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SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive

Supplied By © Western Digital Corporation or its affiliates.    On Dec. 21, 2015    Comments(107)

APP for iPhone SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive version2.1.3 Download

Enjoy the freedom to wirelessly store, share and stream content across smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs with the SanDisk Connect™ Wireless Flash Drive app.

******** This app requires a SanDisk Connect™ Wireless Flash Drive device in order to work ********

Simply connect wirelessly from your mobile devices to the wireless drive and instantly access your movies, photos, music and documents from around-the-house or on-the-go while avoiding the common hassles of cables, attachment limits or Internet availability.

Key Features:

Wireless Flash Drive App
• Wirelessly access your movies, photos, music and documents stored on the Wireless Flash Drive from your mobile device. No Internet or router required.
• Stream your media content directly from the Drive
• Upload photos, videos and other files from your mobile device to the drive and free up space on your mobile device.
• Download files from the drive to the mobile device for local access.
• Slideshow mode for photos
• Auto-play all audio files in directory
• Preview documents in-app or in other apps
• Swipe to the left or right easily navigate through content
• View modes: list, tile

About the SanDisk Connect™ Wireless Flash Drive Device (sold separately)
• Works wirelessly via Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), no Internet or router required
• Expandable storage capacity
• Simultaneously connect up to 8 devices, and stream video to up to 3 devices
• Up to 4 hours of continuous streaming on a single charge
• Accessible up to 150 feet away
• Wi-Fi password protection (WPA2)
• To learn more about the Wireless Flash Drive go to

Note: The Drive serves all file types. However, streaming content such as movies and music is dependent on files supported by your device.

For questions, please consult the SanDisk support page at

SanDisk is a trademark of Western Digital Corporation or its affiliates, registered in the United States and other countries.

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© Western Digital Corporation or its affiliates. part of our Productivity and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Dec. 21, 2015. Appstore play rating is 80.3534. Current verison is 2.1.3. Actual size 9.7 MB.

What's new

    Bug fixes.
Download sandisk-wireless-flash-drive.apk 9.7 MB


Too Difficult to get going This tool needs more work. Gratefully, I can put up with it. But there is no way I would use this to share information in a meeting setting right now.

App is ok. Could be ALOT BETTER It reads my phones gallery from oldest to newest...WTF? I have over 2000 pictures on there.. it takes 20 minutes to scroll to the newer photos.IT CAUSES MY PHONE GALLERY TO FREEZE .. LET'S TRY A SORT OPTION OR SOMETHING. VERY ANNOYING. No stars until it's fixed makes this thing completely useless. And I have several people interested in this however when I told them my issue they decided to hold might.wanna put a rush on an update....

I expected more. I thought I would be able to use this app to clear space on my phone to a USB stick or something like that, and I can't. It also says all the files I downloaded can't be read by this Android device. So now I don't know if I should keep it and try to learn more about it or uninstall it.

Works good This device works great. However. The app for android is buggy. Connects most of the time but takes a bit to find. I use this thing on my note 3 and my iPad 2. The apple version is rock solid. Stays connected, and works perfectly to add that much coveted extra storage. I wish the android version was just as good.

Nice Concept, but... Setup is a pain, doesn't see my Home network without some playing around. Will NOT stream .MKV, OGM, or even .TXT (and maybe other formats. If you try to play one of these (MKV, or OGM) it will popup and try to upload to device. It is formatted exFAT so it is of no use to try it as normal SDrive (exFAT is not compatible with Android or Win-XP without patchs and android root access. It will stream some files (.AVI, .MP4) so it does work. But Why EXFAT?????? Hey developers....What would happen if I reformatted it to NTFS?? Would it break? A note to those who might have lost files - make sure your PC can read exFAT disks - get the XP patch from Microsoft - free. You may still have them on the drive but can't be read from a unpatched system

I'm not happy with this product. I uploaded over 700 pics from my phone. I checked and rechecked to make sure that they were on the SanDisk before I deleted the pics from my phone. Everything seemed fine so I deleted all my pics to make room on my phone. The next day the pics were there on the SanDisk. The third day all the pics disappeared! I was in tears. I'll never get those moments with my children back again. Not happy.

Device is great, app is not. Seriously guy, better develop your apps. Crashes, WiFi goes nuts with it (turning on and off rapidly), doesn't stay connected to the device, just plain awful. I love your products, not your apps.

Not good at all As big of a company SanDisk is you can't tell me this is the best they can do. I love the wireless flash drive itself, awesome idea but the app is not very functional and looks like a high school student made it. Come on SanDisk I love your products but your apps are terrible. Even memory zone is poorly made. I expect way better

Awesome WiFi memory stick. The new 32gb worked great on Note4, Note2, iPhone 3, 4, 5, & 6plus.(yes I have all those). Was so easy: Transfered & backed-up files across diff operating systems & phone models with no errors, & 4 phones all connected @ the SAME time while all cross-copying! Even works on the battery when not plugged into a charger or laptop, & omg you can pop out the drive's memory card & upgrade! You guys rock! ***If you have issues: yer wifi options are set wrong & you probably have a vcr flashing 12:00 at home lol.

disconnects alllllll the time i threw the drive away, it's pretty useless with this lame app... to bad.

Do not buy it!!!! What a waste of money! The app only supports backing up your contacts and copying pictures. Does not support moving documents and non pictures around like music, docs, and pdfs! No smb support! Need wireless laptop support! Even the browser access stinks.. From a great company I expected a better app.. Even a simple file browser ui would have been good. I can't recommend this product. . If you have the product then use "AirStash" app instead of SanDisks. Much better for moving non pictures..

Note 3 Issues I have a Note 3, app will not connect to the drive. It makes the phone freak out, wifi just turning on and off endlessly until I reboot. Android version 4.4.4

I'm dissapointed! I really wish i had not bought this drive! I'm not surprised really, that this is NOT what I expected! The worst thing is, it should be straightforward to do a few things: 1. The fact you can't see the drive, even when you look for it in your network or scan for it (sure you can see the things address) even the fact it does not TRANSPARENTLY connect to the Internet if your connected to it . 2. Just try and copy whole folders! NOPE ! File by file: first SELECT from a menu you can hardly see , then you need to select each and every folder one by one! I'm very disappointed, as I had hoped it would be seamless and effortless. Fiddling I can get it to work, but I'M A TECH GURU! How about the "average Joe/Jane???" They should have fixed this and KNOWN before releasing it. For the price I paid for the drive ($57) it should be MUCH BETTER! The software "update" did nothing at all!

Great, given security obsessed OS I really needed this functionality on my Moto G (which has no micro-sd slot). Sandisk devised this great partly-clever, partly-clunky storage solution that circumvents Motorola's hardware omission and Google's heavy-handed attempt to improve Android's security. Yeah, it's an ugly fix. But they solved a nearly impossible problem. Thanks Sandisk.

Great idea Love this drive. Solves the problem of limited tablet memory, even for Apple devices. Best purchase ever!

Good when it works. Never seems to connect properly, or the same way, each time. Also, I ran battery dead while uploading from phone...3 times so far, and I still have files to upload. Once I understand it better... The tutorial left out some things.

it works, sort of The app works fine for me, though i had to do the "name your device" set up password so others can't get in, twice as it didn't actually save the first time. i had no trouble getting it to see my wifi so i can still get access to this and the net, though all of the computer will not see it unlike my other wireless storage device. test it with some video, music, photo, and doc. it works though you can't edit any documents just read them. photo, music no problem. video i notice that if i use the MX player enstead of what comes with the phone and skiping to certian parts that is about 20% part of the video i just keep, it will crash, but wont do that when i use the default video player (just the video player, though i never had any problem with MX player so i assuming this app and MX player dont play well together) now uploading photo/video to the the device from the phone is a different story. uploading photos, no problem. uploading a video, problem. if i upload a video (example family video) and the video file is above 10mb, it will keep looping from 0kb to 10mb till an error pops up saying that it can't. which stinks.

Like it, but... Awesome idea, but virtually useless with current capabilities. Needs ability to move folders between devices, select upload folder on flash drive and ability to move complete folder/multiple files around on flash drive. Stars will increase as abilities improve.

Won't stay connected Try try try again, can't seem to get the drive to stay connected. Will have to find something else I guess

Good device, but... Great device, but I cannot play multiple music files from the music folder that will play one at a time but I can't select all the files and play them I can only select them.

APP Lacks NTFS and exFAT compatibility for 4GB+ video files I use flash drives to work with 2 hour and longer video files all over 4GB in size. This APP streams as long as the drive is formatted FAT32. Drive comes pre-formatted FAT32. In an attempt to accomodate 4GB+ video files, I first attempted formatting with NTFS, then tried exFAT. This APP would not work with NTFS or exFAT formatting. Sandisk needs to upgrade this APP to work with NTFS and exFAT file systems to allow work with 4GB+ video files.

Very poorly executed. Constantly looses connection. Very poor "tech support" Most likely will return to retailer and exchange for a Western Digital unit...

WiFi flashdrive Hardware OK, apps are appalling. Nightmare to copy files other than photos. Other SanDisk memory app doesn't even include the WiFi drive. Most frustrating 60 Euro I spent...

Love this app Love this app it's very kool and easy to use. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Flashless drive Wi Fi is very weak.It will be better using this thing as a fancy thumb drive..

Connection issues It connects to my LG G2 OK but promptly disconnects again when I start the Sandisk app. Worked once or twice but needs to be much more stable...

Could be great. This is brilliant. If it only let me make a music que or let me use my on music app like it does for video. Please, Please, Please! I want to love this. I will change rating to 5 if music functionality is improved. Thanks

Needs more file transfer options Please allow full folder transfers instead of individual file transfers. Having to pick individuals is way too time consuming. Help us out San disk. Figured it would be a mandatory feature for ease of use. Your letting us down! Fix please!

bad app and flash drive it's very slowly and when streaming movie from the flash the subtitle won't show so it doesn't support subtitles files that attached with the movie

Doesn't work on my LG g3 Not sure why but it never will connect through the app. The actual drive's WiFi connects but it doesn't ever pair in the app for file acess. Just stays in a trying to connect loop. Works on my iPad air so I am not sure if this is something android/phone related. People really, the app is what your rating and not the device. That feedback doesn't help improve the app or the problem with the app that you have. Use the site that you purchased the SanDisk wireless thumb drive to rate it.

Not good Constantly disconnects all the time. Makes the device absolutely useless. Pity because the idea is great!

Terrible Same issues as everyone else WiFi buggy, no streamining, slow, it's great as putting your Sim card into the side and direct connect to computer anything else forget it. Company cares not at all. I tried this maybe 6 months ago crap then. Put it in a box now try it again. ...same. great concept. I gave money to a concept, should have given it to religion and prayed a company would make something that works. Most likely same waste.

Always disconnect connect and disconnect constantly!!! with my sony z3. Pls fix it now it's useless. Need to send multiple pic from album (Z3 Cuz already chosen pic) Allow to send only single pic. Incovenient

Works good, no problem w/disconnects Galaxy tab 3. Haven't tried staying conn to WFD and my wi-fi simultaneously.

Wireless Flash Works fine for me. Some files won't play but I converted them to play.

Android Works great on my iPad but it will not stay connected to any (three different devices) of my android devices. Kinda defeats the purpose don't you think!? Then to top it off, the hundreds of photos of my family (and my little sister before she past) gone. They were on there... where the f@$k did they go. I wouldn't even give you one star but I had to in order to rate your device.

SanDisk wireless This app is the greatest, this lets me free up the memory on my phone!!

Very handy app. Just picked up my 2nd wireless flash drive at Walmart today!

Too slow and always connection issues Finds too difficult for connection with android device. Lots of improvements are urgently needed

Will not stay connected, will not play files, constant searching. Will not connect to Amazon fire tablet

Disk don't work with Total Commander

Not so hot. I loaded up my wireless flash drive with some moves for my kids to watch on a long drive. I tested it out, and after starting a movie, I am informed that it cannot be played. When I try to re-connect to this drive, I cannot until I power-cycle it. If I download the movie from the wireless flash drive, I can play it just fine, so it is NOT a problem with the video format. Nice concept, but the execution leaves much to be desired.

Love the drive...the app not so much There really needs to be better file management for moving multiple files that have been uploaded to the drive. The current method is archaic and counter intuitive. Once files are in the "Uploaded From Android" directory, the app is useless for organization. It would also be nice to be able to use photo viewers of our choice as we can do with video. The app hasn't been updated for a while and I hope Sandisk hasn't abandoned owners of this drive....PLEASE UPDATE!!!!!

No issues I dont know about the issues others have but worked 1st time and can use internet same time

Does not always sync with device. Need the ability to move mote than one item around on yhe storage card like moving a set of pictures to one folder

OK but Its OK but I wouldn't spend the money again. One can only select all files from one specified folder at a time to send via wireless then one has to foozle around to specify other folders. Too much messing.

Great idea! And works well. I love this app. Mobile phones and digital cameras are a pain to transfer data to or from. This app works so well, I bought a second WiFi USB stick!

Awesome device This device answers all my questions and worries about how I was going to come up with common storage for my computers, my tablet and my smart phones and be able to share files between all of them easily.

Wireless scan drive Bluetooth scan storage is the most innovative way of backing up storing and using it as a backup drive. Using Bluetooth is easy and hassle-free the storage is unlimited.

What "bug" if fixed by adding location? Latest update is listd as a bug fix with no list of fixes and it adds network and gps location, but no new feature that can use this imformation. I like the device but I really don't need to fight with another app that keeps trying to turn on things I disable to keep from eating the battery. Why does this need access to location?

Sweet! A great product and a great app! This is a wonderful product if you use SD cards and is universal and upgradable with bigger SD cards and SD cards can be swapped out of it...It is worth ever cent of it's price and i would recommend it to anyone who has a TON of media stuff!!! 15 stars! (pics,movies,e.t.c)

Works great, but....... It helps definitely when I want to move something from a cpu to my cell. Just trying to figure out what you need my contacts, location, tablet history for me to connect to the USB drive? Should have fixed the drops with the update instead of data mining

Easy transfers, steady connections I use this to transfer everything from music to videos to super large 200mb files. The Wireless function is format and file agnostic as long as you have regular wi-fi you're good to go. I love both of my flash drives. One for work, one for home. The pass-through feature is great too.

I am not a good "techy" so needed help to install. Written directions were very minimal. However, using it is SO EASY. I love it.

Uninstalled This app asks for location...when I bought the drive it was not made clear it would monitor my location. Why ask for such personal info for a storage device?

ZTE - User !! it kicks me off Internet every so many seconds please give me an update on this problem ... I Love the flash drive but would love it more if it would work properly ....

I really like it except for it don't let me add my games to it witch it what take up most of my data

DOES NOT WORK WITH MARSHMALLOW! DOES NOT WORK WITH MARSHMALLOW! ! Sandisk has had almost 6 months and still no working app

But!!!! It Could Be Better It Needs An Update To Work With Android, 5.1 And Higher... Not Detected On LG G4 and No Internet , And Motorola Droid Turbo 2 Charge (No Internet Only) .. Cant Do Firmware Update Using Either Of The 2 Phones Listed Above

Sandisk wireless flash drive I like the convenience of having a flash drive that doesn't connect directly to your phone. It's a very nifty gadget but mine drops connection from time to time when accessing a file.

Works as intended, but... It would be better if it could use Android 4.0+ FUSE support to local-mount the drive.

Document This app realy useful to transfer file from phone to wireless flash drive

One of the best app I ve ever use, simple and straight forward app to use, keep it up!!

After upgrading to Marshmallow 6.0 on my Moto X Pure the App no longer find and connects to the Flash drive. App is now useless. Contacted Sandisk tel support and they seem not to be aware of this - the App was updated Dec-21 long after MM is out. Let's see how much time it'll take them to fix this severe issue

My smart move! I have the 6 edge and it doing good on my phone. I mean excellent on my phone

Still after 2 weeks trying I cannot comnect to my flash. Its seaching for program which is already instal in my phone and let to link to directly to app store where is found it my program ????

Needs ability to transfer folders. As it is very difficult to maintain directories.

Bug Says to turn off certain advance wifi settings and they do not exist on stock Android 6.0 so my flash drive doesn't connect to phone. Works with Internet pass through but you can directly connect to it.

Works with my BlackBerry Classic The fact this works with my blackberry classic I don't see how blackberry is not any different from other types of Operating systems

Permissions are atrocious Bought the hardware and get it home ready to use when I find out it that the app requires me to give it access to my contacts in order to use it, among other permissions. I'm boycotting sandisk from now on. Trolling for contact information is bogus - maybe if they gave me the hardware in exchange for my contacts.

It keep losing connection It keeps losing connection between my SamS6 and My LG GPad F and anything that is wifi

Wireless Flash Drive Good to use.

Awesome Only if windows phones would work then it would be phenomenal but five-stars for what it has done for me already

Tha Bizniz Works like a charm on my Galaxy S3

Jepoy Cool to use save my battery and drive space of my phone...

Good product Works like it is supposed to

Buggy connection... Connected but not... Wth

Wireless Flash Drive Awsome

Fabulous! Now my files can go with me and not have to be duplicated on phone, tablet and pc. Do not have to rely on Cloud Storage access either! Impressive SanDisk, IMPRESSIVE!

Does what it says it does.

Could it get any worse?

Eureka it works finally Apparently there's a WiFi setting that causes the LG G3 to continously connect and disconnect with this. After turning it off, this app finally started working.

It works About the only way to transfer my pics and other data between phones and computers anything else is a waste of time and money. Or chat with my friends at best buys every thing I have is out of date or incompatible if it not the latest model. I just go there when I want to get depressed or battery. Their saying should be you got questions our answer is it out dated and/or incompatible!

Nexus 6P won't Connect SanDisk please 6P has been out for months. It does not have SD card so I need this device for back up. Advise me please.

Clean house SanDisk needs to clean house, there shouldn't be 5 to 7 apps out there all for similar products. Garmin Fitbit and the other smart accessory manufacturer uses one or two correctly named apps for all their products.

Not working with Nexus 6P Connection should be intuitive. 6P searches for drive but won't connect. WTF?

Easy to use,like the idea just change your SD size.

Wow, still no MM support.

Awesome I've used this drive for a year plus to backup photos, etc from my droid phone, it is awesome. Extremely easy to use and almost effortless to transfer pics to my desktop.

Great to have around Use it on my iPhone, android and laptop

Great I love this thing I use it a lot

Meh Kinda wonky. Disconnects easy and difficult to move file systems. Fine for individual files though. A year later and it no longer works. Same phone (Nexus 5) but newer, stock, OS.

Greatest invention since The world was ceated.

Currently not working. My phone find it but it will not connect.

Wireless connection I was looking for this app

Scandisk wireless stick It boots up and tells me the stick needs newer software then takes me to play site and tells me it's not compatible with my phone. So you gave up on my Kyocera Edge instead of fixing the problem. So I have to buy a new phone to use the stick. Maybe I should just get one that doesn't need your wireless stick since you can't make it work any way.

Never EVER works with any phone! It will always get stuck connecting, but never actually connect.

Extended Storage This app is a great thing to have. It has allowed me to double my data storage & a smoother transfer to the desktop computer.

Does not work at all on Moto X Style with Maresmallow Connects sometimes, but throws errors afterwards. Useless.

SD Cards Being able to change out the SD cards on the older wifi mini SD card units are so much better than the newer units where you're unable to swap memory cards on them.

Critical bug The App causes my wifi to turn on and off nonstop till I close the App and I can't use my flash drive because of it

Love it It works great. I would like the ability to select a whole folder instead of just individual files.

Never Again This stinks. Drive barely configurable without Android having no controls for much on PC and then app us a data grab. Sandisk that plain sucks. Also the app is garbage and never finds the drive. Literally the worst app I've ever used.

Transceiver/battery failing Worked ok for about year. Now I have to make sure it's fully charged and held next to my phone for it to occasionally to work. Now just a regular memory stick. Feel jaded.

Please fix this App! Worse App I've ever used. WiFi connection totally inconsistent. File transfers usually corrupted. File transfers extremely slow. Awkward connection routines. Multiple users does not work most times. I wish I could go back to Airstash...

SanDisk wireless stick Pretty good for the cost. Couldn't get Web to connect. Works fine for small file transfer