also would be nice to rewind but can't.

More channels.. Delete nonsense chanmels Very very good. But can you add like an mtv 2 styled channel, metal and rock radio.. Delete nonsense channels like steve jobs channel

Nexus player crashes I actually really like the app but on my nexus player it crashes after about 30 seconds of video (nexus player android 5.1.1 app 1.22.16-leanback)

Great A little repetitive, but a great app for chromecast

Great content.. No casting/streaming Have had a flick around the channels and it looks really good. 5 stars when they add cast or streaming to tv support.

Shows Why isn't there tv shows like Nashville Chicago fire love and hip Atlanta on,thanks but thats not a good answer I'm uninstalling app not happy with content your providing

Good Could you add more soccer channels like Real Madrid CF?

Scrolling Problems Love the app and it works perfect on my phone. Problem on my tablet I can individually scroll the channels or program guide and they do not line up.

Issue was resolved this year Running 4.4 on note 4 and the note edge in the USA with T-Mobile...useless unless you like watching a spinning yellow "TV" logo on a black background...just like a vinyl record player with no needle...dah-lete! EDIT: This is a must app especially for chromecast users. Some channels tend to repeat themselves but it's pretty awesome.

I'm all for new apps but seriously these permissions on Android TV are out of control... So we all know Android TV is the new thing which is great until apps like these have totally unnecessary permission. location? Device ID? WiFi and connected devices? FACT some of these permissions are not needed especially for Android TV a living room set top box giving location? this is Android TV not mobile phones location, what devices are connected to WiFi, ID and other useless permissions ARE NOT NEEDED the app work without these 2 new permissions you just added so tired of this abuse on permissions.

Audio playback no video playback Looking to cut the cable so to speak to pay less a month on bills. Just got the nexus player 90ns0011-m00100 i only get audio playback no video playback kind of dissapointed there was a few shows on i wanted to watch would be amazing otherwise. Would like too see things like adult swim other channels that could possibly be had for free too. I would give 5 stars if i could watch shows not only listen to them.

It all looks good... great interface except I only get sound on my new Sony Android Smart TV, it tries to show the picture but nothing comes up. Any ideas appreciated as it works really well on my tablet...

Great App Out of This World! Been using this app since early this year, long before Google Play rated it app of the week not long ago. At first it was a bit glitchy, but with constant improvements and updates, it runs flawlessly on wi fi or 3G. Have huge choice of programs from around the world, mostly curated from YouTube. Still good though.

Pluto rocks Pluto is great. Could reduce duplicates, sometimes doesn't play next video.

Low picture quality Still in low def on the nexus 6 and nexus player.

Great, but... Works great on the amazon fire TV over wifi. Will not stream with a wired ethernet connection. Other than that, nice.

There are two different ways to use Pluto TV on the Shield TV. Using the Pluto TV app has a slightly better looking interface, but doesn't allow channel selecting by category and some of the channels either don't work (no audio or video) or have audio only. When using the recommendations, however, the Android TV interface is more like a standard channel guide and allows you to select categories or scroll through channels one at a time. The Android TV interface is not as flashy, but seems to be 100% functional - every channel works, both audio and video. Once the Pluto TV app matches the functionality of the Android TV interface, it's definitely going up to five stars. Very nice app.

I Like Something for everyone in the channel lineup. The TV Guide was an unexpected bonus. Channels loaded fast and in high quality. Just a couple failed to load. Nice!

New to app App looks nice, runs smoothly in Note 4 running lollipop, but all i get ia Audio i can see Video i have tried many chanels, should be 1* but 3*s because app looks nice

Love it since all of the updates!

Good That is all

Great app Does what says on the tin which is nice

Wow Pretty Awesome

Videos cut off early, but still love it. I have issues with the kids channel... Some of the videos cut off early (kids were watching strawberry shortcake and then it cut off to show a Pluto bumper only to start another episode.) This happens a lot with the videos on this particular channel.

Nice! Awesome collection of channels, especially in the news and sports categories. Android TV's Live Channels GUI makes this app so much nicer on the Nexus Player.

Nexus player crashes I actually really like the app but on my nexus player it crashes after about 30 seconds of video (nexus player android 5.1.1 app 1.22.16-leanback) still crashes on 1.27.5-leanback

Close to cable cutting Just need to add movies and tv shows

I have one complaint: The playback is stuttering on my Sony Android TV (X850C).

Good But laggy - especially when PlutoTV's channels are incorporated into AndroidTV's Live Channels. Also, could you release a version for Amazon Fire TV?

Locks up Chromecast Good idea, good content, but has problems. Every now and then when a video ends instead of moving to the next it just freezes and locks up my Chromecast. My screen is on and the app is in the foreground, but I get Please open Pluto TV on your phone or tablet to continue watching. After that nothing short of cutting and restoring power to my Chromecast well let me access it.

Love love love I cut the wire in January. Netflix and YouTube fulfilled all my entertainment needs for the most part but I really miss the news and apparently music videos. This app is fantastic! Great sound and picture quality no buffering and no commercials! Thank you so much for creating this. You can't even watch commercial TV anymore without subscribing to cable or satellite. And you are still hounded with commercials and pay for the pleasure.

Absolutely Worthless Not a Single Channel Works... This App is Garbage and doesnt work AT ALL!!!! I'd love to change my Rating... But what do you expect it simply doesnt work sorry

News permissions? Why?

OK! I wish the app supported closed caption. As a hearing impaired person I can only watch TV with closed caption.

Novel idea, nope'd the permissions I try to be careful about what I allow on my device, and this one has finally crossed the line of what I'm willing to give for what I get out of it. So long Pluto, you'll be missed.

Whoa! No thanks, on these new permissions! I won't upgrade until you take away these unnecessary permissions for device ID and location.

It has lots of potential. Thank you for providing us free tv! I will upgrade to 5 stars when app bugs get fixed and channels have new content daily.

Great app when it works v1.27.4 on Nexus 5 displays no video on any channel, tried HD On and Off, audio comes through just fine. Works great on Nexus 7.

Love it But lately when I try to watch it all I get is a black screen. I can hear sound and change channels but that's it. Please fix, it was working fine a few weeks ago. Classic cartoon channel is my favorite :) Using an Nvidia Shield Tablet.

Great Selection I like the various different channels. The apps works pretty decent for me. Have not had any issues as of lately. Seems to stream fine.

Great, but buggy sometomes. No video...only audio today, but otherwise love the options and speed of delivering entertainment. Been using for weeks everyday.

Love this app Looooooooove this app. I've got it on my phone, my desktop, laptop and tablet. Too many music videos though and not enough daytime or primetime programming but I love the news channel. I also love the way it runs automatically (like regular T.V.) , no click this, click that until you're ready to change channels. No crashes or technical problems like others here said, works perfectly and I use the website too. But not enough black people or diversity.

I don't like the app spamming my notifications. Can't seem to find the settings. Edit: dev replied gave answer. excellent customer service. app works as intended and would recommend to other friends. cheers.

Thank you so much I finally found something I like thanks Pluto TV creators

Holy ads!!! This used to be a pretty cool app, with some lesser known but still cool shows. NOW it's full of ads, like full-blown TV commercials. I stopped watching when I was bombarded with 5 ads in a row. It's worse than cable! Way to take something cool and ruin it. Uninstalling...

tried the app again 2 years ago tried to use this it would open and it would play nothing at the time. installed again on several devices and all would crash on launch so i have no reason to give this app anything else but a 1

Surprisingly nice Video curation from multiple sources organized into a channel schedule. Add in the channel guide and you forget this isn't cable or satellite TV but just as good because it's free. Especially love the science, tech and conspiracy channels, and individual music artists channels

YouTube based channels YouTube based channels no longer work in this update; otherwise, this is a exceptional app.

Long, disruptive commercial breaks 5 TV commercials each break, and the ads are not coordinated to fit the content - one second you are watching a news story; then, you are watching TV commercials. After the commercial break, you join the content feed in the middle of whatever news story is being aired. Uninstall.

I was hoping there would be a lot more TV and movies to pick from. But it's your basic internet TV

Stopped loading content on my droid turbo today. Roku is fine.

Casting not working on marshmallow. Sits at title screen

Updated review One star to 4 update. So, while Haystack, Newsy, etc worked fine, Pluto failed to load over and over. Now, April 11, 2016, it's working fine. Go figure. Hope it lasts because when it works, it's outstanding.

Needs more channels on PlayStation 4 Most of all these channels are not available on the PS4 app. Why not add them all?

Very Cool! This is the future of television

Amazing Amazing the best one i have ever seen

Keep it coming Props on the mst3k channel. All time fav. Please add more channels as you can but keep it free, thanks!

This app is a great Idea. Although, the implementation of the app on media boxes that runs Android really is horrible. Primarily, the orientation. The app opens up in portrait mode initially. Forcing the app to run in landscape you lose all the menus. So it become hard to actually use the app. Running Minix U1.

It got better, but since they started putting ads in, it's been like the ad service interspersed with actual content. I don't mind ads for free stuff, but it's so bad I can't even watch anymore. Consider the app deleted.

Great content If you are looking for specific shows, this probably isn't for you, but the content is wonderful. Lots to choose from. It is all good programming and isn't a bunch of junk or foreign channels like most "live channel" apps. This app almost singlehandedly bridges the gap for cord cutters. I deducted one star only because after over an hour of channel surfing, it stopped letting me change channels. Had to stop casting and close out the app. I highly recommend this app.

Too many ads Too many ads. Also, you should allow for more control when in landscape mode.

Doesn't work on Element Ti5 android TV Box Doesn't work on Element Ti5 android TV Box

Love It As someone who started cord cutting back in 08 I've been looking for something exactly like this for a long time ...I would enjoy this app much more if the audio and video stayed in sync on my phone tho... I haven't tried from any other device so i can't comment on

I wish it worked on Element Ti5 box. So far many many many things are working with Element Ti5 but no luck with Pluto :(

Crashing on Element Ti5 Installed but cannot launch! Big disappointment.

Great but... Simple and does what it says...but any chance we could get our own "favorites" list for channels?

Good app It works way better on desktop then mobile but guess what guys.... It's free and if its free then it's for me :)

Good variety Everything from music videos, to news, movies with the download

Needs a floating window which remains visible while using other apps, like Skype

Feedback Maybe you can put channels people watch now a days like abc or something?

Awesome! Please make this content available on the PS4 version

Used to work, now doesn't On galaxy tab 2, doesn't work. Great program but unusable. Doesn't pull the shows, only channels. Reinstalled many times. Gave 1 but I believe in Pluto. :)

Works great :) Watch a bunch of TV and other content

A GREAT APP !!! Many channels, i found programs l like. Only problem,I wish the guide expand past 1 1/2 hours.

Excellent I don't usually do Google app reviews but this also supports 60fps video. A true winner of legend. 5 star worthy

Good app But when videos are playing they sound like they are breaking up it would be nice to see more channels like local channels such those type for example

Used to be a good app Doesn't open at all. Gave 2 stars because it used work a lot better. G Box Q

Could the audio match the video please?

Nice!! So far it works for me!! And it's free!! Keep up the good work on this app!!!!

Great alternative to broadcast They have definitely made improvements and I would definitely recommend it to friends and family

Landscape Fully support landscape orientation please

i cant open this app just force close

Great app except... I can't view the channel list in landscape on my Galaxy Tab Pro tablet. When I try to bring it up, the display switches to portrait, displays the list, then immediately switches back to landscape (no list). I'd rate this 5 stars if this could be fixed!

Using on a gbox I tried using this on an android TV box and it won't let me use the guide. Keeps going back to full screen. Fix this so the guide works properly on full screen or is it landscape, and I may give a better rating. Update: the Pluto TV devs contacted me and stated that my device still isn't completely compatible but they are working on it. 4 stars for the quick response and help.

Great....if it ever worked:-( Apparently, you need a super, super super super fast internet connection. On the rare occasion I got a video to play; I got 10 seconds and then the buffering circle for 30 seconds. Obviously that's no way to watch anything. But mostly I just get nothing. As of 1/9/16, I have confirmed that this apps only works with a super fast internet speed. 5/16/16: Think of the crappiest App you ever had and multiply it by 50. This App is twice as bad as that.

Eh... There could be more content. The music chnls are always the same and I wish the anime section showed more than 48 hours of the same anime. I mostly watch this for the news.

Works great on my tablet, but far as my Vision TV, when I watch it on my Vizio TV when I went to the guide I was streaming the channels and then it just stopped now it won't work, please fix.

Not bad, but needs work. Pretty jumpy and constantly pausing. My bandwidth is all good so it's definitely the app.

Some channels only have audio please fix cause this is one of my favorite apps

Steaming commercials Constant steaming commercials with a few interruptions for programming , literally double time given to commercials than the program that's supposed to be on .

Doesnt work doesnt work on my galaxy tab 3 lite

You have to be kidding: no landscape mode and not playing with screen closed or locked? This must be a joke, right? The biggest data hog I have ever seen. Button presses give drunken Response. App opts for CELLULAR DATA OVER wifi, when wifi is fully available, consumes in HD as default (always the default when app starts, won't remember settings) about 250MB per HOUR! That is insane, even Hulu is only at 50 per hour at 720p. BTW , Google chrome DEV policy is very clear on comment area DEVs must provide substantive RESPONSE to comments, particularly bad.

Hate it works great on my cell but horrible for ps3! Y'all need to fix that.. it's a good program but sucks bad for psn 1) Wont work for ps3. 2) won't get all channels on ps3. 3) won't load videos on ps3.. same wifi connection cell and psn

Doesn't connect to tv Would t allow me to stream from my phone to my Vizo smart tv

Outstanding Working on my android mini PC, connected to the TV

Pretty good Wasn't expecting much, usually these types of apps are 80% ads mixed in with a smattering of useless tv no one else wants to watch. This was much better, few ads, decent channels and line ups. Full time Neil deGrasse Tyson channel , science channel, conspiracy channel, NASA, sharks 24/7, what more could a geek ask for!

Eye Candy Channel Eye Candy Channel is hilarious. In this age of internet porn who's going to watch this? Good app overall.

Love it Ok so, you have a classic movie channel, a science channel, Newsy, and Michael Jackson nonstop videos? And that's the tip of the iceburg. Great content, works well, thanks developers!

Laggy channels Idk if this is a mobile issues but I've come across laggy channels. Like the kids Science channel.

Keep Pluto Clean This isn't Uranus!

Awesome app I'm really enjoying it on my PS3. I just hope more channels are added as many are missing from PS3 app but Android app is great. Really would like to watch soccer matches on Pluto TV on PS3 though, that would be fantastic. Keep up the great work!

Really enjoy it! Really glad I found this on my PS4. Have it on my tablet as well! Well worth downloading & using! Alot better than Hulu & Crackle!

The guide needs tweeking keeps pausing when scrolling with remote on Roku.

Awesome!!!!! You can watch any channel free. It's good for now....

Broken Won't work on either Nexus player or Nexus 5x just sits there spinning

Great App This app is fantastic

Very good to watch keep up the good work

It very good love it

Amazingly entertaining Dozens of free channels, several genres, few commercial interruptions. Something for everyone in the family.

Bluetooth audio doesn't work I use Bluetooth earbuds with my phone and this is the only streaming app that doesn't seem to work with them. Netflix, HBO, FXNow, Comedy Central and others all work. It's a good app otherwise.

great i got it on my computer you go onto crome web store and serch pluto TV ?????

No guide It does work really nice on my Asus T300 tablet and the picture is better than I expected but when I try to access the guide the screen will rotate so I can see it for about 3 seconds then rotate back again. Very frustrating. I even tried turning off the auto rotate with no results. If I can get some help on this I could use it for my grandkids.

Sound inop Worked fine first day, next had no sound, restarted phone and app, no change

Ad loop Get stuck in ad loop all the time. Have to change channel to stop it.

For me... It's changed the way I've seen TV! LOL!

Want to watch tv You can actually watch tv. Tried other apps that were no good.

love it it is so awsome u can watch any thing for free everyone should have this

This app is sweet it's also porn free

Can't get audio to sync with video. More stars if that's fixed.

Problem Hi. Actually the app is not working for me at all. It turns off as soon as I turn it on and select a channel, but I really like the design and everything else. I red the reviews and it seems to be working for everyone else. So one question... why me? 5stars though..

Excellent Lots to watch. Best ive found sofar

What are the devs doing? This app is a joke. This app is a complete joke. Still too much stuttering on Chromecast. Video gets cut off too soon (Pluto fast forwards to next video on cue before current video ends). Changing channels takes forever. Even though I set my phone on locked orientation (portrait) the app bypasses that, allowing the video to change its orientation the moment I move my phone around. This feels more like a beta app. And talk about commercials and ads! Sometimes 3 or 4 commercials in a row! One should be enough!

Using on a gbox Still hasn't fixed the issue for the matricom. I tried using this on an android TV box and it won't let me use the guide. Keeps going back to full screen. Fix this so the guide works properly on full screen or is it landscape, and I may give a better rating. Update: the Pluto TV devs contacted me and stated that my device still isn't completely compatible but they are working on it. 4 stars for the quick response and help.

Pluto tv I love this app. It has everything i have wanted in a movie app. I just wanted to see if maybe in the next update if you could plz put a Laurel and hardy channel in or the little rascals channel. I'm a huge fan of both. I also like the three stooges ty

New Cartoons And local TV Needs newer cartoons that ended and have an option for local TV to put in zip code to find local station for local news then I'll rate it 5 stars any thing else is great love the Minecraft channel ? no bugs or crash

Connect to TV The button to connect to the TV is gone. Wanted to watch a show with my family on TV but can't.

4k tv channeks do not load properly 4k channels do not work properly, images freeze.

Super! Love the classic cartoon channel and a mystery science theater 3000 channell?! Yes! 24 7 MST3K! Just super! Hundreds of channels, minimal commercials and free! EVERYONE MUST DOWNLOAD THIS APP!

Works well, lots of channels, great user interface, and most importantly freeeeeeeee!! Thank you.

Does not work at all on my Samsung tablet.

p tv it's hard to find good tv try harder seems to freeze a Lot

Works 4 me Could be better! But it has the world poker channel enough said.

Great selection Internet channels! You know you want them.

More Music A rock music channel would be nice.

I love this Get this fir free tv!

Pluto tv Love it on my 360

Great app, lots of channels for Android TV!

Not too bad Way more stable if you can block the ads.

All good but a couple bugs... First bug i notice if your ads load and change channel while ad loads freezes the device... if the ads loaded before changing its fine as a temp fix... bug 2 is like 3 commercials are at an extremely higher volume on my ps3 Android and my pc one specifically is that headset commercial from Samsung... I have to mute or adjust volume or I can have neighbors banging on my walls... my opinion these commercials may have like a 60% volume Increase which is just a huge bother... the ads dont bother me just volume.

Better on TV I downloaded this app thinking it would be the same as the one I have on my Vizio Smart TV. But even though most of it is similar, there are a few channels missing from all the different channel types. One example is that my TV gets RT as a channel, yet the app on my phone doesn't. Kinda maddening that the app isn't the same over all platforms. Hope one of the makers will see this review and fix it.

Update: they fixed most of the bugs... Interface still disappears sometimes and the movie channels are gone...but it is still probably the best tv app out there. Give us a few more movie channels (even classics would be good) and fix the disappearing interface overlay and I'll toss up the fifth star.

Nice app! Any chance to put a tennis channel? Would love to see tennis on here! Keeping my fingers crossed! ;-) Also notice that Roku doesn't have all the channels offered versus the Android app. Not sure why?

Used to be good-broken for months now I used to watch Pluto TV all the time on the live channels app. It used to work great but now it doesn't-video works but there is usually no audio. It's useless. Android tv version.

Works well but... Was loving this app for my smart tv till my kid's found the eye candy channel. I just assumed out was an art channel. Should have known something can't be cool without semi-nude girls. Does anyone have daughters anymore? Isn't there enough of that crap on the internet already?

Great idea, bad implementation, Audio keeps dropping after a few seconds after a loading via Android TV Live Channels app. Also some of the channels constantly skip the content after loadings appear in the middle of a show. Edit: Turns out it is Live Channels app causing the issue, updated score.

Buffers too often on Chromecast Videos that playback smoothly on my phone buffers every few seconds on my Chromecast 2, connected to the same wifi connection. And since I don't want to watch videos on my phone, well...

4K on my Vizio P55-C1 It plays well and came installed on my TV's tablet/remote. I assume that the app should be compatible with the SmartCast in the TV and be able to show 4K using the SmartCast app. I can only get 1080P, even on the 4K channel. If it's not yet compatible, Netflix works, let me know and I will give 5 stars.

It's pretty awesome at first; but eventually you'll realize it's just an aggregate of YouTube videos. It did, however, introduce me to some YouTube videos I had not seen before.

Ok Content is a bit too repetitive, but what's worse is the inconstancy in audio levels. I have to mute the TV every time commercials come on, as they may play at 3 times the program volume. I'd like to give the app higher ratings, as it is very convenient within Live Channels in Android TV. But until the issues are fixed I'm more likely to use other options.

Was good I used to like Pluto tv until the overwhelming ads which is understandable but the new update prevents casting to my chromecast so now I don't even want to use the app. Bring back the casting and I'll give it a better rating.

Love this app by the way!!! But i am having a issue with my galaxy s7 this app as a share feature witch am trying to take advantage of but when i press the share menu it goes away almost immediately then i keep trying and if am quick enough i can go to WiFi direct and it those sink with my lg smart 4k t.v but it those not show it disconnects WHHHHHYYYYYYY!!! IS MY REACTION please help. If it gets fixed i give it a 5 star

Not what I expected There's no CBS ABC NBC fox shows uninstalling still no local channels just checked on June 10 the 2016 so unistalling again waste of time still not what I'm looking for still no network shows not wanting NBC news goodbye

Love it Great app! I have it on my Amazon firestick, tablet and phone. Love this app but hate how loud the commercials get. Does anyone else have that problem?

MST3K!!!! Unfortunately, I have to take some of my stars back... :( Pluto TV doesn't work well on ROKU... A whole channel devoted to MST3K! What more can a person want? (or need?) ---> they could need it to work :/

Has potential As a app developer I can tell you that pluto TV has potential to be something great if you can work out the minor freezing and bugs at times loading was virtually non existent as I like to see in app like this.

Issue with Live channel integration Integration with live TV does not update content guide on ATV. Everytime it has to be reloaded in channel source option for guide to appear.

great lots of channels, needs a longer delay to forward etc to see menu at top right.. can not get to Cast option, turns off too fast !

One of my most used apps Great for cord cutters. I would like to see a tennis and pro-wrestling channel. Needs the rest of the channels like the website.

Nifty when it runs smoothly; not reliable A great app for killing time or catching internat'l news. Don't count on it as a reliable source of network TV, though there is great variety of content. Once a feed buffers (for more obscure media this takes awhile) it'll play for ~5 seconds & then restart. Some channels never load. Many channels are duplicates. Quality is always good once it starts playing.

Great idea but... The idea behind this is great but the app is horrible, I have an android tv box and it just works horribly. There is no list to scroll down to find channels, controlers don't work (like pressing up or down on the d pad to change channels), channels take ages to load and the UI is just terrible. Indeed high praise for the idea but still miles go....

Great! But I have a few issues I'm missing A LOT of channels! Where's channel 370 as advertised? And can you make it so I can scroll the TV guide while in landscape mode? Right now it sucks when I plug my Nvidia shield K1 tablet into the TV via HDMI but am forced to give up the TV guide. Also, there was a syncing problem when plugged into the TV

Really cool I thing this is a great service, and will only get better. However I have two issues. 1. I can only scroll forward 1 hour. I don't know if that is on purpose. 2. Bluetooth headphones don't work well. I have to connect the headphones after the app starts, and even then the volume can not be changed.

I haven't experienced any major issues with this app. My only complaint is that the phone/tablet versions of the app appear to be different than the desktop version. Shouldn't the app have the ability to log in and view the "saved shows"? Speaking of which, why cant we log into our account with the app? Also, the apps do not have all the channels that the the deskstop/web version has. Other than that, i love the service.

Finally a TV Like Experience for Cord Cutters This is great. It eliminates a core frustration cord cutters deal with; namely browsing, selecting, and easily playing content. Well done!

Useful free TV but LOUD REPETITIVE ads Overall a great app, except when they have redundant ads that are easily 10-20% louder in volume so that sucks when you're trying to relax. Also, it's pretty whack that I can watch Sky TV when it's on my phone but if I try to cast it to my smart TV, it says "unsupported channel" and that seems like some deliberate censorship of liberal overseas news. #FCC #intlscandal #meaninglesshashtags

Bringing back Trad TV! This is great. So well done and yes theres ads But for great tv channels why not? Love this. Wish there was a fav channel list. Maybe its there but I'm still learning. It looks great on a samsung galaxy edge.

Amazing How can anyone rate this freeee access to shows with an awesome interface less than 5 stars. Seriously... cancel your $200 cable bill and put Pluto Tv on your Firestick.

Crashes on Samsung TV Great...for 15 to 20 minutes, until it tries to insert commercials, at annoyingly varying volume levels, the screen will go white and the app essentially freezes. Not even turning the TV on and off fixes this. I just forget Pluto for a month or two...and then try again and...same thing.

Great app, but.... Great work folks! Overall, a really good, nice app, but it would be sooooo much better with settings that allow you to change bandwidth permanently and not with every channel change, and also if there was a way to save channels as favorites so that you do not have to go thru all channels everytime. When those options are there, I'll give it a 5!

Needs updated playlists. I've been watching programs on for almost a year. When are you going to update your playlists? I quit watching the baseball games because there were so many reruns that I memorized their play-by-play action. Many other shows have more than are available on

wont open crashes and closes up very unstable wont open switchs from wide screen to narrow then crashes and closes up

Its fair Its not live but decently current on news events. It will not worth through my Bluetooth headphones.

Truly amazing! This is the type of app I have been waiting for always. I love the old movies the old TV shows that I grew up with. Thank you guys and keep adding more channels. This is one TV app I would gladly pay for to get rid of the commercials.

I like it, but... Bluetooth headset not recognized. The app switches to the device's speaker while the headset is on.

Bluetooth issues Love the app and channels but audio does not work over bluetooth. Thank you.

Pluto TV I like the app but it keeps starting with clips on the Anime TV channel instead of just going to the show that is on the schedule. I restart but it keeps trying to play the clip that I do not want to watch!

What is with the restrictions on tablet? I can't watch the movie channels on the tablet.

Good, but could be better. Needs the ability to look farther ahead, mark channels as favorites, filter down to said favorites, and allow the app to open up at last channel watched.

Wow! THE best free TV app I'd contemplate even paying for it, almost comparable to sling tv in quality but otherwise astounding

pretty nifty app. I call it the last resort when there is nothing else on the other apps. Needs more anime channels and maybe a movie channel or two. :)

It only has news You cant watch tv shows. It doesnt have showetimes or cw or other simillar tv show channels.

Impressive, better than I last reviewed! Highly recommend!

Android Box not working I really enjoy Pluto in my Android Phone, but sadly it Doesn't work in my Android Box

Crashes when I touch volume

Not working The app is not working on Android tv box. It doesn't launch.

Free TV This app has no live FREE TV.

Its pretty good Do you think you could ad cartoon network and comedy central

Free can't beat that!

Good stuff I love this app

Slow as hell

Loving it! Only thing I would change is adding a few more channels... I watch it for hours! Easy to understand and use... Love the cartoon channels, MST3K channel, movie channels, and classic TV channels! Would like to see a couple more of those channels... All in all though, it's a great app that I'm so glad I found! A must have for us TV addicts that cut out the costly cable bill! My health issues keep me on bed rest a lot, I love having this app to turn to!

Amazing concept There are some buggy issues but I hope they are just temporary(with Chromecast it glitches a bit on commercials and than randomly disconnects. I have a new phone, Chromecast 2 and a fast internet. It shouldn't have any issues). I absolutely love this though and hope it takes off and gets a little more refined. Like an easier way to view what's on each channel without having to play that channel.

It's alright Y'all need to be update the app with some new tv shows and plus y'all need stop these pop up freeze and stop the from dropping from google chrome cast tv and. Tv devices too "!! But everything else is good and please bring some fox TV shows and fxx also metv and antenna TV shows and bounce TV shows and local news for. Whatever area it pick up. And i promise to give your app alot of support you just have to beat the cable companies out there money i bet you well get 49000,0000 viewer who have internet