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Sygic Truck GPS Navigation

Supplied By Sygic.    On Oct. 5, 2016    Comments(144)

APP for iPhone Sygic Truck GPS Navigation version13.6.5 Download

Truck GPS Navigation by Sygic, maker of the #1 world’s most installed offline GPS navigation app.

Get one of the most reliable navigation apps for professionals with first class routing and highly accurate premium maps. Enjoy navigation tailored for large vehicles and trusted by 1.000.000 truck drivers worldwide.

Try 14 days for free. You can upgrade to Premium anytime.


• All-in-one app with special routing for Truck / RV / Van / Caravan / Camper / Bus / Car
• Detailed navigation & trucker paths for large vehicles with specific restrictions in the map
• Maps are stored offline on your device so internet connection is not required, works with GPS signal
• Regular free map, POI and speed camera database updates for 3 years
• Personal routing profiles for different vehicles (height / weight / length / axle and more)
• Optional real-time traffic information and speed cameras database


• Europe (with Russia)
• North America
• South America (Brazil)
• South Africa
• Middle East
• Australia & New Zealand


• Best maps: High quality up-to-date HERE maps for trucks, stored on your device
• Offline: Works with GPS only, internet is not needed, great abroad
• 1st class guidance: Turn-by-Turn navigation with Voice Instructions
• Easy exits: Lane Guidance and Junction Views
• Easy orientation: 3D and 2D Cities & Landscapes
• Never miss: Google™ Street View with images for destinations


• Set truck parameters and hazardous materials
• Avoid roads not suitable for your truck and cargo
• Go via the most convenient trucker path for you
• Truck specific POIs: Stops, parking, petrol & weigh stations and more
• Waypoints: Multiple places for loading and unloading your cargo
• London Lorry Control Scheme (LBTS)


• Profile configuration for RV / Caravan / Camper / Motorhome / Bus
• Camper specific POIs: Campgrounds, parking stations and more
• Avoid detours and narrow roads


• Spoken Street Names to focus on the road
• Dynamic Lane Guidance to know the right lane
• Speed Limit Display and Speed Camera Warnings


• Notification of upcoming Speed Limit change
• Avoid paths not suitable for trucks or recreational vehicles
• Avoid Toll Roads on part or on entire route
• Avoid roadblocks, motorways …


• Google™ Local Search to find anything
• Find and Navigate to:
- Address with exact numbers
- Contact
- Postal code
- Intersection
- GPS coordinates


• Import of custom interesting locations - POIs
• Customizable navigation screen
• Road incident sharing with drivers community
• SOS / Help to find assistance nearby
• Customizable spoken warnings


• Smooth Hardware Accelerated 3D rendering
• Vehicle audio integration – Bluetooth or cable
• Graphics optimized for tablet & HD displays


• Live Services (Real time Traffic information + Speed Cameras): Avoid delays and speeding tickets
• Head Up Display (HUD): Projects GPS navigation instructions onto your windshield

Sygic. part of our Travel & Local and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Oct. 5, 2016. Appstore play rating is 82.9502. Current verison is 13.6.5. Actual size 36.0 MB.

What's new

    - New reporting of map errors
    - Possibility to close problematic roads in map to avoid them
    - New design of quick menu
    - New layout design for landscape
    - Improved instructions during music playback over Bluetooth
Download sygic-truck-navigation.apk 36.0 MB


A great start I love how large the fonts are on the map. After using CoPilot for so long. It's nice to be able to read the words on the map without magnification. Two things that need fixing. 1st: "heading up" stops working at higher zoom out levels. The app reverts back to "north up". 2nd: exit #s are definitely needed for freeway exits. Fix those & this will definitely be 5 stars.

Maybe The Worst As a truck driver I give to this GPS App a complete negative rate because it has the worst map for Greece I've seen implemented in a application of its kind. Almost 50% of countryside villages are missing so it's completely useless to me and others that travel a lot outside main cities...At the other side I give a 5 star rate to "GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic" as a car driver because I could say it's the best out there..but as a professional truck driver it's "again" also useless...I hoped for something better that this..................

Sygic be aware Starting 6 April 2015 in UK they changed the speed limit for Hgv. Now we can drive with 50 miles on single carriage drive and 60 on double carriage drive.

Best offline truck GPS app Pros-- almost as great as smart truck route - the live satellite view. Never had it route near an low clearance bridge even on back highways. Never had it try an take my down an truck restricted or to tight to turn an tractor and trailer on street. Cons-- the eta does not say to next waypoint when doing multiple stop loads. When using on an slower phone like quad core cheapy, app tends to close it self a lot when setting up multiple waypoints routes. Note does not have same issue on my HTC one max (snap dragon processor)

Almost good I have used it now for some time but no this navigation is very very very bad for north america. Max speed rong it send u the long is road and on roads were a truck is not allowed. I will say the system is eezy to use and the maps are clear but out of date. I do not now about the Europa navigation system but do not buy the north america version. After buying it u still need some extra money fins u will get thanks to this system

not a good start It wanted to take me off a bridge to go on to a public foot path to my destination. from SN2 1TU to SN2 1HW. I think you need to look at this. and its a bit to slow saying when to turn I'm on the motorway it says turn left as I just went past the turn off or it will some times say turn off at the next junction on time. At the moment I'm using the free trial I do not want to spend the money yet as it want to send me off a bridge or my wife have been playing with it.

Works very well The only issues are the speed limits... Please update it

Seems ok at the moment for my 44t truck and seems more accurate than Aponia

Can't wait for my snooper to come back don't bother buy a truck map

Cross country truck driver Where are the instructions? How do you clear last destination to input next destination? POI doesn't show truck stops,weigh stations or rest areas. Does show low bridges here in Chicago. Screen fonts is too small to see, for turn by turn listing. Add toll booths. Needs easy to understand directory. Also, users speed should be displayed & why is elevation displayed twice on same screen??

This gps rocks but very priceyyy Directions right on target

Maps to SD Card Plz update Sygic so it will be possible to put the maps in SD card on Android 4.4.xx

Terrible . It tried to send me down a road that was not suitable for HGV a few times in same journey. Do not waste your time downloading this app

The price. It is too high.

14 days free trail. Thought it was free.

500 mi delay cmon what retard did this app

Very good Great trucker app, brilliant

Nice Very good I give you 5

Good I would love to give you 5 stars but you are missing very important feature witch is a must for truck drivers: weight station locations. Please fix that.

It's not in English

Best period! ! Wish it was free

Wrong "Speed Limit" I-90 Tollway, Sigic say "35", really - "65".

Truck driver Sucks, took me down a road that had an 11 foot bridge over it with the settings being set for 13'6" I would never recommend, or buy don't waste your time!p

Do not buy Software after paying keep going back to trail when 14 days are over no more navigator after paying so much money advice company a con thief and liars

One of the best app! I was tryed this app with another 5 truck navigators. This is for me the best. Some small problems with speed after last update, but I hope in nearest future Sygis can fix and update speed limits date bank. My 5 stars is for Best graphic. Need to improve with multidrop.

App works great The app works great, with the exception of more up to date truck routes through and around New York City, it would be even better. uPDATE ON REVIEW: Lowering this down three stars. Got a new phone, and no matter what I try(yes I've already got Sygic to reset my purchase), it wont get passed the download maps screen. Countless deltes and resinstalls, I've even deleted all its files that i could find, and still nothing. VERY dissapointed as this was a tremendously good Truck Nav APP

ENDLESS LOOP on new version also, still Purchase expired, purchase restored, purchase expired. won't start, that's all it does. Doesn't list truck stops, scales, the car version has sharp curve warning, not this? The routing is iffy or wtf? I'm sticking with it, shows promise.

Needs a lot of improvement OK, so I'm dumb... I downloaded this, loaded the maps, input my truck dimensions and weight, and said, "ok, let's go! This will work perfectly! " I was so wrong. .... - it told me to go down 3 roads that no truck should ever drive on. Including 2 restricted roads, and one that was dangerously narrow! This makes the GPS useless. Period.

Untrustworthy This app has tried taking me down weight restricted roads and some very narrow roads too. It routes you longer journeys than necessary regardless of the settings and all you have to do is ignore it and watch your choice of route force the app to recalculate and reduce the journey time it originally calculated.

Do not Buy It gets loops at map download part. You chose one it downloads and comes back to same screen.

Excellent work. I give 5 stars to the team. I am not buying it though. It had a few mishaps and I don't find it useful for its price. Bought a tomtom truck which is unbeatable. I have been taken through a width restriction with this one ( I have set the right vehicle sizes if anyone think I didn't! !!! ) on Sandall Lane in Camden when looking to drive to 2a Bartholomew road. Tomtom routed me through Kentish town as it should be. I have a 10 years experience with London hgv driving. Always had a sat nav just to assist me.

Worse than copilot Drag route doesn't work. Otherwise it's basically the same pile as copilot is

Seems ok just downloaded which was a little tricky but it has all the dimensions user definable for each type of vehicle can't wait to get out on the road and use it properly

Best Forget going and buying the GPS device for your truck when you have this app. Works great when I need to use it! 5 stars

Refund my money please!!! I've tried sending emails the day after buying this for a full refund. But have gotten no responses. It's wanted me to go down wrong roads, i.e. weight restricted, low bridges, apparently all the streets in Milwaukee and surrounding cities of Milwaukee are mostly just 25 mph. I have the car app as well and I love it for driving my car. But driving a large truck and using this truck app. Horrible experience. I used it a couple hours a d was done. I had the size and weight of my truck set and just crap.

Fantastic Really would recommend this, it's a nice design you can report incidents as they happen you have 3 options of routes fastest, shortest or economical either way it gets you to your destination whatever your truck dimensions are. Really pleased with it.

Insane Take an offramp, do an illegal U-turn, go right back up the onramp, does this constantly, get of the highway, go visit old McDonald's farm for no reason then take a dirt road back to the highway, you're going to need a truck stop app to find scales and anything else truck related, good luck with this.

App works great when it works. Ok, back to square one. I've had to dona factory reset on my phone. Now I cannot download sygic truck GPS on my galaxy note 4, lollipop 5.0.1. It worked perfectly before the reset, now I get "unknown error -505" and it won't install?

Sygic be aware What's going on. I wrote you a week ago to activate my sigyc and I haven't got any answer back. Just want to remind you that I paid for this app and I can't use it. I will make complain to the authorities here in UK

Absolutely awful Completely ignored any restrictions for my truck.tried taking me down a 6 foot width road with my 7 foot wide truck.speed limits are all over the place. Told me the limit on a motorway was 35 mph!! Got to be the worst truck nav going!!!!

So far so good I like this app a lot. As a truck driver who's used several GPS devices this one by far is the best. Graphics are the bomb. Meaning great!! Lol.. Price is a little high for my taste for an app though. Please send me a discount and maybe I might purchase it.

Worst gps app ever Untill now I've used this app every day in Europe and I regret a lot. I've been sent to places that no truck can't pass. Ive ben sent out of the hiway and back again a milion times for no reason. The app stops working for no reason. Some times in route for no reason it loses the route. You almost cant see the country borders... etc etc etc... This could be a nice gps navigator for trucks but this guys are very lazy to make some functional updates... Im very sad to spent 120€ in this defective gps navigator.

Good app Good app and easy to use

Can't install. Wrong -505 ... nice ... (Samsung Note 4) Wrong "Speed Limit" I-90 Tollway, Sigic say "35", really - "65".

I want this app to be better. I like the user interface and the clear map routing, but not at all keen on the lane guidance box doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the graphics and also it also allows you to root with a low bridge enroute tells you when you get to it rather than tell you in advance and avoids it also didn't show a bridge hight icon on the map Hope the Dev's will keep updating fast for a five star score.

Good app I actually like this app, it's easy to use and has a great interface. Speed limits are wrong a lot meaning some questionable journey times given, especially using 2 lane highways but the directions are great and spot on. Comparable to most GPS systems around.

I have experienced much better sygic truck app version The route does not come back once the app is taken off the memory. Has major bugs. Can you provide link for previous version because this one is crap. F*ing option to change route priority has been removed. Wtf? I want my money back it is not my job to fix your poorly designed and texted app. I never had issues with Tom Tom but with your product it is the opposite. New update and no up and down way point organising optiin. Do you have new grads working in your company? Far out...

Bridge height I like the app,bridge height is little outdated and the weight limit of 5T doesn't show in map. It would be lot better app if updated. Thanks.

Don't wonder about what's around the bend! A HUGE help when out on the road; local or ocean to ocean, this is STILL the one app that I have downloaded on every new phone that I've worn out, broke into 2 halves, or thrown out the window! A must-have.

Wont be upgrading to full version after trial Only tried to use this app the once just as well i cross referenced against the good old map book. I had put in all the correct parameters for vehicle including the 64t weight of vehicle yet it still tried to take me down an un marked road and over a 3t bridge when there was a far better and easier route to take.

Voice instructions Don't get voice instructions no more just stopped after an update whyyyyyyy

PL FRANCE (do not buy for France!!!) Does not differentiate lane height restriction from road height restriction. In France, it will avoid almost every Autoroute entrance and exit if setup for vehicles with max height above 2 meters. Fix and I'll give 5 stars. One example is the 3m height restriction on road Échangeur d'Ussel est Aix . There are many more that I have encountered. I could not possibly report them all. I don't have the time or I might not find them all. I changed the 3 stars rating to 4 for the good application support!

Never trust this Insane routing, no truck stop listings, no usa scale listings, nothing truck about this but it's eye candy and you can choose your own route. Be sure to shut off data on this manually or it will suck you dry.

Great start won't let me download the voice or proceed.....

Why so expensive Why so expensive?? You would make more money if this was less expensive and you weren.t so and demand!!!!!stand alone gps.s are cheaper.!!!!!

Brilliant I have bought this instead of buying a HGV satnav! Never had any issues even with the multi drop it found the nearest first. The only problems I had was it doesn't give a time to the way points and it keeps trying to send you down B roads in a 40ft Artic.

Took my down two 7.5t weight limits on the first journey !

Great app Does just what it is designed to do

Very accurate, it works well for me

Too expensive I like it but too expensive others better value..

THREE BIG BUGS No.1 Try avoiding highways, toll gates or ferries. Route calculation failed. No.2 Try avoiding unpaved road Route calculation failed. No. 3 ETA remains from previous route. Guys fix this ASAP otherwise it makes no sense to call it a truck navigation. Same bug with Taxi version.

The best.

No speed camera alerts in the Samsung tablet after moved from Samsung s5 ??????????????

Rerouting odd When deliberately not following the route, the map behaves very oddly. The map continues to follow the planned route, even while I am not. The map swings around a few times, then suddenly locks back to my current location and direction. Even then, very inconsistent about how long it takes to reroute, based on my new location. Can be many blocks, or less. Not great if I was actually driving my RV at the time. Like some other things, but wish there was an RV mode with propane, rather than truck with hazardous materials. Many roads around here allow RVs but not trucks. Still want it to pay attention to height/weight/length. Not sure I can really use it or trust it.

One step forward, two steps back... So after years of waiting Sygic finally makes a more or less proper road color scheme for Sygic Truck. Gone are the sameish shades of yellow roads. Instead we get different colors for different road types which is almost a must for European truckers that must brave the absurdity that is south Europe address logic or lack thereof. Now the bad news. The closest roadside services still after a while start appearing hundreds of km ahead. Now your waypoints don't get randomly deleted anymore they just get grayed out and not used by Sygic. Any tunnel can and probably will wipe your route. Don't bother using it in Paris it will just go crazy or delete your route all the time there probably due to the tunnels (A86 especially). And the worst flaw is that you only get 30ish minutes maximum of traffic info then boom its just gone. Not just offline. As if you never had it. No icon, clear map. It doesn't matter if you are at home connected to WiFi, to 4g net, moving or standing. I bought the new Live Services pack just in case it was my prior 19 euro subscription they didn't like. Nope didn't work. So in conclusion the only thing Sygic is good for is being a trucker road atlas and nothing else.

Needs more Im in the US and i use it for trucking but it needs to show weigh stations, warnings for sharp turns ahead,truck stops like Loves, TA, FlyingJ and Pilot and Petro....if it atleast had those features it would be awesome. Please add those features......

What? Problem with that gps... I have a problem; so where can active that gps? I using in free and then when is gone i bought it and i can not active it. I starting that gps and sometimes is frozen off, sometimes i can do anything so what is wrong? I got email after then i bought but i can do anything...

Very helpful application for drivers, using every day. Heights, weights, sizes, bridges, speeds all included.

Won't work for me. Inaccurate signal for car navigation keeps showing up. My GPS is on. Google maps works perfectly but needs Internet connection to work otherwise I'd just delete this app. No easy way of contacting app for assistance. Left me seriously lost when I needed it most.

Nick Failed too avoid toll route gj m6toll alternative is a5 , fix it , anyway will get crack for it money for j00 ;)

WHY OH WHY ? Since update have moved on to phone reactivated and now have no truck settings. Suggest you buy co pilot cheaper and it works. Now works realy good minor issue with speed limits in map view

A few tweeks and it'd be solid 5★ The only thing 2 things I didn't like about it was that it had me trying to go through a street that was currently closed, so for that if you could add an alternative route/street interface, and also if you can make the voice command work while my phone's screen is off to preserve battery on my phone. Thanks and I hope this feedback helps.

Force stopping Keeps force stopping on Galaxy Note 5 want refund

Cant get it to work on my tablet keeps going to the play store. Please help me

Still have bugs I'm using UK map and the speed limits are in km and here is miles and when I chose in regional settings yards/miles i end up with limit of 20 mph when is 30 . Please fix it or tell me what I do wrong

Blank screen Doesn't seem to load. Just a black screen. Useless. Nexus 5 Android 6.0.1

This last update was excellent. Not only did they fix the disappearing waypoints but they also fixed the tunnel issue. It has been rock solid even in total curve ball tunnels with roundabouts (like Tromsø). It's also finally stable enough for me as a trucker to finally endorse this as usable main sat nav. There's still room to improve and use some good ideas from their competition but that's nitpicking from me. Also there are infrequent crashes to home screen (2-3x a week) but not that much more often than my Garmin Dezl. They also added some nifty upgrades. I rather like the new destination preview. On the downside we still have the annoyingly big black bar eating up the bottom of the screen and the tells-me-nothing-I-don't-know-already straight arrow showing 95% of the time. Regular Sygic has much better and ergonomic approach to that. Overall it's a good product with superb true 3d map projection, is blazing fast and finally also reliable. Definitely a top contender in the professional sat nav segment.

Great Well done, I'm impressed and very pleased with this app.

Works great Great navigational app. Works just like a real trucker's TT for a fraction of the price. Very pleased. Only complain is it sometimes tries to send me down 7.5 ton weight restrictions but that seems to be a problem with the open source maps themselves and not the software as I've heard stories of other apps and dedicated devices doing the same. Never sent me down low bridges or width restrictions to date.

Aggressive permissions Requires permissions that are not needed for this specific app. Wanting access to your Contacts is a huge warning sign for a GPS app. No thank you.

Ill stick with google maps You ask 99 pound for this? That's 200 Aussie dollars. You guys charge way too much and you don't even have a mic function like Google Maps. I already own a licensed car version of Sygic, but I never use it. I prefer Google Maps.

Crashes The app crashes every time I try to navigate to a address... Please fix and it would be a great program....

Where to begin. Truck parking and petrol stations? Yeah right you only show 5% of the truck stops in your app for the US. 50% of the time your posted speed limits are wrong. One instance, im going to my terminal and the speed limit is 25mph, your app says 55!

Does not work

Major error. Truck's sett :44 tons, fastest route, from Heilbronn to Baumberg (Germany). Computed route : via Waltherstrabe, Wurzburg (7,5 tons max. )?? And this isn't the only one !

Well Used the trail never let me down so thought yeah I'll buy the full version I did it went all tempromental couldn't make its mind up on what route to take me also likes to try to get you to go down B roads in the UK with a 16ft 2 high trailer which ain't very practical other than that yeah its a decent app and it does get ya to where ya need to be good work sygic but plz update the maps to try and prevent this

Doesn't look say it's not free for the subscription they ask you can buy your self nice GPS and not waste data

Won't load I have a new phone and this won't load on it

I tried to download the pp but it got stuck on Manage Voices (English (British)Emma), the button proceed could not be tapped so I had to delete the app. What a shame, it looked promising but I cant even use the thing!!!!!!

Great....I like it Easy to use

Doesn't work on tablet The purchase option is not showing in sygic store. I can only click on the north America nt to download maps and that is it. It's showing with no problems on the phone just not on the tab. I already reinstalled it few times and deleted folders both internal storage and SD but still nothing what a waste..

Just crap Supposed to be a truck gps..... Its hopeless. Google maps does a better job. Why would I want it to keep sending me down a 5 tonne limit road in a 23 tonne truck. WTF! Several times It took me to the wrong end of a road to a destination that was actually 800 m the other way.... Uninstalled...

Last update The last update with the street view its lagging the whole app. I am using the app in Samsung galaxy tab s2. When i am trying to add a poi or a favourite point the whole app stucks for a few seconds. The street view is useless if you cant move around tbe view

Good app I actually like this app, it's easy to use and has a great interface. Speed limits are still wrong a lot meaning some questionable journey times given, especially using 2 lane highways but the directions are great and spot on. Comparable to most GPS systems around.

Tolls I've been having issues with the avoid tolls option it tells me it can't find a route if I try to avoid the tolls could you look into it please. Apart from that it's a great app I use it every day for work very reliable

Doesn't even open! Downloaded the app and black screen! Downloaded this app 3 different times on a Galaxy S5 and it won't work. It will open as far as the Start screen, I click start, and then it's black screen! Junk.

Not worth a penny! Sent me twice under 7.5t sign in a 4 runs i used it! Route calculation algorithm wrong! For truck drivers there need to be an option ( easy ) for route calculation, mainly to be used motorways even if the route is longer by 10%-20%!

Not much good for trucks Not a bad gps app for cars but kept trying to take down load restricted doads in truck does not do b double routes in australia could get you into a big mess in a b double

Excellent It does have a few niggles but other than that I can't fault it. I've paid extra for the traffic and it works better than the snooper I owned. It has on a couple of occasions tried to route me where I can't go in my truck but so did my few hundred pound snooper. It's also free so I don't know what all the negative comments are about.

To expensive Despite the quality of the system its to expensive almost 250 dollars for 3 years its like buy a Garmin GPS thats to much for this app , it should be no more than $20 if this people really want to make money out this but i don't recommend this product its ridiculously expensive

Good, but..... 1.Have a lot of problems on highway junctions; sometimes trying to get you off the highway on every exit. 2.i have had a case in small city in Italy; sygic displays only numbers 1-17 in a street..where are the numbers after 17? I've tested it for 2 weeks in real conditions (I'm driving truck through Europe) and I can say: it is good but use it like a drug; with precaution. I need a navigation but im not sure should I buy or not; it's just too expensive.

Worse garbage in the universal world of garbage Downloaded the maps 3 times and the cancer qarbage application kept taking me to a dark screen of the whole world association of the ultimate qarbage collection in the infinite gathering of malicious software on the entire directory on crap ever put together by dumb and slightly disabled dummies

Just wasted my money I am an over the road driver and this app, wants you to install the maps for every state sucks

Does not work Tried to use it but every time I try to use it to navigate it just says error code 5. Don't think it is worth 109 pounds

Address not found It couldn't locate the first city, street and or address in New Jersey. I went there by regular GPS and the street, city and building have existed for quite a while.

No response from support!!!!!! I am trying to transfer sygic truck to a new device and getting no reply from support. My current mobile phone is failing and this is urgent before it dies. Useless customer support.

Updates needed Speed limits outdated. Not worth the cost when Google is free.

Why? Why does this app need to manage and make phone calls as well as access to your media, photo files?

Can't start Can't pas choose voice option. I tap on procede but nothing happened. Will uninstall asap.

Download only You can only download maps. There is no option to use it. This is useless

Not working App have stopped working suddenly.

Horrible!!!!! Sent me the wrong way many times! Took me on roads I wasn't supposed too be on!! Wish it actually worked!!

not free truck navigation poor user interface 129€ for truck not free.uninstalled

Nice app Precise app,using it in London and south UK.sometimes loses gps signal,but I am happy with directions and screen navigation

Navigator could be terrific BUT ! Maps not up to date or accept local knowledge

Can't use on a tablet Love this app works on my phone. Thought it be useful on a bigger screen and it won't work.

les new will try out

A must have app A crucial app to have

Fred Its goodto use

Awesome Glad to have a truckers GPS

Very good app

Good but... Dear Sygic Team, this app has a problem with route computing. It does not makes difference between a small truck (not to much bigger like a SUV) and a true truck (>40 t, >4 m high, >18 m long). From highway to destination it choice the shortest route. Indeed, not forbidden for trucks but almost impossible to drive on. Therefore is necessary to add "Easy route" or automatically switch when is set large truck. Resolve this and I'll give you five stars. Make a VERITABLE Truck navigation ! Good luck !

Last update was crap!! Last update has ruined a good truck sat nav!! All speed limits have gone wrong, some speed cameras dont alert! ! Updates are supposed to make it better not worse! ! All i do when driving now is keep sending reports back e.g wrong speed, speed cameras! ! It was very good until last update so fix it please!! Iv had this for over 2years now with traffic update but not for long if updates keep making it worse! !!!

Completely useless after last update After Yesterdays update I could as well ask Stevie Wonder for directions keeps trying the take me off the main road no matter what setting it's in. Can I go back to previous version please

Terrible update on 10/4/16 I have been a paid full-version with traffic subscriber for over a year. The update on 10/4/16 has ruined a previously good app. Bluetooth audio used to play perfectly over my truck stereo speakers. Now, the audio is forced through the phone/cb speaker in the truck if I have my music paused. Sounds terrible. Sygic is also giving incorrect audio instructions even while the nav screen is correct. Multiple other issues as well. When I submitted a ticket to Sygic, they asked for a screenshot. Of audio issues??

Frustrating Got the app, did the 30 day trial, not bad. Bought full version (expensive) only to be notified months down the line that actually despite the fact that I have been using the full version there was a some issue on their side with payment and that license will expire and I need to re-do payment. Try to do so, app just stalls during attempted payment. Contact support, more than a week later no response. Guess making money isn't important to these guys. Will instead buy dedicated HGV gps. Less frustration.

Still waiting Customer service sucks take 2 days to respond don't have 2 days to wait. Setup a new account and the same thing happened code is expired. You did not have to wait to take my money so why do I have to wait.

It was going well until it didn't The turn by turn navigation was working well until it decided to try and take me to New Jersey when my destination was on the west side of New York. I lost time because I recognized it too late. I had to turn the navigation off. Just for reference, I wasn't driving a truck. I was driving a relatively small commercial van. Most of the driving restrictions are the same in NY for both types of vehicle.

It's OK But little bit too expensive for application only. Are cheaper that this and not for 3 years only...

been working for a good truck route application.I hope this is it. First two trip: went great

EXPENSIVE!!! Other than that, fantastic.

Class one driver

Best of! Great one

Over all quite good Only problems I've had are it's routed me down a couple of single track roads in a44 tonne artic and tried to take me through a7.5t limit, also some postcodes seem to be unknown to it but when put into maps Google knows them. Only ruining on the trial just now so I'll consider buying in a couple of weeks of there are not to many more problems.

Freezing very often App is I thing one of better one on the market. Still there is some issues with it. Very often freeze when you try to tap navigate button and you have to close it and run again where is enough gps signal. Other issue is with the speed limits - London mostly, and there is an issue with exit from roundabout saying 2nd and actually is a 3rd. Other than that quite slow when you are on roundabout and doing turn. If I have to buy it.. well I think so

Rubbish. Rubbish. I know for a fact that Byfleet road in new haw in surrey has a low arch bridge. So do not install and use. Very dangerous. Beware. Uninstalling.

Doesn't even install The app is garbage. It doesn't even installs properly. After the maps download cycles black screens and goes nowhere. I wrote email to support. No response whatsoever. Don't bother.

Doesn't worth a penny This program is about 20% for trucks. Almost every time it takes me under the signs where trucks can't drive. In these crossroads you must choose other ways and if your trip in the navigation is set long ( for example 600km), the navigation freezes and don't calculate the new way. Then you need to restart the program. And this program is just laggy. It lost contact with satellite often. When you need to drive from highway, it shows the way trough all fences and all opposite lines but not from viaduct.

Still crashes After updates and restarting and reset to default it still crashes. Usefully app but very fragile and still buggy

Up n running. I've requested numerous times for a new purchase key because I've purchased a new phone. Old key will not work. Why should I repurchase another key for the program when the old key is but a month old? The worse in Customer relations. Update: Sygic customer support finally came thru with the needed help. Back up and working with the new Note 7.

Its ok to a point Used this in England and it decided that an 18ton rigid should use a small ferry crossing only rated for 12ton then use a road with a 7.5ton limit after that. Well done that added another 40mins to my journey thanks.

Needs updating It frequently gets the number of exits from roundabouts wrong and twice has directed me down a road with a bridge too low for my vehicle, even though vehicle height had been set correctly in the settings, plus it frequently ignores weight restrictions. If you always check bridge heights manually & look at screen display when approaching any roundabouts or turns, then it is ok. But without being updated I find it a bit pricey and will not be buying it again next year !

Wont work I got a new phone downloaded the app keeps saying to update the Australian maps but wont let me . Can you please fix this