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Supplied By bodyfit technology    On Aug. 8, 2016    Comments(79)

APP for iPhone runningplus version20160808 Download

Running+ is a health management APP, users can use with intelligent bracelet. The user can handle data synchronization to the APP above, to understand the movement of their own, to make reasonable arrangements for his movement.

Running+ can help users effectively manage their own movement, the user can use the corresponding intelligent bracelet, understand its daily activities step number, calorie burning, and night sleep etc.. The user can also exercise every day on goal setting intelligent Bracelet through APP to get up, intelligent reminder, call reminding function.

bodyfit technology part of our Health & Fitness and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Aug. 8, 2016. Appstore play rating is 34.332. Current verison is 20160808. Actual size 1.5 MB.

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Wont pair always crashes Doesn't matter how many tips and tricks i use to get it to work it won't pair and when i click on paired devices to try to check it crashes workout fail.

Cannot pair to my phone and crashes every time I try. Basically making completely useless.

It crashes... always crashes...

Wow. My husband donated a $1000 to charity, and received this as a gift. It doesnt give the option to change from the metric system, military time, and Chinese. Horribly cheap product! I have been sitting on the couch, and it shows I have already taken 12 steps. Hmmm...maybe I like it after all!

No option for converting. Will only read out in metric. Akso doesn't stay connected to bracelet. Have to reconnect every time you want to synch data.

The worst! Bracelet does not stay turned on or charged. Don't waste your money on this item. I should have read the app ratings before I purchased it.

I purchase a fitness band from Jimmy Crystal. And the instructions say that it is compatible with a Samsung S3. But it will not let you download the app or sync the fitness band to your phone. Very disappointed.

Awful As an android engineer I can tell you this is the worst app I've ever used. Waisted money.

Need more time Just got this for my kids and everything linked up good except I can't get it out of military time. Would like some help please.

Can't get it synced, app has never worked. Watch worked for a week. Now after charging time & date wrong.

Device Works So my device works pretty good and I had no problems syncing up, but it's the app that's awful.

Okay but the software is not very reliable. How do I sync the device to get the information to get to my phone ! Watch is cool tho !!

Terrible Why is this not on English!!! Can't set the correct time, weight, height because they are not our normal system. THIS APP SUCKS. I would have given it a ZERO, but that was not an option.

Peice of crap If ur lucky enough to get it synced to ur phone it doesn't stay.Had it set in English now it's in another language and no way to change it back.You get what u pay for . unfortunately I can't afford to get anything more expensive. Live and learn. Would give it a zero but won't let you.

Improved It's working properly after the update

It does work, gonna see how it goes thankyou

My blue on my Cell asking for pasword and pin where I can get it ?

Battery burned out It worked okay for the first 3 days & but when I was charging it, it overheated & now it only powers up when it's connected to the charger.

After update it's in Chinese and won't go back to English! As above, all Chinese since update. Connectivity sucks, sync slow. Better pay a few $ more to get a more reliable health watch system.

Update Updated now it's in Chinese and i can't read Chinese?don't know how to get it back to English

BT disconnected above 1m BT disconnected above 1m. Have to pairing again and again. But if you use it on the left hand make sure your smartphone always on the left pocket, it working fine. Still i doubt about the sleep, pedometer and calory monitoring accuracy. Well its cheap anyway, what do you expect?

Connectivity issues It works ok, just a lot of issues around connectivity. Constant disconnects, manual syncing, plus poor app design are all reasons to avoid...I wish the app name had been given prior to my purchase, if I had known it would be this bad I would have went a different route. Also, the sleep tracking function doesn't seem useful as it simply records that you slept the hours you entered as night time...

Does Not Work Purchased via Groupon. They didn't include any product info on the band (brand name). If I would have just read the reviews on this app I would have never purchased. RETURNING BAND & UNINSTALLING APP!!!

Does not work properly Bluetooth keeps disconnecting and same time sync doesn't work.

Bluetooth. Password is six zero 000000 Want to share the Bluetooth password that I figure out no thanks to the seller. Password is six zero 000000

Doesnt work Doesnt stay connected. Wont synch...doesnt getting a refund for the wristband

Does not work App does not work on Android 5.1, tried it on 3 devices. What a waste of time and money.

Won't work on my phone This app refuses to start on my Xperia z running Android 5.1.1

Issues with data and constantly having to re connect also I work nights so midnight reset not good for me

Need to be in 100% English Would like to change the options to have lbs an not kg an cm for hight

pls send me password ducasso smart watch DMW6090

Piece of junk Sync's but won't pick up on any of the watches features also block's you from using other apps such a movnow plus total rip off

Hard to understand what to do to set it up.

rubbish wont stay paired waste of money avoid !!!!!

Horrible divice Just altogether horrible set up

Doesn' work I tried other apps, nothing changed. I had ordered 2 tw64 from Aliexpress. They don't refund. Waste of 24 dollars.

Doesn't work Won't connect and crashes. Seeking refund

Cant sync. Wont work on anerican androids!

I read the directions After reading the watched directions . I downloaded app went to settings in the app then pair device it found my watch and synced right up.

Asked for a pin to pair! Wasnt given a pin.

Not Impressed My sg3 has the latest version of Android 4.3 as recommended. Can't get the bracelet to pair to the phone to update any information. Won't carry the daily steps walked through to the next day as I think it should. Sleep! Can't work that out.

Won't stay paired Everytime I try to sync I have to keep pairing device. Really wish it would stay connected

Won't sync with my tracker. Keeps changing all my settings. Fix it!!

Worse This apps doesn't sync with my phone i think they don't want to fix it.....

Stupid crap!! Doesn't synch with bracelet

Can't sync, asking for a pin number! keeps stopping Doesn't even allow for lbs. & inches! As always you get what you pay for!

The application The fitness bracelet works great. It is comfortable and I like it. But the app is crap. It doesn't sync with my phone at all. It doesn't keep track of my information. Which is a big disappointment. Really wish it would get fixed or that it could run with a different app.

Sync problems I managed to get it paired and syncing for 1 day and then nothing. And it went and reset all of the numbers for day 1 to zero. Just won't sync any more.

Doesn't sync at all with my phone!! Hasn't sync'd once with my phone since I downloaded it!! Doesn't stay paired with my phone! Needs fixing asap! I just have to go by the wristband to see how I'm doing!! Awful!!

Would give 0 stars Won't stay paired. Won't even sync info to the app. Can't even use a different app!! Ugh. So disappointed.

rubbish Won't sync to watch. It looks good and shows footsteps but can't get the two to work together. Please fix this app

Would give it -0 It just doesn't work, completely useless

Fix it. The app won't sync the data from my wristband, wristband won't stay in the paired devices list even though it is paired with my phone and my blue tooth is turned on. Fix the bugs.

What those guys said. Seems like these douches would fix the app, or put out a firmware fix so we can use the wristband on someone else's app that actually works.

It won't sync! EVER! I tried as soon as I got it to start syncing. It did for about a minute and a half, and it hasn't synced since then. That was yesterday, and today, I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and it never connected. It also won't stay connected to my device and I keep getting the error message to please pair my device. Fix it! This app sucks. I wish I could rate it no stars. Please fix it.

Wont stay paired Wont stay paired and doesnt update on device cant see it in the paired devices list

Terrible Won't stay connected to Bluetooth. Worthless app. Should be a zero, but lowest is a 1 star.

Sucks I can't change the time fix it really like watch but I need time Changed

Sync issue Will someone please fix the app so they sync?

Doesn't always work. Doesn't let you use other apps.

Doesn't work, will not sync data from band!!

It won't let me connect and I can't pair it and it said the wristband is connected and paired but it won't connect to my phone.

Cant change time frame watch stays on army time

very bad to use.

Nope Fix the app

Received my band today. I was starting to get very discouraged after reading all the negative reviews. I charged it, loaded the app, and after two tries I had it paired with my phone. Sync. All Good on day one!

Everyone is right This just does not at ALL. The bracelet is unusable and the app developers don't seem to care. You really do get what you pay for

Sync problem This is really confusing and it doesn't sync through my phone like only work one time that's it

Does not work I bought my bracelet and the instructions were to download this app but it doesn't work at least with Android. I just paired with my iPhone and it works!!! Thanks

Wish I read the reviews before I bought the watch !! Every single word is correct. Two!

Does not work? app dose not let me connect

Useless Doesn't connect up shish kebab

Sync Syncing doesnt work anymore..

Hate it Doesn't connect to my phone

Disappointed Got it to sync the watch to my phone long enough to correct the time on the watch but that's it. It will not synchronize my step count or anything else with the app. Please fix the app so it works better with the smart watches.

Doesn't pair and instructions are terrible. Waste of time and money.

Won't count my steps The device would not sync with my phone. Total waste of money

Poor sync The app doesn't sun with the wristband