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Street Art watch face

Supplied By Google Inc.    On March 11, 2015    Comments(68)

APP for iPhone Street Art watch face version1.0 Download

A collection of beautiful street art watch faces from Google Art Project featuring the work of Aitch, Andre Fernandes Trindade, Cheko, DRAW, Drawing Jesus, Erik Otto, Gemeniano Cruz, God Mess, Hugo Lucas, Katch, L Is Not An Artist aka Luísa Cortesão, Mariana Dias Coutinho, Mercedes deBellard, Mercedes deBellard & Cheko, Nark, Nicolae Negura, Paulo Arraiano, Pedro Batista, Phibs, Reach, Samina, Slap, Sublinismo & Cheko, Tamara Alves & José Carvalho, The Empty Belly, Tinta Crua, and Will Barras.

Google Inc. part of our Education and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update March 11, 2015. Appstore play rating is 80.7446. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 13.0 MB. Download street-art-watch-face.apk 13.0 MB


Interesting and Colorful Some people aren't fond of the art label as a card, but I appreciate knowing the artist and identifying information. The colors on the watch numbers and hands are coordinated with the street art colors. The art changes frequently. What's not to like? Thank you, Google!

Change face I don't want a picture of a chick in her underwear on my wrist, you need to allow people to change the art. Get rid of the card with the artist info, nobody cares, put that info in the app on the phone. Have someone with better judgment pick the art. The date font color looks bad, make it white or black, the clock needs to be moved up, it's covered by cards.

Cool I love switching up my watch faces and I am not really comfortable with using the other popular apps for the mere face of battery life. Some suck more juice than others. This app is great, when folks notice my watch I always get "WOW, that is cool"! Great app Google, keep up the good work! For those that don't see the new watch face, I thought the same thing also, it takes a moment for it to sync to your phone after you download it. I was about ready to call it junk and delete it also then BOOM, it showed up in the Android Wear app.

A great starting point Google made a nice statement with this. When on, the face is bright, vibrant, and clear, time is readable, and it looks smooth. In ambient mode it's low maintenance, easy on the battery, and still looks nice. It's encouraging to see Google give a nice example of what can happen with Wear. Plenty of room to expand the features available and hopefully reasons to bump it to 5 stars.

Pretty but flawed Love the different and changing backgrounds, they really are awesome. However they change so often that I have noticed a reasonable drain to battery over the course of a day. It would be great if there were options to limit the changes or just select one background rather than rotating every 15 minutes or so. Aside from that, it's good.

Looks good but.. Works flawlessly, and looks great with the artwork but lacks the ability to customize it. I just wish it was possible to change the font or even move the digital time.

Super Sweet In 53 years I never had a reason to wear a watch, now I have countless reasons and this is just one of them! Give me more.

Great watch face Usually I stick to simple and plain, it is simple, but not plain. It's sort of like the Chromecast changing images; which I love, but for your watch.

More! Can we get more images. I feel as though I see the same art daily. Also a companion feature to match the phone background would be neat.

Background picture is too bloody. I like most backgrounds but some of them really make me sick. It would be good if the app could help me to make choice.

Art is awesome but app is so so I love some of the art in this collection, but the app needs to be improved. First of all, with no cards, the digital time is all the way down the bottom, somewhat cut off by the black bar on the moto 360. Also an option to choose the art yourself would be fantastic.

Awesome Needs more art but I think it's great. Not very customizable but very unique and the always on screen is basic and I like it that way lol

Very good app I love everything about it it updates new watch pics ever like 30mins so every time I look at watch it's different and new flash and interesting, beautiful faces on the Moto 360.

Nice art, but How come I cant (or don't know how to) choose a picture. And what's with that notification on background change...

Great A new fresh face now and again makes me smile with these lovely pics

Wear does not show these faces available after install. I reset my Moto 360 and restarted my phone. No luck... Please fix ASAP!

Really cool watchface Just wish it had more settings, like how often the picture changes, I think it's currently too fast.

Ugly as Sin I watched a 20 min documentary on the design process and this is the result? Perhaps in a frame in the right kind of room but not on my watch.

Watch Faces are awesome. But what's up with the weird serif typefaces in the app? Kinda feels out of place.

Doesn't work with Moto 360 App installs on phone, doesn't appear in android wear app.

Nice watch face Works well and looks nice. In the future can you make it an option to have the "always on" time location move on the watch, so the same pixels are not being used all day everyday

Looks promising, couldn't find on devices! *Updated rating, it showed up after a day* Downloaded and installed, can't find anywhere! Not in faces on watch, can't find app on phone, don't see in Android Wear app...where is it?

Great art work but having it covered by the info card each time is annoying. Why not just have this information in the settings section?

Looks good Can you add the choice of what art we want to appear?

Decent I sleep through about nine of these faces because they rotate at the same time everyday. Needs a few more options, no way to adjust via Nexus 6?

My favorite watch face I really love the collection of art displayed and the frequency I get to see new pieces. I'd love an option to turn of the little cards that say the title of the work as they come up so often. The time a little higher on the Moto 360 would be nice as well. Lastly, the date isn't always very visible on some of the backgrounds but that's fine with me since I don't use it. More options!

the moments im missing my android wear. wish i could have it again.

Faces are random I'd assume? Any way to select in future update would be awesome.

Stylish and artistic? Perfect. A nice little way to add a touch of artistry to any Android Wear device. Very simple and clean, just the way it should be!

Simple and Beautiful I love how great the pictures look, everything is very clear. I'd like to be able to set the picture rotation time but I'd imagine more options will come down the road. Beyond that, digital, analog and minimalist all look great.

Good - but not ready maybe.. I like this idea, but the app doesn't give as many options as i was hoping for. I would like to choose the picture, or preview it in the app. But, you can't. Weird.

simple but pretty it frequently changes your watch face with an art image so you never get tired. I'd like an option not to display the art info every time it changes, but as I can block specific app notifications, that's OK for me.

How to access this Yesterday I installed thus but i am not getting options to open this app, kindly help me

Nice! I like the fact that the watch faces change throughout the day... it's always something interesting.

Great watch face Only wish I have is to be able to disable the notification with artist name.

Amazing art! It's basic, but does the job! Amazing art packed into this watch face and I hope more will be added over time!

Guess the watch faces are random? Would be brilliant if I could choose from a few options also would like to customize a bit like the color in which the date and time appear. Maybe in a future update? Apart from that it looks pretty good :)

Great artwork, with room to improve I love the selected art. I'd love to see a larger readout of the digital time when my watch is in ambient mode, however. It makes sense for it to be small when displaying art on the screen, but not when the screen is blank.

Great, small problem with moto360 Everything's awesome and all, but the moto 360's black bar gets in the way ?

Coming from Google. This is the best. Needs more men oriented background tho. A little on the girly side.

Reminds me of my favorite city I love Lanzhou in Gansu province China because there is street art all over the old downtown university district. Street art is people art and it is lovely! Lifts your spirit in celebration of human creativity! Now it is on my watch! Couldn't be happier. Get a big old life-affirming jolt whenever I check the time. Hoping for a refresh every now and then with new art, but don't want to lose my favorites. It is on the watch FOR GOOD!

Awesome Needs more art but I think it's great. Not very customizable but very unique and the always on screen is basic and I like it that way lol

Doesn’t work Installed the app and it doesn't show up on my sony smartwatch 3

Haven't had a chance to grit me digs innit Am Our most likely just wanted some more information that I needs.??????

Lack of variety It's good to get street art onto my watch, but really limited offerings since its first release

Wonderful This is the reason why I am wearing the smart watch. It's amazing that wear an art on your wrist. By the way,if the watch face could add some animation ., it would be great! Like Watch Face-Fuji

Watch face sucks Minimal customization, can't choose what art you want on the watch, just lame...uninstalling and going back to odyssey

Improper description Google has to properly mention that this is an app for Android wear devices, else it it misleading for most of the people like me.

Where can i find this in menu I don't know to use it, just downloaded it for fun, but cant open it now, i am unable to find the icon,

Can't change pictures. Would be nice to change images and keep one on. Having change to things men and woman would not wear is annoying.

Watch faces are cool, the Artist card is not so. I like the watch faces. I like the configuration on the phone. I'd prefer the digital time to be bigger. I don't like the artist card being automatically displayed. I would not mind if the card was at the real bottom of my stack, so I could access the information if I wanted. I think that this would be the best behaviour, as the idea behind the watch and Google Now, is that the notifications are "Pull Based". A simple configuration option regading the Artist Card where I could specify where the card appears, "On Top", "On the Bottom" or "Disable the card" appaeaing.

Haven't had a chance to grit me digs innit Am Our most likely just wanted some more information that I needs.??????

No proper Always 0n /Ambient display No option to leave the full watch face intact for Always On or Ambient Mode. Other than that it does seem cool, but I can't use it until that option is in place.

Another great Google app But there needs to be an update in the watch faces cause they are getting tiresome after rotating through the same faces

Possible battery drain I tried this app a few weeks ago and the day I installed it my watch didn't last 10 hours. I'm giving it another try, hopefully it works better this time.

Minimalism is Backwards Large circle should be the minutes. The small circle should be the hours. Currently is flipped. It's very confusing to read.

Really beautiful Buti don't like some of the pictures and I want to be able to see notifications in ambient display mode. Needs to have options to enable or disable these..

Got boring This was great for a while then I kept seeing the same art. This would be better if you could choose from a larger library of art.

Cool art, needs options Really like the art that pops up, but I wish that there were options to change the font or style of the analog or digital watch. Sometimes the font or style doesn't go with the piece.

Not bad, not good Sometimes lack of choices can be a good thing. ("It just works") For me, this is not the case with this app.

Watch faces broken Nice watch faces but not allowing me to change to it again after i reset the device and downloaded it

Change up... I really like this app. Never get tired of a face.

Looks really nice, but pretty bare bones I wish more info could be displayed on the watch face, such as battery life or steps.

Lacking options Should be able to select face. I can see 2 faces I want to use in the sample pics but can use them.

Great design Google has gotten so much better with design. Material design is amazing and this watch face is awesome. Sets a nice standard for other to follow for a great watch face.

Would love if ambient mode would allow for art to display in colour. What's the point of having a nice color display on your wrist, when it spends most of the time in black and white ambient mode. Who cares if the battery drains a bit quicker I still get a day out of it with watch faces displaying colour in ambient at 50% brightness. Come on guys this is what android is all about... Customisation!

Almost perfect It would be nice to bookmark the art from the app on the watch without opening on the phone. The biggest gripe is the sparse selection of art.

Doesn't change much, cool in idea. Often see sane watch faces. Weird art pieces i may not normally look at become annoying art pieces before the tenth time they show up in my watch face.