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Supplied By Reactor    On June 1, 2012    Comments(70)

APP for iPhone SimplyNoise version1.1 Download

SimplyNoise is the best sound machine $0.99 can buy. Featuring the highest fidelity white, pink, and brown noise samples that have helped thousands of people from all age groups and professions block distractions, enhance privacy, and melt away stress.

Visit for a in-browser version of the app!

Reactor part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update June 1, 2012. Appstore play rating is 76.3902. Current verison is 1.1. Actual size 106.0 KB.

What's new

    * Fixed sound skipping issues by rewriting the sound engine
    * Fixed various bugs around running SimplyNoise in the background
    * Added multiple oscillation speeds to match the website
Download simplynoise.apk 106.0 KB


Skipping Can you PLEASE fix the app so that it does not randomly skip? It happens frequently on brown noise with no oscillation on samsung note 4 running lollipop android. Thanks!

The best I just it to sleep in rooms that are a little too silent. Just switched from the iPhone version and glad to know that the experience and quality is the same. No interruptions in the noise. Allows me to fall asleep quickly.

Awesome app... But I wish it would stop on headphone disconnect. That's a pretty useful and standard feature that I need. It would also be neat if it had gray noise, but that's not critical.

Skipping As of 9/9/14 this app is still skipping, despite the update saying that it has been fixed. I actually love simply noise, and really appreciate this mobile version, but it kills me to no end when it skips. The sudden lack of sound back into the noise is such a shock that it completely breaks my concentration. Please fix this soon.

Decent I'm using nexus 4 and this app has some problems. First the sound turns off when you lock the phone while in the middle of another app, but you learn how to deal with it. It plays in the background quite nicely, and the file size is small. Also a suggestion I have is an easier way of turning the sound off. Mostly bought this app to support this website since I've used the web version so much.

Doesn't close I love the web version of this and simply rain, so despite my embargo on paid apps I bought this one. And it works fine until you want to close it, or if you want to use it with Bluetooth headphones. Rating would be higher if this was a free app, but I expect less bugs for a paid app

Great for the baby! I love this app, and the brown noise is the only thing my baby will sleep peacefully with. Only problem is that it often just turns off after a couple of hours, and there's no settings to keep it from doing that.

Helps this light sleeper stay asleep I'm a very light sleeper and have been using earplugs for years to aid in my staying asleep. However, this app helps me sleep far better than I have in years of using earplugs. I've found that the background sound this app provides is a vastly superior method in staying asleep than the complete blocking of sound that my earplugs employed. Instead of being awoken by the slightest noises at night or early morning (yes, even) when using earplugs, I can now actually sleep uninterrupted! This app is so worth it!

Wonderful except... You have to go to force stop to get it to stop running.There is no "quit" or "exit"button.Otherwise wonderful for blocking noisy roommates etc. through the night and early morning.Thank you!

Cuts out Cuts out after about 20 minutes on my Samsung gs2 skyrocket. Love the web app too bad it doesn't work on my phone.

Meh Great sound and helps my baby sleep but uses a ton of power and is IMPOSSIBLE to close! The "force close" message comes up every time I try to close and when I click it, it STILL keeps running. This app should be fixed before anyone should buy.

The vibration! This app vibrates constantly on my phone and there is no option to turn it off. It drives me absolutely insane. I used to use the simply noise website and loved it. If you can tell me how to stop the vibration it would definitely be a 5 star app.

Does what it says Generates noise to filter out the world. I downloaded it for the gym to filter the crap music they insist on playing and just zone out while I lift. It even filters out the wannabes who grunt and drop their weights.

Poorly made Does what it says, creates noise, but the app itself is sort of poorly written. Once it's on it wont close on a Galaxy S3. Just stays running and every once in a while throws up an error. I'd find another app that is more stable until this is addressed.

Simply no way now to turn app off. I now have this app running on a Samsung G386T1 running 4.4.2. I previously was able to turn the app off completely with a button at the bottom of the screen. Now, I am unable to do that. My security app reports it as an error. What can I do? Otherwise, I am quite pleased with the app. Zen Bonobo

Noise is still skipping. I LOVED Simply Noise on my iPhone (I used it nearly every night to fall asleep), so it was one of the very first apps I got when I switched to Android. I can't tell you how disappointed I've been with it. The noise breaks or skips, with a really loud hiccup, every few minutes. So, it's not so good for sleeping anymore. In fact, now it's the *reason* I can't sleep. Please, pleeeeease update and fix this, guys.

Best noise generator I've used... Basically ever. I have tinnitus (constant ringing in the ears) and the only thing I've found to help is brown noise. Most of the noise generators on the market focus on white noise which aggravates the ringing. Unfortunately, I don't use the app often since the only way I can get rid of the ringing fully is to blast it too loudly for a long term solution. Still a great app and by far worth the money.

Still skipping I love the noise quality, helps me sleep like a baby. The problem is the noise skips ranomly. Then of course I wake up.

Great drowning out noise Annoying mofos talking loudly on the phone, babies crying on airplanes, etc. You're no match for my new universal OFF button - the SimplyNoise app :)

Fixed, at last! But..... Changed my rating from 1 star to 3..Finally, an update which makes this app bearable. Still needs an update to pause itself when receiving incoming calls call, and to not cut off after 30 minutes of use. Other than that, good job guys!!

Great for concentration I've been using SimplyNoise at work, specifically the brown noise, and it is great for drowning out distractions and helping with concentrating on the task at hand. Only flaw is that it doesn't stop when you get an incoming call, the only thing keeping this from being a 5 star app.

Great but crashes all the time I use this app for playing brown noise every night when I sleep.I really love that you can select between white, pink, and brown. Also the timer feature is crucial, as is the fact that it stays open and playing even when you open other apps (so I can use my sleep tracking app at the same time). The downside is that it crashes ALL THE TIME. Currently I can't get the icon out of my notification bar because it crashes every time I try to properly close it with the exit button. I have never seen an app crash this much. This app would be five stars if not for the overwhelming amount of instability.

Skipping Not Fixed I'm running the most current updated Samsung Galaxy S3. Theoretically this app is great. In practice the various sounds still periodically skip, leaving distracting hiccups in what would otherwise be peaceful continuous sound. This isn't ideal in a pay app, especially when so many free apps manage to get it right. One person mentioned no interruption. It's possible this is limited to Samsung S3, and the skipping is due to outside system alerts. I've had to look elsewhere for my white noise needs.

power drain I love the web version of simply noise. Got the app for offline use. Uses up to 35% CPU! on my Galaxy Player 5. Unacceptable.

You CAN turn vibrate off Excellent app - used it to calm both my newborn babies at night and get them to sleep. Took me a minute to work it out but you can turn vibrate off by going to settings then auto haptic and deselecting the app.

Great Lots of choices, clean interface. 5 stars if it was easier to turn off. The "exit" thing is a little inelegant. What I'd really like is an off/on widget toggle, or better yet, be able to pause it or turn it off from the notification drop down.

Don't close... I don't use it much but when I do, it works does what I need it to do. My main gripe is that I cannot find a way to cleanly close the app on my Galaxy S5. A side gripe: I wish these guys would put out their Simply Rain app for Android.

Doesn't stop when accepting calls That's really basic. Also should stop when headphones are disconnected.

Stop button needed! The app itself is wonderful. It really helps me to relax during stressful times during the day and especially helps me to sleep better at night. My only gripe is that there is no way to turn off the app except for going into settings menu and using force stop-which is just ridiculous! Sort this out ASAP please! :(

Noise keeps on stopping? It's quite annoying that the white noise just stops sometimes, when i look at my instagram or watsapp for example - then when I go back to the Simply Noise app it starts again, just without the oscillation? It shouldn't be a hard bug to fix, but it would make this app perfect.

Bugs out when I try to exit Seriously, every time. Even free noise apps manage to exit correctly, why did I pay for a lesser product?

No updates I love how relaxing it can be, but no updates in over 2 years is just insulting. Just look at the screenshots -- that's Froyo-era Android! I would understand if it felt like a "finished" app, but this program is clumsy to use and doesn't fit Android's designer guidelines at all. I'm disappointed that I paid for this, because I'm uninstalling it to find something where the devs at least act like they care.

Love it, but... (Nexus 6) Used this app for years, when it's too quiet, and to help me fall asleep, usually on Brown Noise... However - oscillating could do with bring smoother (it's a bit jumpy), it could also do with being a shorter oscillation, or an option for span... It goes far too quiet or far too loud, no happy medium... Finally, if the countdown has been used, you can't exit the app without activating the noise again... But I love it and would hate to be without it...

Best app for studying! I would have been lost without this app and their website. It has helped me through many tough nights of struggling, when I needed to tune out the kids, TV, pets, etc. Love it!!

Love this I found this on the web a while ago and l loved it.. so I was excited when I saw the app. Probably one of the simplest, easiest to use yet useful apps and a nice, clean simple layout. Maybe they could add blue & violet noises? **Seems to cut off after about 20 minutes or so, pause for several seconds, then start again.

Good Sound, Bad UI The sound quality of these three sounds is good. Better than the free apps that I have tried. I regularly use ear plugs paired with the "pink noise" to filter out everything around me. Now for the bad. Firstly and most importantly, there is no way to pause this thing. I have to open a menu and exit. I would like to see a pause and/or exit on the screen. Secondly, it does not turn off even when we switch into the phone application. Thirdly, the volume scroll does not go to either end, which is unusual and aggravating. I would happily up my rating from three to five stars if only the user interface included a way to stop sound without summoning a menu. [Edit] After using it for a while, I am downgrading it from three stars to one star. $1 is too much money for an application that causes me so much grief. I still think the sound is good, but this application is not ready for to be sold on the market. I should also note that the sound has intermittent pauses. It does not happen a lot, but it does happen. They do not mind me so much, but other users may have a real issue with this.

Minimalistic but good Interface could be more polished as in less fancy buttons to look more sleek. Also the timer is not intuitive as it is it unclear whether it's hh:mm or mm:ss until you set it and the app tells you, what the values meant. Oscillating even on slow is too fast for my liking, I'd like a very slow gradual change. the app sometime produces "steps" in the volume change, but not to an extreme extend. I could not confirm any skipping issues, seems to work just fine for me. Overall a good app, that could be a bit polished on the UX side, but it does what it should - play simple noise.

Could be better. It makes noise. For a paid app, I expected more options than the free website. The app requires multiple non-standard steps to exit. If you use it at night, the bright white background will reliably sear your retinas.

Sleepless in Seattle This app started off great and I was getting the best sleep that I've had in years. Alas, it was not to be...... it started skipping every 10 or so minutes and constantly woke me up from a sound sleep. It's absolutely worthless if it doesn't create relaxation and only annoyance!!! Very disappointed,

Great App, but.. There's nowhere in the app that I can exit the app on my S5 (I could on my S3). It remains in my notification bar always - even if I kill it. Pretty annoying. Also, where's SimplyRain for Android??

Good for tinnitis I find this helpful for getting off to sleep when my tinnitis is bad. I really wish you would do SimplyRain as an android app though as it's absolutely the best I've ever come across but only available on iTunes or online with flash.

The website is better. While the core functionality of this app is fine, the interface could be better and it is buggy. There is no way of quitting the app on my 5.0.1 lollipop device, the exit button does not appear where it should. On my 4.4.2 kitkat device I get errors quite often when trying to quit, saying that the app has stopped (without it actually stopping) and requiring me to try and exit again. This app might have been perfect in 2013, but the developer seems to have abandoned it and in 2015 I regret paying for something so buggy.

Commercials wake me up! I used to love this app, used it every night for 2 years. Recently (must be an update?) Ads would randomly start playing (with speaking content) and wake me up! Argggg. I had to hit the X on the ad! Downloaded a new white noise app, so far, so good.

Make it stop! This app had worked great for me before, but now it won't stop. I hit the back button on my HTC One M7 and the app goes away but it's still making noise. There is no exit button visible in portrait or landscape. I have to force quit it.

No stop button I use this almost everyday when I'm working. However, when I updated my phone, the exit button disappeared. Now I have to go into my app manager and force stop every time I'm done listening to it.

Awesome Noise machine! It's a great app that blocks outside noise and allows me to sleep peacefully.

Great App, but... I use this app paired with a bluetooth speaker to sleep at night, and would give 5 stars if not for a few issues. The sound will cut off sometimes when using other apps, but the Simplynoise app will still be running. If you don't try to run other apps it will run for most of the night, but will sometimes stop after a few hours even after setting the sleep timer for 24 hrs.

Best White noise app Rich sounds and great oscillator. My only complaint is that I have a phone without hard keys and there isn't a way within the app to quit. They need to code in the three little dots and include a quit option. Or maybe I'm just not seeing it. Either way it's a 5 star app

will give 5 stars with NEW updates The PC website version is awesome. The APP mobile version is lacking a few features and doesn't seem to have the best sound. Please update adding features like a nite clock, On/Off button, and sounds similar to the website [ie: simply rain] Thanks.

No more crying baby Just googled white noise while baby was very unsettled. When I launched the white noise site and the sound started she instantly when to sleep. Bought the app within the minute. Thank you so much. Great app. Love the oscillator and sleep timer functions as well. Hope the rain sound will eventually be built in to this app too. ;)

Worst Purchased App No significant, of any, updates have ever been made to this app since I purchased it in 2012. It is disappointing that not only does it not look modern, but it just always randomly crashes. Does the job fine when working.

Good, but needs some work. Firstly, I can not find the second screen shown in your example pictures. Secondly, the exit button makes the process crash and then restart because it is a service. Thirdly, There is a bunch of white space underneath the colored buttons that I personally think would be a good space to explain the benefits of the specific color that you have selected. Lastly, I really want the background color to change to the color of the selected noise color to help better identify which noise is selected. Please take my suggestions into consideration.

Sound works fine. Won't close The white noise generator works fine. But when I am done I can't shut the app down. Finding the exit button on the galaxy s5 is not intuitive. When I did find it, it doesn't work. It just gives me an error message and the app continues running. I have to go into device settings to end the process to stop it.

Simple app, does what it's supposed to. Would be nice if it included the in information about white, pink and brown noise (not that it's hard to look up or remember really). Also, the font for the countdown timer is too large - for both hours and minutes it seems to be trying to fit two digit columns into a single one, so it's sometimes a slight guess how long the timer is set for. Just make the font smaller or the boxes bigger :)

Lookout now it's gonna crash! This app is constantly crashing on my Nexus 5. I like the app and the idea, though improvements are needed in performance and aesthetics. Please make the UI elements bigger, and clean up the logo!

Finally stable A few years ago the sound skipped all the time but they fixed that finally. You can't beat this app if you want high quality brown, white or pink noise. Helps me sleep like a baby.

Not worth it There are better apps. It does not have the standard audio app reactions like stopping the sound when i pull out the headphone jack. The sounds are not seemles, there is a small interupt at the end of the track. Free apps are better than this one.

Great, simple app Been using it for years, very fond of it. Note that there is an incompatibility with Android 6, however, that make the Exit button inaccessible. But it can be closed easily enough by using the "Recent Apps" button that presents a carousel of apps opened recently.

Perfect app perfect time I needed a distraction during a recent stay in the hospital. The nurses had to physically wake me because I couldn't hear them with the wonderful brown noise playing in my headphones.

Above average This is the only white noise app I've found that doesn't skip at the end of the sound's loop -- it's truly continuous. The only problem is it will sometimes just stop, usually when it's running in the background while I'm using another app.

Crashes on nexus 5 Doesn't exit properly on nexus 5 with KitKat. Notification area keeps complaining that the app is not exited. Have to force stop in settings. Great quality sounds. I love their website. Too bad the developer is not seriously updating or fixing bugs. Larger buttons and ability to control it from the lock screen would be nice.

Great Idea, Poorly Executed Crashes every time I try to shut it down on my Nexus 4. It always restarts itself, and the only way to be rid of it when I'm done is to restart the phone. I love Simply Noise on the website, and therefore gladly bought it for Android, but this is a poor effort.

Pain in the butt I had to finally uninstall permanently. It would open the app randomly and no matter what I did, it wouldn't shut off until I rebooted my phone. Yes, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, with the end result being the same. I love the web browser version. The mobile app is garbage.

Seems fine to me Started up fine. Volume doesn't go all the way from left and right, but does go down to zero. Haven't used it when a call comes in. Varying types (colors) of noise. Click settings to exit. I did get the "unfortunately white nois e seems to have stopped working message," which is stupid if there is an exit button. But, I just tapped "Ok" and got over it. For 99 cents, it seems fine to me.

Can't close it What the heck? I paid for this app and it doesn't have any way to close it. A message pops up when i try to force close it saying it's still open and that i should use the exit function...but there is no exit function. Besides that, it's a great white noise app. Like one user below said, i wouldn't mind so much if i didnt pay for it, but i did. The paid version dhould be conplete and not missing a basic exit function, imho. Will rate higher when fixed.

No exit button Use this app EVERY night. Love it. It used to have a little silver button that would let you exit the app. Just did an OS update on my Galaxy S6 and it has no way to exit the app now! Please fix!

Crash on exit and breaks Bluetooth It consistently crashes every time I quit, and after I run it I get Bluetooth streaming service crashes. No response from developer on crash issue.

I have used the website version of this application for a long time and I love it. However, the mobile version definitely needs some work. It works well with my Galaxy S6, but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to close it when I am done. It says to use the "exit feature" which I cannot find. When I'm trying to close it, there are several error messages. I end up having to restart my phone to close the app. Please fix this!! Otherwise, it works wonderfully up until I want to close it.

Frustrating I like simply noise online but frustrated with the app. Randomly shuts off and stops working very often. Sometimes makes it more distracting then the noise I'm trying to block out. Could probably get a better app for free.

Not compatible Android 6/Marshmallow. Been using it for years, very fond of it. Note that there is an incompatibility with Android 6, however, that make the Exit button inaccessible. But it can be closed easily enough by using the "Recent Apps" button that presents a carousel of apps opened recently. Otherwise a decent app.