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Qardio Heart Health

Supplied By Qardio, Inc.    On Oct. 22, 2016    Comments(104)

APP for iPhone Qardio Heart Health version1.13.1 Download

Track your blood pressure and weight related data with Qardio, the easiest-to-use and most versatile app for Android devices. Qardio lets you choose your preferred way to create the most sophisticated health journal: enter your blood pressure or weight data manually, transfer your data from other apps such as GoogleFit or S Health or synch them automatically by using one of Qardio’s award-winning devices. View charts, set reminders and share your data with a touch of a button. Qardio App is packed with features that make health tracking effortless and actionable. And it’s completely FREE!

• Named “Best Health App” and “Best App for Health”
• Official S Health partner
• PC Magazine Editor's choice winner
• Winner of 3 CES Awards (2015 and 2016)

*** Featured in WIRED, CNN, TechCrunch, Forbes, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, PC Magazine, BBC, San Francisco Chronicle, Vogue, Engadget and many many more. ***

“Full of useful features, making blood pressure management super easy.”- Forbes
“QardioBase simplifies weight management.” – NBC
“Qardio’s blood pressure monitor puts a doctor in your pocket.” – Tom’s Guide


FREE – Store, interpret and share your data for free in this beautifully designed app. No in-app purchases, no ads, no strings attached.

SIMPLE TO USE – Track your health data automatically in one convenient place. Use your existing device or trade up for a smart Qardio one, the choice is yours.

GET POWERFUL HEALTH INSIGHTS – Qardio app has more features and unique properties that any other health app so you get deeper, more actionable insights into your health.

UNDERSTAND YOUR DATA – Unlike other apps, Qardio not only gives you numbers, it also provides visual feedback so you know what the data actually means.

SHARE YOUR DATA – Qardio app offers several easy ways to share your data with your friends, family and doctors.

CONNECT DEVICES AND APPS – Qardio gives you the choice of using the app for manual entries, syncing data from other apps or connecting with QardioArm or QardioBase.

GET MEDICALLY PRECISE MEASUREMENTS – Qardio devices are clinically validated so you and your doctor can trust the results.

WORKS WITH GOOGLEFIT AND S HEALTH– making your health monitoring even easier.
Why wait? It is free to sign up and use. Download us today and start looking after your health the smart way.

The Qardio App works with Android 4.4 "KitKat” and later and Bluetooth 4.0.

See here the list of validated devices:

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Qardio, Inc. part of our Health & Fitness and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Oct. 22, 2016. Appstore play rating is 80.3704. Current verison is 1.13.1. Actual size 41.0 MB.

What's new

    This version allows for manual entry of both blood pressure and weight data. We have also made some general stability and performance fixes.
    Qardio app tracks your blood pressure and weight data in a way that makes health monitoring effortless and actionable. It’s free with no ads or in-app purchases.
    Works with S Health, GoogleFit and Android Wear.
Download qardio-blood-pressure-monitor.apk 41.0 MB


Qardio Great when it works.. but thats not anywhere often enough.. not worth the cost.. buy a regular monitor from your pharmaci

Good and consistent I've been using the QardioArm daily for the past 2 months. It's a solid device. My measurements are consistent (I do three readings each one minute apart and am sitting down in a quiet environment). Why 4 stars and not 5? Two small issues; the initial pairing was cludgy and the inability to change the preset notes in the app (they just don't change when I try to save new text).

Excellent Very easy to use; just as described. Would definitely buy it again. Would not start reliably when received; I replaced the batteries and now it starts up flawlessly. Would suggest an ability to send results to more than one doctor.

Perfect. I very glad to use the application.

Easy to Use Use the BP and so easy to record and send doctor. But can't seem to get reports from Qardio!

Paired with Note 3 and Nexus 5 Paired nicely with both my Note 3 and my wife's Nexus 5. I enjoy the average feature.

Please add google fit support! Please add google fit support, need to sync my BP readings.

Inconsistent measurements.

Best way to track my bp I love this app. Makes it so easy to monitor my bp. Easy to use and quick. Works perfectly on my galaxy tab s.

Cannot sync brand new QardioArm I had high hopes for this device, considering the generally positive reviews on Amazon, et al. Sadly, upon receiving the QardioArm today, I was unable to sync via bluetooth to my Samsung Galaxy S5. I tried everything, including inserting new batteries, as some folks mentioned that they had dead batteries out of the box. Alas, to no avail. Furthermore, after installing the app, my Samsung S5 crashed and restarted around 4-6 times within the span of 2 hours. So, in addition to not being able to sync whatsoever to my S5, it has caused my S5 to restart often. I uninstalled and re-installed, still the same thing. No blue LED visible at all, even looking into the reset via paperclip hole. I tried resetting via a paperclip - nothing. I used the magnet closure to open and close many times, nothing. I opened the battery cover and closed it several times, nothing. I also emailed support this afternoon. Only received an autoreply, no live person has contacted me yet, nor is there a phone number to call. This is exasperating. Not good thus far. As some said: just the inability to sync would cause one's blood pressure to rise.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra issues App does not perform correctly on the Google Play edition Sony. If you get the cuff working, it is very difficult to get it working again if you close the app. Pairing is not an issue. When I press start, the app advances to the data screen but the cuff does not inflate. It works OK with a Samsung device, Note Pro 12.2.

Awesome device Easy to use, links up with just a tap on Note 4. Looking forward to see some integration with other fitness apps ie Google fit. App itself is pretty straightforward and gives you a good view of BP history. I like being able to share via email with Doctor.

Moto G phone does not work Cardio Arm works great with iPhone , but after pairing with android app on Moto G app does not turn on Arm.

Five stars with Google Fit integration I love my Qardio! You guys are great. The only thing it is missing is Google Fit integration. I will add that well deserved fifth star when that is added.

Great Need different profiles so that I can track BP of different house members and log them for analysis. And please integrate with Google Fit.

Nice app I started using this app yesterday. It seems to work ok. I would like to be able to sync this data with Google Fit. Please consider adding this feature. There needs to be a way of storing this data in the cloud.

Galaxy S5 Dont know why this thing cannot connect as simply as a bluetooth headset. Cant get it to sync with Galaxy S5

Does not work Works fine on my iPad, but does not work on the Android. Don't get any measurements. Android is my primary device. And I am a cardiologist. Was going to suggest it to my patients and I bought one device just for the office to demonstrate. Not sure now. Will talk to Qardio support.

Excellent, easy-to-use use, accurate product. Incredibly fast and friendly support. Looking forward to using the Qardiocore as soon as it comes out.

Great app. Far more reliable than I would have expected.

Finally working on Note 2 4.4.2 Got it to work for the first time now. Will see how it does in the long run

Does not really work I got the app to work once. Have not worked since. Using a Samsung galaxy s4 phone. What is the problem? Why is it you people never responded to me?

Changed, works with Galaxy S4 Easy to use. Like the reminders.

Latest update fixed all problems

Works as expected after so long finally comes to android! Suddenly my paper weight becomes useful again. Good app and works as expected

Settings stalls Tried to access settings and the app stopped working.

Qaidioarm Bought this Blood pressured, monitor from Amazon and it didn't work. Qaidioarm customer service stepped up and made everthing good. Outstanding experience with Qaidioarm, would buy their product again.

Doesn't work on two phones sequentually. You have to turn off bluetooth off on inactive phone to make measurement on another phone, what makes it unusable for more than 1 person.

love it use it everyday

A light gray text on blinding all-white background is almost unreadable. There should be an explicit option (e.g. button) in this app to switch QardioArm device Off, with visual indication of the current state.

Permissions Way to many required permissions. Developers need to stay out of people's phones!!! Will not update and won't recommend.

Inaccurate an inconsistent The scale does not give an accurate measure and overtime you can't even correct for the standard inaccuracy since it is not very sensitive. They're much cheaper and better scales on the market for the price. I really think they spend most of their money on marketing which is slick...AND their tech Service was useless!! Yes I did contact them!

Very inaccurate compared with a physician results. Will be removing the app and taking back the BP monitor.

Good app, one suggestion Please add a configurable beep when blood pressure reading is done.

Aside from initial pairing issues with the QardioBase both the scale and the BP measuring device work great. I've been looking for this level of analysis and integration for a long time. Well done.

Reasonable Biggest problem is connecting it to the phone to take readings, but connecting can be impossible on occasion. I give in when this happens because I can feel my blood pressure rising.

Will not stay logged in!!!

Sweet! This is a dream to use. So much better and more convenient to use than the clunky conventional ones. Not sure why some people have issues with it, but mine has been flawless. Highly recommended!

Battery drained after a month Was supposed to last longer. In my case, I'm monitoring am/pm with 3 multiple readings. Also, would like to see the 3 individual readings instead of just the average.

Needs Audio Feedback I haven't purchased the Qardio BP unit yet as I need audio feedback on any BP unit I use. The Irregular Heartbeat feature is not a sure thing, so it is better to have some kind of beep that follows the heartbeat. When the app adds that easy-to-implement feature I will be ready to purchase.

Nope 0 support. Poor product. Doesn't talk to my WiFi network. Doesn't measure body fat. Weighs inaccurately. Not a thing positive to say. Bye bye $150.

This device (or possibly the app) will RAISE your blood pressure more than monitor it. It rarely links up to the device even though the Qardio arm band shows up in the list of paired devices. So far, of the 14 attempts my wife and I tried to use this, we have a grand total of 2 measurements.

Love it! Works flawlessly The app and device work great! When using the blood pressure cuff...start the app first, then open the wakes it up and pairs right away!

WTH?? Batteries are dead upon arrival I just received my Qardio in the mail and it doesn't work. It will not sync with my Bluetooth settings probably because they sent old batteries in the device. This sucks when you want to check your BP right away and cannot. Poor device so far. I need to send this thing back. Paid too much for a non functional device. Thanks for that.

Crashes on starting App used to work great and the qardioarm was simple to use. Now I have an expensive blood pressure monitor I can't use because the app crashes ever time I try and start it.

Love it but.. Marshmallow was installed over the weekend and now the unit is not seen by my phone to take a reading. I changed the batteries and reset it and re-paired the Bluetooth but it still won't allow me to take a reading. This is raising my BP

Limited functionality First of all, the app and device works. 4 stars because the app is very limited - you can't use the device without an account, you can't share the results via sms messenger or your preferred e-mail account, only via Qardio site. When i send results to friend i don't want him to get Qardio advertisement, just his readings. Qardio doesn't support automatic pressure measurements every 30/60 minutes. This device has potential.

Works great BUT... Love the app. Pairing is sometimes slow especially the first time. But can not give the app 5 stars without Google fit integration.

Quardoo Was great to begin with then stopped working

Stopped working after I changed batteries. Have tried two sets of new batteries. No longer works at all. Went back to Withings. For all its faults, it has never just "stopped working" like this. The very simple (non-material design) app GUI is dated looking and, sadly, locked into portrait mode; annoying on a tablet like my Pixel C. I have to prop the tablet and keyboard on it's side. Lame and contrary to modern mobile app design. The ability to change the time between "average of three" down to 15 seconds is a winner. Way less measurement failures compared to Withings when it worked. Now, always fails. So the app shortcomings no longer matter.

Pretty darn good This is s great way to monitor ones blood pressure. My Dr appreciates seeing the progress over the previous months with a quick glance. He was even flipping thru to the previous screens. Having it on my phone is great.

On and Off? My doctor liked seeing my readings and since I always carry my phone, I always bring the data with me. He was planning on checking out the QardioMD info and was also interested in the QardioCore. I have recommended the BP monitor to family but when I tried to demonstrate it, I couldn't get it to turn on! Maybe the app could have a button to activate/deactivate the cuff? It is frustrating to be told to roll up the cuff and unroll the cuff again and again! Not good for the blood pressure!

Used to work great...not working at all now. I totally wasted $150 because the app doesn't work! Unbelievable!

A light gray text on blinding all-white background is almost unreadable. Unreliable switching On/Off. There should be an explicit option (e.g. button) in this app to switch QardioArm device Off, with visual indication of the current state.

A couple of suggestions This unit is a great size and the app is very user friendly. Having it on my phone for quick and easy reference when I'm in the doctor's office is also a huge Plus. If I had to make a suggestion for this unit I would say put an on-and-off switch on it because that is where I find it (often very frustratingly) glitchy and allow for a manual entry for when you take your blood pressure at a drugstore for example.

At first I had some problems getting the device to work with Samsung Galaxy S7 due to... permissions. Guys, seriously. You need Bluetooth to work with the device - yes - and nothing else. Remove the hell the location permission - at once! That's absurd and annoying and technically criminal. Do so - and let's see about the review then.

Great idea, poor construction I've had this unit for over a year and it has worked well but the battery door has always been a problem. Now it's gotten to the point where it pops off the unit every time I unroll the cuff. This makes a truly shoddy feel to the unit. And why the location requirement with this update? The app says Bluetooth "requires" it but Qardio didn't need it until now. What's up with that?

Does not work with my xiaomi phone The app on my xiaomi max phone does not detect the qardio arm, while using the app with Samsung s7 can.

Different problems Changed my rating from 4 to 1 star. Update, 7/19/2016 ... I'm able to login (no crashing), but need to enter my username and password every time I start the app (very annoying). Also, my profile is blank and even after filling it out completely, I'm not able save it (the save button is inactive). Still 1/5 stars.

3.3 GB Data Usage Great until it used over 3GB of data in a week. Terrible quality of app

Life saving, convienent Best customer support on the planet!! My Dr.s love it and so do I!

They broke it again! 1.) Why do you make me sign in with my credentials every time I want to take a reading. 2.) After the latest update the app crashes every time I try to sign in on my Samsung Note 4. At one time I really like the app and the cuff. You people keep breaking it. Seems to becoming a common occurrence. (This is not first time this has happened.) Without the app the cuff is worthless. I am truly wondering why I went with your product.

This system (QardioArm and this software) works very well. I'm uncertain about the calibration of the arm cuff because it gives me different results from my other BP cuff, but I will test it at the doctor's office and find out if it's on track. The app does a very good job. It's easy to setup, easy to understand and easy to use. They've added a few new features -- reminders and multiple tests, but reminders don't seem to work. (All in good time.) There is a somewhat confusing switch to enable integration with Google Fit, but it may just be for the QardioBase scale (which I don't have). The only sharing option is via email, but it sends a comprehensive report and a link to a .CSV file with all the raw data. In all, I can't find much to fault with this product. Taking my PB used to be a tedious process, and I would manually log the entries into Google Cal. The QardioArm makes the procedure much easier. Thus I do it more regularly.

suspicious health app On every start, this app asks me 3-times to switch the GPS enabled location service to a wi-fi + mobile networks mode. The active "Location service with Improved accuracy: Bluetooth scanning" should be sufficient for this app to use bluetooth connection. Other requirements are for spying purpose only.

Monitoring health is easy Thanks to Qardio I am able to monitor my bp in an easy way and my parents can follow my measurements. I strongly recommend QardioArm to everyone. Make life and health easier.

Terrible bluetooth connection Otherwise great

Great device. Never leave home without it. Very portable and quite accurate. Doc loves the email feature.

Works fine. Accompanies the hardware for blood pressure measurement, nice statistics.

Quadro arm cuff Accurate blood pressure readings,simple to set up and use

Great products Who needs weight watchers when you have this scale to motivate you with different happy or meh faces. The bp cuff is a little more complex but I like it too. It's just that it pinches your arm a bit.

Useful Only issue is sometimes it doesn't turn on without 2-3 tries.

Close to returning it Could not figure out how to turn it on, then it turned on. Then could not figure out how to attach the cuff. Kept opening then I realized the arm goes. Then it kept telling me it was off. Wrapped and unwrapped but kept telling me it was off. Finally in the Bluetooth devices I deleted this device... Then it paired. To much work need a better way to tell it is on and better instructions. I got stress and high blood pressure just trying to get it work

QardioArm Blood Pressure Monitor Best blood pressure monitor I have nurse tried! Got this after having a massive heart attack & two stents. It always turns on everytime I open the cuff, no problem there. My private nurse, my wife, can see all my readings on her phone.

Works great most of the time Sometimes has a problem connecting. Usually turning off the blue tooth on my phone and letting Qardio software turn it back on works and it connects. Once connected it works great and I love having a history of my BP automatically recorded.

A piece of junk Low manufacturing quality, after about 6 months stopped working. BUG: On every start, this app asks me 3-times to switch GPS enabled location service to a wi-fi + mobile networks mode. The active option "Location service with Improved accuracy: Bluetooth scanning" should be sufficient for this app to use bluetooth connection. UNINSTALLED.

Need to know my location to work Why in the hell does an app that checks tour blood pressure needs to know where im standing? Too Bad i bought the device so now I'm stuck using this apps that makes me feel like I'm being watched

Handy device, and it works Handy little discrete device. Easy to use at work, as long as we use a discrete room like sick bay or similar. It is also accurate enough and compares well with other home based BP measuring devices. Couple of drawbacks though, the cough itself started to deteriorate already and doesn't look like it will last for years and years. The second thing is battery life, this also needs to be improved. Otherwise I consider this a very good buy.

Works very well I had some initial trouble getting it to start. But it works very well and is accurate. I suspect many complaints are base on operator error.

App great hardware blows On my 3rd qardioarm - none will turn back on when the cuff is unrolled... I guess they cheaped out on the magnet.... the app is great though !

Low Batteries Brand new Qardio, but it said battery low and I was required to purchase 4 new AAA batteries. For the price I paid, you would think it would come with charged batteries.

Getting high blood pressure trying to get to turn on. At first I liked it. It is a good idea for a blood pressure device until I purchased it and discovered that it does not work. This company is going to loose money on the returns. Save your money. Do not buy it.

It's ok Messes up my Bluetooth frequently so that it has to be turned off and on again. Doesn't connect to my phone often so I have to take it off and close it and open it again. But it gets the job done.

Pos Got it to work then it up dated I was feeling bad went to use it did not work I had to fill out a profile with personal info so fu qardio 30min filling out cap could have been dead

Perfect for lazy people Hate to write bp info down? This is for you.

The easiest device/ap I have ever used. I bought a blood pressure device that I could not use at all. I needed three hands to put it on and then it gave me nothing but error readings. Then I saw the QardioArm on line; I watched the video and ordered it immediately. It is just as easy as it looks in the video.

Turning on Qardioarm I like the product when it works, but I find it difficult to turn on. It was taking me up to 6 times or more to try to turn it on. Now, I found if I open the battery compartment and close it, the start button turns green right away.

New owner first experience At first I had difficulty with the Bluetooth connecting and I was wishing it had a regular switch to turn on and off. Second, I find the arm strap to short to wrap around and pull it tight.

Great device. You need to improve the way the device turns on. It does not normally turn on when you unwrap it, so I take the end off of the device where the batteries go and then put them back on and that makes it start.

Awesome product I have been a paramedic for 29 years, I have yet to find a product as good as this one. It is extremely easy to use and manages all of my data that I need to give to my doctor. Very pleased.

Easy and accurate This machine is easy to use and accurate which keeps me on my toes when it comes to my health. The app is also easy to operate and keeps all my readings handy when visiting with my doctor. I highly recommend this unit.

So easy! Not only easy to use, but also easy to pack. The fact that I can email the record is also easy!

PNCS ROGER BROOKS USN RET This app does a great job and my DR'S love the reports.

Have been using it for almost a year Portable. Connects easily to my phone every time. Logs all pertinent data.

I love it! Easy to use. Seems to be very accurate. I love being able to provide a history & copy to my physician.

Smart choice This app and device, I have the blood pressure device, and use it every night.

Quardio blood pressure This app makes it super easy to keep track of my blood pressure readings.

Great Apps Love the blood pressure cuff and weight scale. Easy to use. Keeps my history.

Heart Patient My Doctor was impressed with the accuracy. I can email readings, love it.

Excellent I had excellent support,and product is fantastic. Never failed me

Has a problema with the pressure,

Works well

Quardio Very easy to use