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Polar Flow - Activity & Sports

Supplied By Polar Electro    On Oct. 3, 2016    Comments(221)

APP for iPhone Polar Flow - Activity & Sports version3.2.5 Download

Note: This app is a companion for the Polar Loop, Polar Loop 2, Polar Loop Crystal, Polar A300, Polar A360, Polar M400, Polar M450, Polar M600 and Polar V800.

You'll also need a compatible smartphone that uses Android 4.3 or later. Check the full list of matching devices at Please also make sure you always use the latest firmware version of your Polar device.

Follow your training and activity with the Polar Flow app and instantly see your achievements. With this app you can see all of your training and activity data on your phone on the go, and sync them wirelessly to the Polar Flow web service. Loop, Loop 2, Loop Crystal, A300, A360, M400, M450* and V800 all sync with the Polar Flow app using Bluetooth Smart.

*Please note that M450 is a cycling computer and does not support activity tracking.

When using the app you can:

- Follow all your active choices 24/7
- Find out what you're missing from your daily goal and get guidance how to reach it
- See active time, burned calories, steps and distance from steps
- Learn more about your sleeping habits: how long you’ve slept and how restful it was
- Receive inactivity alerts encouraging you to get up and move

- Get a quick overview of your training and analyze every detail of your performance right away
- See your progress with weekly calendar summaries
- Get even more detailed feedback when training with a Polar H7, Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensor

Discover more about:

Polar V800 at
Polar M600 at
Polar M450 at
Polar M400 at
Polar A360 at
Polar A300 at
Polar Loop Crystal at
Polar Loop 2 at
Polar Loop at

Polar Electro part of our Health & Fitness and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Oct. 3, 2016. Appstore play rating is 59.6309. Current verison is 3.2.5. Actual size 38.0 MB.

What's new

    Feature updates to Polar M600 such as set your watch display always on.
Download polar-flow-activity-sports.apk 38.0 MB


M400 sync support, woo! AGPS via flow app! After a few initial bumpy releases things are working well. Looking forward to android notifications. Sync is a little slow, but it's not a big deal: once it is started you can do something else while it completes.

Its a mobile app that will not sync The app itself is pretty nice. However it will not sync automatically. That would be the point of having a blue tooth enabled watch and syncing. I took 2 stars off for that. Fix it and I'll update my review.

Unable to pair with Meizu note My phone runs latest firmware based on Android 4.4.4 and latest application version. After syncing and entering pin code my polar m400 displays error: "Connecting to app failed". Is there any possibility to debug problem? PS: Pairing with Motorola XT926 works fine.

Love the app but sync issues I love the app and I love the info that it gives but I really struggle with syncing my training activity. Daily activity tracker syncs fine, but the training sessions I really have trouble with. Please have a look. Thanks

Good app The app randomly syncs when it wants, it doesn't update the time on the unit if you change time zones. The random syncing drains the battery. The app itself is pretty straight forward and solid.

Needs work Syncing activities with my M400 has always been hit or miss (seemed to fail half the time), but after updating to the latest version I haven't been able to sync at all. Definitely needs work

Finally! At long last, works as advertised. Polar, it took way too long to get this to a working state. That said, thank you! Works very nicely now.

Better With every update is gets better. Still can be improved. Otherwise the polar loop is a very good smartband.

Needs some work Looks nice, but syncing takes quite long. I think it drains battery, even though I've disabled bluetooth and automatic sync, I only sync manually. Nicely syncs excercise with polar beat (i cant connect my loop to h7 for some reason so using polar beat for heart rate excercise). Needs to upgrade itself to iOs level, compatibility with MFP or some other calorie counter NEEDED. Don't ignore android users, there's a lot of us.

Alter new update sync with V800 seems to work much faster, but all exercises are now displayed in the app as type "Other". However, the Flow website does display the correct exercise type, even for those which were synced with the app...

UI doesn't follow best practices or Android design guidelines App interactions are often confusing due to inconsistent UI and UX. Often cannot dismiss inactivity alert notifications. Does not appear to sync anything to Google Fit. Needs to open API for apps like FitHub. While working at my standup desk, it counts the time as sitting even though I am standing for hours.

Also for the Polar A400 This app and the associated A400 Fitness Tracker has really helped to boost my fitness regime, almost doubling workout/running sessions each week.

Some issues It doesn't always sync to my phone and lately my polar loop itself hasn't been counting my steps or activity

Excellent app Allows me to see how well (or most accurately, badly) my new running sessions are going. Very easy to sync with my M400 and now A-GPS, excellent.

This app is a disaster right now for syncing Rarely syncs correctly. Yesterday I never took off the a300. The watch and the polar flow website all show the correct data. Yet it will never sync into the app on this day. It acts as if I didn't even wear the tracker. Mind boggling. I also just did a sync after midnight for today. Instead of adding the extra activities and calories from the last few hours, it decided to go backwards to the previous sync. No amount of re-syncing changes it. It also didn't track my sleep last night. Returning due to the app

Room for improvement Hey guys, good app for great device, still a lot of things could be improved, e.g.landscape feasibility.

Good app so far, but.. (A300 user) It would be nice if the android version could support the syncing to myfitnesspal as well! It would be also good to differentiate between inactive (basic matabolism) and active calories burned through workouts and daily activity. And it should be possible to change watch settings through the app and sync it to the watch. For example setting an alarm on the app and then syncing it to the watch.

M400 support Now had some time to evaluate the app with M400 support. Some issues with synchronisation occasionally but generally very happy with the app.

No support for V800 on Android Still waiting for support of the v800 on Android

My fitness pal Any news on integrations with MFP?

Awesome App! Needs to connect with MFP!

Make it compatible with myfitnesspal

Nothing new for M400 in this version

Battery drain bug goes unfixed As so so many others have stated, the app drains the battery and goes unfixed leaving the app unusable.

V800 3rd party Power meter now works!!!!!! :)

Barely Functional This is a poor shadow of the iPhone app or the web service. Some of the data displayed doesn't match up with the M400 or the web service, and the UI is questionable in some places, bad in others. Obviously I'll continue to use this app to sync my watch, but I really hope Polar lift the standard of this app substantially.

Battery drain Fix the damn battery drain issues already

Not accurate at all It says i havr only been active for a hour but i was at work i work in a automotive shop that mean im on my feet a lot so this app needs fixing !!!!

Battery draining bug! The V800 that I use is great, the Flow web app is good BUT the Android app v2.1.0 has a bug that keeps the Bluetooth busy , the phone never enters deep sleep and the battery gets DRAINED pretty fast. I did write an email to Polar with extensive details but I got no feedback... You have 2 choices right now : After you sync the workout with the phone turn the BT off or stop the app from running in the background. (Tested on Samsung Note 3 KK and Lolipop and Samsung S5 Lolipop)

My fitness Pal integration. Come on guys , I think you need to sort that out for sure! I have spent a lot of money your product which is great!! However only giving crApple ios intergation with My Fitness Pal is poor. The same thing happened with the flow app originally, although I love my M400 if this treatment of Android users as 2nd rate users continues I will be buying Tom Tom or Garmin in future. Android makes up more than 70% of the world smart phone market so please the majority rather than crApple Hipsters.

It works great :) Sync was possible after FW upgrade of M400, no battery drain bug or any other issues mentioned in other reviews. Android Version 4.4.4, and device not mentioned on compatibility list?? Sony Z3 Compact :P

Sync Issues For the most part, it's not a bad app for reviewing my activity. I have an M400 and my main issue is that it only syncs my daily activity. Training sessions, GPS data, and, most importantly, heart rate data is not synced to the app; I have to connect to my laptop via USB to transfer that info, and then the app only gets it from the server after a delay of a few hours. Kind of defeats the purpose. Restarts, uninstalls/reinstalls, FW updates do nothing to fix it. VZW Droid Turbo.

App used to be good After the update all of my history that was stored on my phone was removed. The app also forgets the last weight I entered - it used to remember. The app is a severe drain on my phones battery even if bluetooth is off. Actually very disappointed.

Great Although my v800 showed a sync fail after pairing, all data was available in the app. The app itself is much more user friendly than the flow beta and at a first glance it shows the same functionality.

Terrible update!!!!! One month and two updates later, and the bugs STILL haven't been worked out. None of my training sessions are syncing to my phone. What the heck, POLAR??? Are the ppl working on this app completely incompetent or what?! My polar loop and heart rate monitor are completely useless to me...none of my data will sync with the app ever since the last blasted update. Please, please fix this!!!! Fast! Once I plugged my loop up to an actual computer, it is working properly - finally.

Really!? you cannot sync polar flow with my fitnes pal unless you have an iPhone, what's up with that. Otherwise it's okay to keep up with my workouts only if you have the heart rate monitor. If not get a fit bit, website way better!

Does not sync to loop. Absolutely the most annoying, and useless app I ever attempted to use. Tried all manner of"fixes, " but since the" lollipop upgrade, " will not even blink. Crazy useless. To be fair, the loop is pretty limited. Android. 4,and later.

Is it going to be fixed? Still not working properly. No sleep monitoring and activity now in one block. Very disappointed.................. What happened? Upgrade fixed it now it does not sync at all. Poor poor poor get it right then upgrade this is frustrating

Much better than before but sync with v800 is still very buggy

Meizu MX4 Error of data import from Polar V800 to phone by Bluetooth. After entering PIN.

There are many issues with sync Hi, guys! Can`t sync my two phones with app (prestigio with android 4.4), however, with spouse`s LG G3s Android 5 I have no problem. I read all instruction from web-site and didn`t find answers. Please, help, fix! :)

Some key features missing Sync fails intermittently for no apparent meaning. No smart notification as on iOS. The curricular ui is limiting. It would be better to have a view like on Google fit. Sleep analysis very limited.

It works, barely All I need is an app that will sync with my M400, then sync to the internet. This app will do that, sometimes, with lots of help. There are lots of rough patches, including: * Asks to turn on bluetooth incessantly, even after you say no (because I'm not syncing at the moment) * M400 sync sometimes won't work until you open the app and dismiss the message saying to wear your watch 10 hours a day (I only wear it when I run) * Sometimes the app just doesn't sync to the internet and I have to reopen the app (then it asks to turn on bluetooth, etc) * Puts up a notification when syncing with the internet. What other (good) app does this? I don't care when it's happening, just do it reliably and don't get hung up waiting for me to dismiss warnings in the app

Lost data This app frustrates me! It only syncs with my Polar Loop when it wants to. Are you all going to fix this for Android users?

Finally working, but im forever pissed at you now Appears to work after many months of negative feedback and very poor results. I score 1 star due to lack of customer care, testing, support and attempts at maintaining brand loyalty. Polar i hope you learned your lesson, as you lost many customers with this saga. As for me, im in the fence about if id every buy from you again. Sad. Update.. Doesnt show live workout data. So pointless. Crappy app

M400 The only thing that does sync with my Polar watch is the daily activity. Which is the most useless feature ever. I want my track info not some stuf about hoe much cals i burned. Which by the way is out of sync with the amount of cals i burned during my run according to the same watch

Broken since latest update? I love the app and on the whole have had a good experience. Since today though things fail. Watch to computer sync failing all the time. Often hangs. Syncing with bluetooth results in empty days and app crashes. Fix for 5 stars please.

Syncing issues I have to sync my m400 2 or 3 times before it records it in the diary... And sometimes it says on the watch that syncing has failed... Although it was actually recorded in the diary. Pretty strange. Please fix it.

It's worth the investment! Although I have had a problem with this app in my tablet, great interface with my cellphone. No complaints whatsoever.

Great app when it works It worked when I first installed it, now it hasn't worked for about 3 weeks. It doesn't sync.

Way behind ios Waiting for zones to show up on weekly totals. Always shows distance in km for week totals even after toggling miles. Now activity does not show training.

Started off good now just issue after issue. I've had problems with this product since the software update at the beginning of the year. Lost weeks of data whilst they tried to sort it out. Just when you start new fitness programme! Great timing. Couple of weeks of normal functionality and I'm getting problems again. Its constantly giving me inactivity alerts - even when just returning from a run. The battery runs down on the loop so fast that it needs charging a couple of times a week. The connection to the hrm drops....I've had it with the product.

Great when it works As others have mentioned, the app is fine in terms of its features; however, the app leaves a lot to be desired since it is so capricious in its syncing. There appears to be no rhyme or reason as to why it will sync all right on one occasion and fail the next. You might have to try syncing a half dozen times before it "takes." A 17% success rate really isn't that impressive ~

Good aside from syncing issues Sometimes refuses to sync but the app itself is awesome, great info ☺

Can't sign in I tried signing in many times but replied with unknown user. But I already have an account with polar. But why can't sign in in the application?

Samsung Galaxy S6 I have a problem with sync and time. When I sync my watch with +3 Moscow GMT (on my phone), after sync my watch shows +4 GMT, if I change GMT on +3 Helsinki (on my phone), after sync my watch shows correct same +3GMT. Also the synchronization works not well, sometimes I get wrong data with incorrect activity times.

Will not sync This app is useless as it will not sync my Polar loop to either my tablet or phone. Android users are obviously not considered important to Polar.

Sync problems My moto x (2nd gen) doesn't sync with my m400 at all. Even though the phone is listed in the supported device list...

Can't work with Xiaomi Note 4G Please make the app work on Xiaomi android phones. Appreciated

How do I update it? I'm on 2.2.0 yet a friends on 2.3.1 and mine won't sync with fitness pal??

Polar Loop with LG G3 This app works perfectly with my phone and polar loop, even automatically triggers a sync when opening the app to ensure data is fresh. Would be nice to have a way to temporarily disable the button on the loop via the app for when going in the pool so the screen does not stay on. Almost forgot Google Fit integration works flawlessly one reason I went for polar brand.

Was good now not so Not sure if its the app or hardware but now my m400 will not sync with app it keeps saying sync failed I ha e to force a sync but deleting Bluetooth profile and readding it to make it sync. After I updated firmware on m400 and after the app recieved update this happened.

Can't sync at all One of the primary reasons I chose this brand over others was Bluetooth syncing but it doesn't work at all with my M400 and Moto E.

Won't sync to Galaxy S3 phone at all What's the point in downloading an app when it will not sync to your phone and show your summarized data?! Very disappointed in this app. Most all reviews I read have issues with syncing... one would think they would want to fix and resolve this issue.

Last update changed my active device. Have had two previous devices. Took me an hour to figure out. Everything is ok now. Please in next updates, settings unchanged

Daily Weight Tracking Removed What kind of fitness company removes the ability to manually enter daily weight? Ohh that's right... One that also sells their own integrated scale. I've spent a lot of money on polar products over the years and currently own a V800, but I'm about to jump ship and support another vendor. There is absolutely no reason to remove this feature in a fitness based business model. This is all about the money, pure and simple, and has nothing to do with their customers.

Use Bluetooth only once per day It's fine if you don't leave you're Bluetooth open constantly. If you do that the numbers will be irrelevant especially during the sleeping hours. Just open the Bluetooth once per day when you wake up and than close it until the next day. This way everything should work fine. By the way 5 stars for the new interface after the update.

You must be joking: every month only has 28 days!! Hello Polar, I do love your product's but I an slowly running out of patience with the massive bugs your apps have! ! With the new app update, the sync has got a bit better but NOW EVERY MONTH ENDS AT DAY 28!! Seriously - do you do any testing with your apps? So today, Mar 30th, I now can't see any activity in the last two days when using the month view! Same for January, December... You can do better than this.

Hello Goals! This app has everything one needs to set goals and crush them. The update has everything I was hoping the last version was. Great job, Polar! Definitely up to par with your brand.

Great app, well it was... Worked and did everything it claimed to do and synced just fine to my M400. Then updated to the most current version and ever since, it refuses to run and crashes consistently.

The app is great. Syncs with my v800 with no issues. Runs smoothly on my Nexus 5x. Unable to see recovery status in app. Training diary layout is a bit pants. Should have the option of calendar view like web page. Smart notifications are great. The new update is a step backwards, no ability to put daily well being in, and removed the ability to add daily weight . Reduced from 4 stars to 1 star.

Doesn't sync The data doesn't sync into my phone, but somehow draining off the battery as it kept trying to sync

Polar M400 with H7 HRM and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 UPDATE, 22-Mar-2016, This latest Flow and Watch update works great. Syncs everytime now with my Polar M400 with H7 HRM and Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on Android 5.1.1 (i.e., no "fail sync" errors). And all data "appears" to have sync'd in app. Thanks Polar. ps: I don't use the smart notification option kinda useless on the M400's simple watch face.

5 Star to 1 Star What was a really good app ruined in one quick upgrade. I except that design is a personal thing, but it now looks awful. But more importantly, why remove the weight tracking feature? Seriously Polar! I exercise and use your products to try and keep fit and to loose weight. The weight tracker was one of the most useful features, which is now gone. You useless bunch of idiots.

Horrible update Don't update app I lost a lot of my training sessions with update it's only showing one month of like 2 years .. FIX IT

March update keeps crashing I loved polar A360 and using polar flow, but hate the march update. Not only does the program keep crashing, i cant edit my activities like i used to, and every activity is getting labelled " other". This mar update was a useless step back. Polar, please focus on more important features like resting heart, 24/7 monitoring, or at least a better layout - ditch the clock with activities, instead show summary -daily goal, calories. Steps, miles, inactivity, sleep. List activities serially so we can edit.

Data gone! The new update, with fancy looking UI is one thing , but it's wiped out most of my training logs! I only have half of February and March of this year! Another case of asthetics trumping functionality. Sort it out Polar, you're not the only game in town!

Removed manual weight logging The UI has potential but is a bit confusing. Polar also removed some features such as the training summaries by week and month. Worse, they removed the ability to manually log your weight on a daily basis. Feels like a classless attempt to get people to purchase the overpriced Balance Scale.

Why? Now has sync issues with A360 (activity graph and calories burned data missing in app but looks fine on web service..fixed by restarting phone so could be a refresh issue on app). Also, why do I have to scroll down to look at basic info like calories burned so far today , and why is everything overly spread out? Need 'compressed' option for those of us who prefer practicality over aesthetics.

Reduced functionality Why was the daily weight tracking removed? Probably Polar wants us to buy the Polar balance with its automated weight tracking. But this is rather a reason to change the brand. There are also problems with the sleep tracker. Already since a couple of updates, this is more "flipping the coin" than serious tracking. But now it's completely useless. Sorry Polar, but you worsened a good product. And by the way, the android app at hand is not compatible with the "my fitnesspal" app, whereas the iPhone version works well. Polar, why do you give preference to iphones? Better clients?

March update screwed everything up! My A360 had not been able to sync my data properly, it's so frustrating and I don't think I'll spend the money on another Polar device ever again. Please fix these issues!

Poor step backwards The latest upgrade removed the ability to manually log weight and track it. This was good functionality which is *obvioualy* a major focus for many people using fitness devices and is just stupid to be taken out. I am afraid that I agree with a poster below that this looks like a cynical attempt to drive Polar Balance sales. Well Polar, we customers of yours are not stupid and we don't like being treated with cynical disrespect. It destroys brand loyalty. Admit you got it wrong and reverse this asap...

Polar is losing the race As a long time user of Polar ProTrainer I am astonished to see how Polar is delivering less with each new product release. After 15 years I am considering using other products.

Update for version 3.0: instead of producing constant sync failures like the previous versions the app now force closes on every start (Nexus 5 with Marshmallow). The end result is the same, but at least this behavior saves some time and battery. All in all this app is still an absolutely useless piece of junk! Great hardware (V800) but abysmally bad software. One star, because I can't rate less...

Won't allow me to sync So since the new update I was able to sync to my phone, but all of a sudden this morning sync failed... Pretty annoying I must admit. I thought it was only my device until I came on here and started reading the reviews. Hopefully it gets fixed sooner than later because I REALLY love my Polar A300.

New design is great. Bluetooth causing problems on Android N dev preview I'm loving the new design. Unfortunately the new app does not work with Bluetooth on Android N developer preview, and it also seems like the app does not take into account the newly added dpi switch in display settings. Please just fix the Bluetooth. I want to be able to sync without plugging into my computer

Latest update not great liked to be able to update weight and how I feel in the app now have to to it on website which is always handy. Occasional issues syncing to phone sometimes it takes 2 or 3 attempts to actually work. Good app. I find if I sync often throughout the day that it sync's faster that if I wait and sync it once per day. Occasionally the app seems to drop the connection to the Flow website and my activity doesn't show up for a while on the website or the app (in cases where I synced to a computer while charging. Gives reliable and timely feedback has helped my get pack on track with health and fitness. I would like to be able to edit exercise sessions after sync. I mainly use a treadmill and recumbent bike and I find I have to go to the web version and add the mileage after syncing

Weight tracking Latest update no longer allows you to enter your weight!!! On the month view there is a graph that allows you to see your weight. Where is the sense in that!!! I like the app but would like to see this come back.

A360 The A360 is such a good device but this app lets it down really. Too often it won't load. It shows my weight as 180 kg and crashes if I try to change it. The fitness diary doesn't always show all my training sessions. Polar you have a great product in the A360, it is such a shame that you pair it with such a poor app.

Good app - could do more I cycle/run/whatever. Hold back on my V800 and its on polar and strava in minutes. Much easier than syncing using a wire and laptop. The app itself works most of the time. Sometimes you have to sync twice. And if you don't sync for a few days takes a while. The data shown I'd obviously not as detailed as on the laptop. Would be nice to see more on swimming. But as a quick look after an event or exercise its great.

Time and activity inaccurate after update Reporting wrong times and activity after update. A300 less than useless now. And polar support is down. I wish I could give a negative rating. Disaster. Also, update removes weight tracking. Just stupid. Why would you want to track your weight on a fitness app? Pure genius. Not.

Nothing Wrong with Previous update Bad update. Hate it. Cannot change weight easily. Too much space. Too much baby blue color...not good for over 50 eyes. Horrible state of affairs.

New version keeps crashing if you enable notifications to your v800 New version keeps crashing all the time now after update. Works if you disable notifications to v800.

New app is complete garbage They force updated the app. I had to log back in an re sync my device. Access to balance data has been removed. App developer should commit seppuku for releasing somthing this bad. It's total and utter garbage. Will not ever buy another polar product again because of it.

I ? the new update!!! I'm just wondering where did all my weights progress went, they don't show anywhere in the monthly charts. Is there a way to find them and upload them?? And also where can I keep track of my weight in this new version??

Update messed things up a little. Before the update polar flow synced with Google fit pretty well. Since the update its not working right. The numbers are all off and sometimes it gets workouts and sometimes it doesn't. Please fix. Its annoying enough you don't sync with many fitness apps and now the one workaround I found is not working right. I'm seriously thinking about getting a different fitness tracker because you make it so hard to connect with other apps. I do like how it looks now but its still subpar compared to other interfaces.

Update issue. Was perfect, but since the update I can't play the street video of my run. :-(

Why that UI update... Horrible... Instead you should have worked on syncing via BT with V650

Pathetic Polar may know how to make heart rate monitors but are clueless about software. Between their Android app and online software I have been tearing my hair out. I lost my first months training data. I contacted support three times before finally getting a reply 3 weeks later which was nothing more than a boiler plate email. I don't think they had even read my email. The app has just been updated. Read everybody else's reviews to see how that worked out! Polar need to wake up before they disappear. Shabby!

Disappointed The update lost all previous data. Why do I have to keep sync to pc and not off line? I don't want to share info with polar or the rest of the world but had to log in before the band would work again. New interface is better, so plus points for that.

Lost data Latest update just wiped all my Feb data... Still on my online polar flow diary, just gone from my app??

Match update is terrible Really liked the app, but since the match update, the app won't even open anymore. It immediately crashes. Remaining at 1 star until an update fixes the issues. Right now it's as functionaliteit as not having the app.

Wasted screen space, weight option gone? Looks good, but so much wasted screen space, huge gaps between all the icons. Also, I used to like inputting my weight each day, but can't see where to do that any more, and the week/month chart for weight shows no data.

Lost functions but got style I like the new and colourful app but why can't we add daily weight manually anymore and that part where I can add how I feel? Lost functionality with the new update, but got a little easier and prettier - not a trade-off I would enjoy.

Good app Maybe not quite up there with strava but still a good app. Syncs fine with my V800 and gives me the data I need to analyse you training.

Sloooooowww Love the watch, it works perfectly. Hate the app. By far the slowest and klunkiest app outta all of trackers. And now there's zero support for my m400 on my lgG4 running 6.0????? Absolutely will not sync now since my phone upgraded software.

Syncing issues I have to sync my m400 2 or 3 times before it records it in the diary... And sometimes it says on the watch that syncing has failed... Although it was actually recorded in the diary. Pretty strange. Please fix it. Additionaly it wont pair. At all with an android marshmellow device unless location is turned on

Possible features (e.g. multi-users) and a few bugs Able to now connect consistently with the M400, however there seems to be an error or problem in recieving the smart notifications, which used to work thr first few days. It would be great if this could work for multiple users (such as other family members who want to sync to their polar flow profile too), without having to sign out every time (such as googles feature to have multiple accounts on thr same browser). However the bug where your activity isnt recorded when it reaches over 300% has been fixed :)

Internet data transfer sync needed It should sync from the Internet first, or there should be an option to, because it takes aaaages to sync with the watch and you have to restart it multiple times if you've done several activities in a few days, and it drains battery on both devices. Aside from this very annoying fact which means I rarely use the app because it's so time consuming, it has a nice layout and some nice features. I'd use it more if it synced through the Internet as I tend to just plug my watch to the comp to sync to save time.

Polar A360 Love the watch, love the app. Have no problems syncing. Occasionally it will stay hanging but works when I try it again. Notifications are working great. There should be a way to stop it from auto syncing throughout the day, it drains battery life. 4 stars because we need Myfitnesspal Myfitnesspal Myfitnesspal Myfitnesspal!! How long do we have to wait!?? Realllyyyyy?? Unacceptable. Fix for 5 stars. Unfortunately I love the watch but am jumping ship for a fitbit blaze. At least they have Myfitnesspal :)

Good App but... Good App, has some syncing problems sometimes but love the app itself. Giving it two stars because of how long we've been waiting to be able to sync with MyFitnessPal on android phones. It's getting a little ridiculous. Add the feature finally and easily a 4 or 5 star rating in my opinion, but the lack of that feature is killer.

Website?? Have to use a website to do anything with the connected device (A360, like change time, set alarm...). The website takes forever to sync with the app data...or do I have to actually plug in my device to the computer to get that data. I love the device but the app and site make me want to just get the under armor device, because the app is awesome. I just feel like I'm missing something, or maybe it's that inconvenient.

Polar Still The Long-Standing Leader For Serious Athletes (and Awesome Humans) Polar is a company that has been leading biometric innovation since 1977. Nineteen Seventy Seven ( ! ). All Polar products allow for actual human activity. You're a hygienic human being and take showers at least once a day... Polar. You like moving through a liquid medium versus just walking around all day... Polar. So understated, so unappreciated, so vastly vastly superior... POLAR.

App needs help I like the band itself. It pretty much keeps track of the information I like aside from heart rate. It is comfortable and waterproof though battery life could be better. Problem is the app! It doesn't always sync and takes too long to sync then there are the times where it just crashes and I can't open it at all. I have to uninstall and reinstall and relogin to get it working then wait a long time for everything to sync back up and load up history. Otherwise all good and would give it 5 stars if app worked

Frustrated This worked perfectly until the new update. Since then, every time I sync, my training session does not show up under the training tab like it did before. I now have to plug my A300 into my computer for it to show up. That is a huge inconvenience. Please fix this bug.

Zumba Would like to be able to write in my own exercise and pic. Or add zumba to the list please

what happened to the weight tracker? This was great until latest update. Why would you remove the weight tracker on a fitness ap?

Great improvements! I've been using the Polar app for years now and they've finally gotten to the point where I'm completely satisfied. Glad the weight was removed because I show a lot of fitbit users the app and don't like having to reveal that if I don't want to.

New update I have been getting the move warning at times that need no warning. Have had for a year, 5 stars until now.

Working well Working really well for me, flawless syncing, plenty of data nicely presented, good config options, and notifications are excellent.

Features being removed I used to be able to track my weight with my m400 and it would chart in the app. Now there is no place to view this info. I guess Polar wants to force their new scale on me.

Could be improved.. I really like the app and find it easy to use and informative however it is a shame that it doesn't connect to Myfitnesspal. I track my food and it would be really good to be able to import my fitness data across seamlessly.

Not working. It had been great, then my m400 got an update and it's a mess. I've tried every combination and the only way I can get the data from the m400 to sync with the app is to uninstall and reinstall the app every time. It is connected and the app says it's syncing, but no data transfers unless I start over each time rendering the app basically useless. Please fix this! The same scenario applies across a Samsung Galaxy TabPro and an S6 running Marshmallow.

Polar M400 with H7 HRM and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 UPDATE, 14-May-2016, This latest is faster syncing and works great. Syncs everytime now with my Polar M400 with H7 HRM and Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on Android 5.1.1 (i.e., no "fail sync" errors). And all data "appears" to have sync'd in app. Thanks Polar. ps: I don't use the smart notification option kinda useless on the M400's simple watch face.

Turns on Bluetooth all the time Since the last update the app continuously turns on Bluetooth without asking or being open. I've tried closing the app & force stop, but nothing prevents it turning it back on.

Needs more I have the a360. I would love to see what the actual goals are, both on the app and the watch. I also want to to be able to see sleep times. Currently it's not enough info. I switched to this from fitbit and their app has much much more detail. I hope to see changes in sleep and step activities.

Syncing Issues Since the update my activity is synced with the app but none of my training sessions are syncing to the app. Won't sync to myfitnesspal either. Now to see a breakdown of my workouts I need to hook my A300 to my computer. Please fix!

The sync 1. After the new update IMPOSSIBLE to sync the watch and the app. My sessions are registered in the watch, but while synching nothing happens in the app. 2. Worst customer service, never answer.

Not able to connect M400 I've spoken to support replaced new m400 and still can't connect to app. On LG V10 Android phone

How about.... Auto less expensive band did that automatically, & a way to track your weight easily? Can't seem to find a easy way for that.

Doesn't work on HTC E9+, no support

Not syncing with A300 Out of nowhere my watch stopped syncing with app. Connects to phone fine because I get smart notifications. Only syncs when connecting directly to computer

Great until... Randomly the app is missing a full days worth of activity despite it showing clearly on the watch and the website. It's now reporting completely different weekly and monthly figures compared to the website as a result

Great app I love my Polar Loop and the app is great. Everything works as intended. Very rare issues, usually fixed with a phone restart as with most app issues. I love that this app is not dead like some manufacturers abandon their apps or update once a year. This app has frequent updates.

3.1 version crashes when clicking on notifications Bug where every time you select "GREAT", for your training, the feed shows "OKAY". Strava time bug is still there and so is the feeling bug.

NOT TRACKING SINCE UPDATE My watch has stopped tracking activity even tho I am wearing it since the app updated! Fix this or replace my product ???

A300 firmware bugged I used to rate this 4 stars, but Polar just released a firmware update and training sessions no longer sync via the app. I have to either use an iPad or my computer. Activity data syncs fine. I'll update my review when I can sync my training sessions via this app again.

New version looks horrible The app couldn't be open on my phone so I had to update the app. The new version looks horrible. Love the watch though... :'(

Alarms don't sync Only offers two options for repeat alarms making it necessary to sync often but can take forever to sync the alarms...

Ok but could be better Nice app in its basic features though the sync is often slow and I still don't understand how to get the notifications. A weight tracker/monitor is missing. Also I would like the chance to choose different skins.

Great It's good to see stats from watch right after workout. Sync to server is a bit buggy. Needs device and server sync progress and report. Shows nothing when activity goes above 100%

??? I stopped using the app for 6-7 months cause it would never work. Now that it's been redesigned and updated it works great!

Getting better but Still room for improvement There is still room for improvement with a slicker and more colourful dashboard. I'm sure more interesting advice and health article links can be incorporated to help loop users know more.

Good Great app, user interface could be simpler. Otherwise shows you everything you need.

Love Polar & now love the app too! On 02/24/16 I rated this 2 stars. It used to drain my phone battery & just suck. Today is 07/13/16 & I love what they are doing! Droid Turbo, M400, & H7 work flawlessly together. No sync problems & they keep adding more cool features. Now I can sync training targets w/Google Calendar. It's AWESOME! Best $150 watch I ever bought!! (Lower star reviews are prob from before all the upgrades & improvements.)

Works great with my m400 and honor 7. Bug: profiles dont show unless you go to devices tab then back to profiles tab. Then they appear. Would be nice to edit them on the phone. New bug: now only syncs my first profile, ie running walking and others have disappeared!!!! Only appear if I use flowsync on pc. Please fix asap.

Dissapointed It doesn't sync without being attached to my computer which is so annoying. So my results arent updated at the ready. Which mean i hardly use it as I thought it was suppose to work. Im wishing i had purchased a different type and brand. I would not recommend it to anyone unless they just wanted to cout steps however you can get those devices a lot cheaper

Sync No Longer Works This app has worked great from the beginning of March when I bought my V800 up until yesterday. Now won't sync on phone or CPU. When connecting to CPU data is erased off watch. Please fix this! I love your products but right now I an really disappointed with this app!

After update about month ago sync doesn't work. Checked troubleshooting page on POLAR and it doesn't help. Now I have over 100 USD plastic wrist watch which is only good to check time of the day. Good job POLAR. Next time I'll pass POLAR brand and switch to regular Chinese activity trackers for 5 times less price than this rip-off. BTW, I'm used to Chinese activity trackers and I unfortunately thought that European brands like POLAR can offer better QC and quality if I pay more. Obviously POLAR should learn from masters of Chinese activity trackers . In addition, I bought new smart phone with newest Android and Bluetooth versions, just to be sure that A300 will work properly. POLAR failed again. At least I got the new Android phone. POLAR should apologize and offer fix for this fiasco ASAP.

Notification needs improvement Very happy with me m400. A little difficult to get synch to work on Android. Notification feature is ok, but for longer text messages, would love to be able to scroll on watch so that I can read the full message.

Doesn't Sync Samsung Galaxy s7Edge *UPDATE* 7/13/16. Ran prompted update to app, still fails when I attempt to sync my A300. Figure it out Polar.. it worked just fine before the updates! *UPDATE* 7/14/16. Now sport profiles arent syncing. I have 5 selected on the app and only 3 are selectable on my tracker.

Was good until the last update 06/25 Since the last update it will not connect to my polar M400. I have also list the ability to get Smart notifications. 07/18 new update now my watch wont sync at all.. thanks for nothing Polar. Please fix these issues.

Syncing is still very slow. It misses features that the iphone app has. Should be more detailed while displaying data. Like see how many steps where taken at given time, not just that I was active for some time. The sleep part is pretty much useless, only shows how many hours you slept, nothing else. It would be nice, if the recovery status from the website would be available in the app.

Syncing sucks 6 /25 Activity feed shows nothing. Un installed, reinstalled, reset Bluetooth... the whole point of this product is to track your activity. If this doesn't work all the time there is no use for the entire platform. 7/13 update seems to have fixed the sync issue. I still sometimes have to restart the phone for info to show up on the activity feed.

UPDATE 2 after uninstall and reinstall app no longer syncs. Can't find the settings to pair the M400 to the app. UPDATE after todays sync 13 July this app was crashing continuously using bizar amounts of battery power. - Works fine for syncing exercise data. However smart messaging only worked for like 30 minutes. After turning blue tooth off and later on again no more smart messages.

Good app, M400 user. Use daily. Would love a bit more of the data found on the web service like running index, but solid app with training videos excellent. Periodic synching problems balanced by quick response from Polar team to resolve. App has also improved well in passed couple of months since downloaded.

Sync failed When it works, it's awesome. Everytime a new version comes out,sync failed is the new normal. If you get everything working, never update! Otherwise you end up with a watch w/out wireless syncing until next update.

No syncing M400 with android app. Since last update I cannot syncronize my watch with my phone. Fix this problem, I hate this. But when it works, its amazing... So, please.

Cannot Sync Since Update I love my Polar, and usually like the app. Just switched from an iPhone to a Samsung and lost functionality between My Fitness Pal and Polar Flow (disappointing). Also just did the update earlier today, now my Polar A360 will not sync on my Note 5. Fix ASAP!!!

Not a great experience With such great design as A360 how can they screw the software so much. Now it does not sync at all. Update: Wiped the data and the cache, re-paired, now syncs again...

I only put one star because I have to!!! I'm so so disappointed with this app & my A360 it just won't sync with my Note 4 at all. I've tried factory resets, connecting & reconnecting even replacing the model in the shop for a different one but no it still won't work!!!! I upgraded from fitbit as I thought Polar were the market leaders in serious training trackers now I wished I hadn't bothered!!!!

FitBit is way Better The watch says Successful Sync but when I check the App i get no data. I advise everyone who inteneds to buy this awful brand NOT to do so becausr it is just a waste of money. Stupid App and Producta in decades.

21.07.16 — No improvements with sync, still failing 18.07.16 - still permanent issues with sync!! 13.07.16 — still can not connect M400 with smartphone. update 12.07.16 - Recent days experience problems with synchronisation between Polar Flow on smartphone and M400. I like my new M400 but this app really disappointing - every sync moves time in the watch for one hour forward, sync fails often, transfer not all data - I wish to improve all these asap!

After recent server crash, and reinstall on my LG G4, this app used more than 300 megs data through my carrier network. I disabled and only allowed sync on wifi, and now my sync issues are back, even when connected through wifi. This ap sucks

Not syncing since last update V800 Every time Polar update the ap, we have to wait for a second update to then be able to sync again. This is getting old......

No MyFitnessPal with Android MyFitnessPal linking NOT supported on my phone. Useless for Androids. At least FitBit supports both.

Since update app doesn't open Since the most recent round of updates the app will load for a few minutes and than crash without ever getting passed the splash screen. Please fix asap! Activity tracker is now a useless bracelet.

Syncing Issues When this app works it is great. However since the last update my Polar A300 won't sync at all. Tired of all these syncing issues and how it doesn't work with myfitnesspal.

Syning failed My A360 is not syncing......restarted and reinstalled a few times. Not woth valuable data.

Doesn't even open... Since updating this app doesn't even open! It says please wait, and then closes. Please sort this out, and quick! Another update released, and still the sane problem!!

Ok, but not perfect Its ok, not always sync with my v800 , say sync failed but the results is synced, and smart notification have bugs.

My M400 constantly fails to connect to app. Also, I no longer receive notification on my watch. Please fix this...

Where did Aerobics and Circuit training Go??? The 2 sports pofiles I used the most are gone!! What the heck? I thought updated were to improve, not go backwards! Please bring back Aerobics and circuit training.

Can't sync It worked well on my old phone Samsung note3 but it doesn't sync with my Galaxy s7. Please FIX the problem ASAP.

New version sux After update M400 cannot sync anymore to Android Marshmallow..... Please fix

Bluetooth Keep receiving message stating "Can't communicate with Polar Loop". Very disappointed!

Doesn't sinc. Looking for another tracker, obviously not a polar. Any suggestions

Losing Connection with H7 HR doesn't update accurately whilst training since marshmallow update -

Poor Show Not connecting to polar a300 again, avoid this company, very unreliable

It used to work fine, but after the update my v800 when synching says "connection to app failed"

Hate the update Still cant sync my v800.

Not syncing I have a polar a360 and the sync with the flow app does not work.

Keeps crashing have lost Bluetooth so can't connect to my phone shocking

Does what I need it to. I use the app with my m400 for heart rate training. The running index and recovery features are nice to keep me informed of progress in running efficiency and prevent me from overtraining. But you do need to be accurate on your personal physical data (height,weight,max hr). Do not use the published formulas for max hr. My max hr was over 16bpm higher than the formulas. Record your highest HR while being totally exhausted during interval sprints.

Syncing is still very slow. It misses features that the iphone app has. Should be more detailed while displaying data. Like see how many steps where taken at given time, not just that I was active for some time. The sleep part is pretty much useless, only shows how many hours you slept, nothing else. It would be nice, if the recovery status from the website would be available in the app.

Pairing fails constantly, but when it works it works well So when you have to pair with another phone it fails constantly. If by some miracle you can get it to pair it works. I have a note 7 and a note 4. Both showed the same problem. I was in best buy for 7 hours with the rep trying to get it to pair. That's ridiculous! Now I have a new phone, note 7, and can't get it to pair after 2 weeks of trying.

everything worked great until... today. now it won't sync... uninstalled & reinstalled the app. unpaired & repaired the m400 to my s7 edge. still doesn't work. there were no firmware or app updates overnight that I'm aware of. update (10/4/16): works fine again!

Workout is shown in calendar, but when I open it then it's all empty. Doesn't matter if I view with Android app or from web. Bad bad user experience. Please add at least a feature to re-sync a certain workout. I don't want to delete the broken workout from app or web because then it will be also deleted from the device on next sync. Device shows correct data, but sync failed and now I cannot re-do it. PC app finally saved me, but it's still 1 star for Android app

Update Oct, 6 - The updated app (3.2.5, Oct 3rd) syncs again! Setting to NOT auto update this. When it works, it's awesome. Everytime a new version comes out,sync failed is the new normal. If you get everything working, never update! Otherwise you end up with a watch w/out wireless syncing until next update.

Slow development, still no MyFitnessPal There is literally no excuse for there not to be an option to sync with MyFitnessPal on Android at this point. iOS has had it forever. I no longer use Polar products because of this limitation.

A360 pairing and syncing issues I still could not get this new A360 working after apps installed\reinstalled. It initially connected to my phone but Syncing did not work and never got finished. Tried to reset the device by holding the button on the side but it did not work either. Somehow, pairing with A360 also lost while its still "syncing". Not sure if it is not compatible with my smartphone. Very disappointed and frustrated with this app and device. It should be user friendly...

Unfortunate I had an m400 for 2 years but wanted something smaller and with less features since I didn't use everything on my 400. My original 360 didn't work so exchanged it thinking it was the device. But The second watch I purchased doesnt even have the bluetooth capability on the screen and like my first watch I have done everything. Reset the watch uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my phone. Used suggested tips and tricks for getting it to work according the polars website. bummed,returning this one too

M600 still does not sync This app is a joke compared to Fitbit. Sync never works with my M600. Despite the Google Fit app managing to sync just fine. Sleep tracking is poor. Why does it not measure heart rate say once per hour so I can determine resting rate? Why can't I add certain WiFi networks to an ignore list, so I don't lose my connection on the train when it tries to connect to the trains open WiFi which I don't pay for? Why do I have to rely on Google Fit to get data into myfitnesspal? Polar should be able to do that itself

Sad!! ? Recently pulled out my m400 to start tracking everything again and it won't pair with my phone lg v10. I tried everything on the polar site that they suggested. I'm not to happy with this. I wanted to be able to sync everything with my phone instead of plugging it into my computer just to see everything. Please put through an update so this issue is fixed.

I use it daily! I would prefer a different type of strap though. This one tore near the prongs.

Takes for ever Even if this app is good looking, the A360 takes for ever to download it's information into the app. Time consuming

Need improvement !!! Still no integration with MyFitness Pall :(. iPhone version got this. Why m600 no tracking sleep better? Polar use to be the leaders now I beginning to believe the other way.

Worked well at first (M600) At first worked well but after a month the sync is not reliable anymore. It says its syncing but nothing happens. I don't understand the logic. Sometimes it syncs and sometimes data is lost. You never know. Might be also the M600 but hard to say without any messages.

Bluetooth name Every time I start this program it changes my phone's Bluetooth name to "Polar mobile [NNNNN]" (N=number). This is not acceptable!

My m400 don't connected with my Mann zug3 phone

Buggy app and device compatibility App should not need to be so device specific. Nor should the app have buttons that do nothing.

Still no integration with myfitnesspal Still no integration with myfitnesspal

App is working great since the big update. Thanks Polar for the great product.

Getting better with updated Much improvement in syncing my loop ?

Does just fine with my m400. Great for mapping my Mtb activity.

Was good until the last update 06/25 Since the last update it will not connect to my polar M400. I have also list the ability to get Smart notifications. 07/18 new update now my watch wont sync at all.. thanks for nothing Polar. Please fix these issues. 09/17 now I can't even pair my polar m400 to my phone, it can't even pick up the device. Please put out an update that actually helps use your app instead of fluff for tracking on the device.

Failed sync I have not had any problems with this App until the recent update. My M400 fails to sync with the Polar Flow App on my Galaxy S7. I have tried the suggested solutions but they did not help. Is there anything else I can do?

Fail sync So this app fails synchronisation 3 out of 4 times. I rebooted my v800. Hard reset it and reinstall this app and when it is syncing with the watch or online, you can't use the Internet until if completed (failed sync)

Good but Polar NEEDS to start exporting Great app. Makes using my Loop and H7 much easier and can get up to date info on the spot. Only a few problems syncing and usually fixed with a restart. However, the real issue is that my step count, calories, HR, and sleep data can't be synced to other apps (SHealth, Google Fit, etc.) At this day and age every tracker offers this option and frankly Polar is starting to be left behind. In house connectivity is great but it NEEDS to start exporting data to the other general fitness apps... huge oversight.

Its getting better! As of right now I'm Team Polar. Sync fine with my A360. I love it. The only small issue I have is that I cant read a full text on my A360 or see the full phone number. But im sure polar is going to get around to fixing it. But other that hoorah! !!!

Smart Notification Problems After factory reset I had the Smart Notification on the M400 for the first time last week Saturday, and now it's gone again. Before the reset my ⌚ struggled to sync with the phone and laptop but now it's okay. I lost all the data over June to 17 September 2016.

Broke compatibility with my phone about 6 months ago The app won't sync with my polar m400 as my lg g4 is running Android 6. When I bought the watch, it was compatible with my phone, but now it's not. I've waited patiently for 6 goddamn months for polar to fix this but they clearly don't care

No syncing Still not working... 16.09.2016 M400 with android app on motorola phone. Since last update I cannot syncronize my watch with my phone. Fix this problem, I hate this. But when it works, its amazing... So, please.

Terrible app It does not synchronize the sports profile with the m600 automatically. It does not give speed/distance/cadence information when running on the treadmill when using the polar m600. The app has to be much better to make the m600 smart watch (which must use this app) comparable to any basic running watch.

Cannot sync It does not sync with A360, so unable to enjoy the app, really! Many months waiting for an update that fixes the issue and NOTHING has been done by Polar. Not a good customer service.

Sync fail From December 2015 until the last update my M400 used to pair and work perfectly with Huawei P8Lite. Since the last update sync fails every time. I have done the troubleshooting as suggested on the website. I have contacted customer care and after lengthy communications no solution was offered.

Easy to use This is a very useful app. Easy to us and shows all important data. The latest version of android seems to cause some errors and not sync with the polar or showing old data even if updated.

Polarflow sync v650 Having spent over £200 on what looks like a brilliant computer I'm very annoyed I can't sync or update the device with my samsung tab A android device. I don't have a computer so how can I update and use this computer. It's like a £200 paperweight. Feeling annoyed and frustrated

A real pain There is so much that is wrong with this app. The biggest problem is that every time you want to use it you must sync the watch. Even if the screen turns off and then you immediately turn it back on, you must re-sync. Next the sleep app is not accurate. Once I synced it a couple of minutes after I woke up. It told me I had been doing activities for 2 hours. Polar should have on app that includes everything the watch can do.

Lousy sync with my android phone It has nv work with my Samsung note 5. Only able to get it working on my iPhone. Please fix it.

Won't connect! Every since the newest update it won't connect to my polar A300. I tried signing out and signing back in. Still won't work. I redownloaded the app still nothing...I got this as a present and was really happy with it when it worked. Now I'm very disappointed