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Rabbit TV

Supplied By Rabbit TV    On Jan. 15, 2014    Comments(39)

APP for iPhone Rabbit TV version1.0 Download

The Original Rabbit TV - world’s largest online entertainment service, giving you instant access to 250,000+ TV Episodes, 100,000+ Movies, 50,000+ Radio Stations, plus hundreds of live channels, sports, music, news, and so much more, all in one place. Watch anytime on any device, works on most desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

• Watch full episodes from the top TV shows & movies on-demand
• VOD from ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, History, A&E, and many more!
• Explore hundreds of Live Channels such as Animal Planet, Bloomberg, QVC, etc.
• Over 50k Radio Stations + music video channels from every genre and decade
• Use it anytime on any device – Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet
• Includes 1 Full Year of Service
• Sign Up in Seconds

NOTE: You must have a pre-registered Rabbit TV account to login to this app. If you do not have an account, you can purchase Rabbit TV here:

(Please let us know if you experience any more issues and we’ll be sure to get it fixed ASAP!)

* Connection to 4G or high-speed WiFi network REQUIRED to load and watch most videos
* Can only access public web sites from US geolocations.
* For users outside the US, local contents, especially videos of local interest, may not be accessible from the US due to geo-restrictions in their home countries.
* Product may be blocked in some countries (e.g., China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates), by some schools (e.g., in United States), and/or corporate networks.

If you have any issues or need help using the app, visit .

Rabbit TV part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Jan. 15, 2014. Appstore play rating is 67.6826. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 642.0 KB. Download rabbit-tv.apk 642.0 KB


Won't load galaxy note 3 Just sits in loading screen. After repeated reseting it went into a solid white screen 1 of the 15 times.

Volume issues Can hear advertising no problem, can barely hear shows, sometimes not at all on device.

Puffin browser is terrible. Uninstalled Rabbit TV I was thrilled to see rabbit tv decided to join the party and get an app on Google play. Upon opening the app it tells me that I HAVE to download Puffin browser now...Wtf is Puffin? Any way I tried it. The browser is so terrible that not only did uninstall it I also uninstalled Rabbit TV app. No need in wasting space on my phone. Not sure why rabbit tv would do something like this but whatever.

Watch anything anywhere! The app makes it easy for me to watch all my favorite TV shows and movies on the go. I am loving their web channels too...where else can I watch an entire channel dedicated to victorias secret? Love it!

Should have been More Complete. First, I got the new version, so I can type in the URL to any flash browser. Second, you have to upgrade to a paid version of Puffin to use it with that. Third, I am uninstalling and saving myself the space.

Will not run on Nexus 7. Took over 9 minutes to load, and even then was a blank. Screen. Caused tablet to freeze and slow down. Will be uninstalling till fixed.

Worst Ever! Finally got it working on my Samsung S4. Will not work on my Samsung Note 10.1. Cannot cast to TV. Small screen to view a full size website. Can"t see icons ro control video. Had to pay additional $1.99 per year for video program to load the Rabbit. Had to download Puffin to view. Poor user interface. The Rabbit TV USB hardware I purchased did not work either, even with all their tech support the rabbit did not jump.. How can anyone say it is better than Netflix. It really, really sucks. Don"t waste money.

Waste of time! Please don't waste my time with this crap. Doesn't load on my samsung galaxy 4. I have no patience for it. Also downloaded puffin which apparently is required. Pure garbage and a waste of time.

Unable to rate Dwnloaded app and it wont open,,over and over and still nuthin but a white screen,,,I bought the little usb port thing and tried on my home comp bout 7 mnths ago and couldnt really get to watch n e thing and this app wont even open,,waste of $$ n time, :'(

Crashes on startup Start to load but never gets there goes blank does this on two devises

if only I could give u 0 stars when I click launch rabbit TV puffin web browser opens and tells me I need to pay to use flash. I already paid for your service don't force me to use a web browser I have to pay yearly to use!!

Full of bs Rabbit is a scam and a waist of time and money, you can't play it on your tablet or smartphone and the movies or shows are not free and when u watch for free it sends you to another website do not buy the USB plug in its a waist of time and money also

in LOVE with my rabbit TV app I LOVE my rabbit TV!!! It is amazing, especially when I'm on the go! As soon as I installed puffin, I was good to go and can watch full episodes of anything streaming! I would highly recommend this app and product to anyone!

Scary So I downloaded it, 'bought' the USB thing inputted all my credit card info and shipping information and got a shipment ticket. ..but when I search for my shipment info it doesn't exist. .. not only that when I press the back button to try an alternate way to view my shipment it shows me the information of someone else's purchase order in Michigan with the address ofwhere it was shipped. .. RED FLAG! Interesting product but very sketchy process. Not to mention the constant illiteracy while attempting to purchase the thing. ..

Let us use our own flash browser Allow us the choice of choosing our own browser because I'm not paying to use Flash on Puffin!

I don't get it If I already have Flash Player installed on my phone why do I need to download the puffin application to view the rabbit TV application if I don't like it I don't see why with the flash player already installed on my cell phone I need the puffin application for the the rabbit TV to work Fix this and you're probably get more stars. Other than that rabbit TV is awesome I really love it

Nice Layout very functional; layout is great, and screen even moves with you as you cursor through so you do not have to keep using scroll bars. very well thought out.

Great if you travel a lot i'm a traveller and i hate lugging my laptop around when i'm traveling for pleasure and not business. having rabbit tv app for my droid lets me eliminate that extra baggage and makes my trip so much more enjoyable and comfortable. def recommend.

love this app I'm not sure why everyone is having such problems getting this app to load, but i followed the instructions, and mine is working perfectly. love being able to hide my phone on my lap and watch rabbit tv when i'm bored at work!

Above average I am a rabbit tv fan all the way! This whole venture is a demonstration in ingenuity. I have to admit though I am not a fan of the browser. Could it work with Google chrome? One last thing to add I am blown away by the live TV channels! All for $10.00!!

Use Puffin and you will be fine i had a different flash browser already installed so yeah i didn't really want to install another, but i did like it directed me to (puffin) and it was worth it b/c now i have mobile tv. thanks rabbit creators!

The tech supporters are Pete n Repete well meet Delete Doesn't play why is it here why can someone tell me. Bunch of Tarts at tech support asking for the same info over n over just to make sure they've hacked into you system properly. Dumbest monkey in the circus don't buy the dongel there's nothing on it Netflix is the same crap old YouTube videos. With some immoral lesbian filth. Rated R

Why Puffin?? Puffen isn't free and there are other Flash enabled browsers. App shouldn't check for the browser at all...the user should select the browser they want to use.

Rabbit TV I love this app !!! Always have something to watch or listen to. Just can't ask for more....

You don't need to install puffin browser or rabbit TV application on your Android device. All you need is chrome browser log in to your profile and then you can play everything as on your own home computer. I hope this will be helpful.

Not working. I love using rabbit tv on my computer, that's why I downloaded it but it will not open on my tablet, loading screen then blank white screen please fix. Ok I have been able to open the app but can't play videos it says that I must pay for and download flash player when I already have one, why pls fix I don't need another one.

I would not waste time with this app. Okay once.installed there is a registration process, no problem. At purchase of device paperwork states 1st year service free. After install puffin browser reccommended, once instald. requires a adobe flash player for viewing media. This is the hitch. Adobe flash wants $1.95 per hour to use or view all media I would not give it a half star but I cant figure out how to rate less than 1 star

Needs update Doesn't work with my flash enabled dolphin browser with dolphin jet pack

Don't like Downloaded the app and made me download puffin browser puffin browser did a flash test said it couldn't do it wanted me to subscribe to full service flash so it's not free uninstalled it

Wish it worked Like the idea but don't work on android tablet 4.2 tesoar.

Waste of money It just opens up other websites like Amazon, cbs, etc. Total rip.

Gimmick Running this app takes you to YOUR BROWSER. All content is viewed through your browser, not the app. Just easier to go to your browser and go directly to the RabbitTv website. The one thing this app is good for is to push you to install just another browser and then buy a "flashplayer" for $1.99, because according to that browser you need a better flashplayer. Just like on your computer, that you see advertisements that have NOTHING to do with RabbitTv, that is what this app is; just another ad. -1

They need to fix the app is crap Does not work on my samsung galaxy 3 would not load up

Doesn't work on HTC one Nothing but black screen of death!

Sucks with all the ads Never linked to what I clicked on. Just more ads. Crap. Laptop version actually works. Use it on the laptop.

Love it on my lap top but the app flashes and has double image.

TERRIBLE will not work on my HTC ONE MAX or ASUS TFT300 TABLET...loading screen just sits there..after 20 minutes...uninstalled and reinstalled..still nothing...this app is pure crap

Pufin? Rrealy? Why do we have to install this browser if we are not happy with it? I just wanted to watch rabit tv, im thinking of canceling my yearly subscription because of pufin.

Will not load. Set on loading screen forever and when its not then its just plan white screen. Samsung galaxy